The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUAKY M, 1917 BI/YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS British Troops On Strike Duly Soldiers Move Foods From London Docks During Labor Crisis LONDON, Jan. M. lUPi —I5rl!'s transport slrike today sprr.ul !o the ereal London docks wlu'.i morel lhan 2,000 dockers voted to walk oil Ihc piers in protest against the government's use of British Irup:; lo i)ij|[c perishable foods in tlic siirtad- Jiijjvrisls. The dock workers inoi'nd into Ihe increasingly tense situation when word reached Ihe foil? Victoria and Albert docks thai police ot Ihe Port of London Authority were prc-wrins to receive "a large army couvny." Nearly 40,001) workers were alTect- ed by the truckers strike and ;\ rap- Idly growing sympathy movement and the government Iryiuu feverishly to .set up new conciliation machinery to head oil :i possible general strike. Troops of the Coklsue:\ni Guards, crock British parade moment, .slol- idly moved meat out of the !)i|; •Stnithneld Market for the second day, operating under order 1 ; from an army field wireless setup. Supplies were being moved .steadily by (he Iroops and thore had been no outbreak of violeiic: us yet between the troops und Hie strikers. It was hoped that the troops might move 1,000 tons of meat today but officials adioiu-d thai because of inexperience they probably would not gel out more than 7:>0 tons. Cold storage workers refused lo assist the Hoops but ba''gi':nc:i were (•till cooperating in br'iu,iri;; meat cold storage houses by ligh The cabinet hail beer, sxpeeled to meet in the crisis but Cie scssiu; was cancelled because Prime Minister Clement R. Attloc was preoccupied with conferences whh Premier Leon Blum. 'Hie famed Billingsgate F'?:l Mar- 4|| whose very inline is a syuonyir lor invective was almost a.3 quict'a: 11 lomb today. A committee of 12. i:icliic!in?r si; employers and six UHKM represc-.i talives. was organized -,\- the Labnr Ministry to try to handl. the grievances of the truckers which canscc the spreading onoflicial walkout. Talk of a general strike ^ppKii-ct premature, although there w.v; a 1:0 Icnlial threat thin Britain 1 ,-, foot distribution system would be throw I into chaos. Happy New Year in a Big Way Don Weekes, right, only Schenectady, N. Y., war veteran blinded v in combat, receives a giant check for $24,000, representing funds f contributed by the city's people. Barncll Fowler, Schenectady * Union-Star columnist, makes the presentation as JVockcs* wife, ^ . i_. . Carmela, looks on. — : INAUGURAL Cunllmicil from 1'agc I. The last four points in his speech dealt, with financial matters of the -state. The B'jvemor said that "111 the light of our needs, we should consider such matler.s as taxes, the amount lo be paid, the justness of (he requests .... and the preservation of the right of the people to say how much tax Is to be exacted from our eld/ens." I'leails fur Ktflvkney He called tor ihe efficient collection of taxes, a fair distribution of Revenue, continued economy and the adoption of a fiscal code for the state to "strengthen the fiscal policy of the slate." Other matters suggested by the governor would: I. Provide for Ihe development of aviation in the stale. '2. Develop slate 1 parks. :t. Promote industrial development. •1. Provide legislation to allow Arkansas to participate I M the federal hcspitjil const ruction ;;roi;rani. 5. Provide legislation to allow Arkansas to ululate the insurance business. (J. Implement clforls to Improve Y/ith a Name Like This ' Young Vega Can Fly High And Quite Often, Too MIAMI. Fin.. Jan. 14. (UP) — Little Aaxio Vega has a funny sounding handle, but when he's old enough, it, will entitle him to fly when and were lie wants" to. .'. Thrce-day-old Aaxico was born Saturday on nil Aaxico i>lane bound for San Juan, Puerto Hico, where little Aaxico will live, from Now York. His mama, both pleased and surprised by the event decided it would be appropriate to name him you-know-what. t 'B- T. Hanlcy, passeiiKer agent •pr the American Air Export and TnipDrt Co., whose name the little shaver bears, has issued him a lifetime pass on the line. Riot Brings Bruises And Many Arrests BRUC1STON, Tellll.. Jan .14. (UP) All was quiet today after the Bailie of Urucelon in which heads were hashed and 13 persons were arrested and treed on bond for appearance Saturday in city and county courts for assault and battery as a result of the riot between CIO sympathizers and nonunion workers at the Henry 1. Sic gel factory here. The rioting, among women lor the most part, started wilcn the CIO group threw a picket line around the plant yesterday and ai- letnpted to bar the workers. Aci'ording lo R. D. -Page, city recorder and judge, one of the nonunion women got into the plan through a fire escape, opened the front door, and tokl the others to come in. They did. They broke through the union's human barricade. Then a free-for-all started. It isted about 15 minutes. In the melee, none was hurt, eriously. but about six or eight cceived medical attention for cuts ind bruises. One man, .'Johnny Hogan, In :han;e of the firm's cutting room, wan cut severely on the nose. A voman also banged him over the head with her pocketbook with rock in it, it -was said . City and county officers were cnllcd, city Marshall Hill Tnyloi said, but the first fights and hair-pulling were over when they arrived. After the brawl, 13 persons were irrested and 23 warrants issued b.\ both the city and county courts. 3iibo Has Plans ~or Great Fight To Move Negroes NEW OHL1SANS. Jan. 14—(UP) —Sen. Theodore o. Bilbo blasted Ills opponents from a hospital cot :oday speaking with n pronounced li.sp but making it clear that Ills "grcal right." was ahead—to provide: resettlement of the Amcricnii Ne- Rro in Africa. Bilbo said that he ivould sponsor such legislation after he wins his fight to a scat in the 80th Congress. He is awaiting an operation for cancer of the mouth. signing of peace in the War nf 11112 between England the the United States. PAGE THREES Physical facilities and rrlliibllUn- tlon programs nt the penal mid coireclioiwl institutions, 7. I'rovliie for just veterans' needs. , , , (-uB 8. Develop higher sliiiulurds and Improve curricula of schools, col- ICRCS mid universities. 9. Appropriate, funds for a rtv- ernoi's mansion, for prcserviillon of Ihc w.u memorial hulldlni: und for improving the stale's publicity. 10. Ihe state's election law. Aftor adjournment. Governor and Mrs ijiney und Uculoimnl- Govcrimi Nathan unrdon and Mrs. Gordon mot friends'In the ijovcr- uor's icii'iiiton room. At noon yesterday brief, nrgnnl- KHllou sessions were conducted in both houses, with adjournment lol- lowlng swiftly at a pin. Developments in the House yesterday began to ijrar out the prediction' that this posl-wnr session would ue n Mormv one. i^remosl In (hat rc.spcrl was the last-minute flj>lil In (lie House for (he spenkorship. I'ri'-scsslon prognoslleiilors had seen |«, y males o t Mena a.s the new speaker, vhiually unopposed. He won bul not wlllioiit a fluhl _ llnsiillal InresllKKllun Asltril Tlu'i-i' was more ucllon In the lower chamber yesterday, all of a protosiiiiR nalnre. Work of the pre- Icglslativc budget comnilUce came iinilcr fli'c In ,i resoulllon Inlro- ducrd by Hep. James Campbell ot Hot springs, who would set up n committee to review aclloiis of Hie bmlijcl group. Cumpbcll siimji'sled Hint the special commlltoe consist of live representatives, three senators and seven private dll/..\s, an ( | that they be Instructed to rc- poii back to the IcKlshiltirt; wllhln Jl) cluys. Ills proposal was side!rucked lo the resolutions committee. Hep. Kaiion of M. amlth prcseul- ed a resoliitlon calllim for an Immediate cojii|:!ule investlnatl,;a of Ihc Arkansas Stale Hospital for Nervous Diseases. Tin- flow of action In Ihe senate was .smooth, as Ihc Ki'oup moved WARNING! ACT FAST ON P1NWORMS ' kno 'l.l itn i !ikn tint I ha jn. l,,,|,l, '' 1l !';\ v >""' lnfi'CII.111 wlJIIro. Ami ll U , UBly rn-itliirn, living h' llio liumim L.,ly. rim riillo, ronl HlilnH.. hi) ilon't tnko cliiinc™ wllli riu-Wormi. Anil .1,111 I nuiTfr n .iciulu n,'<ill,.i. niiiu.l. from the iiHscrlw r>[ llio neurnvatliii; roclnl licit or uthur Iniuliln mil,,.,! l.y iho null. »„""• JA ™*' S rl " "I "•» ""I iltn «( '! '- M'lirnii. P-W Is „ i,i,.,t[,-i.lty IM.II .,! i,nl. inrnl l.airc! on mi cllH'lally n'C.Minln-.l ,lru« »<rJitcl|<Ui ivhlfli him pnivnl mi »nnilcr!iil in iMltnit >vll], ll.h Inrwllnn. Tlio »m»H F.,¥ Ijl.lrls arl In n r|n-nlnl woy to roinovt rii.-Wcrnucailly niuliuircly. Alt your drusgl.ti f.f/ tor fln-Woniul lapldly In swcarhm In U.-dov. Nathan Oonlon of Moirllloii und elccthiK 8cn. Clyde E, Byrd of El Dorado l>resldcnl pro-teiujwrc. Secretary of (he Bcnnle Is ,Jlm Snoddy, The flrsl Ijtll lo hit Ihc hopper In Ihc House yesterday provides for tlic appropriation of $!9iC40 to meet the cost.s of the session. In the Senate. Sen. \*. Wcems Trussc-ll of Tvirdycc Introduced a bill favorino, the repeal of Act 107 of IU4S, hich established scpnrale federal und stale primaries In Ar- kinisiiti. Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Rcsolos and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. 7 1 * Rodio Service ADAMS APPLIANCI CO., IIK. J. W. AdMM, MfT. Phone JMl JM-N W. Mate PRESCRIPTIONS Preah Stock Guaranteed BMt Priew Kirby Drug Store Why Gamble with Old Man Winter JUST UALL 019 und Imvo your CXml delivered. ' Guaranteed lo Satisfy We ulso buy poultry «t all tlmei;. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main Hloml Transfusions It is possible to give 1GUO pints of blood in transfusions durhm a lifetime without ill effects, according lo some New York physicians. Hot Springs Woman Dies HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Jan. M._ IUP)—Funeral arrangements v..'c lieing completed here today, for Mrs. Fannie Eugenia King. 00, who died at her home here yesterday. Mrs. Kins was the widow of George King, owner of lh e Kingsway Hotel, which now serves as the Eastman Annex to the Army and Navy General Hospital. Read Courier News Want Ads. SHIS Urgently Needed I KEEP Comparison The Philippines, with all their 7033 islands, have an area of only 114,000 square miles, or about thai of Arizona. The population of (he Philippines is almost 12.00D.OOO while Arizona lias only 'ISS.OOO inhabitants. A mole can dig a passage 100 feet long in a single night. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb Hwy. 61 at Stale Line Phone IHytheville 714 Tlclatcd Baltic The battle of New Orleans was fought, more than a month after the Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY •123 MISSOURI KT. PUBLIC SALE THURSDAY, JAN. 16, 1947 SALE STARTS 10:00 A.M. <U .7. V. r!anl:i(.iim jusl oft Highway (il liclwccn New Madrid and I'm Iwvillc, .1 miles iluc west of Cnnran. This 2500 acre plantation has lire sold, must pivc immediate possrssion. They're needed y, more than ever before* 10—Farmall M Tractors, power lilt, starter & lights with cultivators, on rubber. 2—John Deere Tractors with cultivator, on rubber. ' HO 22 Caterpillar Traclor. 2—John Dccrc Tractor planters. will nt A-B or II Tractor. 6—IHC Tractor Stalk Cutters will) Kollei-s. 8—Tractor Discs. ,1-5 Disc IHC Breaking Plow. I—Athens Tandem Disc for Dl 1—AUicns Tandem Disc for D2 5—Sets Middle Busters for M Tractor. 1—I Row- Planter for F-20 Trad or. 20—Link Harrows for Tractor. 7—19« 12A John Dccrc Combines with motor. 3—1945 12A John Dccrc Combines with motor. 2—IHC Tractor Mowers. Deere Com- corn mill a—isir; 2 ROW joim biiialion cotton planters. 2—2 Row IHC Combination c-jl ton fc. corn mule planters. 32—IIIC Walking Cultivators. 4—.John Deere Walking Cullivalor 2 Oliver Walking Cultivators. G—Avcry mule drawn stalk cul ters. 1—24 Hole Molinc Grain Drill, wit all small seed attachments. 1—IHC Manure Spreader. 10—Road Slips. 15-I-\ii in Wagons. 1—John Uccrc Hummer Mill. 24— Avcry Yellow Jacket Maid Busters. 25—7""mindly"Black Land Hrc:ik ing Plows. 20—10" Avcry "Oriole" lireahi: Plows. 12—SO Tooth Keel ion Harrow;. 22—1 How Colton Planters. 60 — M U L E S - 60 16 Iron Grey Mules 2 Saddle Horses , 20 Mack Mules.' •I Sorrel Mules. 1 Team Work Horses 20 Hay Mules. "Ihese mute were selected from 107 head and arc fat lo Ihc yiotm They are ready to go to work or to market. 4 lo 7 years old and are broke to harness. Mules will he sold after 1 IV Auctioneers Col. Llndscy Heck Col. It. A. McCard W. C. (Connie) Tliomp- Tillman \V. Aiulcvsd Col. Sherman MrNcw son. Owner . , ,. Col. ,loc McCiiril r-ortagcville, Mo. sr- / Kor further informalinn call or write: >V. C. (Connie) Thompson, 1'orlagcville, Mo.; ' j Tillman W. Anderson, Cape Oiraritcau, Mo. It. A. McCord, Sikeslon, Mo. r Terms Cash; Lunch on Grounds ROLL of HONOR BANK THIS STATEMENT REFLECTS THE STRENGTH WHICH MAKES THIS A ROLL OF HONOR BANK - 1 ••>, . 1 •- ->-. - STATJOMUNT OK THE FIRST NA IN I1I.VT HI.YTHKViU, AT CI-OSK OK J5USIN1') KKHOUHCKS LOJIIIS & Discounts ^2,^^5,58-1.1!) Overdrafts j,. J,f>;j).«l! U. S. Government, jjinul.s .... 1,(>J 0,558.2.1 SUitc & iMimici|);il lioiuls .... 227,0!S7.^S Oilier I'oiul.s !)'l,!)75 00 Kctlcriil Ite.sei-ve IJiinli Slot-k G,7()tl.0(i liiiuk Ijiiilding 21 771 o r i Kurnitiire & Fixlunss , r i,'l77.L > ,'.i C; & Sight Uxdi;iii};c.s ... 2,525,088.'!!) / tf,lh>>\,:M,:M CONDITION OK TIONAL BANK IIKVHJ.I: M. ARKANSAS 3S DliCKMIiKU ;il, 1!M6 1.1AIHMTJK 1.,'apilitl Slock Surplus Undivided Profits Koservt*, Taxes, etc Dividend No. 8, Piiyalde Jan. 2, l!M7 . ijioro.srrs s . $ 100,000.00 100,000.00 2,788.17 ;j,:i02.'iL'. 15,00(1.00 (i,8;i;i,L7u.7L $7,05-1, ;!2G.20 The figures of this statement tell a story of strength that we do not want you to miss. They tell why this is a "Roll of Honor" bunk. Notice, please, the amount of our CAPITAL. Then observe that our combined SURPLUS and UNDIVIDED PROFITS more than equal our capital. An average bank is considered sufficiently strong if its surplus and undivided profits equal one-fifth of its capital. This extraordinary reserve strength which we have built up makes this a "Roll of Honor" bank, offering super-protection to every one of its depositors. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLYTHEYILLE, ARKANSAS THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY

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