The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 17, 1938 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 20

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1938
Page 20
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;.i Tntmv 4 r ntfAua THE OTTAWA JOUTtNAL' MONDAY, JANUARY IT, 1938. I. Use That J o u r n a I "For S a le? fea n t? Ad Now st eall 25321 G 5ft Ait Ar Brit deat lant end, . of a com; had of a A chie the was it ' men ' St la tt ' B , tt -at :in si Bl Fc r r.i -T.j part panl that bus! I SU1' sttil has try" .A of i van eanr cha; WOT cam to c T ber will WlV tinu "l the; qua mia sen ous mat tnai theoa too -wt ox 8 the afft Cat vor con - 1 m -j, sa twx avii ' C ter P. ! cou rxi na Ki It s . I amc ce Pu i ""aei ; wa ; V. sax ' tlo be ly ;? et : tlo salUS thrf "2 nu tat M. lm "w br wi tK tU nu ye wi be dt 11 5 In ar r ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 Birth. 14-1 BTRNS At th Ottawa General Ho- piiai. on saiuraay, aanuarr to Dr. and Mrs E P Byrii tne Rhal DuhameU. daughter, r.nvri l k 11 r.raM Hnsollal. on "1 Saturday. January IS. IW. to Mr Ml Deaths. CARKNSR At his re.ldence. Ormond. . ..Ont.. on Sunday. January. 10. - K'hmiri J Larknar. beloved nut- fcand of lsobel MaoCrcfor. in his 7th year. r'unnal from above resi- dence. on Tuela. January "' 'ISO p.m., to the Ormond Bapti.l Church at I X) p m. Interment in Ormond cemetery. GOODWIN At a local hospital, on Sunday. January 10. iwa. Goodwin, ad 4J vcart. beloved Jather of Mlsa Lome and Michael r. Goodwin. Tuneral Irum the residence. 4 Gilmouf street, on .Tuedav. the ISth mat., at 43 a m . to St I'aUica . Church for aolemn requiem high mas at oo o'clock Interment at Notre Dame cemetery. MIBANI) On Monday January 17. 1934 at the Ottaa Civic Hospital. AWrT William Huband. dearly be- Joved son of Mr. A W. Huband. in lis 31t year Funeral serviie at the reaidence. 314 Lewis street, on Wednesday. January 1 at 1 p mi Interment at Beechwood cemetery. BAMILTON At her residence 290 Holmwood avenue, on Monday, January 17, 13. Isabella Gordon, widow f James Hamilton, in her 7th year. . funeral service at above address on Wednesday. Jauuary 19. at I p m Interment at Pr-sbvteilan cemetery. Third Line of Huntley HL'BB On Saturday. January lV lMII at OtUwa Civic Hospiul. Walter f.tlnson Hubba. beloved husband rt sabel Louden Forrle, 13 Acacia avanue. Rockclilf. In his 45th vear Reitmi at Hulse and Playfalr. Limited 315 McLaod aireet, where ervsr will be held Monday evening t o'clock, thence by train Jo Pembroke. Ont.. whera service will be held at First Presbvterian Church on Tnealx).th Wth Instant, at 1 p m Interment Pembroke. P let on papers please copy. ML'NRAl'LT At a local hospital on .Sunday. January 1. 1M. Gerard Uunuiiii beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Reml Huneault. aed 13 years, funeral from the - residence of his parents, in Marier road. Eastvlew. on Wednesday. January 1. at 7 40 em. to St. Charles Church for re-pulem hifh masa at o'clock. Interment at Caaseljnaii Roman Catho-. lie cemetery. LEE At th residence of her d.ughter. Mrs. J. Hudson. U Preston street, on Friday. January 14. 1K3. Lena Reich, beloved wife of Gordon Ernest La. In her 30th year. Funeral from the parlors of A. E. Veltch and Son. 463 Parkdale avenue, on Mondav. January 17, for service at St Bartholomew's Anglican Church at 130 p m. Jatarment in Beechwood cemetery. ! MARKS At the horn of his mother. '. Mrs. R M. Marks. 407 Elgin street, j w Monday. January IT. IN. Abra- ham Marks Restins at Hulse and Playfalr Ltd. 313 McLeod street, i where service anil be held on Tues day. lth lost , at 130 pm. inter-nant at Beechwood cemetery. MERCIER At bar residence, ltl Hinchey avenue, on Saturday. January U. 13. Victor U Mortn. beloved wife of Jules Mercier. aged f 1 rear. Tuneral an Tuesday. January la. ai t.40 aon- front above address ror rrom aoove requiem kith masa at the Capuchin Interment " u . u.,ti flBUS umitrm w. j . .. w.. rROl'LX At a local hospital, on Sunday. January 14. IMS. J. t. Ernest Proulx. beloved husband of Charlotte WUsoo. of 73 Kins Edward avenue, aged 4S years. Funeral nn Wednesday. January 11, at 30 a m. from Gauthlar and Co. Funeral Parlors, 23 St. Patrick street, for requiem high ; snass at St. Joseph's Church at elock. - Interment t Notre Dame cemetery. 1-ERRT At a local hospital on Ratur-a..i:jiiure Is. UVM. William Perry. ait Albert street, beloved husband sut HanneM Jackson, hi Mth year. , Funeral service address on Tuesday, th Mth Instant, at II a.m., Interment Jaechwood cemetery. SCHONNOP At a local hoapltal. on Saturday. January U- 1S3S, Maynard Xdward Achonnop. of Carp. Ont, beloved eon of Edward K. and the late Mrs. Bchonnop, In has 38th year. Funeral from the lata residence. ; Carp, Ont., at I II pjn-, on Mondav. tanuary 17th. for service tn SL Paul's Inlted Church, at 2 p m. Inter tnent la the Presbyterian cemetery, ard line Huntley. a Beetle at la snil ea gladly faratsbsd eltheat eeii-taUea. st TM Joenial Otlles.. Ht (uesa atraat, or the Claaataad wast 44. pes. M Sparka attest, a auiieaaa lesaaaC Call aQaa aulas at 1-4I1L 1 la M SOMPAS In lavlnf nssumty of a dear mother, Mr. Nellie Bom pas, who paaaad away Just one yar age today. January 17,. 137. ' Todav recalls aad memos lea .' ' , Of a dear ana son to rest. ' And of two who think of her today Are the tw that loved her best. I Daughter and son-in-ia w, tin ten and Garnet usanouna. CHOV1NARD Tor our dear mother. Mrs. Grand Oraulnant, woo paased ' away January U, VA. - Gone but ivot forgotten, . . JaannaT Rami and Albert McCONNELL-JIt loving memory of dear wlfednd mother. Mrs, w. H. McCannair Inee Alicia Anna Aylwlnl. who departed this life January 17. HQgHuabend nd Family. ffauteral Direct on RADT AMP SJAJUUS Reflaed ser ais uaar. Anbulaoea 1-4S3T BURNET ai SON. 13S Somerset Prtvat parlor. Ambulanaa. S-1I4S ' RAMON SON rtmeral 131 Cobours atreet OOERS, flEO. EL LTD. 171 Cletn ' atreet. Funeral Directors Private parlor. Invalid oar 1-3777. HkETOT BROTHER I. dignified funar. Is Tel 1-4137 Moderate chars llartsta. fc-a raOULK i Bpecialtxin floral design cut flower Rldeeu M Bank Journal Want Ada. Bring Quick Besults. . WAN T A 74 per Munt Dne 44s per eaaet oae 43 per eauat line 4 tssr eauat Us Is par eetsnt Baa CSUBOSB BATBS . es'mtaJte1 Vat 2aatfWd,'a-veruaiaa. V wtU dadl aassed tht eruaa evanf sne illasrsse rassa ssolf pea per -w-esw wn m " Wtia v aiKae ef 4i JUseeunS eiihia aaa.peak ht tb Si tnaettteav OW TO -tTOtmr fOOm AV tn eeJeetattne tb 4 et s . .nt 4ard f Stoe jsrsaeb e ire twe Sne-4 ) I foe ear aa-tltlowal Roe, Pie . - m " W im Us, sack eeual tli res perse. Mlal Ptrt. RnsweeaM. srsrrlsas istk Potire io'iettsa r"erl I ode. If avwa-wdi ''J'Jf'iX 4 aaBieerssK HsM 41 4n art i .r 4 744 as aaea aS saaint vsaruefk te Mee1al Pesssa esaeieeise s I rm SMSrUoa a se 1 osw - pAim wi 4 insertions '..',1 4 Insertion .... I inaartlao .... i UMIllllSS AMUSEMENTS COLl'MBIA Dick PoIl. Doris Walton. "Th Singing Marina'. Guv ' Kibbea. Tom Brown. "Jlra Harvey, bclscuva". MIAMI All - Doubla BUI. Warrn WUIIam and Kitly Clancy In 'Mid. night Madonna", tnd feature. Claire Trwor and Cear Romero In 14 Maiden Lane". "Look,' and Bond . comedy and cartoon. LAI RICH. HILL All French double bill Marcelle Chantel and Victor Francen in "La Porte du Leife". 2nd feature. "Manages' de Mile Levy , with Yvette Le lion and Pierre Mln-gsnd. also kclair Gaiellc. Rt: XV Richard Arlrn. Lllll Palmer. "Silent Harriets" Edard Arnold. Frances Farmer. "Come and Get It' IK TORI A The whole world Is talking about it Remarque. "The Roa.i Back", with an all-star casi: zna feature Edward Everett Horton In "Wild Money". LOST AND FOUND MIRE HAIRED TERRIER lost vicinity RoclLdifte. v hite and brown head, short ears Reward. 4-J1J1 LOST. LADV'H SILVER BRAl ELLT Enitraved ' Riverside . Reward. 3-14M rt'RsB LOST Saturdav. vicinity Frlel, Launer. Reward 8-1413 LOST.' small white male Sealvham do. Vicinity Psrkdale and Ruskin. Phone 8-JJ 12 Liberal reward. MALE HELP WANTED 3 CO INTO Bl MNESi FOR YOl'RStLF Make storekeepers' prolits without storekeepers' troubles We'll put you Into buswies. furnish avervthing ou need train you. carry stock for you. without your investing one pennv. Well work with you until wa ve made vou a success. Wa ve done it for others. We'll do It for vou providing you are honest, ambitious, and wlllina to work hard If vou are. write us You'll hear from us at once with facts. Address, Dept 7. Mr Little. Bales Manager Box 1123. Montreal. YOl'NG MAN of fair education, with or without experience to ad as credit manaier in the Ottawa Valley Mum have car. Salary. Apply Box W-10. Journal Olrtce. A MAN TO REPRESENT us In tha cltv of Ottawa, the Ottawa Vallev. and as far west as Klnton. tncludinf Kingston, on a commission basis of 10'i A natlonallv advertised line of Notiona and N'oveltlea. Samples can be carried In one grip Apply giving references and experience, to Princess Pat Products, Limited, cor York and Wellington Sts . Toronto. MEN WANTED To be trained In practical aircraft rigging, rib. wing con-traction, preparation for production assembly line, course financed fur aultable anplieanta. Please note, interview airaneed bv written application onlv. Writ Immediately Education! Trust. Room 21. Ill Sparks. Ottawa. HELP MALE FEMALE, 5 MISS WALKER'S Prtvat Business School Dav-Nutht classes 1-447 PERSONALS 10 MI1S ANNIE BOGERS and Mr. Peer Larsen are giving quality Permanent at half usual prices. Marcus Beauty Salon. 2M Sparks. 1-3437. MA11ELIB 4Re. local, eeneral massages, alcohol rub, residential. 1-0290. MADAMB A- PlmMry. reliable. 2SS Slater, Apt. S. 1-4147. . BR1DGR PASTIES, prtvat, afternoon, upper, evening parties, all details arranged, reasonable. Portland Brute Club. 1-3944. Al'DITS. COLLECTIONS, accounts and note purchased Fitzgerald Audit Ca 14 Spark SL TL 2-247. DAMAGED MATTRESSES reMlred New mattress, pillows, couches. Factory. 2-3134. KENWOOD NURSING HOME Professional car, reasonable rate. 134 Holmwood avenue. -lONlALVB- now sold at I Florence. W deliver. 2 -4343. MADAMS TTtEMBLAV Teacu Inf. 113 Victoria SL. HulL IS. BALLROOM DANCINO By apootnt-ment, Ethel Qulnn, 111 Lssfar. Apt 2. COUOIll, ejutckty permanently revi HomeoDathsc. Phone sc. t t 4-00 U West- or write wait's Bathed las, Ltd. OnL MADAMB LAMPTOH Reliable cup reader. Palmistry. 1-47X U Percy. IT'S IMPORTANT Every sufferer u Rheumatism or NeurfUa should try Dr. Dixon's Remedy - Sold onlv Munro Drug Store. S3 Klgta. 40c . pottle. " - FINN11H EJ TkATNO itered). 1-424 Ireglai CONSULT US about your Laundry Probst m. Houaahold Laundry 1-4700 IHIAMOND WINDOW CLEANING CO a-iaaa. Aioon. near pane FORGET MB NOT Browne's S-BSS TEA. 40 lb FOUNTAIN PEN BETS Large selection. Instruments Ltd, 244 Spark SL ARTICLES FOR SALE 11 CHESTERFIELDS . REBUILT and reconditioned at reduced prices during January. Cecil Leach and Co 713 Somerset. EINTZMAN PIAno, like new. bar gain. Writ or call 101 Gloucester. 13 PC. CHESTERFIELD suite. M444 f Slover Ltd. -. . GALVANISED Square ash cans, IS eta. Torontow Hardware, 4-3133. SLIORTLT USED Filing cabinet, drawers. Fowl. 133 Laurter west. BEM1NOTON PORTABIS from B4S 10 Three dollar down. 43 per month Federal Typewriter Cv. 14 Queen St 1-4404 ONI t-PIECR oak dlntng room pet snap, 144. TU Somerset SL W. . PAtm MUSK OX ROBES, cheap, Somerset SL W. TU BREARPAST SETS, half prtea. petf quickly. Raid s Stove and Furniture. USED HOT WATER FUBMACES RATER FURNACES, red!. , fittings, eslves, baths. Palmer. 144 Booth. 4-0441 atton.. pipes. sinks. A. Palmer, D. r R ATE S" ' J. a well a 0 ears ess iter. nt una. eaea elth arasr. hires east 4 Petle lB a tl per lasertle p le 4 eouet turn; eb aaalttenal eeant dne. as eeD s aeh eeant en ef ears. 40 set oant nn. lee dtseeeas kt psld wlthta I west sftet Iras Msaetlan. Thlr etanouot epolie le a assents M el 41 1 4a hraertlea taeisoea aetb Sisn tn aad Morning Jeeraaav . Rnsetal haaainea v ana per eessrveaA: naas et aet eat baartlea. Oaatrsat rata ea tsaeaat. y- - -, ..r,...-- ,Uaa em kindle aete tha tvIWeln: L ' The Jeerass ssseiyaa the statsi : ta aktoaift all aevetunisaia, Ttaa Joernai trill aet M re apoaatuw for sara Usaa aw laacr ., saet t-Mertloa v S Alt ed tvetanevtae wfR be eeeame .-e7 as see aa aeuncauaa at arret. SUBeCRtPTUsM ' BatTES ' ' -By pisii sa an eetat ea Osm ar la BrIUsb pessasMsaa, eseeatui Aestraite, via a oanadisa oart, tot one rear. IS, sli eionusa M a three nwotas. 41 J4 arerw lertaa. to tsausiii atasfite 4 eMHita ar III 44 a yea r la Peretee Oaantrlee the rate Is 41 44 a asan ih a ana a rear Ta c T uane nt Ptatae, Canadian rataa ales 14 easts r BUSINESS. CARDS AUTO RADIATOR RErAUoVf BtrAiaa. bkcorss. clranino - Reasonable Imparl irial Badlalor. 41 spark 1-171. SLSCTRJCAL MOTOR InsUllattoa. re- ratra W. Champers, 114 ataearaera -441. Elevtri and AcelvleDe Welding. CBACRSD AUTO BLOCS S W4LOS0 guaranteed. UoiUmojr. 417 Spark l-SMI Locksmith- ToolcriadlBf. Hllllk r,,.M1, "".5! klki.-f , eftarDenad. Kara made Baker a Sharpening Work. 133 Bank ' ftlESSENGEK tfCBVICE. NCWIT'I, I-74M. will do your arraade prom ml y and efficiently. MACHINISTS. THORNTON TRUMAN UMITKU locksmiths and general machine ajtop work OFFICE SLTPUKJi. IVAN AND RtRT. LTD. Special. 3-quire boxed note paper. Inc. 134 Queen. 3-132 ARTICLES FOR SALE 11 BlILDING MATERIAL All kinds lumber, hardwood flooring, shingle, wall boards. Baker Bros, ft Booth. 2-73M. OIL BL B.M.N O STOVE, new. at wholesale prices to dear. Regal Oil Co., SO Dalhousie street. KOLDKAPS RELIEVE that feeling. At all Drug Store. rlppy ALL KINDS CHEAP LLMBER, May DO Davis Lumber Co 1-W11. I'SED MACHINERY, building materUl. lumber, pipe, valves, fittings, baths, ainka. Cayer Bros . 42 Duke. 2-4034 3 MAHOGANY DRESSERS, apartment mantel bed. J bedroom rockers. 1 bedroom chairs. 2 odd chairs. 2 beds, springs and mattresses, rugs, sliding couch, single bed, chiffonier, small ubles, leather sofa Very food condition. Reasonable. Sam. to I o'clock 101 Strathcona Ave. HEINTZMAN PLAYER PIANO wltn bench and ten rolls, specialty priced lor quick sale; Lindsay's. 189 Sparks NEW AND USED LUMBER, shingles. lain, rouiin paper, len-iesi. mill-work Reasonable Angle Iron, beams, radiation. M. Z Herman Limited. Bayview road. .4-3204. PIANO BARGAINS, upright models: Stuart. 4i3 Williams. 449. Willis. 173: Weber. KM: Raper. 395: terms. II weekly up. Orm Limited. 173 Sparks. MOTO MASTER OIL. 1400 mil. 74c: 1.004 mile. 94c Super -La stic Tire Sales, 394 Bank St., open evening 1-1411 MACHINERY AND BELTING. WE HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK of new and used belting, pulleys, transmission equipment, chain blocks, sorockeu. chain, gears, rails, beeihe. corrugated Iron. etc. An enormous stock of planing and sawmill machinery and filing equipment. Price verv reasonable. M. Zagerman Co.. Limited. Bayview road. Tel. 1-4879 KAOIO 13 r. WELSH The Radio Doctor Can make your radio operate like new wars guarantee. 7-. FREE EITtMATE on all repairs. Radio fsupolv Co.. S-03S1. WANTED TO BUY 14 GOLD. SILVER. DIAMONDS, dental fold, lewellery. watches. fligiieM S rices. Gold. Silver Market. 183 parks. Room 101. - HOUSES WANTED II WANTED. MALLBRICK atOI Hty. Must be priced n 43 30. Apply Bog HOUSR tn food locality more than 4 I not Bos X-40, Journal Office. SECOND HAND IS IGfrfsT PRICKS -Men's, todtas autta. vu coals, aaataa 4-4041 V APARTMENTS TO BENT II KORMANDIE APT, 443 King . Edward venue, nrst noor living room 12x1. bookcase, mantel, kitchenette, bedroom, shower bath, dinette. Immediate possession, sublet October L 1334. Rent 430. Frank AulL 2-177. DUPLEX. ROOMS, furnlahed. plana. ia unary, garag. aasaion. 4-S037. 1UBLET, Bhefford Apartments, able, uni umiahed. 3 bedroom. 1-2144. ROCHDALE, central. Frigid fr. hot water, pacnaior or a rooms, balcony, gttto $39, Janitor, 330 Cooper. I LARGE BRIGHT BOOMS, furnished. nwocrn. j uaiy. aj. ARTHl'B APARTMENTS, SI Arthur asrees. a roosna, aaa. APARTMENTS AND FLATS All sts. rrom sw t sjs. -oaw. evening s. 4-373. EXCEPTIONAIAT CENTRAL, sman and large . apartment. Reduced rates, garafe, 134 to too. Immediate possession, or later. , Vary modern FURN14HED, CNFV'RNISnrD barhe- or 424. 14 and 44 4-3744. 4-4463. BOOMS TO LET 21 ATTRACTIVE BED SITTING Balcony. nenneo nom. ato4aentiai. atoare optional. S-1347. BRIGHT. WARM. FURNISHED, bed room, mvat rami iv. Keaaonaoia. Coo van ten cea. 4-1477R. ATTRACTIVE BRIGHT ROOMS, prtv- u, convenience, auitaoi lor Mn- ACCOMMODATION, WELL FCRN14H- ru . very convenience. tleXerencea. t Meal optional. 141 Carttar. CENTRAL, warm, brifht. clean, prtr- ueaea.' ra mouceaier. TM.O.' Cesulorteos rooraa. refraah- Ing abowera, j aunalum. pai WARM. LABOR, FURNISHED Newly oecoraiea,,, tnvata, gseare opuotaai. a-eur. VERT CENTRAL Warm, well furnish ed Conveniences. Busloaaa girL s-aaa. - - i Journal Waist Ads brint quick results. , TILUE THE TOILER NJaVLU TILUELX "JUST, f TWO" "tJ3UN03 I pOO MAC MaTT-t. J MOMSatM .B I j HfiVsLO, HAC Maf MOH,OvtUI 1 1 NO H ACss-VJaTAB. I ' . . 1.1 LSOT A CHAAJCB TO 1 sfClTIMO, HavB A CONlfTIOrJ MJ- ST HIM fiOT A aJU- PtAfiSn 0HA yeuf4 CNOtlXa I " ' I tn t ornct icrruxs. ACMS OrriCB SUrrLIRS gtoval TypaanrMara, rapaira, atOaa atipptia t-701. aaaaBBBsxaBaaasKa raiNTiNo. rROURkCdVS rWNTKRa, aUwppard and MacUonaJd. J0 Oladatona Avt f-attn. MIIXKB FRINT SMOtlC -t Albart lows ssans asraasi. THI !040HN.IMIU PRRtS LTD Printer, Uthvarapnara and Phou Cnsravara. aat f parka. S-S1M Swvso guaranlawd MALMltlQ mm Jo prtntar guarantaad wwrk. S-3B43 in Arthur MLTtAL PRtlt LTD. - zjo Uurtar BMUour. 1 auaT NATIONAL PRJNTKR1, UNITED - pnnier. AUailorlum vids 7-0467 Snow KamoriX SNOW REMOVED by axpartencexl 'wibh mcnuiififaT unmtl, T-4o00 TTFEWSJTEES. VNUKRWOOD TYPEWRITER aulrt "Patrrtisdsjrwood. KiUoU. fiahar a.UUM& AMU HOARD . 22 COMFORTABLE accommodaUon. Butt, oie memoer. ramusss, W'aysla inn. S-4433. AUTOS FOB SALE 23 BEST ASSORTMENT small' car ' town. Fagan Motors. 7-OS49. la DATTERIES Call and sa aur arte. Gibsons. Taxi 1-344. 133 FORD COACH, excellent condition. Snap. Jo Thompson. 1-2021 P1ERCE-ARROW UMOl'SINE, 7-pas-aenger. small mileage. B1L 1-4471. MORS REDUCTIONS 129 Ford Coscn. 1VJ4 license. anU-freeze. 4130; Essex Coach, 473: 1830 Marquette Sedan. lloO, 133 Rockne Sedan. 4293; Whippet Sedan. 1143. Rideau Motors, Limited. 214 Catherine. 2-24B1. 133 CHEVROLET DE LUXE SEDAN, 3fT47 covraiuon. muss sacruios. 1M DIAMOND f hydraulic dump. Ilk . new. Snap 2-7111. ! CREDIT NOTE on new Ford csr. for sale 1134. Phone 1-4W91W. 1137 CHEVROLET SPORT COACH. IMS Plymouth Coach. 1434 Dods Sedan. 1934 Ford Coupe, 44 others to cnoose rrom at tha lowest price In town. 294 Rideau. 4-3040. BARGAINS; BARGAINS! In food used cars 1024 Ford Roadster. 44. 192 Ford Coach, 483: 1929 Chevrolet Coach. 4S4; 19M Pontksc Coach. 444. and many, others 4o choose from . Paquln Molars. illJ4urray St. 19M FORD SEDAN, only driven 10.004 miles, original finish, like new. Only 4423. Paquin Motors. Rideau SL 14M PLYMOUTH de luxe Sedan, eoutp- pwu wiui reoio, neeier, slip covers, trunk. rsdv for Winter driving. Only S344. Paquln Motors. Rideau Hi. WE PAT CA1H FOR VIED CABS -Dtotte Motor Sales. 44 BL Jean Baptist. Hull. - ACCESSORIES-REPAIRS 24 ALTO PARTI, new. used, ears bought for wrecking Tires Batterte. Baker Bros . 3 Duk 1-7393. LEGAL 26 SWART. SCOTT. RSIXBT, SCOTT B HOWARD 111 Blackburn Pldg PATENT ATTORNEYS 28s RAM4AT COMPANT--Rgtstared Patent Solicitors i 171 Bank. Ottawa MEDICAL 27 DB HArTRE Surgery women, tartnary arsana. Wood Ml Stewart 4-On3 FOOT SPECIALIST 29a LADELPBA - Vice-regal Patronage neaonote raaraoa, wo Metcalip L. M MacM ANON -All toot troubiee US Sparks S-i4tt KNAPP-AO Foot troubles. aon Bids t-rm 114 Jads- O1IB0PBACT0RS 31 TATES OS Slater. Radionics. X-ray. ultra abort wsv 1 4174 TUITION 35 MEN TO TAKE CP Atr Conditioning ana Kiecsr-e neuigeiauon and Del ter themselves. Must be mechanically Inclined, willing to train In soar time to qualify. Writ. Utilities Inst.. W.104. Journal Office LNSUBANCE 37 A. aMrTTTZIIMMONS, 1ST Spark U- agement DECORATORS 39 BOOMS PAPERSD. 17, paper McCallan Bros 1-4312 TBUCK1MG STORAGE 43 FIREPROOF STORAGE for household foods. Fournler Vsn snd Storsg Ltd., -4004. Reduced rata, crating. ship-Ping. - . ,, FURNITl RR carefully moved. S pedal-lie m Piano. 144 Cambridge. 4-0264. .FUEL FOB SALE t 47 WOOD SAWED at your bom. 40 ct. cord. 4-4377. ARD WOOD. Tarn load, ire kindling, 43.34. S-37JO. COAL. CORE, WOOD Low price, beet qualities. McAuliffe Grimes Lumber Co, 141 Echo Drive. 1-4400. LA 4 ALLS RANGE CORE, 113 Excellent lor heater. SUtt Coal Co, lot Somerset W. 4-4134. FT. HARP WOOD. T 42.00. 1-0404. tord. Load. LASALLE COKE, hardwood and Soft- w. s. petton., T-13B7. DOGS AND PET STOCK 80 MALB SCOTCH TERRIER, S mo, house broken, splendid pedlfreed. S-1441. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY I'sei Cars Far - GIGANTIC ) USED GAR Closes Thla Week Tuesday, Jamiary 18th , Come lo IVUy Doq't Miss the Greatest Used Car Opportunity of 1938 50-50 USED CAR CUARANTU ON ALL DEPENDABLE USED CARS AU With IMS License. ' Ready to Ge, We Caslleate Campirlpaa. Sale tads Tiimiir. ' FREE STORAGE UNTIL SPRINQ ' " All Cars lull Winter ConcUUoned OTTAWA MOTOR SALES ' '. UniitiMt 47 Bask St. ' (Opea EpeatR(s :f ' Tel Mestey to Lava. $50 TO $500 LOANS Leans Made ea Franutare and Atse "v Prompt Service Only Borrower Sign 11 Months to Repay Rate Authorised by Special Art of Dominion Parti mal , LOANS MADE IW NEARBY TOWNS r . CENTRAL FINANCE CORPORATION U Sparks Street, 314 Ottawa Electric Bolldlnx PboM 2-7311 r - x - Branch OSttaa m larger CNta ef Ontarte. v i . Used Cars for Sal. TRADE AT PINKS Ottawas Oldet and Largest Automobile Dealer Often the Best Allowance for Your Present Car in Trade on a New CHEVROLET $895 at BU1CK $1,395 at ... This U the day the police are checking up on 1938 license plates. Turn your present car In now and take SPRING DELIVERY on a new or used car. Nothing to pay until next May. PINKS LTD. ni Sparks - 144 Sparks See Hudson's New Lowest Priced -Car Carleton Motor Sales Ltd. Bank St kt Caxllng; Avt. T-eii SEAL ESTATE WANTED 11 WANTED TO BUT Btoe farm, fully equipped, electrtctty. near hlghwav. - Cash. Bon X-SS. Journal. While other ancient people lighted natural gas wells for religious cwemonles, th Chinese linked tubes to gas we lit and used the gas in cooking. Mac'll Dance CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Vm4 Cars Far stele. Cars Over ISM Bettlppe! Wltk Free Heater. Metaey to LUL Without Endorsers Are Yoa Thinking of Borrowing MONEY? Borrow only for a useful purpose Borrow from a reputable regulated company The Industrial Loan A Finance Corporation has established a reputation for aourteay. friendly understanding and fair dealing It rate are regulated by Special Act ef Parliament. It is a Canadian company owned! and controlled by Canadlana. LOANS $50 to $500 CeafldtUl Ome Tear tePsy Industrial Loan . & Finance Corp. 41 RUesa Si. rkette 0-ttM Used Cars Per Bale. ONLY DOWN BUYS A GOOD USED CAR 50 Cars to Choose From SO Canada Motor Sales Packard DasUlketers m ALBERT CT. TEL. 1-73M AUCTION SALE fTtseadav) at p'etoek s its, at our Auction koeme, 44 O'Connor St . Walnut Tables. Chairs. Desks. Oek Lady Desk. Comb. China Cabinet and BuffeL Cheaters Ids, Wicker Fw nnure. wl Bookcaa. Ilugs nd ' Wal. What-Not. SrsiseLt SHn Settees, Office Chairs, and other good. THE WM. A. COLS CtX. Ottawa Leading Auctioneers. Eenmore Beaten In Winchester Loop wmCHISTrR, Jan. 18 (Special) The Tord Vrs won their fourth straight same of foe schedule, defeating Kenmore with a score of 8J In a town league fixture played Friday night Art Summers scored three of the winner's goal. McLean and Kenny scored one each to complete the total. H. Warren. CUremow and Conlin scored for Kenmore. The teams:' Ford Vl's William. soaL lie. Lean and Marquette, defence: Kenny, centre: Robinson snd Summer, wings; Wylie, C. Csrk-ner, Caiaeron, Dixon and K. Locke, subs. Kenmore Moore, coal: J. Porteous and V. : Porteous," defence; W. Conlin, centre; D. Cark-ner and K. Warren, wings; Craig, D. Conlin, Casserley, Clarernow snd H. Warren, subs.- nyers won a cloeely fought contest from the Baasin aextat ending m a I to S score. The teams; - riy era Coons, goal; Cross and Berkley, defence; Melvu, centre; W-Cros and Elliott, wings; O. McDonald, D. Lannln, Curtis and W. lannln, subs, - ...... .: Bessin c ScheU, goal; Soucie snd V.' ScheU. defence: L. Mere cellus, centre; Mosley snd Gordon, Wlngi; Shay, H. ScheU, C. Mar- cellus, Munroe and Harper, subs. Melvln Scott, reieree. ... Attendance 1 A -JLVf 4 - r . Fair, Braddoclc ; : Whip Into Shape ; r : Welshman FaTorite To Win Battla ' Wday Night. ' NEW YORK, Jan. lttfy-Jsmes J. Brsddock and ' Tommy Fsrr, a couple of but-lness-like men of the leather tossing trade, are plodding over snow-covered New Jersey roads snd practising punches these days for whst may turn out to be one of the more important heavyweight battles of the year. ..... They are scheduled to fight 10-roundi st Madison Square Garden Friday, and the winner has been promised a go with Maxie Beer, a' msn they both hare beaten. Then the survivor probably will get another crack at Joe Louis, provided Joe retains his title when he meets Max Schmeling. . Farr is a strong favorite. - The experts figure he hae youth and speed on his side as 'well as greater weight and considerable boxing ability. BADMINTON OTTAWA CaiAMnoNiam. Klnateen thirty -eight champion ware decided Saturday night at the Badminton Chit of Ottawa after a series of well played match. Mr. Ouy P dean, the former Isabel aryaon. and Beverley Mitchell, macoaa fully defend d taetr suvgle utlea la the face at very keep keep atrpaailton. and new champion were crowned to th man' double event, when Lea Turner and Jim Bryaoo captured th laurels held last year by Allan Harris and Terry Oil. Th Robertson sisters. Margaret and Ruth, retained their ladles' double Utie,. and with Be. Mitchell. Ruth cared a second victory ta th mixed double. A feature of th talcht' nlav waa in nn snowing oi uta rurner in tn men' single final against Bev. Mitchell. Turner played sensationally to take th first cam 14-4. aa hi wll-plecd drops and hard smashes found openings with treat regularity. Mitchell. drop however, brought hi experience Into witn a oeienc for Turner 4 out th match U-S. 14-4 after stvb soma long rail), The ladies' single also produced i thril Una final. Ruth Robertson had game-point at 14-4 and 14-7 In both games of ner ma ten put lost put tn extra point to Mrs. Perodeau 14-11, 14-10. Mrs. rprodeu speed and hard smashing at th pet carried her through twp brilliant rallies while Mis Robertson's failure to Snd the court In the ctosins points were contributing lectors se in anai retain. . A misinterpret uoa of tn setting rust hi th ladle' singles Anal worked to Mia Robertson's disadvantage, at least In th first earn. The rule ef badminton aa amended by th Inter' national Bodmin ton Federation In June last, prevtd the notion to ladle single match of setting th gam to three point when th score reaches v-aii, ana to tw point wnn in gam reach ip-ii. At ie-au la both game. Mlas Robertson was vertentty rs quest r by tb umpire to exercise in option ot setting in gam to three point. In tb nrst gam site led 1-1 (11-11) before finally losing at S-l IU-UI. In th second gam Mrs. Perodeau ran ant tha three extra Boint In a row. ien Turner ana J ire ansssviiaa ood margin on th play In lis men' louoie nnai wnere tnev oeeiea aonn Smith and Allan Wright In a drivina 14-11. 14-4. nne com tt nation also earned the Rocrtaon sisters to vic tory in the ladies' aoublea anal ever Norma nan ana neies annua. Tn 144. Marcaret Robertson and John Smith turned In a very food performance while losing th mixed doubles final to Ruth Robertson and Bev. Mitchell Play waa very close and only in tn aal moments of tn same ware tne winners able to apply (Measure for th winning point. A larca aallerr. lnchldln member of th Ottawa club, were en band to witnea us nnais. The compass results louow Map Single PtoaL B. B. Mitchell dag. P. Lea Turner. 4-14. 14-4. 14-4. Lsdtee Blag tea PtoaL Mr. Cur Perodeau def. Mlas Xuth Rooertson. is-is. le-i. Man ' Deeble Ptaat P. Len Turner and I. B. Bnrson. Jr., def. John Smith and Allan Wright 14-11. 14-4. Lsatoe Bewktee PtasU Misses Ruth and Margaret Robertson def Mis Helen Burns and Norma Hall. 14-J. is-. Mixed Datable PtoaL Mlaa Ruth Robertson and B. K. MitoheU def. Mlaa Margaret Robertson Sod onn amun, is-ii. i-u. Mtarad CensessUee PtoaL WIm Jean Maclean and John Cfiht def. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. MadcaU. 14-11. DIITRICT TOURNAMUtT SOON, Oil four da remain to which Competitors may register for th ISM annual senior district cgtampionsnips. Th tournament will be held during the week aemrtaanclns Mortdar, January M. and entrtea sloe en Thuradav night next. January SS. The annual hamptonahlp events offer an excellent opportunity to compete asalnat Ih leading els vers of th ctty and district, with resultant improvement to an' gam. The mixed doubkea. with S consolation round added. Is a popular vent and la expected to draw a Sne entry tni tUSTRICT MEXnMa TONWaTT. A. utsalln ef the esawitlve earns mltte of th Ottawa District Badminton AaaooUtkx will be held tonight at 1M In th men's loams nt the Badminton Club ef OtUwa. followed bv a meet Ins of tha association play ing eenunlttea at S o'clock. Member t th executive land tha 1 ore requeated to present. ' Ottawa" at am sac. -i't A team aa? sV nlsver from tha padmintopj Club ef Ottawa will play the Rldeeu Badminton Club an th lattar'a court to a friendly match) on Tuesday night. Th protrram will oon-atet ef 11 tniaed double event. ' WTOf -KAO.BAXDICAP. ' Bavaria Bonne and WendeH WU IIam on Saturday afternoon won the nana tcap mixea ajauDies nnM et tn Rideau Badminton Club. ' Carrrlng a handlcep of 11 points, they defeated Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Keensn at IS point by score tt 11-4. 11-4. Th match waa well contested, -004 was umptrod by X. C Peri1 eat. Northern Title - , 'pspv . , tf f ., p , , l, ' T former Ottawa Star ; Wins Jumping .tnd , Open Awards. , NORTH BAY, Ont. Jan. CW-ack Landry, North Bap LaurenUazi Ski Club, -won tha Northern Ontario championship snd opea award in the Jumping competition st tha ski 'meet here today. B'r wfc nn before" IflOO gpecUtors, landrp. a fcxrmer Olympic competitor from OtUwa, made , two leaps of IJl feet each. The ' marks brought him the Northern title and open prize. His (Turks snd form earned him a rating by. the judges of U9A points of a possible 160. In . second place was Ray Montgom-ery, of .Tinuskaming, Que who Jumped" lia feet and 111 feet snd wss given 133 points. The most spectacular Jump was made by .Montgomery, who soared ISS feet to an exhibition leap to establish sir unoffidsl hill record. Landry's mark of 111 feet went down officially as the new record, surpassing by five feet tha ; distance attained by Ksrl Bsads. via, Toronto, at the Ontario championships here last February. Arnprior Boys' Club Wins Orer Renfrew ARNPRIOR, Jan. 17 (Special) The local Catholic Boys' Dub came from behind In the closing minutes of the final frame to win 5-4 from the Renfrew Boys' Club, here, Saturday. McVeigh, Clement and Free mark scored for Renfrew, while Mulvihilt, La mode snd Agssie counted, once for Arnprior, with Leo Convey adding two more. Referees were J. Wark, of Renfrew, and Leo Hachey, of Arnprior. Teams were: Arnprior: Goat L. Chabot; defence, M. Dupuis. D. Cha tesu vert; wings, r. Mulvihill, T. Lamorie; centre, T. Chsbot; subs, V. Agasse, N. Hogan, D. Barnet, B. McCue," L. Convey. Renfrew: Coal. J. Green; defence, K. McVeigh, G. Donahue; wings, T. Free mark; C Villemalre; centre, C. Rogers; subs, D. demerit, C Perrier, A. Donahue, T. Wark. . Uazrille Trims Cornwall, 3-2 MAXV1LLE, Jan. 17 (Special) Breaking a 2-2 deadlock in tha opening minute of the overtime period. MaxviUe MilUonsires took a J-2 decision over Cornwall Northern Lite in a scheduled game of the Cornwall and District Intermediate Lesgue played In JubUee rtnk here Friday night rest hockey with heavy checking resulted (n three penalties to Currier. The second frame went scoreless, with MaxviUe evening tha count Just before the final bell in the last period. V 9 Going Into overtime, "Doc" Munroe carried the rubber the full length of the rink to give Millionaires their fourth win snd oce tied game tn five starts, and places MsxrUle in first place la the league standing. Tha teams: MaxviUe Art Dupuis. goal; Munroe and Currier, defence; Jemieaon, centre; Hamilton snd McCwen, wings; L. Coleman, H. Coleman, Grant and Villeneuve, subs. - Cornwall--Dick Dupuls, goal; Moffatt and ZabezewskL defence: DeGray, centre; A. Lalonde and Cline, wings; Leroux, St Amend. La tour, E. Lalonde snd Lefebvre, subs, v Reieree, Henry Psyette, Com- waU. Summary Cornwall, DeGray (X. Lalonde) 6.00. Cornwall, Z. Lalonde. 16.00. Penalties Currier (3).. - Second pedlod No score; pen alties, Cline, Lefebvre (2), Moffatt Third period MaxviUe, Jamie- son 1.00. MsxviUe, Hamilton (McEwen) II JO. No penalties. Overtime s MsxviQa, Munroe, 100. - ' BILL'S CORNERS WIM. RICHMOND. -Ontr Jsn. 16 (Special) Bell's Corners chalked up their awcond win of the sesson In tha West Carleton Junior Hockey League by defeating Richmond . 7-4. .-'.. Tha teams:' BeU's Owners CroaL Verney; defence, L. Wllaon and R. Wilson; centre, B. Belford; wings, J. Houlahan and I McKay, suos, a. Ftooney, D. DavlcUoa, E. Davidson and Fit. Monaghan. FJchmond OoaL L Smith, de- fence, M. Bradley, G. Romliy; centra, - E. OYerady, wrings, K-t Moors and B, Nesbitt; suo. i Moore, B- Brown, J. Kirkhsm, L Moore and J. Troy. , .-. Referee, Bin Shannon. By Westover fl,m ' aseavik let asue psstaaa,

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