The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1947
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 19-17 ' BLYTHEVIU.liJ (ARK.) COURIEH NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale limit's, elu'HK rtioii,' 1'yos. lls-.ik-t', ili'i-! kiu-hi'n caMiK'l with Fink anil '1 Iraliibmril. ills lli'uru. l>. I. Ill-nuilnii. 1 <)-|j|: U' Dstly r.t« set line ror consecutive u- i ' ! '' 1 ' 1 ';'' 1 : "" 1 .»>'•" iiinrk.'i. iviih n.-w Bertloas: s Ct - IIU '-''I ill-l'lllv l>,u. Gim.1 I.H:IIHIU Minimum obarge &oc Jl "ui' ::ini. i h o-i.k-i'i^ 1 tint per Hue — ",~~~~~~_~~~Z~ I6c 2 timea j?«r line per day._ „_ jyc 3 times jjer line per day 9c 6 times per line ner day 7C 1- tiuiea jier line per day Cc Month per line 90c Count five average words to tli« Hue. Ad ordereil lor tljree or fix times auil stopped before expEr&tloa will b« charged for the number of tLiue^ the a<l appeared aud adftistmetit of bin made. All Classified Adveitlslug copy Jub- injttcd by pcrsous residing outside of the city niUEt Ije accompanied by rash. Hates may be easily computed from the tibovii table. Advertising order for Irregular Insfr- Ma lakes the one time rate. Ko -responslljlllty wilt be taken /or iore thai) on« Incorrect Innertlou of any clllElfled ad. Tra.-li.r.: I - - n) I r, M rtiritinll lik" new. •J- ll'ici It -liiliil n.'.'ri.. 1 -1911 A .l.ilm l.ivri'. I —in Hi II I'aitiinll urn I I'll.. II. l-'ni-iiiiill. u,.w. I 1-in, c; M. .l.ilm Jlcfr.v now. .M«i UI-.-, H.,W« nn,I i-nll,rali>i-« (in- >: ,mi> 1. J'JI? lunj: v.l,<-i-l;;n«i. Ch,-vri>lvr NIK'K. Will Ir.uli- (nr ji'ioil unrk 'mil,'-. |... i:vi-lmii t 'i>. " i:9-iik-'it> Used Moore's Circulator coni healer and Stewart-Warner refrigerator, liotli in excellent, condition and priced rinhl. Plan tors Hardware. 1-»-i-U-12 for Sale C'oal! 100 l.hs. or Carload. We deliver. Plume 37WI. Wheeler C'oal Co. '/ C'oii- pcdge Ciin. l-S-pk-2-S Cafe! Doing good business. See H. C. Campbell, 12(1 S. i!nd. l-S-cl;-tr titeel oil Larrrl r»cl«. Ulvtbeillle M» cbln« Shop. O&ll 2828. ll[lR-ck->J 'ifcTa buyer lor your home. n, 0. Campbell. Phone 440 — 2Q80. Office- 120 Bunt* iltcoid. I0[2 ei-lf lire's PI tip — CAT iii.lniisti'ry crpanii IjMlitiluTly will, thu iinv Finn Fu«tn. llMls 1'ninl .li \Vnll]i»|,fr C.I. W»rm Murni M 'Jl-l Hi- '41 Clif-vrn'.-t tn ,-iml lu.lf Ir.i^k. lime rnnililiun. 7r.O X i» .. I) ::r. IrUcrniitiriii.-i! KiM i;«hl .lu-nl.T f, ynril il hrfil rlji»s i-oti.lili»n Ihriuifli iiil.>j|,<!.'.l mil' n",' Mmi'iln'. l!-l-|'l>'-2! I fl acre level farm, nt' Purasould on hiway. Ini- nrovemcn'.'i worth .price asked. Price SSiiOO. .1. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark'. l-lfl-pk-2!! nnli^: in,,l, II. A, scui-ll, Manll:< New heavy dnlv lini-jik IT electric stove. Table (op modei. If units and Thrift Cooker. built-in pancake griddle and broiler. Charles l!ris;bi Phone 2f>li<;. -10-pk-l 1 New oil cook slovc. All wives includiiifi- table lop model:-:. Charles HriKht, phone V.ff»t 1-10-pk-M II — HI I 1 I'Ki-v Cllll<-|-> In M-f,- t -I >'l;lli.ui. Ll'l S I'l 1 |il. !.' Ill 1J it..,,!.-!. l''-.'i() Farmall tract nr, reconditioned, i|ood rubber, now- ly piiinleil. \Vifli or willi- ouf two or four row c<|iiiii- mcnf & [lower lift. Unhurt TborupKon, Ynrbro, Ark. l-li-pk-is PAGE'MVB SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN SAYS: Our prices arc reasonable. Our service is good. There'i no obligation when we raise the hood. Let us check your steering, your motor and brakes. If there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. Two (2) new electric ranjtiis, immediate iieiivery. Can tie seen at IJlylhevillc Sales Co., i;iH K. Main, phcne Mill. l-l(]-cli-ll Coal a( Hlytheville (Jin Co. 1-7-ck-I \ ^inii lit I.IH-I' t)^-:ir Al<-v:nnl.-r. K.-(il HMalv :ii»l liiMiran<-f. |I!II..H- SSli. IO7 Wi-M Asli. li!l.<>V.l™ ILtllH (1.U..I us.-.l nrmy r.nnl.M ~i < Slio. •« ai .ifor.l*. Slinc Mli"i.. ll'fi fi. S,-r 1. ''* lik '-'i> X..»- lOIT, .Vli.,li-l Av<T>- Irjieli.r nii'l ..,111,11.111,1 salf. Mi.Mlf >' r - l.iril.w ,li~c^ anil i.lniilfr will, ll.-x- jl.l,. ll,, -,. »n,I ,-,,lliv:,l,,r. Aliplv St. lil'-l' ,V 1^1 -T— Used K-G Inlcrnational trucit and new 21' Nabors Trailer. Truck has new motor. Kood tires and is in A-i mechanical condition. Delt.i Implcmenis, Phone Sfi.'i. 1-9-ck-12 i^ Jn.-li ),j-i<i,kirv' ,,l,n. nil" lid. l;.nli ii'vi. m'yi'in.vVii;.'; "' lvr "' I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER L Walnul at Fifth—[ilylheville, Arlc.—Tel. .|r>.'i-:!72] Services ' 'I. W.. Oil .! t,i i I'll rnlNlllit «,ul |n|,oi- nnil ri.iirilr. All \inrl, il.n In.)- ill.l nil Muvi'» i, w i.l. -:::u Tractor r«pa)ra •no' KJcctrlr • n d Blarkmnlth work Implement Co. Phon« 8-lB-ck-W 801. PjiLIci Machine null-.— »•• i.'Mli all iTIm waihlm m»oklnl,« ".KinltrM .n II,,,I of ronimlim. Alio tjuy >iul nUI, piftkuii and dBllier. Ill/' ...Illo M«-alii c illioiv «r; •"' : t lu.hil. ,11,11, r.,,, M-,I I.HCUl & I.OIIB Distance MovlniJ Couiiirtent llolp and equipment. A.lo- UUilely luiuteil Connect llanlliij and Mlac., fjarvlcei. Heine .Serrlco JE Htorage Uo. WASHER SERVICE t'hUHp Krcl ACIIM Ok» tiers, I'.-.ub, Iru.i* ••« AUJ Ap|)!l»uccH l'i|'»,i«d ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. ). W Hbon 1071 , U|r. loe-uK w, iMONHY TO LOAN Oo y»ii neert n lonn to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red Iniie. FHA (ipproved rate 5 f /r. Ask for dclHila. Max l.ojtHn, Henltor, phone 2084. l.yncli KWg., lllytherille. 9-23-ck-tf Why Gamble with Old Man Winter JUBT CJA1.I, Hill iiiul hnvc ynur Coul (U'liVfrcit. OunnitUcod lo Untlnly We ul';« buy poultry til nil liinc.i. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main II ....... In ..... Iry iinllti) riii:(i rtr wniiKi-O. i:»tnil> v-HKhlii!; nmBli ih) ur flnMifd. A i,.. r. ...I,,' f.,r ,1, ,!,,,• , I,.H,,... 1112 .^•i 1.1 I'. Willii. H.ll Or ...... . _ I i:!lO-|ik-ll:il Weal her M ripping. Save 1 uel hy Imvinn; doors imd windows wealliersdipped. C. i Iv WiKKins. f.12 N. Kllli. Phont '1'Zm. l2.:VI-pk-l-:il Help Wanted -,,..,in rurnl-lK-.l t,.j,l ,,,l I,,, i,, ,),,„. Kin. .Mr.. :l mil,-, III-M ,.[ si,...|.. M,. I'M,-.- f:iunil. s,.,. Kin-l Yaihr.,uuii. IVvf,-,ti ,1 hvati-r. »<,,l .,„, • •".1 .-"inIII inii. Cull M.-Kii 11, itr S-IT. I! I L •<•!;• l.'i Wanted To Boy DONT'TAKK" A~Toss7l7et the top price for your cai or-truck from 'PHILIJf'K MOTOR CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tJT Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come :ind ge ( j ( . W :ide Auto Salvage. North Hiwv f;i, phone 3785. 12-2<i-pk-l-2G 12 20-pk-l-2t For Rent 12111 i.k-Ul-i JD/.ce for ri-nt Kntlm R . R fit lafl K \uln I'rl -,M^ «..kf..,.i,,|. T 1.ANR FOR SAI.K 10 acres extra good land, five minute drive from Ulyfhc- ville. just off concrete higluvay, on good gravel road. One S room house— one <t room house, good barn and other out buildings. Immediate possession. Priced lo sell. \Vc have several good SI) acre tracts belonging to insurance company. Extra good loam soil. Can be bought for '/i down, iinl- anre lf> years. '>':', interest. One -1(1 acre. Good -1 room house and gond barn. Can he bought for S1750.00 down, balance in years, 5',' interest. PliiH office is open every Sunday morning. 4^ RIALKS LAND CO. 1 Office across from City Hall IUJSSEI.I. E. RIAL'KS ten Hamner R. M. HccK Phone 3322 01 ,-.-i!|.l,> Wild kiuli.-n ].rtvir.. L -r". J1S l: A..|i. l'l,,,nc ai;i!l. ItO i,V-lr; -I l","ii riiniMi,-,! i,|, : . |'l,,,,. in ,,.,„ i In IS14S American oil companies printed 150.00.1.COO K>:ut mnp.s. n.l [.lu vVanted to kent i'«l . 'II :ir>:ir[n:riil. Wnnlil l TnriiL-ln'il -:if l>n*],.,-> .lri.-k-,in ill Their SnOrcn Lost nnll J.-r.«i-y lniliT. W.l-lu ,,l,,),ir i !<••-. c':,n i.i-u swin. rii,MI- :i-iri« Will bill- in I'lyinu.itl, 1,1,.) |,i,l,,..l -k .11, Hwy. Finest' Quality Pork & Beef Cuts PRESH VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT will be found :it. ' PICKARD'S Phone 204."! Chickasawhu H.Ar I,,,,, i.II i;,,M,i.-l r.l ni^ltllMilini; Co Iru.-k. on rhicki^awlin iii-nv r..n,l full I'll,'I||- M.ili.r C.i. I|!>-|ik-l2 i mull', wiiii "n.- ,-yi- -- BI-.-V <>ni. ilarl. II.M- ,il 1,1 -.r. 1,1:111, l,- r i! ii, I,mi,, 'jni I'.,"I:,-,.,|L, s:. [.linn,. :lOSf,. 1'11-r-k I", - Slnrhonvd and -. Inrboard. menu- - wel c contractinns of "cineslo tar- Ing the risihl nnri loft sides :>'. aii\ 0 " iim i ••cmello borclo," inranln™ l»at. cnnie from the Italinn words .-mis side" and "that side." •'.slo bni-<lo" and "]o bor(Jo." which:! "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 W. Main R(- Phone 3047 Refrigerator Service Frrd Lttwlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams. Met Phonr zm\ IK-ns w. Main W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 354S KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 20S9 ANYTIME Day or Night "The Old Reliable" NYTIME Day or Nigtif G. O. POETZ Toor Source of Dependable Sen-Ice. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Office Rll at Cherry SUPER jj AUTO SERVICE High in Service Low in Cost file iiuljciil.-ihlc skill of our mechanics and (heir nric'e in seeing a jo!> well done . . . make our shop n real "home" for your car. And our job ROCS beyond conditioning your car for safe driving . . . we wan I (o satisfy you so thai your car will come back iij?nin •iml_Hgain! A well-running car makes our Shop Foreman Happy! Yes. II m:il<rs Hie nhoii foreman liappy UIH! Il'll make you liiippy, because il will run rijllil rtflr-r Ir.ivlnf; nur shoii. LET US CHECK YOUR CAR! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U - s - Tir es Mobilgas and Oil WRKCKER SERVICE Walnut «• Broadway Telephone 553 GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators 4 and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sizcmorc FARM LOANS «/ Low Interest J Long Term >/ Fair ApprnUnl J Prompt Servlco RAY WORTHINGTON Kcrvlni; This Sci'llnn fur '41 Yi'iirs llfi Sn. :int lilyllicvlllp, Ark. AulhailiiJ Malta*,, l.,*n Xalltllat/a, TU f>uJii.lUI „.„„„,. f.nipm, .1 ^n,.,l<. Tunr in 1'riiiltMilIal I'rocnini Sunday LI! I p.m. ov «i- \Vltl-X! Snve nicinry Tiulay, Ally na STOP AND SWAP i;i.lli:!!T HUFFMAN'S Are You Driving Half a Car? You may not think so, but, if your ear is over 5 years old, it may be giving you little more than half the service it ought to. See us for a careful check-up right now. WE STOCK HARD-TO-GET REPLACEMENTS L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET COMPANY Tcxoco Gas & Oil. 301 W. Walnut Phon* 578 •101 i\. ainhi Von fllnsl He Pimm! sso y "r Nil Doal REPAIR Any Make or Model ,1 lo 2 Days Service Wo Call For and Deliver] PHONE 2642 Fred Caliihan! MOTOROLA Sales and Service Hlfi South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kx rep t Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic Rll fl>,>ln, lllylh.-vlllc. Ark., rhnnt Mil 1 DON EDWARDS "Tim TyitpwrHpr Man" ROVAI.. SMITH. COHONA anil KKAIINOTON I'OltTAIII.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONK V.W2 (Kvcry Transaction MUST DE SATISFACTORY) It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands * ' PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12(i Wesl Main SI. Everything You Need! ]| When you're in doiiht as to where yon should look for;'.J something for (be home nr car, try our well-stockert'ij store . . . you'll find many tilings you want right nt|j your finger lips. Dnn'l wiislo lime just "shopping" elrtc-i| where! i* Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply (19 West Main St. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Down fd lOarth •JEP, CV-RRPv. 1 UKt 1HE. "TH.t P\.ftC.t l^Rt * ^ PROPORTIONS 7O OUR. Otil-IGftTlOMS t\UO COMFORT'. 1VMNO, I'O UKt W»0fri\t«l 6YJHV.MIN3 POOL ! OUISIDE OUW. StDROOfA i W\TW ft CHROl-'.IUVA Cl\li\& 1 VJt COULO 45UD& AND ill.S FR1KNDS I'M COMMA FIX THIS ONE UP AND SELL IT AT AM EVEN YOU SEE IT WHEM IT'S ' ' - LBT WHEW TriOUGHf FCECKLES HAD BIGSER (THATWRECK our OF SYSTEM, FREOC BROUGHT AM OLD r WMlOt HE BOLX3HT VVlTII THE PROCEEDS FROMTMESAtE OF HIS OLP JAUOPV .'

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