The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1947
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1947 Experts on Fires Discuss Hotels Open Exits Blamed For Disasters in Chicago and Atlanta MEMPHIS. Tenn., Jan. 8.—<UP) —Open exits made disasters out of ,l or ., titflt ae " 1C Winecoff and LaSalle hotels in Atlanta and Chicago. James p. McCormack, Tcn- t "" SCe f ' rc " mrsh » 1 . declared to- "Wc have got to enclose stairs nnd. locally fires,'' McConnack | lold 100 fire chiefs nnd their assistants, representing 40 states, at the opening O f Hie 13th annual National Fire Department Instructors conference here yesterday. Roferi'inp ( o the "strong mxlraft through the open stairwell" in the. Winecoff fire, McCormack said "a stove is fireproof, but w hat you put in it will bum." He charged that n major factor in lack of structural fire safety has been "resistance of properly owners." ''Let us use our Influence to protect the American public," McCor- innck urged. "Human life is more important than property values." McCornwiek said he "would ask the Tennessee lc B l«lature to pass more .stringent, fire control regulations, including the requirement that every public building have at least two exits, both with two- hour fire-resistance exposures. W. w. Hamilton, Chicago Board of Underwriters, demanded a higher plane of fire prevention service nnd said a "do-it-tomorrow" attitude blocked vital preventive measures which would have saved the Winecoff and LaSallc victims. Hamilton criticized weak leadership, routine fire prevention inspections, unconvincing recommendations and the influence of local politicians, Lewis A. Vincent, of the National Board of Underwriters, reported the nation's fire Joss totaled $550 000.000 last year. I'uncl discussions o n latest me-tin oils of combating fire destruction will feature the conference. iLLB (ARK.> COURIER NKW8 UN Mg/Check on Interndtiono! Rivolry in Antarctic Two Gl Bonus Bills Offered " By Democrats Big Difference Ten miles above [he sweltering ct]Uator, the temperature drops 112 decrees below zero, but 10 miles above the " earth's icy poles it stands at less than 60 degrees below. Scientists estimate that only about one-tenth of all the species of insects in u, c p ac lfic islands arc known to the white man. OUTH AMERICA SANDWICH GROUP » \ • JAMES W. Li SUSWORTH ,- UNO. GERMAN CLAIM __MAUD ' LAND " AMERICAN \HIGHLAND Corword „,„ ch,im s in Antarctica, "but'claims Othman's Crime Much Too Old To Help Modem Capital Cops BY FREDERICK C. OTIIAIAN Unltwl Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. (UP)- A blonde named Eunice sat at the desk in front of me at school when I was 10. I didn't like her. The ends of her pigtails somehow near- y every day by accident, kind of. xmnd their way into my inkwell. I confess no more. behind the capital's strecl-cnr- rltllng ladies and slices off their tresses isn't me. Jiisl because I. too. ride the trolleys Is no sign I'm your scissor snicking scoundrel. Talk about crime waves! I'll talk about amputated permanent-waves. Nearly a dozen cuties ranging in age tram 12 to .30 have had theirs chopped o(f in the last week. Plain Stop looking at me like that, j clothes men arc riding the cars coppers. That was 30 years aso. The [ and buses, looking for suspicious barbarous barber who sneaks up I characters with razor Mndc.s nnd JOIN HA BIRTHDAY CLUB And let us wish you a "Happy Birthday" on Hart's "BAND OF THE DAY" program, brought to you over station KLCN each morning at 9:30. There will be lots of fun and interesting contests in this club so fill out the coupon below and mail it at once to HART'S BIRTHDAY CLUB Box 404 Box 426, or Blythcvillc, Arkansas Sikcston, Missouri COUPON • NAME ! ADDRESS | PHONE NO. • BIRTJ1UATE ! PARENTS' OR GUARDIAN'S I NAME rcrenin. «'"«"' '"« Ame, .i iK ryes. Any fcmule who's in the crush Is likely to I nin siisiicct. Any mnn Is. iiR 5ciiulors. -linire,; i,, ( ii cs ar( , ,,i|| n g on lop O f tlici,- hcntls Mndlson. Either (lint, wmpDlnj; their no-pins like ,Me.vlcn)i limn wo- close to one ,,,id she 'Hie icir hnlr like Dolly or they're in shnwls, men. Got. jumps. «e cnrcfiii O f yonr newspaper. I^ct the edge of n, c s , )ol ., a p!lgc graze n \™innn'. s coiffure 1111,1 von me llie center of n r iot. Take out your ixx-ktn knife to pare yonr liiiRcniHils on the Ml. Pleasant trolley mm Kn i s ror s)x 5cnls aronntl are battling toward the exft. I cannot understand why the .Slice al stiuiicls of" fl;iifoct detailed to rltlc the street cars until they catch the man with the portable barber chair have not yet done so. o h'ii ' C "" cxcc11 ?'' 1 ^P-icrlptlon. A 17-year-old school girl. Bcrnicc L>yer who ] ()st a foo , of hC| . b v bob on (lie cor. reported the "linn w,.s n polite fat mnn who v , . Mary L. Sanders, a co-ed who wns initeri from a thick hank of red tresses five ln c hc.5 long savs a erny-hnlred man with a black overcoat did the pimin ( ;. ' (Honest Benin, m y overcoat's prownj T|ie pcrambi,la(in B scalper ac ™'; rtl »S to Miss Jeanne Thompson •who used to have „ ],cad of |[.|,t brown hairi. wns a handsome n«.n n V, C !' 0w ' "'"" cur 'y h!ilr of "is »«». I his .sounds like me. I w ill admit, but the i,! E la Jeanne wltli Hie 151,1 brow,, hair Ka v e up same »n I he Ml. I'lensunt , Fn( ,. , ., t (he banker's. I've gol wilncss'c.s. Other females, |n c hitjin<j 12-year- oltl Diane who last, all of iii':- black braid and part, of the ','.'," lo :< ln!( " wtlh big feet o,, a mis, have described the traveling lonsormllJit equally u s vividly, 'SniHlter, cojipers? To keep out «f jai| myself r suppose I've col to do like Perry Mason and help you ritul your criin- i»«l connoisseur ,,f curls. Lisicn carcrully. gentlemen. The scalped adies have pi< ; ture fi your man :.iid he obviously i s ; , Comachc Indian wilh a razor-sharp loninhauk. "ill il» ,,ot RID b any old Indian yon spy on a trolley, or yon may no Up on charges of false arrest. A|i]iri)ach each CJomanchc politely, '•fl Us Help You— STOP DRINKING I Jhcrc is no mctllcal remedy ft.r't i "rink . . . but we can help you J ; resist. Its Influence! No cosl to you I i —only co-operation. • i J j JUHT CONTACT i | Alcoholics Anonymous ! i i Box 873—Cljlhcvillc, Ark. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We Uuy and Hell GOOD USKD CAHS Bill Chamblin — Lex Cliambli" Railroad & Ash Sts. Phone 2105 WAKIJINOTON. Jnn. 8..-IUP) -. 'IV 0 iloiiiovriKli! reiiiTOMUmlvi's ln- troiJucc,! Wlls ycslcniuy | 0 ])iovkto " solrik-r Iwnus d.wiill.s I'iosUti'iH Iriimiui's conlcnlton Unit n» iuldl- llnnnl vctcriins' iK-iH'tils iin« lu-fcl- t'ti, "<-|i. Hleplini I'uri', I),, (in., pvo- I'O.SMl tlinl vi'tenin.s ici-olve $f> for fai'li iluy of oversells duty iincl $•! It'r eneli day of domicile K CMV|I'O. celllnu on the iw»cd. Thi> Immediately. Hf|>. Donald Ixiiuis was i>ro- ivoiild hi' I,. o'Toolo. ])„ day oversells .service mid $j lor diuiicMit! duly. Item-ever. O'Toole's utll provides (or bonus certifiesles whirli could not be cashed for five n os pile president Truman's statement dial Die veterans' program is about In final shape, vet- crair; groii|vs planned renewed Pressure on ConKI'es.s lor more lll>- t'rul Kuvennneiil bendlls. !e:.l I In- slinrpiu'ss ol tils weapon »nd S ay: ''Sir, are you percluuie/' the proprietor of n inultre.vs factory?" If his answer I., "yes." lie's your limn nn<l I wish you police klntCy would (.el on with yonr work. I'm busy nnd my feet are tired from slaudlni; on trolleys IICCHIIM- tin: seats are full of ,-op:; waiting lo see whether I pull out of my 11 wild of Kiim or a pair of neck clippers. C. S. Woolwori-h, Of Five and 10 Fame, Dies at 90 .•••t'ltANTON. p.,, Jan, t. (UP)(-In I'liv; ,S .Wmiliioilh, oo, t . )mni Mole magnate aim philanthropist, 'lied sii bis home here ycslerdny lie kid been in i,,,. sonu . Ume Frank W.. liullt two small rciiili s "ivs into a milionnv.y famous ho,,,'-. 1 , •'•'""'•"••win stores, was He previously «•„« board cliair. PAGE SEVEN ' "' mnii, nnd held a dlrcclorthip at the time ol his death. Wotihvorlli, a native of-Rodman, N Y, hcKiin his business career with 11 small retull outlet In Bcrnn- ton At the Mime tljnc, his toother conducted a similar store In Lan- cnslor, fa. They milled their stores and with the Klrby chain of low-priced lelull stores, entered a business combine thai resulted in the great rhiiin of red-fronted Woolworth slorcs familiar In p linos! every community in the Kast. In recent years, Wooiworth was famous for ninny grimta and endowments !o schools und colleges. Head Courier New* Wujtl tor a Taxi O. K. CAB IN PERSON WORLD'S GREATEST - NEGRO CHOIR Savoy Theatre Ash SI. - Hljlhr.villc, Arl;. Friday—7 p.m., 9 p.m. Saturday, 8 pm, 10 pm JANUARY 10 & 11 New, Safety-tread ATLAS Tires... You'll drive wilh ntliled confidence iincl nmiiirnncc with Hlni'dy, (lecj).lrc.'nl ATI.AS Tires, on your cur— tliwic l)i Kr tough, liral-rumlily tires will tn!<c slippery •imveuicnlii in stride! ^ He sure to inspect Hie ATI.AH Tire ut yonr nearby KiHO Dcitlcr'H, I'IVHS your hand firmly on the tread iind ucUmlly fed the tested rontl Rrij) ihnt can mean .so much u-hen the K o\n e - K t(ni E h. Tlicn rend the hrond, written 12-nionlhs' mnkc-jjoncl warranty thnl b ac k.s every ATI.AH Tire yon buy. With over 3H,<)00 <l ca lcm (liroiigliout the U.S. nnd Cuimcln behind that warranty, the ATI.AS Tire IHUI to he good — iind, Minlcr, i( really i,i! €ssa SlorJ the New Y»or iaf«r-wilh MU$, "the tire thai malm good on the rood!" V DEi V Wide, docp safciy-grip trcatl PcHormance foad-prowd over 16 y«4fs Broad, written lire-life warranty OnJIic-spot scrvica by 33,000 dealers * Backed by ESSO, a name you can nd on DEALER NOTE: If your dealer do.i not have the size ATtAS Tirt you need, placo your order now for future delivery. The Sign of "Hoppy Motoring STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY Coke knows no season tomto UHDU AUTHOtirr of nti COCA.COU COSFANV »y COCA-COLA BOHUNG CU. ol BLVTHEVILLE

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