The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 12
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,'V_£AGB TWELVE f •'•"'•''"• food Studies Are Proposed JCansds Senator Says 'Research Would Give •Protection for Notion CHICAGO. Jan. 0.— (UP} — All the food American tanners can produce can be sold i( as muc h ve- w«rch Is applied to food consumption as that given food production, R^P. Clifford n. Hope, R Kan said today. 'We know inoi-c about the .scientific feeding of hogs and poultry mail we do about feeding hitman beings, or at. least we npply our knowledge along those lines better," he said. Hope, 'chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, told the National Council O f Farmers Co- opciaflves that fanners ••lommatc- h have an ndjuslment period of two years during which price sup., ports will be In effect." Alter that, he said, they will have the prospect- of either looking forward to a program of expanded markets and good prices, or to price depressing surpluses. 'Nutritionists huve lonnd tlint i! everyone ill the country consumed a proper diet, Including' dairv products, poultry, meat, eggs, ' fresh fruit and vegetables, it would be impossible for us to produce- enough of such foods under any present known method or J'urm- ing," he said. Hope said that Americans now spend 54,000,000 nnmially /or ten, coffee and soft drinks, and about *7900000 for intoxicating liquors '"Surely if w e have that much to spend for those products, improvements in marketing ft nd distribution and good salesmanship 'can expand the production iimi consumption' of nutritious foo;l " he said. > ,.'j. Republicans to Press BUI to Limit Tenure in Wthite House to 8 Yeais •WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. (UPI- Wouse Speaker Joseph w. Man in .jr., R., Mass., predicted today -int. the "first Important measure" u, J»ss the 8011) Congress will be n constitutional amendment, limiting presidential tenure to two tenm "J nm confident Unit we wilt »e able to get this measure thru quickly and with little opposition" Slartin told reporters. "We have tiic votes." "This measure should be '.-cady for House action by Feb. 1, he No, It's NOT the Presicfent ___m,miKVHAM (AUK.) COUIOKK NKWS (Up) — urged Truman double lo end ill] Truman doubles Is w Pre'idc " UP1 S (! ' X ' Ct " iln V " lh " Go °" '»<>'•' i ii-.,i<icu ilc never 'vers bow ties until his v.'ife pointed Pioachfully, Ulul lhu Preside,,, | avo « mem. whieu ™! started wearing them. Wilh,,r -- - ; "»«. Mr. out n> Wiibur Prices Play Havoc With Sayings Sales Tax Bill Offered To Tennessee Head Courier News want Ads. STARTS REIIEVING Ail 6 COLO MISERIES-IN JUST 6 <»rt famous, j>i-«cnp(ion-lj.jic * i>xr-<i>rri<.v relief fr.»:.i c.Jd «<OB: Take on))- «s dirwlcil. PREPARATIONS TA81ETS OR LIQUID NASHVILLE, Tcilll., J;in. 9. 'U.I'.) — Ti'iinosscans wil] iioMin l>«yl»K an adililiuna] $2tl CCO ti.l'l annuully into the slate's colirr.s WASHINGTON. Jan. 9 (UP)- 1 1"' 8 '"" 1 "? Jll ' y ' lll '™'Kli a IV.-1 Preskipnt Tmmnn told C0 n K rcss * ^ ls ™' nnm'!' 1"™ ^ " " todiiy that higher prices hnvc fore- " '. i " lroiiu "'<' »> bold Ihc cd Americans to dip heavily into ,,,„ ' ?,"L a ,, nn<1 "'"'sf '>y Gv;. their ravings. * ".Jim McCortl'.s aii.ninl.sti-iition is Anicrirans saved 283 per cent of their disposable income in 1944,1 b^it by the hist three months of 1BJC the rate plummeted to 9.5 per cent. ' He American families had no war bands or bank accounts in 1945 and Dial 28 ,,er qenL held less than SSOrj in bonds' or bank accounts. "AvHilalile data," he said, "point . to the lact that [last savincs huve' i been used to supplement current J i < Broader SSB Urged By President WASHINGTON, Jan. 0 R-<--:jdenl •n-iiimin today .„,.,.„ Conp,:<;ss to Increase soeiaj security benefit jwymeius immediately bc- isiiKp of higlicr living costs. He did not mention any specific n»;itrc. Hut he 'snid in his economic roi:i>:l that an Increase is nccciisarv to alleviate "real hardship" which hn.'i hroii !iB(jravnt(.-(t by higher Ilv- n>:; costs. !•'":• lonti-ranue purposes, Mr. 'Iriiman also recommended a drastic- overhaul of the social security laws. including a provision lo finance pan ol the social .security system out of ih c ijeiieial funds cf the IrdiM-al treasury, i lie recommended that Ihc social security laws be revised to: I Increase Hut amount and dilution of uncinployincnt benefits - "Pi'esi'tu nnem|)loyment reserve funds me ample to support .such I iniTeases." 2—Include under unemployment compensation employes of all es- ti blishments. regardless of size )i> industries not covered, by the unemployment, compensation tax 3—Extend benefit of old-age and survivors' insurance to occupational groups now excluded. -1—Provide sickness aifcl disability insurance for workers so they will be protected ncainst loss of income and be ,,|, lo to havc f ™ access to "essential preventive and curative medical services given legislative approval The governor explained the need for nddilioiiiii stale revenues imi the .sales tax a.s his idea of '-ho best way to «et it at a joint Senate-House meeting yesterday Kentucky Banking Held "Hazardous Industry" TIIUUSDAY, JANUAKV !), J!MV | but definitely not „ "Iwrefoot Ixy 1 I 11 out the tt-c.-.l," iici-oi'ding to C"n- J£y. bunklDM business is a "liasiardous induslry" within the meaning ol Keimicky-s compulsory compensation law, since those Institutions employ "janitors, charwomen elevator operators, messengers and chauffeurs," Attorney Cicneral K[don 8. Duminii nilcd. Any institution with thrr- «•• more employes in a "hazardou": industry" is .siiljje:t to terms of (he new compulsory comneiisatlon or ImanciHl rfi.ponsibllity law, h. ,!| CHILEANS. i, a ., Jan j lU.IM-Tlie ,, P xi 00 p prcM(lt- :1 - tinl candidate will be a dark norsc CALL »»j everything in "INSURANCE .UNITED INSURANCE Locks for Dark Horse J. LOUIS CHERRY New York Life Insurance Co. Blythcville, Ark. reported Unit 2-1 per cent Of! incomes durint' this past year '• Phone 2882 for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Alarsli, Owner I.Ct Us Ift'lp You— STOP DRINKING J There is no medical remedy f(.r i drink . . . |, u l Wp c .,u | lel]) } . (ll] J resist its iiKluencc! No cost to you , —only co-opcrallon. - .IUKT CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Hnx K7:i— niylhevillr, Ark. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We Uuv ; ln il Koll GOOD USED CARS Kill Cliiirablin - Lei Cln.mbliu Railroad & Ash Sts< I'lionc 21P5 113 Furniture is a Sound Investment in Comfort! Floor Lamps — Table Lamps Innerspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. ! .'^ F^fi^f !\1*i i ti ...• .. _ All Our Bmplujcci are War Vettran*. 1'hune 2S02 Where Youi- Flowers Are—You Are! Ono call lo us will arrange to h;>vo' your remembrances sent, not just o;,ce ' ]nit nioiilli ul'ici- inonlh. Ask aijoul luis plan FLO WER SHOP I'.T.I). Ki-rvicc Sirs. .1. M. We Deliver Anywhere us, oii';icr Glcncoc Everything You Need! you're in doubt as (., wlitru you should look 1 for *Sn ff for the Iiome or car, try mir H-clI-sltickcrf """/iVV >0 "" fi " d ni!iny lIli " KS - Vllu Wllllt ri ^ iu ;!t >onV r ;ui g ci tips. ])on -t Wilslc ljmc jllsl ,, s , lopl>!us ., clse . H-hcrel Blan Heath Auio & Home Supply J'hone 828 419 Weal Main St. I ^S —^_~ - j /' "SAY FELLOW^ This Is Confidential! breakdowns / DELTA IMPLEMENTS INCORPORATED ^ -,. WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? Wlii-ii yau f a» i and have your «n:als ilplivi ri-il I imiilf call 537 Kroccrics and •cc by onr uc\7 fast SCOOTKU 1)KI,IVKK1'. We Kiianuilcc you iinisl be salLs- 'ied \vi(h uur selccliun. I'rcsh Dressed Toullry daily . . . CJ lli£>iu-iiy North—I'lionc 5'J7 CECIL LOWE Grocery & Meats Be Sure! INSURE With The FIRST [NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER Cocks Ducks TODAY — Bring Us Your Poultry Hens — 25c 18c Geese 2<4cLeghorn Hens AI Our IJi'sidunce, 1711 \S'. Vine W. T, DAVIS 20c No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business ond Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLf IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA LOAN REAL ESTATE COMPANY ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-president PHONE Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas 210 TIRE WHY HEADQUARTERS WE CHOSE THE THREE BEST TIRES Day Ion Tho rob reds are (Uilcd fires luid -Kiianinlucd lor ]jf- 0 of tire ilseir. Uoinlycfir — More people ruin on Gootl- yrai- tirus and ttiljcs than any other kind. Hood Tires are pood tires, :»sk us about the new Hood Cusloni-KiiilL 400. We Mount FREE — Every Tire We Scil * r»nl [erics mill I'uttory Service. * AV;ishhi(, r ;tml lulirir.itiiis;. * St.ind.inl Esao GLIS and Oils. v MARR Phone 2011 'F AUTO "^ SERVICE Second and Ash Sis. CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Abo CULVERTS ^rinc,;; 1 , Wo arc Dealers for THE FAMOUS V/ATERP&OOFING Osceola He & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. ^5?5,^BtSEf^23^^KRHSffl55B«!aE* ^ ^'T""^™" i '"^'^5BrSg?raCgic'G5dg»Bl3£./7ife?g FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 320 E. Main St. Phone 2407 Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! Wil.L TK.ADK FOR LAT1-; MOJ>KLS We IKIVI- ,„, <ii s ,,] !ly for immedial,. .lolivcrj—ISni 2 Pmiliac .Strraniliiirr.s- »i(Ii all (riinmiii»s. 1 I'.liii-k Sujiur -l-iloin-. 1 Mercury 5-I';isscnscr t'ulliic, 2 C'lirvrnlrl :!-il<»>rs.' Alsu several hilc iiuulel usi'd c-;,rs :uui lnu!-.s. Conic iu or e:ill, we will Irv to Ir.ule will, ym,. B Slfl W35 ^^SJ flSIT?^ f*-h% ¥°& 6?H KJEL^W Molly aMLks Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wm. R. Overtoil -- county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years IMinni! Kvcnings _ B n al HDUSL-, Bi K Lake ^ or Wi-iii; ','„ Ho.v 81, J{o;,-elfin(/, Ark. WAHlTTUBBS Oil.MV SOli.. AHl MOTi; ^Rt^i* . HlW^ 1 \ •-'• BEEC It-; KE" WEST POS i MI: FASV ^MEE^.. VISITING WHY, J.P.! THEN FEMALE S'O'J'VE BE TRNOING HOUSES .VITK .DON'T VO'J DftRB SUGGEST £UCrl A TKiHG 1 BUT 101} HAD B£1TER. ' KOTIFV THE POLICE WHILE I RUSH HOWE tO SUES HER' ..., COME ro \ / THINK 0? IT. TI-.W NOSE \ I OH THE COUNTESS 006S IOOK \M YOU MAY BE THE HO! ITCAH'T BEHIM IT C*.N'T 3S THXT BUCKINGHAM ISH! RED RYDB1R tlOLV CHICAGO MOW WE'LL HAVE TO MAKE THfc BIG JUMP.

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