The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 19-17 BLVTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKllSR NEWS Stiggestons For Better Farming Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. FARM NEWS-PEA! URES PAGE FIVE. Published Every Friday Interest of Farnj Families of This Agricultural Section. Cotton Problems To Be Discussed 16 Men from Arkansas Will Attend National Council's Convention MEMPHIS. Tonn.. J ; u). 10.—Six- U'l'ii official ri'prc'M'iiuuivi's of ihr ootton iiidusuy irons "Arkansas will I):utici|>!Ue in imlusirywii!!' |>ro- Bi'ain planning for 1 ( J47 at the :m- iniul nieclinu of ihe National Cotton Council at vial'.'csum, Ti-xus. January 23-30. i.. T. H.irrini-iT. chairman of ttip Cotim-il's AiKan- .s:ts Unit, imnaiiiiceci today. ThC 1SH7 Council illCClllli;' Mill lake ii]j problems cdiilrciHini: tm> cotton industry in ihe lii-Ks ot Hiri'len mull-, salt's [.romoiioil. research, and I'ntton production itml marketing. Mr. iSarrinKPi suid. Plans for the proui'mn to increase cotton miUkHs (iurinj,' the coming yi'nr will he workc'ii out by IH-I <>(- liclii) (k'luuale.s ele-iecl to i-f|«-i- sent (he more than ten million people (>ht>ai>etl in ihe cotton in- [luslry in the cotton-jnoduoini! states. SntTOUi'y of Agriculture Clinton I'. Andeison a»d Oscar Johnston, Scott. Miss., president of the Council, will deliver the prineipul addresses ot mi'c'iii!?;. the Arkansas chahnum said "'I'll!.-; nirelint; v.iK hi- IM-" o' ill' 1 most important in the history of ] ihe cotton industry," Mr. ISai'iini:- IT averted. "Indicateil :i]l-oul production of consumer y(Kirls during !he mnntlis ahead means that cotton M.-OIJ will be in ihe of till- jjrcaiost battle lor market.s ',ve have ever known. It is \ip to ihe indusiry to carry out a concerted l>roi!i'am u! action which will allow Icoiion til cope fully u-Ub ;i;l of IK c[)inpetit(irs." I A! tan-inns who will participate i in ihe (ii.scus.iions include: | rmum ])n;di:cers: Harold A. Venn!!, North LiltU- Rr K -k; I,aw- icnce C. Sloan, Master, Arkansas State Grange, Strawfj(!rr\'; an<i I 1 .'. Short. ])re;i(icnl, Arkansas Farm liureau Federation, Uiinktey. Oinners: L. C;. Hhuk. Commit: John w. Mann, president. Arknn- '•air-Missotiri Ginnrr.s Association. Mali ia; and A. !!. Cobb. Keo, Wai-ihuiiscmcn: K. H Nichols. jl>rs Arc: w. A. Go'ilitfee. llf-lena; [and K. P. Wade. Little liock. Merchants; L. T. Uai ringer. Sirup Suggested for Use ] ; Farm Women's '" p . lacc of Sugar m \ i i Curing Home-Killed Pork \ Column | SI11 , !U . !tlloltllRl . s u ,,. , m> , VH; ,,' ; , „, ._ __, | dntu'iili lor many North Mississippi i I'.iunly lalili iair.ilies lo sm'i 1 Now that the nv;h 03 the holi- L <*!iu::i'li MiKa;- to curt' their hiune- I clay entet tah in;', is over and the dir.^sed jioik. according to Miss i housewives nave lliciv letr.'ar roil- tlura Lvr I'oliMitan. home demon- iline dutj(s 1:1 Urnoiui, some da.,'s M'-atkm a^ent. \Vhile su^ar is j there is a time limit on meal prep- | added to improve tile flavor, 'salt jiiration. "A rescued meal plan ot , K ""' I'liiel 1 preservative and Ihe | oven and casserole disllr.i will save essential [ia:t o!' all ^Urint; mlx- i tin- day." .says Miss l\ira l,?c Cole- .lures. man. county hoaie demoiisirutkin | !•'•':•' families who do no! I t.iu'tu. .Such meals a'V m.'e to have ] have enoie.-h su^ar. she passed on ion wash days, holidays. cUil) da.'.s.'lhe ioi;o\vin;; sia'ueshons- or when a day's s!i<.p,nn 1; is lo m-: I( a liu!l . ..,.,.,,. [lim |j( , s .,., ml 'done. Qairl'. ptriwration ami |on u vl ,c one pound instead of the cus- bukin- witluau w.ucluny are aauv.'.,; Irmaiy two pounds for each 1OT the mfvaiHancs <il o\en rooked poimds ol meat mials anil casserole d:,hes make' l ..,- ... . ... i ') or muilv flavored Dogwood Club Names Project Chairmen Too Lot* (o Classify For Sale SO iicro level farm, ncrii I'iiriiK'oiilil on hiwtiy. lin- l>roveiiH'iil>- worMi i>rkv asked. I'rin SSMIO. .)., c. Cli:i]Hn. Miinihi, Arli. .,,m.i \vercj l^'O-pU-'Ji n..:r.i-d in a mccllni: Wednesday I • • ——.. ''ivini'on in MIC dm, house, ' j Two il!) new citrine riinuf-s i'!i.-s,. "H.'Uer Monies chairmen i,,,,,>,,,li,, i, -.- ',. ' ••'•"• Mrs C. K M,;-|,:iel. clothim,;! mliu(ll '» l i.i'uvc-ry. (tin -M- 1'. S. I'aiki-v, iiMi-lllnn; Mrs.' he soon ill Itlyl hovillo S:ill'S i(a,m<md Slrlnccr. uaidcnliH; and 1 (':>.. I:1S I 1 I'liii-.-apli-.n; Mr,, Altai I'aync. 1 ''»>i!i^; M:-. C.'laiviu-e Davis. ''•''' inaiiaiTini nl : Mr.v .!. 1', lli|ll!. ' • ; ;:'.', rri:i:iaiu; Mrs. I. tit |i e r 'I ' :!-i:-on. |i n:ltiy ami IKUIH> cnn- i-iiii 1 .: M'.^i c.:iuu!<'.-, l,utr.s, luouram ,.-'..I :(•(-!.•.iti,MI. Mis. Walli-l l.lllos ••:-'! Mv;. .1. 11, l.ulrs. lionu- hulns- -v: Mv., lliui-y i,uli-s. child wol- We have if in stock now IMS mm ^, rat killer Here's a new rat killer that does ' ' \ a bang-up job. It's Ajitnrnt, a Dr. Hess product. It's tasteless-rats can't detect it in baits. They eat it without being suspicious. AiHnrat is more poisonous to rats than other animals. It's more effective than squill against the Norway or common brown rat. It's been thoroughly tested-ideal for farm use. Anturat is least poisonous to chickens-it is not dangerous to livestock: or pets if used prSperly. Anturat is an entirely new rat killer. We feel certain it is the best type of rat killer for every-day farm use. Get Antnrat now. ol the meat and potato casserole „,,, (i ,„ „ umls ,., _ salL " l( . ,„, is as folWws: Line a bakm,; ' ))o , ill(l ., „, Ilc ,. lti .„,„ ,„„,, „„, „ hl will, masied poia.oes. MSI ,!„..„,,,, „„, ,env.l, o tin c . ' . c eenier will, ve,,.tab!es stew and lh arus and shoulder..-,' :« days per [li'llover bus ul meat or fisli. Cover ,,ounf!.s Ijuon 1 ' .. dav--| iwilh mashed potato. 's. Hake ill a '_ [licit oven i-IUO decrees I'.i tiiuil hot j llirnu;;h and bio'.vn on top. II yon Head Courier News Want Alls. |lK'\'e onh' a lilt:. 1 jjoiato, make' ---------- ------- ------------ > — only the iipiicr crust. ... . . . "" uir.-i- cLui oe ini.xci a lead o Ihe tlessert, i : i,,..e™-,,,d mad,' ,,„„. „„.„, ,,„. t]lo , nm , ,„„,. ftom a leady piviiaved mix. or b.,K- . uui k ,., lt ,„ Jars j ' , , i«l apples, goes lino the oven alon,; „„,,! tLev :„ e made with I lie casserole. Home made This is' the season lo lelv on •mixes will save much time when canned foods winch take onh- a ;:as.r\, b:s"iul, and corn bread fe.v minutes tj prepare A main are made in a huriy. lnnredii'nls ; dish of canned bivf. wiili tomatoes. I Memphis'" Venn : H c.' W, si' l!|v . ,, . . . :•,•»!•) in- cliovvder. A liani omelet r. | Crushers: Phi!,,, Hicky. r-wresl. ' ,, ,.„;,,. «,,,, lll:ll ,.,,.,„, r)lllv ., n V i, "''"''• r li->:aikiin:i : and ; f ,, w . ,,,1,1,11,-; to make \vl-,llc :\ flulfy P. V. Clenvcr. Ultlc FdKk. ! r-liecsn nmrlrt is a siiniirr ill:.], (il I i>:!nvrs it'. MIC r.i'oiijt will tie In-j lil . ,., la iiu-etlni; Wednesday, ] --'' 'J'" it the v -lul> lions!'. i h Institute Award Won tw Clay Count/cms r 'i'!!!:'!! hit:i Ix'i'Jl UVVllfiU'd u t:Ol<l '!.;!<•;! Jnvin;: .UD hy illt- NiKlonu] O.ndi-n in.stiuiU'. itn tluiin: Mn» v -<.'•••', ont-suuulin; 1 . \\oj k in piuiU-y ••in: i-> f;tiin>iL!'in .'ijxmsori'd by l!u- ;i:;i i,":Hur;'l Fxtcrision Si-i'.'iri-, Mrs, M.'/.-l C«. Jo:'«l;u'., (Uslrlct Kstcnsloii A'U'lH. b;is iiiiiunuici'tl. The M-lnch ,'uii '.viH j(» run :'u vi'cl with tin- inunc of th>' t'tmncii :\ni\ llic (HT;Ir-ion. AJl !15 hmno df nionsL ration rlulv; in UK; county look p:n t in I In; piLiHry Nt ores surllvitics ntnl other (u H :Mntzr\iiuns cnopct'ntr<l lo pioinol^ t lie runriiuiui lor bc*Ui'r food pi c- ; • TVU! ion and storn;[p pvnct Irc.'i. '1'in 1 Vh'.ituU fro'/c-n [otid Uiol'.t 1 ! 1 1-UitU inndt' mi cxfiilJll of onrr'i.l iii^ii 1 iincl ('x)ubit('(l Us I'uviun room lo visitni'.s. DS DRUG STORE 221 W. Main SI. LITTERS For lols of big pigs, feed sow our famous Purina Sow and Pig Chow. Helps sow far- low easy, milk heavy. BALANCE GRAIN with Purina SOW & PIG CHOW E TO FARMALL TRACTOR OWNERS We take great pleasure in announcing that Mr. A. W. Me Alexander, better known as "A/iack", has joined our organization as Shop Service Manager Mack has had 20 years experience with Formal I Tractors and International Trucks and we feel that we are very fortunate in having a man like Mack to help us help you with your troubles. We want you to feel free to call on him at any time. l&nc Bf?0/i«£PROF/rS * depend upon LOW COST CAINS ... that's why it pays to follow the "Purina Plan" with this feed that's built to produce up to 30 Ibs, of meat per bag. PURINA BROILER CHOW L. K. Ashcraft Co. Here's how— be sure to make periodic inspections . . . lubricate regularly . . . keep tires properly inflated and, above ail, let our factory-trained service rmin give your John Deere tractor and equipment a thorough check-over. It will come back to you just about like new wilh plenty of power and pep for many additional hours of hard work. Remember, these are days of equipment shortage. Mew goods are hard to get. What you have "wust be made to last. Come in the next time you're in town. Talk wilh our service man about this complete overhaul service. You'll bo pleased with the completeness ... the good work . . . the results yott get. Don't delay —ask us about this service today, Misscc Implentait Co, Hlh. 3. of Frisco Depot Thonc 493 2VVWWW Hen Celebrates Christmas With 8-Ounce Egg Hellm'd I,, i>e (lie inrgcsl lien's ent! ever luid l.i these |inrl.s lit nn elidit-oiiiice KpeeiiiK'n tui'ned out. l>y n lii-n iK'lonBln.; to Mrs. J. C. I Ciivlnutim. 8'JB Clark Kt. I The I'I-K, lafd dialni! ClirlKtnws I week, hn.s a minor I'lrcninrei'fuce i ol seven 1111,1 u half Indies and u | major i'lrciiin(crc)ic<! <if nljic mul | oiK'-quiii ler Inches. ! Mi-.v. (.•ovlnulon riilacs liotli While I e^honis find \Vhlte Itocks but l.s- n'l sure from wlileli the CBK came. Tin 1 Ian t-olorlnn () ( Ihe shell, however, hints 11ml It [irobahly h u- While Hock jiroiliuit. j Mnny Irlencls uticl ohsei'ye.i'.s of ] the klni!nl/.c cuu told her II was , | the Ini'Ki'sl lliey have ever seen j liero. Mrs. Covlniitoii reported. Her "Illnck, which consists mostly of U'i pullets mm Is fed no special Zinc Nails Helpful To Oregon Fruit Growers' .Maybe those "magic nails" salesmen once sold to trusting, qrcha^d- lsl« lo drive in trunks of ailing trees were no swindle nftef all. For Oregon Agricultural Experiment < million tree men also are recommending nails for trees. They've found that zinc-coated lacks or nails driven hi trunks ol fruit trees (especially apples and cherries) Is a cure for "little leaf" a result pf zinc deficiency. Kxlra nine can be Riven fruit trees I also i )y usini; fo!lu B e sprays, or Dy i injections in holes boicS Into the ' trunks, hut. the effect of sprayimj is shoit-llved. . . I 20 to 30 nails or tacks dtlven ' Into the truck of a young tree in a spiral will brlnu beneficial and Instills results in six to ; eight months. mash, also In us out u number of double-yolk CBHS, she said. JUST RECEIVED Complete Shipment Guaranteed For 24 and 36 Months 15 95 Available for All Makes & Models of Cars Ranging in Price from Beautiful 23-Piecc CHINA SET Krrvlri 1 foe six, hn^tKlis six plnto.s. .six saucers, six cups, caki! pla*i', ,-.u- Kur bowl, cream b;>wL and Ira pitcher. 17 50 Gubcrson OIL CIRCULATORS Then;'!! plenty of warmth tn thl 1 ; fine heater. Ileuls up to Hve rooms. Monitor Electric Washing Machine Streamline youv worit anil your home wilh \\\\s (Itii- \va.'<l}]iii; nuH-luiK'. Miikfs (Joln^ >'our laundry u pli'asurtv 5095 Monitor Vacuum Cleaners Tnlii- the clnuliserv' out. of your work^Vvllh a nexv vaeiuim eleaner. U. 1 - nioves nil ilust and flirt in a JIITy. 78 75 SAVE on SOUTHERN SPECIALS! M:i I-Millie |.;k'c( ric Irons. Aiifomtiliciilly ('(inlrolk'd $n.!l5 Howiinl Hiillcry Kadius. r>-tiili('. fomplulc with liiiltery S12.AII Sun Ill-nil Oil W:iter llcjilor, .'in ijal. Ciip;icify, onsimi-l finish .... SIl'I.Dr' Sen) Covci-.s. lo I'll all Inickcl-lypc- seals- §)).!>.-; All-Mi-lal TishiiiK Tsitkle Ilox \vilh Iniy S2.1IH ()ne-!ialf Ton Chain Hoist 517.50 One-Ton Chain Hoisl S2I.:>0 Universal Seal Hi'iini HeadliKhls S10.!)f) Windshield JK-frosters, vacntim type Stt.5!) l''arm Tool (irindors S2-l.i>"< New Shipnu-nl I,;iwn .Mowers, each S27.!)") I.ealherelle iMiilerial llpholslei'inyr, yard SI.05—S.°,.2."> Monitor Ironing Hoard I'ad and Cover S-l.?ln Sinner Sewing Alachiiiv, rebuilt S8!).!).i iMonitor Carpi'l Swc-eners with Itollinir [[rush S!).n."i Deluxe Monilor Variiuni Clraners. complclu with all riltin<;s. lo do every jol> SfiO.O:i Klcelric Space Healers . !5!2.0r) I-eather .Iacl;els, for men, ijeniiiiic horschicto S2'2.r>0 Heavy Twill Hunting I'unls Sio.n") Heavy Dm-k IIunliiiK I'anls S7 il."i SEALED BEAM LIGHTS Available' For All Makes And Models of Cars CAIU, HUYANT, Mnn S o u tl> e rn An to^Sf or e s

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