The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY i), 1SMY I <ARK.» COUK1KK NKWR- Laney Threatens Stern Action Governor is Angered By Bickering Over State Hospital LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Jan. a. — (UPi—A "major operation" to stop bickcrhif; and agitation over conditions at tlio Slate Hospital for Nervous Diseases \vas threatened litre today liy Gov. Hen Laney. "I intern! to put a stop to sill this bickering us soon as possible oven if it Inkos a major operation," the' governor said, "i am niakinR my own investigation and am slowly, but gradually, KntlicriiiK fiicl.s." Laney said a "major operation" would mean a complete ctesmtiis out "from tlie basement to the attic." The governor said lie knew no'.li- in^ of a statewide campaign launched by a group of Saline Coimty persons to get their share of construction at the State Hospital, but said lie had "no patience" with their approach to the (iiie.s- lion, "Any new buildings at tlie institution will be con.stiuc'iCd where they are nccdc;i and where they can best, serve the patients," Laney snki. The Saline county campaign was launched last week by L. B. White of Hcnton an/I the Rev. Harold Sadler of Hison. two members ot the Hospital Board recently crit- by the I'ulaski County Gram! Jury. Price Reports Encouraging For Buyers WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. (UPl — The AuricullLire Department, snic: today that prices (if most commodities would continue to rise dnr- infT the first quarter of the new year but that foot! prices iirobablj would drop a little. Clothing prices nlso will level of: in this period, the departmenl :,aid in its monthly price report. The slight drop in food price, was forecast ns the outgrowth declining prices pnid to farmers. The report said prices of ra: Industrial products rose about 1 pel 1 cent between Nov. 8 and I3cc 1C, adding that not all of thi, rise has yet been reflected ii wholesale and retail prices. Here is the department's fore cast of food prices for tlie fill year: Meat: Beef anti ver.i, will be low cr through the Summer; pork anc lamb, higher through Hummer. Dairy pro'ducts':'' Price's' will <Ie cline this year as rale of productio rises and demand falls. Poultry nnd CUES: Prices will de dine seasonally despite the liig demand but will remain higlie than during the spring and win tcr of last year. Pats, oils: Likely to contiin: high until mid-year as supplie slny relatively small. Fruit: Desr.ite larger supp'ic demand will keep prices nearly high as last, winter. Truck crops: Higher in January but lower for the entire Winter than in I01G. Potatoes: Considerably lower limn lust year. Sweet potatoes: About 20 per cent higher than last Winter. Who's Afraid—Muchr TV A Deficit Discovered by Edison Expert MOW YORK, Jan, 9. (Ul'l—Tho Ti'nny.ssce Valley Authority, Kl"Hl lloviTiimenl-oiienitod power pre- Ject, artu.iilv hurt an overnll (Inflclt of SI^.HSO.nco In Its (Isciil year cml- r-d Jum> :io, lustful of the paper profit of s-i.fl3it.IMO wlileli the RU- llioiKy iTimrtpil, the KdiMm Eluc- Insliinte .suid today. Till! institute. Ill II tllbllllUUM )>r(!|>:irrd for Us im-mbi'i's. pointed out tliat the' TVA report docs 'lot ake Into consideration Interest oi> :hc money furnished lo bulM the Kliuil proji'c'l. 'llils Investment llif institute niilil. Is miTlMl on U, S. rvc'iiim-y Ijouks lit SGU!>,(i8li,OUO. "On I tils .sum." the ItistUtito nol- t'd. "tlie Treasury Deinirlinenl pn>'.'i inleioM at the nnniml rule of UlllB- Lerni b'nuls outsliindlni;. but LliK Interest appears nowhere in Iho fi- naiieial accounts of r l'VA." Acooidlnu to the institute, TVA lias liacl u iteUcit. fov every ycnv of its t'.xislenoe. Wrotn "Dixie" 'I in 1 yon-; '-Dixie 1 ' \\as written by I>aiilel Kinmelt, who wus bom fi tlio tioiih. It \vji.s wi'ltten iiinibei- to be MIIIU In a minstrel Smith mimicipal bc'lich for neurl.\ 20 yenr.s lie held court the Monlay before Ne-.v Year's Day. but was ill al the time. Funeral .services were held al ' p.m. today In n Von Smith fun I'lal eluipet. f, f I You can hardly blame younK Judith Kaorh and Harvey Kcmpke for Qppe^i'ing just a mile scary as lliey look at E c 'icri'e-Facc(i i>oo and his iaruily. but tbe youngsters me in, no danger, the stuffed lions being just a realistic habitat group in Cleveland Museum of Niituial History. Senator Again Offers Military Training Measure •WASHINGTON. Jan. D. (UHI — Rep. Overtoil Brooks. D.. L:i., yesterday rcintroduccc] hi.s conti'ovor- Tial universal military training bill calling for a year's trainin;; lor youths reaching the age of 18. Youths still in high school when they reach that age would l>e permitted to complete their course ta- forc being called, but they would have to report before they became 20. The saine bill v/as killed al the last session of Congics.s, All youths registered under liie bill would be required to ial:c fourths uf basic military training. After that they could e'.cct to: U) Go Lo college ami enlist in the Reserve Officers Training Coips; (2) Enlist iu the National Guard for three years; <3> Take eight months training in the ftcK- tilar Army; H) Enlist for :i regular three-year liiich. Registrants would remain- in the reserve for six years after completing Uiclv training. Thereafter they couki be recalled to scrii;e only in case of war. Violators of tlie Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Veteran Judge Dies FOHT .SMITH. Ark., Jan. U. iUP> — An Arkansas municipal juilue \vlio had tried or iiarticiliat- c<l in 170,000 i-iiscs died yesterday in ii Fort Smith hos])iliil at the "&c of 15. lie was Judge James A. Gallaher. who hnd served on the Fort CORN-FEfr.*..T5f£ FINEST! ac j:ii!c{i \voukl for one bo fined ycSi 1 . How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulslcn reliovcs promptly be cause it L'oes right to tlio sent of the trouble to help loosen nntl expo, (term laden phlegm, and aid naturi to soothe and heal raw, tender, in flamed bronchiiU mucous mom branes. Tell your druggist to sell yoi n bottle of Creomulslou with the un dersiandinuyou must like the way 1 quickly allays the cough or you ar 10 have your money back. : CREOMUl.SSON f or Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchiti * * •: :«::•::»:>:>::«::•;:•: >:>:»:>;>: Farm Labor Union Plans Annual Meeting MEMPHIS, Tonn.. Jan. !). <TJPJ — Tho 13t-h cUinua] convention of the Niitioruil Ririn Labor Union (AFIj* will be Jiclci in Washington Jan. 13-15. President, H, L. 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IOM nf Pf;| hc<\rlnchcs timcs tarn your kuin - tir) I lilh unsrlini: r- 1 ; UICTC i.^ ROIT •J.I or hl.ifMrr. lion t wait] Ask your t ViJI^. a KlinKiFnnL rTiurcir \>-f millinna for over 50 n-.ini. I>i. Jiappy rrlirf and will hcjp (lie 1» kiJiicyluliKillush out imifonouiWi jour blood. Get Doan'a riilj. ?y. iifltirtjr en hr Ihn cyc.i. f-nV or sr.inly TRACTOR SERVICE DAY OR NIGHT! '-i K - • ifc-i or Phone 2996 328 S. Division OF SALE OF LIVESTOCK AND FARM EQUIPMENT Notice i.s licrdiy i;ivi'ii tluiL on l-'ridjiy. January Kllli, I!) 17, lh<! will sell at jiulilir ;un.'tion llic followinj; ilfscriljed livestock ;in(l VIRGINIA WINESAP 5 Lb. Mesh Bay U. S. MO. 1 POTATOES CRISP FIRM LETTUCE CRISP FIRM ICEBERG For Salads Lh. Good Quality 100 Lb. Bag Kvcrv Ornn^o (iuHruntceil " A Better Buy! H LI). HIIJJ 39c RICH IN VITAMIN C FRESH CURLY SAVOY SPSNACH I FRESH GREEN TOPS | Florida Fresh TURNIPS -.15* Strawberrie U. S. NO. 1 YELLOW GLOBE ONIONS Red Ripe Pint 1 lil.'Mi l-'ai'nuill, l''-^l> 'I'l-iu-lnr \ Hit I C;isc Tractor— ])(J Model 2 ISusli and ttl'KK W' : ^t 1 Tandcn Disc II Head Horses H) Head Mules il Walking Cidtivalors 7 Middle Huslcrs H Walking planters 1 Mowing Machine '.I Trailers 1 Double Shovel Chain Harrows Section Harrow (Jcc Whiz Single Stock '•> I.onfj Double Trees 1 Hay |{ake 'i MMfh Cows 8aid sale will Ijc conducted at. the Ark-Mo Gin Company al Caluinel, Arkansas, between the hours of 10:00 A. M. on Friday, January lOHi, 1SH7, and said live-stock and fanning e(|tiipnicnl mav be inspected at suid gin by jfeUinj? in touch with .S. T. Vrecman. This property will be sold to Hie highest bidder for cash. A, L. FORD By S'. T. FREEMAN LEO SWIFT, Auctioneer MRS. SMITH: Al Kroner. I can takn my pictt ot nnlionnlly ad- vorliscd ^lanrl-i. ,-imJ jilill ^cl them for less than I expected to pay, KROGER: Thai's why Kroner h;i:i become Lhc hcst place lo buy nationally advertised me re ha n ^ disc, dis- m p I a y r d -side- by sic! cr xv i I fi ringer':; own ov/- priced b r a ii d s . DRIED FRUITS SALE! (HMvAT NOKTHKKN 1,1) I'U«. I7c; 2 1,1) i>k K DP ft* i l.b \'k K MC • tHO 2 R9CE RAISINS s I l.b Itox 2.">e •i l.b Jtox Suniniiid Seedless l"i PEACHES Cd !l36 4 30 o/. aou Settled ir> O/.. .M JK< buy 2.. double your savings! 2 large loaves orRANCO-AMERICAN f !>A pyrTTi '5', SPAGHm! ^ APPLE SAUCE GRAHAM Mcrriniar SALMON - flat can 33e' ("ounlry i'luli jj[ SALAD DRESSING - ,?5c} Cnrtll'KKM/iS SOl'l'S f Tomato - - - per can 10^; Mushroom - per can (6cj Chicken - - - per con 76c Vegetable — per can C'oiiiilr.v (Huh. Swccl No. 'i\-'i Si/.c SIllfffMl •j'/i (>'. C. C. r Lb. Box Avondiilc. Heavy .Syr 11 p. 'i\'i Si/.c Country Club :i Tall Vieiina. Armour's Star I O/. Can School Days. No. 2 Kxtra Mixc Sifter 19 PEACHES 35 MILK CRACKERS P'MUT BUTTER , \, cJar 38' 17 17 C Shortening I! Lb. Cln. p» I p r J ADH rUKL LAt\U KROGO 50 Ib. stand $14.29

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