The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 19-17 Highway Users Pay Heavy Tax $60,()00,000 Take Predicted for Next Three Years i.rri HOCK, j-,\:\. 13 _ tspe- clai — lievcne from taxes imposed on Arkntieas motorists will hll ill) nil-time peak during Die next three years, producing an income of approximately $66.000,000, Win. Ij. Humphries, .secretary of the Arkansas Wholesale Grocers' Association declared here today. J^r this total. Mr. Humphries E"<cl approximately $51,000.00 would come from the stale's (j.5 cent cflR- olinc tax. and an additional $15,000.000 from vehicle license fce.s. '"Jills e.stimatc," Mr. Humphries •said, "is extremely conservative In that it discounts the strong possibility that automobile ownership and use will increase in Arkansas durlliK the l!!47-48 ami 1343-43 fiscal years. With only a live percent increase duriiif; each O f the two periods, an additional SI. 000.000 annually would lie made available to the .state Tor highway uses." AyaJnst this total revenue, Mr. Humphries declared, the state must set aside. 531,155.000 under reciuire- ments of the Refunding Act for cost of collection, county turnback and debt service. The remainder, he said, will lie available for hi«h- way maintenance and improvement, nncl when added to federal aid funds and state funds currently on hand, will t-,ive Arkansas approximately $12,000.000 for highway improvements during the three-year period. This :i mount. Mr. Humphries said, exceed-; by nearly $3,000,000 the total estimate of funds needed prepared recently by the Arkansas Advisory CoimniU?c as a guide to post-war road construction in the slate. RLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER 1SKWS /Business—ButNot 'As"Usua Legislators May Be Busy With Probes I.-lTl'l,!-: KOCK, Ark.. Jim. 13 lUP) Surveys uiul Invest li;atlons apparently will occupy a jjooil portion i.! tin- time of Arkansas' |cu- .slixloi-.; ;irter they coin-cm' here lit noun today. •!•(,(, luii-sl such check announced by Kcp. Carroll •".-.worth of Jli'adlcy County nH:lit -involve* llie state Kilu- ntlon Dcpnrtinrm. lo-.isiy other legislators had iulieati-,1 p'uibes of the Stnle lloa- aiici the state Kevcinu- Di'- 'arlincnt. v ''"Hbno'f 'Ex-Foe'" PAGE FIVJB Albert Palrkca's eviction, with I'.is wife nml five children, from Piilfbui^h, Pa., uiivlier slu»n didn't deprive his regular cuslomers pi Ihcir haircuts ami shaves. Above, llu.- !)7-j ear-old vclc-um at _________ v'vorld War 1 curries on in the slreel. uivlnK customer Hay Callow;]}' nn al frest-o clip. Few Due to Collect Large Sums On Horde of Portal Pay Claims Court Affirms Conviction of Boston Mayor WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. (UP> — The District of Columbia Cotn-i of Apn?nls today affirmed the conviction of Mayor James M. Curley (if I3nston on mail fraud. The Court of Appeals also nlfirm- cd the convictions of Cm-ley's two associates. James G. Fuller and Donald wnkcflold Smith, former member of the National Labor Relations Board. The court's decision was by -\ 2 to 1 vote. A dissenting opinion w.'is filed by Judge Wilbur K. Miller. The three were found cuiKy in .January. 10-lfi. of iisini; the mails to defraud through a war contract croup known as Engineers Gi'oirx Inc. The original indie'mcnt asainst Ctirley and the other two was returned in 1 !)•!'! by a fcdoril Brand jury in Washington. Bilbo Enters Hospital ORLEANS. Jan. 13. (UP.) — Theodore G. Hilbo. Mississippi's still unseated .-.eiiator. was resting comfortably at Toiiro Infirmary here today before undergoing a. second operation ou his cancerous moulh. He entered the hospital yesterday. ISy AUSTIN €. WKIIUWEIN United 1'ress Staff CorreslTondcnl WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. — Nobody expects the mushrooming claims for billions in back portal- to-portal wages to be settled for more than a fraction of the totals asked. Many person!,, aware of the temper 01 congress, doubt that the bulk of the union claims will ever be considered. They expect Con- press to pass legislation killing the suits. Even if Congress should not act, responsible government sources consider it most unlikely that more than a small part of the claims, now in excess of S4.COO.OOO.OOO would ever be allowed in court and finally paid. Too many legal obstacles stand in the way. But all indications arc that Congress will pass legislation tin-owing the cases out. The Republican leadership of both Houses is on record favoring such legislation. Senate hearings will begin Wed-- icstlny. Several bills have been in- roduccd. They would either throw out all of the suits filed or limit their lumber drastically. Among those who hold that the back-pay claims have been "yross- y, .exaggerated": is L,. Metcalfc Walling, administrator of tilt: wa^e-hour law. Ullhnalc liability of industry under the Supreme Court's Mt. Clemens Mich.i Pottery Co. decision, lie said, "would on'y be a small fraction of the unounts now being talked about." For a while both industry and government were tremendously up- sel over the cl-iitns. Industry feared loss of profits if not. in some cases, outright ruin if the claims Acre allowed. Government saw the Notice is hereby given that John Ewinu. 207 Cleveland St.. Blythc- villc. Ark., has made application to operate a ear for hire in the Cit.v of Blythcvillc. Any and all protests .shoulfl be in writing and tiled within ten days in the oflice of the Oily Clerk. FRANK WHITWOK.TH City Clerk. l'G-13 NOTICE J^Niiticc in hereby given that W. C TBudiniiaii, 101 West Main Street, has made application to operate a car for-hhc in (he City of Blytheville. Any protest should be in svrilhi" and filed in the office of the City Clerk. Flank Whilwortji. LI.J-20 HEADACHY? STUFFY-NOSED? EXHAUSTED FROM COUGHING DUE TO A €040? ~~^r~^r^S~^S>\/^* , ( 666 SNAPS ^^. \ .iNTOACnON!,^ 8 ^ [.STARTS RELIEVING^ _ 6 COLD MISERIES-ft ** L-i STANDBY OF /VULUONS THROUGHOUT 45 YEARS— [FAMOUS pRESCRifnoN TYPE < ^ ' Sl^rl qulc-k Mirf from tir«i mn.i'r Ihronl irritnlioi 'linc. c'Michinz rt ,1,1! Tmlac— i itl i COLD PREPARATIONS Tablets or Liquid "lu.V \ljlk Kr.. ITosslbilily of losing millions in axes and in -war contraetors' suits j for reimbursement. ! Goveinmeiil |o idlervene Both have ealmetl iioivn now, ;«•- cordlni; to rcpresentalive spokesmen, after examining tl'-e .situation more earcfully and eonsirler- the effect of pros])ectlve legislation, 'f'he ^ovei-nment. howevej". is n cling on the jiist-ln-eiiFc Iheoiv that some sizcahle claims may he allowed. It is intervening in the Mount Clemens \ca.--e and will file a brief some time this \veek. And the National Assnrinliit'i iif '.Manufacturers also Intel vi-nril willi a nqncst that ,11 of the hack W;|KI- claims In- di-nieil. I'ven if pnrlal ]ta\' is ivarrauinl, il slmulil mil Ije relroaclive, llic NAM saiil. Wallinc helioved ihai much of the hullabaloo over portal !>av arose from "a misconception that the supreme court hnld thai all time spent on the employers' premises \viis \vorkiny time.' 1 Artnally, he yaid. the court "merely decided that the minimum necessary walkini: lime to Hip work place from the time cloek. incliid- ini; the time required for necessary 'make-ready activities, was working time." And.fiavhig .ijccicleri that, the Supreme' Court h'lslnrcted the fetlera j district court in Detroit to deti-r- I mine, ns it is now in tlie process of doim:, uhethci- the employes ac- tuallv have any hack ])ay comiur;. If the court finds that tlie time involve^ is trivial, it may cli-cide that jit can be i»nored alto^ethev. | In any event, a host of limilinf; • factors undoubtedly would cut 1 do'.ur allowable union claims. A multitude of workers in whose behalf claims were filed have lout; Conductor Bares Plan to Purchase' M. & A. Railroad Ml-Mril'3. Tenn.. .Ian. 13. (UI J J C. UU'liardson. Illinois Centra Railroad condiii-to:-, .said today thiv the Interstate Commerce Commlfv Mon v:ou!d hohi a meeting in bit lie p.oL-k. Ark., Feb. 10. on his up plication to purchase (lie Mlssour and Arkansas Kailroad. , Hu-liarchon Is head of a s.vncli : call- v.-ln;h. he said. Incliulcs "sonn railroad men and some who an not." Tlic railroad has petitioned the I'CC for |M-nni-,.sion to abandon th road as an unprofitable ventiire Service has been suspended sine a labDr cliffiL-itliy last Septembt-i I'm(lli> Ktri-iiKtli "1'riiu-e liupeii drojis," fo:-ni'.-il )>' hluwiiiii molien i;lass Into wall': 1 , he struck with n liinumer .vitli- out Ini-aklnu, but If a liny lip nf lie lull is broken oil, the enll'T Irop uti-s Into powder. CRASHES Motive Sought in Death Of Two Mississippians OR1CENWCOU. Miss.. Jan. l lUPj — i'phce lotU.y were seeking a motive tor (lie month-old murder (,t Walter L. Williams and Jell Hale, whese bludi;coiic<l and parlly- c!e:oiii]!o.;e[i bodies were lollnd Kri- day in the basement ol Williams' home. Authorities had only a few scattered fingerprints louml at the death scene lo base their investigation upon, and a reconstruction of the crime indicated the men •.v<:ic beaten to death with an iron bar or a hanuner. Williams; 53-.vear'-old billiard parlor operator, was believed to DC aw: y on a vacation by neighbors and so was not missed. Male, 5:>- yeai--ol.i M'.-ion. i\Ii::s., man. appar- jenlly was visiting Williams here. j Police Cliicf Rutns Sliurden said i theie v:eie ]io .suspects as yet. roiilhiucd fruin ]'ai;c 1. lirliiic:- by two sawmill work iind was taken to a Oalax hospiUU sufferiin; from severe hums aiii sliock Ilr i-oltUl not it'uiember Ihr crash n.'.cll mill was umiljle lo li-l whellin the ])lane had caui;lu fii' I ih:!ll The plum;. CO miles off its coursi and llymu due North, plum:t-<l t earth in a graveyard near a mor.n- faln rhilu-h. One of Ihe victims was Mrs Saruli lluerficrnian, Nortlifirkl, tj. a 02-j ear-old meat unuidmothci mnklni; her first flu.-ht. f-,lu- w«- en route to Liikewooil. Fia., lo her son. Albert, viiciitlonlni; then- L'lwrence Mays, 5B. one of tht men who rescued Kcyes, said hi liennl the (ilane roar over hi house al low altitude. Ho said In looked up and saw "what lookei like fire falling from the sky." Seconds later the bin plane t-x !>lodc<l. Most of the bodies wcr burned buyond recognition. l.»iii: Survivor Iti-scucd Ab'jut an hour before tin- era:;. the plane appeared over the Win ' ' • 1 Deafened People May Now Hear Clearly Science has now- made It possihl SC'::uls. It is n iicii'-Inc- device i.:al, thai it fits In 'he hand nnblc.s ihoiisands to enjoy .senn<_. nusic. and friendly e< Acccpu-d by the Council <if !'hii:.ii.-r Medicine of the American MciSin Association. This device dors n< cquirc se]iaralc balte/y pack, b-il ery wli'e, (-ase or garment to hul'^ r welKh you down. The lone Icar and powerful. So inatle Ilir ou can adjust 11 yourself to su /pur hearing as your hearinj; <-!mn ic.s. The makers of Ue'fonc, n^-^ ); 1420 W. 19th St., Chicago B, II nre so [iroucl of (heir achirvcmci hat -they will gladly .send In: descriptive booklet and explain ho-* 'ou may ijel .n full demonstration f this remarkable hearing tlevicr ii your own home without rlskinr penny. Write UcUone (ociav. i since left industries in which they | worked cliirint; llic war. Many , p'obahly could not now be located. Courts hardly would allow cliilms - for them. in 1946 IN CAR PRODUCTION • • •f\H TRUCK PRODUCTION ft/Mb IN COMBINED CAR AND TRUCK PRODUCTION! A iAIN at Ihe close of 10-I6— when America's need for new motor cars and trucks is most urgent — the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors leads all oilier manufacturers in automotive production. This means that Chevrolet is first in passenger car production —first in truck production — first in combined passenger car <i/ir/ truck production . . . despite the fact that all Chevrolet plants were closed completely during the first three months of 1946! Naturally, Chevrolet hopes to he able to build more and more of these fine products which America is buying so eagerly—the only motor car giving BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST—the only truck giving BIG-TRUCK QUALITY AT LOWEST COST-thc complete Chevrolet line which stands out as the lowest-priced line in its field! Meanwhile, it stands lo reason you'll get bigger vnliie and quicker delivery by purchasing the product of America's largest builder of cars and trucks— Chevrolet! Itoherl Nislilymnn, of Tokyo, 22- year-old Japanese army vcleran, is the lu-sl recipient of n sehol- arshl]) at Lafaycllo Collefie, K.-j!.loii, !'»., under NIC $10,000 educational fiiin' L cr.iablisncil by Mr. mid Mrs. Hoheil .lohnslono, of nowniiu'.lon, 1'u., in memory of tlielr sail, who died In the Philippines. They specified llial :i Japanese he i;iveu tlrst con- r.idcralion, Nlshiyama, now yervim: us interpreter for the U. S, Ai my, was a Kamika/.c Corps iuiol, but never snw nclioti ;n::iinsl Americiins. esleiUuy when llic Ui> iliflit r-lnncn ere coiiilni; In for a Inmllng. Wit- essrs said DID pilots of the plmies tiled lo see ctich other until a lew Ltonits before the collision and >oth pulled up nl the sume Hit":. The planes were piloted by Mui 1 et Owens, -il, New York Cliy, and Junes Wood Allen, 39, West Palm leach. Miss Owens, who wits fly- nil an Aeroiica, hnd tlciiriiiicn to ami from I lie lower, officials said, nit Allen whs coming in against red light. Killed Inslrmlly were the two plots, William llr Irvine, 20, n pas- senner In Allen's plivne., and Viola Miidnor, 46, Vidlcy Slrcaiu, N. Y,, Hiss Owen's passenr-er. M rs , Allen, passenger In her husband's iHann, died ni few hours lalcr. Piles May Lead to Chronic Ailments FHKK HOOK— Explains Causes and : Effects the. No obllBiUlon. Write to Thornton A: .Minor Clinic, Suite 172, 020 Mc- Gcc St., Kansas City, Mo. . . , PUBLIC SALE THURSDAY, JAN. 16, 1947 SALE STARTS 10:00 A.M. Uim-Kulciu ail,]iirt but bad wealhe ,;:evi>nted il Iriim landlur;. Air .mil Manager Wiillace O. Uim- iMii said the Wlnston-Salcm radio beam went out al 1:55 a.m.. about in minutes, before the crash. He Mild the last radio contact with the pilot. Cupl. II. M, llaskcw. Jacksonville. Fla.. was at 1:1-1 a.m. He saiil llaskew did not say where he was ijnlnu 10 allempt to land. Keyes owed his Ihe lo the fact Ihe tail iierilun of Ihe plane broke clear of ihe luselanc. Mays, who rushed to I lie si-ene of the wreck, heard his cries for help und round him. The Miami crash occurred fiile At J. V, rianlitllim Just off Illchwiiy lauevlllr, ft miles ihu: wost of (loiiraii. suld, llllisl Klvc Innni-dliitr possession. 10—Furinall M Tractors, power lift, starter ,V. llnhu with cultivators, on rubber, J—John Deere Tractors with cultivator, on rubber. 1—HO 'i'i Caterpillar Truelor. a—John Deere Tractor plnnlcrii, .will nt A-n or II Tractor. 0- IHC Truelor Stalk Cullers with Uollcr.i. ii—Trjiclor Discs, 1—5 Disc IHC! lircakliHi Plow. 1—Athens Tandem Olsc for IM 1—Athens Tandem Disc for D2 B—Scl.i Middle liuslcrs for M Tmr- tor. 1—I How Planter for P-20 Tracior. M—Link Harrows for Tractor. 1—10-Kl I2A John Denre Comblnoa with motor. :i—lit-irj USA John Ueerc ComblnuH with motor. U—IHO Tniclor Mowers. WHY GET UP NIGHTS DUE TO KIDNEYS? FLIISH THEM OUT THIS DOCTOR'S WA> • If you HCt lip IHr:M!l —llllVC frequent (lc. MIC I" paaii your writer— but linvc only trimly passiiKo—yes. nm! liuvc Imrknc-lic iluc lo cxcc3» nculily in llic mine, be ulai' you ic rcmUii)- tlm: Tlircc Kciicintiima n B o Dr. Kilmrr. i fnnioiii clnclor. round uf hi imliciita with Ilii* Uolllilr. Pninsliikini/ly he mmle n mrdicinc of 1C licrhi, ttuts, iclicf. He'called il "SxU'mp'Um,\""n,!o millions of p.rnlcfill men and U'tiincii lmv« InVcn il—iiTlcii with iimn*iu K tcjulln. Swmnp.Koot fcfca liiiliL to wtirJt to Html, on( ludiityn . . . iiiurciiui Hew ol urine, liclpm^ relieve faci-su nciditv . . no tlieiiritaled lilnililrr ucla n K't'xl "fliKliliiB out, inn. M,,,,y ,e|>,).t uctliiiR n RWH" niulila sleep nflcr llic firal fair r/njoi Caution: Inkc 113 directed. For free Iriul supply, send lo Dept. T. Kilmer t,. Cr>., Inr., Mo* 1255 Ki, im r Cll |, Conn. Oi•—|;ci fiill-sl/ecl liotilc. of Sivnuip- l?uul toiliiy nt yuur dnlf.-Horc. 111 between New Madrid and For- This ^500 acre idantatloii has been . II— 1010 'i Row John Deere Com- DlnnlloH cotton &• corn mule planters. • ' . -' ...... 2—2 How IIIC Comblmuloii .cotton Si corn mule planters.' ' . 2— IHC Walking Cultivators. • • •1 —John Deere WnlkhiR Cultivators, 2— Oliver Walking Cultivators. ! a— A very mule drawn stalk cutters. , • . •: 1— iH Hole Mollne Grain Drill, with nil Mnnll .seed attachments. : IHC Miinurc Spreader. •••'..• Road Slips. I-'iirm Wagons. John Deere Hammer Mill. ... . Avcry Yellow Jacket Middle Busters, r 1 " 1""nrliKlly"Hli\ck UiiU Drciik,-. IPK Plows. 10" Avciy "Oriole" Plows. so Tooth Section Harrow.;. 1 Row Cotton Planters. Breaking' 60 — MULES — 60 •*E»a« IB Iron Grey Mules 2 Huddle Itorsc.s ' w Black Mules. .' ' •1 Borrcl Mules. 1 •I'cnin Work Morse:, 20 liny Miilcs. ' "" 'Ihesc mules were selected from 1U7 head nncl me tnl. to Uic : uroiuul. . They are rcndy lo no lo work or 16 niui-kct. ' . •I lo 'I years old ami nre broke to harness. Mules will be sold after 1PM. Auctioneers Ol. IJodscy Deck ' <,'nl. II. A. Mi-X'iiril \V. C. (Ciniiile) Tlmiup- Tlllnian W. Anderson <-'nl. Hlirrman IMcNcw son, Owner Col. Joe MrC'nrilj I'ml;i|;cvillr. Mo. I'm further infiiriiiallon call or write: W. C. (Connie) Thompson, I'orlaitovlllc, Mu.; Tlllnmn \V. Aiiilcr.snii, Cape (itrarilcuu, Mi). 1C. A. AlcCnril, Slkcslon, Mo. Terms Cosh; Lunch on Grounds Adv. PAUL "With T«.r. Ili M»;fy«V^ - Stng«r.0f . "^m. In PERSOi£f GRAND O OPRY GA from NASHVfU.E,;fENl( r,j Homombor. .. LARGEST PRODUCTION means QUICSESV DEUVERY ol yojr now car. Placo anif keep your order willi us for a new Chevrolet and (jet higrjost value, as woll as earliest possible dolivoryl CHEVROLET-LOWEST-PRBCED LE^E STS FIELD! * LOY EICH C! !T CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578! Ralph lamp - Jj(nji$ Added A«ao ' SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM lllythi-villr. Ark. Friday Night, Jan. 17 7:30 P.M. Adm., Children r>0c \2 Vrs. & Older 7;'>f, lux ilK'l. NOTICE Due to higher wages and increased cost of sup- plies we are forced to raise our prices as listed: i These Prices in Effect Jan. 14 Wash Job (automobile) Lubricate (automobile) Wash Job (trucks) Lubricate (trucks) Wash Job (trucks & trailers) Lubricate (trucks & trailers) . . . Cor Tiro Repairs Truck Tire Repairs (outside dual) Truck Tire Repairs (inside dual) Battery Charging ' Battery Service Trip $1.00 1.00 1.50 . 1.50 2.00 2.00 .75 1.50&up 2.00 & up 1.00& up .508, up Towing Service 50 & up BIyllievillc Motor Co. Marr's Aulo Service Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Langston-Wroten Co. Modinger Tire Co. Lee Service Station K. M. Larkin Service Sta. Necly Flowers Service T. I. Seay Motor Co. W. S. Allen Service Station Phillips Motor Co. Chapman's Service Station Esso Station Mn. & Div.) City Service Station R. Kerbough Groc. & Sta. Shelton Motor Co. Blan Heath Auto Supply Lott Service Station Lion Oil Station \

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