The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 11
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_THUKSUAY, JANUARY 9, 19-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale C OB:«cutl¥. 2 5 UI»M ~rn III* "»«r ~dij"5o 6 Umt> .»«r line MI d>> "~ ~ 7c li tints per ttoe p«r day 60 Menu rp«r line soc Count flt« ittr»(e words to U« not. Ad ofdertd for tfcree or nix tlmeri anil itoppm before ejiitrnion will fee cluig- td lor tilt.oumber oT times l)ie-»rl »n- (itred »nd tdjuntineut of Mil made. All Classified AdvnUlint; copy Jub- miUail by perao/ia residing outside of tlis city niust ba iccowinuled by ca*)>. Rate* may fee easily computed from tljc above UW«, Advertising order for llregnlar InEer- tlona lakes tbe r>ae time rue. Mt/No r««p«DllblUty will be taken far V" """ <">• Incorrect lunenlou o> auy •i-mililei ad. rilr.1 muilrrii In-aui;- ..In,,, (llr ,.,(,. |,.. ll"«l?'i|. '«'-''-" ''"' '''"'" ."I'"!""™- Itniilll Cull., .-i,,n1-1, ,iir,,,li,.» I,,', ,,ti'.| « iiumlli. 1'ru-rJ In,- .jiii,.), ,,.!,. ,lun 1.,'* illn,.v*. (',,11 |riy,;i,\v Fin">-< Oily. .\ r k.. ,,, ivnt.' Mr, A I' Willin in. lluv ».>. |',,,.,-,'M C,l> I L S lili' I I For Sole ('(Mil! -100 or Carload. We deliver. .1'hoiie .'57WI. Wheeler -C'o;il Co. '.< C<MI- IMdgc Cin. l-S-pk-lrJ-H (.'afe! Doing jjood bNtsiness. See H. C. Ciimphel], 120 K. 2nd. 1-8-ck-t! hi ninrrit !):,.•. (I llfiv -in Ulylhivill.. v in III.* nif.rl L .-1 C.i liav,-. ,,rl,, r In, .<,.(. m( . if y, I'.IKM I.AXHS >:» m->.'* :i inil.s r.f H-K..V. M.I. <i,, -r:i.i 1 •."till. OuoJ :,«.! lot. I'rii-c in net...' 'i tuil'i- of »:<*(•*, M,,.. „,,,) i.i> •*:.lll<>.' Tiirim. },:, r |[ .lilw'i'i'.""!! 1 :! 1 !':! 1 !!!-.' Sr-i- -i.V" Cull i.r-risi:i( OKAV ld«. Hi. :,l tUeel oil t»r<*l r*;*t. HhtXrllla M» et!,.« Hbn|i. Oall 2828. llllHct If <J«Ya bajer far jruur ke»e. Ul. O. <.Campb«u Ph«ae 4&fl — '^080. OHir"- •120 Boo Ik Secotd. lo|2-ok-ll 10(1 tune gnnil • grans &n,l ]«K|ie,leza tiny lor tale, rbr.r.r 8f,9. llMl-i.t I II — Lenutifillly with Hid nnt Kinn »,-.Hls Paint 4 WollpmiiT Co. iiirkii], liny i:i A-l yil. InnULrr- :U Nij.iil..-i Nine AU-iii Ilsvrkin-. i;4-pk 11 olii'niv rtinm- 20IIR. llS-pk-t', K. llro/iln r'l.ry unrl Lii,.;it irLnrL.r-1. \viili n. in.,it iLi~|,l><) i,n\. L;,,.,I| u, lined K-(i In(crnulioii:il Irui-k iiitd new 2-1" Nahors Tiviil- er. 'JViick has new inolor,' K'<M)(| (ires and is in A-! mechanical condition. l^eH.i Implements, Phone S(i:j. N'.vv 101(1 Miul.l Avo .•i|iii|.nu-nl f«n- .»!,.. li»n.,.,-. ,li>,-- .1,1.1 ,ri» |l,li' lit,|i|u-,-« nn.| ,.| :tll* S. l^t SI. •|'itii-iav.«: 1--11II.-, M Kar.nall likr mu. •2 -1!UH II I.'In I),.,.,.. j...HI |.| A .lulill J),^'f... I -IHIC- tl J':ir,,,:iJI ni'ii I--Kilii II. 1'Bi-hiall. ,,.«. I l:,l,, <: M. J-ljii D.-cr.'. jnvi. .\l-.j .li^.s 1'JI7 Nun: \i-K.-i-lliiV-,. rfi.-vr'iIH ir,ii.V Will 1r;.llr (.1C .? | NM.ll; .IIMl.-^ l.l>- .^ll'-.l ij tnil.- ,:(-.! nf KiMillrll M<| . Mfl 2:-. lilul s.| liiwj-. al Ihllrli Sl.lrl. llM-hHII^i-. I 'J ,,1;.|)1 BLYTnEVIUJS (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Situation Wanted SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN SAYS: Our prices are reasonable. Our service is good. There's no obligation when we raise the hood.' Let us checlc your steering, your motor and brakes. If there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. Wonted To Buy OONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from f'HII.L[PS- MOTOR CO. Today. s 6-S-ck-tf Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy 'il. phone .'1785, 12-2(i-pk-l-2(i 12 2G-pk-l-2ti Help Wanted . r::-|it-Hi WMIII MiirniniE C'iri'iil«l»r. Can !••• M '11 I ll.:irii .Si. I'liiln, :lliir>. . , lir.'.-!. 11 ::'. lnl.--innlnm;il Irui'k will, K-7 i'H'- H'Ji X _'l"l Itr^s. fr*int :H1.1 r.-:T. S|iot liuhl ,li.-ft1<-r. '. J'ftrd <lillu|i l,i-'l. first clKS^ .•on.litirtn t!lr<invli'"il. ':!il I'a.'aknl 4-,l(,.^ ^.-.Liii. n.n' tir.^. If inlr-r.<Ji>Pil rail !>7, Maiill:>. Hl-|,l.-?!l Inirk 'inaJ. \\\. ili-lnvr. I'lion.: 'JI'J I.V»-|M' 1'nullrv, 41S K. Mtiin SI. -->:i.-llrie r.'friferntn All Ur..|.. of Kami :n,il 1'iiy S|ir.'iul"i'i(f.-r 1., ill.- liarlj- wiio '»i.H(- ;, Str.i-k r'ann. <Hn acr.-.s i,[, I'r.i^Kr'^>: Hi" IT.. (!,:,,.•, I l,:,l,,,., in lijilln'r— xiiiir- viT)' vnliuil'l.' tiniliiT. NVn 5 IO«JIIL linn^.' :nn] :| i.mir, l.irp.r Irani. r.f,.<lir>i- ...rn.r- r,'l.*Ti«. («•,, |,,m.N. stv,.r»l S|,ri.,i;s. t'l.r quirk sal,-. «:..'-• M-'. (:-' ^JInv'r. l'o..l Hall wrll lnr-,-,1,.,1. also Inrsi- .. 1!. ('. l.lnyil. !i.-ivltrir lir.v ,\,,. Ij. riiri^.rnl.L Ark ' Coal, al Hlytheville Gin Co. 1-7-ek-l i - - - I.iiirri.'il iNirli- -- wl :,„ wril.. l.. K il,l.- )iiiii,l f. li..||i win, i,iv,.,,i,. r .. SMrl- iriK 'i'lriir-. H"l' Mr. OiiiiiivvriuKl .Mr., linitMr's Sli.n-. I 7-rk-l Ml ami ran- for Hvr, ,l,il.l,i r,. Will '•"!"!' ^IrJti:.. Ml -.' li.,,.,-1 . MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Kifdi— Hlydtcville. Arli.j-'l'el. -in:!-:!7'<!l VJ Lost Wiilniil Services nr iinil ,,,,,, r,«mli>ir. .1. II. Krfc- . 1'iu.n.i in.i. i2!ia.nk.1112 ' "' Irnclor rcpclm and Mrr*ic« Klcclrlc »n d acetylene weliHirR. iJluckumiCh work '^<'Hn Implrmvnt Co. Phon- f *«*. »-15-ck-tf M«C!1IU« Mt lmlr .11 l,|,r. PAGE 'ELEVEN 1, C a ic-;il J]I)>IOI Blrly nl M lloi * I.UIIK nl lUOp a lUIUtOll o .Sol-vice ru Illslaiiro u<l efiiilirn Oontract t Ktorai fHOl IMovlnj'' ent. Ade. JliulinU t Uo. i WASHER SERVICE I'llltlljl I'M I ADAMS'APPLI'ANCE CO., Inc. 1. W AUAfclH, Mil. I'tioir 1071 soe.UH W. Hall r.r.l.,1 „ ,,, 0 r.,,,,,11,1,.,, A |, 0 ^"> m,.l ,,.». (n'rluu .,,,1 ,1,11,.,. Ill'^.llh^J.UcVIn, bljoilj UU.,-i.» "' MONKY TO LOAN Do you need n loan to repair or ri'moili'l? N<i down pny- nu'nt, tio M\orlKii£<j, no ri'd lii|H'. I'll A niumivi'd rutc ii' r '. Ask for details. Max I.OKUII, Keultor, phoiu> 2034. \.ynth KldR., Hl.vdu'viil*. 9-a3-ck-tf . Ai:::''"I!i;,;r' ; i:F'i^£/''yi!;;L,f"vi7: ."" l.-iki.. While 'll'l'r'ilr'r.'ii ""' l-'ll'J .|,k-H2«l \Vi-alIHT Hlri|ii)inu. Snvc lucl by bavins' floors and win- (loH-.-; wcaMii'i'slrijipod. (,'. 1C. \ViKjjius. r,ia N. mill. Why Gamble "•illi Old ,M;)n Wind-,JUST t.'Al.i, sun tni.l iimv yum Onil iliOirrri'il. CUuirunli'i'd u> Knlisfy \Vc itlsn Iniy ptniHry ;it nil ilnii'.;. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main For Rent <;,-„, i, .n, .in ,,r,r. l,.-if.-i. W.iuln ,,| ( ''r. SMUI. ri :ur, w . t'7 [ik- L L S:rr..n :u,:,i 1,1 I iOjr.t ^IS h: |I:| Itl.trl. i- jifli'i- n ..-.-I..!-!;. I'H |,l.-|:i I r.-ir,^ t»r :,.1>M- :,ml «!„ li-Jrl ilrk Hii.iin ami h.inril^ i.ln, •IKIHO :ur,ii. i|i;-i,k-i:i'i We need a m;miif;er for our service department. Your ciiiince for a permanenl jo I) with good working conditions and good salary. We are only interested in A-l man for this jol). Can jj<> to work todiiy. Blylliovitle Motor Co. 1'hone 442, 215 South\ St. t-M-ck-l-PI 0 ( ,i«'o ilinini; ronin MI. Warm Hour liit- I., r. Sinni-r s.-wiiii,- inn'r, 1:iM,. ,,i,,] ,.|,n,r* - Ollirr lll-rlKrll,,],! il.-HX. (III.-, Cllifl: l!7-.'l-l'|r J'nur rf,,irn I.nrnrr. m-iv. ('nil frnm s :i.ln. I'V J |,,iii.. 7|U |, •!' Il,, rn |, n ,,, l!7-|.l..|ii We need a parts man. Pleasant working conditions. Steady job with better than average pay. A jo!) any hijjh-chiK.s man \vonl(i !ie -proud of. Would like to have man with some experience. Unless you want a job thai takes liijth clasn man to handle, don't a|i- ]>lv. lllylhcville Molor Co. 1-3-ck-l-lO Saleslady ..wanted: KxcelluiU oDcning at Miss Whilsil!:; Hhoji. A ' pcrmaneni position for the right person. See Uusscll Cnmphc]! at Miss WhitsiMs .Shop. 4>nd ' ce for rnnt. K[Lllr« 13B K PrLr. n.'tiir. HI,,, I. 1'kon- fl'll. Bus/ness Opportunity l;r,.|rl--i:t inf.ii-inaiiriil. r,ill".Mr Wlillii'',!' CiiJ'f, '_'.' , ! '!"'"'. I S ,,1-111 •l,;,r,.,! Mill 1 I", \V. II ] * Jrk I"', Wonted to Rent Wonferf to ftenf n-.-li. vi.i.|,I,,,-..,| ,!,.,;,•.., | l.iivnry r.f hi., rnv'u ,i|,,iv. | lil.i- l« • il,,,... r | il|i:nllr,,.|i: l.vhli l.:lllr) rlr.rl il!r l,:llh. I rIMri.l C;i)l .\ ,\ r,,,l, MT-|.!,-lf> <• irr N.'ii. ,.11...i,. nil "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200(1 W. Main Kt. Phone .ifil? Finest Quality Pork & Beef Cuts FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT will he round at PICKARD'S Plmms 2(M,'! KI-M ChirknsuwlHi '•'^^^^^^^^^•i^^^ nulpniiat FARM LOANS 4 Low Interest J Lotijf Term •J Fair ApprnUal J Prompt Servlco RAY WORTHINGTON KcrvIllK This Srcllim Tor ^1 Vc;irs II.-. So. 3vil JU.vllii.vllli-, Ai-k. AultivtlitJ A/or/,.,,, /.„„„ ^t, cl , a , /„, T1 " "'••"' • "".». C.,,,,.,,,, ,1 A,,,,,|,, •1'inn- in rnitli'tiU.iI l'n»i!niin Siiiulny ill .1 p.m. , lv ,,|. ^ll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home -of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 1 26 West Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME ?flRO ANYTUHK Day or Night Z.UO7 Day or Nigh I "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T.ur Source of PETKOLEUM Henic* PROniJCTS orace RR at c:hnrrr SUPER AUTO SERVICE High in Service Low in Cost The u.ihealalili. skill of our nicc-hanics their prVe in si>ein K - a job well done . . . make our shon a real "hoim-" for your car. And our job iroos beyond con- ilJIioninj; your oar for safe driving . . . \ VP wan( (( , satisfy you so llml your <';ir will conic bad; again mil ai'.aini A well-running car makes our Shop Foreman Happy! Yrs, H mulirs llir- simp rotonun luppy :inil It'll makr j-nii liuiipy, lipi-.nisi- it will run risht :iflr-r li-.tvln.; our islioii LET US CHECK YOUR CAR! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BuICK—Service U - S ' Tircs Mobilgos and Oil WRRCKKIl SRUVICK ,Walnut & Rroathva.y /. -.' GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. 0. Lentz Dub Sizcmore f Are You Driving Half a Car? You may not think so, but, if your ear is over 5 years old, it may be giving you litHc more than half the service it ought to. Sec us for a careful < check-up right now. WF STOCK HARD-TO-GET REPLACEMENTS LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Texaco Go* & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phon* 571 STOP AND SWAP I'l.KKKT lUITKIMAN'S Any Make or Model > 1 (o 2 'Days Service . We Call For and .Deliver! PHONE 2642 j Fred Callihan! MOTOROLA Halc.s mid Service K)fi S'oulli Kirst DON EDWARDS "Thr Typewriter Mini" UOV.H,, SMITH. COIio.VA .,,„! KKM]\'(iTO\ 1'OKTUIIT' 110 N. SrXONI) ST. 1'HONK :CI!U (Kvrry Tninrat-tlnn MUST UK SATIRFACTOHYl F O R S A L E Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Ilwy. (il nt Slate Une Phone Illylltcville 7M PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gunrnntecd Ruat Prlcea Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service *'rtd I.awler ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams. MCT. ,, 12071 200-08 W. W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Gtcncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 354S Announcement — We Are Now Equipped to Give You Complete REPAIR v SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop niONE 874 Dan Ilusscll K. MAIN .lames Idisscll BOOTS AN'l) HER UUDDII'XS 11" liu Groove BYBDGAR MARTIN FUECKI.I3S AN!) HIS FRIENDS s^~- Y s f-toWMLOl 1 It-fENFTFtO fiiiltbil>! . <3Ot?Ot.O^JC> OltVJ » RhVD r\V.-=>O OP DID FPFOaes A CLB»U MAKE OWTME I PROFIT" SALE OF ye I Of $7.5; .?• / Me- - ...ASSCP [ ., To ASK HIM i ) y - r , % GOOD.' L HOPE HE I Me BY MERRUT, BLOSSEF " s PUTS IT IN / MOMF.Y I.M . . . ! THRIFT is C»e. •<'=•. M. — Mt-5 A VIRTUE THAT I BRIWOtNG IT SHOULD <se •(SoMtLTlMES I WISH THE AUTOMOBILE MAO REAUY ) f. ,r.(±r*M 4^-c-r-ri. tT_irr | tOP^C / ' Jj] •i*<*2^_' ' ^- / t ^S?S!" ^—-^ —-~^ i XiSK

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