The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 10, 1947
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VOL. XLlll—NO. BlytheviUe Dally Blythevllle Courie f . _ ™E_DOMINANT_NE\V8PAPEIl OF NOftTHEAST AHMNKAH AND 8OUTHKAar\IISBOimi" t ^^ Dally Nevif Eitvthnvuin tinroM -----— . — ..._,... New Labor Bill To Sharply Curb Union Activities House Expects EoHy Action On Omnibus Labor Legislation WASHINGTON, jan. 10. iu.i') -Sen. Joseph n. Ball, I!., Minn., plans to introduce later tod.i.v a bill banning industry-wide cojlei;- tive bargaining, keystone policy ol the CIO. Aimunls It'agner ,Ut The bill, designed | o prevent "moiiopolislic concentrations" ol labor bargaining power, would combine unions in bargamim; will) j employers to areas 100 miles mj extent. The measure appeared cer'.aini to touch off strong labor opposition, particularly from tile CIO. Kail, who already has introduced a ineasm-e to ban (lie closed ;-Iiop. disclosed details of his new lui "s Chairman Fred A. Hartley, jr.. of the ffotise Labor Comml(.;-?e unveiled a fonr-]»int omnibus House program for labor legislation. Hartley told reporters he had an I "open mind" on the closed shop. nail's new bill would amend 'ilic Labor Relations Act In': 1. MakhiB it an unfair labor practice for unions to act as representative for workers outside ot one labor market, area"—defined as a single city, or places of ein- ploymciil not separated by more than lc.0 miles. 2. Making ii. illegal for any employer to bargain with a ' lasor union which also acts as bni-"am- ini; agent foe employes outside ihe "labor market area." 3. Labor unions would be prohibited from "use or force" or threat, of force in relations with subsidiary unions l o force inclusion of specific working conditions \J'! company-union contracts. U. S. District, courts would jurisdiction in proceedings fn, 'd by the government to cn- ^'•v.ii.-c the act. Eliminates Monopolies The. bill. Ban said, would avsrc "monopolistic concentrations", nol only of bargaining power but also, of controls over labor supply-which might "burden commerce mid endanger the national health aiin welfare." Re:--. Leo ^AMen. R., III., -h.yr- iilan of'Uie powerful'Rule's co'nV-' miltcc, said House leaders would meet early next week to discuss plans for pushing a labor bin through Hie House. Allen said it would be an omnibus bill embracing all the major changes which have Republican support. As a basis, he said. OOP leaders may use n bill introduced yesterday by Rr-p. Francis Case. ,11.. S. D.. -whl-:i would limit union powers sharply. Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Figures Expert Suggests \ Quick, But Not Easy, Way To Pay Off National Debt 10, Jan. 10. <UP> — of Ihc miUOnul WASHINGTON. Wan; to get rid dcbl quiri'? Well, just fix it, so each man woman and child in ihe country luriK $i.5?2 into Ihe (reasury. Thai's Hie way it figure's out when you divide the population 'estimated nt I40.0CO.OCO) Into tile $260,000.000.000 national debt fore- casl for Hie end ot next year. Tlie same folks could lake care of next year's government spending, too. by handing In S'.WS apicrc. Plan To Honor 'Woman of Year' Appoint Committee For Final Selections; To Banquet Feb. 14 With much interest l,ciii K MKOII in the "Woman of Year" award planned by the Hela Sigma pin sorority's two chapters here, pi.ins for honoring the recipient -«vrc> | made iast night at a meeting in 1 the club room of City Hall. A number of .suggestions have been made for Ihe recipient ivj;n final decision left up to a Secrot Committee which announces its decision Monday, Jan. 20. Final date for sending in cnl.ics is Wednesday. Jan. 15. it. wa s announced by Miss Ailcc Saliba, luau W Ihe City Council which comprises the two chapters. The award is to be made to a Hlytheville woman, more than 21 .years of age. ivho, in the opinion of (he committee, has done nrjsl for community service in the \asi. Tn future annual contests, me, award will be based on community service during the past year. In commenting upon the woman to be selected. Miss Saliba pointed out that she must also have leadership. a.s well as render community service. She will be honored with a b:ui- quet at Hotel Noble, Feb. 14. Entries may be mailed to (he "Woman o f Year" conlost, ctnc of Courier News which office Is turning over the letters to the sponsoring group. U.S. Farm Policy *esi/me of US Budget Submitted ft • m ^fc g i ^\ • ^% V*^M M ^^ *• <M L. • • A JL _ ^\ * I • Needs Changing, President Says Push Plans For Osceola Hospital Fabcr White Named Chairman of Finance Committee Means uf financing a South M;,v- :-:issippi Comity hospital at osc-.-oia' are Ijein;; made this week by a cominlltcc there which has taxcr. preliminaiy steps in the movcmrnt, followini; gift ot a sile and one- tenlli of olhcr conlributions by H. C. Bryan. Osceola planter. Services of a professional lios- Soviet Wonts f o "Occupy Island Of Beir pital building engineer, approver) t.y the American Medical Association, are expected to be obla-nccl lo give advice on the location, s(/c mid cost of the project. Two sites have been offered by Tar. Bryan, one of which is ji't Osccola. on the Mississippi nivoc levee road, and the other Is nt beginning of his plantation on Highway 01. about two miles south of o.sccola. Dr. L. D. Mas-scy. appointed to investigate available hospital.cqnip- inent which could be; from the War Assets Administration, is making a trip to Little Rock for this purpose. Senator J. w. Fulbright has o:- fcrcd his assistance in securing Ihe equipment mid federal aid for the projecl. if approved by the state hospital planning comi'.iis- sion. it was announced. Committee members from the Rotary Club. Kiwanis Club. American Legion post nixt Veterans ot Foreign Wars post, in a octing fj 'this week, elected Faber A. White as chairman; u. c. Bryan, vice- chairman, and L. T. Lawrence, .sccrelary. Committee members present were: jimmie Hass. commander ot the Mack- Grider Post. American T.cgion: Fred Smith, commander of Bryant-Youup Post. Veterans O t Foreign Wars; E. P. Bradley. R. W. Butler. Dr. p. w. TurronUn and E. M. ,7affce. repro.wntiiig- Ihc Kiwnnis Club; Fabcr A. White. R. C. Mryan. G. li. Segravcs. Hanld Ohlenriorf, D. s. Laney and b. T Tjiwrcncc, icpicsenting the Tlottin- Club. WASHINGTON. Jan. 10 (UP) The .Soviet union asked Nonvay in 1944 for outriplu cession of the Arctic Island of Bcir. midway between northern Norway n"d Spitsbergen, and for abrogation of a treaty prohibiting construction of naval bases in Spitsbergen, it w'as learned authoritatively today. Authoritative .sources reported here thai Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov first broached the Eijitzbergen question to Norway in the fall of 1041 riuriiiK a visit lo Moscow by Trygve Lie. Norwegian foreign minister. The Rns.sians. [lirse sources re* IKn-ted. made Ihrce jjoJlUs: 1. Advaiurd a rl.iiin for outri:;hl cession lo liussia o[ Hcj! island ~ jniihvay ijrtwecn Northern Norway i and Kpitzhergen. 2. Proposed it Nr>rwe»inn-Sovlel joint adminislralion of .Spltx.licrcen. | 3. .Siig[iest«i abrriRation of tlic j lf)20 treaty of Spiuhergcn wliich prohibited any fortitlcations in Spitsbergen. it was oris;inally signed by nine nations and sub- sctiiicnlly adhered to by 2:i others. The Soviet Union ratified it in Congress Gets Request For $1,381,000,000 For Agriculture. WASHINGTON, Jan 10. U1P) —Piesiclem Truman warned toils v Ihul the government's acrU-nHurn'l policies need overhauling to meet the threat of slackening postwar markets for u. .s. farm products In his 1918 bucket. 'Mr. Truman recommended expenditures ol $1 381.000,000 for iiKi-icullurr and agri- idluial resources. This compares with an cslimalcd sl.'i^.OOO.OCO lie- ina .spent during ihe current risen! year and only S752.0CO.OCO in fiscal I04G. Because of high consumer incomes in the United States and the continuing world shortage of my foods. Mr. Truman said, food produced ou American farms doubl- less will continue to be widely demanded through Ihc 1918 fiscal year. 'The demand /or American falm products, however, cannot be counted upon to continue indefinitely at Die present high level," he safe). "We must design oOr auricul- tural potties lo work toward a better ballanec of supply with demand and so avoid excessive expenditure lor [ilice support. "We should facilllalc the Irans- fer ot unnrccssury faun labor and resources from agricultural to industrial and oilier pursuits. We shall need also lo devise v.'ays of suEjKJrlinH farm income which will retain export marl;cts"'*or . wheat, cotton and tobacco and at the same time Rive the American Consumer the benefit of increasing efficiency in farm production. 1 ' The government now is conni.H- tcd to support farm prices at IK) per cent of parity through Ihe 1M8 calendar year. Mr. Truman estimated that "even with continued General propsrity" the government will have lo spend f300.COO.000 in fiscal IMS lo support farm prices and "larger outlays will be required should markets weaken seriously." At present, farm prices arc high enough (hat-the govern- menl aclually is spending .money to support only a few commodities, such as potatoes and eggs. Other major Items in the 19*8 agriculture budget! Soil conservation benefit payments— 011,000,000. a dc' of S41.COO.OCO from this year. Rural electrification loans—S30D,- C03.030, an increase of $103.000.000. Farmers' home adminlstralion— Si".,000 COO. up $11-1.000.000. Mr. Tinman recommended Unit the Commodity Credit Corjwratjon, whose aur.horily cxpires_with the current year, be re~-chartcrcd bv congress with its present borrowing authority ol S4.150.090.WTO renewed to carry out the larm price support program. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ToCon ^ ess fc " the tin Millions of Dnlliirsi C1KT HKCKU'TK and special act-minis (net): Arlual, IK.,,I lillti .SI.'!,IMS IMlnialr, I'I seal I»17 SIO.Z30 •10.ZHI) HUH OT.r.1 ( O -3111 llh I'. 15.012 1,111 1,101 l.m - ixn SN . I.Yi ids uf wholly mtnrd S. Treasurer I net!: 11,'i.Vl .fi«l T.'ICI ,•"!!> I ,'l.. r |IO ,r.7ll .Ml 71 .117 1(11 I.1IX TIK 121 i, Mr. I.11M Mil HR I, IK I I.K'I treasury statcmi'iil NAM Steps Into 'Portal' Fracas Asks Courts Deny All Claims In Suits For Back Wages , The Norwegian government announcer! formally in Oslo today that the Soviets had raised the question of "revision" of the treaty in 194-1. ' Snb-freczlnfe temperatures again hit Blytheville during last night as Ihe mercury dropped lo n low of 27 degrees, according to Robert E. Hlaylock. official weather observer. St. Louis Woman Talks Of Future To Rotarians DI-rt'HOIT. Jan. 10. IU.I 1 .1— '1 lie Nulional Association of Mam.if-ic- lurero stepped into the over portal-lo-portal pay today with a request that Ihc coilrls deny all claims for back wases. If the mounting tide of suits is not checked, il said. Ihe ''vvlnle. national economy'' may be endangered. Even if make-ready lime should be found to warrant extra w.iii'is. NAM said, they should not be paid until the law is firmly established and then only for work done thereafter. There should be no ret reactivity, it said. I NAM expressed its views In a. brief tiled in the Federal Disi-.-ica Court hearing Ihc original jjorlal- lo-portai rase. Suit.s asking more j than S4.COO.OOO.CCO in back pay n!I ready have been filed by unions held ! across the country and others are coming in dajl.v. NAM said the wave of suits is "a war of nerves against indusiry and against the whole economic structure." "Tlie unions (have pone ;n'o court in a spirit of grabbing >n; slead of awaiting real clarification Records Show Surpluses for But Few Years WASHINGTON. .Inn. |fl. lUP) Pcdernl spending and revenue Irom the World War I period, .showing also tin- deficits or surpluses for tlie various years: Year end. (In millions ol dollars) 4.177 2,1-21 3277 1.1 15 - Members of the Rotary C!ul their weekly meeting yesterday noon at the Hotel Noble with Miss Marlha Moore of St. Louis, director of Frisco Lines employes clubs, as Ihc principal speaker. Miss Moore prc.sci.lcd a talk entitled "Your Future." PreccrdiiiR her talk. n vocal number was presented by a male ouarict consist-i of Hie law" il said Ing of Noble Gill. H. s. Kirshner. j The suits were touched Wilson Henry and Alvin Huffman Jr. with J3ernnrtl Gooch as accompanist. Other s'lests included w. K. Love Jr. of Clarksdale. Miss.; X. Ii. Campbell. sUpcrinlciKlent of the Frisco Lines at chaffer. Mo.: Lt. Cmdr. van Hayes. USN: Joe Gentry of LtlKora. H. A. Crumbly of Memphis. Ernest H.ilsoll. ,/,-imes Caldaell. Ncy Hunt and Bill Williams, junior Rotartan. Answers Two Alarms Sawdust being processed In a heated cylinder at the' Southern Manufacturing Co. on South Broadway caught tire early last night resulting in slight damage to the interior O f the cylinder. Firemen also extinguished a Rrnss fire j-eslcrd.iy afternoon In Ihe 300 block on' Sou 111 Second off l,y tile Supreme Court's decision in the Mount Clemens Pottery Company case. The high court hem thai walking time and makc-r^idy lime spent after Ihe time clocK was punched were "working "line" within the meaning of the w/ij;o hour law. Local Office Extends Postal Service The Post Office Department"' authorized the Inclusion of > moo block on west Hcarn street schedules calling for parcel , and iwo null deiivciics dally, :i "8 was announced this morning My Ross Stevens, postmastei. Parcel post delivery was ,,>..-,_ effect loday..hc S nid, the twlofe- (lail v delivery of mail will start •jntlnRcnt, upon the in- staliatlon or suitable Mi'liM :ill(l shi-cl lllllil rcccp- Hascd mi evlslint IrclNlallon Clnnsrs uinlrr proposed Icnislation i\i Net HuilRtt Itcieliils Hlll)(;KT K\J'IC\JHT|Jlll-;S: ficncral mid .•.peclal ai-i-ouiits; ami ilicikiiij IViviTiiinrnl cm poralluns and credit aRcm-irs « Vi'li-rans 1 si-rvlrcs and hcnrlils Inlernatliiiial affairs ami lUuncn Social welfare, health, and security llousim: ami i-ommuiiity faillllies Kd:icaliuil and £«ncr»l rr.siurrli ..'.'.'. /^vricijllurr and ai;rlctiltiiral resources Natural roMiiin-os not inliuaillv ai;rii'iil|ui-iii I•r:iiis]>iirl.iIluii and riimmiinlritlldn I'iirincc. cimimrri'c. and industry l.ali'n <<r'icral [iovrrnnipul Inlerosl mi the inililii- ilclil liefunds of receipts Hi-serve for conlin^i-ju-ics. Ail.jnslmi-iil d> bask . Tnlal llinl Siirftlus . Deficit . ...'.'...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.''.[ a0 i;,^ ' .,v,,:; (x '•-''' h,.-.,..' •.i.J.L'i' 1M ' '''.i "'' ' l "I'l 10 " 1 ' 011 I" Hie budge! was dcM-rilied as n< m, Ij.ised on rxislliii; and proposed legislation." IU,w.-ver n fo-)! not- explained the proposed leuisM,,,,, lake,. Inlo i.ccm nl 1,, i ,- tiii r-ile's "ml uT'sm-renle T-l'"'"""'" I "" 1 "' s " ls . 1 " ™"variime "xd^ 1'hc item nf $:n!) million under "chaises under proposed l"ui il di,,n" involves some funds of the Deposit Insurance Corp. and 1-Ydcral li'-'crve '_1L'.2!!1_!_!._ _ _'"' J 1 ' 111 """ "•"^ConBress lo reluin to Ihe tn-aMiry. War Veterans Slated to Get $7,343,000,000 in Tax Funds WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. IUP> —+ .- -.-. The nation must spend s7,J.13.UOO,- 030 for services and benefits lo veterans in the 1048 fisem ycar, President Trijiiinn told Coniiress today. He said in his Inulucl message Unit no new programs of assislnncc to veterans appear necessary, al- thoiiBli some revision of present "iws may be necessary. "The jcb now Is primarily one "I elicciKv administration" Mr Trillium said. »T]i e Veterans' Art- ininlsli'ntlpu has made Rreai progress in cslablishlij!,' machinery Uiat will administer Ibis comprehensive program with -speed and equity," He Ihus ruled out administration support for a World War II fet!- ernl .widiers 1 bonus, which sonic veterans organizations have been demanding. Veterans 1 benefits will cost about S8.000.MO-000 during the current fiscal ycar. Mr. Truman said this probably will l )( . the peak, "although this is by no means certain." He said Ihe peak ol unemployment payments to veterans was reached in the Summer- of in-lfi when 1.8I1.COO.OOO veterans weie drawing nncnmloymcnl compensation ;,nd .'I32.0M were drawing self-cmplnymcuL allowances. Tie estimated that, by fiscal 1!HH —ivhicli begins this July—an average of 5D25.0CU veterans would he r.rawhiK Ihesc benefits, compared lo an average ol l.'^Eia.OtlD during Ihe current fiscal ycar. Hut. Mr. Truman forecast increases during liscal 1D4R in the other two ]jliaser. of ihe veterans readjustment program—education and training benefits and guurantced veterans' loans. Tie said about 2.M3./)S0 veterans will lake advantage of education and traln'.tiR jirograms in fiscal 19-18. ccnuiiirrcl with 2.0CO,rxjO novr. $694 Million Asked to Aid Atom Research WASHINGTON. Jan. 10.-- 'Ul' 1 —President Truman today laid before Congress 11 W-l 1,000.1)00 pr"for speecied-llp atoinic, energy researeh and deveUjpmein s" that bcnclit.s of Ihis «rcat Icucr can "cnrlcli standards of wcil-be- ing." Allhoii'jh the President pi.iced accenl on ihe harnessing of atomic energy for peaceful uses, he nil- served Hint "it remains of n military significance." With transfer of Ihc atomic energy from military conlro) lo Ihe ... civilian atomic energy coinmi M<m. he said, "we have entered nn a new phase of (level jpnicnt." Mr. Truman's program propa.eri cash expenditures of SilO.l.wUiM in Ihc 1018 fiscal year. In'ni he a-.ked Conpress to au;iu>n«- the Atomic nnergy Coinni..-. 1 -ion to enter Inl,, cnnlracls lolaTiins $;50.0flO,000. He included these <-.,- llninles under (h c heiulhig "i "IKI- lurnl resources." Previously tiiey had been listed under national defense. -"Our aim." the President lold ingress, "is lo bring tlie benefits .alomic rescnrch to Indus!rv and Wlclnc and lo emicl) the :,'.and- of «'cll-bclng." •-ffers Hand Injury '•William ftutcliinson. 45. s sewrc injuries lo his rish. ..... tllp morning when It was ramiht ,l!v» feeder, at fled Top-Gin. where W!Js employed. Jwmoved to Blytlicvflle Hnipital ..following ihe accident at alxnu 1U ^o'clork. he was lo undergo surserV (liis' •nflrrnnon. Balanced Budget Is Presented To Congress by President for First Time Since Depression Ru«ia Franre KUSSH, trance Fight Oil Grants \liinc. 1D17 101R 19M IH40 1041 1042 |9i;i 1014 10-tri Kxp'tures Hev. Deficit SI. 077 ' / 12.607 .1.B04 «.87n 7.025 8.111m, 12.771 S2.40I 78.1B2 , 7.Cfn 12.709 . 5.1BY 10.682 f)5.0UO lfi.4S1 (K-il) CK.SL) 37,-iP.R . Indicates surplus, . 40.2:iO 37.730 not a -202 deficit. President Seeks $3,500,000 Fund For War's Victims WASHINGTON. Jan. III. 'Ill'' —President Trinnan fold Cnngics:; loriay Hint Hie need for i:ilxc-:>cale relief for war-stricken allies Is almost over lint said Ihe Unlled Stales still is (ibliRaleil lo spend SH.SOO.OOtl.liCO in fiscal '-la in Ihe in- leresls of peace and woilil rco- ii(.in.\' slabilllv. •He asked CDimress lo "speedily" authorize $21)0.400.000 lei provide <'' r i(rly Angrily Protest Recent Deals Favoring Bfitain and U. S. "V II. II. SIIACKKIKI) United rn:vs .Slaff Vnrrnpondrni WrtKIUNtiTON. Jan. to.— <UI*> • 'J lit. rich oil nf Mil! Middle Knst ved us fuel today [or u bluer Interniillnniil controversy Hie Unssln and Frmice iiBiilnsi United .stales and liritalii. H was touched off when Kicnch nml .HnsjilniiK, with !...„., crlc.s of "foul" and "Imperliillsin." iiniirlly prcilesled recent oil di-al!i bclMT-pii rtmcrlcitn and flrltlsli minpanleii in Ihc Middle Hast. Tin- Kovlcts cliiirged that Ihe Pucli; icpi-esente<l mi extension ol AriRlo-American inipeilallsm. The I'Veuch ijiivernment (jlflehi!- ly pi'oles'ed that the American nil Ilrms involved had violated u UWII Tile United Hlnles ROverinnenl MIIfl II was a private business matter and (hut It was kertih... "luind-i oil." lliiia-lun ileininrlntioji of the nil deals eiime from a Soviet cotnmcn- lalcn-, :,|)c:ikiiu: in Persian to the People ol Ilie men who live ulxm tlie dlspuled on. He said II was Imperialism" m ,d warned the people of ll.n Middle East, that (hey now fared a "unilcd front, of Ilrlt- ish and American ImporlnlIsUj." The French government's pni- Icst was iiffleial—lo |,olh the U. S. and UrJIIsli governtnetits. ft cluirg- cd (hat one of Ihe deals wax In violation or the secret "Red Xlne" ngreciurni of ufoi) under which '•'reneh were .supposed lo share In new oil doveloluncnti in the Middle Easi. Undor.-iccrelary of Slate will Clnyton in e//e(:t,- rejected the I'reiicti protcsl when It. was prc- senled tecenlly by r-Yench Ambns- Midoi- Henri fjonnel. While Ihe French prolest was nnl iintldpntcd experts had exiwclcd a 'Soviet rx- Pllisloil. I 'On Jan. II, Hnrrlson Salisbury, United I' fori>l 8n news edltnr noted In n dispatch Hint the two oil deals were passed over virtually iimmtlcori In the news. Bui lie smll Iliey were events "which Middle Raslern siwclnllsls believe could produce more fulure head- Inf-s Hi,,,, „]] [lie rumblings |n I'alesllne, Iran nml Kgypi lo,- i wo years.") The dents were nnnotinccd two 'lays after Christmas. Under one. n, c Anglo-Iranlnn Oil Co. llgl - rw | "I,, principi,... , n 3cl , Iv,-.) rtinerk'iiii oil firms "larnc '1'iaritllics of Iranian crude oil ov- rr » 10 lo 'M year period. Under Ihe other. t),e tslaiidard t»l Cumpaiiy of California and the le.xas Comiwny. «.||lcli pruvlouslv formed Uie Arahlan-Ameilcun oil <-<>. In Sinidl Arabia, agreed In sell - iiiiiclnrti oil of New Jersey and i-iocony Vacuum in. Iniercst In Arabian-American. ''lie Soviet cnmmeiilator IBIIU- tvev. In „ bToadcast Heard by iisleiiiiu: p,,sts. iSajr , of „ frania,, nil deal: "The reports so far piihllshrd * 7 """ nan GlVes St ern Warning 4go/nst f ar/y Tox RedlKt JJ My I.VI.i: <;. WILSON llnllwl I'rrss stuff CorrrKimr \VASIIIN(!TON, J ltn . I.O.-('n !si ,U !n ,. wjis (in oiitlruisUi; } t \\ f \ Kt> \ ' ' • - Laney Wants New Tax Levy For Roads Only I-ITTM3 HOCK. Ark., j, m 10 - lUPi-ciov. Ben LaiMiy cmphull- I'nlly declared today tiuu, | U! will iml welcome nny proposed legislation calling for now- tnxntlon. oilier Ihrtu for highway nuriWMVi. "I still think w c have cnoiifili revenue la t mi the affairs of Ihe slnli! If wo nnr II rliilil." the chief executive declared, and said, "I will not welcome nny new revenue measures.'' . 1 cy explained lh,,t his proposed .supplement t o Hi c IQ V) ,.„,_ emie Mabllb.allon net will provide rove i | l(WJf W.v funds for currying on wan I llc '"'I C "'>'IK of Ktn'crnmcnt "better limn ever before." "t nm saying now |] m |, luere )s no Justification to the report Unit liny change In the stabilization ael will be ruldln K tl. 0 treasury" he stilted. 'Hie chief executive went on to explain that there Is "more, money In Mie treasury now lluin when I came, in the office, mul the cliuo'.i debt Is lower." The governor emphasized thnl he vtas not considering hlgtiwavn in the same category with other stain needs, i.nd tbnt n nev ' Uix levy wolild |, c nccCMiir'y' ,y if,,, people want the long-range hlgh- w«y program (hey have indicated. IIow«ver. he asserted that he wants "the people lo decide O n the type of highway system they want, and then ( 0 approve any tax proposed for tlml purpose" '« no jtifiLifinilion for lax il now." .,,-:•• President proposed lp spend W1,->2«.Cro,COf> 111 tin; 1948 fiscal year, whlc), brgjiu Ji^y i tills year. Hint Is billions ol dollars In ex- cos.-, of ilic sum lo which Republican leuticrs Insist government spending must be reduced tor economy ami tax reduction purposes Mr. Truman provided for ii Miiifll surplus of $2GZ,C 00,001) ami ai-knl Congress to Incrmse revenue t<> make thti surplus MJJUO,-• 000.000. Hut In. ftenunded that »ll of this he applied to rteHt re- llrrment. "I cannot iccoiniiiciui lax rcdlie.- tlon," he salil In direct challenge lo the Republican congress. "The responsibilities of tlie federal Kovernmeiil cannot Oe fully met In the fiscal year 1048 nt a lower cost than here Inrtlcalcd..At" Ilic present time. In my jJiuigmcuL. high taxes conlribuie to llio wet- fare and *ctirity of lliri country." <:hallengc. lo OOP In further challenge to 'Republican across-the-board tax reduction pluns. the president said that when ihe lime does come for lax relief, tile 'mllllonof taxpayers'with small Incomes" should benefit' first. " ' Mr. Truman estimated ^1948 •'[[•;'- ' cul year treasury revenue at »37.- 130,OBO,OCC—not countine wartime" excise lax rale,'; .which .he wants cnntlnued. Here is how 1M« <»ctiial) mul 1047 aiut 18« («stlm«trt) budget figures compared; -.'•'• IMS .. mndc.-,t, relief program h'r rounlrics v/hich are still in desperate si mils." The President named Austria and Greece anioru: the no'dy nations. Mr. Ttuman poinlcd out thai. Ihe e\pciuli1 ui'es represented a .sharp cut from the V',- M'l.OCO.CfHI outlay for American |:ai tk:i()ati'm in international affairs in the present fiscal year. The 1018 estimate included $fMf>,fl00,000 needed by the War Depjirliueni for administration and relief in Germany. Japan, Korea, and Austria. The President justified Ihe rpendiim cellmates mi the ground thai Ihfl United Rlates .still has definile i c:,pon.'.ibi!ilics in occulrirtl eounlrics and to Us ailics eiuit American firms »»• try UK | 0 eonsr,Hd,,V lh el r po- * tlr.,1 , I,, me \fediierranean area .iiitl Ilie i.RiKhlxirln K eounlrles" Ihe firliish nn ,| American nil romr.alllr.s ,, m ,( ollt ; „,.,, ,„,, I'leni was invalidated by Ilie Jlrli- IM tmriiiiR will, ||,,, r ,, rl ,. Ml , n, I-HO «-|,r,. J-Y.-,n,:e W as occupied >y C.ennany nnd. under Dial art Dr. John Gideon Dies at Joiner Home Yesterday Dr. .John n. Gideon. South Alls- more. i,e added, "our inlrrnaiiona'l i i''±' t-<"'nty physician, died yes- lendin r program is as essenlinl pail, j foll'wi, °°" "' '" ;i hor " r Bt Jo '" cr (if din- elfnrls to achieve a world j % ". ,.„ K a 10 '"""tl's ectmnnu- i.-i uhicli privalc -.(iil llouri.-.h.- 7"/iom«s Boylcs Jr. In Trailer Accident Thomas Hovlcs Jr., l.'l-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. 'I hwnas lioyles. nt. .T, niytheville. was Injured late this mornini; when run over by a truck-trailer near his homo. The youlh was removed lo Walls Hospital wliere his condition early this afternoon wa.s undetermined pending further examination. While wearing a eolton pick-sack flung over him. the youth was re- purled to have jumped in!o a trailer being pulled by a truck. The snck. it was said, caught under n wheel, of the trniler ns II began If) move, pulling the boy off the nailer and draj>f>ini; him several fee I. <;;""''»? t» •Mf.vsis.Mpi.i County in IW.I. he dr-.t. established an cilice .n Alanr. where he practiced ined- "•me IS years and also practiced ;-ctrral years al Lrp.inlo before inorniK lo Joiner. "oni in Amory, Miss., he was Ktailualcd from Mississippi Medical school at, Oxford and also studied In Kansas City and Mem- Phis, lie moved lo Memphis in surgeon at 1318 lo become house SI. Jo.'.cph Hospital. He leaves his wife. Mrs. Essie Gideon; a daughter. Mrs. A. C>' Hrlckey ,1t., of Memphis, and' two grandchildren. Need Immediate Response To TB Sea! Letters With several tlioiisiind unanswered pHiers romnlnlng ,„ th , s county, 1,11 nppenl iirglng ,,l! per- BOIIS who l.nvc been 'mailed Chrlsl- mas seals | o respond In some way o (lielr local chairmen has been '•••""•d by .Mrs. Roland Clrcen, pres- dent or (he MisslMlppi County Tu- rjcrculosls Association. A survey of chairmen in Ihe many MWIIS „„„ comminHllcs In MlESlBslppI counly l),a(. ,„„„ ,, llt the seals showed thousands of un- a|i'peiu'''' d l " l ' CrS "'"' 1>1 '°' ni>lctl [|lls 'Hie deadline for coinitlnK rc- L 1 " 1 .",. 0 " lhl!i 5 >(>i ' r ''' i ' lri ™ is Jan. 10- All receipt., after Unit miisl be i'iirrlc,| over imlii next vwir Mr.s C.rcen said. Thus, I,, order to ,-earh Ihc county (|11 otn for (h^ VCi , r , ))( ,,._ sons who imve received (lie cl'irtst- '-•- senl.s have been ur s c ( | to rein n Ihcm or send their remit- lances lo their local chairmen A report of receipts fur ihe counly will be published |, UrJ . ll)js nionlh. Arthur Chitmon Tuesday Arthur Chip/nan Tuesday Services for Arllmr LC c Cl.itiuon, who died yes^rcay morning at ins hornc in clear Community, will be held Tuesday following nr- nv,ij__of his ttaiigliicr. Mrs Inez Crliiln. from California. He was 44 He died nl 7 o'clock following a brief illness. Born Mar 26. ID02 al niplcx. Tenu.. he lind reslrtcti tor a number of years near Blythovillc. where he farmed. He also leaves his wife. Mrs. ,\if- nle Chitmon: four sons. James Archie. 1'at. Louis and Gene iiion. all of niylhcvillc; a half brother. CJrcen Payne, "of here, and a half sister. Mrs. Emma. fx)U Young of CaTiithersvllle. Mo. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. Boy Suffers fractured Lcq When Hit By Car Jimmy Priest, eight-year-old son of Mr. "and Mrs. A. D. Pries!, snf- N. Y. Cotton Mar. Afnv .In'ly Oct. 3266 3202 30:17 27B2 hiqh iow 3285 3210 3212 3130 3CS5 2*5(» 2770 2687 2113 MKi Expen'tiirc Dfificlt Surplus The 1947 rent fiscal yc| next June M. ! In addition'* surplus estimate, U-ii legislative ..._„„.„ would the 1M8 fiscal yea? bee Hi.lanctil Buried oh Pa K e— Would Continue Excise Tax Rates Trumon Also Asks For Postal Increase, Hpusing Legislation fercd a fraclurcd leg when struck yesterday noon near Langc School bv a car driven by Mrs. C. C. Council Ic. Tlie .voiitli was removed (o Walls Hospital where he was reported In KfHid condition today. Police said the boy was appar- :30 cully struck by the "car's fender. 3231 Mrs. Priest said this morning that 3157 her, son was crossing the street 2080 when struck but, knocked momen- 2100 taiily unconscious, he remembered more alioul l!i. Jail. rresldent 'I'rumiin assert Cougrees hi his budget •message."today for lenislallon that would cosl the government an additional $426,423.000 In the loin fiscal .year and bring In an additional $ 1.482.000,000. In addition, ho proposed that certain existing legislation due to expire before the 1948 fiscal year begins he extended, al a C03t ol ?57.0!)8,COO. Here arc Mr. Truman's proposals: I. Continue wartime excise Inx rales past the present June 30 expiration <f,,| c , Tuij. u otilct bring the Rovernmctif an additional $1130- j (.00,000 in revenue. • '•'. fi.iiro second-class postal rates lo provide nn additional S332.0DO,- 000 In revenue. 3. Contrlbiilc $75,118.000 as this government* share In new imcr- iiatlonjil crgnninations, such as the. International Health organization and the International Labor Orija- nlxalion. 4. Appropriate $250,000,000 more for foreign relief. 5. Increase public assistance bcn- elils by $73.500.000. G. Extend the food a ,.d drug ad- istrallon's drug control program lo cover streptomycin mid certain olhcr,drugs, at n cost of S242.000 Penicillin and thn K .ilf a drugs nl- reariy arc covered. 7. Spend $14.000,000 for administration of a long-range housint: program, including a new permanent agency to supervise all fed' cral UousiiiB activities. 8. Spend "$10.150.000 for .1 census of business and $218,000 for a census of the mineral industries. 0. Provide $1,300.000 for stale grants designed lo foslc-r sate working conditions. 10. Spend $|,295,000 for strengthening the Labor Department's machinery for facilitating settlement or Industrial disputes. II. Provide $10,2SO,000 to cover cost Of induction machinery for the proposed universal training; program. ; 12. Continue benefits tor U. S. civilians injured, by enemy sc'.lon during the «<ir, nt a cost or Jliu - 1X10. ' • -

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