The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 8, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAI'JSH OV NOUTHEA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIII—NO. 215 Blytlievllle Daily N>»c Blythevllle Courlur Ulylhevillc Herald Mississippi Viiilt'y Loader 111,VIIIKVI1,!,!•;, ARKANSAS, U'KDNKSDAY, .IANUAKY U, I'.MV SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Congress is Urged lo Hold Rents Truman Soys Pnce Reductions Down and Keep Tax Revenues Up Truman Discusses Finances GOP Proposal for Reduction In Levies is Termed Unsound SMITH United I'rfss While llcjiortur • WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. 'U.I 1 .)—1'i'c.sHlfiil Truman (lay asked Congress (o hold rents down and keep taxes He specifically urged renewal oi' the rent i-onli-ol which expires June 30. And )u: again jarml jarrril Itcimlilic lax reduction plans » a possible vela throat when he suiil "It would be unsuiimt fis policy In reduce laves." Those were high points of his annual message is a new Ihlng in government, required bv the ployinrnt Act. passed last year. Mr. Truman outlined a broad plan for perous and at work for the coming year. He warned labor lo refrain from* "excessive" wage demands. But lie also counseled management lo cut prices wherever possible, particularly in food, clothing, house furnishings and .building materials. Mr. Truman said that as 1947 begins, the nation never Ims been "so strong or so prosperous" nor have "prospects ever been brighter." Ho acknowledged that there will b= "minor bumps and detours" in the road abend, but flatly rejected the notion that there must be another depression such ns the one lhat started in 1929. "This need not happen again and must not happen again," he said. For 1947. he set a goal of 558.000,000 jobs—the figure for 1946— "or slightly higher." He sought a live per cent boost in production over 1946. when it readied an estimated annual rain of $2(15.000,000.000. He declined to give a dollar figure on production goals because present price levels might make .such a figure "misleading." Wants M^rc Buying Power Mr. Truman said that if employment is to remain high and production is to increase, real purchasing pov:cr "must rise silffi- Sec FISCAL POLICY on Pa£c 3 economic message 1 0 conyress. ncnt, required by the keeping the country Bids Received On Drainage Job Missouri Firm Low With $37,700 Offer for District 17,Project Con Be Key to 7947 Prosperity \VARI11NCTON. Jan. 8. (II.1'.)— hT.sideitl Tniniim ili«. daral loiliiy tli.-il Hit! niiUun's ovuritll prosperity this year (Irpi'iiils primarily upon price' roiiiictions, nitlu'r Ihini 'ni-n- Corporate Area Of City Extended Court orders authorizing the annexation to the city of Blythevilie or three additions—Brawley. Cook and Wilson Second—were issued yesterday alternoon by County Judge Roland Green. Fitial action on the annexations, their acceptance by resolution, is slated for the city Council meeting next Tuesday night. Rrawlcy and Cook Additions were authorized to be annexed in their entirely. The t'vo additions are adjoining with the South boundary of lirawley Addition, Doris Street. foiinitiH the North boundary of Couk Addition. Drawlcy Addition is bounded on the North by Hraw- Icy SI reel, on the cast by Highway Gl and on the west bv IGlh Street. Conk Addition is bounded on the East by Memorial Park, on the by the Robinson Addition, and on the South by the drainage tlilch. ' - - H Forty-six landowners of both additions signed the petition rc- <HiesthiK addition to the city of these additions. Wilson Second Addition also adjoins the other two annexed additions, being bounded on the South by lirawlcy Addition, it is bounder »n the North by the Swift Oil Co property, on the East by Hieh- way Gl and on the West "by IGlr Street. However, due to two objection: lodged to the annexation of Wilson Second Addition, the court or dcr modified the area covered bj it and defined the annexed territory as that part or the addition lying West of the East line of 14th street. This latter line is also the Wrst line of the properly of J. T. O'-Slecn Sr. and J. T. O'Stccn Jr.. the protestors (o the addition's annexation. First hearing on the Wilson Second Addition annexation was held ! Nov. 2C. at which Hni£ the matter I was taken under advisement by Judge Green. Seventeen landowners sign the original petition. A low bid of M7.700 wus made oday by Cliircilcc Ci'iimiieckcr oi Mo., for construction and enlargement of ditches in Uio! area or Drainage District, 17 west, of Calumet nnti Oosncll. in a lod- eral bovcrnment profram. when 13 sealed bids were opened ;it clie U. S. Engineers Office ut v/cit ^Tenl])his. This Is a part of n program lo rehabilitate approximately ::O.G;>u of land in that section with Drainage District, 17 ninong the Hist, included in the government's vcw Interior Drainage Program, it was announced by commissioners oi Drainage District. 17. Total estimate o! the work lo be done by the federal government wilt be approximately $500.000 with the remainder of the contract to be let in the late Summer, it VKS said. With some of the land alre-uly Riven by prcpcrty owners to Drainage District n, which is iceded for right of way. it. was nnounccd that the contract would awarded within 30 days ima vork be^m within 20 days from hat date, prom 50 to CO acres of and will be needed. The povcrnment Is expected lo pond this S500.000 for the work o rcmedv the drainage condition 11 the Cahtniet-Ciosnell area l:r- :ausc Ihe drainage was impaired o a certain extent when ;he evce was constructed by the govern men t. The job. which is in "Ditch 2V' Irainagc area, is to be romplctcd ivilhin 150 working da vs. Marshall Gets Quick Okay From Senate WASHINGTON. Jan. 8. (UP)-The Senate today unanimously confirmed the appointmcMit of Gmi. George C. Marsl]»ll *;x.s hrcrctaiy of state Ki:cccrdiiiK jamos F. Byrnes. Approval of the nomination came with breath-taking speed afirr tbc S"iiatc waived its own rules requiring that nomination "lie over" one clay before final action. Tlius Marshall was approved as successor to Secretary of Slate James p. Byrnes wilhont oven an informal npi> bnfnrc thr committee. U U'as a tribute to tiie , five-star general of a kind rare in Senate annals. New Secretary Due fo Be Stern With Russians Marshall's Selection as Sccrctaty of State Wins Quick Approval \A.\KlNd. J:in. H, (Ul'j—Crn, (•corcr C. Marshall look ofT fur UK- llnitt'il Slates with a f;m:- wf II sulnlr from CJoncnilissimn Chiang- K:ii-ShM; Inihiy shnrlly hpfnri: his ;ip|)oii\tmerit ;is son r- l:iry nf slulc and lii.s hlast :il Clii- iiesc politics «ere puhlishrd. M;u- Nliall wus iljini: to Ilmiuhiln. whore Mrs. .MiirsliaJl ivill inin him, and tt.ficthci- Uity will Jly on In Washington. HV. 1C. II. SN.U 1UOK1) ((.inilfd I*cess yiaTf t'OTrt'sptnidrnt} WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. (UPl — Cipn. George C. Marshall, frc-shly bnniiscil iii the clcvinus diplomacy of uhc Orit'tit. for his new job a.s £?ci*etaiy of Slate, today frtreti the I immediate Usk of ticgoilatitiu wilh Soviet Russia, HriUtin ami Franco a p^acc ticiily for Gci'iuany. Fo; this miijor past-World Wai II problem. MnrslKill Is cx])cctcd lo carry on James F. I3yrtips' "patient but fivjn" policy lowurd the Soviet. Union, The new secretary will £ct hb first lest, on the Soviets' li jiround. On March 10 he is scheduled lo begm negotiations on Uer- tnan arid Austrian peace set lie- tnetits in Moscow »t the next Uif Foil]- foreign ministers niccLitii;. The surprise .selection of a military career man fur the first time hi his ton; to iltrecl (i\mcrl- can foreign policy startled :iU ni"» pleased most i;»ngrcsKiiicii. They predicted! swift confirmation oi tlie apimiutrnQiit. President Truman sent ?Iarshair,s nomination to the Senate at noon. But Byrnes' departure from President Trumun'.s cabinet al tin; pinnacle of his short, historic diplomatic career atul long public service left n wake of regrets. Congressmen and diplomats alike described his resignation as a "major loss." Byrnes resigned b'-CJiiiEc of his health—because his doctors warned his a.s long ago as last Spring to "slow up.' T And it can be stated authoritatively that unlike many other "health resignations," this (me is on the level and Din thing. Thp facts are, corrcboratcd by several authoritative sources, that there is not now ami ncvci has been any major disaarr.rmerit between Byrnes and the President on foreign policy. The White House rcvralpd last-' niRhl that Byrnes had snbmittrd t/.vo irtter.s of resignation, one on April 1G and the- other on Ut:c. 1J), bnl-h because of his liealth. resident Truman announced si- Byrnes' retirement, and Marshall's nppoinliiUMiL. Is 1'rcsidcnlial Timber In adtiitiou to being secretary ol •slate, Marshall—after a brilliant lifcloiiK career as a professional soldier which took him to the top of the military world—also will b? heir to the nresidcncy for the r.rsl two years in event anything Ju'];i;en,s to President Truman. He .. . . , . ihc pmsponly <tuesllon hinges \ l() | nh ' power-lhc public's, all the- goods pro- Hut he conceded that pay raises were justified in individual Instances where wages and salaries "have lagged substantially behind the Increase In living cosls In Ihe past few years or where they .substandard." He s:ii[i uagr hikes also lire warranted ns a reward for increased t productivity. j IlcvicMing the oullool; for 1047 in his economic report to Congress. Mr. Truman said the basic answer to on . ability lo buy durcd, | "A major approach to oa| puirhiisiii;: power lo rs into balmier with pi apacity this year must be educed prices,'' he suld. Manufacturers Discuss Labor Legislation Offers No Sure Cure for Ills, Speaker Tells NAM <.'•'» wherever possible. Hut he said price reductions should be made will! "otwrlmlnal- uig regard for spvelflc clrcum- stances rather Ihan on an overall lire ! national basis." Mr. 'Human said price reductions were needed especially on many arllclcs of food, textiles, ilolhlng, house furnishing, housing and building materials, lie .said prices on these had risen out of line. He also flashed a million .signal h()| . Osceola Men Purchase 16,000 Acres in Northeast Arkansas In $3,700,000 Transaction RUUullUu™ *Chapman-Dewey Interests Sell Blythevilie Man Lumber and Reo/ty Ho i dlngs InHuntingMishap "For Us own advantage us ucll »s that of tlie country »l large," he said, "labor should refrain Irom dcin'inds for excessive wage Increases thai would require price Incraiscs or would prevent price reductions that are necessary to | sell the .capacity output of II product." Companion is Drowned; Johnny Long Spends Night in Icy Water 1'nri-liMHu of 10,000 MCI-CH in Norlhoast Arkan»a», in- c-liuliiin more than -1000 ucrus in Koutliwestcrn Missifiaippi Ctiunly by the Klorida Heal lOKlnto Loiin Company of Oaco- nln. mid extensive lumber holding*! in Mcmphi.H WBB'. announced lodny when :i doal .said to have involved 'more ~~*-ti«ti S3,700,000r was'closed. • The Osccola men nmdc the pur- HOCA HATON. I'lli.. Jan. H — iUPf — Gnveintnrnt. suijer-innchlne- v ciiniint he :i sure cure for lubor irnublrs of the nxtion, a speaker told n Niilional Association of Manufiiciurers Institute on Intlns- irlul relations here today. Lnml.nrl Miller, associate counsel of the NAM. declared thnl c ; x- istin^j labor l.i\v.s are "tipped so far in favcr of unions that Bennine colled ive bni'Kainliig Is prnc- ticaily impossible," "The place lo start the curing," he told '/CO business men atteud- Inc sessions at the Uocn Ha ton Club, "is at the source of the trouble." L:nvs n'H In effect arc full of shorlcomlllBs. he said, and proposals such as those for special labor courts overlook the shortcoming!; mid make'no eiforl to corre "An nrroitam union of( break a labor court or device ns easily as inert boards. wnRc formulns ni 1 machinery and schemes have been broken before," Lnmberl snltl. He recommended that prlvilcces no<i re.spon.sibihtles of nmnagenieiit and Inbor bn c<|l!albcd. niakinj; the law rneoRiiize that unions have responsibilities. an<| that management 1ms basic rights. Martin to Testify In Diamond Row Idle Arkansas Mine Given Valuation of Nearly $1,000,000,000 1.1TTLK HOCK. Ark.. Jan II. <Ur> — Glenn L. Martin, Baltimore hiinil.'- er manufacturer, was lo tc.sllly in- day In a continuation of his elfoMs lo dissolve the Diamond Corporation of America and recover $503,000 which ho had Invested In Ihc fabulous properties. For the first time since the c got underway In Tuliiskl Cham- Court here Monday, the court y Icrdny heard the 07 acres In i'ikc County, Arkansas, described us having a potential value of $605,00(I,(H10 and possibly us much as $1,000,000,000. Tiic statement WHS rend to tin court from a letter written by Allci B. Williams of SI. Louis, 'funn.-i president of Ihe firm. Martin asked dissolution .if thi firm. In which ho Is n inl.iovKi stockholder, on Ihc grounds Urn the property had been "grossly nits -•- "• • - O f Ch | nl «h< President Sets High Economic Goals for 1947 WASHINGTON, Jan. 8, (U.IM — President Truman today set thcsn economic K oals for 1EM7: Knil'liiyinrnl — 58,000,009 or "sliglilly his her." This would ftjn:!] last year's rer.arrl. Production—A five per cent increase over IflHi. And IfUfi itself saw record peacetime highs fjfl per ci-nt over Ifi.lO. I'lircliasing I'ower—An increase in "real" purchasing power sufficient for consumers l o buy nil goods produced. lliirmiilnymcnl — 2,000.000 is "l>rnliitlily cln>:c lo Ihr minimum unavoidable in a free economy." N. Y. Stocks 2:00 p.m. Quotations A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Ocn Electric. Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard 172 1-8 82 1-4 39 3-4 7T3-4 91 R7 1-2 3G T-8 3T3-8 61 1.8 18 111 7.1 Itf 10 27 5-8 9 1-4 15 21 0-8 10 1-4 5!i 3-4 C 1-2 U S Steel : 72 1-4 Wilson Estate Hearing Reset For February 6 LITTLE RCCK. Ark.. Jan. 8. (UP)—The question of jurisdiction resulted today in postponement I" Feb. G the U. S. Federal Court hearing of the case brought, by heirs of the Robert E. Lcc Wison Estate of Mississippi county against J. H. Grain of Wilson, and members of his family. After morning-long debate in Ihe chambers of federal Judge Thomas Trimble here, attorneys for all parties agreed that more study of depositions, briefs and other documents would be necessary. The suit was originally filed by certain heirs of the Wilson estate lasi Oct. 15. when they sought the removal of Craln as trustee of the estate and asked $548.000 damages against crain anri members of his family for alleged mismanagement and maUipvtroprlatlon of funds. In court today, however, J. W. House. Little Rock attorney representing the Wilson interests, sought lo file a substitute complaint directed only ngaiiiM crain mui not seeking any damages. lso will be a |K>tential 15148 Ucm- x-ralic presidential candidate if V!:-. Truman doesn't seek the nom- :tl,io:i. At the. "White House today. Press Secretary Charles G. Ross revealed lhat there had been an ••understanding" between Mr. Truman and Marshall for months before Byrnes resigned. This understand- was that if and when Byrnes should carry out his desire to leave. Marshall would become secretary of State. The announcement of Byrnes' departure from the government and tiic appointment cf Marshall originally was scheduled for next Friday. The President planned to make the announcement, in person at a news conference. Late yesterday, however. Byrnes went to the President and told him :hat the information apparently ,vas leaking. For that reason, Byrnes asked Mr. Truman to make Sec MARSHALL oil Page 4 lay, Wll, mini's were In production, the Ford Mol-jr inn-chased IndUKlrinl rtlaniumls U a 28 per cent premium over Ihr- narkel because the Arkansas dla- nonds were harder Ihan others. Tie laid there were probably no other nclnstrlnl diamonds In (he world n.- mid except possibly n few In Williams was to return to I lie viand today, followed by Martin. Ark-Mo Seeks RFC Lines in Two Counties Lfri'LE ROCK. Ark, .Ian. B. I UPl— A petition of the Atkansus- Missourl Power Corp. of ni.vl.lie.vill' 1 , fov pei'inisslon lo purchase n K'i- mile Iransmissioii line Horn the , Rccoiistruclion J'iuunce Corpora- 1 Mr . crls-well dro,, into lion will be heard Jan. 21 by tlie] AppaicnHy. he "..aid ' ' ' Legion Again to Sponsor Junior Baseball Contests American Lesion Junior liascual will :i;:ain b" sponsored here th! year, members of Dud Cason I'os voted at their sveekly meeting Ian niuht in the Legion Hul. Plans for the launching of this year's Legion Junior Uascball prom «cre discussed au<l lunds were voted to aid in meeting expenses of the program. Membership reports made last night showed a trjlal of 1030 1847 member:., maintaining POM 24 in second place for membership in Posts throughout the state. Blylhc- ville is led only by Little Rock in mem'ncrship. Tiic Lrpionnaires voted to contribute S25 to the Christmas Seal fund of the Tuberculosis Society. Attending the niccthiK as new memlx:r.s were Bill Cable. Gene Chitman nnd Theodore Wnhl. Arkansas public Service Commission. The line is in Lawrence and Clay counties. Recently declared surplus. Ihc line has been serving several pump stations of the Big and Little Inch pipelines. Tiic company offered to pay S32G.8:i5 for the property, and proposed to dismantle 48 miles and j rebuild H miles lo serve Ilic stations over a shorter route. Former Medical Corps Officer Addresses Lions Johnny IjiMii:. Memphis orchestra leader, who was reared In UylhevilLe, torlry was hauling in a Memphis hu:,[iilal to save his left ion) amputation ullcr spending 'M lours in Irec/iiii; wealher hi n swamp following a bum inn in-cl- lenl near Yinm City. Miss, The 28-year-old Mm ol Mrs, John I. Long WHS moved tills allcrnoon loin the Ya/.'io City hospital lo Memphis :,o specialists could aid n I lie treatment lo pifvenl um- mlnliun ol both feel, Iro&'.'ii in: he •lung to a log from which ills companion slipped and drowned. With him Irom lllythevllle worn Ills mother, and hi:; broLher, W. A. "ioby" Long, who will remain with him in Memphis milII his condition Improves. In a U'lephonc message to his mini. Mrs. M. I'ritzlus at noon loday, Mrs. Ixmg said if was believed ampuiallon would not. lie icccssary but Hint every precaution WHS being taken |o pt'cvenf any new developments. Dead was W. C. 'crtswell, :il). ol Ynzoo City, who lost his flulil with the cold after ao hours and slipped olf the log. lo which her and Mr. Long clung. •. Was >Resincd Mommy The former lilylhcvlile man was rescued ,lale Monday after Ihe boiillni; necldeiiL In which Colin Anderson. ',10. another companion, almost lost Ills life. Both are suffering from exposure ami shod;. -Mr. Lang was en route lo Memphis from New Orleans, where he iiad gone to hear Ihe other Johnny Long and his orchestra play, when "he (a-iUial lo ,Mc;p for a hunting trip. Their boat cnpsl'/.^d and Ihe Hire men managed lo shed I heir boot.; and most of ihclr clothing ami to swim 25 yards to shore. There, however, lliey found themselves in dense swampland ' and ualei ranging from six Inches lo waist deep. Tells af llorrihlc TTifjM Another companion went for heli but fell exhausted. He was discovered by airplane searchers. O'lh- cr hunters found Mr. Long. "Most, of the night," said Mr Long, "I Jumped up and down 01 tlie log and shouted, trying lo krc| v.itrm und hoping stjuicbody'd hea inc. I think that's what saved nr life." Mr. Criswell. he said, lay on flu log nil Ihc lime, anil made no at tempi to keep warm by exercising AL about midnight, Mr. Long wa. so exhausted he had lo sit /low; Then hi- became cold and stiff. About :! a.m.. lie said, he heard Ihe water, c was ,';o Byrnes' Decision Of World Import I Resignation From President's Cabinet Comes as Surprise Hy HAKHIHOM KAI.IHIKIKV llnltcil l'r«-i.» Knrflin Nr»li Kdltor | Tlic Midden rt'slBtmllon of Scc- ri'hiry of Stnlp Jinnee K. Byrnes sind np|K)hUnveiit of Ocn. George C. Mnishnll lo Miecm! lilm -JhooK Ihi' worlil's foreign ofllcrs mitt rhnnccllorli'K from Ixjiidon lo NnnkiiiK lodiiy. The qurstloli on Ihn Unique ol cvfry (ll)ilnnml. wiw: Wlml chuiij'ch will Miirshtill tjrlnn Into Alncrlcnu fore IK n iiolk-y? Anil tile urijoiicy wUh wlilch nil unfiwcr Wft.s sought wns Lvnllinnny to the. parnnwimt role of I he United StRtcs In world I] (fllll-.S. WnsliliiRton's report, (lint Mnr hull would steer Ilic United StRle the bcdrlugs flxcrt by Byrne chnse, one of the largest teals reported for the South in •n a n y in o n I h I,. from | the Oliiipinan-Uewey inlen'sts of Arkansas and Memphis. Wllli the Florida Real Estate Loan Company headed by George. Florida UK president and Andrew J. Florida ns vice president, associated in this deal also were intcrst;! of the late J. Lan Williams' of OsceolR, [leaned by his son, B. Fri'iik Williams. A program similar to fiml of the . former owners will b3 continued in operation ol the mow) acres of land, the bank at Marked Tree;a cotton gin there and another «f West Htdgc, In Mississippi County; the Mo'uton nice Mill at Harrisburg. tho alfnlfa dehydrating pl'int at Marked Tree, an Implement store In the siim» town, and other Interests. .,-,,' A diversified farming ptiur will be carried out with some of the land to bo rented ns units a«J" other lo be farmed by"the .owners,", I George Flnrlda, loday Informed the Courier News -In discussing his newest business enterprise. ,'',"" While the land best adapted to rolton will be used for'that cron, . there also will bo extensive plant-' vns taken at something less limn " ntt ot alfalfa and soybeans, along;', ncn value by rilplomiilK cogntanl! wlt '' Uie other food and feed crops if the Importance of personalities! whlcl1 "!«>«' a nrorrrain of balanced n the conduct of u. S. foreign farml »K. lie added, policy. The Initial rcmMlon in " We wl " """ate under the sanic" vnrld capitals was wall-rind-see. 'inme for tliat Is how the enti-r- Washtnglon Indicated that every £, , 'H llas bcen known," Mr ; clfoit wmdd be made lo contlniwi lwltl ? .f''} '" commentlm? uoon" he bipartisan policy. Whether that effort will be s-ic- :c!^ful was uncertain, Foreign dlplomals have been watching this mallur -with • cxl.rem* care .ilnco Iho Republican election victory In November. It was noted that. In liny event, there will shortly be on almost, complete break In cin- llnuily of lop American personnel. IJolli Byrnes and Jlnruch are out and Sens. Arthur H. Vandcnbeitr, II., Mleh., and Tom Connally, U., 'lex., who formed the congressional end of the bipartisan t««m nave holh said lhat lliey regarded Ihe New York conferences as the !nsc which they would attend. llrlllsh I,ami Hyrn<s f ONDON. Jan. ?. (U.P.)—A higii government source expressed one of the blgirest real estate deals in Mlr^SjOUth history. Practically nil of the, VVOOO acres of land Is In .cultivation with, this development haylnu be«n'unc!erv?«y niorfl "thft^i 50 yehri.- •• ••'•• •- :: - 'v H»ve Many OUi«r Tnlernts Th« new owners, who In tecent years have acquired terests' to mnkc them dominant figures in The South's business world, plan to expand this enterprise, both In farming and its businesses such as Die gins, mills'an Mr. Florida said. Enthusiastic over the ne iness deal, the Osceola owif oi«ratc the gigantic buslm their home, offices In Florida Real Estate Loan Com- paiu. building at Osceola, now neathv; Completion. In the deul, Ihe Florida compa- "deep sorrow" loday at tho rcsiij- ny Is taking over all stock, of the. frf/.rn lie could no longer hold on. It was too dark lo see anything. "f dan't know whether ho ho/.c or drowned." Mr. Long said. Biythevi lie's 1946 Postal Receipts Total $84,722 While tola! i>o::t Olfire I'ci'eipt.'i I for 1U1B showed 1 a IS per cent dc- l crease below those fur 1015, receipt. 1 ; during the December '|iirn- Membcrs of Ihe Lions Club held ln , )f niis past year indicated a their weekly meeting yesterday <(..\ , IC r cent increase over those noon at the Hole] Noble with Dr. ! for that quarter in It.lS. accordiili milion of ScercUirS' of Stnlc Jainc.'!. I'. Byrnes, which he snlrt was a nomplelc surprise to Ihc Brl'.lsn f;ovci ninent. "We hnii no Inkllni? of \l and ol i mirsc nre deeply sorry to fiee Mr. Uyrnes irnvp his |>ost r " the gtw- ernment. j.onrcr .salci. He added llinl JirlUrjh. officials wiio have mine into contact w:ln Ocn. Cieoi-gn C. Marsliull "hive, the highest iwrsonnl regard ior him." There WHS uncertainty in KLI- ropean capitnl.s ntwiit future Ani'.r- lcan policy. Many, <>:- flclal.s. diplomats and. newspapeis Einllclpiitcd chnnBCS In the Am':r- irini conr.v. 'Iliey conslilercd Mnr- Chripiniin-Ucwcy Farms Company, und the ciiaptnan-Dewoy Lumbei" Compnny. ; • The OhnpniHLi-ne.wey: fiiilcrests moved to the vlijlnlty ol. Marked Tree frtipi Kansas city many-years nqo *"i<i n 1 '^ prlniarlly reeponsibJc for (Icvehjmient of thai section of (he utiile. which later extender! Into Mississippi County. Included h( the Chap[iian r l)ewcy Lumber setup are.-the Chapinun- Ue'Aey mlllii in SoiitJi Memphis, IIITRC procluecrs of war materials and other lumber interests; The 10.000 acres of land ore di^ vltlccl into several farms. Markc'd Tree Farms between Lcpanto iincl Louis Hul>cner as principal K])eakcr. Dr. Hnbcner described problems facing occupation troops in Kur- ope. in which theater of operations he .served as a lleiilenanl-eolrjtic! In the Army Medical Corps. C. A. Vandlvorl of Kikeslon, Mo.. v.a.s a guest at the meeting. Weather ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy ;n:d not much change in lcmper;;(u''e today, tonight and Thursday. Cab Driver Draws Fine On Charge of Speeding The fi'st punishment was meted out this morning in Municipal court under new City Ordinance 1 No. 472 which, beside'levying new privilege taxes on taxi companies, provides for traffic violations committed b v cab drivers. Howard Caldwrll, driver for Lane Taxi Co.. was fined $25 and costs this morning and hls^firlfcrs certificate was suspended for 10 days on charges of speeding. Caldwell was arrested yesterday for driving on Main street, officers said, at SO miles per hour. A second traffic violation results in a. longer susocnsioii of cab driver's license and a third violation brings permanent rpvoo.-Uion of tha certificate. . > His Sight Restore'd, Attorney At Osceola Plans Florid a Trip Charles T. Colcman. former Lll- ile Rock lawyer who retired from lis law practice a year ago ljer;iusc of failing eyesight, is now busy catchinc; up on seeing Ihinss he has not seen for nearly two yrors. Mr. Coleman's vision lias been restored following an operation performed in Now York lust September \vhich resulted in Ihe removal of cataracts from his eyes. Alter six weeks of darkness, tho bandages were, removed and he found his sight had been renamed. With the aid of specially eiound lenses, he Is iviw able lo sec ob- jjfctU -dc.irly :md rind. Folio* In* ,'tiie'<opi ration, Mr. Cnlcman return- to the plantation home of his son. Charles Rose Colcman, near Osccola, where he lias made Ills home since retiring" from his practice. lie has made no plans for resuming his huv practice and his <taughlei--lii-la«-. Mrs. C. R. Coleman, feels that he will make his homr with them permanently. He may go lo Florida for a vacation soon, he said. She said he was ' thrilled to death" at regaining his sight. An avid reader before his sight failed to the annual rcpoit of tlie Blytiic- vllle Post Office ir.siicO today. Total receipts for 1946 amounted lo SBI.722.RO a.s compared with SIOOr>G7.17 for 1D1T>. A break-down into ((uurterly rc- ccpil:; follows: fourth quarter. $25,- •IB271; (bird qinrlcr. $20344 07; second (juurlcr. $18.411.38; and first quarter, S20.5BO !I8. Fourth quarter receipts in 1ftt lolalcd $24.403.75. Stamp cancellations in Dci-cmll ol this year showed an 11 per rent increase over those of thai inonlh year. County Medical Society To Discuss Sanitation Public hc.ilth problems of Mississippi County, wilh emphasis upon sanitation of eating places, will he aired in a meeting of ihc County Medical Society tonight at Osceola, it was announced today by Dr. J. E. llcnsley, president . .The mcolmp. to begin »t 1:30 o clock, will be. at tbc Osccola, Higli School. .Marked Tice contain 5400 acres; hall'r, viewpoint on European lii-.Wcst Ridge Farms between Lepan- alr.s n comparatively unknown'lo anri Osccula contain 4957 acrcS: there are It'OO acres at Fryc's Mills. the eusi of Marked Tree; aonther ViiOO acre:; at Ilalchic Coon and smaller Iruicnl. The Moscow radio broadcast (ynic.'i - Marshall announcemeni, shortly after noon but made no mmmcnt. A United Press dispatch 'rom Moscow said the story did lot appear In Soviet morning newspapers. This probably was due lo Ihc laic hour it broke. Honored at White House WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. (U.P.I — It was James F. Byrnes' nlgnt, and he said It wa.s a happy on::. lie spent it at tlie White House, al. a reception given by Prcsidenu anil Mrs. Truman for the diplo niatic corps. "There are only two happy d'iys for a man in public life," Ihc. retiring Secretary of Slalc tola British Ambassador Lord Invcr- chapcl. "The first Is thn day he Is elected. All hi.s friends conic around lo congratulate him then and he feels pretly good. "Then the next day someone comes and a-sks him to do a favor That, deflates him." So it goes, he said, with pros- siires. criticisms and hard work until thai second happy day—I hi day he t)ilils. "So, you sec," Byrnes smiled brightly. "Ihis is a happy night," N. Y. Cotton he now reads a book "Ciiloh nil," she added, day to Mnr. May July Oct. llee. open ... 32CO ... 3198 . . . 30M ... 2731 . . . MS7 high low 3283 3253 3221 3108 3081 3030 27fi; 2'JSl 271-1 2(587 1:30 3272 3211 3053 •J'M3 Cotton Exchange fleets ll'acls. Koine of .the land developed by the company through the years was sold a few years ago as ihe company ncarcd Its 50th annl'|r- nry in Arkansas. Developed Fertile Area Tills followed clearing up of the land in which the company pioneered In the movement for drainage districts and also gave trong support lo construction of the modern levee system on the | St. Francis.River. Back in ihose days, much ofYhis are.i of Northeast Arkansas was a | timber wilderness, annually overflowed by backwaters. The logging business gradually I gave way lo farming and ils Wnd- rccl operations after Vast reserves of oak. ash. hickory and other hardwood trees had been cut and converted Into lumber by mills and | box factories established there. With Ihts newest enterprise nc-] quired by the Florida Company. Ihe Florida interests al Osceola arc I even more widespread. Tho broth-1 rrs control the Mississippi County 1 Bank and the Florida Real Estate [ Loan Company. Several years ago I they achieved wide publicity when I they took over the. continental I Land Co., holdings in the South, I which were the incorporated land I holdings of the old Netherlands-1 American Mortgage Bank. This was! followed by purchase of 12,0001 acres of land from the Delta, and [ MEMPOIS. Tcnn., Jan. 8. <UP) -Tlie members of Ihe Memphis Cotton Exchange select new 01- flccrs today in their 74th annual election. I The presidency goes autom-it- pill < 1 l-»nd Company. ically to Thomas J. White, -?r..' Another brother, Thomas Flor- who has been first vice president, Ida, who heads his own firms, has I tor a yc-ia. The major contest Is extensive land interests around I for his successor in (lie vice pMSl- Osd-jln and .controlling Interest In J doiiliti) ixisl. 1 the Mi-lbourne Hotel nl Inter St.

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