The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1947
Page 10
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,-TAGE TEN THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. ~^ H. W. HAIN.ES, Publisher JAMES L. VKRHOEFP, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sol* National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wltmer Co., New York, Chlcogo, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday jSntered as second class matter nt the post- ctflce at Blythevllle. Ariausns, under act of Congress, October 8, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By ccrrler in the city of Blythcvllle or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained 20c per week, or 85c pc-r month. • By mail, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year $200 for six months, 51.00 lor throe months; & by mall outside 50 mile zone, * 10.00 pur year f« payable In advance. ; .Dangerous Clarity 'It's not surprising thsil our prolonged industrial strife, which hits Itad practically everyone (silking to liimsell at one lime or nnother, should have made itself felt in even I lie most academic precincts of our colleges. Among those affected is Dr. Rudolph Flesch of New York University, the' man who devised the formula for measuring the readability of written material. As his contribution to industrial peace, Dr. Flesch proposes readable union contracts, lie boldly suggests writing these agreements in such i, way that even union members and junior executives can* understand what has gone on during negotiations, and what has come out of them. Among his suggestions arc there: Use sentences of less than 20 words; eliminate "whcreases" and other legalistic jawbreakers; substitute "company," ''union" and "workers" for "employer" and "employe"; analy/.e a nil describe in detail all procedures in llio agreement; give practical examples of rules staled in abstract terms; use large type, headings and subheadings, and other visual aids to readability. It's a grand idea, but we fear that it will get nowhere. For if we are to have readable union contracts, then why not readable contracts of all sorts? From (here it would be only x st.ep to readable briefs and pleadings. But before that step was taken, we're sure the lawyers would be up in arms. The Lawyers Guild might eve;-, accuse a union which signed a readable ....contract of betraying orga;;!;'(id labor and creating unemployment. L'\,r -Jiink how much work the legal profession would lose is it were not perhiiitod to take the straight and Dimple talk of two contracting parties, trail., la In il iti- - to an English which only lawyers understand, then retranslate it so that the parties of the first and second parts .could be sure that the contract actuall • said what they intended it to say. That, we grant you, is a form of made work, liut if the courts have de- cided that it's all right for Mr. Pelrillo's union musicians lo demaiuV and gel pay for services which their employers don't need or wanl, lliey why should lawyers be denied a similar privilege'.' Nor are the lawyers the only ones potentially affected. If this readability thing jr»i stiii'lcd, if might even ex lend to the United Nations. Mr. Austin an 1 Mr. Gromlco might .suddenly be left with almost nothing to argue abovu. Mr. Byrnes and Mr. Mololov might find themselves pursuing the same goal. ,A1I Ibis could easily eliminate some of the UN's work. Hotels and re.sfaiu 1 - anls would lose business. And th.j world's people, DOW able to understand a readable UN resolution might start pressuring the delegates to pay more heed to the public will, continue lo lean upon our lawyers as too revolutionary, loo likely to upset, traditional habits, practices, and fields of employment. So, as before, we must continue to lean upon our lawers as they help us through a ma/e of Black- sfonian English until, at life's end, we give, bcmieath, devise, transfer and assign away our world goods. The Simple Life How adversity simplifies our tastes and sharpens our desires! In 1028 America heard without noticeable excitement the promise of "two chickens in cvory pot and two cars in every garage," and accejited it as its ju it due. In lfl<17 that same America—or at least the adult male portion of it was all agog at the promise thai, .sometime during the year, theYo woulJ be I wo pairs of pants with every new suit. SO THEY SAY Don't Do It—-And Live A liencroiis-licnrted Clarksville executive heeded the reo.ncst of two teen-a(je hitch-hikers a! Nashville. Rave them a ritle, and was brutnlH- murdered and robbed as reward. He didn't get killed because lie resisted the robbery. His lite was taken merely because his killers thought !u would tell on them. It is the same old. ugly slory with which American crime records arc replete and invoked in the same risky. chance-Inking ngniiui which we have warned again and again. Ignoring Ihe request.s of hitch-hikers i/es the many who arc probably honest because of the crimes of thp few, but who has the' ability lo preplck the honest? If you want to keep on living, pass up (!,,-> hitch-hikers. -COMMERCIAL APPEAL. VIEWS OF OTHERS "My country, right or wrong." may have a ylorictis riii[t In vvaviime, LI,i how hollow 11 sounds in a civilimt society, nnd what an in- vilation to chaos it would constitute if ndoplcd universally.—Arthur Swcei-iCt 1 . \Vasl>.ina;on UN office chief. JEANNETTE COVERT NOLAN "Well—yes. put t XXVII • ible. I am at present putting all T\ TAJOR CAMERON sal in n sc- j m >' available funds into an invest- questered nook in the St. menl." George bar where the palm trees "Could you make a better in- were real, though they grew j rl vestment." she retorted, "than in fubs. His hat was on the back of j your sun's future?" his head, his brow kntl: in iiis « « » hand was a notebook in which he JVOR fully a half-hour, having and then scribbled a name. cooped him up in a corner of ic parlor, she had continued her idgcring. She wanted forty dol- rs—well, then, thirty-five—for elf; because Jell had some sort of in view, a job in a distant ly to which he must travel by ain; the money was for the rail- oad fare. Major Cameron hadn't uite understood what it was all now To observers, those few bcfore- naon drinkers who sauntered in and oiil, he must have seemed a man w hose disciplined brain plowed a single, fertile furrow of thought; but the fact was that he crossed out the names almost as soon as he wrote them, and his thoughts were jumbled a^ a crazy quilt. He had just written "Waller McNally," and crossed it out (poor Walter!—a post-oflice clerk, of course, and so rather secure, with a steady, modest income; bill still saddled, probably with the expense ol his wife's illness and death) when the bartender called jovially lo him: "'Morning, Major. Ain't you gonna have your buttermilk?" '•No, I'll wait a while, thank you, Jim." He would wait, he reflected umil Mr. Milgrim came in, as he was likely to do, and offered the buttermilk "on the company." The prices here were simply ragcous: twenty-five cents tor a mug of buttermilk. Well, vou paii lor everything else with that nui —the sparkling mirrors behin S the bar, Jim's white apron, ,lii himself, the St. George manage inoul's taxes and interest on vestment. As the word/"-vest -irie.'i!" flashed into his mind, th v Major winced, it had recent con notations; it brought up his las , night's conversation with'Sidney ^ She was becoming more intorrlg liie every day, Ihat girl, more UK the Major's unfortunate sisto Laura, ... »* had 16 Sidney. "Wh - JHSL •«'* demanding is not fca bout; this was partly because he idn't wish to, but largely because iclncy was so secretive. In any- 10 other than himself, the Major ctcstcd secrecy. Why couldn't idnoy come right out with it. in- ,ead of beating around the hush? le asked her that, and her answer •as characteristically pert—why idn't he tell her the nature of his j uvcslmcnt? | "In cine lime." he hod said, "you | .'ill know, Sidney. In due time", ns i t, forty dollars will ! cem the merest picayune sum to \ lie and to all ol us. Jeff will be j Ule lo travel any distance lv i polling glcnm. don't—'' "Never mind. I jusl had to know that much." * f t- HUT the truth was, and he avoided facing it oflener than he inust. that the oil business was very slow in developing. This was lo an exlenl the Major's own fault—or so Air. Milgrim seemed to think. The president of the company was not "producing" enough. Mr. Milgrim said—which meant that the Major was nol selling rortilicales fast enough. "Yon mu:-t produce, sir!" Mr. Milgrim <t:\<\: and occasionally the Major dv'.cc'od a shade of censure in the L'.cviuralion. "After all, sir. a c{ your, pre-eminence in this comny.'nily. this slate, with shoals of friends!" . . . Well, tlic Major had ;.heady sold one hundred and eighty-three certificates, which wrs nine thousand, one i /« (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 10'!" !•••••«•••••••« IN HOLLYWOOD JSV DUSKINi; .rOli.N'SON NI.'A Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD -- iNEAi — Dolores Morim and licncdic-t jii-st re-tinned fioin a holiday on the fui'm ii- Ne-.v York suite by Paulettc Uoddard and Meredith. Dolores is still \vioc!-cycd. Che (old us: "ll's tin- only farm I've ever seen "ii which u butler milks tlic cows." llelilu, who clicked biff I" "Suspense 1 ," is peeved because studio is licniing; her off the M-recn so long-. Klic si ill K i'ts a weekly pa.vchcck that's fur from v.'rali, Injwcvcr. Don't talk about cycles to OUo Knifier. He's been through .so many he's (\ivzy. For :in years hi: played nothing but comedy In the theater. Then Hollywood discovered him. and he played Hi sad husbands, <2) shyster lawyers, i3i crime detectors, (41 killers, 15) Nazis, and <Gi killers a^ain. Now, after ID years on (he screen. he's hark lo comedy in "Love and Leans." HIM, WANTS TO Oil ILL Don't let William Holo'cn's dls- nnnini'ly boyish f-rin fool you. girls. Behind ihai "you're-so-w'onclorful- and-if-l-wereirc - shy" expression iurks a sinister d_esire. H':!:len. you m:iy he heartbroken learn, -will purr !ikc a kitten when Paramount hands him n role that !ds hi::: paste .some pretty doily iu the puss with a grapefruit. i •' Or it can be animal, vetxlable, maybe H suft mineral, as far Bill is concerned. "All 1 want." lie wept on our .shoulder, '-is a elKnxx- to get n !iu:<> tonsh in the movies, i want '•<> I'-ay opposite some dame and do «hul James Carney did to Mae Chirk, 'or Alan t add to Veronica Lake, or Glenn Ford to Rita 1 lav- worth." Hut before you start jotTmV, Holden down ns a sadistic so-and- so, we'd belter explain why. Hoiden's so crazy about making movies i at u four-figure salary j he wants lus wni'V: to |;0 on forever And It's his opinion thai on ihc screen (he cave-man is a \Wfli more chir.iblc commodity than^de nice yoiuij; man. Dennis Morgan's nine-year-old daughter. Kristen, makes her film debut with papa in -My Wild Irish Hose." . . . nicardo Cortex luis practically retired from the screen in favor of I he antique business. (JMTTKIl Gl'l.OlI, NEV. Thai Las Vegas, Nev., street lined with Waning neon-lighted casinos has a Holly.vootiish title — Glitter Ciiilch. The opening of the S5.000.000 Flamingo Hotel puts even more "litter in ili<, with half of Hollywood planing up every week-end. Producers ;,ri- missing a sroud 1>H in Ida I.tip inn's jnulhcr, CMII- llie Kirrrukl. She's line of (he licsl colnerliciincs i n town, and lorilis y(itiii(f rii«tii;li lo he Ilia's sister. . . . u n ni| :t Ciranvillc anil .lackie CUD V CI; u m . L . rn^ugrd, have ren-aini'tl giunl r'rieiuls (lintiiKli I he years, lianila ami Jack Wralliri-, ], cr current h. f.. were ainmis the wcll-v/rshers at tlic fiiaper sceon,| - n-cdtliiur- amiivcrsary p;\rly. WASHINGTON COLUMN I!V I'KTUU EPSON NI:A Washington ('inT<jsl> j WASHINGTON — iNEA) — Bt- f ore mid-Jmiuary, Sen. Robert, A. i Tall of Ohio hopes to get some- .hhiB started in the way of nc'.v :ioilsUl[; legislation. H won't be a jit too soon. Shifting Democratic Adniinistra- lon policies on housing, with the ':era|:piiij; of most of the veterans' mousing program, have created a snarl which will require sonic of he best law-making abilities of this or any other Congress to straighten out. hundred-nnd lifty dollars' worth: but the next day he had gone out again on the route, visiting, among other old tobacco customers, Mr. Sylvester Atkins of Carp Creek, Indiana. Mr. Atkins bought a gross of Spunky Mule plugs; he didn't buy any Slienandoah slock. Mr. Atkins said-he'd like lo, but lie now had four certificates, which was his limit. "A follow can invest just so much, Major," Mr. Alkins said. Mr. Milgrim was advocating speed and more speed. . . . Sometimes the Major was quite frantic and thought of himself as an clc- ikcs. not lo a job,'but to college! I ! >hnn . 1 prodded from the rear by an i university—" | irascible trainer. He borrowed from Jeff and bought n certilicalc: i ho sold one to his barber, one to conductor on the Governor Street trolley, and then no more. He niUECd with rrgrc-t upon the lack of conviviality in his past life. Tic had few intimates—none, "Jeff? Why, Papa, he's too old tor college. He's twenty-three. And, anyway, he can't hang around until due time. He's got lo at once or not at all. Surely you have a little ready money. We can't be that poverty-Strieker-.!" "My dear Sidney, we arc not poverty-stricken! You must think of it as a temperary condition only, the—ummin—famine before the feast—" "Tell me one thing," she said, "is this investment of yours connected with Mr. Milgrim at the St. George?" He cikl not intend to tcU her, but somehow her eyes had a corn- really. And he began lo make a list of his neighbors. He had the names of Mrs. Kerr, Dr. Tarpin, Mr. Fischer und Doc Morton. . . . Then, suddenly inspired, the Major c<Mc.l another name: Judge Logan. A still, proud man, Judge Logan. The Major would enjoy doing htm 'A invor, and, later, when, the Sheiiand'jah spouted a golden h&ivcsl, teeeiving his gratitude. (To Be Continued) Wyatf.s controls may have freed the liciniiii; industry to huiicl a loi of lomes, but most o k ' tiicm are bound .0 be. (airly high-priced. Construction of low-cost .housing may' not [joins again till itie demand [or higher-cost housing is met. How long that will tnk c is z ques- .ion. but a lair KIR-SS is that il will take mosi of the 1DI7 miiUlini; sfca- That means litlie low-cost housing before 19-18. unless Congress can put through a program that will encourage the housing industry lo build, it. for sale or rent iiw-tncomc groups at prices they can afford to pay. r That, in brier, is the aim of Tail's housing program. Tad co-author, with Democratic Senators Robert P. Wagner of New York nnd Allen J. Ellender (if Louisiana, of the Wagner - Ellenrtcr-Tiift long - range hmisim; bin introduced in the last Congress. 11 passed the Senate but C"! lost in the House. WIIO'Il, HEt.I 1 ? Practically all of the real estate intciesls and the construction industry and otheir lobbyists were <!ca,| ::e< a:::;inst this W.-E.-T. bill. That apparently does not bother ' the conservative senator Tpft. With a few changes in content and n slight change in slratc»v. he i.lans to i-cmtroducc most of his last year's program, which uns developed in hearings before a postwar [ilaiinini; .subcommittee which he headed Some rif the more experimental I'.nrts of the bill, like "yici,! insurance" to e.nariinlec prolits on low-rent housing projects, mav be dropped. Also, ins-cad of risking Cone.ress to swallow his whole bill as one mouthful, he may bn-ak it up into bites, offering' his pro- cram piecemeal as several bills. Taft himself rtoesn t yet know what will be in each bill. One of the most difficult decisions v.hioli Tail had to make at tile bP.ainnini: of this session of Ccmcicss was whether to i;lve it!> his seat on the Sena!.- Hanking .1110 Currency Commit'.ce. w hlrli handles lumping legislation. He 11- nnily surrendered this )nv.-. But :!iat left his housing program wilh- int a Strom: Hermbliran b:i::•:,.,- on :he Bankini; and currcnrv Coni- :illltee. Hfnn'ulican sen. Clint le ; , V,'. To- 'fV of New H-iinpslme Incomes chairman of this committee, and last Congress he \ l; , s not ed too helpful hi the WK.-T. bill.' what pan K,»,ators \\ainier and KHende,- lv fi ,, )ny in ihis (icht for ne.v lioiisnul legis- ation has no! ,er bcrn detprmin- '<i. nut it i s obvious 111,11 -p a ft «'0.,ld !lke t'. makr it as nr,,,-h of a Kr-publirm show as The question is where the Republican : backing will ,-.•)„„. |,. om I" -he House. Hcpubb :,„ Coil - hressmnn Jesse of Michigan is chairman of the and ciirrrnry Cornmiti year In- [wked al the bill with an cxtrcme'y eye. and took the lead' in down iinvoinmnii controls. There rue some Indications thfl «^, f «^,v;r.r«!" i! rr r i s^r^.r^r housiiif; pi-oarnm w .is no good, an- that the controls w cro worse S> ho-A much Democratic sunpon Tnft the W.-E.-T. bill, niic Decemlier .stalemeiu liljeialwin!; the housing policy declined, "The • | main point of emphasis for 1H47 is • •••••«•••••••••»••••••• I rcllti 'l housing. . . . we are planning financing and other aids that win gel for his bipartisan housing I will encourage builders to produco lilll of last year is something of a ' units for rent." political riddle. ] The president's Economic Re- THUMAX 1IACKICI) THE 1111,1, j port messase lo Congress may re- The housing lobby is apparent- I veal in further detail Just 'what ly divided. Insurance, banking, sav- housing policy the Democratic Ad- iiigs and !oim company represenl- ! ministrntion favors for the tulme. atives who last year were lor yield I In this connection, Ihe ijosition insiuiince arc now against It. be- i of Leon H. Kcyserllug as vice- lieving Hie offered guarantees of 2 ; chairman of the President's Coun- per ccni a year amortization mid | cil of Economic Advisers may be 3'i pc-r cent protit arc too low. ! important. KeysertiiiR was secretary to Senator Wagner when iiuicli of the curly New Deal housing, legislation was written. Later he was counsel lor the Housins Administration. He is on recarcl with full sii])ort for the W.-E.-T. program, which nnist no-.v again start from scratch in the nc-.v Con- Heads Movement I10KIZONTAL GI Hereditary While real estate and builders trade associations in general want government restrictions removed, the home builders want curbs kept Relaxing of ex-Expediter Wilson | on heavy construction, if n!! brakes ' were taken off commercial and industrial building, home building would suffer greatly. Last year president Truman was 1 gress. THtt CURIOUS tc Las W.-E.-1 hnttlnr cTas'flDEEcD fO SACCS.D IM ENF EfcYPf THAriTJ BE WEfJE EMB^L.UED AT DEATH, AND ONE OF THE PYRAAMDS WAS ERECTED IN ITS HONOR/ THE BIRDS APPEARAKtE EACH YEAR WtTH IHE RISE OF WE NILE AND THIS GAVE RISE TO TriE. 3ELIEF THAT IT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PRECIOUS VWERS THAT WERE SO NECESS-ART TO THE COUNTRYLS WELFARE. MORE PEOPLE CO.\\E DCWM V.'.TH COLDS 0\i THA'^i ANY OT-iER DAY ,OF THE WEEK. A POINTED FWSER rAN BE BLUNT," LOIS PETERSON, SIDE GLANCES 1.0 Piclurcd Jeader of Oxfortl group ]3Hetiin:.;'" 15 Kcar UiEai;;!- ITContinciiL 19 Female lu.rsc ^0 Scoundrel 1!! Lets fall 23 Headed Morindin dye ^o Pronoun 2B Higher 28 South latitude 20 Fee! 31 Wiiy tmits ' VEKTIC'A:, 1 Melco 2 Treat ^ Footless 4 Find fault 5 Kentucky C Surely 7 Russian i-iver K Credit (nb.) 0 He lORepost :11 Stop 11! Sewi-ig lool 14 Enervate 18 Chinese river -1 Hardened 22 Presume -17 Ireland 25 Mohammedan '18 Deprivepiorit fnifh .. 43 Note of 27 Dispenses ' Guido's scale 30 Neither 50 Fish 'M Oriental plant 51 WoUFiouml 35 Spile MSainte (ab.) 30 Declaims 55 Beverage 3S Nullify STl-IalCan em ' 3fl Coast.-; 5(1 Exerniili i 45 Caves gratia (ab.) 3-1 Mire His movement is known rearmament' 37 Presses 40 Area measure 41 Myself '12 S'.e.irnsliip (alO '13 lixcJamali™ M Boy •KiFInad . il P;,-t >'Z I'ollov.-er:; -1 Jot 1 '' >J I_ 1 1 ''<• %%' •I '',"7 Hi ; ; /..^' b '» l\ 4'j ''(&< 31 H 1 W %fcl W ^ i^ -11 4 '3 PP --^»" ^ " v i -i'B, '• IS *$K. r? -J -jSj >1 ' ^^ ! ff m _i i-l , d y&. n. i-^ ji H a] •R '•'I tl 4 .; ^& n ^ , 3 11 •li iZ 51 1 13 'J, ,i ij .-, 10 Our Boarding House w i th Ma j. H oo p I e 30 •!£, MARTHA: LITTLE DtD\;V L OJ?!T.f\^\ A CAERE GOOSE M CO'j'.o \>:OSM. ITSELF so OEc.PLV IW.O Oi^e'S '--•0.7;;. Ul-'OER. T\VO •••Or.ROVif; — rOR IT MO\A> X'M. TIRED OF SE&IKJG YOU >/' MOPE AR.OUWD WITrt A LCKvJER. ' UP HK£ AW APR0M PULL OF POTATOES/—AND iNe GOT A SWELL AMTIDOTE FOR, ,,' GRIEF --- THREE OUNCES OF SvmW/--~- GO OM UPSTAIRS A^D \\'StSTLe MATTRESSES.' Out Our Way "Wait till tho next time Pop tells me that one about how he walked three mites to school!" By J. R. Williams '\ WARN! f7 WELCOME, '\ KIND S1R-- /BRlrOG VOUK rove OF TE <SN' STAY l.QMGER.' <«f VOL) DON'T V : ,|7 WE'RP. MIND US /,, ! i'ITHe EWSIMEGR PUTTIM- OUR\ : .. i' ABOUT KEEPIM* PE=ET UP CM Vi-^V TH 1 DOORS VOUR. BOILER, J—^\ OPEM SO TX5 VCO?

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