The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 6
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¥,/ ", PAGE GOP Slows Down *..* * * / On fax Slashes • Leaders Flist Seek Wqys to Trim Budget Offered by President ..-..-.—, , Jan. 13. (UP) — Republican talk of m iliing lux cuts. ,th<;> Ho. i, business' ol llvs new-.poiiarcss died down (o a whisper" today. M"»n; GO" leade a still frit il rnnld In done But tlie pre\ininf; b'jllet in House' anrl Senate on- uearcd to favor dclnyinc tax lejus- Jalloji until specifi: ways were found to cut government snemliiiK. House g-'joitkor Joseph W. Martin, -Jr., called n meeting of OOP Housijf. leaders today to discuss; how to spjort n "decision by Congress on the coiling to be set on snetidinc; for the new fiscal year. H must ba s6t 'by Fc'o. n. Nf^iuvhlle, _the ne\v Congress slcpn'd up npcratlons nfter a \vee!( rlcvotnd chiefl.v in lislenini- tci 523,0:5,000 :budget ~ which •lloiaibli- cans- assailed as too hisli. A -S")>.-U«i»Militaiv Affnirs SH'J- committfe'lssucu a report clmgins with.-"poor .performance" In disposing of s\iri>his pmc-rtv. Mouse leaders followed, up by okaying a new surolils 'inquiry. • The' House was exiwcled lo r™i- pletft. ils orpauiKtlion early this Weekv The R«plibliruii shite ol committee assignments was due for nVprovnl loda'v nnd the Demo.-rn- tir sl.ilc probably lomorro'A'. I 1 Re)>ublican leaders doubted I heir; first^Housc bill could bo ready for. action before Fell. 1. That was expected to propose a constitutional amendment liiniliug presidents to two torni-s. ' TfiO' coh^ressioiiAt budget com- mitt^ji—wlijcli. .will set the ceillnt; on government spchdiiiK—was expected to meet, within 10 days. It incluaes 'the, house appropriations, and .ways nnd means comnilUeer, nnd .corresponding committees of the senate.; While most Kemibilcans considered ['Mr. Truman's $37,523,003,ODO burtjnjt too high. ,acr> estimntes ns to Ii6w much it could he trimmed ranqnri from S3,CCO,COO,OCO to S7 000 000.000. . Ways and Means Chairman Harold Knutson, .'R., ^inti., . W as es- pecinlly eager to Ret an early decision from tlie Budget Commit-! )ee so he could determine whetlm-j to, push his 25 per cent income] lax i-frtiislion bill in ils present form. Tlie Ways nnd Means Committee \va$ rx.iccled to meet, this week. NE \yg Crash Lands On Beach An American Airlines plane, runninit sliorl of fin-j. ;-:'!isli-l;,no'((! ni-.-ir Vo;!:. The-pilot uiul (-t)-pilot were slii;htly injured «s were Kt ]ia.sseni;ci islHssldo, S-2. examines Hie wrccka«c Of the pl-ine, which lies on the Phom fi'im NKA Tclcphulo.) ./«;u i< u!i ion Isl.-inu, New •s. Coasl. C.u.i.ilsni..n vUfe.ii j. A ' )1 - wiiter's edge. (U. S. Coast oui:i'i 1948 Model Ford To Show Great Change SinccModcl 'A' Innovation lit 7923 OORTOJ, Jan. 13. (UP) Tlie Ford Motn.- Co. will bul for Icadcr- .'liip in its field wilh n "eom]i!eh-!y new, retooled, low-priced automobile. niTorcllni; lo Vice President .1. I). Davis. Called the "10-18 Model," the new Ford will appear In Ihe market next year as the "Eronlcsl chsinRC since the introduction of the Model A in 1028." Davis said. "We intend to set the pace for the low-priced field more than' ever before." he declared. "The automobile business lodny is a production race. In 1!)41 it will be a selling race and we']] make our hid.;' Davis said the new Ford • would xvriKh less and cost than the present-day model. He said that it had been decided' upon as n crminrouitse. since the original .idea of discarding accessories was abandoned because, motorists seem to want to keep all their present features. Davis addressed a New Knp.lnnd sales conference here yesterday. Newport Man Heads Press Association! LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jail. 1! 'UP)— Ells L. 'Huff, editor and publisher of the Jaefcion County D?rn- ocrnt of Newport 'todtij' wns president of the Arkansas Pre.^s Association which ended its 75th nn- riual mid-Winter meeting here ur'dny. Huff succeeded Jolin Guion .if Paris. Other officers elected were J. H. Beerstccher of Malvern. first vinc- . President; M. J. Gillespie of De- ValJs Bluff, second dre-president; ;(hd W. L. Love of Waircn. third vice-president. K. A. Engel. nnblLshcr of the •Arkansas Democrat of Little HocK, was re-elected treasurer, and L. J. Miner of Little Rock was rc-clccterl secretary-mo natjer. : Chorles Oosice of Hot Springs I'cps \J\l IV'lirls: An Kntdish ;;oin expert I'ecotn- inentls haths in newly-iiathDred honey to rcslore the lustci 1 to ijein-K that have (jrown dull, ivlusl satis- faetory i-esnhs ure pvoduc'jd by treatments of 4H hours at twj-work intervals, for a period of .six months, lie says. and C. A. Vcrbjok of Pordycc were named for two-year terms tin the board ol cUvr.ctors. Hold-over dirt-c- tors are Tom Allen of 'Ilrinkley and- Miss Alcne P. Mnnnv ni \VyilMC. Relhin;: Pi'e.sidrnt Gltinn automatically fo^aine a nieinlior of the 1 boaid for one year. Us Help Yon— STOP DRINKING There ir> no medical remedy for drink . . . hut \ve can help you resist ils Influence! No eosl lo you i —only co-operation. ] JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous l!o.\ 873—lilyllicviltc, Ark. Come-To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes / - ' ' Open R a. m. -—- 'Close':'»::}() p. m. 'Tuesday and Thni'.stlsiy Nislifs Open Till !l o'Clndc 323 North,2nd St. "SAY F£LLOW- This Is Confidential! With jilowinj; season .Just armmd the corner, I'm Inking , ny l-- ar ,,, a || Trar i or ri , , <lown (o l) f |l n r,,,plp.,, M , nts , or a ,'„,, ^". m E OVCT. No use takm K a cliancc <m l>rrak<lowns DIII! lost llmcl DELTA IMPLEMENTS INCORPORATED Nazis Considered Attnck Cn U. S. With Bacteria I NUURNIJFHG, , .Inn: 13. (UP) German army doctors discussed at- i:ic-l:hiK Hie' UmU-ci .Stall's iviili bacterial weapons released' from airplanes and submarines, war crimes trial evidciu-o revealed today. The project was initialed in September. IB-ID. Documents introduced at the trial of nine Nazi doctors disclosed that beetles were imported from Japan and wheat L'ftiasite.s from Romanin nnd Turke;.- to determine the. best mctliD:l.s of attack. The scientists feared, however. Iliat a bacterial attack would cause nsiicfc retaliation from the United States with similar weapons. Road Courier News Want Ads. Phone 2 882 for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Marsh, Owner " FOR everything fa "INSURANCE' UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Ovtr Ouird Jewelry store ' A. r. DIETRICH, Mgr. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service Wo IJi,y and Hell i (7OOI) TJSKI) CARS HID Chamlllin Railroad & Ash Sfs. I'lionc 21P5 WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? Wlu-n you can slmuly cull 5U7 and have ymir Broccrics and meals delivered free 'by our new fast SCOOTKK DKUVKIJ V. We ciiarunlfc j-iiu must Itc s.n(i<,- (icd with nur sclectiDii. l-'resh Dressed 1'onllry ihiilr Cl Ilichway North—I'lionc 591 CECIL LOWE Grocery & Meats Be Sure! . INSURE With The FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. HITTNER TODAY — Brirlg Us Your Poultry Hens — 25c 18c Geese 24c Ducks - 24c Leghorn Hens . 20c \l Our ({(.-Hiiltnof-. 1711 W. Vine. Bl> ihc'.illc W. T, DAVIS No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 'O On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE IOAH COMPANY ANDRUW J. FLOKIIM. Vice-President, P1IONK 211> Mississippi County Bank Building Osccola, Arkansas on the car slic was driving, 'i'lic 'i car belong to l.lnhlcUor. Belief AtLast For Your Cough romptly be- i Joneshoro Woman Better Than Spouse At Wheel HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 13. (UP) — In the Homer cook family, at least, women make belter drivers lhan ;»cii, a radio sliow experiment proved today, Mr. nnd-Mrs. Conk, of Jonesboio,- Aik., contestants on "People Arc Funny." drove separate automobiles In the vicinity of Hollywood and Vine for 20 minute's last night while plalnclothes police oflicer.s Irtlied nine traffic violations for Cook and only seven for his wife. Jvfuster of ceremonies Art Liiik- letter awarded Hie title of better driver to Mrs. Cook, but the last was on him. One of Mr«. Cook's violations smashed a lender J. LOUIS CHERRY Iteprrsendnf New Yorlc Life Insurance Co. Btjllievllle. Ark. • MONDAY,.JANUAliY Jfl, 19.1? DITCE 'f>r —r i v>J ^v 3 loosen and expel tv-rm laden phiegm, and aid nature fl 0 anS 11 &ro R n? I ,^^7co t u CSld r=[ e ! n ' ^t"«; T f» your druggist to sell ySu I derst eU ' eomulslon with the im- j to have your money back " f '" e GREOMULSION 'for Coughs,ChcstColds, Bronchitis RRIVATE ROADS OR ANY 1^ J*(X>HEN OmtradOT ; IYNCH BLDG. BLYTH EVI ILL ARK . BABY BEAR AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS 31/2 Gal. 5 GaJ. 7Gal. ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 1 I :i Kits! Aliiin I'lmnu 2:{l'^ CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Also CULVERTS 12 Indies up in 4ft Incltos We are Dealers for Where Your Flowers Are—You Are! One call to us \viJl iin-anyc to hi'.vc your remembrances .sont, not just o:,ce, luit month after month. Ask about tliis iilan ^FLOWER SHOP TJ) - crvlce .. .,- • i! Dever Anywhere 'H. •>«! Mrs. .1. M. (Mae) Williams, ,,wner Olencnc Kid-. I'lione 2CI1 TIRE HEADQUARTERS WHY WE CHOSE THE THREE BEST TIRES Dayton Tliorobrals arc . dated liros and ijnai'antoed lor lif-a of tire itself. Goodyear—More people ride on flood- s'ear tiros and tubes than any other kind. Hood Tires are good tires, ask ns ^ihout the new Hood Cnstoni-P.nilt 400. We Mount FREE—Every Tire We Sell * Batteries ami. Hatter? Sirvirc. * U':isliiiiR mill liiliririitiiij,'. * Standard Kssci Gas ami Oils. AUTO SERVICE Second and Ash Sfs. MARR'S FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 320 f. Mpjn St. Rhone 2407 THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! WM.LTRADK FOR I,ATK MODELS. U'r iiave 0:1 display fur iuimrduilc ilejii-ery—Ilrand .Vcw: ?. I'nnliai: Ktieainlinrrs with all trinimiiij'i. 1 liuick Super 4-diior. 1 Mercury 5-Pas.vnjjer Conyc. 2 (!lievrnlt-t :i-doors.' Also several late, miidcl used ears nnd trucks. CIHIIC in 01- c.-ill, \re will (ry (o trade with j-nu. BOD WILSON AUTO SALES Cor. Franklin ami Main St. 'i<r,tf Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wm. R, Overton - county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years Phone Evenings — Boat House, liijr Lake or Write % Hox 84, Rosoland, Ark. Wlicre'cl They Go? M'KEE ICOULCNT CATCH •i 5 -^ » 5 "«5 /- ra USE Trie TO" STOP THAT CABT, BY V. T. HAMLIN P^^JJI- P ° P - \ TH *- T WHOLE AFFAIR WAS VEH...BUT IT'LL HAVE VIOLENT, DOC.' WHEWf IT'S THEM \ WITH FEET Mf1<^T \lrr\t r-. .^- f vl ^ l -'-lvl, l^VV,: »YntW! /^ ' l^l^ENT < ANOTHER F6W TICKS /DID YOU GOLDANS / UK6 S'OllR; AND WE'D HAVE BEEN CORPSES/ \

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