The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1947
Page 9
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W1CUNKSDAV, JANUARY 8, 19-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ror c<ms«cutlr« !•• ... 2 UtoM p«r llflfl p«r fl*».-_ ______ I'jc S timis p«r line p« d»» ,. _ we 8 tlm*l p«r llo« p«r day _. . 7c 1U tlm« pec line iier day fie Moctb p«r line _______ ...... _ floe Count five average words to ttifl Hue. Ad ordered for t'uree or *lx limes ami stopped before explntioii will \i« charged for the number of times the art aj>- Iieared and adjustment of bill made All Classified Advertising cow '•'«*>• mltted by persons residing outcido of tli« city must be accoiujiatiieii by cash. Kates may be tasily computed from the above (able. Advertising order for Irregular insertion* takes tlje oti« time rate. No responsibility will tie tafceu Or mor* ihsii one iucorrect Insertion of auy classified ad. Tractor rcp*trw *nd , Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Cu. 1'hon* 8G4. 3-15-ck-tt For Sale Hleel oil ctiine S . . Oftll 2828. ,HT« tay«r for yonr feome. U. 0. (Junpbell 1'lione 4tr> — 20BO. Office 120 Bou()i Seeo.d. 1012-ck if 100 ions good grass and Ic-^irdera ';^' Jlrrc'n « li|> - ear ni'liolsH-ry tlonnn beautifully vritli Ibr urn- Vina F<I«II>. Al'vlri llankiu fSIA'TUKVIMJ? (AUK.) COUU1EU N Services Palming and |,iii,. r t MSII. I'liou, 243-1. c. .1 l>. Tree- 12111'. ].k-l|13 ll-|l.lllT,l Will, ..lie, U'1,1 lit,-IK. ••i,:iitd. Hair,,i.r. sin,,, wii,p. "•i. i H.|.k--j:.-i -«lhl = | Michlm MrTICO— V"fl rc'l'aLr mil lyp<-» wailtlug nj»c»i,iFi rp/ardlesi ot Kind ol eoiidllU-ri Aim buy and nil. |>k!tup and ddirer. HI/llib^tLle Marline Bhoti. DIY-cV-ll MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan (o or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Hldg., Hlytlicville. 9-23-ck-tt di SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN SAYS: ilin l),,-rc II tr.ii-lo,. I'lillii'aMrs. nii.liLl.' liusl,'i->. Oiv Free. Electric. Wesliiift'house. desk model sewins!: machine. Kxccllcnt condition. Priced to sell SI 25. SI 3 West Ash. 1-2-ck-l-;) ,ii,| half irnrl!. Innp »-oinHI]«i!i. 7f>(.l x ''ft fir . liili'rnulinnnl truck ^vil fi'jr, x '20 lirt-s. [rout f,l litrlil i-lit n.lit inlr'rVMi..'] call 07. 'Manila. l?i-|.J.^; t . I.ill' 7.,,k-ll ff,,,,,L co:i! at all linlos. TlnsKpl or a IriN-k lonil W.- il,.|ivi-r. 1'liom- 019 l.i-nU' I'liullry. 419 K. -Main Sc. 'I' <"|i Ka^v-1'1. wlia <[r .',.11 ilifiT. 1 rt-tk-ll oil sin ].n,i,U mill Cil ,. '-«<••- a ,1,1 SlM.'ial ,,lf.T H> tl«- |i»'ly *•' n .siui-k Kami, 'i HI nrri'i. "Hi i l(i,IC.-; IliO JIIT..S rl-ar.-.l. I; lllillii'i—^c>nl,' v.-ry vahial.l,, \I-M- .-, 11.011, lKi,i-i' ail,! 1! rn spr - i-. Far ipii. k :c'll lornlc.|l..nls ruff hi 't'lint le-. li (' l.liiyil. Hviihor x Xn. K. J'ara-oii!,!. .\rk_ i;s|.17.|,V-ll Coal at niythevillc Gin Co. 1-7-ck-n Warm MIL- Male Help Wanted munly. Wnnilcrfiil <i|ii7i>nunity. I., $11(1 in a ilny, N.j ,>%],,Tien,• rai.ilal r.-,|iiin-d I'vniiniii'iil Writ day JlcNKSS CDMI'AN'V DI-III I'rvl-liorl. 111. 1!7^ Wonted to Rent \\'ea(hei- slrippinK. Save fuel hy having doors anil windows wealhevsli -ipped. C. K. Wiffnins, , r )l2 N. Kllli. Phone 229;i. 12-3l-pk-l-:5! He/p Wanted Itr w ";::, rr.'-.r.r 1 ;!;,: .iii.i ^-i1arv 1>. ri-!i (is:., Mt's." n.-jk-r. Our prices arc reasonable. Our service is good. There's no obligation when we raise the hood. Let us check your steering, your motor and brakes. If there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. P |4 1 1 I 8 P C H IS H 0 Bus tma 9 B ta9 MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER ">vn I" (':,!! runui :t'lo llii'li.i \ulilc-. I xw^, r,,, i.,(, y I7r,,,;ii^ | ll ^'alnul ;it Firth—m.vlheville. Ark.—Tel. .|r,.-i-.'!721 >rk. I!., We need a manager for (nil- service department. Your chance for a permanent joli with good workini; conditions and j^ootl s:if- ary. We are only inleresl- 'cd in A-l man for this! job. Can go to work today. Hlylhcville Motor Co. Phone <M2, 215 South ^nil Wanted To Buy •A For Rent l lor ri-iil. I'liinm '.J07.V Jliie4 fur iMit. Rntlru «<cui,d «l las K. Main. I'll'llo *n*. rinollan Vllndl, I'aou* HOI. 0|U )'l.-tl ,"i - mm mil)'. Ol;l Wnliini. fiHI,Mi,-,l IIOIIM-. ](i>.,, ,,f t l \^ S. Lost PAGE NINR- Fincst Quality Pork & Beef Cuts FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT will be found ill PICKARD'S IMionc 20.13 Ifl'M ChicktiSiiwba _ _ Wo need a parts man. Pleasant working conditions. Steady job with liellor than average jiay. A joh any hi.n'h-class man would l>e proud of. Would like to have man with some experience. Unless yon want a job (hat takes lii«{li fins'; man to handle, don't apply. lilytheville Motor Co. _____ 1-3-ck- 1-10 Saleslady wanted: Excclioiit opening ;if Miss Whilsitln Shop. A permanent position for the riiflil person. See Hussell Campbell a i Miss ^\ r liifsitfs Shop. i-c-ck-ir Why Gamble with Old Alan Winter JUST CALL 949 find liavo your Coal delivered. Guaranteed [o Satisfy We :ilso buy poultry at all lime;:. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main DONT TAKB A LOSS. Gel the lop prici? for your car or truck from I'HILI.II'S MOTOR CO. Today. ( B-3-ck-tf Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. \\ : e"ll eome and get it. Wade Auto Sal VH KC. North Hi\vy 111, l>liniie 37SS. 12-20-pk-!-:!(> WASHER SERVICE rhllllp I'-n-l acuum Pls.nern. 1'aas, uonB •>< 8m«l! AppiiaDcfifl Iteyilred ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. i. W AOAMS MIT. l'bo«» J011 ZOO. 08 W. Main I.or:il & l.niiK IllKlnnrc Sluvills; Couiiicleiit Hclii and equipment. Ailn- iinatrly Tnsnrcil Contract Ilaulini; au,l Misc. Services. Home Service i- Htor.lgo Uo. '" "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's Delicious 3fk t/?jy,» BONHEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDW/CH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20nf. \V. Miiin St. Pliouc 3IM7 GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sizcmore AUTOMOBILES BUYING A CHEAP USED CAR TO SAVE MONEY IS LIKE STOPPING ' --j® A CLOCK TO SAVE TIME IT CAN'T BE DONE LETS GET TOGETHER I2 lliiii-k Spec-ill) -l-door Sedaii. iicti colin-. Uiidio jind lienlcr. Looks mid riniH like new. 1!)I2 Sdulebiikei- Club Conno Sky ('oiii)iiinido. Liir^o nulio. fi (jootl I ires. A liviiuly. ID'll ('online S Sedan. Liirije cus- luui Imill-in I'iidiu. Itt'iil riililier. lit 11 I'lyniiiutli Tudor. Deatilil'ul maroon color. Kadio and hoaler. UM2 Plynioiilli 2 door Sednu, Sjio- cinl Deluxe. Uadio and heater. See (his one (odny. 11112 Ford a "door Sedan Si>cdii! Deluxe. Itiidio and Heater. A veal liny. I (Ml I'onliac S Sedan, Hadio and Heater. A-l condition. Kill Dodjrc Panel Truck. Green color, [{eal jroorl tires. Motor fondition. I'rieed to sell (juick. Many Other Makes and Year Models to Choose From idT CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W, Walnut Phone 578 Situation Wanted vorkini: Prclly Accurate Eratoslliencs. a Greek poet, measured the earth's circumference long before the birth of Christ, and erred le.v; ttian a thousand miles. His equipment consisted only of Hie sun. a slick, a deep well, and .some mathematics. Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE M CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Phone 2071 206-08 W. Main FARM LOANS J Low Interest / Long Term I/ Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTON Sf rviiiR This Section for 21 years 115 So. 3rd lilytheville, Ark. Tune in I'nulnitinl IVo^i-um Kunilay at 4 p.m. over Wlii'.t' KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 ANYTIME Dny or Night "The Old Reliable ANYTIME Day or Night G. O. POETZ Your Source of FlependabTe SftrvU PETROLEUM PKODUCTS Office at Chcrrv SUPER x \ AUTO SERVICE \V^ ^ High in Service Low in Cost The unbeatable skill of our mechanics nnti their pivr'e in seeing a job well done . . . make our shop a veal "home" for your car. And our job jjoes beyond conditioning: yotir car for safe driving . . . we want to satisfy you so thai your car will come back again iind again! A well-running car makes our Shop Foreman Happy! V<-s. it makes Ilic shnp Coi-cninn linppv anil It'll make you lui]>|iy. luxausr it «ill run riRlu afu-r leaving <mr v],,,,, LF7 US CHECK YOUR CAR/ I6STON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BIMCK—Service U - S ' Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRF.CKHR SF.RVICK Walnut & Broadway Tclcplionc 5.M Give Your Fcot a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Mnln St. Sure Mtmcy 'I'lnTuy, Any liny STOP AND SWAP EI.IICKT HUFFMAN'S RA0VP Any Make or Model 1 (n 2 Diiy.s Service \Vc Call l^or and Deliver] PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOnOI.A Sales nnil Service 10G South Firsl DON EDWARDS "The Ty|ir\vrifrr ^lan" II OVA I,. SMITlf. TOKOS',\ and IICMINCTON I'OItTAHI.K 110 N. SKCOND ST. PIIONH 3382 (Every Trnnsncllon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 i,n. A. H. Webb Hn-y. fil nt State TJne Phone lilylhevillo 714 Fresh Stock Guaranteed Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service Fred Limltr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Myr. IMiono 2071 206-08 W. Mkla W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Glencot Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Announcement — We Are Now Equipped to . . . ' Give You Complete REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop 3','8 I'. MAIN .lames Uusscll FItONF. 871 Dan Russell BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIH WtRt'U. Qt ROW ROVJ TUi'/\. GOOD UfE FOR TH THOUSANDS OP foriTivwort p^op\.t > EUDD\>«vt Buoo,-mt GUILDER ,Tt\ws CAt l SUDD BUDO FRECKL15S AND HIS FRIENDS Credit Where It's Due BY MERRJI.T, BLOSSBS IT '.c-Di: you LOOI: /, U'ltLE AkJO / f.' ". ; IC oo. AHEAD-' . \V TtlL ME HE FROV, YOLia SlDC'OFTME CAR vo cure : i "

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