The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*llj r*t» per line ror con4»cutlT« it- vertlODj ; Uiclmua Ctirja 60c 1 tinj* ptr lln» ....... _____ ~" J6c 2 tlm«i p«r Una per day.. 1'jc a time* per Hat ptr day ________ tfc 8 llmea yer line p«r day 7c. ia llmea per Hue |ier day ________ 6c Monib p«r line ______________ OOc Count five average words to tlia line. Ad ordered for three or six times and I topped before eiy (ration will be charged for tte number or times tlie a-l ap- pe»r#d aud adjustment of bill ntaiie. All OJaBBlfled Advert is! UK copy .'ub- jnitUd by persons residing oulalde of the city JUURt be accocupanii<ii hy CAR)). Rales BLYTHEVILUO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS For Ser/e b« computed from -, table. / AdTSrtiilng order for Irregular lii*^r- tioui takes the out, time rate. Me reaponfiiblltly will le taken [or mot* than out Inrorm-t Iruertlou or »"y vUJiflfl«4 ad. For Sale Coal! 100 Lhs. or Cm-load. We deliver. l>hone 37f(l. Wheeler Coal Co. ',.' C<n>- pcdgc Gin. l-8-))k-2-S Cafe! Doing good husincss. See H. C. Campbell, 120 K. 2nd. 1-S-cU-U 4-riKirn ln I'.l. I'r , l.nim^ Ji,-r<* in h]yltir-\ill". if >!kii nr.- in tr*,- injtrXi't tit ijivivirm'nl. KAHM LANDS mil,, .jT l;ss.-v Mo. an jtr.ivi-1 . . r* '.^ mile of K^c-x ..-'S. l-'air i llO. Tcraia half ,ln I.C'TIIKll f;l!AY Hleil oil bArrrl r»e**. cllne Skoii. Gill 282B r for Vaaat »om« B. 0. — J8BO. Office 100 louis K for »lc. KFAfl6 nnij lbhueJ«IA liar .ne K€9. 12 1 l-|ik-l| 11 litre's ft t[|> — CflT npholstrry rlr liennlidklly with llu; utisv FiiiA [''O Dfiils 1'ainl i \Vnll|i«]icr On. ioiU-in Inrtiny sliup for m!i= t>> i-. Alnjik- fur Ilirv.' ui»i-rnli>t- k' viititiji iMiirliliio viilli Si'rvii] rnilv. ,'.i.)n,.| Mii>i,li,.|, for ,.n r :. lu.inlli. I'rii'i'il (or iinlrk ^U,- .In.- Ki IMVIL.T'^ illoi <-. Tnll I nO--.1-\\' t'ni'- r.-t I'ily. Ark., or wri!,> Mr< A I'. \VilJinmsiui, llox SSI. IVrr.-M (M<I H'lik'll tri't kilrlu'll raljln't vv'Ull sink alllL il'.ill raiuUnr.1. 1 I rj I!,,,,,, Ii llsod K-li Intoniiili(in;il Iriu'li :iii(l now 21' Nalxirs 'riviil- cr. Ti-iiok has new nioiur, K«»i(l (iron iind is in A-! mochitnk'al condition. Hi'll.i Implcnu'iils, 1'lione ,Sfi:{. Xi'iv 19JI! Mo.1,1 Av.-iv Irnrlur I'M j''i"ir '« '"'• -ii'i'. siiiiiii.- IHI-U.I. 11,1,' Impju'r. mi.I <-',i]i I,,,1,,'v '..\i,|'.ly :ni« «. I.I SI. Ol-,,l. I'j Tlii.lor-r I--HI1.-, M K:,,i,,a!] 111.- ..... v. ;•— liini n i..),, i), i r.. i ion A .lolin Hi -. n-. I- l!nr, II rariimll »<•»•. 1 Ml.|i: II. Knvuinll. ri.-w. I Ilili; I!. AIM, ,ll-i«. mi . fo SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN SAYS: Will Iruili. f.,r ivc.ri. imil," !.«,• •:.l''l '. mil.' ,.,.:! 'if Kl-lllllll M,, . • in 2.: iin.l *.| 1,|».,.. :,r H,,,Ti.'Sl...-V: HvrliiiniM'. |l<l.fA,-]r. . [Jsrtl Moore's Circulator ton I j heater and Stewart-War- | iii'i- refriifenitor. Until in , excellent condition ;i n cl priced right. I'lant'.'rs ] Hardware. 1-9-cU-l i!, Our prices arc reasonable. Our service is good. There's no obligation when we raise the hood. Lei us check your steering, your motor and brakes. If there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER .lohn llcpro |ilrkii|, liny lialcr in A-l i-oiiilhion. Jni|nirf al NitinlM-r Nino sior,'. Aiviu iiKwkin-. __ _ 1 4-iik-u j |\ cw oil took stove. All sixes! llornln; Cirnijulor. Can !..• ."H" ( ini'llKlinir tnlllp tO[) mflflols. Charles Hrijfhl, ])bone ?.?&> New heavy duty elect ric stove. Tulile lop made). .'J;i1 units and Thrirt Cooker. built-in pancake griddle||} Walnut al Kirih—Wylheville, Ark.—Tel. -ir>:5-:j7 and hroiler. Charles Uriyht I'hone 25(10. -10-p)t-l i i t'lli •riinjU LIU I-LJ. »l 'Jl I ll.T.rn HI. -I'll. '-11 Cl,.>vrr.l,.| | MII „„,! ). n lf trurk. lonf ^llf^^l lift'.'. A-l ^OIlllilMlll. 7*,fl X ?<* tires. Kir Hii.'i .v 2(1 tiff*, Iroul jxnl rrar. -S|icil I.clil .lical.'r 5 ynr.l ,l,nn|, I>.'>1. tlrsl ,'lass rouilillui, Iliroiiuliinll. ':!fi I'at'HKrtl 4-,l(n)r si'ilftn. new lires.^lf Htil^iiE. pns liilile lop iiunt,-! r.infic. Ml-'- (i,.n,l roal nt al] tiinrs. Itnslirl or a Iraok load We ilHivpr. I'liiinr 9J'J J.civIV I'nnllrr. 413 K. Mnin SI. TaMe Inp' i:«S!-.VI,,iv nil MOV!-. r.fll <:i,iflll.<«ivl,n. ,.r rail 2llfp7. lia-,-k-ll All klniU or I'orm Lanils ninl Cily J'r,,f,,.rly cnfts ninl lirdrfrv .Stor.M. SF'Oi'ijil n/fr-r Irt lli,^ (iflrly uln, Miirl^ :, Hmrk r'ftrin. liln arr.-s nri I'rnw I->•'!• Hi,Ice; lljll *r,rs <li.,u-,<,]. hnlBin,. In tlutl^r-—f=,lm<' very vr,liLftl,lt< (iii,lii-r. N«'vv- r, room Jiuus,' xinl :! ritou, lflri:i' bnrn, nei'UinK sinne rO]>«:rs, l\\-o imrcls, •jirtu nu ! ]l»vr 1'onl ll«ll vvr-l] Inrsl^,!, nl«, W,:]liii,: Ilink, . i.f, in <-,,ni Wrll liii'BCr.l >rilli -• iw-rrs nt I I.U-ini: ilnarlrrs in riinnrrlnit,. I.out limr r'nnn lo:, in ;,l l,.v. nil ». C. s I.l.iyil. Urnllnr 1-10-pk-l 1 Services "' -cwillk- nn,I nil,., mili,,,l«. n, 0 Mi.. Ilii-l.i .,1 M«il>ruu»ir> .H.iiU'i 'iiv>. _ n i w. A.I,. L ,i,, 1U ,. ii'in7. rti-iii. ';:i '! -luv,. ,.|..,,,i|i, k . „,,,! rriuir. vll 1,,.1'V I W',. ,1 (,)- .,1,1 ,,il >(,„•,.. I '.» !•>. L''l> .iiiK mul |in|u-r liAn^lnn. J. \\ ITr, 1 ," 'i. I'lmii,. LUII.I. I2ll3.|ik.||l! I'ractor repitrn tnd »»r»feft ICleclrlc «n i acetylene •veMinft, ItUcksmlth work OflU ImpVrrarnt Co. ! l honr __8M._ 3-16-ck-U 'H'Kf.ll.M ,jf tlllll of 1.1)1111111(11* Allo l"i| ftn^ tpll. [lir.Vuii »n^ dellvrr. lll;'i;v.lll» MackliK Hhon, Ul'l r.l-11 I'." '.: I, |il, liir,". K I yi.ur !.'"'- .1.,, ',._•.Hi,,.-. I,. 'I'l,,. M',,,1,-1 • .i'h' '. I V, ,l..,,l , A-, SI I !J M.I. WV |:uiir.un,.,i i^ni,,),! •..•!• PAGE ELEVEN l.oc-iil A- [.HUB l)M:mr« Movlnj Onuipetinl Holji m,a Bqgliiineiit. Ailo- i|ii»l^ly ininreil Oonlt>a Jl.nilliis nnd Ml»r. Setvlccv JIoiin Srtvloo * I'll! ..... UH WASHER SERVICE riillliji Krrl ecftVH (McKDetA, *'-.u>, IIOUB «i4 Aiu Ayj>;i»ucen I't^ilccd ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. i, W AUAMfl, M|r. b01» 1071 I06-im W. U« MONKY TO 1,OAN I'o you nco<! n lonn to repntr or remodel? No down p»y- tnont, no niortKnge, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. AKk for details. MM I.otrnn, Realtor, phone 203i. Lynch Hldjf., Blytherid*. 9-23-ck-tf l'»,i,lly <in»lilri( rnucli ill) ur lii,KI,nl. Alsii r ] fivr >|,}|,IK ,-liHIH'H. 111^ S" l..ik». \S'IIIU- IL'II (Irnii Won I her slrippiujf. Suva I'uel hv hnvinfr doovr; and windows wont licrsl ripped. C. K. WiKKins, !i!2 N. lOlli. I'lmiiu 22M. 12-.",l-|>k-l-:ll Why Gamble with Old Alan Wintor JUST CAM, IHII iniil tmvi- your to Sullsfy i-y :K nil lime 1 :;. \Vi' ulsu l)lly ( Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main For Ren* Lost l.iiunrli-y novr ly|i,. u-.1l,-r !i.':il,. r K.M'.-l- li'i'l > ILUyii. I'll..I,,- ^»1,7. ii:i-|,|i.|2 Wanted To Buy OONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 6-S-ck-tl Ca.sli for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and K et it. \V;ide Aulo Salvage. North Hiwy HI, phone 37R5. 12-2(i-pk-1-2<i 12 2G-pk-1-2G Help Wanted i li Coal at niytlieville Gin Co. 1-7-ck-ll rl. Warm llnrn- Ji |ii*i-e .liiilni,' i'">ni 'I'l. ink I'onl hfalrr. Sinx'i .•liii.l, Kil,-!,,-i, l.'.hl,- VVIiiti. Mtii.uu, , lp <-.,ii|il,. ;.. liv^ in lifil,,, r\ml «'j,r.' fdr l\v,, i-J,ir,lr,'i,. ^Vi^ i:iv. V-Jinl .:tl;i,-y Ii, ri^hi ],,.n<>!i. I'lt :i«^.. Mr>. !!:»>,»•*-. l'fi-(,l:-l] ,,-ln lu i-.-ir,- fc., ]u,l,r n,,,l do ,,'i,rk. lUiulli :,in] Inmril . I'lnnio :il(lli. I'Upk :,|,,I .l.inl,!,. e »r» in,' ;, rootil li<m»* .llrw-l. C'nii fili Siile.sladJ' wanted: Kxcellcnl opening at Miss \Vhilsill:; Shoj). A permanent position for the right person. Sec Russell Ciilfiphcll at Miss Whitsitts Shop. l-U-ck-tr In Chile, the church is forbidden Vjy ]n-.v to perform mnrrifines unless -slntc niarririge.s iiave fii'.sl been pel-formed. Tlicrc.'orc. nil cle- voul Calholirs vvlio wed (here arc ii«ir»r,r< m,,H." NI,.,,. il. i:«.|,v.-j'S nmrrlcd twice o n tlic -same <luy for rent. I'll! ]•]>„,„„,!, „ -h ..... I .,[[ , m ,.|, ''l.iy.l '' •a. Irn.l. ,,u"r!,!i'k,|.!i»l,n ni'' •o.-Ml. Cull l'lii]ll|.s I'M I 1 ! Wanted to Kent "Eat a Bonnee at BarneyV Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2(inc> \V. Main SI. Phone 3fi17 SUPER AUTO SERVICE x \" It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. \ 12fi West Main St.. KEROSENE & FUEL O!L CALL 2089 - Old R«li;i G. O. POETZ ANYTIME /||XU ANYT1MK Day or NiRht LMO7 Day or Night "The Old Reliable" Vow Source of PETROLEUM I>Vp«n<S»hS Service PRODUCTS Office SIR al Cherry High in Service Low in Cost Hit' unheatahlo skill of dur mechanics and their pnfo in secinfj a ji>li well done . . . make our shop a real "home" for your car. And our joh ^''^s hey mid conditioning; your car for safe driving . . . we want to satisfy you So Hint your car will conic hack a.nnin nnd :i Finest Quality Pork & Beef Cuts FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT will lie found nt PICKARD'S I'ltone 20'H 1044 Cliicknsiiwlm GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders dt Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcntz Dub Sizcmore FittJmtiaJ FARM LOANS Low Interest J Long Term J Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTOH Hi'rvliii; Tills Sciiljun fin- 21 Yi'ni's IIS Sn. :lril lll.vUx'vllli', Arli. .'lntf,orlrt,I Ktaittag, Sollcflar fat Tl,.!,! ln.w.,,1. (•„„,,„, .j',l,,,,,U. Time In I'l nilc^nlial I'rnKriun Sunit-i.v nt I 11,111. iivrr IVmil! Are You Driving Half a Car? You may not. think so, but, if your cor is ove years old, it may be giving you little more than half the service it ought to. See us for a careful check-up right now. WE STOCK HARD-TO-GET REPLACEMENTS L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET COMPANY Texaco Gai & Oil* 301 W. Walnut PhoiM 578 1 Save MniK'y , Tniliiy, Any Kii STOP AND SWAP •)!)[ H. Main Plume X.1I) Vint Musi He Happy or Nu l>r,il RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Any Make or Model 1 to 2 Days Service We Call For rniil Deliver] PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan] MOTOItOI.A Kates and Service 101! South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All rj-iics Kxcrpl Cnnrrrl DRS. NIES& NIES DON EDWARDS FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Size* 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. (>1 n( Htiile Line I'hone Hlythevillc 714 PRESCRIPTIONS Frenh Stock Guamnteed llwit Prleo Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service Frrd Ijtwlcr . ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. ' I. W. Adams. Mar. Plionn M71 20C-08 W. M>1n W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Phon« 354S Everythihg You Need! When you're in doubt as to where you should'look for something I'or the home <ir car, try our well-stockcil si ore . . . you'll find many things yon want right at your finger lips. Don'l waste lime .jusl. "shopping" elsewhere! Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply •US West Main St. A well-running car makes our Shop Foreman Happy! Vrs, 11 nukcf, tlip *]iop rnretmii li;i|i|i>- :inil ll'll mnkc you liuiipy, licrnusf II will run ri«li( :if|cr leaving ciur -<lin|i. LET US CHfCK YOUR CAR! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—B d ICK—Se rvicc U - s - Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRKCKRR SKRVICF/ Wiilnul & Hroadway Telephone r>.'>3 "The T.v|ii'wriliT MUM" ItOVAI.. SMITH, roitO.NA unil KKMIN'Cl'ON 110 N. SKCONU ST. . PIIONK (Kvcry Transacllnn MUST I(K SATISFACTOKY) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN IMt ftWOft'^'p tR MtJiV \T IS WOflKIHG OUT l GOOO SOLIO SROUMO, BUT. THOSE. tl,OUSt& OP FRECKI/BS ANJ) HIS h'R[RNDS (an It I'rv Kgcrs? BY MERRILL BLOSSEF OKAY, POP-- TMERE/ V£TA.M . DOESN'T IT WON RUN ? ) NO, BUT IT SURE CAM PARK/} WE'VE OOF THIS OLD WRKK HOWr, ALL IT NEEDS IS Ml AUTOPSY/ IT is; i 30U6MT" A NICE CONSERVATIVE ) USE'AWGAS- MODEL / ,-^S ALL YOU HAVF TO 00 & PUSH If

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