The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 2
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' ? PAUE TWO BLYTHI5VILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY JM, 1947 Jessie Lynn Wright Wed To John' Darnel Coughlan; Mrs..Fisida Wright announces ll'.c o| her daughter, Miss Jcs- fi? Lynn Wright, to. John Daniel CaUJhlnn, 'son OS- Mrs. Rotert 11. Clilsholm. ' The 1 wedding was solemnized SM- urcifiy night by . tlie Hcv. P. \V. Niish, pastor of First Churcli ol ilv Nazarone. at his home. Miss M;iry Wright attended her ^islcr - and i best -man was Hurry Gray of Batcsville. The brida wore a Mid-Winter c - ot;>; of \vhlte gabardine, \vtth an hat of black and other lo Ijvl- pinx inonins. Met 1 sgc' was of 1 ' h of y : .:'. AV •:..:' wore i iuwvu ;•. ••.,•; o: Pis.irdy dal r)iouk:.r cor I iu ^ i \t ha The mat:! of h \voij! urjss with a gladioli. Mr.s. (Jiughlnn, naiijii;?]- of Hoit:Inn 13. Wrivht, atte.i:-x-J Blythtv!!!:; Hiffh Schcol. * The b:icic'<room, ivno also cd school here, snyvfd 23 inont'ns wllh t hi D-f'iise Car'.;ninnd 1:1 Alas>:>>. Hi no'.v Is employed at aiyl'u- vi!H Cininn^ Company. TUry ar= residing al 704 Lilly. Bob Walden Fs Wee To Paragould Girl Announcement has \itan made of till- niflrrla^s of Miss Cow:ll:t Mu- hnn to Bob Wnlclen of niy'.hEville. solemnized Dec. 2(i at Met ho- dbl- Church In .Jjivsbnro. Th» Rev. N. W. OuodlDU. pallor parigi niL-il Ui2 (imilil? rhrx c-.-iv- iMauy. The l)iide woiv a r.nll of ])ink \v>ol with black uteessorh-s invl her shr.ulder coi«n;e was i.l wchuls. Mrs: Dalton Shenrer U Parii- •?ould. matron of honor, wore a frock of Wrdgewnod Ijltie crept) with hrc'.vn iiccL'SKorics, and a ruvMi^.; ot pink carntiticjns. Mr. Shearer served Mr. Wii'.tl-jn as best ii:un. Mr. and Mr.s. Watdcn now tiro :tt homo at MO .South Seventh. P.ira- ^ould. . The bride Is daughter of K. K. MaJian of 201! Kuulli Tenth, Pnr.?- Conkl. The lu'ideunioin, son nf Mr. mul Mr.=. John N. W:ild!!ii, \V.'I;H [ira.l- •jbl?A from i31ylh.'vill? in;',; School ovfnrs i-nti-'riin: Hie N;;vy, In wv- .f.<. 3d months, ji" 'AVIS on (lu> U S H Tei>ncwc2 and I In- II. a. a. Wi?.:ui>- sin Slm:e his Jki-iian;.! hu is c--,:i- ntvtl'd with SolUlnvi!Sl;-ni UL.-II TL I - ;>:-.r>iie (,'Hijiinny in rara;-.'>u!d. Mrs. James Hill Leader Of Stewardship Program Prcsbylerian Circles Chiiclrsyi of ronny lands are lem'ri- Honor Ml'S. 0. P. Barber ill',' tin Christi'.ui way life Uirounh n invyram of "(.enchlng anci prrnch- Ml ' s - °- ''• Hai'lier, wli-> KW»\ is' in?" liv thp MclhmUsl Clinrch. il "'"Vliis to Luv/runcc, K;ii,su-;. «'.!•; was rdrcttlcd ycslordny al'.erpaaii at rani]>lini'_'jd:'tl liv two fin.'!!-: of Iho Pirsl Mnlhodist Church when Mrs. Woni:ui's Auxfliuvy, I'lrsl r'n.'sliy- Jamcs Hill Jr., prcsonLed n ])ro- 'ttrlan Olnncli. wlitii !ii>> ^ioup li:ul gram on "Our.Stcwardsliii) of Cliil- '"""U-ly cirtlr's intnlliiijs yrslyichy rtrcn." at:: niRCltns of (he Woinr.n's ll "''™><m and lust iiisht. | .Society of Christinu Service. I allc was liresi-nlod Klfts :il nu'Cl- Need:-: of children in such euiin-l'"8 s Ilf Cireh O.ic in the aftr'nio-,n j tries a-> Imlis. Korea, Jnpan, AfrlcA,'*''" 1 "' Ml¥ - t; ll Iin>«".iMih'> ::nl| Mftnda ot t!-c S?» nncl Lntin A'.«-;ri-; Mrs ' H ' c - l':>y.snji fiiLcniiliieil ill. oa were cmprnMeed In talks wiilrh j tlle LaiiraKhiro hniiii- and liisl lilghl <li?clnse liow home life. sclKiolhv; I who11 ltlc -' l>»:ii::i'ss Woiiipn' 1 : Clrolr. :snd health servi™ were dominant j Number I'mir was i'nl.!'rt:iinr;il by' furlors in .Ijenefltllng ihcw hoys'** 1 ' 15 ' n A - '•' ll ".i: : " lli M«- ICr.v.n P. r.'.ul uirls who will bs tamori'r>v'.i| llon{ '- 1 nt tlu '•' ol "">''"'i".'. •.iciult (ithcns nnd |>erliapi lnulcrs j IJ;;l ' 1 l r . >i'i lh» Hi?in:> -Ualliu-; l!n-' in Ihc-lr countries. | W.oild In iJiglitwuisiu-Ks," tin- vijn-,< I'i-.; ir_- In with tlvri "Stcv.'tti'dshlp ; i 1 '-^'")<>on circles us:il |mss.ra'i In in 1 'I tlm- Olilldrcn" thems was nn- lS ' ll!ll i for 'In- suiiplm-al slndv, and <i!hrr part ot iln ni">"'vum i'' •••i>i-'i discussed a tiicin^ of "listiibllsl<!ii' ; buE-jvi-rv mfnt">i'.-:]iio rorlin^tM t!lc WorM in Hljjlili'onsnpsti." I "•»ro prpsi'tited these babies: Slur.rl Ail ol <lu ' I'.rouiis :il;:i> made plmis Hulibaid Hoke. Allen Pickard Jr., or tllc ; '>"«>inl "Family Niijlil'; Wod- nud Mollie Eileen Onai-d. They-arc ;1 " >( '"y "ls'>l al the church when .1 <-niiiii-,-i, ui ...i. ,ui ,.• ^>»)y of India aanin will b,. p,,.:;. Hokn Mr. and Mrs. \ll.;n 1'ick- scllle<i '" nn uiuisual iiro^rain. lul- :i'rd :>ntl Mr. and Mr;, .lanws C. lowi »E siippsr at G:« o'clonk. I Ouard. I There wen 1 II pri'si'iit at Ih:' Talks of llic work in varion.i Innds m « ; H»S "f Clrcli- One whnu Mi::, vi-.,,. r, v .[(- by ui"S. Jlmil WllHiili, willi 'l»l Yonn;: ])]-.»:;ciit-<| t|]e Biulj Mrs. H. L. Hatp, Mrs. CoHman St:'- i alul progrmn sliuiy. vcns. Mrs. Paul Job;, Mi-. L E ! When Mrs. ,1. K, Bcnsley ari-1 MI* Old, after Mrs. Hill had presented A - p - D 'flrich cnltrUilnwl C.'ii-.-l.- UIR backproiind for the progrcm. lvvo '"• ""' Heaslcy liume. thu 1:1 ..A Life Meinbei-shii) In UIR t-ocl't-i) t' reK <-'nt iiicludctl Mie An.xillnry |urs- One of (he most utlrnetive Kuro- pcrin Impot'ls ill recent years is V.illi. Ini>-i;inkin3 Itulian lil'ii slur, piclnretl as she recently luiiyed in New Yen It :ih:>ai'd the Uuecn Kli/.alielh. \Vinnei (*f the. Venice Festivul A\vin - d as V.\t- lope's It-ndiny tcreen nctjess. she's Hollywood-bound. At The Hospitals Walls llcispila! IJlsmiSKCd: Mrs. s. U. Walker and baby. Rl. 3, city. Clay Matthews. IU. ]. city. Hubert Pierce, stcele, Mo. vi.... r. M \vhltten and baby. K. MtrCrury, Hennimdiile, Mo. Mrs. Velum liailcy. Steelc. Mo. 'loiuiny WhiLocuLlnn, Ai-inorel. 1!. C. Atkins, Rl. 1, city. Mr.s. A. C. Hlniicliaici, city. lUylluiville riiispllai Aclmitled: Ann ^Neal, llollfind. Mo. Mr.s. nortl'.ca I/;wis, Manila. Hilly Dale I'oe. Hosehnd. .Ice Dean pierce. Manihi. Kecky Johnson. Manila. 13:sinis.sed: Mrs. W. M. Crowe, city. Mr.s. Cai-lton James an;l city. Bits of News Mrs. C. l-iixora. Murray Smart Jr., who has b:on undcrcolnt; trentinent at Blytlu- vi, r ie iiospital for nine days, now Is Improved nnd Is at iinnvj. Mrs. A. M. Butt Is expected to return home today from Caiuth- crsvllte, Mo., where she ha.; hein visiting her daughter, Mrs. R-iy Har- Dcr. and Mr. Harper, several days. Mrs. ftclinn Levy AllBiiberj-; r<.- Lurncd to licr home In Mi'mphli this afleiiioon utter having hseu ynest of her father. H. H. Levy, since yesterday. Mrs. W. Leon .Smith and, daughter, Janocl, will return to Mernphl i Thmsdny, whei-e Janoel is luidiu'- eohiH ircntiiittiit for a stomach tiil- incnt, after having been than: several days already recently. Mr. and Mrs. O. I 1 . Uarhj.- and son \vill move soon l:> I.-.IV.'ITIILC' Kuns., to make Iholr IKIIIII:. Mr. linrber, long with Arkansas-Missoir I Power Company, is rctiirnlni; to his home town Feb. 1 and l-.i-; family will juln him n short time later in the month. Mrs. Barber was formerly Miss Jean DillahimLy, diunjii- tcr of Mrs. G. W. Dillahn'.lty. .1. B. Johnson and son, Ilowrj'd .Jchnson. spent, today In Memphis v/1 ere the elder Mr. Juhiyxm con- UUIed his specialist. Mr.s. B. H. Wilson spent tnc weekend in Memphis wUh her duus-hter, Miss Mury Emily V/ilson. wlio Is employed there. Too Many 13s Spell Trouble for Matron at Home and on Highway Mrs. w. 13. Ciilth rli'hlly feels thiit bad luck is hounding her trail. Yesterday, Hie I'Jth of .lannary, ju-;t 13 days after .she narrowly i'.':cii|)f<| electrocution by loiii-lnni; an electric' lira'.ej- while w^t. Mi's. C'uU>—and her hnsbnnd and two sons this time—had another brush ulth disnsler In the form of a near hrad-on auto collision. The ear driven by Mrs. Cobb was struck late yesterday nfienioon on Highway 18 at Ihe city limits !of Manila by a pick-up tnicK whose 'i- as on ]hi: -At'oni; side <t| the roiul. Mrs. c»ljlj iiilil she sa she could noi iivnid the i.'cjIUslon ami sttjp- pcd the car to loosen the Imjnict. Mi", and Mr.s. Cobh and inch- sons, IDanny, i), an<l Uavis, S, were shaker an ( | bruised but all escaped seri- mis injury. The right front .side of their car was diimaKcd. Hurl Mocli/lln of 111. 2. I^nchvillp. driver of the pick-up truak, was arrested en charges of reckless di'ivint; and face.i tiinl 111 Manila. The C>b)i fjmlly wns ri'turned to their home, at 7<m West Main hy .St:ite I'alrolman Joe C'osncr and IJiputy .Shcj-jSJ K. p. Jones, who inviriinaled the accidcnl. Cn ne:-. SI, Mrs. Cobb was nearly Mrcti-<-'Ciilcd v/hcn nhi.- touchctl an elfcti'lf! heater while taking- a hath. Unable to release (lie heater. :hc culled for help and hi-r NI-[',10 maki, tni-ncd off the switch, irobaljly saving her life. A -u-17 "drone" plane was laying over at Hailing Field here today, awaiting clear weather for the completion of its rcmote-cotnrol demonstration flight between Washington and Elgin 'Field. -Flu. The drone, controlled by 'radio from a "mother" plane, Hew here from Elgin Field yesterday, drooping a dummy bomb in the Atlantic on the-way. On the retniti trip, however, rough weather over the Carolimis forced It to turn back and land at Boiling Field. Democrats Plan Seven-Member Policy Committee •WASHINGTON. Jan. 14. (UP) — Semite Democrats plan lit announco tomorrow formation of a seven- mun policy committee headed by Democratic Loader A'.hen W Barkley, Ky, TliLi group- wiil shape the minority stand on legislation and spearhead opposition to Republican measures with whose aims DcinocraU) disagree. Those expected to be named lo' MIL- policy committee are Sens L-iiJer Hiil, Ala.; Carl A. Hatch, M M ; Joseph C. O'Mahoney, Wyo.- niclmrd B. Russell, G.x; Theodore Fjancriii Green. R. I.; and Millard E. T'ydlngs. Md. T«'o other senators will be ex- officio members Sen. Scott Lucas, 111, Democratic whip in the Senate; :>iul Brlcn M.Mahon, Conn., sccrctaiy of the IX'mofi'alic conference. Polish Military Court Invokes Death Sentences WARSAW, Jan. H. _ (UPl — Count Xavior Grocholski and no cc-defendants were sentenced to death by n military court today on charges of spying against the Polish State for a forcijiii country. A girl defendant for whom the prosecutor asked life imprisonment given 10 years. All the convict- 1 cd may appeal 10 the Supreme There's Beauty for You at TUB IJBAUTY CLINIC 1st N'al'l. ISunk Itldg. 1'hone Kit hostess nnd Mr.s. Paul Byruiri won rooko. * An lee course was served aftsr the 6-77 Drofic Plane Lands Because of Bud Weather WASHINGTON, Jan. I-I. (UP)-- Prompt, Long-lasting Relief for MUSCULAR ACHES-PAINS Helps Break Up Painful Surface Congestion, Tool nr S«-e Otir Gorgeous Disui;tv of LAMPS Hand Painted CHINA and CRYSTAL Boudoir & Table Mo icl.s The GIFT SHOP The Beauty Bar "your beauty Is our duty" Helen t'urlis Cnld Waves OgiJrli! Sisters Hair I'leparatiiins Ziitos Iniiicrial SM.Ol) 7,ul\\ Nail J'uIisJi ' Hofol Plioni; ?,'i()2 Mother's Friend massaging preps- ration helps bring ease and comfort lo expectant mothers. M OTFIER'S FIUEND, a:i exqnLsltrly prepared emollient, t» useful lit uU conditions where a bhiml. mlkl anodyne iim^nue medium In Ehiu lubrication la Oeslrcd. One condition In which women ior more than 70 years have Hired It l.i »ii application fur nia^sat-ini; the body thirmn pregnancy... It helps keep the cklu soft and pllnti)u. tlnw nvolclhm unnecessary dlsLomfcrii tli:o lo Urync*-i arid UBliiuess. It refreshen and tones ttiu sXln.An Ideal imiftHi^c application for the numb, tingling or burning sensationso£ the skin ... fur the tlrcil bacfc muscles or cramp-Ilka palna In Ihc leas. Quickly absorber). ncUgiitrul to use. .Highly praisedOjy users, many doctors and nurses. Millions of bottles sold Just ask any druyjjlst for Mother's Friend—the tklc. emollient and lubricant Do try It Mother's Friend I was given Mrs. Emilia Burncy, with pr"sentaiiou mac:j by Mrs. A M. U. Branson. Celebrates Birthday \ With Party Sunday Oeue Ehanks had a nartv Simrljy r-ftoinron. from \ until (i:30 o'ckvji, in celebration of his 15lh hirt'id-iy wb.-m'he entertuined e.t thj hem'; of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Gccrrc Srrmks. lu gnniEs plavcd, prices wnt (n J.^Uy Ann Harbsr. Mary Travlnr nnd Larry Ashley. Thiic ' refreshment table was cay o '-•t:\ n E'-iU-raiecc of yellow roses <«oya/ AniiifissaJors Plan ] * M ^ At Calvary Ct fdcnt, Mrs. C. M. Ciniy. Mrs. W. II Pea» was in churac <tl the- pro«runi In the iiiR(.thi{! of Circle Three] when Mrs. Byron was hostes 1 .' the 10 present )ieard MJS. a. w' Hi'jeens tjrascnt the Bible -.(.udy and Mrs. O. W. D!lk,lumty uivo the program. >'he nvjihii' of Circle Pmir, nitfht, Jmd ii pmi'i-ain on "Wh'ul Ts My Church noini; About Woiio PeacsV" in which Mrs. Jaino-i Car t-r wss Ic.ider Ths Anxili-iry pr. ••(dent v.ui:: ;i ^ at lllii (.';,tll- crini; attended by ill. A foetal himr c'nni'liuli-1 encV. V.v |-,ivthday cake. Tli3 ho-;t. wa.i assistc-.l by hh mcfhsr and Ills aunt. Mrs. Carl Ncbels Have a Son A *on was born last night W;-,!te Hcspilnl to Mr and Mrs. : ' c {', Wcldon Nebel of 10J3 West Ash. ' T;:e baby, the couple's first uhl'kl. luci bcsn named Kenneth William. r.'.3 v i-st vonO; of tho Mir County Royal AiHljn.v;jKliH' nieirt here tiniight. 7:30 nVlc CuJvary Baptist, C'.nircti. Mr. and Mrs. J;;ck Atlawjiy colors of tho gruup, ;UK in (if the i>roi, r vam, lo IK I firllmvc iipor sisrvrii by ihf W •h.' coun- <:h,ir:.<- d -A-it'i . j nt A dr.. News Photooroohv's No Snap CIL\'. . Murray smart Jr.. city. F-'ihia M:ic Hcdije. city. Mcmvhi.s Mclluiitist l!ns]iil:tl Aiitnilted: Hunaltl Hailin, O:c3ula. linrbara Naiilcr, Hrafg City. Mo. Coming Evehts WEDNESDAY I i Central - Junior Hiyh t'ai'trl Tcaclier A.-^iociation tneetin;,' i:t j Junior 'Hi(;h Auditorium, 3 ]>.m., I preceded by separate executive' ir-r<( n-^oMni's nl 3:30 p.m. Mrs. Baker I.. Wilson entertaln- ii" wedncsiiay Qrldgc Club. Family Night Qupper and Pore- i|;n Sillily ]inr;rain at First I'res- i-ylcrlan Church. 0:4r> p.m. Town and Country club beln^ cnlertalncd by Mr;;. O. W. Mc- Culchi-n. THUn.SDAY Mrs. ,1. O. Hiiry i'iilerlai:i;ns Jolly hii;llt Club. Cclollr Club iiieulln;; wilh Mrs. Marvin Niinn. Mrs. Harry W. Ifulncs hostOKs to MldWerk Urid^e Club. O.N.B. IJunco Club Hireling with Mrs. John Tyrone. FRIDAY C. H C. lirid^.e Cbib nieetin!: with Mrn. O. O. F.lhlns. Club lias Two Guesls MLS. CIus ] ; :bei-(il and Ati v r#m C. Hale 1 .' were f.ucsl:; of Mrs. ,). D. Kmilii I-'ridny urteriuion when shr riitcrlainrd IHe C.H.C. llooi: Club. lliish si'dr'e prize went to Mr;. Cornelius S.:lu.Ter, sectind hiuh lu Hi: 1 You have attended our one-half price sale and you know the values we have. BUT WE HAVE NEVER BEFORE HAD A SALE LIKE THIS' SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY MORNING, 9a.m, When We Say Close Out, We Mean CLOSE OUT! We Have exactly Blythcvilfc's Baby Headquarters! The Tot Shop Bobby Clark Washington news cameraman, ducks as he is attacked bj' Jane Bacon 23. ouUIde U. S. Commissioner's olllce where he snapped a picu e of h#r. She had bean arraigned on charges of forjlna * $6000 check On Capt. Cornell Shelton. now said lo be in • China wllh Trans-World Airhnes. Red Blood Cells Must Be Kept Up If You Want To Feel Alive Thousnmls Now Regaining OW Time Pcp.Vigorancl Drive By Releasing Vibrant Energy To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Overwork, undue worry, and lock of certain foods often reduces the rccl-blcxyl strength — and starved, \vcnk. imn\ Ulocd Jnsl hasn't the power to kcei> ui. your energy auO drive. Every day—every liour—millions ol tiny ri-d-lilood-cella must pour forUi from tlie marrow of your buupa to re- •ilac«> tbOEc lliat arc worn-out. A low Jtood count may affect you in nrveral ways: no appetite, underweight, no energy, a run-down condition lacfc of resistance to Infection and disease. To (ret Teal relief you must, keep up your blood strength. Medical authorities, by analysts of the blood, tmva hy positive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is atnazlTiRly crtectlve In building up low blood slrcnBtli In non-organic, nulrl- tloiial anemia. This Li dud to the SSS Tonic formula whlc-li contains special and. potent, activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic lielps you enloy the food yo\l cat uy Increasing the gastric digestive Juice when It Is non-oreant- cally too little or scanty—thus the slom- ach will have Uttlc cause to get balky wltlV) gas. bloat ai\d elve o:T that sour food taste Don't wait! EnerRl?^ your hocty with rich, red-blood, ijtart on SSS Tonic now As vigorous blood surccs throughout your whole body, greater freshness and strength should make yon eat better sleep better, feel better, work better play better, have & healthy color glow In your skin—nnn flesh nil out holloa Places. Minion? of bottles sold, dot a bottle from your drug store. 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