The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEFP, Editor PAOL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives; W«U»ce Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Atternoon Except. Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- cfllc* at Blytlievllle, Arkansas, under act, of Congress, October 9, 1917. m;rnip;vir,LR (ARK.) counrrm NEWS Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By cr-jrler In the city of BlythevP.le or any suburban town where carrier service Is maln- lulned, 20c per week, or 85c per month. By mull, within a radius of 40 miles, 44 00 per year,'$2.00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; By mall outside 50 mile zone, 510.00 per year payable in advance. :The Demobilized Atom 1 " The atom is now in civilian con I rot, and just ;is menacing ii force as il was '; wltcii Gonernl Grovos anil not Sir. - Lilenthal was its licail keeper. And ils - secrets will be guarded jusl as cnre- I'tilly, at least for a time, as llicy wore -- when ntomic energy was (lie Army's special responsibility. Until the 'question of intemnlkmal - control i.s settled there can he little - thought of a rlra.slic chanjfe in the . present system of security, whether I- the men in charge are dressed in yrav ',. tweed or khaki twill. Yet there seems ;; little doubt that the transfer of the - whole matter of atomic research to - civilian hands has the approval of ;i majority of Americans. One reason is that the change, •-while neither lessening; our strength nor giving away our secrets, indicates to the world a tangible change in our • attitude. The Army remains on call in case of emergency. Out ils release of "control is evident fljat our commitment, to the peaceful uses of atomic energy is more than an oral pledge. Likewise, (\\e< responsibility for the future of this force lies now whore it belongs. The atomic bomb was (he creation of scientists who directed the lessor and, for a time, unknowing skills ^ of ordinary men and women. Now scientists have a direct hand in directing the energy ol' this holocaust into other channels. With them are men whose .previous lack of national fame and political connection is in itself an encouragement. - Most of all, perhaps, civilian con; trol has public approval because the ; -public has reason to believe that a man ; in a (weed coat is inclined to think : differently than a man ih an Army jacket. There are already certain facts - about aiiicleai- fission, discovered Ijy the : Manhattan Engineering District,'that ' can be released safely to the world's scientists. Technically, some of these facts, already have been released. Hut „- -eomiblaiiits have _bcen heard that even information has not been extri- ciU«<l from military red Inpe and mili- l:U'y bottlenecks. All tliis lends to arouse public impatience and jipiirulicnsion. Koi 1 , in spite of llic gmtd'til pride llial tltc country feels for ils Army and who lead il, it must he admitted tlwl lliere arc within thnt 'Army some officers of it public-he-damned turn of mind. Ani\, according- to fippenriinccs, .some of Uinrn have been conneclctl with atomic tiovelopmeni. , So it is well ' Hint the future oMh» itlom in this country bo entrusted ti> men who understand it ami to men who understand how the potential victims of its misuse feel about it. VIEWS OF OTHERS Testimony to Religion Out of Germany, comes Icstlhiony to Hie value of rcliulon as a solace In trouble, and n steadying .social force. The testimony Is volc':d by :i prominent Cicrmun communist leader, ICr- svln Kckert. lie was ediicnted for Die ministry, and juinnil ihe Socialist parly in 1011. becoming leader ;ji its religious department lor nil Cjerrniiny. In the 19UO'.s. when the Nnzls began their rise to power Eckcit switched to the Communist.;, thinking they were the only group strong enotit;:i to .stop the Hitler gang. He was sent to a con- ccnlration camp, and when freed, he relumed actlvcy to Ihe Communist party. Eckert reasoned that the misery In Ocrinan.v would result in a heavy Communist vole in the recent elections. Hut it didn't, in his paiv of Germany the Communists got only seven per cent of Ihe vole.s. And Eckert explained Hi.; defeai, thus, as reported by a Christian Selene-Monitor writer from Germany. We though the people would vote for a planned way out of their distress, which Hi.. Communists presented. Now we know the people "do not vote by thinking, but only as they were trained," which means, he added, "tli,,t the Christian Sociullsis dominate the field." That, tribute to religious training is no less stron;; for lh c .susKC.sion of a sneer in the words Men sneer nt whal (hey camiot understand ami tbe pnynn mind of Communism can neve,- .in ocrslnmt how religion rall t ,,mblc a human be- fidem° n"' C " 1C ' S '°"" K ° r " ffl w ' th <ll " (:l< co "- llutwiser men have ); nderstood. Oi u - gr .-ii- American philosopher, Bmer.son. pointed out that when religion decays, everything of va:-.,» declines. High hopes, ideal, go out of nfe :ma Hl« good lo know that there Is still reli E ion m Oennany. Out of it muy eorne, with helpr,,, B'ldaiice. a,, which wil, turn «„ J, Ju to prate. Instead of war lei-tWeT 1 :" 0 ' W ° S "° U1 " bC ""*">« »»« 'I- a'c , "'"' ° W " reU||lon - «» »'« lru«t ••""Chimnl of individual clmrnetei- and national -ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. SO THEY SAY The nearer we come to lhc day when> can enjoy ntomic energy, the nearer we come -o world disaster-Prof. Milton Burton, u. of Notr- Uarne. XXVI JT was eleven-thirty when Jeff Sot home. The lamp in the parlor •wis lighted and Sidney was slccp- i;>£ ;« a chair. Puzzled, .left stood .pv<-r her, looking do-.vii and think< r -£ '-hat Flic \v:rs sor.ieiiaw very Appealing so, her hesc! Kick, Uie .'•ong line o£ her neck l!ov;ir:g h'.'.o .?l>e rounded line o( her liVeast, hcdy inert, long legs graceful with strong, slim ankles. If he had not forsworn such things he would have liked lo sketch her in this pose and call the sketch "A Sleeping Beauty," for Sidney was really beautiful—not, of course, as Rose •was, all peaches and cream and perfection, but with a kind of lean, vigorous symmetry. She had good bones. AvTake, she was often too vigorous, too emphatic for beauty; bnt softened by repose her eyes closed— ~ ' J She opened her eyes. "Hello?" 1 Jeff pointed his thumb toward the ceiling. "Everybody else hit the hay? • She nodded. "I've got something to tell you." And without further comment she handed him a letter. He read in silence: Dew Miss Cameron: We are interested In your •brother's pictures. We iilau to launch in the near future a coasl- to-coast campaign to publicize our products, not Ihe leasl of which is Spunky Mule ring, the tobacco your brother has so amusingly ex- H«4, If, as yon say, Mr. Jcffcr- D»vis Cameron is seeking a lUon as a commercial artist, w» naffest lhat he come to our N*w York offices September 19 a»4 ctattr with our advertising ' H fa,quite possible that we may 1»T» » place on onr staff for in of such marked origl op. "It's from the Vrtacco eompaay," "I know." "But what (he heel;? send them any pictures." "I did. The ones of Papa ; n his uuform wiWi the button." "Oh, you sent them? You cer- .ainly had your nerve!" "They were good, I thought' ;omebody ought to see them." "And now somebody has So that's that." "It sounds like an offer of a lob, JefT. Maybe a better job than Ihe contest." "Certainly it's a better job. Any diot would know thnt. In New York, right in the center of everything? A job of jobs." He scowled ind threw down tbe leller. "Well L can't go." ' "No," Sidney said. "You can'l" He stared, annoyed that she should assent so quickly when he was steeled for argument. He paced the length ot the room, turned and said ehallcnginglv "I m needed here. Mamma would have a fit." "No not Mamma," Sidney said, hhc knows she can't keep us together always. She's not having a nt about Rose's gelling mnrricd lapa would be against it—until ho found lhat you could contribute as much as before to the family budget." "I could contribute more In New York they don't pay peanut SSIDTIOS. He looked at Sidney and drew a aeep brcalh. "I'm going!" Rather tremblingly Sidney got 'fir" chair- " You incan ''• ''Yes, I mean it." - ft said, "You'll need money :? lJncy ,, ohM ,r ncyr ' '««'« jaw - sagged. "How much have, you?" "None. Not a darned bit." 'Neither have I. Bill we can get the money," Sidney said, "if we have to. Somebody in this Ism- My must have a little laid by Papa—" , ' "No, don't count him in. That's why I'm strapped. I did have fifty dollars, but I lent it to Papa." "Wluil?" Sidney said. "What!" He told her, and couldn't see why Papa's borrowing should excite her so, making her look while and scared, sending her flouncing down the room (o the window where she stood with her back to him. "Listen, Sid—" He stopped. Rose was coming in. "Well, what do you want?" JefT said rudely. * * * JJOSE had on bathrobe and slippers, and was yawning. "I heard you mullering down here.' It woke me. Hours ot muttering. Is anything wrong?" ~t.,~v , t JcIT gave her the tobacco company's letter; she carried H to the lamp, stooping lo read. - •"Oh, JcIT. darling! You're going? I'm so glad!" He grinned cautiously. "Don't bo too glad yet. H may not pnn out." "It will pan out," said Sidney somberly, from the window. "Of course, it will!" Rose's face was radiant. "Bui I won't say anything. Oh, JefT, let me hug you?" -...,_She hugged him, and he rultlcd her hair. -• - ^. -. •• "There's a hilch," he said. "Money. Have you got any inoncv. Rose?" She shook her head. "How much would it be?" "Railroad fare. One way. It I didn't get the job, I could earn enough in New York for n return ticket. Sweeping streets, washing dishes in «i greasy spoon, some darned job or other." "Couldn't you .save Vp?" Rose asked. "Out of your blink salary here?" "No. You EOC, the letter says September nineteenth." "But maybe the tobacco people would postpone it." Sidney said, without turning around: "The nineteenth is ten days off. He has to go before the nineteenth — or never. So he couldn't save up." "Anyway," Jeff said, "it. would take months to scrooge out rnil- rond fare from my biwk salary. Months!" Where Do We Go From Here? ONLV A RAlSe THURSDAY. .TAN'L'ARY f), 19 ••••••• j ed to cover labor unions, now ex• i empt from prosecution. J ! Though the Republicans win be . j in the saddle, a lot of Democratic ••••••••••...I.*,........ j crusaders are still handing on ov are up for consideration. If the! send "'un^hef' b^yf^echo-'° ~HS=££a'^,%i?1^1 •.- •""••• v-vi!i B ii.-.-,:>i:uineneu with ln< ! green light. Sen. Joe Ball of 1 o'Daiiiel will hn n ,, ,1 ^ ''^ Hlbo rampant on a Held of mud- Minnesota, however, thinks the an-lsld" n f?i b,,<^ C "" IC "'" " ' "-monopoly laws should be extend-' gressire. "•" >ustcr : WASHINGTON COLUMN ••••••••••..••«...•,....•«•.«•••»«.,,,» HV rKTEK EDSON NKA Washington Correspondent I WASHINGTON. Jrtn. I). (NBA) — Uarin' to ,*..,. tu t u, nn: JXL [jiiuLiLaii-cioin- lated 80th Congress convened with' li .siinging. Tired and beaten, its tail between its elgs, it win end its first .vos.slon in tire dog days ai. the end of next July. In between, it will consider such varied subjects as Sen. Arthur Capper's meritorious proposal for a uniform federal divorce lav,-. 250 American Legion-prepared bills to aid ihe veteran some more, and Bosh almighty only knows what else. A presidential message to Congress on the State of the Union would reach from here lo the moon anything pro- i> »i--*i^n Hum iierc 10 me moon it tried to cover all the sane and •rav.y proposals which will arise n the next seven months. Ob- •ionsly. the President's three men- iages will hit only the high spots. Among the extra added starters rou can list there: The dear old tariff issue, which "" been dead ever since the He- Ttftt CURIOUS WORU* publicans threw the country into :i laiispin with the high, protpc-' tive Smoot-Hawley number after World War I. is going to be revived. Sen. Mrigir Butler of Nebraska is leading the revival Even Senator Taft voted jiRninst. Cordell Hulls Trade program which is due lo expire in 19-W so look for the worst here '( Presidential succession will be ! up nB«in. A year ago President t-nimim was all f or having tt, c | Speaker of the House made heir to the throne. That was when Speaker Sam Rayburn was il. Now (hat Republican. ,j oc Martin of chlls.'tt.s i.s- it, Truman and some ,' of tlie other nepublicans may have 1 different ideas. But count an lhc Republicans to crash throiiQl, u^;, a two-term limit on , my 'one President's occtipmlon of the Whit" House. INVESTIGATORS' PICNIC There will probably U c plentv of Wl ch-huilling, it will come " not only from the House Committee on Un-American Activities, of which the Hon. j. Purm-n Thomas will be the np»- cliairman. Foreign Affairs Committees will be fooki,,,, tor Communists in the State De" partmcnt. Apprcjn-iations CommU- tces ^n be railing asainst them'in their drive !o .'cdure (c.lri.T. 1-1- l>loymcnt and cut budgets. Sen. Homer Ferguson olMi-iit- « nas recommended a go-slow program on investigations 'thon-h be i.s or»- of »,(, U( , st inquisitors ni Congress.- Ferguson's idea is tint, Congress has a constructive Jab to do and should not be side(r-ic',-cd into digginK up al] the old New Deal skeletons. Sen. Owen Brewster of Mai,,,, wlio fancies himself quite a nrobor' lias ambitions to carry on as clnr' man of ihe War Tnvc.stigatini; Co-n mittee by urcoyciiiiK every scandal of the uast six vears in'UN'SiRV the Rockefeller program in latin- Amencn. Export-Import Bank loans usmK. FCC. CAH. |ho Miirisimc Commission, (ho \var Assets \d ministration ami disposal of .s,-r plus property. w h,?h ,,, av be „ juiciest one ot all. Government corporations will c et - BOOd KCing-over. \vitu curlail- ment of their number anff powers probaole. The Reronstru-iior i.'j nance Corporatioti in particular will be subjected to the squeeze, thou-h tbe fun of haviiiE Gcorur Mu'., testify on this may be denied the Congress by George's recent lakin" of a runout powder. ImmiRi-ation will make a lovely brawl. President Truman has previously recommended relaxation of U. S. immigration restrictions >;o as to admit refugees rrom a'ar-loiu nations. For the HepubUcnns West Vircinia fien. Chapman RevfrronVj 1m is-siieri n re|)ort roocnimend- me that no restrictions be lifted DEM "CRUSADEnS" HCTUyiN How sincere the Republicans are about slrcnstljcning ami eiiforcinp the anti-trust lows win S i 1(!w Wtl0] , Justice Depnrtmenl npproprlalions \'±r -iLi-—'-•iixN'lr MAN-MADE WERE PRODUCED !N / RECENTLY BfSCIENnsrS WHO DROPPED VN AJR- PLANE INTO AN ORDINARY CLOUD OVER &REYLOCK MOUNTAIN. ^) WHEW iris NOON / IN NEW YORK, ARE / CLOCKS ALL OVER THE WORLD PENNSYLVANIA, IN A FOUR-FAMILY APARTMENT, MR. HAWK. LIVED ACROSS THE HALL r-3C\\ AK.WREN, AND MS. COPP LIVED OPPOSITE AvR.LAW. ]0 0' .. .MRi. C. Ho SIR i s rcv.n r PC s ANSWER: No. In some instances, the lime docs not differ bv in wit-l? tim" bCr ° C hOU1 ' S ' nawaU is I0t -'* hollrs earliei ' th:ln Crccn- NEXT: Monday is a c ooil Jay to have a cold. SIDE GLANCES by Galbraith _ci:rr.. :w si «< siayicr. INC. T. M. »to. u. ». PAT. OFF. IN HOLLYWOOD "Don't tell me that's your boss—the fellow a big stronz ma;; like you doe*n't dare ask for n raise!" nv I.-IISKIM: JOHNSOX N1''A Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — iNBAl — Exclusively yours: Myrna l.oy rates » tou- |o;- in.sisiin!" on acting her aye. •She pluy.s Shirley Temple's mother In "Tlip Bachelor anit Bobby Sox- cr" und insisted that RKO cm ouV certain too-ingcnuish episodes in tile .script. Raid Myfiia: "Let's put emphasis i.'ti llu> fact that I'm her mother— not an older sister." 'I hey did. Margin Grahame is en route to ! r.n<;land to stay Jn a British li.'m. "It Always Rains on Sunday." She'll also spend pnrt of that million-buck settlement she received on parting from husband Allen, McMai'tin. The money i s still in England, but can't be "taken out of the country. Odds are rising in favor of Linda Darnell and pevy Marlcy reclaim- Ins their marriage when she completes "Forever Amber." He save her a whacking big ring for Christmas. . . . Alice Faye denies that she does not intend to do another picture. AM she's waiting for is the right story. . . . Vim Johnson nntl Evie Wynn are the latest arrivals a'- Idaho's Sun Valley WANTS TO H'l.V A MAX Virginia Field is Hying to talk Paramount into letting'her be THE woman and no! the olher ivoninii all the time, she's lost David Niven. Eddie Brarken and Ray Mil- hind in the final reels of her Jast three pictures. Yet off the .screen she's one or (he to . vn - s most lct( . h _ "IB t'lamor clolis. l.urry l':irk s plays his rrevl role, in "The Swordsman," in hills. NII <|<iiitile (hi s [j mt> . i,;,; •••••*••••*••••••••••••• knif, arc Ills ov*n. Here's a new angle in the coin- in,,, - to - 'Ju- - (It'fen.sf-uf-Ifolywofitl (U'p.a'Uiicnt: Film and raciio musical dirCutoi 1 Jatl; Meakin thinks (here's too much snobbery where mo\'ies arc conc-ein«'il. Puinun^ out tbat thi- movie:* combine the three yreat arts- -pluming, v.rl'.hif; and mu k ;ic -.Jack sny.',: "Ktranve {{ movie reaches 10 million people' at 50 cents a head, •'iul (if bi'inn Mmu-lliiiig that u hundred peopK may have for $50,C!)0 efich, it's cansHieru'd ehoi'a|* Hut I've teen good rcioieramorv* achieve visual bei'.uiy as rich and eloquent as anything an artist ever did with a brush. The {Urn industry is the greatest patron of the arts of them a!!." WHAT A rHANOI: When Kddie Cantor was a siiiK- iny uaiter at Cone^ J.v.iand around 1B10 he tried 10 talk, his piano player into kidding with the audi-' cnce between numbers. The sliy" Pianist refused, suyin", "I'm afraid I might :iay tile \vron,; thing." lint, now you can't oet, him lo shut his mouth for even a minute. You kiunv his name—Jimmy Durunte. Maurice Chevalier \viH do an offstage linsilish rommentai v for his starring French film, "Golden Silence." Bui Director Rene. Clnrr had to send him back to .school to perfect his English. Mae Clark is returning to the screen after an absence of several years, she's the g?.!, remember, who got a grapefruit, pushed into her lace by Jimmy Carney starting :ui era oi tn-at-lhe-ladles-rough on the screen. Authoress HORIZONTAL l.BPicUired writer 14 She also is a r 15 Commands 1C Large bundle 17 Handle JO Fathers 20 Girl's name 21 Plunder 22 African worm 12 Order 23 Frozen water 13 B °nes 26 Native ir.etai 28 Playing card 30 Challenged 33 Symbol "for i iridium 34 Virginia (ab.) 2 Conduct 3 Pastry dainty '1 Dined 5 Chaos 0 Verbal 7 Nevada city 8 Castle clitcli. 9 Credit (ab.) 10 Augment 11 Trader- 16 Therefore 24 Lid 25 Storehouse 26 Aromas 27 She appears or. the 35 Alleged force - SBNegalrve 37 Crawl 3JJ Maluro 41 Exist 42 Distress call 43 Sack 45 Serbian *> 49 Onager '" 52 Shield bearing 54 Curved molding 55 Twist 56 Winder on reels 58 Visionary 60 Help Gl Believers in c-goism VERTICAL 1 Place of J\V noleon's lirst exile 23 Arrive (ab.) 47 Interpret 31 Compass point<!8 Iceberg 32 Put on 50 Hard fat 38 Birds of prey 51 Indian weights 40 Sacred songs 53 Yale 43 Adriatic wind 55 Capuchin 44 War god monkey 45 Classify 57 Electrical unit 4G Exempli 50 Daybreak gratia (ab.) • (comb form) _?oarding_House with Ma j. Hoople EGAD.' X LOATHE.- AWSELF^*.* VJHV DO^-T'T-'i.l'f rsv-'l FOR SAVIMG 11, BUT Tt-Vr. M YOU FOR.eeT"\\ Vf?IR F- /r^f eR ^? U5P[ClON F01WTG ) TfUVT AQUATIC I cttl'MS--UEA.-' mvAi v^-rl 3ASOM '' AV /} BUZZARD AMD) ABOUT-rue GUV < - / ~" '^ """• - - 1 - ^ BLEzACH To CUT i. ! " ~ ' "' Out Our Way By J.' R.Will Jams OT A Fi^tE i'.JGWFiS- WHEN W£ WORK.' w*^immf&></:-% VEARS TOO SOOM ..',«,!«».*.•>«.«»

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