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Tuesday, January 14, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS IHE DOMINANT NtAVSPATKIl OF NO11TIIKA ST AllKAHKAn iui^ i!r.ii'i.iii-*fr. .,,„,.,,,,... VOL. XI,111—NO. 200 Blythevllle Dally Nc«r Blytheville Courier AllKANHAB AND UOUTIUIAST MISKOUUI Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Lender J'.l.YTHKVII.l.K, ARKANSAS € Blytheville T Budget Okayed; Drive is Planned ' $9614 to Bc Needed To Finance Youth Program During 1947 Directors at' t.lic Hlyllieville 'V al M Imiird ijicctinjf in the C'ity Hall hist night approved ;t $11,500 budget for 1947 atnt itiinouiiccd Hint contributions of $%!'! would bo needed in ;> campaign which is to be stiii'teil Feb. J] to tain I'umls t o I'itiiincu the aclivities for the new year. Hiisscll Uarhatu, president ol tlv •Y' board, presided over the in«t- ln«. It was explained thai the or- L'nnizatlnn will receive nn csii- malcd Slum frnin the operation of concessions, crafts, sporls fees a:ia from other sources leaving nesvlj Slli.OOa lo be provided by Dlythe- villc siiiipnrtcrs of the aRcncy which is serving thu young iwoplc of tlic city. The treasurer's rcjxjrt for I nc iwist four months showed receipts of $,3122.07 which were applied on n budccl of $3103.80 ..for thnt \w- riod. Expendiltircs were well witnln the budget with a total of $2989.80 shown for the four months. The activity report submitted ty .1. l>. Gnrrott. secretary, disclosed that the 1940 prosram for the 'Y' covered a wide variety of cv-::its with an attendance total of ys.!i'M and an expenditure of $8811.31 tor Ihe year. UudKeJ. Itemized The 1047 budiict was submitted by Kendall Berry, finance clnir- innn. Kxpenses for 1947. based on Ihe $11.500 budget, will incliulc S^OfiS for administration; S2filO for iicadriuartcr.s, which includes SSIUO for rent, and 5955 for operating Ihe concessions: $4225 for provid- iiiB IH'ograms for the variety or activities sponsored, by the Y during the year; and $GOO for miscellaneous' items. , The activity report for last year listed a total of 597 participants in 24 football panics involving 10 teams in three leagues; 9550 spectators and 1537 nartieipailU in 7V Softball games in three- Softball leagues; an attendance of 1894 at .17 sessions for classes in swimming- sponsored by -the :'V- and the lied cross: 11.535 participants in [mines in the 'Y's' game room in the City Hall, and other activities including 32 day camp sessions wilh an attendance of B73. The renort for December listed M scnarale events which broil: a total attendance of 2F197 boys nnrl girls. Volunteer workers ns- Kislcd with 115 appearances in carrying out the supervised pro- prams. Hoard members attending last ni&ht's meeting included: Mr. Barhaiv. Mr. Garrott. Alvin Hullman Jr., lyndsnv Oitno. Oscar Alexander. ,J. W. Adams, Ross Plrvpiis. Miss I,unn Wilhehn Mrs. Marvin rrillenden. Mr. Berry and R. A. Nelson. KSDA V, .IANUAKV M, IDIV -ova Streams Menace /illagcs at Base of Philippines Volcano LEGASI'I. Philippines, Jan. 14, (UI'> — Mayon Volcano erupted ye^- lertlay and President Manuel liox- is ordered government, agencies to stand by in ease .swelling lavii streams reac!) villases clustered near Ihe mo'intain's base. Hugh rrr.-lis were hurled hidi into the air by (he eruptions. A column of smoke ^osc 5003 feel :ibwe the peak. A lava flow appeared on the side of the cone focinc LcKaspl, a Southeast Luzon city 30 miles from the mountain's oa:;e. Anollier stream of white - hot molten rock menaced the town of Lib-ig on the Eastern side of the volcano. David N'avera, commission as;e:.. at Lcfiaspi airport, said that 'five ".:;agcK in Alba.y Province M.iyon's base already liuve evacuated. Four towns near '.he b.r.e were showcicd with light ashes during the night ami ihe entire Leguspi region felt minor cartlKuiakcb. near been Banker Rounds Out 25 Years As President P.. A. Lunch UxJny began Ins 2Cth year as president of Farmers Hank and Trust, Company. fo!lo r .vlng a iiiTt.lns of the .stockholders antf directors Iliis morning at which practically no changes were made in officers and none in directors. The bank has just concluded the most successful year's business since it was organized in ItlOfl. Mr. Lynch told stockholders in reviewing the activities. Pointing out that the .statement at the end of the year showed resources totaling Sll.- 9rM,(U9.20, he read n report which slinucd a capital and surplus of siriU.OW) with undivided profits listed at $171.046.01. The outlook for banking nnd business in general in this section Is unusually bright. Mr.. Lynch said in commenting upon progress of the bank during the past 25 years. Other officers elected were: Robert A. Porter, vice president: F. B. Warren, vice president: R. L-. Ban- isler cashier: B. p. Brogdon. assistant cashier; Newt Whilis. assistant cashier; Lee Crowe, assistant cashier; G. H Robsoii. manager of Insurance Department. Directors, all re-elected, were B. i A. Lynch, p. E. Warren. T. R. Johnson. ,!. Louis Cherry, c. A. Cunningham. J3. s. Simmons c A. Richards. Two promotions were made In election of officers with Mr. Whltis and Mr. Crowe promoted to position of assistant cashier from that of teller. Mr. Porter became a bank officer during the past year which made him eligible for reelection to the position of vice president. Memphian Is Maid of Cotton Blythcvjllc Entry Wins Applause in Contest Finals Mis.s Gail Eich. daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Loy Eich and who participated in the finals of the "Maid of Cotton" contest last nl-jhe in Memphis, made an excellent showing in the contest. Hrsl honors went to Miss Sony, 21, of Memphis, was v chosen as the lovclicsl of morn than 206 entries. The selection had teen narrowed to 20 prior to I'.isu night's finals. Mis.s Scay will KM tonight for New York to stall five-month national and international tour ns goodwill ambassador for King Cotton. As first alternate, should Miss Scay bc unable to make the r.-Ip for any reason, the judges chose 18-year-old I^illla Averett. of Asli- buni, Ga., and as second alternate. Barbara Gregg Hood. 21. of Hughes. Ark., and Memphis, where' she is president of the Debutantes Club. Tiie other two finalists were Peggy Jo Varnadow. 18, of Cov- inglon, La., ami Carolyn HallniL-k. of Chattanooga, Term. Miss Scay is five..feet, six inches tall, weighs 118 pounds, has brown eyes and brown hair. Blytheville Entry. Appeared Miss Eich. who Is tall mid blonde, when Introduced said: "i am Gun Eich from Blytlievillc. Ark., home of the Nalional Cotton Picking Contest and in the largest cotlon- pickimr county in lhc world," which caused much applause from the crowd. Miss Eich was among the 10 beautiful girls chosen, from the 26 whose protographs made ihoin eligible for last night's coint/ lion, who survived the first round of judging. After 10 were chosen, the judges finally eliminated the candidates to five and then to three before announcing the winners. Maid Has Relatives Here The new Maid of Cotton olien has visited in Blytlievillc as_- ; iK'St of her uncle. T. 1. Scay. anil family. She already is making pla'.is to visit Blylhcvillc for lhc :01Y Nalional Cotton Picking Contest. With members of the T. I. S.:ay lamily recently at her home in Memphis and in Mississippi, it was noticed that the new Maid of cotton closely resembles her cousins, Misses Iva and Hnlh Scay, li'dh of whom arc atlnictive browncl,!cs. Blytlievillc people on hand last night for the contest were Mis.s Eich's parents, her fiance, claik- son Errkin: Miss' Rebecca Mr.C.ill. first runncrup in the recent "Miss America" contest! J. T. Sudliir.-y. Miss Mary Adah Robinson .VKI Bryan T. Milcy. 4-H Club Elects Officers — Awards Presented 511 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTb Shown above arc 4-H members who received awards lor project work done last yciir and 1047 North Mississippi County officers eleclen at a baiKpicf i;ivcn by lhc Farm Bureau Friday night. Tup left.-..'nek nuclos cf Promised Land is awarded a $5U savings bond for his son conservation work in 1!)4C by H. C. Knnppcnbett>cr, .secretary of lhc Mississippi County Farm Bureau, Top rir;hl^--Sylvla Swain or Gunnel! receives S25 award as County Champion I-in from L.. G. Nash, vlce- C'ourlor Nr.w.s Diotiis president of lhc p.irm limcaii. Left center Insert--Mlj.s Cora Cc,! man, Jlnme nrmcnslrnllnii Ain-nl. Ulnhl center insert- County Ann Kcilh lillbrey. Ijollnm row, Iclt to rlghl—Aitslstant Counly AgenL W. I HaKcllmkcr and 1947 -l-II officers: .Johnnie Uuclos ot I'romlM'd Lain rc|ini lei; I'loyd While uf Go.sni'll. vlce-pre;Ident; .lack Durlus i Promised Land. prr:;idcnl; Joan 'Janker.slcy uf Armnivl. v.-crctaiy; in, Chiirlcne Yurbro of Yaibro, .sonr; eiipliiln. Weather Like Spring Sp.-inij-likc temperatures returned momentarily during last niglit n.s the mercury dropped to no lower than 53 degrees, nccordlng to Robert. E. Blaylock, official weather observer. Ueht rain during tlio early morning hours today meas- iircd .0-1 of an inch. Congress Acts To Investigate Airline Crashes WASHINGTON. Jan. 11. (UP' — Chairman Chnrles A. Wolvcilon, I!.., N. J., of the House Intcrslate Commerce Committee today revealed plans for a congressional invcoilga- tion of airline accidents. He Introduced a resolution lo give his committee power to subprna federal aviation officials for oucMion- ing- "The committee has already t-ikrn steps to obtain all the necessary data that will enable us to recommend to Congress ;ho legislation needed." Wolvcrton said. The House action came as the Senate Commerce Commillei: alto considered looking into Ririlne ac- Would Ban Portal Suits WASHINGTON. Jan. 14. <U.P I —Legislation 10 ban or restrict, portal-to-portal back p»v suits favored by a clear majority of Republicans on the House Labor Committee, a United Press survey revealed today. GOP Opposes Slashing Tariff Nebraska Senator Fears Farmer Would Bear Brunt of Cuts WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. (UP)-Sen. HiiRh Butler, n.. Neb., :,ai;l today that lower :!iriffs on hum commodities would destroy the government's agriculture price support program. Butler predicted a farm prin" slump that would force farmers to "b » r the full brunt of rmt.v.'.ir competition" if tariffs are scaled down. He testified at heari::-:; on Ihc administration's plans fur lowcr- tarifl trade agreement:; with IH nations. "If a flood of import:, should destroy, our pc.stwar ar.riculturai price Mipporl policies, Iliis Irade agreements program v.ill not survive the wrath of a disillusioned nation." Biillcr told the committee for reciprocity information, which vvil: make recommendations on the proposed ^^recnicnt. The committee. re]>rc:.cntini; various government departments, began a month-long scries ot op.-n sessions yesterday. Spoke: men for a variety of industries denounced the pro;;r.srci cuts as "abMird" an-l "unthinkable." Butler said the reciprocal trade i:rw,im, mirier which Ihe Sta'e Urp-irl incut cut ciinctit tariii lates up to 50 per cent in icluin for concessions from other lions, had lowered rales lal. by 25 p?r cent. lie said thai if duties on farm pr':.-lncts were rcdun islrators of Burdette Educator Jgkes As Member of 1947 Legislature ^VIlcn the State Legislature convened in Litllc Itock yesterday, one seat was filled by a quiet looking man who has temporarily left the school room lo help make Arkansas [i better place in which to live. And while some scoff at .school men entering pololics, no one rtuc.sUons I.- II. Autry's ability lo ferve a.s a slate rcpresental ivc. Ifis record as a member of the pi c-lc^i: tativc budget commiilre has foniscd the ryes of politician.'! on tills niil<l-ap])eai ing man who speaks his mind and apparently is- n'l nfraid lr> say ivhat he think:,. '['he tact is dial. Mr, Anfry is not " a .school teacher" but an experienced farmer, as well as .superintendent in Ihe Uurdctte school, nnd also a velfi-an tiolil ician. Added to lhat. he served in Ihe Navy in World War I lo make him a" rx-.servicc 111:111. .Serving I.-. 1 .o icrms as repre.sent- alivc. beginnin;' in l!>:t«. he owns iind oreralcs a IG'l-acre farm at the Fame lime ], ( , h:,, ...erved a:, a r-ehnol .superintendent -.:r, year."., to [cmund lor an open mind l'i i;i'-c him a wcll-iouniird bark- I Sec IHIItDlvT'lT) on I'.iq prob- 7 na- gene" Bill Proposes Federal Aid For Teachers Big 4 Deputies Begin Parleys On Peace Pact WASHINGTON. .Ian. 1-1. (U.I - Sen. Pal McCarran. D.. ,\'.. said today he will seel- cailv -, •re rcdurcd. the admin-1 ,.„,, , „ , u J Ihe farm program woul-l | ". " "" '"- s In "on Lhc horns of delennr.a.' "They will have eithi r (11 Impose qiioia-s against imports -i mu-h more rijld form of trade regulation Ulan a simple tariff o- '21 to attempt lo maintain 'the prices of farm products all over Ihc world at the American level or 131 lo abandon entirely the at- lempi to stabilize farm income in country," l, c said IJi N. Y. Cotton l:,10 P. M. Quotations Mar 3163 3192 3158 May 307S 3113 307G July 2829 2357 2922 Oct 2070 2034 2C55 2fl3: Utc 2H22 MID 2fiO!) :?J; 1137 3108 N. Y. Stocks 2:01) p.m. quolalioils- A T ft T Amor Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth steel '..'.'.'.'.'. Chrysler '...'.'.' Coca Cola Gen Electric . ...'..'.'.'.'.'. Gen Motors . Montgomery Ward N Y Central ]. Int Harvester North Am Aviation . .. Republic Steel Radio '...'_ Socony Vacuum Studcbakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S .Steel 87 7-8 145 3fi 51 57 5-8 17 71 9 7-8 26 3-8 8 1 3 II 1-2 20 G7 1-4 57 3-4, 0 ',-?. i;n 3-1 bill to raise sa I of about 1.000.000 elementary and In hii-li i.criiool teachers an aver,ii;i of 1C per cent. McCarran's measure, introduced yesterday, would aiilhorine the pr.v- crnmciH lo j;ivc stales up lo *(j;w.- non.nco dnrini- the I9SR fiscal year, lo boost what he called ".sh.iine- fiilly low" teachers' pay. Y'ii:. would cover raises of all le.icli-rs now !iCltin K less than S10OT a >,ir, "1 believe the bill is parliciil.nly peilinenl at this lime when lhc teaching profession is In vir-u dire need of aid to assist in at- 170 li-S IracllnR quallflrci )iersonnel to ils BO 3-4 riinks," McCarran told a rcpoirer. )-2 His bill would provide for on- liiHiiiiR federal aid to lift 1-iwer bracket tcneheis' salaries ov a graduated increase. Federal n:d would mil go lo teachers earunR S4.0CO or more a year. 'The aid. which would be iiiu.l- ablc to all elementary and n!i,'h school teachers on application 1 y the governor of any state, would be distributed this way: The government would contribute $2;: per teacher for each $1<X> fraction thereof on of salary: $15 on fcy-as-You-Go Plan Stressed by Laney In Inaugural Message ff »<)!< BltOVVN Uiiltfd I'roM Hlaff CnrrfsjwmlciiL HOCK, Ark., .Inn. H.—A pledge to roiilimie. it Kcnernl outline of 16 is-y<>ii-K<> innll('f.s i .. lie thinks .Ic3«>rviii,r of the legislature's ! 1 J^^L'j 011 . f' ilnoy .' s • sceoil(l '"'"iiKtiral Attorney General Critical of UMW Lewis and Cohorts Inviting Mob Rule, Tom Clark Asserts WAF-.lllNfJTON. A11 r,: nev M the defiance i» I. -*iiil(lnwK here Lmiay. Speaking n l n Jnlnl session of Hie. General Assembly on Its sec- <ncl day ol the SGlh Rc.wlon. Die governor declared thai "our bud- KC! hus b"cn, and Is. balanced," IUHI he reaffirmed n "pay-ns-you- i!o IIHTIII policy of careful expenditure.-, and slricl economy." l.aney's address ram e after Cnlef jhistlce OrllJIn Ktnlth of the Ar- kinisar. Kupreine Court ndminlstcr- ?>(• the (mills of office to Arkansas 1 eonr.ltutliniiil officers: Sec. of •Mule C'. O. Hull, Stale Auditor Oscar J. Viince Cliiylon, Lund Com-' mlssloncr Clmide nankin nnd As- t'OelaU* Supreme Court Justice • E, I.. Mcl.aney, Inney look the oath IUPI- Cicneral Tom c. 'Clark j'iriiTnir (,'init't lodny that ol the lower cnnrl.s 1>y Lewis and Ihe IJnllrd „. ;'. •; •* •"y " lxi « kern was , Insult to tile f '.'.'. " ;c "> llowl »B hi" addreur,. liilt-.'i Iliii'lf" nnd "Invites ""' K"VC"ic>r (old lhc asssjnhly "lal iluriii; "jn.vadinlnU'mlun we Imvr mrtrir-u ?IO.Si>0,0(H| E aln In funils in the state .'treasury and luivr rrrtuccrt th> Mr Is in- dphlrdncs'i more than £9,01)0,030." llu n If o. ulntcd Ihnf.'thc sl.itc hns Paid In excess .of $8,000,fiOO In in- ( on Hip slate debt, paid somi! fnnn.dOO worth of bonds hi advance "f iiiiilurlfy, nnd »t the same time :; had sufllcleni. operating money Despite Itijiher cost*. Nfi Monry Borrowed "Nut one dollar has been borrow- . c«l during the Iwo years O l this administration." ho, ussnrted. On tlm nll-lmuc'rlunl' stiite hltih- wn.v program, Iho governor recog- nised II us Number One oii the list. He said that new construction Is necerffijii'y nnd more maintenance iiinnt, bo provided. However, he mode no 'unccUlc recommendation, "imply snyliiR; '"nils matter should be considered and.- nclcrt upon in n constructive w"J'." '•* h i nte. Clntk salrl that WHS the effect ,il Ihe refusal of i.^wls and the union lo call nfl lust Rill's strike 1e:-|)lli- nn order by a fcdcnil dls- rlil, nui-l ditcctliu: tliein to ir:- lii'l Ihe strike r.ali. Taking pnrpnjiul command of llui Clink cpened oral arcumenls mi he ruse b-iore Ihe lilnh Iribumil, 11 'the court will dc-ldc whcllun Lewis ;niil the union properly we:,! .Mivlt.'led of ronlcmin and' fined :i" IV Ii?wir. nnd the tinlon appeared In I-Vdeiiil Dlslricl Court on Nov. 23, me week nflcr n temporary re- slrninlni; oKder war. Issued nfiahisl .hem, nnd ndmllted orally they hud done nothing about It, Clark "This was nn admission that,... 1 , (hey luul deliberately violated Hie order of the U. s. District Court." Clark said. "They lind filed no motion or other paper to vacate! II.,.. ' Spraying Funds Assured Jan. 31 is Deadline For Poymcnts to Collecting Agents ^nllhuent funds have b-cn cfit- •cted lo liiinrn litre the uixr liouse- uraj-iin! proKram next .•niminer in ins county nnd collection drives or l!ic {'I fee will close .Ian. III. ' was nniiciiiicnl lodnv by H. O. "lU'vpn-.bcrerr. .^ncrelary ol the '.I :-s.<.'.i|:;n County Farm liuleau. •r'rr:'»nn^ ai;r:iil lor c-jllri-l Ions. •llnwrvn ." ni))iliiiM7.r<l Mr. Knnp- n,j:'i i-CJ". "only ihnse \vlio h:ive 't'i'.\ MIC lee will have Ilici: liou- order nr lo appeitl horn it. Afliini Invites Mob Kulr They dolled II. To hold n lied .'Hates Coiirl hi contempt Is in Insult to the United Blalcii Itself, .it. compromises-nil law nnd nvltes mob rule. 1 ' Clurk spoke before the tildek- Th.'d Justices for 55 mliuilcs. He ins follnwed by Welly Hopkins, itlorney for Ihe UMW. Hooklns l>e«nn by saying he l>c- leved Claik's statement "should niM'e Ijcen mndc In n iwllllenl or lecl.ilnllvr nrenn rnther than In n eyal toruiu." Chirk snld the Roveriiment has lour objective* In Us court battle: 1. To uphold Ita rlRhl nnd aiit'n- nril.y lo oiieinle fnctlltles seized "r war pmiioses under a temporary waithiie law. To vindicate the power ol federal courts to Issue temporary icstralnliip orders lo prevent rrepiinihle injury lo the people or the nation. .'I. 'I'D nrohibit intrrferciire with Ihe aiveieiitn luncllons o[ the United Stairs. re hrriiiled to (jel. inidriway ] ••Aithnimh our drive <-lor,c:, J;,n. H." Mini M, i'<nap|)enherder, "col- l<n.; are beinc allowed lo re- iiin tl'ilr receipt, book:;, Tlm:;e ob- :iir,iiij: icrei'it'i Ijoiu Iheni alter lie dead! in,, da'.e. liowrvci will have lo pay the $:| I,.,. ,,[,,,• a •/,-, '•nt I'haiR,- f<i| [leliiiiinriil. i>:iv- ilc nf 1'" "nirr l<i I,Min tln- >l lion:,--, i,, | ;? , li: , ; , v ,., •"•nt nn,I in!,.,,- ,, cr ,| r ,| in | tl( , prim: JlORer c;. Cooper. ...upnrvlsoi 'I inaliiria r'ud.rol sunk in Minsiv- toiliiy nrccd Dial :ill 'iJidi- brlore I lie dead- • be ill" .i1i< frnclion thereof between $1.000 nnd S2.COO; S10 hetwcen $2.000 and and $5 on $3.000 nr J.|.fli'0. l,f>Nll()N. .Ian. II. (tjl>, 1 n i>ll lies ol Hie lilt; Four fnrei.:o hiir'is- lers nir-t, today for Ihe tii:l prc liminary discussion of pracr- -.i-Hl,.- irieiit-i with Cieiinany and Au;1ii;< hrri'kiin; Ihc mmind fur Ihe Mir.n.v (xinfcrenee in Mar<:h. Quarter!; elnriC to Ihe VV'-rsirir repres^nlal ivcs cxjieclrrl '.lit; HMS- si;in opposilion lo Aimlo-Anifri.:-,, projiosal for "Miff terms f->- An >Ilia. The Americans mid Hrill:li will stibmit similar draft ItridKs ID, An.stria. Arneiir-an .vnitxes expeitcd Kovirt roMr.iaiu Ihe first ]i;,ra};ra|)h of th ble," United Steel Workers ni>: 'Intent to Strike' Notice WASHINGTON. .Mill. 11, 'IIJ'i The United steel Workers of Airxr- ica ICIO> today filed formal nn llces of intent, to strike ai;:iin.;l some 1.000 steel rompanirs. A USW .'.pokesman said Ihr notices were filed with Hie Labor Department and the National l,.-hor Relations Hoard under nrovisior.s of the Smllh-Connally W;-r I.aboi Disputes Act. This act rc(|Uir,:-.< a formal 30-day notice of unions' Intentions to strike. The filine of a strike Tiotir.-: docs not mean that a strike ncliinllj- will take place. The. spokesman said the notices the first SIOOU.' covered about 500,000 employe:; nf each $100 or! 1.000 companies, including Cnnicul '"•iiy In !• diitc io r tin wa.s ie:-civc<l Knappi-nbctjcr •it. -<>"i Ilir State Health Drpailme", Deoclline Nears On EntTies for 'Woman-of-Year Toiiiorrovj is 'Ihe governor. In one of the two points where he iimde specific recommendation, asked the ;qeneriil Assembly, to provide Tends (or con- <ilnictlriB «' building lo house tu- brCcUltetpwltentsr' the criminally liisalie ami, tlicliv aJtendRnts nt t);c Sliito HonpUnl' fof Nervous' Pis- eases. He olso nskcri for legtslntlon to Improve conditions si the hos- plliil, at the Schools for the Blind nnd Deaf nnd lor welfare clients. Krc INAU<;iJRAI, on Pace i ,, f lhc lir /iit;il r :»«'e.sriug „„„„., ,, r ., wo •><• -circled „.; i in- "Worn,-,,, * <'•" in HlythrviMe. 'Hi" Jlcta .Sigma |>lil :.,,rn r ,ly. HiM, ha, two ,-,.,|uer.s line, l,as ' i'-K»',i a .sccrei coinmilice In choose i nivthrvillc wiiiiitm for Hus new lionor. willi ihe public invited lo make Mi;:i:>'.slion.. t)o:>lif teal ions are that she have rendered community service In the |:a;-il. above trial which paid [,, business. and have leadership. In future contests, (he record will be taken for each year's service ft'usgcsllons may bc mailed to "Wonun of the Year" contest, care of Courier News, through tomorrow. The rommittcc wilt announce its selection Monday and lhc winner will be guest of honor at n banqucl Feb. M. Pilot is Killed In Crash Near Devalls Bluff l!y Ullllnl I'rr ss At least liner personr, died violently nVi<| ihree others were r.cri- ou.'.ly Injured In a series r>| accidents in Arkansas yesterdav. William Uonahur. 21-year-old Nnrl.h Hollywood, Calif., pilot was killed ;,nd his companion, fio'» I • I. Uraliaelis. Id, «| s o of North Hollywood, was injured when their crashed near Dpvnlls Hhlff. nrnncells is in n hospital .suffer- In;: from shock, concussion and a severely lacerated forehead. IJeaiigelis said Donahue was Mv- inq Ihe PT-23 plane from I'itts- bniEh. I'a . lo California nnd It struck a clump of trees in n low- hanctni; fog. Donahue die<l Iti- slanll\-. At Cheenlirier. near Con^ny, Iiin- cral Cervices wrre planned for Erwin I^owell. 31. farmer, \vlrn ended his own life by flriiiR a Iniltet in- lo his head. His wife said he lisil been brondlnc over til health. M. c. 1'allpiwn, 21. was found dead at his home at Viclorla, IR miles soulhwesl of Blytheville. Officials pronounced his death r.ui- cdle from x sholcun wound. At nosers. Alvls Pariah). 31. Forl. Fnillh farmer, nils seriously wounded last night when an mi- lomallc pls'.ol was dlwnargcd ac- cldcnlally In his face. He was moving his family lo a farm east of Rogers. lllinois. Republic Steel Co., hein Steel Co., and the Young.stov.i Rhef-t and Tube On. Weather ARKANSAS — Cloudy lo partly cloudy. Colder tonight and in North and West Central portions tcdny. Wednesday partly cloudy, and cold- I'r in K.isl and .South portions. First National Officers Elected Sam H. Williams Re-elected President Of Banking Concern. .Sam II, Williamr. was reclcclerl president nf first National Bank ill a meeting of directors this moniinp, following naming ot dlrcclorf: hy .sl^ekholders who heard :ni rinUvlaurilhf! rcporl. of the past year's activities In their annual, meeting. Oilier officer; named were: K. M, Hccenold. vice president; D. C. J'affoid. assistant, vice president; Hcrmon Cnrllon. cashier;, Thomas H. Cnniiagc. assistant cuslilcr; Jacl: C'.vens. assistant cashier. , Directors elected weie without change with K. M. Rccenold. J. M. Sleveim. Roland Green. Charles Ror.c nnd Sam H. WiUlams again lo serve. Tlic .stockholders heard a report ol the mosl successful year's business sin.-e the bink was organized in 1037. with a 15 per cent dividend declared mid l.rnnsfer of sufficient amount to surplus to make the surplus equal to the paid-in caoi- tal. . • Mr. William,';, in reporting Ilia year's business, pointed out that the statement of Dec. 31 showc'd resources of more than f7.ODC.COi> nnd thai in making lhc surplus rqnal to the capital the bank became « Roll of Honor bank. In election of bank officers. Mr. Pufiord was promoter! from assistant cashier and nlso had served us cashier while lhc cashier, Hermon Carlton was on leave of ab- sen^c during his service in Ihe armed forces. Two Fires Extinguished Fire damaged the motor and cab inierior of a truck belonging to L'jRoy Walker early this morning on South lllh SI. The blaze was oclicvcd to have been caused when the motor backfired. Firemen extinguished a. small hlaz; yesterday nl the City Clean- ets. 414 East Mali), when lint in the bottom of a cleaning tnb became ignited. Livestock LOUIS NATIONAL 5TCCX- Jan. Il4hur>— (USDA» — Livestock; Hogs 10,600, salable 8,500; market generally 50c to 75c lower than Monday's average. Seme 150 Ibs • clown jl off; bulk good and choice 170 to 250 Ibs 22.75 to 23.25; lop 23.i5; 260 to 300 Ibs mostly 22.12.=> to 22.50; few 300 to 350 Ibs 21.50 10 22; 130 to 150 Ibs 20.50 to 22: 100 to 120 Ibs 19 to 20.50- Cattle; 4,300,^salable- 3,700; calves 1.800, nil salable; about 35 loads of steers offered with approximately 30 per ccnl ot total run cows. Substantially decreased supply created a firmer price trend anrt improved action over Monday, although bulls somewhat slow. A few fcooci steers 22.7!> to 25.

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