The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 1«, fill? Marshal! Faces Early GOP Test Observers Predict Quick Showdown on Policies in China By K. li. SIIACKI'Oltl) nlnili'd 1'rcss Stalf rcnrcsimmlciil) WASHINGTON. Jiui. 13. —Cien. George a. Marshall was headed lo- day for an iiiinit'diale jcnist wi'.li tin- new Itepuhlicflii Cont;rc:s over U. S. policy toward China. H will be the fii-si of ly.'o tests confronting; Marshall as incoming secretary (if slate. The fi'c- j.ond will be tlie Moscow |HI. Four V conieience in March when lie !)••- l;ms'ncBOliatinu with the Hnssi-.ins on n tlerman'peace treaty. On 'China, where he was a . pedal envoy for 13 months, Marshall up- peared headed for disagreement with the new Republican ehairtivn of the .Senale Poivirn lli-l.u i.jn.s Committee. Arlliur II. Vandcnin ri> of Michigan. VamLcnlicii; pledged himself ID continue the nulled and no'i-ix'r- llsan approach In forr-i^n policy. Hilt he contended there em'Id l:e within it earnest and even violeul differences of opinion. In his Cleveland speech Saturday. VandenbeiK expressed blnnlly so):ie of the fni-eiKii polity issues im which lie has disagreed with outgoing Secretary of State .lanvs F. Kyi nes. That .speech is heiu;; • ;x- ainined word by word by theViiate Department's t<ip officials in preparation for Marshall's arrival uiir a few more day;; of rest in Hawaii. Differs Will! Byrnes Vaiulenl:eri; was in complete ;]!•;agreement vyiLh Hyrnes over Anyn- lina. On I he basis of Marsha!!'.; re]Jort on China, the senator :>.p|>":)v<"l to differ with the new secretary over thiil clvil-war-lorn nation. He was dissatisfied with Ihc U. s. representation at the United Nations. And overall, he thought tilers was no "permanent" American |i:il- icy—jnsL a "catch-as-catch-can improvisation and expendioncy. Vaiulenljcri; also iu-|;c<l this nov- I eminent to make certain occupation troops are kept in Germany "nn.'il the jnb is done." In this regard. Sen. .Owen Brcwster. I!.. Me., prc- dicted that Marshall would arrcc to Army requests tha't I he Krai.: V?- pattiuent assume control ot the German occupation. Bi-cwsler said that Marshall, 'TIS an Army man,'- would >,»!•<•« thai LoiiB-terin occupation duties more l)roperly fell within Ihe scope of the Stale Department. 1 Byrnes steadfastly refused to lake on the (luring his tenure as secretary. Marshall has made no recommendations as yet on what, if anv. changes should be made in American policy toward China. The policy now calls for efforts to !iierl"iai«_> the Chinese dispute and brin<; about a coiditirm j'.overnnient ot' Mio Kuuminlang and Cnnimunisi par- lies. li'ut Vandenberg now m-gcs that the .U. S. Stop ••impartially ursine," nnincMion of the Nationalist, government with tlie "rival, armed" Chinese Communist Parly. He wDtilrt blame the Comnumisls for nol licifjaliiiij in the dialling of "the new constitution and "cncoi'raiie those who have so heroically .sel their feet upon this road." Holy Land Crusaders, 1947 (AUK.) . COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE iadge Issue Navy Rescues fear Showdown (Vnlliuicd lidni I'aj' n.irl m the Up or the Thurstbn I their thre* comrades were dead lenmsiilu. The ciipe. wns just off I They did what they could.— salvag- lairt taw, und Kcnins swung cd the unburned g06!)ne 'In (fit Pecked out like crusaders of an earlier ilny, llicso Tummies carried clubs nnd shields In Tel Aviv, Britain's KO thousand Iroops in Palestine were ordered armed it l <ill times liecaiiKO til fix-ill outbreaks ol Jewish u iulcri;round violence. lifter Hip Trouble Hampers Humble Writer Out Hunting for Hews blue I!V ritl'DP.r.KTC <•. OTI15IAN (United 1'rcss Staff C(ilTC':p:>niii'll() WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. it Ihe ladies kindly \\jl! tu:u their hend.s to avoid Ijliishins!. 1 will expound on my personal crisis in lingerie. I have r?:iiausled all other mcann. The blue-white glare of publicity on my underwear is the last resort All my life, until recently. I have caused me to Miuirm hecn unconcerned a'aoiit mv Im.'l! • loft n ' reel streak. . spots. They cost S3. An intrl- cau^ system of seaininj;, buttons, and )ii|><i were responsible for kcepiiu; them lip. H did not. Not on me. il didn't. I lionejil a second l>alr. which the man said didn't need hijvs. The elastic in the waist krpt'llicm in place, he said. It did, but it bit me in the doinR. and Itch, me miser- mi i i" ,- l ' llint m ' ; !li 'le. The man snicl I must have udde was b.Rser? Not to me. it • h;u | it too tishl. He sold me a duln t. because ! wore union suit;, | third, looser pair, same old trouble. These hung from Ihe shoulder. They did not depend on a waistline smaller than a lilplliu- fo- I lie mechanics of their support C'a'Ue the war and my kind of chemises started i-ettinK s^rcc. l botmlil a pair here and a couple there 1 hoarded 'cm. A t;m><l ihins; I did. b-.-catisc! ihey disappeared from War un- Collapsed. This, as any nsycbiatrist knows. \v. '.'lie:! my pcrsonalit. Soured my outlook and caused me to sna;j at haberdashery salesmen. 1 consulted a history book. "As we were" by Partridge and Bellman, and tils- covered that until the Civil t.,e maiVct n i;ov,',h;7;;;;;:;;'m vii:. ;l;^:;;r'.,r;r r ' ;1 "'""" W0fll "11. My^de'savs''^^^^;,;'' 1 . Thr Uniun •*«">' '™ «»««. •ne •• fii^.Vnc01. insisted that soldiers u:;c it. mid °f .mchi,,R puches n, (H^y : '""" " m """•* '"""» '""» «<"»« c " since new ,VK „,, • £,,,,; "^'.;: ' f,; «> «"«• custom. 1 referred Ihc book ion . between; to the lady who patches my Union i»!ce of myi ; ini ts n||d wh;lt snp sni(| T Kh , 11 , .iln I t no! i-ereat . | In following her instructions I. -- ... aeauiies wll.h have for Ihe last two days iimorcd' boro office Cnniit'ess. Ihe patent olfi e. Ihe While House, und Hie Bureau oi 1-Mreilin and Domestic Conani-i^v. 1 have spent my we.kiiu'. hoiirr,. j tramping from haberdasher to iiab- I erdasher. looking for union Mills. I have been sneered at and smiled upon as an old-fashioned fellow. One sympathetic stolekeep?:- inul- ai.'cd in his cellar and came Uji with some prewar union suits, si'/.e 3'2. Raid if f could reduce elijhl inches he'd save them lor me. At Hie shop in lown I had u showdown. T called for the proprietor and demanded an explanation of the great union suit. mysLery. He said [I. \vas simple. .,\ $2 union suit lakes no more clolh than :\ Sl.f>o pair of shorts pin; a. SI undershirt. Why should the I ' Veterans Demonstrate Against Housing Shortage LOS ANGELES. Jan. i3. (UP! Fifteen hundred veterans spent last night in MacArlhur Park in a "birr sleep" demonstration against Ihe housing shortage. Forty-four chapters of the American Veterans Committee secretly Planned the mass demonstration to avoid police interference. Police watched Quietly but made no effort to disperse tlie group. Ktch mend, in her mensions. she saitl •t some shorts? I did. They were Georgia Legislature On Hot Spot Over bclocfing Governor \l! ANTA, (hi,. JIHI. I it. tU,P I \ t< ':.>:. latni'i' dcflililely on a hrl. ' Kfin.'iiCil today to dc.'UK^ ' 'ii.-r a Titlmudpe dynasty -mil ' iLibliBlird in Georgia. 'i'::iliule:il iau;i'lie Tulmadije dien ' inmtii jusl :>:! dnys belore In' i" lake the p.nvei'noirttip he by liiltini! luird a primary ''T *: '.n theme ol "white f u- " l; - v." He promised to resloro • -MI' priumi Ics. < ; I'lnislmiis Kve, next day al- i 'i::r liene" was bhiied. i'ii> 1 i -nnp.liiiuer's 1 • ,' I 111 ce-w<-c]:;; dri\'e to 'lavil v li'^i-liituie elcci his son l<rcl ' 1 aivn man:v,cr, Ih'iiuan Till-' i :; In the PONI he helped his 'l':"r will. • -en lime !oinono\v, when a we'l i;- 'Llinled Assembly votes on Ihe ii' 'on. Ihe Tallilaiie.c fuel Inn will 1 ' ' il:. Mipreme cffurl to [or,;e h,. link Ijelwi'en father and son. i in [,l.-iiov. Klect. Meyvyn K. !" 'e:i-., who claims Hie ofllce by ' --i-i;:!' ii- succession Immediately h: is confirmed by Ihe As- s'ul'ly. declared lo<lay Hill |ei;l:;- '<n--., \\',^\ plcd".ed In vote uiia'nsl tin Taltmuliic bid, and Kill voies '.''•. I'd hlcck Herman from '.t.e l: ri '.n nor'sllijl, l.iii llurc Is another block. G-n'. l-'lli:, Aniall. whom 'I'hoiuiistiii le'l|ii-d In defeat I'Ulllrtle Talmudtti' l->u, yrars ai;o. has n'Sli;ned. t-l- I'I'K-' only when Thompson ac(•':'•; (,, tin. ^o\'ernorship. Aniall in.itl-. it clcur he would not •tnr- ninti'i to VontiK 'l'aliiuidj;e even M flie lei'.istalnre elects him. T.iliiuHli'.f claims Ihc office on Ihc basis of several hundred wrl'e- in voles caul for him In lust Nd- \inihcr's ;',cneial eletilion. .S'l'.'h y. >!(>•: also were casl for .lames V. > 'a t michael. loser lo Kitnem 1 Tll- liKidi'.c- In Ihe prinmry, Dewlll Tat- lie fanciers for Ihe with Hie rescue plane. i 1 li'tilciuinl Snvrtl from l-'huuei ) Kcnin. Kobbln.'i ahd WOIT. according |o McCarthy, lotijh! lluir | way IhroiiKli the Iliuut'i "und ripped I.cbiinlc out. He wa". b:ullv l.nined mil went v. llhout medical treatment for sevel'ul days b?eiitisf> the ..•.iirvlvorA were unable lo Incale their (Irsi aid et|Ull'inent. Aboaid the I'lne Island last nlnht - -where ihe survivors were offered tui key. Ice cream nntl nil the oil,IT IhliiiiS l hey •dronnuM'iihout, clUrini: Ihelr two-weeks nlnhlmare -• naval nulhorUic.s plecc<l tonellicr Ihc slory of Ihe Itt'ln eiiflne Mu- ilncr patrol bomber tbn! illsappcai'- cd In polar mists on Dec. :itl. 'Ihe plnne. u milt of ihr |.,VKi<>ni ami of the Hyrd KKpi'dlllon, off for mi cxiiloraloiy llli'.hl. rilol Keiirns headed Ihe due miilh tiiwiinl lh : . unes- bis plane l.fitn feel. I loom und ellnibcd' to huge Icy niountnln ; I'' Ihe Slate ovmrnt .Service office In Illy- iiii' at 10:11,1 a.m. Tuestlny, 'Ian- M. union suils? I lie nddetl Hint most of the union! A',l ration will be^nl suit makers were in the siMi 1 !:;' MM '" ""' slilrt business now. anyhow, lie '^ IA said he had a nice select Inn of " : ' r > sjJorts shins. I I shot him. 'My attorney insisted on a jury of hlplcfis males in shorts. The verdict: justifiable homicide. r Representative of V.'iH Visit Blythcvilh INTUPLETS itways relievo sore throat _ou&hs — aching muscles ol HESTGOLDS | wide, shortage of-Fats and oils! the little Store reminds you: "ALL VALUABLE PACKAGES ARE NOT WRAPPED IN LARGE BUNDLES" BETTER IN ALL WAYS BETTER CLEANING WITH 8=HOUR SERVICE YOURS FOR THE ASKING ilorcd Thui'stoii Peninsula. In Ihe .Imues Kllsuorlll .'asl reaches of and. I'Mr » lime all went well, slmrlly iiefore I lie illsasler. tlie crew in- lined Ihe I'lne Island ihai they Und a celllm; of lini) lo I .(MID (eel nul visibility of less Ml.ui Iwu mll".s. Kven us Ihe message crackled .ml OUT Ih,. nlrways, Ihe plnne neareil llu. ley desolatlnn of Cnpe niidije ll<nvers, Kllicrton tombslone ailesmnn. and Chnrley Trlppl, the TiO'VIK oomi'ci deiul^heud. There ^a^ no (m. 10 i'(jmffe:e n full swing, .A hi-adon crash—nu,| certain death- Ki'eincil nlmiisl Ini'vUabte (or the lil.iiio aiuLull nine ["ew.'ueli. In lln.'*6|>]lt fraction or a F.K- ''l l"it. luiini'i Jelled ihe plan* 1 ^'i'V lite mcu.i'.niii mid imp .1 slinllov: left Htm. Uut ngnln tlin |>r!:iv ijliue [iluyod slninge tricks. 'Ihe hoii/on ... ihe all-luipoltant I'on it vl'ere si;v b"j;ln.j anj lee 1 "i ; '.y i'i Iniliitliniulidi'ihli:, nnrl ivcv. ni: n heard Hie sneer Inn .''cirecli at l"i. srrai i n( , ,,',-ini! I 111' hoitoin of (heir ship, Avntn Kriiin.' fr.Ml s)io'.ve.'l up. He <lrove all Ihe inner possible Inlo Ihe stricken plane und U"ut li In mil I ro!. The eriift lurched mid I'liinpcd. lutl under Kennis' linml- Iliin. iK'n'il ni'ourd toward t|:t> Pine Hlniul. t'rlclliin I'lres Ship Tin n ihc fi-kiion o; the pinne's I nil it'..on the stuiw net s|)ark.i ot ilrclileity <lancli^ thrnimh Vhe i hip. The funMiid gasoline tiitiik exploded and the nlallc. n nulSfljnf l.iiinlnii ini'inl. liter.illy fell •'In pieces in Ihe air. '•, • The < r; v \v \MIS blo\Mi clcnr lintl Hie i:l:ue n l li.' M-liuuv polar c|:iy- Illiht the >lx smvlvoni walellcd Ihelr lorward i;as(iltue fuel tbnk burn brlrhlly. |.- 0 r a itJU yards Ihc wn'cluii'.e of Ihelr (ilsine and precious coiili'ini-nt v,a:-, strewn across mi Isolated patch of mi unknown contfn<.]il. i-hlll silence. I bey • :lw 'I hill mill', ju cooking puipo-sen — anoVprejtar^l to bailie the e'efnenti for sumv'al t ff > H was n long nni'ci haul, but Saturday morning, searchers spotted them and dsopped food and 'pfro- vlilonq Then n iescue plane took off from the Pine Island dropped Iri.-strtialons lo the stricken men "rid landed In an Icy poo! about eight miles from them . With Lebnm riding In a sled the • Klx tenan tmlr trek over thp, tionclieious slopes and bottomless crevasses O t Ihe Ahlarcllo wast'es. CceniiloiiaHy, (hey huddled togetl;-"; or for warmth, or to assure oi-.s' another Iliey were gojng in the light direction. • ••'' '•;"•• The journey took hours, u'U'Their''" way \\ua set by their'rescuers. They U'lichi'd .tlie /og-b6und V resell* plniie enrly yesterday 'morning and." ' within n short, time stepped oh, deck ot the pine Island. 1 FQp. SALE Concrete Culvert Tile '; Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. ; A. H. Webb Hwv. fil. H) Stm* Line Plionc Wvthevllle 714 • ALTERATIONS • HAT CLEANING DYE WORK TAILORING HDDS CLEANER CLOTHIER . TAILOR 320 West Main St. . Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 J I MM IE EDWARD! CONTINUES HIS JANUARY E • * Corner What-Nots B.Hri Miilinjrany, jMuple \Viilnul 9x12 All-wool Ross 7!),50 tj»mp Tables 8.«5 Coffee Tables !).!I5 <:ocktall Tables a r i5 Hassocks . 7.95 I'Tnor,.i 16.95 Talilc Lamps a.Oj Musir/lnc Haskel 3.95 l.lVINd ROOM SIMTKS Clive la:;lln|: comfoi'l and beauty to your family with this invlttne, sofa and cluiir. CJiinllty InncrsprhiB construction ihrou".hi)itl. You can rolnx full Icnalh on tlu; sofnl Comes in velour or Iniicstrlcs. 1! Piece's, only 99.!'5" IM.ATI'OUiM KOCKHHS On our lloor you'll find practic-ally every tj'il' of comfortable chair! Pull up chairs, platlonn rc«l:<r'i, lomiKC chairs wild ottomans. Don't, miss 111 1 .; price on platform rockers at our January c;ica.:nu.c. Only ^7.!!., ItocklTS !l.!l."> Occasinnal ('lialvs MM !'ull-i)|i Chiiirs I l.!l.'» Taylor Tots 7 fl.'i Silcx Steam trim HMD nurmeyor .Tinccr ..M.fifl Carving Sets fi.!!."! >lo|i Tail with Wrincrr .. -i.n Ttia.slris f!.r,l "Tipji Line" Klcc- Irlc Iron ll.iS 'SEE JIMM1E FIRST" DWARDS FURNITURE CO. We Buy and Sell Used Furniture 301 EAST MAIN PHONE 2487 •

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