The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 9
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TIIUKSIJAY, JAM;AKY '.', J! Senator Seeks Closed Shop Bare Measure Infroduced By Minnesota Foe Of Union Practices WASHINGTON. .Ian 9—(UPI — Sen. Joseph 11. null, it.. Minn,, tuts nsucil the Senate to outlaw the closed shop on Mound;; that it violated "fiUKlamwiial priziciidi's of American liberty." lie introduced legislation ycsU'r- •*'.' which would out Iniv nil TOII- Wncls making union iiiembor.sliip or non-membership a condition of einployinciu. Hence it would bar contract provisions lor a rlo.scd shop, under W»ici only Ullin,, member., ,.„„,„ " f Hired: it union shop, which would require al] employes to join ino union. ; ,,,d ,,,aimei.;,m:e of membership, W |,lcl, would require union employes to maintain llielr mrinbcrshii, unless they wiihdmv within u specific c-srape pc-riod. •he section outlawing ,. O ii- lucml.ership us ., coiidltioii of employment would duplicate tile pro- MMOI, O f th,. Nurri.s-LaGuaidia act •'b-iiinst "yc!lo« HOK contracts." Another section in Hail's measure woin,i eliminate a provision i,, the ' Wagner Labor relation, act ucr- iiimnir, dosed shop contracts. "I restart] Ihc prnclirc or com- iwiluis; indivi(!iinl ivorkei-.s to join a union or lose the.,- jobs to be "lie of the most niii )Ln - al p ,, >e ticc.s exi-sling ,„ American labor rela- .!-' Bn " sal " *» ' l .statement, HIP closed shop violates two fundamental principles O f American liberty: one. ihc principle that each individual should enjoy the maximum .li'srcc of inrlivklin.1 freedom consistent, will, enjoyment of Ihc same fierce of freedom by all other individuals: and sccoi-,1. the principle thai a,, y monopoly under private control fant! the §rt-osccl .shop i s a monopoly', i s inimical to the public welfare and dangerous to freedom." Republic:!,, leaders in boll) Sen«le and House v.-er... pushing plans for a iicv.- lurisliUnn to curb strikes and control unions. In the hi!tli prioriu- was Sivcn to K-i.uaim,, to overturn lawsuits ... which unions currently are claiming nearly S-IJJOO 000 WO in back imital-to-porlai ' pay Leaders hoped a portal pay wouid oe ready for committiv consideration next week. In the House a siratc B y. meeting was scheduled [or Friday House' Republicans, loo. wore expected to sponsor an •anti-closed s hon measure. Mental Hygiene Program Mapped For All Arkansas LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. j a ,i. n. — (UP)—A separate state agency to carry on a mental hygiene program In Arkansas will b« requested of the state legislature. State Health gkprficcr T. T. i)os s said today T» Ross told the pre-lcgislative' budget committee that a bill calling for such nil agency under the .supervision or the ellallh Department was beii, K pn pared. He .said no apuromiaiion will be requested al tins lime, but the divkion was hems organize,! to allow Arkansas to collect federal funds if sue], monies become available. Htws added that 11,0 propel lias the supi.oit ,,f Hip heiid of (be .stale Hospital lor Nervous Diseases. LcadiiiK livestock state in the United States is Texas. Canadian Mothers Say "Buckley's. Best for iChilcWs Csughs" When Due To Colds or UpperBronchiaf Irritations Cornjlou.1fted t,nn ,v,t Cn.^od.01 P^n e Br,l, OP , MeiMhol. Inth Mol. -,rd olh^. .aolSir.? inglerfi. .n't. Bv(V!«y t CANAQIOl Millie now on cnjr inq vouvp .vrr l,.trf. y ou -|l Crjd ir a( l. WOOD'S nitre. STOKE KOTIIKOt'K DRUGS city IJKCC; STORK W.YTJIKVJM.U (ARK.) COUU1KU NKVVS "=••-' A Study in Contrasts Newcomer m House Starts Avalanche of Idle Oratory BY I• 1 UEI»KI(|CK C. OTlliMAN (Ui)ilnl Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Ja^. 0. (UP) A fellow never knows (when he's a congressman, that, il) what he'll start by opening bis mouth. Ask Rep. Frederick C. Smith, the lawmaking medico of Marion. O. All be wanted, announced Republican smith, was a fdS« minutes for some comments on President Truman's state-of-the-union message. He for one. he said, ivas disappointed b v the President's labor program. "Of all the piddling idea;:." he said, "that bjje.- '' Bang, went, the (javcl. His time was up. There was a roar and a rustle f i oin the Democratic side of the chamber. Up jumped. Rep. John E. Hankin. the white-haired whirlwind from Tupelo. Miss to say that Mr. Truman was a great President, Probably would continue to ae a great President for several more years to come, he said Hey. cried Rep. smith. He hadn't meant to start any political argument. Rep. Rai:J:in s airi he wasn't talking politics, but. facts Ban" Time up. Three minutes u-cuitf be about right for him to discuss the 1D48 presidential election, said Rep Edwin A.-Hall, the nepiiblica:i banker from Binghaiiitoti. N Y "since the subject already has 'been brought up,- | lc added. Nobody objected. So Rep. Hall, a prize wiimiiiK orator, said there was no donbc Mr. Truman would be the Democrats' candidate again next year "I don't know about snapped nnnkin. that," Rep. Hall ignored him. Said In New York there is a fellot named Oewey who has a better chance still of Ijci:-.;; elected president next year. Candidates for President who start this early usually , U n a C oM trail.' observed Rep. Hankin •The governor of New York has sr.:d nothing about beini; a candidate/' Hep, Hall retorted. He was eetliiijf sore; his fellow Republicans were begin,i;n R to .squirm. Ihc Democrats were cnjoviiu. themsclvo. Bane. R e p. Hall's -throe minutes were up. "Tills is a very intei^stini; discussion," suggested Rep. John \v McCormac kof Dorchester Mass" who used to be i|, c leader' or ii*. nnirn y , Wh °" thnt co » si -' i l Democrats. "I move that the tleman be allowed live more." Speaker Joseph w. Martin J, the North Attlcboro. Mas, now-paper publisher, listened carefully for objections but Hear,! none. more B hiS Ih ' c '»'"»<« Noted Negro Choh to Sing In Blytheville The ruinous all-Ni> K ro choir "Win;:s Over Jordan' 1 is lo present two prosriims each here l-'i Idny u iul Saturday niyhu t () Nc^ro andi- encc.s. The pioKi-am uf religions and folk sonxs will be ,;iven by tlu- Suvov Theater, it w ,is uniiounred by W. I,. Moxlcy. owner of the llu'atcr which lias sponsored a number o| special stiiue eiiloniilii- nicni [or Nc,;roes since Us establishment sis months nao. inenlcd by InirotUietion of all honor students or Nqiro schools wilh- In a radius of 25 miles (tiu'lnu In- The "Winus over Jordan" choir of 2-> member.s will be accompanied • by Its originator, the Hc . v . Glenn ! 1. Settle, and directed by Jinnes Lewis Klkins. II Is the sum,. K roup which spent nine months In overseas enlerlaln- ment service durin,. t|, c recent war «''f which l, :1 .s i;ive,, sou broad- asis ,, v cr n»t,r>iu,l hookups during the l>iist nin c years. ""Hi men and women are Included in the choir which has applicants irom iunon<i talented N'e- Ki'<> slnyer.s throunhout the i.iition. Friendly Gl Children Appeal to Germans BEn.LI.-v , W ) - The occupation ,,',„,' Cjc . 11 " :1 "-v ls « ""'Bet for irc- <|iient, sharp criticism, but the Amencan "kids" who came here uth then- fathers and mothers OeTn.a'ns. 150 m " k " IB ll "" w11 " l " c Tiic afternoon Berlin newspaper IJer Abend observed that |h r school-auc American •yoiim.stcri from California. Philadelphia' and Ncu York were making a "Kooct impiession" parlicularly because icy x ,ere (rlendly ;l ,ul made iucntlsjvitiijtou,i B Germans. newly an-iveil tlial nobody ,~,7~uTc • , ,' r ,'' y rei:0 «»r«Ml him. made .1 ciack about garden ruriety Re- w'l,at"'','u. '!"!• .rbn"'""*' T " n;l1 ! ' bmlt gen- minuicj tended. He]), supposed lie yes. lie 'Inze when Hall's five niln- '•'» out. in the nick. i , • 11» 11.1 i t\n nil 11, 1 !'"" C ""' IM l " e '»*• T <• cinlj-ha.rcd Hep. Cbnrles A !»••- !i'ck of i.ui., Republican iende'r oc°i, nv ""If 1111 " "' " 10VC thc ™»'«e oc now adjourned." Hepiibljcan Aves di- n ,,-,,,,,i _.., He's Anti-Genius' German POW Tells Court He Still is a Soldier and Con's Be Forced to Testify I nrmtoiT, Jan. «. uiii)..-.i-vii- | cral court was halllrd todav by n "eiinan iirlsunei -ol-war an'd Former Hermann UociliiK hodyiiUiird who refused to ic.slliv, O n Kioiiiuls He still is a ....ildlcr and thcrelon- need Icll ,,,, ,„„,.,, n mll j,,., lmltWi rank and serial number, I'vl. Kmlolpl, Jcvsejili Soelell •'! stood tm his rli:hl.s muter the \-~r- ni'va I'DiiH'iilliui wbni called Ijy <!ic Itovciiimnit in ihc uiul of lames Mcllndc, .HI. Uiistni. p.,. Hid lil.-i allnictlve. I'ru.wliin-boni [e, o.Jun. n, Dcli'iilt. 'I'lii- MrHiltleji are ehurisiM will, ielpliin Kueli-h eseape |ro m Uamp aiin. i:allf., \ al -.( A p,n . m ,| )mr . orlnn him ; ,t nciruli, ••'i'lleral .!tidi>e Artluil V l.cilerli' clld Hoelrh lui ttppari'nlly was "uilsliuot'ltled iibuiit Unlled' .Stales PAGE NINE • <|,niU' tin: bright sayings of .vuiu hllle Junior when l3r. jow .Shapley, above, direelnr of Haiv.ird Observatory, is .nound DcclariiiK Hint of the live worst eiiciiiii's of mankind, tlic "Henius maniac" is the mosl potent killer, nc siiKKesled Beniiis cinild he controlled by lijllinj; ,,ir, in i»- funcy, "all primates Iliat show miy o\'idcnce of promise v( HL-nius, or even tiilcnt." Ilia drastic "remedy" was made in speed) to American Association for Ihc Advancement of Science in Boston. Mass. Members elected him IM-L'sklcnl for laiv. , Life i:vtciulni With the protection Hint is lx>- sr uiven the ylant Soquolii Iree of CnlKornla, It. l s possible that they may live to be lO.Ooo years old. iK-- t!ie Kenflenia ' l! -; '" M '- C ""'""-"' S elieve the sim'is foi the Republican parly" A J^nocratic roa-ressman. tion tion. direc- r is | ns h ' a " v -J r ."» . ''v, "" the ncM presiilenl. prcclncls for ww<i ir " who'll be MY CUSTOMER.S ASK FOR. THIS FLOUR! Cay Print Sicks For Home Utes! '.'J l ! ou "' vlv " Hi>ve found that ' Be " flour MAGIC Niuaer od News or Folks Who fer From ^STOMACH GSS ACID FOOD TASTE INDIGESTION n-> ynM frnt Moated nll rt tnl-ornblo after jvory n,r,l , nsta BO ,, r . | >uttr rood? ,{ ,r'r , ,1, ow you may Bct bl «scd rc- .ift (rum this Dfri-oiij atxtrtfs tvorvltnin ftxKl cnlor^ the stomnch p. vital Bit-trie Jnlrc must now'norm»u'v In .ironk-up certain food rarllclw: clsnih» .forf niay formrnt. Sour food, ncld Inrll- ?'*'lon r.nrt E!IS frrr.licnlly cnusc a mor- nlrt. iniirhy, Irftfnl. prcvlsh. ncrvoia ' anf .^ 10 "- '»^s of np[ictUe. t.ntlcrwclghU To prt rrat relief you must Jnrrrn^n -nc now of thin vltnl pnstrlc jutcc ^T(•l^l-al p.<Uh»rltlcs. In Indrpcmlrnl inlmra- -.fMv tr.=ts oi\ hv.ninii stnmncli^ liavc hv 3CI5HIVC prm-f shown that SSS Tonic It, ima^lnsly dTrctlve In tncrcnshik- Ihl'-i Ic-.v when ll is loo Illll^ or srnniy cluij .o a non-or^antc stomach <list«rbancR rhl> Is rtur (o (he SSS Tonic fnrmuU x™m Ip 1 """" ^l'^ 1 ™' ••>'«! POlnit. actl- Alsn. SSS Tonic helps b\illcl-vip i.on- irRBiile. u-fnk. iv.itrry Wood In liulrl- -lonat mir-tnia — r;o \vltjl A KOCK! now of •Jils s^slrlc dijcMlvc Juice, jilns rich rcrt- ilond you shout.! rnt.hcttcr,5lcciit)ctlcr .rp| IjMliT. ivnrX- belter. pl»y ocUcr. Avoid punlsMnK yourself wllh ovcr- Josci; of Rotla aii,-l othrr alkaltzrrs to connlrract pas and hlo-lltn^ u-hcti u-lmt you so drarly ncru 1, SSS Tonic In help you ainfi't food for body strcnglh and repair. Don'l 7:aU! Join the host o! nappy people SSS Tonic 1ms helped Millions of hollies sold. Get * hotllc of SSS Tonic from your nnig store todpv ESS Tonic helps Build Sturdy IlcalthO AVOY THEATRE Ash Street Blythcville, Ark. Fn,-7 and 9 p.m.-Sat. 8 and 10 p.m. Jan. 10 - 11 FARMER II is :i( I his lime of the vwir l| l;l ( every f Dinner hc K i lls („ ,,,;„, f()| . n , L . vnm ^ K S( , ;ls()J1 Kii'-o Hi.'.l ; ,]| t.juiptnenl „„ |, ;m( | is in ^ ()Ot , iind adds new oquip,,,,,,! (| 1;l | is ru , C( | w j. , |( , ,,.,„ f((|||1(I lh;i1 i( is ahvil - VK :l K fiinnt-r I hat phins well in advance of (he .season, k,ti,wi,, K j,,s( whal is needed and MiaMiiK Ihc ritihl purchase hefin-c the rush. THE JEEP e and more il is becoming cvidt-nt (lie Willis > is an indispensaMe item < m every farm . . it <J v) fs •so mud, willi so lildc cfforl «»„ (he p»rl (,f the fan.ur. Win not come ,,]> |«, Dixieland Service today and in- veslifraie (he uses of this mo . s( vcrHil ti lc , >r 'all atilt.- inotivt- achievements. You'll find lhat it's the very MiiriK (o serve your immediate needs ;iml those in the fulurc, too! You'll find, too, that you may have immediate delivery on >•«,„• Jeep, nn wailing! PERFECT COMBINATION! GET YOUR WILLYS JEEP NOW , —AT— SERVICE ELLIS POOLE, OWNER & MANAGER Highway (il North al Holland, Missouri . 'I'lio I>OW was niuiH'il s|<lr:it«r w iu, ll le ;i ili'lcncliiiH in the cjisc. w lull not NOTIC'K Niillci' Is litwljy (jlvtii llmt Ai'Oii Aiulersmi. « 0 K. Duvls, Hlytlievllle. Aik. lius nimlo i,pi>llcnlioii, to o]>- oiatc u ear fur hire In the Oily of m.vdiuvlllo. ••...• . v Any nil protests should De In writing aiia filca within ten In tlic oKIco of llio CiCy FRANK WHITWOBTH (Illy Clerk C'onrlei' Ne« p s Want Ads. ' Oiango • Grapefruit run a° unc ' Crapofiulf BINGO PARTY TONIGHT! Gosncll High School Gym 7:15 P.M. Come (ind bring tho fomily. , Admission 50c for entire evening of 20 games-' © Nice Prizes • Door Prize 10.00 electric iron from Planters Hdw. Several mcivhiinls Imvts winli-iljuli'd nicu "ifls to the wliool Their i,iuiu-s will he publi.shwl ;,i (OI.WITOV/'H SPONSORED BY: GOSNELL HIGH SCHOOL For Athletic Fund Gt's Easy! You Get a Lovely Dish with Every Mother's Oats Premium Package /-\-% -—- . • ^* Aren't They Attrocfive! Better Dash to Your Grocer and Start Your Set Today! \Vlut .1 sm.-irt (.ililc yon li.-ivc with dishes like these! And such a wonderfully easy u.iy to colled a sct-;i hcaiitifi.Ily designed piece in c-iicli and every premium package of Moiiigr's! Yes, they're stiindnnl (liniier-sizv! Gencralions of Americans have enjoycil Mother's Oats' tasly-rich Havor. Today authorities recognize meal as (lie richest of all natural cereals in four key-elements everyone, youn^ mul old, jicetls for hcallh and vitality: Protein, Yii.imin b,, food-Iron and I-ootl-l-nergy! Ask your grocer for delicious Mother's O,its (premium package) TODAY! Remember, Mother's Oats was named America's best-tasting cereal in a const-to-coast vote! s (PREMIUM PACKAGE)

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