The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1947 (ARK.) COUU1KU NEWS Sports Cleanup Wins Approval Youngsters Anxious to See Babe Ruth Win Hospital Bout Collegiate Group End Historic Session by Voting for Reforms i llV I,EO TUKNKR j llnitfd I'ress Staff Correspondent NEW YOKK, Jan. 9.—Tlie liabe still complained of a hendnche today, stretching down (lie left side or his [ace and neck. The nation's small-fry were t.ik- HV STEVI! SN1I>KH tut; it hard. With letters and post(United I'ress Sports Writer) 'cards they begged the king of .swat NEW YOIiK. Jim, 9. (UP) —Del- to "keep'swinging.' 1 csates lo tiie 41st National Colic-, H..I,,. ',->,.,1, , „. ,•,., , ., . siiite Athletk- Association Conven- ' A ," " LS '' ''-T' "tl e eh, dren. tion, m; ,ny of them bitter over re- A "' <:l1 . l( " t> " sU)| °™ I!nl)(1 I4>ltl1 - cruiiing provisions in il.» r new - p° >..' K cl , mr " )1>lms » lU "< hcing m bed. wrote fourth grader Frank Jury Finds Grid nospnai DOUT. j,p. , . ~ ... my fnvorllc as well as mnny more llXLl IS UUHlV thousands of Vli'ulnitins. We'" me • « /vViuriello Puts Quick Kayo on. Florida Boxer PAGE "clean-lip" plan, dispersed today with only one ycnr of grace before seednle sanction.'; arc applied to colleges that refuse to fall into line. Ilnggerty O f Oanvcrx," Mass, " wishes for n quick get better so yon can gci out of bed. . "P.S. My nittne Francis but I Until Hie NCAA's eonstittttion never use It l like Frank belter." ean be revised next year, all mem- I The doctors li:id no cheerful ber schools were placed "on their iic,vs for Frank. Hospltn] honor" not to compote in any sport against colleges known to be dis- .senlers. "Existing ,s?hecli,lp.s probably will not be affected," .said Prof.' Karl Lcil> ol the University of Iowa, newly elected president of the NCAA. "It is possible, however, thai some long-ranee foot-ball contracts could be dissolved by mutual agreement." In the most momentous session in its history, the NCAA also wailMl into the gambling problem with a proposal to .seek fcilei-af ami stale legislation carrying heavy penalties for cainbllnif and conspiracy to "fix" Ihe outcome uf collegiate contests. The resolution, p:-e!>aiet] by Earl Yeomans of Tempi,; University, tur- ther recomtneiHled steps be taken to form u clean sports foundation with lenders of all amateur an:l ne,vs for Frank. Hospital attendants said thill Ruth's condition was unchanged from the last official bulletin which described it only ns "fair" after an operation in which several arteries in his neck were tied off. "Hear , Habe:" Wrote Thomas Snclliiijts. Jr.. on a penny postcard from Alexandria. \'a. "Yon were y Cagers Open League Play With Two lilts til! pulling for you down her Virginia, just keep swinging; we know you can do it." It w:is May. !<«;>. w hcti Iho liabc lust went to bat in the majors uiul failed as ,1 pinch hitler for the I Hoston Braves. Some of the letter i writers iiren'l 12 years old. They never saw hjni hit a home run..-lint t" them lies still dm., ,,i me and u special kind of hero. The letters and postcards nd- drc'sscd i n childish .scmvls Iny In u prominent plnce among the expensive fruits, flowers and thousands ot tcleRrnms lo ihe u.ibe »t I'Yoncli Hospital. Kven K irls wrote Koniile Hoth of Manhiisset, u I.. ' asked: "Would it be all right If when 1 came lo town | ennie in and spoke to you?" t linbe Hull) was never too busy lix to vi-slt 11 jjii'it Hiild. He visited i p them In hosi>itn!s, shook ihelr ! P| . "' hands, promised lo h n |, omo runs . :, . • especially for them, and kept Ills .,,"•'" pvomlsc. lie told ii,em to always V, 1 ';,,,'™.',''' 1 .' piny lair, anrl nlwny.s keep in'. Defendant in Now York 1 Faces $10,000 Fine < And Jcil Term, Too lo- CiliCAdO. Jan. fl. (UPI- H:«'M'ielln was on his v.ay oack M'i'd i. vi-iimich »r iho heavy A'clR iipii'.hi!) toilny. .s;aited uy a one- M:iHiu-niul-llifr:e sei'uml ' kno-koiH i .iiniin, ••Sltnmifi" O'llrlen lust Four Basketball Contests Scheduled for Tonight Tonkin's schedule of Im.skelbnll Kimies stu B ed by lllylhcvllle mid North Mississippi County lollows: Klch Chevrolet Independents with Joe l.iuils'vs. Hnyii, MO, Independents nt boxlnii chain-{ 7:011 run,, iilytlievlll,. sellout For Conference Season close Ijchlnil with 10« : poin.Uti's. Mclvln McGaha has 44, AUrt' Ctr- lei- 37, and Tony Bytes has'3fc ; '" World ( <;oUoi> protiucl!oh">lor 1045-1046 Is entlinntcd, at l-» I'lt/initiirk Jewi'lry lnde|;enili-iils vs. Munllu Lions Undcpendonii nl 1I:W pin,, Dl.vthevlllo Illlill .School <i\in Miinil:i Illuli .School 1,1mm vs. Ocenl:!, ill Osccoln. t.'ltiiM in e .SelinoJ v.-i. Marlnn nt Hie New York puiK'her swings to put O'llrien. Tmnp:i. Ma. NeRVo, on Mr the count. Tumi's ;•» in>',. which cume tiller >r> dre|:!>:'(t Oil: ten in :i bin Hhiiiim.s rose iminc- witluutt u count, .lmH!'M»"\o"vs' 1 ai i ri l 'tth"ni^cmor/n/ Trophy for '46 Army Grid Star Wins . s. and M'nnk Fllchork. ; bm-kflcld slurs 1'a'ris Basketball tennis in the pri.'cl Hje lid off 1017 lea last ni(;ht with l.vo Annies loop play professional sports groups lo pro-| iiish School gym. the motormcn of mote legislation and increase en-II.oy Eich Chevrolet downing Ihiys torcement ot existing laws. Store cagcrs 68-28 and lilyllieville A fight on the live-point dean-) Laundry squeezing out a y>-->? vic- iij) program had been expected all, toi v over the Fit/patrick Jewelers along the line but the first four Iioints—including „ strhntent rcslrie- tions on the amount of aid to ulh- letes—passed with barely a whisper of objection. Tlien came the principle of re- j ci'uiting, limiting: a coach or any athletic, department official to the boundaries of iiis own campus in which to solocit attendance of any prospective students, and a cleat- split developed with the south and southwest, opposing all others. Oayle Scott of Texas Christian and Bill Alexander of GeorgiaTech led the objecting .Southern group but on the roll call the motion carried. 70 to 33. With the recruitin!! principle already on the record, the payoff punch, calling for a schedule boycott against schools that fail to live up to tlie five principles, passed unanimously. Missco Coaches Call Meeting to Discuss Baseball To lay further plans for a Mississippi County high school base- hail league to play dm'iue the coining season, a meeting of hipli school coaches ol this county will be held at 7 o'clock Saturday night in the Blythevillc High 'school SS'm, Coach Dili Godwin announced today All coaches ot Mississippi County hiuh schools who are interested in the formation or such a baseball league arc urged to attend this meeting, Coach Godwin said. Trippi Seeks Contract ATLANTA. Ga.. Jan. 9.—(UP) — Charlie Trippi, football and baseball ace plans to discuss a contracl with the Atlanta Crackers of the Southern league champions. A confercnco between the Georgia nll-American back and President Earl Mann o; the crackers, has lieen scheduled for tomorrow. Trippj is expected to decide on a pro grid career-loo. Tic leaves for Washington and Philadelphia next Tlie first game wns an offensiv battle, neither team showing much defense and ihe Hays defense collapsed completely in the closini; stages. Hilly Mehnrg and Glenn Hunch led the scoring pnrade with U and 18 poinLs. respectively, while high men lor the losers were Simpson, Jaeger and John Duclos with each. The Chevrolet cngemen held a 32-17 margin at the intermission. The .second name was a contest of a different pace, the score tied ut 1C-It; at half time and staying almost tlinl close all the way. The I-aundrymen look an early Q lo 3 lirst quarter lend but the Jewelers .substituted an entire new team which dominated play in the .second quarter and ca'me up with some fancy shooting to finish the half in a deadlock. From that point. It was touch- and-go all the way until coleinau's looping shot in the last 35 .seconds salted the decision. Fisher was high scorer with 15 points and Johnson, u as next with c. No Jeweler scored more than 4, but ten of the eleven losers added to the final count. The line-up: Loy Kich Chevrolet 168) Pns. O. Bunch (I8j F A. Uunch (0) F Mchnrg (24) . C Johnson (8) . O Chapman .... G Substitutes: Loy _ (10), Lutes (2). Hnyj 12). Clouse. Blylheville Fitzpatrick Laundry (32) Pos. Jewelry (28> Fisher (15) .. F Lipior'd (21 Kooncc (4) .. P.. nnkeslniw t3> Johnson 1C) . C Kretch (41 Colemnn i2) , O Poff f>l Armstrong 15) G '.'.. H o,, Substitutes: Fitzpatrlck—Knbanks Mi, Dill (2). Reagan (3). Wilson '2). Chnfin Ml, Mctcalf 12) Thompson. Referee: Pritchard. Hunters Urged "o.Give "Wires" Sporting Chance An appeal to hunters lo Rive telephone lines—as well as Ihe tiirds -a Spot-tint; chance, was made to- dny by R J. poe. manager of the Southwestern Dell Telephone Company, lollowinu several re:ent instances of gunshot rtaiiiiute lo telephone wires mid lone distance circuits. "When hunters," Mr. Poe said, " a shot ai a bird on, a telephone wire or pole titty often wind tin by scoring a buliseye on an Insulator or wire. I don't "know bow often they bag the bird, but all too often an Important telephone circuit Is knocked out of order. "And in a lot of cases, insulators on the crass arm:; of telephone poles have been shattered when no bird was in sight! "One shot may put out .several lines from one city in another Tins is especially serious in these (lnys of critical'.shortage:; of nm- l " iceded to repair broke)) lines. And because of the damage orten is in oul-oi-tlie-wny plures. the trouble fakes longer Hum usual to repair. "Last year this company hiu! nearly 3,000 cases of wire trouble caused :>y careless hunters. Hight here in this region, there were 34—onouth to put u lot of telephone lines out of commission. And this year's ilnir,n|>L> promisea to b;- even heavier with more people than ever out in the field and woods with their guns. >il hell name petitlin;; a final lin 10 days by t'resldenl f the N'atlnual Voothall lopes and \\li rci'.chcd tin' next Corner. Tami hnnie a left Imck and foi-; d \\ith a smiishttiK riliht. Tlinl] rinisli. O'lUleu lell hall < the ring unil was nnalllei tise as Uclcice Davy Millet 1 ' : led M turiello's hand. Mau:iello and O'lh It'n'were btioe:! iindlv bv the V.'lin crowd whk'h H| $:I01I3I lo see the b:rwl. Mnn- i-;io received a SSHl.CCU guitrantee : I lie iiiiil:-li, MOW YOUK, Jan. a.- ill') -Arnold Tucker, the arm and bruin (if Army's mi today wns R. Sullivan umateur at ciVulcd (out bull wtirded Ihe nun neutortul t inphy us the U'lr win) "by perturiii- influence ' du uf us Hays Store (28* ... Simpson (GI Jack Diicios (41 Jaeger <Gi John Dttclos co i . A. Ducios H) Eich — Otiffin Store—James Complaint Justified NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 9_<UP> —The North Carolinn! squad which had argtfed ngainst :m important touchdown deciMim in Hie Su^ar nowl game nGiiinst Georgin wns vindicated lodny. r l'tic tln-jllin^ gnme w;is brought back last iright >'iu tile movies, and Floy.- motion at that, showing Joe TCre.-hinski tossing a forward puss to Dick McPhce to set up Georgia's third-period touchdown. The Tarheels tried to tell Uel- I crec. Alvin Dell, Little Rock. Ark.. [that it Mas a forwnnl pnss, but Hell wouldn't listen. He called it a Internl. niul poo-phoohecl North Carolinn claims ns the Bulldogs \vent on to win 20 to 10. week to receive awards from touch(Io'»n clubs of the two cities. 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Ull'i Winners In four out of eight non-conference basketball Uiime.s,' i lie University ot Ail:ansns Hnzor-1 l>:u'k:i culfr Botillnvest Coiift-rcnce conipr-tlllim here Krlday > night uisiunst the Klce O-.vls. The M'L-onci o! Ihe uvo game Ni'Hc.s will be Saturday night. Hi-cmise ol luc-K of sealing facil- itiei ;it tlie rield house/the J(.ime:; ,vill be c'loseil to Hie public, Tlie l'oiki':s, wiio v.un Ilielr ( tlncc Kiinien of the season, -: trovble in their huter-preconferenco lilts, itropptnij four out of the last five. Two of Ihe losses f.'ci'c by a nmiyin of one point. Tulsii, Spilngllehl Teachers. Ne::::is!;ii mid St. J.isepli's College were Aikiinsus victims, while the Pork- teiun, I cr:. !osl lo Kansas. Kiiiisns .Suite, Jiiiiic.'i i New Voi-k Unlvrislty »nd Kansas SI me Teiic-hers. l/'iuliny, the Units In Ihe coal particle Is lanky renlev (leoi'tie Kok. who tins lilt the Imsket lo the tiiuo of 111 points, Alvin U Williams Is Men, Women Overif) Don't Be Weak, .'rout Hawaii, \\]\n hud SCO polntK, ami .lohiniy LnJ.iclt. Notre .Dante't; "II AnieiIran quarterback, vvhit ti»d ^ ORE ROY WOODS - O'wruuu-RALPH NICHOcS] WE^JDEUtfER: J';/ . EPSOM SALTS I ST MAIN ST. SHAV£ KREMJL BOTTLE THEATRIC Manila, Ark. Last Time Todar .:', 'Ding Dong Williams" Vermin ami Alarcia MeOuhc News and yhtirt '• - * Kriiliiy and Salnrday "Devil's Playground" llopaloiiit Casslijy . rartnun ami 5th Ohaittyr'.' "/orro's Illack Whip" c 'i v CHICK THEATRE Where Happiness Costs so • CO/ZA/S ktS/STfcTCErr^T AT ?t.oo FITCH TOAI/C TOOTH and Save KGT£XNAPKINSi|02 ao* ors<f ' I «— i \*r^~> f ^ K^ / COMBS ' j&i GLYCERINE SOTrLE • /. OO 75* 59c j/.QO ST. JOSEPH ASP/KIN- SOTTLE /OO 50^ TBEL ODORONO BROMO SELTZER S.S.S. TONIC \67 PERTUSSIN 8 -oz. BOTTLE SARAKA LAXAT/VE /0-OZ. Size. SQf cue O£HT/ PRICE GABY 32-02. //. 00 Ml LES ANT/- PA (N TABLETS OIL Yovswe 24 t YMSAVE 4/f • VOUSAVZ /Qf ALKA [jfRGENSI BAY€R I DRfNE SELTZER! LOTIOM 1 ASPIRIN lSHAMW o o FOK. 3 oz. 12 ** 12- $ KICK'S Q2 . WKKKDAYH Ititx Office. Opens 0:45 p. Hti»w atari* 7iWt p.m. •: I/nat Time Today •^ "Mazie Goes to Reng".- WHIl |lV; 'I'oin Drake, Ann Soullicrh Serial: "/.onn's Illack Whip" Chapter 10; Also Hhnrls Friday and Saturday "JESSE JAMES" Will) 'I'Mline 1'owcr, Henry Fonuji Serial: "Manlmnl of Mystery ' Island" Chapter 11 Also Shorts New Theater Manila's finest :! ,' Himw.i KVUKV NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday l!o\ Oprns Week Ways 7:»<l p.m. Hat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Khawlni Lust Time Today / • "IF I'M LUCKY" witli . ' Vivian Illaine, Harry James Also Sliorts Friday 'Flame of Barbary Coast" ivilh .Inlin Wayne Also Shorts JOO UPJOHfiTS C8 //v /) CAPS. * - (00 33^6£M SLAPHS CAPSULCS. [SCHICK 4 ? r H INJKCTOR RAZOR I./.J L. •A ypJOHH'SSfMR-DJTJ CONCBNTK.AT6: * * ^filSCOFOgl miM01JV£" jjv£ft Oil. -/2LOZ- «yW» SHA\StH<3 cAEAA. TKH RAZOR w/r// M/± St4£>£S*9*J' Open 6:30 p.m.; Show Start* 7 »J I^ist Time Today "HOLD THAT BLONDE" with Fdilic Brarkcn, Veronica Lake XCWK of (he Day anrt Short Friday and Saturday "Corpus Christ! Bandits" All™ I.nnc, Helen Talbnt Serial: "Sou of the Gujrrtsnwn ' Sh'DtLs

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