The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JAXrAUY 10, JfiJY Young Bulgarian Fools Generals Wins WACs' Hearts And Finally Lands in Jail in Germany By MKN'NO DUKKKSKX United Tress Stuff Correspondent FRANKFURT Ocrmuny lUl'J — A modern liulgiirl-.m Beau Uruin- »iel who used his hypjiolk- personality t 0 W oo ills «ay into the «a ; Vlence or American 'officers np loTrfie. rank of K eneral, anil into '"e arms of Wee officers at this United Slates Army headquarters, , lias been exposed after an invest!- I Ration which led army invcstlna- ' tors all over Europe. The united 1'ress obtained the i story from three different sources. I They included tin; culprit himself, who slt.s in jail here awaiting dc- Jiorlation lo Bulgaria, and from army officials who eonfirmeil most "f Peter Guvcralchclicv's story and did not deny the rest of it unofficially, part n f in,., story is still B suppressed io protect thc red fares of several American officers, both male and female. "Just eall me Pole," ihc EIIK- HMi-speakhH; ma.suuerader invited "Is American friends durlii" his year lonj- impersonation career Inat career ineluded everythiiii: dramatic jail breaks and f eighl-of-hami .ciilf) removals to I iKnts with American officers to me capitals of Europe and being sucst. of honor ;! t an American general's parly (;n t!lc R | vcl . a Despite the fact that investigators once credited him with being a liieh priority Russian spy. the 1 "lc 24-year-old K l i(m0 r boy to«ay stands i leaally acquitted of everyth,,,., except masquerading in American all(1 H us s ian uniforms f"|s""" 6 fOOC ' an<i lo '- ! » m K ""'Id' JH'i American ofMccrs nrmmd^by ^' nere. A military ''furl has sentenced" years Imprisonment, winch „,„,„=, amomattc deportation. C:i|ilure,| |, v <! cr mans No one knows exactly when this <Micc-m-\VuiKlerland fantasy first but army invc-;tii;alor rc- Hamnoi3 '(nav) Huge Waves Batter Hawaii Sheriff's Ass'n Seek Poll Tax Elimination HOT SI'IUNGS, Ark., Jan. 10.— <UP>~Ni'w presl'i-.'tit of (he Ar- knnsus sheriffs' Association today was Ciiil|;heiKl County Sheriff I/con Drown of Jonesboib, who \v:is olecU'd Ht Hi c eloslni; .session of n convention here yrstordiiy. Ollior ofllcers chosen were W. K. Davis of Texarkaim, first vice- president; ii. i.. McKcn/.le of Clarendon, .second vlee-pri'.'.ldent: 1. a. Brown n| not springs, Ihlrd vice- president; and Hownrd Clayloii ol Dallas County, >e-elecle<| secretary-treasurer. A complete revision uf Arkansas i-lceilon jaws, Im-IuilliH; the ellir.S nation ,>f poll tux assessments. Thc Imijc wave in the background. .smasliin i; over fie seawall al liil.i, Hawaii. ;cmls a liinnnn. Int. auci U. S. Navy officer, right. scniTyiiiK for their live;; ovrr iu.; K <d lava l:.mhli-rs. At re-port, it, wl is believed that the tlnnser to the Hawaiian Islands was .MM. UJ. S. Navy 1'hoto iroin NKA 'lVlephilo.1 fantasy Peter showed np l n tlie tniifonn of a lieutenant-colonel of the Russian air force. He wore a collection of decorations wJiieli an,| Crescent, a Zeppelin, and an American pilot's wings, to a (ancy red and while cord looped around hi.s right shoulder. His lorgccl identity papers, which lie says he bought from a Russian officer at Gicsscn, stated he was a Russian officer and a hero of Ihc skies over Russia's battlegrounds of World Wai- II. Arrested in Ihe luiiie casino mess . at the army's European hciidquar- ['.ovenunent ) ters here by atl army investigator Dun to two j who recognized him from thc days placed in Ihe hands of a military pnliee lieutenant al the casino's l ig U.S. Patent Off ice BY l-KKDDKK'K I'.. OTH.MAX ; : ,_ |,"avv limbrrs and a (jooil deal United I'rcss Staff Correspondent | n . c , n , portable WASHINGTON. Jan. io.—Ameri- i ].-,-„,„ far-off London. HUB.. can genius, I think you will ap-ce. ] c( , m c s thc electrified window (Iran- is .starling the New Year right i ,,i Hurry Crawsh-iw. who U--.V..R with shoes that whistle. Built into the soles are bellows ! These are connected with conceal- ; ed piccolos, so thai each footstep ' produces a inelo;lii>u s li-E-E-K-P. Do not sneer at ihc musical ux- fords, patent number 2.4IS.545. t>f Le.ruider 1,. C:>rdi. the Redding. Calif., inventor. When every burgiar. foot-pad and sneak thief is forced by law lo wear n pair of whistling 'shoes, we'll need no locks on our houses. hv Ports reveal (hat ''Eli!- Ikutcnam. born in Kneka, "iiijfiina, deserted [o Marshal Ti- second lieutenant in thc face, and' partisans in MH3, I demanded his release. entrance to await arrival of MP's lo take him to jail. | While waithi". Guverwichcliev A «<i while we're on the- subject drew himself up to tlie full dignity of a Russian officer, stared the 1-o's where he w as captured by (lie American army forces liberated in'" from a German camp ,,ear LcipiMg at the war's end and ul,c "Wm in a displaced per.™,,-, Jam,, n an.'l'T 1 ' , U VV " S ' hC1 ' P tll!U hc '"'Si anncd his flights cr Krall(Icm . •Hid acquired hi, first Amciinn uniform, w-ari;,v ., first licvtcn- ani-'s IMI-S o n ||i s helmet li'ici a "d prficcr-s , hil ., lOBC[hcr -. th - ev _ Sia 0 p'ece; l "p7"^. p;01 ' 1 ^ n ^ juii'and'w^i^^'S^fb'i;!: nil" 'I'ay 011 ' 1 ^' i» the best socictv »ie miiuar.v ha« to offer. It was durnit: this st.v-e in his career that h,- m;Uic his°firs? ac- lancc willi wac officers Pe!- clttshte ( | in icl!ia,r ,„.,,, ,„_ vesliKatoiv nn( | lhis , T]J01 . t|;| . ! \ m - il ,.. nrrirll,"' 1 '" 01 " """""ciM with Wac officers a,i,, n f e w naiilcius on thc side. Army officials udmi: Wac officers were im-oivM When • m-tV ••[I. Peter !,ad a wilol, album of figncd pictures of women "I was a:so tin™,;. ,h is pc , k)( , that Peter first aliracteC tlm attention Of FiispiHons army officials and was nrrestrd. Thc arrest fjave him an opportunity ; n demonstrate ins ability tr, Klj p ,, [f , ]lc h|11(l _ cuffs and to break ou; of jail No one knows y( .j v .-!,crc the hacksaw rnmc from that sa.'.cd the bars o f Btrunirs liii.viaii Hero In tlie next art of his dramatic . hii-'h-rankini; soviet officer, had to catch a plane in 15 minutes, if thc imposed delay caused him to miss the plane it would RO hard with the lieutenant, he threatened. Imagining the entire weight of Pet IMnff Wins Out the lieutenant demurred. flashed his papers, screamed forced identity that he. as a _ upon his head. Ihe young lieutenant quailed under the pressure a:ul allowed his prisoner to go. Cur Bulgarian hero next appeared <m tlm Rivera, after a trip through Luxembourg and .TY.-.nce, where he used his phony "identification papers to change German reichsmarks into francs On the Rivera lie tooted his own horn loudly to thc tune of dozens of , German planes shot down in Rus- : sia and of leading the Tied air forces to glorious victory. Before thn brassy onslaught, it is repcncd, the American army fell prey to thc extent of further personal friendships, male and female, and a party sponsored by an American general. It was there wire inside rayou threads. ; is a good idea. It must be nise British Celanese Ltd.. had [ him a Mnul! fortune for P. se drupe.'. and I never was e serious in my lie--will be sold nvbiblc radio aerials, i-othei- household improvement. Harold A. K i:;t.crbrool: nf Providence, If. I., is for fellows In lied -,iiih ostiic-h complexes and, or. c<il;i ears. Harold's invention, mmi- IKT '2.-112.TCP. is a pillow case, with :m e:<lrn flap or pocket on one side. When seared, cold, or bothered liv liuht in Ihe eyes, merely flare head in hole. The [lap buttons neatlv at either side of neck. Intereslini! and practical, loo, Is 'hr outboard meter with no moviiu: parts, as developed In Chk-ii'o illy Kemy J. McColhiuv it is a jet] [lowered engine, really, which burns ! luel in a small chamber and sends . Ibt't ease;; whoosliinn furious^ Into hat Peter continued hi., explnlta- ; the w.iter lichlnd Hie boat,'cnus- uon of the American air force ' ii»! same to leap forward. Inventor wnici nhoRetlier netted hi m ail-| Mctiolhun died, unfortunately bc- , acntion flights to Rome. London.: fore hc c<nild savor Ihe profits 'tails. Cannes and Nice ir i,.^ i I I so there that ctei w- t ", " ' Iis ' >V!(!O ' V - " mvrvr ' 1 '- tllls ™" ' betr-ivcrl i, s tl:l a!lviri';his to the Blcw.vrt-Warner ' To me, v ctim, W 7; 1!U1 ' °" c nf lli; k'"-n.. whose jet rowboats prcsum- '"" ""^es'l^e. he a™' """'•'«"=""v of home. (I certainly do love in- venlors), let us pause in awe before thc roof of Emil R. Capita of North Berlin. N. j. it needs no girders to hold it up. NO sir. It's got to be held down, like a ;; dirigible, wilh steel cables. Emirs roof (patent number i".-tll.:itGi js a balloon, almost. kin t i of Has helium in it. Not nearly as scarce devclopim-nt is Illuminated smoke for toy trains under Christmas trees. The smoke was an Invention of hist year, .sometimes it could In smelted, but It couldn't be seen. Joseph I,, Uonainio of MacllMin. N. J.. solved that one by placing a Unlit under the smokestack Id shine ou the smoke, patenting II (number a.-IUUfM*. and selllni; (lie idea to the Lionel Coll)., of New York. , '•'or Kciulcmcn who look Ilk, football players only when lhr> wear thru- coals, Charles Hulomoi of New York luis patented removable shoulder pads which fit inl< their shirts so that they may con, tinuc to resemble athletes during ' Ihe summer season. | That brings Us logically lo Ih built-in c oat hanger of Rudol Eeiin In Hastle, Swil/ei-liiml. it I sewn Inside (he coal, from arm hole to ai in-holc. w-lth a I mo emerging from the collar. Neve before In hlslorv ha.s there bee anything like that. Nor has anybody except He brlstcuson of Pasadena. Calif vorricd about the hot water In H lot water bottle getting eold. I ;anlHlicd the clammy bottle tpa cut a.-ni,6T7> with electric heath wires Inside. Finally, because 1 ircve run out of space, do we com* 1 what Hubert Scott-PaIne ol Greenwich. Conn., calls devices ln- ellltatlug walking on mud. Skis. 11 :l'e mud |s cxtra-sonpv do not'-hcs- itate; ponloons arc Inside. land Leader, Rescued torn fey Waters, Not to Have Feet Amputated MUMl'lllS. Trim., Jan lo.--(lir) -Doctors said today (hat It would ot be necessary to amputate (ho M't of Memphis orchestra leader ohnny 1 -onis. lortneily of Dlythc- Ulc, Ark., who iviis niiirooned over U hours )n (h,- ley waters of liln III.VIMI nenr YH/OO city. Mls.s,, last londay. Long and two companions, W C. 'riswcll. an. and t:«lln Anderson. 0. both of Ya/oo city, were Ihroivn no Hie firc/in,. waters when their Miat oveituiued wlillr tnmUim. Cilswell lost |,| s duiu against Iho •out alter 'M horn-, niul slippe<l lo "Is donti, i,, H IL . swamp. Ho was Hilled yesleiday. '"IB and Anderson were report- hi ".Millsliu'loiy condlllon to- lay. Their uric fears a I first thai •>""K.s icet lia.l been so serloiislv o.'.l-hitlrn tluit they w ,,tild hnv'ci o be amputated. PACK NINE gr. Radio Service ADAMS APPLrANCE CO., Inc. .1. \V. Allans, MJT. 2071 206-08 W. Main Give Hie children oil tiic Cur|[$$ Peanut Buller the/ v/ant. It's a good, wholesome food made from fresh roasted peanuts. p friuhlenlii" Jish run it!:; soon on liike.s ncros i ill New Truman Aide Liner Sets Record • • ; LONDON, Juil. 10. '('U.P.T — Thi ' liner Queen Elizabeth docked at Southampton Uxlay, loin-., days, n liours and 24 ml miles after leaUngr New York, a new record 'between" the cities. The Elizabeth bettered by four hours her own record, for the run. Fifth In Colonies . . Porluijn:, which is smallcr.-thaa Virginia, once was (.he leading colonial power 01 the world, and still ranks fifth In colonial possessions. With all the new legislation tlr Ituiuililteiiii Conj.ic inianin to work up, Oiailcs S. Murphy. nbove, of Wulliicc, N. L'.. will lull !>u*y in;ui I oiimi us I 1 ml legislative cDimM-l to the Scmii' he tias t;ce:i ii[>poinlcd admin Lslnilivu iijs-.Miinl to the I'r^i- clcnl on Iciiislalivu malleis. Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP m W. Main St. STARTS RELtEf IN OUST 6 SECONDS COID PREPARATIONS lABllli OK 11QUID STATION ROAD SERVICE OPEN 24 HOURS ARK-MO STATE LINE PHONE 920 TO OUR GAS CUSTOMERS FOR SATURDAY AND SUNDAY - - - 1.35 CAIU'OX LIMIT PRODUCTS REGULAR GAS GAL. 17I/ 2 c ETHYL ...i GAL. 19Uc / £ WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES, TIRES AND TUBES. FARMERS, SEE US FOR YOUR TRACTOR TIRES. MAKE YOUR WEEKEND RIDE A PROFITABLE ONE STOP AND SEE US! ' LET US HELP YOU FURNISH YOUR MODE KITCHEN WALL CABINET AND SINK $77195 £•§ &*o m • WOOD AND COAL RANGES $7950 GENERAL ELECTRIC Wafer Heater This lii-iiulil'iilly niiitio unil is (he "making" <il' >'<inr liilclu'ii. 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