The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 8
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EIGHT BL¥THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS House GOP Bk Wants Taxes Cti! Leaders Will Insist On Reduction Over president's Profrost WASHINGTON, Jan. 9.—(UP) — llouw. Republicans .stood pat on Iheirrtax r£ducUoii;.pjims uxiay despite- renewed- opposition from President Truman, They said -both personal income laxc.J aiid excise levies could and \\oti.d he cut-.even though the J PieJtlent felt such moves reprc- ' 'Ciilfd-'"unsound fiscal policy." • TKe President .called for- maintenance o{ current thx'levels in ; his state: of ilie Union message to Congress on Monday. In his economic report 'yesterday, and will certainly do it ftEalli hi Ills budget me shge t6iriorrow. 'Hi; will; com™ out -Against.' sin next,;' snapped Harold KniHson, R.. Minn,, of the House Ways nnd Menus Committee, "When ho s'enrts dowii some specific proposals, the cormjiittre \vitt.glve them full nnd due consideration," The President recommended ex- tensijm of old age and survivors insurance lo all groups now excluded and of unemployment compensation ;to employes of all establishments. - regardless of their size. In addition, he would be "desirable" to supplement present etn- ployj-cmployer contributions out Of the general funds. The President undoubtedly will clarify his proposals in the budget message tomorrow. According to tome prediction's, the budget will be considerablv higher than the $29,C'00,000,000 figure the Republicans have set us a ceiling. Meanwhile, Secretary of the .Treasury , John \v. Snyder sched- . ulcd conferences today with congressional fiscal leaders lo discuss taxation -problems. High on (he program will be Knulson's proposal —the first bill introduced in the 80th Congress—for a 20 per cent cut iii normal and surtaxes. Snyder and Knutson will confer in Knulson's office and then attend a luncheon session with Chairman-. Eugene . D. Milllkin, R., Colo., of the Senate Finance Committee, sen. Walter -p. George. D., 'C3a., and Rep. Robert L. Daujjhton, I D.. N. C. Prices Jump in Last Half of 1946 JSOCX 1*0 Retail Pnces RoS£ Sharply -.Consumer prices—vliicb 15 the cost of Jryirn—rose 18 per cenl in 1944, lorgtj inutolc in any year since World War and fa; above increases for war years of 1943,1944 and 1945 Biggest jump in retail prices wos scoied by foods, which rose 34 percent V/Kolesale prices climbed on overage of 31 percent from Dec., 1945, toOcc.,1946 PRODUCTS ANO FOOD S 0 M 0 Cl);uls above, Itiiffd tin new report by Ihc Hiii-i-.m of Liibor SUi- listics, .'how IKIW ivlnil ;lil(l \vh<>lc-.sili> pilei's .-idvam-i-d -haip'ly '"" ' June 3<>lh Mcspe>nj,mn of O|>,\ c-imli-cil..:. SUNDAY SCHOOL UBSOM The Authority of Jesus .Sr-rlnturc: John Z:I-1(! j Measured ; The smallest fog particles have I been measured by the Massnchu- j setts Institute of Technologv. It • was found that 25,000 of "Sieiu ! could be placed on Hie head of a f pin. Huge Loss Improperly - preparSN and nd-" l' s dressed mail-causes a loss to the ! .' U. S. Posl'ofiire Department and I j users of the mails of $4,000,000 Id* | [ ' $5,000,000 annually II How Western ideas continue to percolate through Japan is indi- ..catcd. by photo -above, showing American-type street signs used •in Tokyo for -the -first 'time in hislory. Corner is the city's "Bcoadw^j- and 42nd Street." Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slw T. L. MABRY 4J3 MISSOURI ST. . PH. 3647 Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles o^nd Heels of finest Quality HALTERS .DUALITY SHOE SHOP Itl W. MJfe 'St. MY WII.I.IAM K. (ULItOV, ». n. One O f (lie most renmrkuble statements concerning tlie contacts Of Jesus with Ihe people Ls thai, •He tauglit them as OTIG hnving authnrlty. hnd not n^ the scribes." The scribes, as the ofriclnt icn- re.scritntlves or religion, were snp- c-d to spcnk with nntliority. But the pL'ople cared littiL' for tlie i-cribes' words, wiiile they heard ;lr.dly this young mnn from Naxn- relh. unknown, unrecognized by [),5 or council, with no onilnn- :ion to His ministry other limn tlie baptism by John the Baptist.. What wns tlio source nntl secret his iinlhoiity of Jesus? It wns Ihe fnct thni lie sought no nu- liorlly other limn the truth. lie spoke with such nbsolutc? convic- n not because He regiirded Himself ns (he nrbitrnry mnnufnc- -urei- of truth, but because the r«th He declared wns established Gcc(, in nmn, and in the very constitution of the universe. There is the ultimate source nnd l Of truth, mid Ihe solid basis of authority. Officials nnd councils may thunder their dognins and decrees .and seek to make truth >y flat, but the only thing thai stands is the I ruth established in orf's ivorlrl of reality. Look into the teachings r>r Jesus ind you will fina that thcy'nrc all nlicront in (lieir authority. They need no power to sanction them. They arc as much established in the spiritiml constitution of mnn and his world ( ,.s are the iixed InwS of tl»' physical universe. Tiie authority of Jesus was not only In His words; His very presence radiated authority "Whatsoever He salth unlo you,'do U." 'sftlcl His innther. Men moved al His bidding. When He drove the money-changers out of the temple, II was not by physical force of Iho whip of small cords or of rushes that He had woven from the temple floor, us some have supposed; the whip, whether of cords or of rushes, was a slight affair, glumly a symbol of the ruor- nl authority of an aroused und in- dlBnnul Christ. Good men were drawn to Him; had. men were stirred to antagonism as they rebelled against Him and rejected His teachings. But men were never the same once they had come under the power of Ills presence and authority. Even the scoffing Pilate, with his cynical question aboul truth, knew that he wus judged by that calm nnd silent prisoner. And the authority of Jesus continues today. Men fire still judged bv their attitude toward Him. He challenges the world a 3 no other has. Believers rejoice In His'name and find in Him n teacher and Saviour come from God; unbelievers cannol ignore Him. They write great booKs lo prove thai He never existed, or that He was not as His disciples, have claimed and ns tlie Oospels portray Him. Why such ?.eal of unbelief. If the clniins of few British Brides ofGIs Dissatisfied NEW YORK, Jan. 8. (UP)-^f the 42,COo British war brides .who have arrived, to-join their husbands In the'United atates.'only 29 .were left stranded In'New'York by'luis* bands who , changed their minds, authorities said today. The trouble with the bitter British brides, said tlur people who know, Is that the v talk loo much' Loud, too. Makes you think there are thousands of them. iiui it Isn't so, said t;io brides the husbands and (he'lied Cross' which takes care of the girls who need u round .trip-ticket lor their matrimonial Journey. .Those British papers who called them "brides of despair," were.not completely informed; said some. One was auburn-haired Kathleen Wood, 22. of Winchester. Eng., pretty enough to be a top-notch model, who was quoted In the Lom>cm Dally Mail. "As far as I'm concerned," she said, "those stories in the -Daily Mfli] ami other British -paper.-, • simply aren't true, nnd I.never said anything-like that." Mrs. Wood, who .has accepted the hospitality of the Hed Cross for seven . months and still hasn't deckled when she- Kill go home, said she was upset by; JNCW York restaurant's ntlltuitc toward r-hild- rc-n. "My two babies must cat," she said, "li I take Ihem into a restaurant and they so much us whimper, Hie waiter says. 'You must, set out." 1 Mrs. Wood saiil Unit the Red Cross paid $1 n day for her double- ruoiii, uiul that they also naviT "ner $37 a week for foofl. THURSDAY, JANUAKY 0, 1947 Working Peopl? in Spain Facing Worst Winter Since Revolution Plans to Fingerprint All Japanese Weighed TOKYO (UP)—Tokyo police lire consirlt'rinj; tentative plans lo fin- gcrp t \t every Japanese subject regardless .of sex, age or class, as part of a new nation-wide crime prevention anil detection program. Officials, of the metropolitan police' said sucli a gigantic project would prove so- helpful in swift crime investigation that it would be well worth while the cosi and effort. Japanese press reports Predicted that the nationwide •fingerprinting may get under-way In "April, 1U47. Pern has an estimated -annual production of 7,000,000 pounds of barbasco roots, from which rolc- none Is cbluineil. outward sl|;m of revolt fire scarce In Spain today, so are (he outw:u,l signs ,if Bll yet y or trmlom. There is no cheer"on the n-cc; of .(IP..V i;lil Mifinbi-rs of Spanish youth nrgnnteatlon. lined »., j-i K-vlrv.' in Madrid durlne a hune athleti-j inccL HV HOSE'l'TE IIAUCKOVK NliA Ktcff (lorresprirniulrt I.13BON. Portugal, Dec. 2B. INEA) --•The olive oil producer shrugged his shoulder: in despair and said: "In .Spain today, everybody clients Die government. "Until the government, bulled in." he explained, "lire WHS distinctly easier for- everyone. Now producers declare only 30 or 50 per cent of what they make or grow. The rest goes to Uic biuck market." The result Is must depend on the staples he din buy and ttke home, and these .'.tallies are officially rationed in amounts that make the ([Uotn for one week look hadly enough lor one meal: Bj-cud. three lo eight minces a' day, clepejulinj: on the category of the worker. Oil, one pun a month. Kice. cereals or grains, a little over three ounces a week. . . • , Sugar, six ounces a week foorl economy in | Meat is no longer rationed, but quart; ham and butter, 990 pesetas u kilo 122 pounds); beef, 35 pesetas a kilo; cheese, 15 pesetas a kilo; palatoes, 7 pesetas a kilo; eggs, 30 pesetas a dozen; a small chicken, barely enough for three people, 40 pesetas. The cheaper varieties of fish, once obimd?.]: 1 ,, are unobtainable; sole, lobster, and prawn are available at high prkes. Milk is plentiful at the oflicial price, but Is /it only for cocking. Tangerines, which n few years nno were five lor a penny, now cost from one to two iwsetas a pound. The .scarcity ol native tit- riJi fruit.'! and of olive oil is partly explained by the fact that 80 per cent of the country's production is earmarked for export, bul every .Spaniard is convinced that the government practice of fixing url- i ci's at 50 per cent below production] cost has done the most damage. | Wive:; ol city woikers make excursions to the neighboring country districts r,m| try to Pick up a lew kilos of potatoes, rice, flour, butter and oil for which they Pay the fai'mer double tijc taxed price and in turn .scll~the goods at u good profit in Ihe city. Housewives doing their marketing in the city are accustomed to being accosted by men and women offering all .'.orts ol produce, hidden away in private hollas. Everyone who lias relatives in the country l s !:ijr| v well off. Hull those whose occupations da not al-! low them to make forays Into tlie roumrysliip are the unfortunate- ones. | A secretary in a large bank told I me: "All last summer our nightly' meal consisted of a dish ol vegetables cooked in water. We just couldn't afford anything else, not even a. small piece of meat or fat to season |i.. Only once in n while a kilo of grapes us u special treat Poj-Umately my husband and I live in Uie subtilbs and we raise rnbliits. Eveiy Sunday we kill a laboit for our dinner 'and consider oiirselvt.s, lucky at that. But we liad to 'stop keeping chickens as the!:- feed cost too much." Most office workers—even when both luifband and wife work— li-ive to ta,ke on another job outside their regular office hours lo face tlie high cost of living. The-bank secretary, like countless others, claims that the last ten strenuous years have been harder on the "white collar" class than on any other class of the population. The result is a tired, dissplrlted people, witli, Illtle faith In the future. Lcnd-Lcase Aid The armed forces of Soviet Russia received 8200 anti-aircraft guns in the war equipment furnished ihem by the United Stales under lend-lease. /- HOT MASHES? Women In your' JO's*'— tbl. 1 ; gnsii iwtii- t'Uli' is jautOus to I'vllcVf liOt llfijhOA. iitrs'GUs tension — when iUi& to the I" maul emu) 'inidiltt'-aKi'-' pcnocl r :c-t;ij- Ma*- It* uorm-JJ, \\'Ofttt trying! PILES Hurt like Sin! But Now I Grin NOTICE Wotice is hereby given tliat Odls Talley, SOOO W. Ash, DlythevUle, Ark.. 1ms made application to op- j crate two cars for hire In the City I of Blythevlllc. , J Any and all protests should b2. In writing and filed within teii'f days in the office pf the City Clerk. . FRANK WHETWCinTH City Clerk 112-1J9 unbelief are valid? In belief and i n unbelief alike, there Is found evidence of the Intensity with which the Christ has taken hold of the world with His life, His teaching, and His authority. K/r his official ration, wlicn h TO HELP EASE COUGHING, TIGHT CHEST MUSCLES "fit" A*IH Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. }. W. Adanu, Afrr. Phone 20:i 206-08 W. Main FOR SALE 20 Stool Lunch Room All New Rfftiipmerlc from SISO fo Ivlafl daily. Must sell account had health. TOM NORVILL Dyersburg, Tenn. Capudini f becjuio ifi liqufd, fti in- grcdien!* arc —Jll ready to begin ejsing lha pain- It slio soothai nerve ten- itcn duo !»• fh« ipalrt. Uifl ixdircttid. 10c,30c,60c. j' TO FARMALL TRACTOR OWNERS We take great pleasure in announcing that Mr. A. W. McAlexander, better known -as "Mack", has joined our organization as Shop Service Manager. Mack has had 20 years experience with Farmall Tractors and International Trucks and we feet that we are very fortunate in having a man like Mack to help us help you with your troubles. We want you to feel free to call on him at any time. TA IMPLEMENTS INCORPORATED 311 So Second St. Phone 863 FRESH DRESSED HENS KREY, EYERGOOD, SWIFT'S FRESH AGE CHEESE GRADE A LOIN STEAK Ib. 49c Ib. 68c ib. 28c Ib. 65c - Doz.60c - - lb.45c GRADE A EGGS - - - GRADE A CHUCK ROAST PURE PORK COUNTRY SAUSAGE . lb.59c GRADE A STEAK . . , lb.6flc Green's Dairy Wilson or •* Pasteurized Meadowbrook Quart 2k PURE FRESH GROUND BEEF . . . lb.39c FRESH DRESSED FRYERS .... lb.79c STREAK O' LEAN SALT MEAT - - - lb.44c JACK SPRAT WHOLE KERNEL CORN 18c WHOLE PIMENTOES . 7oz.can54c CROWLEY RIDGE CUT GREEN BEANS . . 16c PEVELY MILK, large size 12c;sm. size 6c ARMOUR'S MILK Ige. size 12c; sm. size 6c| HUNT'S YELLOW CLING HALVES PEACHES . . No.2*can36c WELCH'S GRAPE JUICE . . pint32c NO. 2 CAN EXTRA STANDARD TOMATOES . . . 2cans38c FRANCO-AMERICAN SPAGHETTI 17c JUMBO PEANUT BUTTER. 16oz. jar29c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS OF ALL KINDS TAFT MOODY ICE CREAM RED PITTED PIE CHERRIES We Deliver Anywhere in Car Limits Phone 501 MAIN AT DIVISION . „ C. L NABERS GRO. Melvin Halsell, Owner We Deliver Anywhere in Car Limits Phone SOT ff

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