The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 7
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_ MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ....: , times yet Hue per d&y i» c 3 times per line i>er day I S<j ti times jior Hue iior day 7c 1. thnea iier lino iJer day Cc Montli per liny _________ ____ 9g c Cuutjt flro nverago words to" the line. Ad ordered for three or tlx tluies and 6to|i[>ed before eiyiiation will lie charged for Hie mnjjbcr of tltucs tlifl >l all- Beared acid adjustment of bill made All Classified AdviTlhhis copy Jub- MUltii! Ijy persons rcEitllng ouUtdo of llie city must be accompanied by cash listen may bo easily computed from tbo above Utf. AdrerlUlDR order for Irregular Insertion* ukrs tlio one time rate. No rcsiJonslblllly will Ijc taken for o>A/»igi] O tte lucortoct InsorlloD of any For Sate For Sale i'<i|i. 1'Kunc 2506. . Di'ir... I--IOIC H Faruiltl!. new. 1 l!>l« II. Knrinnl!. uriv I -|.|.|,i II ^1. -li'llll Dli'fV IH'VV .\lsii ill-rs, lilmvs ami fultivoturs fur muw. 1. Ill 17 ]i>ni: vh,.. ll.iiv,. Cli,'Vr<ili'l truck. Will I mile Sur f.m.l null j,n,l,.s !.,!• 'Mti-'l 's mill- oait of K.'niK-U Mil, un 'i:. au.L M liiwy. r,t Harris Sloi-lt :l !mi!..t; mills. II A. Scivi'll. Mnnlln. 8 In.mi lii.uw mid il,»iM<> gmnfe. (in:. Clii.-k. __ ift-i-k-'-'iT I'JI.I M.I.I.T Ol.l'vnii.'t r,,j,l, v. ill, inliu unil lii-riliT. l.\, <-ll,.in . raii.liiiiiu. I', 277^. liKi-i.V 17 Coal! 100 Mis: or Curloiu!. We deliver. Phone 37Kt). Wheeler Coal Co. % Co)j- IiedKC (;in. l-S-pk-2-S Cafe! Doing }jm><t business. Sec H. C. Campbell, 120 S. _ 2 «idj J-B-ck-ir cliiiH. Sbnii. Cull 282K. UllSck-tf t*fb buyer for your louie. 11 0 OiniiUJI l'l,otie tit — 2»ao. Ollicl' 120 tiouU Btcti.J. IrilS-ck-tt ITII'S H tip — pnr uiilmNti'ry cli'ariH li"inlifi!lly >villi tlii- rn-w 1-Nnn Pimm. "fals IMint K Wull|ii)|.|.r ('u 12!27-i:k-U27!J1 U'IITIM Mfi ut yii 'II Cl.'^'rii'.'t ton nn.l li:,IF truck tiuit: whrcl A-1 riiiiilitinn. 751) x oil I> :ir,,l triu-k ivitli K-7 luo- lor K'.'f, x 21) lir.'S. In,III null ,,-nr. K|,..t Itulit f, ynnl tluum 1,0.1. first i't:<-; riimli! i,,u ll.,,,,, u .1,,,,i| "•><• 1' I ililnr si'ililli n,.«- lir,,s II i.lll »7. .Miliill.i. l|l-,iV-'J|l r. I>],onf. il.i-i.k-ir. SH acre level farm, near ||j'araufoiil[] on hiwny. Im- livovcnicnlf; wnrlli price asked. Price S8500. .1. C.i Ohapin, 3Innila, Ark. !",r^7 New heavy duty clccl ric stove.'Tahlc (op inoilel. .'5 units and Thrifl Cooker, htiilt-iii pancake ^riddlt; and broiler. Charles Hriijlit I'lione a5(i(5. -10-iiU-l-l Now oil .cook stove. All si/cs including table lop models. diaries liriKbt, pbone 'S.?, r ><> _____ MO-pk-M '•'i" n ....... • i'or.1 __ ^.ji.r,,,! ...... ..„;>,.. II) Hi Clo-vi-ol,.| M..I.H, I1IU Cl,,\- • BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS !''-.''.() I'anuall Iraclnr, reconditioned, noi)d rubber, newly painted. With *r wilii- (iti( I wo or four row etp.iip- menl it power lift. Hohei-l 'I'hompson, Yarbro, Ark. I - 1 1 -pk-1 8 I- in f.irnMi,..! ),„ l'i-ii-|. fJWril. S,.r Kur'l y ill INI in ^•.o.l ...ii.lili,,,,. t'-ii||'.\'|,.]v"i, 'liul's,.!!! lUlik-i:. For Rent j^wt ^^g''-'"v^ir r ^£^v Tw-'o '2) new electric r inimedialc t7eiivery. Can lie seen al lilydievilk Sales (':>., IMS 1C. Main, phrnc . ,.!,. I A K.,1.1. - th^io \Vnil,. \ni. liin-rk-lT _ Co;i! nl lilytbcvHlc Gin Co. 1-7-ck-l-l J.i.'i-i- ilinin: nu.iu .rl. W.-irm Morn- '•'line-. Kih-lli'll ' Inlilp" .Miii'^oiliirs — Oilier lidiisLlinlil ii ..... s. r,nr, Cl,i,-k- F>,.kiii..«,. .(ML-, nhii- ninmh. .,1.1 r;ji;t.ri..l. llnrnaiu. riionc 2::;!.-, nil oxfurils. " HniriinCs filmc' Sh.m. i R- Ki"-<iml. I''S ni- Mimll J.-isi.v hrifor. Wr-lplu nhimt l!.',ll ll.s. Cull I Svvifl ]-|I<MI>I :ilnS. liT-l.k-ll ilalk liinsi- 'llll.t,.' rui'il" rin,. l.^v ' 111-ir" rinilc- 1'. It. HriiMii. a'll C»l!.<riili:i. OnmhridgD, Mass., home al Hnr- \2X\ university, once -.vns called Fiutfntiat FARM LOANS / Low Interest J l-ong Term J Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTON Srrvinu Tliis Srclinn for 21 Years 11.1 So. .-ir,l lil}11icvil!c, Avk. AutrmTtitJ Majlgage l.^on Solicitor for Tt« PMiJ.nli.l Iniur.r... C.r»Jinr .1 Amtri.! ^.nio in TruilcnUal l'nl!;r,iin Kuntlny al 4 p.m. over WI5KC SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN SAYS: Our prices arc reasonable. Our service is good. There's no obligation when we raise the hood. Let us check your steering, your rhofor and brakes. IF there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. L L B P/ S MOTOR COMPANY FORD rind MERCURY DEALER Wniniil ;it Kirih—Wytlicvillo, Arli.—Tel. '\VWll Help Wanted Help Wanted liSSf j|a.v. Mrxr-rss CDMI'A.VY.' \ * r.onf; Dislnncc Moving fnSSi 0 i cnt T IIclp . aotl "l"'Pni«nt. Ado- iiuainiy Insureil Cnntract Iraiilinp anii Misc. Services. Hauling Homo Service 1 starago Co I'licino 2801 Why Gamble «'i(h Old Man Winter JUST CALL 949 and i, a ve your Conl delivered. CJu.iranteed (o Satisfy We nlso buy poultry at nil timcc. Lewis Poultry . 419 E. Main WASHER SERVICE Phillip Frel •cti. n!,. BBr ,. r . M> IT0111 .., g^ Appliancop Prjpiirflil ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. i. W A JAMS. Mir. tt>.» 10H 20B . 08 w M . Refrigerator Service Fred I.awltr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams. Mrr Phor.« 2071 . zoc-08 W. Main W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL ANYTIMK Day or Nii;!il CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" ANYTIMB Day or G. O. POETZ Your Snurcc of I'BTROT,EUi\I Pcncnitalile Service PRODUCTS Office KR al Cherry ' ..... »" 1" '-urn f'.r linljv iiiv.l ,ln !1 E I,| Illl'l- W.lrk. ll.l.nil I ......... l,,,| ^l,,, ^Iliny. I'llliru. :ili;n. I !ll-l,k-l;l I llillln.JI . M,i U l,l., ; r<. Mi.1.. r.....l ......... J-. Ill- Ii.,, i>f KlllI-M/r l.rnilllrn Klv,. f ,,1, |.- a ,.. I. Ml. J!l:lir. I),.),!. :ir_>7.;:. ^ ''- I t:t.|.),.| I Wanted to ft?->t Services 'u,,,*! 0 """ 1 "'"' "Mi'riinltuiLii, t( , n Mr.. Ill «• ", i Khnl "-«"l!l''» . n|i«rllil<Mil«. 111 H. .Uli. ^liniic 3'.H)7. IIO-ii^.'J-.l ""'.;;" VV'il'.'k- »n.l niMlr. All vvurk f|I, .:,.',',''• Wl ' " ls " '"'I' "!' «H'««' ' "• "•'•"• * i,u |iV-ij« ll.ililiiT IM.I.U.»li.H.«. .ml K al»i.lit.. !i" "•I'liln'J with >.,U., M,,l ] u ,,,|«. nii!"'i s : i 'l| jitlj . ilnlf.inl', Slloo Silnili. _1"_ _ : 1"J:_ lH-lik-ilH Trjrlor r«p«lt* *nd oertlce. fc|«f1rlc . n d acetylene *c«»««. HI.eUmlth .work. P^'tii Imiikmimt f«, ,'So^ Bfi4 ' 8-lS-ck-tf W.rlilci Michin. »,r«o«Z " ,;Vti "',' 'f 1 '" wl ' hl "(t nMklnti ri'jfUill,.., of ki,,,i „/ rtnifltli-ii. Al.u mi' .ml ,,|| |,uvui, .i,J d r |l,.r. l>^i,^,ni« M.ikln. Hln,p. l)[7-ci-U ""',1! ' l-'iiirt pM.iri.n. .,.|,,l~i,r" Mill,, ,,,,,| ,„.!.„( | v ,, y ,„ -|.|,,, J|',|,,,.| Mil.lm '.III \Vnliinlii AVI- S'l I IK I'-'.' V... W,. unrnint..,. |>'.t «.T. tlr " in-|.ii.2|7 , MONKY TO J.OAN D<» y«ti nccr( n lonn to repair or ri'niodt'l? No ilnwn pny- nicnt, no morifiaRe, no rii<l 1«in % . THA approved rule i !>*• Ask for dc(ail?. Mas I.OKIUI, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch H!(j K- ; lilvttieville. 9-28-ck-tt ll'inii- nulJH. tiiKv rln. i-nmlll <ri>p.|,ln K riuitli-ilry ur .llnUluul. Al«'> i i fur <lrylnit i-liHiii'M. 11 11! Ho. l.»Vi.. H'llllo llrl) (|r,...,i. Welillii'r KlrhlpiriK. Save furl My liiivlng door.s ;ii«l win- <UnvK wviidivrsli ipiii'd. (!. B. WiKKins. r>12 N. 10th. I'lione 22!).'!. 12-:!l-iik-l-:n Wanted to Buy OON'l r TAKK~ A ~!.()SS.1;el tilt? !.>{> price for. your Car or trunk from rHll.I.ll'S MOTOH CO. Today. . G-3-ck-tf Cash I'or wrecked or jnhk automohilos. We'll come and ircf il. W;,(ie Aulo Salvajje. North Hiwy (il, l»h(me .'J7S5. 12-2()-pk-l-2(i '.H"r'i'."r"c ( iT'"\ l " > ! 1l) t.-'"''i r - !"' f "'"'" >ilK snnkc known ns Ihc blue c'.niirr'x,>U. i,!,,,,;).'.nil'' '" ' nl ""cor. |.v merely' n reptile of the : : : black family. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STE4K SAKDW/CH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200C, W. Main SI. Plione 3(147 NEW U. S, ROYAL TIRES AUTOMOBILE, TRUCK, FARM LARGE QUANTITIES LIBERAL ADJUSTMENT POLICY \ EASY TERMS NOW you can buy... REPAIRS and ACCESSORIES • ol!0ur GMACPLAN IANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales — BUICK — Service U - S - T Mobifgas and Oil WKKCKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone • B58 • Finest Quality Pork & Beef Cuts FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT uill lie found lit PIGKARfrS L'liono 2043 10-M CliickHsnwha PAGE BKVE& EAS/M/NENT .^ Let Us Renew Your Oar on the Budget Plan COMPLETE MOTOR Our skilled mechanics will put new life In your motor. New rings . . . carburetor overhaul or motor COMPMCTKLY overhauled. Instead" ot jwyjug for (liecntii-c job at one tiinc, we will rlniily split up the bill into,small weekly or nionihlv payments. Drive your car. or truck into our place ior an estimate on what th? cost of payments will be on our easy payment plan. Our ex-pert body men will take the "dents" out of y. ol . lr fc "<'crs, and our paint department will re- iimsh your car in iate modern colors. We have a fully equipped shop and know how to repaint your car so that it will have that "new" looking anpear- ance. Payments arranged for so much each week or month. As Liltle As PER [MONTH EVery Car Must Be Serviced Regularly! Your car needs the added attention we can • suited mechanic, give it. Come in today for better service, ! ffnic!iol!(nV''p«i'a1"f«i, bigger savings ahd more driving satisfaction. • Modorn pa(nf ,„„,. • Factory b'nr^ncorod Chevrolet parts . , • Boiiy and forrdsr work WE USE ONLY FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phon() 5rg GATEWAY SERVICE CO. i • - ... ' . : • Builders of Guaranteed Generators and IStarterS Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Slzcmorc Snye IMtim.y TmTtiy, Any .,., STOP ANb SWAP i:r,iu:i{T HUFFMAN'S RADIO' REPAIR SERVICE Any Mbke or Model I to 2 Days Service We Call For and Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service 10G South Firsl DON EDWARDS "The Typrwrilcr ^fan" IJOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA and KEMIN«TON I'OIITAIIU; 110 N. SECOND PT. PHONE 3:i!i2 (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The v-^-r Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 120 Wtst Main St. " Everything You Need! WlH'ii you're in diniht :is In \vlu-rt you should look for snmclhinjr for (hu IIOIIH- <ir car, Ij-y our well-stocked slnrc . . . you'll finil niiiny things you wiint rij;ht at yntir rin>{i>r (ipH. Don't w:islc lime just "shoppinc" elsewhere! Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I'hnne 828 Too Much <1!l West Main Si. BY EDGAR MARTIN : O1.L \ IT OUOT Cf\i~5' r , SOT »T »S 1 OUO OUR SWP WOUl.0 <10Mt 1MJ BUT I FRECKLES AND HIS PRIENDS BET TMAT CAR WAS ) WWATS THE V£KDCT,OOC- ,.,_ r ,_ Jt ^ WILL IT LIVE? J LEFT AT THE POST I VVELL BREF6ZF NOW, PAL VVHEM YOU'RU READV.,— WE'LL FINISH THE / WHAT PAINT JOB We r-1, pAiNf STARTED/ f^ \ JODf / O<Ay-60 TtWS=C

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