Daily News from New York, New York on February 8, 1966 · 249
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Daily News from New York, New York · 249

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1966
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X -3 o A S o la I N A Ij Hi E Y I thought you were going to let me drive to school , Pop! r You're not Y Always be ready.' aettino uour foot off the gas ana onto tne enough, uDDOse a dod darted in front of us nght now.' n tast i v"fcwii B got my z-f That's the principal behind us, and if his car had been that much longer he would I-. , htavp rrpmprl ii 1 ONLY HUMAN Cyr Sidney Fields Jingle When Jack Gasnick was flourishing as our Limerick Laureate he had his wife and all his relatives finding contests for him. In return he gave them all the prizes he won. When thev broke watch they never had it re paired. They just asked him to enter another con test. Jingle Jack's most famous rhyme is: "Cross at the green, not in between. Pause at the red, in safety you will tread. His prize was a Thanksgiving pudding; large enough for him, his wife and i i if " ? 1 Jack Gasnick Prizes Mesa Nothing their daughters, Debbie, 15. and Ellen, 19, a student at Pratt Institute. In his time he's won cash, U.S. bonds, grosses of candy. TV and radio sets, trips to Disneyland and tn Vevada "But the prizes mean nothing," said Jack in hi3 J busthn? store. "I have to rhyme, that s all. In 32 vears I won 250 out of 270 contests. Once I entered 12 under different names and won them all. No jingle writer ever beat me." Jack, pleasant, nervous and 43. is not a professional contestant. He and his brother run a prosperous plumbing supply house their father founded 55 years ago. The rhymes were always a relief from the pressures of business. Some Samples Jack now prints them on balloons he gives children and on gum labels he pastes on saws, power drill, insecticides, or anything he thinks requires caution. He pays for this himself. He pulled a few stickers out and read them: "Careful glances cut accident chances." "Don't be half-safe. Ten fingers are your flock. Don't be half-safe. N'o extras are in stock." His career as a last-line poet began before he was in his teens. He was caught riding his bike "no hands." Reduced to the ignoble rank of a pedestrian he retrieved his bike with his first safety slogan: "Safety begins between the ears." The muse smiled on him when a3 a schoolboy he eot a summer job in a building full of music publishers. He listened carefully to the songwriters talking about their lyrics. Won Subscription "So I beean writing some," Jack said. "Then I discovered if I wrote a limerick about skating, candy or dogs I could get skates, a carton of chocolates and enough dog food to feed my pup for a month. My only disappointment was when I tried for a new bike. All I got was a bell." For reasons which still escape him he won a By GEORGE: Poor Pen Pal DEAR GEORGE: I have this fabulously handsome boy friend at college and, well, how can I be absolutely sure he's not out there fooling around with some shapely coed? P.S.: He hasn't written since October. WORRIED DEAR WORRIED: It's ridiculous how you females are always worrying about such things. Obviously, he's been studying so hard he hasn't even had time to write, so how could he be fooling around with coeds? tlQ9 br foiled Features S.ndlcate. Inc.) subscription to a Boy Scout magazine with this: Wrinkles are but folds of fat that the woes of life begat. Dimples, quite the other way, show a life of fun and play." His rhymes jingled successfully for cigarettes, sodas, beer and girdles. He coined the word "underlie" for the padding used on too-slender maids and sang "Beautify with underlie. Falsify with underlie," thereby creating "Falsies." "The contests ended because three others and myself were winning. all of them," Jack said. Balloons, Too So he turned to safety only. He sends his stickers and balloons and the little one-page paper he prints twice a year at his own expense to schools, boys clubs. Y's. PTA croups, telephone and utility companies all over the country, who print them in their papers or enclose them with the bills. Examples: "Vinnie thought he had a chance and through the light he flew. But on the seat of his best pants. his dad gave him a Tew. Use air with care, in a balloon or tire, or you will share the air with a flyer." "Archery is a pleasant game. Draw the bow and then take aim. If the target yuu don't see, you are shooting carelessly." Jack composes at night, on weekends, while subway strap-hangintr. Sometimes he misses completely. Other times he composes 100 on a weekend. One hundred? He answered in rhyme: "I never, never ever lie and would vou know the reason why? I've found that joy don't follow. if the truth you try to swallow. At Your Service By tMRGARlT BROWNE The Nannette spring collection for toddlers in sizes 3 to Sx is fail of fresh fashions. Charming A-line toddler dress in a pastel blue woven cotton check has a wide eyelet embroidered edge around skirt and matching bonnet. ... Beautiful ensemble for spring consists of a wedgewood blue rayon double-breasted coat with collar trimmed in Schiffli. This is worn over a high yoke dress with bine bodr ice and full hite rayon challis skirt with matching bonnet. ... A-line dress in lemon yellow locked rayon boasts daisy applique on skirt to match free- floating one on poplin hat. ... Navy coat in rayon linen has a big white sailor collar. The dresa beneath it has striped navy and white cotton knit top, red ribbon belt and box-pleated navy skirt. The striped beret hat conies in the same knit as bodice. The Oldtimers By L. and J. Walter tV'When you're finished, my dear, why don't you get 1 I' vnur tVlimKloa urtA (rivo iw a tuna' J FAMILY DOCTOR Modern Techniques Make Hernia Operation Simple By DR. THEODORE R. VAN DELLEN' ft br The Ctiiaco Tnhniw Surgery is the only cure for a hernia. Failures may-occur in some oldsters because the tissues are too weak and fragile to hold stitches. Large hernias and surgical failures can be patched 'with tantalum tot the Bam of the stores where the wove items can be bought send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to AKGAKET BROWNE, THE NEWS, Z20 E. 4ZD 5T, HEW TURK 10017. Drother Juniper "No no. I've changed my mind P mesh or with fibrous tissue removed from the fascia of the p e r s o n's leg. Trusses are second choice because they offer temporary relief. This summarizes the treatment for hernia, the "rupture" that bothers an estimated 10 7 of our population. Modern surgical tech niques have made this a safe 45-minute procedure and the patient is out of bed the same evening and home in a lew days. THE ABDOMINAL cavity is lined with a pearly white tough membrane (peritoneum). The or gans are contained within this balloon and at various points tubes penetrate the lining leaving potentially weak spots. These in clude the esophagus that links the mouth and stomach, vestiges Today', Health Hint Free youself from resentments. of the umbilical cord through which we received nourishment prior to birth, the femoral arteries on their way to the legs, and the spermatic cords that transport sperm cells from the testes. A hernia may develop at any of these spots provided the openings were sealed off improperly. 1 he inguinal hernia, the most common type, usually is found in men. The testes of the unborn male are in the abdomen and des cend to the outside via the in guinal canal shortly before birth. The canal usually closes tightlyTORK I00IT. but in many men the seal is absent or it is weak. IN" SOME, the area bulges on standing or straining due to the pressure of the abdominal organs. The weakened area gives way in others when coughing, straining, or lifting a heavy object. The protrusion is small at first, but may enlarge in time. The sac usually contains loops of the intestine. The hernia is a potential source of danger. When the opening is small and a loop of intestine gets into the sac but cannot get out, strangulation occurs. The small opening pinches off the blood supply and unless surgery is done the bowel becomes gangrenous. HERNIA SURGERY G. H. writes: How soon after double hernia surgery can a person drive a car? My husband had this procedure a week ago. REPLY He can drive a car In 4 to weeks but cannot change a tire. Thin atten tion should be answered by the Burgeon because age and the condition of the tlsnue in the groin are deciding factor. FATTY SUBSTANCE W. R.: writes: What is a fat embolism ? REPLY A fatty substance from the bona marrow enters the blood stream and travels to a more distant oart of the body. It lodges ultlmatel-r In smaller blood vessel and obstructs the flow from this noint on Th condition may follow in the waka of iraciurea Done. Dr. Vaa Delias w3I aaswar eaMt's refarsiaf B salts aad art-ieae in thia ! by auO. Ha 3 auks diagnoses ar prescribe far nssiTianals- Fnclose staaned, self -a a1 dresses' ear a! aye, ad inhsi DR. THEODORE R. VAN DELLEN, -THE NEWS, P. O. BOX 14SZ. CRAND CENTRAL STATION. NEW

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