The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, JANUARY M, 1047 COURIER NEWS BETTER HOMES PAGE TTV& Southern Pine Output Increases Lifting of Controls On Lumber Prices fc Speeds Production KKW CULEANS, \jt . Jan. M. — Wiiliiu 1C works alter the- removal of mice cmui'Ois, i;ri(l simultaneously with (he. removal of buikline; conn-til's, the production r.f .Smnh- rn> Pino Im.-j maitml to its liigli- ffl. weekly level since the. middle of July, l'J4?. said II. c. Herekes, .secretary of HID industry-wide Bonth- i rn I'lnc Ijidusli v Ciminiiltre to- j (lay. I "The 1 production ne.eoinpli.shmenl of ihe Industry," .said Re:ekr:i, "is ! sifinil leant from two jnvjKirfint allies. First, it confirms liie con- | lenlion or an Industry thai was handicapped by jmpraclicd c'-.'i- ' li'ol'c, that fiven a free rein, the lumber needed for veterans housing and other essential construction c.iuld l>i> produced. 'I he nth-r significant point is Ihe attainment of tin's high level, of production dm in-.' a montl) I hat normillj wil nesses a seasonally lo.vcr average. The average weekly production per mill represents u n increase ol 3T> |ier cent. al)0ve the same weeks .In lfl«. Tile Industry Committee spokos- man heralded this as ,111 ellcrinr- ae.intf si<:n for il) veterans and cithers \vlio need homes, and ''->! the return to a proi<i".im oi n)vrn- lion \vilhont Kovcunncnt interfer- < nee and regulation. Fireproof Mattress I i Condemned Negta Loses AH Hone of Escaning Punishment for Crime ,\'FW rPFRr.-l. r,-l.. .('in. M. (UPI 'Willie T-VrirC'is, 1ft, Nr»rO, Who rscriiM-d rMcculiim v.hrn Louisiana's ):<\i t''.i\" rlr:t:'h chair failed lo '.vnil: r\':]res':e:l litile l:rjp? loda-,- in new efforts to save his life. "A Mian's cot "to die. and that's all." ihu Bi'ole reading prisoner rai'l .'i thought. I had a chance." The U. S. .Supreme C.»irl in n a ti> 4 decision yesterday declined to intervene in Willie's DehalT. But Beraand L? Eianc. Willie's attorney disclosed thai a new ,TI)- ]:cr.i will !>:• made to the hirdi tri- oiniHl within a week. But in his cell Willie virtnrlly lo.«:t luipe. Even the dcctrb chai'r nil! work this lime, he snic 1 , 'Kv.ilty wires saved Willie the- first lone. He sai:l lie «- M only tu:kted>' "Hut this (inn; it'll he diilercnt," Willie said. -J'hat cleciri- cli-ir is Ijoini; to \voik." | "D") you ihink V Qii can take it "' fi reporter ashed Wiiiio, Idling liliii' «• tnn Supreme Court's decision. ' "•I'm sure I can," Willie replied 'I nail the nerve to kill a ::ian .'o , I ;:ue;,s 1 can take it." I Venlrilociuism h; thought" to Ivi-e ten piactic,,! \ iy the Jews ch.dn,, ' men ca])tivlly in l'>ypt vlifi •' myslie voice was heai'd riitrj',1- " worshii) of Osiris. L..,.:.: Ijr. B. i,. Shriever/University is! Oklahoma n libei slass mattress at th (; nemswi. Texas, Inul been tdvcn the Ba^ilioc fire lest. The Uit the mattress wns not damaged. At rii nmisc.n, and al left is Mr. A MS c-l challcnnc <NEA Photo.i pliysicist. center, cxtmiims mattress fiirlnry, alter It t;asoline binned itself out :ht is Mr. jiidd s.iJii|;soi). r, University of Oklahoma. l>. Iv'olan:' ot St. .M.irtlii'iVille. 1-n.. nnd .M.C'aiiiiy were no; ntilo to Kit nil. l-'.H' three <luys partly becnuso "1 hid tt'eathe; uiul panly brcanw ot Kl'.o.'k they sti veil in' ihi' tuiniel wlioio nil except K(.:irii!j and I.o- b!-n v ' \vho had sleeping bniis slil\ r - ered will, the cold, liruiliiiiliy s!ii'i;inc, b:'.j;s WIT.- lelneved lor tia ¥ others. l-'liul Ways In Keni lillsy As Hie days uvlll. bv Ihe nef- I'^ai, \.i,11; iirovidcd any who c J'.iJd :;et nbolil uilh nil llw rxi-r- ci.M- i!:ey dc'.iied. Kc.cin ;t lje'."i;ne '•i :'issaiy to provide .vane liirin ol dlv;.|-sK:n l,>, |],,. u,,,.. ),,,„„ cl , wi '• -'f'll Ai'liln::. 'this v,us not ens.'. l,ie:e were mi ] iol ks. no radk). no . :'.ids. no in,mis. IMM'mc.i IIMI to OJ invented. Clie;l:er :i wer;- niadi- < ! "i ot candy charms lor while '''.''" : ''< ; ! inalt ilj-.r.s lor black men. sided, cipl. Caldwell am/ Uinitln the ol hers how i-.> .]ji.iy - l 'dvu .uid m:.ny fjDins were vvhilod i'AVi-.y in :in e-nj.iyahlc manner. •Mn:;i o! tin- ,,., ,, c nnje.ssed (hut dri-i) doivn in tneir lu'art.s they ruiiMdeicd tl, ( .|r Mtuation quite Kli'li'.'.'i, i:;j| lh;,i cam. Caldwell n ( 'id u;. Iheii' tpirit. ll'e iii:;tantanrous death of Kn- )::'i Maxwill LMJUX ,,f Newnort. •- i . i!i;d Hadioinan Wendell K. I endMsoii cl Porlinn.nit],, V: ,.. ,,n,l L." dt-i.ll, :il)i,nt tv;n and a luilf nun'.; aller the crush of ,\lacliin- [:••!• .Mat.' Frederick Williams ol ..nliiitton, Trnn.. !,, wlh(11 . wjth iiic-ir (i',m i,i m ,,, s ;„,,) i )1 . ll j, jl ., ii ,,„„. inunti'ii in their low spirits The situation was ijetlcred someiyhut to d''.!"! w1 "'" ilK '.v w<i re able ''»'v Kmiid their dead and"planl'e!l •' H.y after bri,;l s ,. n -i : ,..s: Si-jnvli l,, r i,-,uiil _ 't'l'i' search i,, r :,i uli t K , climo n I IK Dby uUliotiKh at first the men "milt mil ,si.,.ni over u hail :ioiir : 'l a time oiitsido tbelr cntin;iecl s.'i-li,.;. in Hi,, „(!,.,. S |. c i|nn of ' • M:<'ie. Items of food wcro slill '"""I »]) in die day bi'fore (bey wrie sighted, . 1'- was decided lluil tln-lr monls' w ni.ii i,,. iwo ii day, breiiklust at ''";'» oVIiicli and dliiiu.'r nt six I oi'H.-k, alter wldeli n|| would turn n. i 'lltey improved tl,elr silmuion 1 ;''l"r bv setting „,, two tents '"'•''i (be plune, OIK- lor Caiit (;al<l- 1 '•''U :nul M.:C..rtHy und (iu> otlk'V >":• l!:.b'jihs ar.d Wan'. Kennis n": il:w " "] 'I" 1 'linn:" und In siilte 111 :' broken nnn and oilier lit- j«ru-s luukcil niter Ihe baillv burned I i.i -ih u'. . -V!>,| that there was ' - nl B h nink nirned na ninch AH 850 .. ..... W" '•"• • ! "'l cciuinneu Ij.ul. r i'n L . ni'.st ''day. K.-iday mid S:iturdnv ::eiinilfnl days In weiillier over lieu where the piaiic ,'iashed ilwir iiraj'cr.s w «iv lllal H I move ma ID S1 . u whino llu> Island was wuUIni; beyond -e lines. Dcstillo the I'nct Hint weather continued | );u | m ,,,,. V!lcy nrvei- IJHVO up hupe a icsine piune w-otld bu sent it. Caldwell seemed never lo but always iiail a , r t . ()1 .(,.. •i"idtii: lor Ihe firn sound ol ne. Yet wiien Ihe lesciie ]Jliuu' lly almost over them liiey all li.slde. Wrong Number MEMPHIS, Tenn., | im ,.| •Ul'i ....\tayo r s . , v . t , l>lk ,,(„!,.,,'„,!. '"'t call us (lie new miininoblle radio- trie,,|,, mt . . scl . v .. 0 W11J( , u . iinled here ycsterdny. He ijot u wroliK nuilllwi'. Head Couiler News Wiint Ads. Navy Men,. Stranded for 73 Days In Antarctic, Tell of Experiences nv r.T. rvKKK'i-r .1. I.K (ronivii: IDisIiihiitcd l,y Uniled I'rrss) ABOARD U.SS PINK ISLAND CFP ANTAilCTIC COV'.ST Jan ' H-.ninrii"; of ttic !:•' rU-.ji IUV-TU •)U the ice were C-'ll-v.-ell ,-i;id ;,; : . : , : tv C;(;) . i PlltlTOpr:ll)l,iT'-i I " in r. 11 a, e"|) (,l luiL sllina-'h sriit;) v:hi.-h their ;irit lust r.ic:H. Afii'i- euliii!:. all milled «> lo-l b'tt'-r an<l t!ifiv i,;):!-;:-, QL';an lo rise. However, LI. v '.';V.:;u!i H. Kv:ns, Jr.. ol Huston. LI. Ralph Too Late to Classify , ''ir ih? shct^. ;>; tho crash, v.i'-'i) lefl. all c'av.^ i ;"o:' Ironi 31' '.o -Hi ho.irs. Ihe;- bc:;a:i ID take .-'..-.•: of tl.eir M'-r.viar. Mu:i: -11 ;hl>:r linn; at !,\v" v..i.< |j..:-scil •I.I ;) !!.!• 01 >ll.t i .:.- ; - H •' ii • "111 ,!;;:>! •; H F 1 ' i; . I .San JJir:;;,. c.-iiil'., was ihe Jn-.t u jrcoine activ.; and lati:r was lillp- e;l by ii.itliiiiisu Male- \V;i.;ani f. W:::r of neadin«, pa,, '.vho recovered nixi. Hniuiiis bL".;,'.:i lo ri;jn- niai'e around the vvrrckattc lor :e,cd. Tlin jilaiic had iliiintt'jjrui^u 10 sucli a.i extent i! it mo.t of inc f.;od sii:;yiy !:nd V<r liiiir.tjiy t;?'jn tlno'.vu clear of the ;)lane oelore it binst into flu-iirs. I'.y r.'j.'itu two 'oclock on De:. 31 he h:;d found cans of apricots ivliii'li ho served nil hun-ls. On Ni'.v Years Eve h.! se:v,;d eai.Ji TO NcGlECT SNIFFLES, SNEEZES OF A l)o(l!c of Vlc!::s Va-lro-nol i-: mlijhl 1 ' handy lo have around the liouse because tins double-duty nose drops... Quickly Relieves sneezy. nniffly. ' stllfly distress ox head cows. Makes brcathinc easier. Helps Prevent many colds from • developing; if used at Ills first warning snillte or 5iiei:ze. T))lBDi)iil)le-D'.llyN[)scDrop3 should save yu;i much misery. Works lincl I-'ollov; directions in tiio package TODAY'S HOMEMAKER IS A GOOD MANAGER . . Site knows Hint Insurance is the mince of prevention that kccjxi lie r liojiie in tlio stile Itivc.vl: :iei:t IjuiL'ki-t .HiJiiieniber. your hojne. is win t|| more now than ever <H i-oftji'e but In case of fire. it's worth no more than the Insurance you tuny on It. If yonr home needs more |):oteclii>n in relation lo ILs v.'ilup-i're us at once! INSURANCE COSTS NO MORE NOW, THAN BEFORE THE WAR! General THE Insurance ' U. Tliul nn.l n,fi,,il \lirl.;.-.1, Snhn.lay. \V.,ul,l !ilL.. ,,,1',.,' ,.,-".',.„'. Kfr . <•: -lull,. ..vj.i.11.,..; 1'),,.,,,. ;.;,;,. n, i; The World Famous GILCO AUTOMATIC OIL BURNING WATER HEATERS Now in Stock If yon need a water he.iler— sec us no\v! We have n few Gilco healers in stock for immediate delivery! "PETE" THE PLUMBER 109 No. First St. Phone 2731 F. \V. WIII'I'NKK Firs! Naf'l Bank Bfdg. Agency Phone 2641 OUR NEW 1947 "STOCK OF WALLPAPERS . WILL BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME! JUST IN: O'lii'ii'ii's non-ynllowinjf in- k'rior \vhilc ijiianio! for all ]iur];oKcs. This is a limili -liiiinicol, .so if y ( ,u ]U:(; I i;«»)il \viiili' <;nam(;l, liny '.)'llrii'n's today! 'Ilierc just aren't any mure lirautilnl wallpajiers than Ibc neiv inn slylrs «T have just receiccrl! Vmfll thrill at Ibc new iiatlerns . . . Ibur^ arc flowers and checks, slri|irij ami •ill—sn many eyn-cateliins dosijns dial will lake j,,, lr f !lllP j-. (•„,„,. itown today and selerl your pat- Irrns Ti.r sprinfi rrdei nratiiia: AS PAINT, GLASS LPAPER CO. 105 East Main St. ELECTRICAL FARMING .CAM, rs I'XHl AN There's no reason why'nny farm /ninlly slioiildn't enjoy the Itix- >:iH's id lorded .by u properly wired bnme. Nor Is there any reii.«m why the whole farm shiJIildirt b: wired lor llKlitinij and use of modern day farm liol|),i. It ymi're si'ilotKly coiiflcl- erini 1 . wihnj: on yoiu- finnn."*..,. see i)]- rail us fiif an estimate! We'te s|iet.'l:i)ists at uiir walk. SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF LIGHTING FIXTURES! 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