The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 4
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(PAGE FOUR BI'VTHEVrU.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •TUESDAY, JANUARY M, 19.17 Cine Cod homes ne C.i) Coc. (yp, home, u-,11 be., sm.1 K 1 r' b:,lh on fust, Truman Orders To Help Builders American Institute Of Architects Seog Lower Housing Costs Tlio 'action taken by President); Truman, liberating tlie n'dinims-j (ration's housing policy, will noli cnly speed up consl ruction, but,! vill reduce costs, is the opinion I :f The American Institute ol Architects. • Tlie Institute feels that (lie dt- uatlon in the 'industry is becoming progressively better ami that Die. outlook lor housing veterans is Improved. Only recently the Board cf ni- reclors of The American Institute of Architects adopted a resolmlon which appears lo have been a precursor of the Presidential policy. The text of the resolution rea:is as follows: "All remaining wartime emergency regulations on construction, inducting rent controls on rev: building but not on existing buildings), priorities, subsidies, allocations, i and market guarantee's, should be removed immediately. Only the establishment of a tieo market will enable the construction industry, through free competition,' to 'restore a sinooth iixl balanced flow of building materials and equipment, stabilize prices, and thus eliminate the wasteful delays and abnormal costs of present operations. "Tlie removal of the remaining controls is a necessary prerequisue to the establishment of a definite level in the construction indusr.ty. The establishment of such a. det- inite and relatively stnble prcc level is, in turn, a prerequisite to tlie resumption of normal appraisal and finaneimr methods which 1111151 take place before we cnu l;ave more than a (riekle of rental housing. Since rental housing constitutes the primary need of the veterans. Ihis program will sorvc his needs as well as I hose of ;hc community at larrre. "The removal of warlimc and emergency controls and the elimination • of temporary wartime agencies will clear the way for n constructive peacetime propra:n. The construction industry and tl;e government should, however, cooperate in the development of acceptable procedures, designed to: "1. Provide accurate and timely Information on construction :;<•tivities: "2. Encourage the (raining ot skilled construction workers; '(3. Furnish information and fi- v nancial assistance to airl states and. communities in the improvement W U' P staples. of building codes and assist lrran| The method of treatment eon- with their problems ot housing, sists of standing the fresh-cut slum clearance and urban develop- saplings in a tub fun of (lie so'.ii- tir.n for about six hours. Cure advance Mian- should be used in handling the This Small Cape Cod Home Combines Quality and Charm er fall | O command ahen'ion »ml this utnieiu- in th, .mall homes class, is no exception. Quality the well-downed dm,, way and window a<UI to tho exterior balance and altracllvoness and .,„<>. in.m l)iKi( ion of ,,,e upstair area , C rulllw . ,,,,„„.. f 'i '" : " 1 Cnlls for " v "'« ">'»"• ""'•»<•". t,wo be.hooms B11(1 flow and on, nicc-si,ed bedroom upstairs GROUND FLOOR PLAN Chemicals Used to Give Longer Liic to Posts Six hours soaklnc. m .-, chemical solution will make fence Posts last much Ioniser than iisujil, according to B. a. Max-.veil.!, a«- ricullural extension forester. He recommends using a solution of one pound of ?,in c chloride, eliminated zinc chloride or copper sulphate to half a gallon of wal/-. Although ehromated -/Inr chloride costs alioiit twice n s much as cither of the olhers. H is usually considered the best because it protects SKOND FLOOR PLAN ment! "4. Forward the ninn of needed public works, to be ; chemicals because they are lioison- coiistnicied ivlien tliey will exert • oils. a stablizins; rather than an inlla- Uonary effect on the construction i/"-/__ c t I industry." Lofor Factor Important In Decorating All Roams Animal tracks showing the front .feet paired behind the hind feet indicate that Iheir maker climbs trees. There is a lip for hrdrnom decorators in I lie f. U :t that house- painters i;ei .Ocf-py ivbrn (minting a hr.usc blue or green. These are iT.slful shades and can induce slerp in tin., hcdioom, too. Of course Ihi- best inducement lo si??]) is to relax on a comfortable bed with rcfilent, sprini; and buoyant, level mattress, in a room that, is 'dark and well ventilated. CAltl) OK THANKS We wish to express our sincere appreciation thanks and to many friends for (heir kindness during the illness and death of our husband aiui father. M. I. Stuff,. Especially <lo we thank the staff of (he well's iHospital for their • Mrs. M. T. Stutts, and" Family. NO TICK Notice is hereby given that Jack C?.:nent. lai.Dougan has application to operate a car lor hire in the City of '[Jlylhcvillo. An;.- and all protests should he in writing and filed within ten days in the office of the City Clerk. Frank WbiUvniU) City Clerk. Read courier Ne«s Want Ads. HOME SWEET HOMt FOR VETERANS REMODEL FOR VETS Thc-rr/s oxlrji spncc iirany homo tjiat can lie efficiently cotivcrtotl into suitalilp livhijj <|itarlcvs r<i r vct- :;vaiis . . . room that can lie- used later for Kiu . K . rooms «n- Kame rooms. Not only will you rend-,- -t ^i-VK-c l>i,t you'll l,o investing your nionev in „ •>'>iiml fiitmv lor j-ouv liomcl Tainl — WallpaiK-,- _ I>l lnl ,i )inr , Supplies — fixtures — Automatic Wafer Healers HlJBBjARD . Hardware'Electrical Suppli 213 MAIN STREET «.„. BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS. COMPANY Seeds • Harness • Farm Supplies EAGLE STAMPS Savihgs in Fuel Stressed by' Research Bureau NonrJy oiic-lialf tlie n » m ,n bill c-an t,, saved i n „ i,^ K t )i'»pei-ly iiLsulattu and I"'" will, storm wlml< ws ..(j according to the CO,.M,., IC „ H'nrch Bmvau of Ne w y ork wlm hns just con,|,letc<l extensive ,f-u'- IPS of W in|, ;1 -|,roorin B i lonu , s ,,J :ill (iecUoiis of the oounli-v P.' HITS are based on | ; oth mbova- nv I d field tests conclude I w tli <• l ilc-fl State, of , Ml s ' nncl the University of llllttob, j Translated into clollais a'«|l cents, this .saving In the av,m^ homn now b.-iin, built for u-.m sold lo wn,- veter:ins would -.>,. JM-oxiinnlcly equal one month's IP'- iiiPiH on Interest ami |)rinciii:i|"oi the mortitaue. The miijorlty of Ihc siiiKle-.-n-,- Ily houses bcinj. erected todav in most metropolitan nrcas nro 4'l •• room stnictnres of brick vcnec,- Jn franie with a large unrihlslicd attic :ind full IMSCHH-JU. They -M, in the $9,000-$io,000 price ],',-,„ i'- , t A Breat ma.iy l,av,, been sold v.llt.' -.i y , n "° ti(>w " I'Wiicnt but, ith a $9.000 mortjingc al. .| , V1 . ent nmortixccl over 25 years Tiis menus (hat iiayineiUs of"if.l7V< must be met each month on :'n- trrest and principal Taxes •••- Mirmice and water add 'at' |e ,u another. $10 a month, or a i.,n'i of S57.SO. • ' To lien I. a home of tlifs snc and construction without, insulation or storm sash ami doors requires I(H Builders' Agency Advocates Making Little Houses Grow It would be difficult lo estimate tlie number of people, who wan; to build 01- buy a new home, but who hffMatc because they want their home lo be a permanent one, and feel they cannot afford to have the sl/e house now that they will need when their family is complete. "there are many different ways you can plan the house you are building or buying now so that il •Jill take expansion eraceiully. says ! J i-acti<al-HuiWer, Chicago, liic nation's leading building trade publication. Tlie first, and p.-ohably most widely accepted method of extension is to finish (he second floor in your home. By adding dormer* upMiiirs'il is often possible to get Iwo additional bedrooms, if you arc planning to use your .second floor in tins manner, 'be sure to have plumbing "roughed in" for your future: bathroom. It costs very little to InHiill piping while the house Is being built. If you want a one-s(oi'y ranch type, house, it is . s tm possible to add wings to tliq first floor «ith- t-nt disrupting the .smooth lines of your home, but for the sake of practicality, you must plan your house In (he beginning for expansion. YOU tliculd remember in consulting with your builder thnt hall ip.ico should bo planned so that luture rooms can be added with an entrance from (he hall rather than from another room. A weli- phimir-d house will give lo each room without the necessity of going through other rooms. Attached garages often prove to he convertible to extra living space. If your home is a two-story one with attached garage, rooms can •be built above ihe garage or, if you don't want .-to invest"iii a gar- ;ine now, a ear |x>rt can be Uuilt that can be' finished into plete, garage latej-. Many people have found it feasible to bin!*] -or buy a home with n .••Jii.'il) living i«<«n; (lien at a later date add a. living lonm wing and convert (he ,ciid living room to din- in.; room usage, In that way rooms uaii also 'be added alxn-o (lie tu,' v ,- \ Famed Dueling Pistols Stolen in Tennessee From Historical Satiety NASHVILLE. Teim.. ,i a n M _ 'U'' 1 , - The tong-barieleci d,, ( .jini; Mslols made for Tennessee's Jir-.l governor were reported in the hands of thieves today. Stanley -Horn, president or the letinessee Historical Socielv re- Dortcd I heft ,, f the rare weapons rnini a sale at his place or business. Ho said (liey ivere mad,, in for cov. William nioimt. Bible Reading Stressed Eiilislincnt. of 100,000 Arkansas people in reading the Bible daily will be one of several 1W7 goal's discussed at the Arkansas stale Haptist Training rjn;on RnnwmHnn IT'S (IS.., REMEMBER? \VK HAVR YOU qualify building' materials UHKOHIC "nil: \VAK DON'T WAIT! OWN YOUR OWN HOME NOW! Are yim tired of living In (j,e crowded confines of a small Apartment? Start your home ownership plans now! Purcij;isc your home through rent-like payment plan. Find out the facts about souuri worry free financing by seeing us immediately. DAVID REAL -ESTATE & INVESTMENT COMPANY ALWAYS QUALITY! \\'e have plenty of cnninion liuildinsj lumber and ccmenl. Our stoc!i is far from oomplelc lull rontlilinns are gradtially impnivinij. IT is rr.Mi: TO START IM.ANNINC AND \\K IIAVK IM.KNTY or IM.AN HOOKS. Wf.Iiave (lie foUowinjr n , W ' Oil Water Heaters Gas Water Hcofcrs Cabinet Sinks Shower Stalls Wall Paper Paint Thor Automatic Washers Thor Automatic Gladirons Wall Sinks Toilet Combinations Wallritc Stain E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 Officer Trades His Badge for °eck of Trouble WI'L'MIXGTCN. N. C., J:in. 14 (DPI--II. L. Ourley'i wearinc his i.ohce badge today. Inslcucl. he's \vearing ;i worried Icok e.nd v."!iting tor trial in Nov. ll.incver Co'.:nty Superior C,iii:t 01 cjiiP.rgrs ot tiiru-e burglarizing : store on his seat while i.n duty. Pulice Ciiief CiiarUv; H. Oastcc' oidoreil Gi:vl,v lei sur.ender hi. unitoym and uad;;e altur the oi!i cer was iilleKi-dly caught tareakinv into :i (;ro:ei..- store. Casteen sail Curley ;:c:iniued entering the sto"< en u:o other orcassions, lakin; S41 on Jan. li and $1 53 on 9, Onrlcy lold hisn; he entered tin stcre to i/et mrmrv for unpaid Ijills Casteen said. Re.-.d Courier News Want -Ads. living mom. • • Practical, liujlder sngKeMs Hint •Alien you plan your future home with the idea err expansion in mind, put in ;i heating plant nt tlie start that w ill be lai'y'e tnongh to irike t-.tie of the load, 1 Kneh item yon cfin plan, in advance will re- leave the l)iir.dcu later. OUDKIt Auni) Campbell is warned to ai> jje^r In the Chancery Court fjr ihi Cliickasn\vba District, of MisslssSpp County, Arkansns v.'lthin .30 d:iy from the date hereof to answer : complaint filed against him by Pen line Campbell. Dated this 21st day of D?c:-m- her, 19«. IIAHVKY MORRIS, Clorl: Jly Mary l,oe .Jarratt, D. c Marctr. Kvrard. Ally, for I^Hj^ WASHER SERVICE Phillip Fr<>l ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 1. W AOAirX Utr. ion* S071 20«-OH W. Mil. Refrigerator Service Frcii Lawlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. f.'W. Ailams. MCT. Phonn 'Mil Wl-ox W. Mali EVEN MORE MIRACULOUS THANKS TO WflR BESEflRCH Kern- Tone is' today a better scientific Mend of pigments, resins and oils, lias increased hiding power and durability. It's now a more remarkable finish than ever I Kern-Tone Miracle Points! 1. The Synthetic Resin and Oil Finish . .'. mitaculously Idins willi water lor your convenience and economy. 2. Latest, Smartest Colors! Slyled by leading tlecoiators. 3. Increased Durability! A t^der, lougher, longer-lasting finish. a room for 4. Greater Hiding Power! one coat covers most interior surfaces, even vujlpapet! 5. Washable! Cleans beautifully wilh wall-washing cleaners or wallpaper cleaners. 6. Applies Like Magic! use brush or Kem-Tone4!o!ler-Ko3lei. 7. Dries In One Hour! Rooms painled in the morning ready for use that afternoon. 8. No "Painty" Odor! 9. Does a Room For Only *2^! • One gallon (52.38) beautilully decorates an average-sized room. There's No Finer Wall Finish! Yes, only $2.98 buys n gallon of Kcm-Tonc and one gallon decorates the average rooml Yet, although Kcm-Tonc costs so little — there's no finer tint \vall finish at any Quickly, easily Kcm-Tonc fiivcs your v.'nlls the richest, handsomest finish imaginable, extremely durable, lastingly lovely I Kern-Tone Roller-Koater - g9d New Kern-Tone 4" Brash, S2.39 ea. Keni-Tone Trims - - - 15^ U p Plastic Patch - - - - 23i! Ib. V/E HANDLE A COMPLETE LINE OF SHERWIN- WILLIAMS PAINTS PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main St. Phono 515 ,!

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