The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR m,YTHKVIM-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WKDN'RSDAY, JANUARY S, 1!H7 Two Desperadoes Confess Murder Youths Tell of Firing Button Into Body of Kidnaped Motorist CENTERV1LLE, Tenn., Jan. 8.— (UP)— Two young desperadoes who tied a prominent tobacco executive to n tree and riddled his body with bullets were under heavy guard today alter a 50-mcm posse flushed them oul of dense Aln- bamti woods across tile border. The .youths,- who confessed to FBI and stale authorities to Hie killing of J. Edward Sprpuse,. 35- year old official of the Tennessee Burley Tobacco Association, were identified as John c Kellcy. of Marion, 11!., ami James Sandusky, ol Lawrenceburg and NushviUc. Tenn. Sprouse, on a business trip. stopped -at Nashville to give Sandusky and Kellcy .n ride. On the outskirts of Columbia, 43 miles to the south they overpowered him. ^According to the police version of the 'confessions Sprousc was tied to a tree with his belt, tie and coat. Gnndiisky and Kdlcy snid they got into ihc car, drove to a filliny station for gas and returned to Sjnouse who begged them not to hitrm him. Lint S.-inetysky, according to his stor.v, backed away some 15 yards and fired seven times Into Sprceise's body with a 22 calibre long -barreled revrvh'er. Spro'.ise wns dragged 25 yards into the unelcr- bi u.ih'. • An" early alaTm for (lie mis-sins Sprouse instigated by his relations helped in the early apprehension of llic iiair. Even before they crossed tlic Tennessee border Into Athens. Ala.. i:ollce nlrcndv hrui a circular describing Sprousc's car. Officers Qiiicklv Ale-rlcd Three officers — Frank Lowis, Prank Jolinson an<| Claude Hi^glns — .spotted the car r.t Pulnski, Tenn., lo the south, about tlw same time Snnriiisky and Kellcy were robbing a filling station, They exchanged shots, the bandits reaching the par first. heading west on the highway toward. North Alabama. They abandoned the automobile and ducked into the wild scrub pine nnd scrub oak country near Athens, Ala. . Alabama and Tennessee iuithorl- ties quickly cordoned off n 10- square mile area anil closed in. The heavy posse pushed Into the woods until two Tennessee patrolmen flushed them out white- faced and ready to confess. Inspector j. T. Gale of the Ten- ncssce State Patrol \vas in charge of a group of Tennessee- officers who returned Sanriuskv and Kellcy to Hickman county J : iil here. The youths, both former Marines. guided authorities io where they killed Sprouse nnd le!t his body. • Sprouse, a veteran too. attended Maryvllle, Tenn., College. His wife and two children live in Clarksville. His wife is a school teacher. In the filling station holdup at Pulaski. Sandusky a nd Kelley forced Billy Chapman, service station K«t'endant into a washroom and |Hfled the cash register of S35 ' " Take Congress, F'r Instance . . .' Apparently deeply engrossed in one of (hose "whtlher-arn-wc- drifting" esiFrussions are Peter Kenvlon Ford, left, son of. screen sinrs Clrmi l-'ore! and Kleanor I'owell and Crilrniin Kobcrts Andrews, son of IJobert Anelrevvs, screen writer nnd aclrc^s Irene Cotinan. Too Late to Classify For Sale of ('Hi-load. 'hone :i7; : <!. Co. '( Cnp- 1-8-pk-X-s Ciife! Ooin.ti 1 j{<iocl business. Sec II. C. Citnipbt'll, 121) S. 2nd. l-K.d;-tr Ciwil! 100 Liis. We deliver. I Wheeler Coal Gin. 111. C I I,. MARSHALL {'(intintird friim I'lise 1. an oMiclal announcement ri^ht away. IV'ncs was tipped off the leak Ijcfiiusc of the nature of certain mquiiir's which had been made to him. The President agreed lo Byrnes' retiucst. and the announcement was issued immediately. One- of Marshall's first Jobs will iie to convince' the world that there will be no fundamental chunye in American lotciijn policy and to make overtures lo the new Republican Congress for a continuation of the bipartisan foreign policy. Marshall's initiation into diplomatic affairs eliinns the Past year toughest has been in spots In the ono of the world- -civil war-lorn China. For 13 exaspe trilling months lie 1 oriental "diplomacy," \ pinon and corruption? With that rjuckyioin atinis, frus- s watched lriKiiK, sus- t Its worst, (1. Hifi Four negotiations, and the endless de- b. 'es vlth the Soviets over proct: il-.irc anel elclails may, lo tile Kt'lt- eial. seem simple by comparison. Marshall will get ins tlrs\, lir>le ol (hill bis eliploiiuetlc league eiuicK- ;\ Tuj mouths hence he will have to sit elowi) nt Moscow with I be Russians., British ami French to i ,te. t lengthy, tedious ncgotlttiloni' to cQsnplele! the peace in Europe. Then he: must slim on a treaty for JajJiui. M ei liull. the 1 man wh> played a mujor reilo in dcstroyine; HMI Genniiny, now will become one; ol i lie- kc.7 iiH-ii In tlic reeonstruc- [ioii of :e demoe-ratic Oermany. The- ryes nf America, and of Ihe world, will l)e: iiiJon him tn talie- his incJlsme along . Slilc the Soviet's alile :ntd e \|>eiliwed «<•- li'illaliin:—Foreiiiii Sllnister Via- e-heslav .11. Jloleilov anel Deputy I'lireljiii Minister Andrei I Vi- shlnsUy. Tlic Soviets ivlll be wnU'liliii; him. loo. They have rere'iiUy switched' 1 tei a more, conciliatory attitude to- wii-d Hie Western world anel will weijili Miilslmtr.s every more and •.vorel to elctermine his attitude toward them anel tlic Inline course of American policy. The .Sen-lets are "known to ael- miie (ji'cnt military men. Marshall is believed to b^ ihelr kind e>l a man - -firm, frnnfc and imderslaiHl- iMK. Uiiriui! 'lie war llic Soviets gained tremendous respect tor him He was decorated with tile Soviet Order of Suvoiov, He received the award on the nlejht the Western Allies nvadeel Normandy anel the then Soviet Ambassador Andrei A. Gromyko credited Marshall with "a e-onsieteiablc pan of the stic- cesscs achlr.ved b v the allies on the fronts ol North Africa, Italy anel in the aerial \s-iir over Eur5pe-." 'riiere may be some misgivings in this country aljoul llic appoint- ircnt of a inihlaiy man to the Iraciitionally civilian job of secretary of slate. But they may be tempered by belief thai sni-h a man will linel it easier to net alony with tile Uussians. Speaker of Uie House Joscpu Ilartlti cxi)i'esseel such a thought v:iien he salei: "Marshall shenild l!ive that diginfieel firmness anel type of leadership that is eionsis- tent with the strength of America." In addition to peace negotiations,' Marshall will have lo play a major role it> a review of U. s. poiiry in China where- lie lailcd to re;-ondle llu- '.varrhiLi faction. 1 ;. llyriu-s I.oiig In IMibllc Service- M-rshall will be- in a position to dictate any change in policy or | ladies that he believes nc'je-s.sary ( in the l;'.u- Ijast. His blunt report, on hi 1 ; mission denouncing extrein- I isls cf bi>tli sides of Ihe Chinese Hvil war—will from the 'Jasis of i :t com;iU-([! review ol China policy.' Marshall left Nanking today bi>-' fore the Wiiitc House iinnounced liis new alignment. lie was e>x- j jxv'led here witiiin 10 day:; after! a short rest in Hawaii. Byrnes' re-j sisnation will lake- effect on Jan-' nary 10 or as soon thereafter as Marshall is confirmed by the Si-n- ate. The surprise White House announcement just before closing time last night brought Byrnes' i he:tic career as a diplomat—and j long career a;; a public servant—to an etui. He served in the legislative, jiulictal and executive branches of the government .but never ] finite icacheel the top in any e>l them. Byrnes probably lias been the .subject of more controversy than | any other secretary in moelern I limes. A ycai- ago he was denoun-] red in Congress-and in the press foi- "appeasing" the iVtlssians. To- | day he was vieling the cie.sL of -a! wave of popularity because of his i recent "get to;:g!i" policy with the | Russians. | Wins Bout with Wallace ' I/ast Pall he weathered one of j lie most difficult "mdek-ms" in us career 'the • comrore'.'sy nov; known ilfi ,)„, W allace incident — witliiiut iniirmuring u worel in jjiib- iiolling mad, he sat quietly in his Paris hotel room riding oul the- storm created In Henry A. Wallaces spi-ecli propasing a "softer" policy toward Russia, lie finally saw liis ]j<iU:y bwkeil up by i\ic White Hiusc and Wallace's rc-sig- iiiilion as .Secretary of Commerce. The Paris Peace Conforei ce last Sumine:' «•!-..-; Byrnes' iinb,- and "lie looks upou it as his greatest ac- complislimenl. Tor muntli:; he fought the Soviet view that only tl'.e lilg irr.vers should write tile peace treaties. Byrne-s insisted that although tlir. allies could diclnte peace to their enemies they could not dictate it to their fellow allies the small nations. He proposed and fought lo the bitter end for a peace conference where the other allies who fought in the war could have a chance to express their views. The wisdom of holding su:h a conference where the mc'.nlH-i's could only make recommendations -Till be subject to debate for years to come. The correspondence between T*ie President and Byrnes" last night revealed lliat last April 18—before he went to Paris on the first of his thrcr- liip s _], e naked to resign as of j'uly i. He thought then the satellite peace; treaties would oe c.nmpleteel anel his successor conlel take no the job of the German. Austrian anei Japanese treaties. "Last WTe?k I had a meelica! examination." Byrnes wrote the Pres- ident in April. "I \vas advised that i I must '-slow de>wn'. I know myself, f cannot slow dosvn as long ; as I hold publie^ office, pariie'Ular- !y the office of secretary of state. | ilie only way f can comply with Ihe advice of the elector is lo resign," Hut when the treaty negotiations dragged on he agreed to stay on until the first five were finished. As soon as they were finished in December he renewcel his request to be relievetl ol his duties so t nac his successor could start from [ scratch on the German talks in March. ' $22,94:1.J7 DRAINAGE DISTRICT NUMBER SEVENTEEN of .Mississippi County, Arkansas j STATKMKXT KKCKIl'TS AXI) l)IHHl!HSEMK.\TS I'erioel January I, HUJi In Drreinhcr 3}, l!j(G Crish on hand January 1, 1040 KKCEII'TS Current Tax Collections S5ii.299.lj7 Uoliiutucnl Tax Collections 1,3% 1.06 Delinquent Tax Costs 0!).li2 Land Sales—Principal lf),3GUC l.and Sales—Interest 1.773.15 Income Lands Owned—Stumpage 203.51 Income Lands Owned Flood- wily Rent 1.035.00 Interest Karned—U. S. Bonds 37-1.70 Discount Bonds Purchased ':.. eiOO.OO Withholding Tax Collected 193.20 I.evee Gracing Contracts 25.00 Proceeds U. S. Bond Sold 10,000.00 IN BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS ^, Situation Wanted ".If For Rent Business Opportunity nil Mr. Wl.iil /V;JSi-CWo Oow^nHJ/. Lomj Island City, A r . }'. l'V;infhiseil lint Her: I'opsi-CoUi Hull line C". of Rlylhfvillr ., . IC' j I Read Courier News Want Ads. Th»y'r» cut lo fit fight fatigue! I GENUINE REiS CARLOAD SERVEL ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS JUST RECEIVED! COMBINATION KEROSENE — ELECTRIC RANGE • LIME SSORFED TOTAL RECEIPTS 87.3lj.V27 Boneis Prepaid $15,000.00 Pond Priitclpeil Pniel I Due 1 1 47 1 Eonel Intcvcst Paid ............ lie ncl and Coupon Expe-me 'Coll. Chs.i ................. l'Jx]iense Ploodway Lnnds (Tnvces * p c Ins.) ............... .Houses - Sec. 20-13-8 (Mason Leasei . . '. ................... Withholding Tax Remitted ..... Dues Paid E. Ark. Drug. & Pleieiel Coutrejl Ass'n ................ Muiiilcnnncc * Operation Dilcii Cleaein*; ................ Clean-out Dilche's No. -12 & 43. Drill Rpir.oval - Ditches Ne). 4 nuel No. '21 ............. Car Expense ................... 1G.OOO.OO 33.213.04 005.91 2.733.34 214.80 011,400.0!: Opeiiiini; O!c! Levee * Mile No. 2 Survey Ditch No. 21 ............ Levee Repairs ................. Miscellaneous ................. Aelministrstioii KvpeMise Salaries .................. I3.fi7n.n4 S.783.C3 255.00 473.82 42.911 •239.3il 335.00 41.58 31.82 21.81D.OS NOUSEWARES fat QUALITY-^ PRICE STEP-ON GARBAGE CAN AU-mct:it filcp-on garbage ^.;iii wilh removable conLiitu-r, to clean, Comes in Ka>l>- pnintccl cle,sii;n^, choice of colors. Only $2.29 Sov« Tim», Money and Fn*r$y SPECIAL THJS WCfK ONLY VEGETABLE SLICER 3.900.00 GOO.OO 720.00 329.95 02.87 M4.96 2(53.00 109.20 4M.OO Rent ......................... l.'tilities ...................... Oiricc Supplies & Stationery.... Exchange .................... Bond Premium & Insurance. . . . 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Main St. Phone 515 General Fund - Farmers Batik & Trust Co l.and Sales Account C.4-19.98 12.729.14 70-1.18 S7.81 96,ill<).U 13,491.73 13.491.73 , lfc CERTIFICATE ~ 1 hereby certify that tile foregoing statement, of Receipts and D;J- urscmenls for the period January 1. IfllG to December 31. 1040 is Iriiii nd correct to the best of my knowleelge nnd belief. B. A. LYNCH. Secretary-Treasurer. .Subscribed and sworn to before me this the Cth day of Januarv. 19-17. '•il> C. a. Redman. Notary Publi:. .My commission expires 11-9-1950. DRAINAGE DISTRICT NUMBER SEVENTEEN of Mississippi Countv. Arkansas BALANCE SHEET AS OF DECEMBER 31, 134B \SSETS Current Assets Cash on hand 13.491.73 T3ond & Interest Account 12.72n.74 General Fund 104.18 Lanel Sales Account 57.81 U. S. Government Bonds Current Taxes Receivable (Osceola Dist. Unrcmittcd i Dclinqnest Taxes 1927 arid Prior Years 1928 20,000.00 18.-SO 1.00 13.2-49.6G 1.297.22 327.69 19211 . 1930 . 193\ . 19S2 . 1933 . 1934 . 1935 . . 1936 . 1937 . 1038 . 193D . 1910 . 1941 . 1942 . 1943 . 1944 . 1945 . 1045 . 250.50 74G.40 325.23 320.71 174.54 014.98 524.70 1.379.44 2.023 .DO 1.179.04 353.35 401.27 935.17 •! 320.01 779.12 459.38 Land Sale Contracts - Principal Balance Accrued Interest Unpaid - Land Rales Total Current Assets., I"i\cel Assets Lands Owned - Hig Lake Area Pumping Planl Pumping Plant Dw elling Houses i4i Sec. 20-13-8 Oltiec Furniture & Fixtures Aulomobile Compleleel Construction M.041.67 3.71191 10.e174.Gl 10.000.00 403.00 3.733.31 3.383.26 775.00 1.000,507.62 Fixed Assets 1,029.S33.«3 Total All Assets 1.149.425.RO Current IJnhlllties Withholding Trex Unremitled Deposits Lcvcc Orriifliif; Contracts 48.30 317.50 t Total Current Liabilities ____ Fixer! Liabilities Bonds OutMnnding - 1'.', - All Callable eNext Due 1-1-481 ....................... 1,119,000.00 Total All Liabilities 1,149.-12;».80

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