The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT 13LYTHEVILLE (AUK.) CQUKIKR NEWS TVA Due to Get on FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 10-17 TheyVe GOP 'Big Three' in Senate. FEPC Bill Truimtn Recommends $755,935,000 in His ArmUtil Budget Message •: WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (UP)— president TrUman today fbrocast the virtual cncl of the Tennessee Valley Authority's 165^35.000 construction program In the 1948 fiscal year, ~ • Mr. Truman 'arked Congress In hi^ budget message to appropriate S2%057,500 for TVA during fiscal 1948. In f addition to tills amount, TVA plans (o use for all putposos, construction $12,877,500 own working capital ahd 9,500., from such sources as kale-of* power and fertilizer. f A expenses /will Increase dur- flsca 11948, Mr. Truman snld, by the end of that year construction- of all major dams will be lihost complete." ^Thereafter, the principal activity \vill be directed toward tile effective utilization of local resources for industrial and agricultural improvement within the valley," lie , / i r- Kentucky Farm The two major dams remaining . . . . uncompleted ore the $29,500,000 >Wa- L_GQC1G!"S 1 ISO f Uufia Dam ftnd Reservoir and thei S31;500,OeO South Holston Dam and! A/-, r j XprrptnrV : In Pnrt-n I Pm/PnQ/' Reservoir. TVA is spending $39,238,- j »*y '•' --»-•<-•1 t I U I y H 1 I (J I I CJ I r U y ^U bC, 000 In Ihe current fiscal year, in-' UKTROIT. Jan. 10.—(UP)— The eluding $14.501,OUO in appropriated: '-OUriVII.LE, Ky.. Jnn. 10-, (UP) Wulionn | Association of Mnniilac- lunds, on Its construction program. I--^ rct " 1 V ot ABrlciilUirc Cllnloji i tu| . el . s nskcc , fm . ^^.j..,^^,, Io(hiy It plans to spend JlS.ceS^CO, iuclml-1 p - Aiulerso,, yesti-rday culled lor n L mtcrvoiic us u friend of Ihe ing $20,280,000 'in appropriated P" 11 "" <> f :'.l!»ciiuural production I qnn , th Ml cl-mens (Mlt-h) funds, during fiscal 1948. - to ."inecl fully our iJcnrelimc needs. ! Lqnu m l " L Mu ol -'" cni (A1 "-"-' Mr. Truman estimated that TVA's' l>-event wasteful use of soil and poy,-er ouerations in the 1943 fiscal [ provide _full employment tor tlie year would show a net income j 'armors.'.' of $18,344.COO. This J'ould more! Anderson wns chief speaker at thin offset net losses totaling $12,-!tlie second-day session of the Kcn- Siiown in their first po\v-wo\v nfler being namcfl lo top Scnnr? posts arc Setiators Arthur Vatidoilbojg, of Miclii«an, nominatoit president, pro lempore; JCcnneth K. Wherry, of Nebraska, n< i v.- GOP whip; and Wnllacc II. While, of Kluin«, nnmed Rcpiibli<-L'u floor leader. | Manufacturers | Will Intervene Fight in House WASHINQTON, Jan, 10— (UP) — President Truman's renewed re- <iuesls for a permanent fair employment commission drew ihe ex- p2ded storm of protest today from Southern Democrats In the House, An informa! survey showed that II stieh n bill were brought to the llcjor. the 100 Southern Jlo members woujd oppose ii in a bloc. Home .Southerners said .they doubted many Republicans wanted :', pi-j'iiiuiiciii FEI'C cither, one said he did not believe it had the .support of more than 25 members In lht> entire- House. Hep. EnuiiHiel Celler, 1)., N. Y has promised lo introduce HJJPC legislation conn. He said he would attempt to s;ei Republican ineinbers behind it. In his economic: report to Congress yeslcrday, Mr. Truman said: "Discrimination ueulnsL certain riitlal kind rvllgloui; uratips, wo:kei.s In lute middle ai;e, and iilii'.ijist women, not only Is repugnant to the principles of our democracy, i)til often creates artificial tabor .shortages In the midst '073,000 from other activities. These included net losses of $3.051,000 from] navigation . from Hood tucky Piirm Bureau's annual vent ion here. operations. $2,493,000! ' Anderson, discussing effect of control opsrallons, $l,-;>cccnt federal legislation on the 111.030 from chemical operations and sfl.02-1,000 activities. from deVelopmcnt Equal Rights Bill Offered WASHINGTON, Jan. !0. (UP) Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, D., Ark., today relntroduccd the controver-dm "equal rights for women" constitutional amendment which has been the subject of heated congressional debate. past fuli:. r c of ag'iculmrp, puinlnd onl tlmt President Trumiin's Dec. 31. order ending World Wat' II hostilities would leave two more under which the agricultural economy would operate under a wartime price support program. He said the nation's postwar agricultural plant could operate al full capacity "in relation to sound use of land and could have a ready market, if we maintain full employment to provide the necessary food dollar:;." Pottery Company portal-to-portal pay case upon which a Hood of portal suits has been based. The NAM was Joined In the re- ciunsl lo Federal District Judge Frank A. Plcnrd by the Michigan Nfnnufnclurer.s Association aiitl the Employers Aw-oclallon of Detroit The federal government already has been grouted n similar request. "The questions presented In (he do not merely affect one em- years p'oyci- or those In one Industry practically nation i motion snld, every employer in potentially affected." the tlie Let Us Help You— STOP DRINKING Teachers Win ' CHICAGO, Jan. 10 <UP< — A teachers' strike, scheduled to be- .gin at 7:30 a. in. against the cily's trade, vocational and high schools, WAS uvertctl toilay ns fi result ot liny inc.rcftscs nntiouncecl l)y t3*e uonnl ot education. Hciul Courier News Want Ads. • There Is no medical remedy for i i drink . . . but we can help you j I resist its Influence! No cost to yon i —only co-operutlon. i JUST CONTACT t • Alcoholics Anonymous i Hox R73—Illylhcvltte, Ark. That's What Everyone is Saying . . . When that last year's number comes back looking like new. you'll agree with all our customers . . . Nu-AVn service is re:il mafic. We make clothes look better, last longer! WORK DONi : RIGHT! U-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS N. 2nd Phone 474-475 WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? 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(UPi —The Tennessee legislature t'/ok final action yesterday on ils first "general bill" of the session with House pa&'iage of a measure permitting co in tie. 1 ; to borrow funds ivllii which to Increase salaries ot teachers. The Hon.',c vote was unanunou:'. Tin- SDiiaU- had passed the meiisire uiiKiiliuously yesterday, and 11 now goes to Guv. Jim McC'ord Icir iiis <jf plenty," In Hit p:isl Congress, FEPC ICB- islulion \v»s filibustered out of the Semite anil died in tin- House null's Committee. .Southc-nnTS prpillcted a similar [ dend-tnd for tiny new FnPG (Jills. sienatnre. The House CommiUiic on Kdueiitlon and Common Hchoo'a linil approved tlic measure a few minutes before Its final passage. j CALL" everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE / AfitNCY KTTT DIETRICH, fitgr, } FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING J. LOUIS CHERRY lleprrsfnlhii New Yo-k Life Insurance Co. Blytlievillc, Ark. Furniture is a Sound Investment in Comfort! 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AUTO SERVICE Phone 2(511 Second and Ash Sis, CONCRETE BUllDSNG BLOCKS Also CULVERTS We arc Dealers for 12 Indies up lo IS rnrtn-i THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Tik & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 320 E. Main St. Phone 2407 Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! \V1I.L TKADE FOR I,ATK MODKLS \Vr have on display fur Immediate delivery-—Drum! NVw: ',*. Paulino Strr:imlhi(*r.s Kitli uH trimmings, 1 Buick Suiier -I-rtonr, " Chevrolet i!-tloors.' Also s?vcral l:\lc moiJcl used curs iiiid trucks. Coiiu 1 in or c:ill, \vt i will try in trade with you. BHi AOTO SALES Cor. Franklin and Main SI. Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG L:NE FARM DITCHES ¥/m. R, Overton -- county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years I'hone l^veninjjs — Ron I House, Hig Lake or Wrile ';,' IJox 81, Homeland, Ark. TODAY — Bring Us Your Poultry Hens — 25c Cocks . 18c Geese Ducks 24cLegiiorn Hens Al Our KesideiKC. 1711 \V. Vino 24c 20c No Waiting! No Delay! 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