The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 22, 1937 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 19

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1937
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1937. 1 THE OTTAWA JOUENAL 19 "M UN iTNorti., ,. Ovarlng I new ear to a curtain hi on Mm on ' nun Cropinfl hit fcy to tlx dark houaa fco itumblaa f taring, hit flaahltghl revaal a airf. ti commanoa bum to "run I'' A M ( I ifkaa attar um aa thay In to hide mtm Hjm . n Ii m tana immwm Uwm aaarchlng for rwklao bar I if f Aunt Clamant had told har u iVan In tha hoiua, eallad Kara Plaea, 1 4 girt vaaithaa bofore Jama ran Un mora. At hit caiuln Oaphna'a my jama maau id giri. na it w(, tha autar or hit ooiwaa Jock Wad. alia hint of daniar Jhin at har. and haraalf. Jackson, a rival man. takra credit for .driving tha i tha nJirht of tha to( and i run evar ino roan ano riiwo. oauy aaaa a. Sha la In faar or Ambroaa Kvl- tar. tha novalitt. who la har guardian I wa har aunt'a truataa, alo hit r. Hildegarda. and tha laltar't cow Maori Niemeyer. M want to marry (jr. Jocko, attar recMvIng a latter nu oying aunr. wa puanaa on a Aitar tha aeeidant tha latter u ing and Jocko cannot ramambor ontant. Bally ana Jamas fan in . but ah tetia Mm It la too dancai .Tfor tham to moat. Jamat rollowi II to a party given by Daphna. La tar uaaxa aaaamoio arouna nar nra INSTALMENT XX VIII. The Qaeea't Necklace. APHNE giulcd. -" ,,' rMy atorjr it real, authentic, kt-hand i lory about a house I mow. aim it really la true. be. well, I won't tell you why you've heard it" Daphne I don't know Thlg s Bonxo, Just a little uneagy. - Nonsense, darling! ' said phne. "You're burning ' your ge. I m gure you oughtn ' a your eye off it for a moment u look after your sausage, and ft look after my story." She was sitting- on a low stool 1th her hands clasped about her Her pale dress gleamed In w firelight A diamond clip on her side made little rainbows. rwell. it's about a place know lute well, and It happened in seventeenth century. And frhapa Jocko knows It and If he les, he'd better tell it himself, V'use it's about the house old ry Clements Tolharhe left him other day Rere Place." tHow thrilling," aid Jocko. He not sound thrilled at all. but 7 and content, with Elspeth! nd In his. . JDo you want to tell it?" said phne. -, .-Darling. I hadn't even a thoat I an idea that there was a ghost I Rere Place." - . f-Wtll. there is isn't there. SaJ- y her dark corner beyond 1 iAo Sally was afraid, she didn't w why. She said in a jesting 'ice: "But I don't believe in ghosts, It's no use asking me." 1 FPerhaps Sally would like to the story," suggested Henri meyer. "She does not say tnat e does not know it she only bs that she does not believe in ,wnicn a quite anotner wing. 'You can t tell' a story unless believe it, she said. Ilphne's the one, because she lsevet In everything, even your a try speeches. Hem I. And, Vhow I don't know what story I means." tO, darling, the one about Giles M and the Queen'i necklace," h Daphne. James said nothing, but he tvery much interested, da Crane wanted to know Vat queen. Darling. I was always so bai history. Bonxo, what queen hiM It be when they were feif Cavaliers and Roundheads i things like that and cutting king's head off?" . Every one obliged with Hen- tta Maria. Yes, it must have been, must not? And she went .to France, kt she gave this nebklac - to. les Rere to take to the king bo use it was very valuable and' e wanted him to sell it and have money, so he came witn inn kklace to Rere Place, which be-, In fed to his brother. Lord Rere, t he didn't know that his Dro it) had turned against the king d made friends with the Round-ads. Giles told him about the hrklare, and how proud he -was hrause the queen had trusted m, and how he had the necklace aned inside his coat to keep it fa. He told hint when they were i. ,U. A that nlaht ha iv. . ranm wmm " flouldn't drink much, because he td the necklace to guard, but he d been a- lone time on the road lid he ilep4 heavily." . . - . - Uapnne moved, and tne . om onds flashed against her breast. lie leaned forward, and the flre- ?ht caught her hair. "Well. In the night he waked iddenly t and beard the door ost. He thought of tne nec Ic and Jumped out of bed. JUt was eone. The lining or nts fat was ripped across, and It las cone. He ran out of- in torn in his shirt and down the lairs, and it was oarx, ana mere hi tome one in front of him ail e way. He had a pistol in his ind which he had caught 'up, .A V. rmA u'li inti tha dark. At at the thief, and he heard yi try out, and he heard him Then he called for lights. d . when they brought them, ere was Lord Rere lying dead fth Hie last two links of , tha cklacc clutched in his hand. i The last two ? links?" said tela. . "Do you mean only the t two links?" v uopuno vwuo rThat was alL And that was anrone oact taw of the neck- te again Just two links of It Ltched in Lord Rre'i hand, hd he wat deed, to he couldn't T what had happened, uues had the whole Bouse Urchad. and everyone in it, but ley never found the- necklace. Ld ne one knows what happened it fSome people say tnat iattq pre was the thiet and - tome Uple say that he tried to get te necklace away rroro mm iw !'ef and It broke between them id the thief got away. , And tome V that Giles Rere pulled It Out fhia brother's hand in the dark lore, ne rm" , pt It for himself, and cheated a kint Nobody knows . the 6 , PATRICIA every year-when ift better ' to keep away from Rare Place, because they ' say you can hear someone running down the stain In the dark, and the sound of shots, and the sound of e falL And now I'll tell you the zeally thrilling part of it, and how X know it's true.",. . i -Daphne tat up straight, and ber voioe thrilled. "When Bonxo and I were coming back from Gold-acre a day or two ago I got him to drive up to Rere Place because I wanted to look at the house. It's standing empty, you know. ' I got out of the car and walked about The last twe links ef the necklace elntched la bJa hand.. a bit tnd it looked too ghostly and uninhabited for words, and I was Just wishing I hadn't come, when right at my feet on the far side of the terrace I saw a bullet Just lying there. Well, of course. I picked it up, and something very odd happened, because I put it in my bag. and when I got up to town I had to hurry and dress because we hsd people to dinner. And, of course, I told the story, and everyone wat thrilled and wanted to see the bullet so after we'd had our coffee I sent up for my bag and the bullet wasn't there. So it Just shows" "And what does --Jt show?" asked Henri with a laugh in his voice. "Well, if it had been a real bullet ' it 'wouldn't have disappeared would it?" Unlets someone had pinched It", said Gerald Crane. "Whom did you have dining with you?" Daphne tilted her chin at him. "People who dine with me don't pinch things, and anyhow it was Ambrose and Hildegarde Sylvester, ar.d Henri, and an uncle and aunt of Bonxo'i." Sally began to feel more and more frightened. "And what does Mr. Elliot think?" said Henri Niemeyer. His voice suggested a courteous desire to include a rather neglected guest It as, however, Jocko who answered him. . He doesn't think about any thing except cars do you, James? That's what Atwells pay him a nice fat' screw for. At lesst I hope It't a nice fat screw, because I rather fancy he's thinking of getting married on It aren't you. James?" It had come. Sally felt quite Tons of smothering water pour In through side of crippled sub! " . : ' W..aa, . J Leave K .u'tsricn io ; where the thrills '. are the greatest ! --r .. -epwaaafa1nanaaaBnBaT ' V Saved from a watery- gravel The Three Mo kcteers of the Sub Service! By VENTWORTH .r -I, it J; sick. And then all at once a hand closed down over hers, warm, steady, and strong. Henri Niemeyer was asking, "What ia Atwells?" And then Jocko was off in full cry, explaining Atwells, explaining James. Te Be Ceattaaed Daily. Trial of Golf Cue Will Now Proceed . WINNIPEG. Dec. 22. O) A Judgment-of Manitoba Appeal Court yesterday sustained Ernest ChisweU'a tppeal against Mr. Justice J. E. Adamson'i ruling he must pay $100 costs before his action against Charleswood municipality and two golf courses can go to trial. Tor nearly three years, Chiswell has been fighting the golfers. He claims the bouncing golf balls roll across his piopeity. much to the discomfort of the Chisweil family. Mr. Justice Adsmson last Fall ruled Chiswell must pay the $100 costs before action could proceed but Chiswell wanted action to continue without immediate costs payment. The case will now go to trial but Chiswell must eventually pay the costs. Singer Company Workers Get Bonnaei THURSO, Que- Dec. (Spei cial)-clt was announced here today that all. employes of the Singer Manufacturing Company, both' Thurso and St Johns, Que-plants, receiving less than $60 weekly and employed gince July S this year, will receive Christmas bonuses of $20. . About 1,8 ployet will benefit . A1IU8 to Pat 1 Cv: ' . ' - -V. - Tit .irr with . . I ' --Z T ' 'charue mccartht : , I " r -V ; -V-. vCa- . edgar bergen - : Hffll I: j RA7' fiu Frank Mcllngh Dorla Tasten - I First bSaal fttare J PRIC Japanese Version Of Sinking ' Of U.S. Gunboat Claim Stray Balleta During , Attack Hay Hare git Panay. TOKYO. Dee. 22. (JPy-The foreign. Office, in what it called an "interim report" on sinking cf the United States gunboat Panay by Japanese planes, declared today Janapese surface boats were machine-gunning Chinese at the tune "and there might have been tray bullets flying toward the Panay" from these surface boats. tVhea Pansy Bean bed. "It has been reported that when me ranay was bombed army launches fired on the gunboat and also that Japanese soldiers boarded the Panaya," the statement said. "Japanese military authorities have done everything. In their power to ascertain the -facts regarding the incident Unfortunately, various army units are scattered over a wide area and meant of communication are inadequate. bo investigations nave been delayed. "At aaarexlasatcly I auew Dee. It a certain nail ef ate tor laaachea left TslpUg for Pa-kew. Ia the eearae ef the Jearaey dewaaereaaa, twe hunches, acting aa scents, aset . at a petal to tew Talplag lye ateaaa vsaeels which they edged were being ased by Chinese treeps and accordingly retemed te report the discovery te their main anlt "On receipt of this report the entire unit landed on the right bank of the river. While watch ing they sighted Japanese naval aircraft bomb the above-mentioned group of vessels. The Japanese soldiers saw wounded from the first ship being carried toward the shore. Imme diately after the second bombing e commander approached the hip and discovered it was American. Thereupon he Immediately order ed his men to care for the wounded who were carried to shore. Waved Japaaese Flags. "A commander then ordered 10 soldiers to wave Japanese flags In order to make the airmen cease bombing. The latter failed to rec ognize the signal and continued to bomb the ship which finally caught fire. There were casual ties among the Japanese (two dead, three wounded, Including a commander). "At the tame time there was a small steamer (later found to be the Chinese ship UnU) with 14 to IS Chinese soldiers aboard fleeing the neighborhood of the Incident "Altheegh the distance from raa abeat l.M (sheet a aalle) Jap- reeea fired from the lead and a motor taaneh par. aaed the Uata. Bring ate- ehlae gens, "The -Chinese "i 'tlfemer was eaatared. . "At above stated, the shooting was aimed at the Chinese vessel, the Lints, and the American ships were never objectives. It is supposed the allegation of the machine-gunning of the Panay wat 1! Troth Thafs noreTlirilling nn fnS in n irn rn tp i " S ilt s ... W W'-- UUUU.' .Il l .J" IT57.l .-s l I ' sv ! ; Jui) H 0 - RIATINEES, Dietrich Is Through With Paramount ' ' HOLLYWOOD, Dee! It. - t") Martens Dietrich and 1 Pars as sent Itedle eaata te a parting ef the ways today.' ' Adelph Zaker, ckalnaaa ef ' Parasaeeat, aaM he held a eeaforeace with Mies Dietrich and that the alas Trench ., Wltkeat Tears", la which eke . was te have starred, weald he "postponed Indefinitely and hflaa Dietrich will be permit-, ted te work elsewhere". Arriving la New York recently from Eareae, Miss Dietrich said the planned te ; asake eae snore pact are la iHellyweed sad thee qalt . A a, tries a Buna. Mlae DWtrlch'i hat bead. Radelph Sleaer. to la Paris, aad her lS-ycar-eld daaghter, Maria. Is la scaeel la f wttaer-land. made on the part of those who mistook thjs and it is supposed there might have been stray bullets flying toward the Panay". Irregular . Trend On London Exchange . , LONDON. Dec. 22. The forth coming Christmat holidayt had a tendency to restrict business in today's stock market but the gen eral undertone was stesdy. Trans- Atlantic Issues closed with frac tional declines, and profit-taking sales caused rayon Issues to react slightly. Metal and mining shares moved irregularly while other sections remained very quiet Goea to Jail Bather Than Pay Taxes on Armaments BROMLEY. Kent, Dec. 22. P. C Ade, schoolmaster at Eltham College, went to prison today rather than pay taxes to be spent on armaments. Ade refused to pay income tax amounting to about $23, which was the proportion of his total assessment he estimsted would be spent on war materials. He paid the balance of the tax, but refused despite a court order to pay the remainder. . The magistrates sentenced him to 21 days' Imprisonment, and then reduced, the- sentence to. seven days to that Ade could serve it during the holidayt and keep hit teaching pott UJS. 'Planes Start Bombing Exercises WASHINGTON. Dec. 22. UP) The United Slates navy said today a warning order had been issued against commercial flights over a section between San Diego, Calif., and Mexlcali, Mexico, where routine air bombing exercises -are to be held. The navy has two landing fields In that area which have been used for yean in such exercises. Commenting on Mexico City despatches, navy officials denied there was any Intention of establishing new air beset there. AUTJSEUENTS -TThe brains of the .fleet wonder if -""e subs wilt sink I their batttt ships! a DA V uu R H; B Ed H 15c - 25c Ottawa Girl Leads "Debs" Brilliant Ball la Held At Wuhington. WASHINGTON. Dec. 22. CD A pretty Ottawa "deb?, Miss Anne Mehoney, daughter of Merchant Mahoney, first secretsry of the Canadian Legation, and Mri Mahoney, led the. line of debutantes at the-10th annual black and white ball here last night All of this seaton't debutantes and those of other years who Join ed them In the line, wore white gowns of satin, velvet and marquisette with silver trimming and had their hair powdered. Pierrots in black and white cos tumes heralded the opening of the ball, attended by., more than 300 guests, including members of the diplomatic corps. Government officials and representative of the army and navy. Ontario Has Plentiful Supply of Turkeys TORONTO, Dec. 22 CP That all-essential part of the Christmas dinner the turkey is selling retail throughout Ontario at prices ranging from 32 to IS cents a pound. Dealers report supply is; plentiful In Ottawa prices range, from 23 to SO cents and at Kingston dealers asked 30 to 33 cents with a large supply on hand. Toronto prices were around 32 cents while at Peterborough dealers quoted 23 cents for the Christmas bird Brockville citi zens stocking up for" the Yule-tide dinner paid 30 cents top and prices ranged aa low as 22 cents. Down in the Niagara peninsula turkey prices were 2t to 33 cents st Niagara Palls and 33 to 33 cents at St Catharines. A plentiful supply wat reported at St Thomai with prices ranging from 30 to 33 cents. MISS D. JAMIE SON. RENFREW. Ont. Dec. 22. (Special) Tha funeral of Doris Jamieson. daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. David Jamieson, of Horton, was held yesterday from the home of her aunt Mrs. J. C. Ferguson, to Thomson villa ceme tery. Service was conducted by RevL. H. Fowler, pastor of Ren frew Presbyterian Church. Born in the Township of Horton, 20 years ago. Miss Jamieson re ceived her education at Renfrew Public School and Collegiate Institute. Her death occurred Saturday night at the home of her uncle, J. A. Jamieson, of Renfrew, after a brief illness. The pallbearers were: Arthur McMahon, Tom Logan. Donald Brown. Remit k Campbell, Harold Jamieson and Trevor Letang. Survivors Include one sister, Miss Marion Jamieson. and three brothers, Allan Jamieson. WUlard and Dug aid Jamieson, all at home. Among the numerous floral tri butes were wreaths from North Horton Women's Institute, Pres byterian Ladies Aid, Renfrew, and the Sunday School of Renfrew Presbyterian Church. " The pressure chamber where would be submariners soon find out If they can take it! Than fiction! KIT : -kwss EVEMIVGSo, 25c Seven Dwarfs Steal Show Audience Cheers Fairy Tale Fantasy Dianey Stages World Premiere of First ' . feature Length Animated Cartoon Film. HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 22.-) Hollywood, accustomed to conventional motion pictures, cheered a fairy tale fantasy, last night thst presented, for the first time, sn animated cartoon in feature length. They ssw the world premiere of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the eight-reel csrtoon on which Walt Dianey spent three yean and $1,300,000. The timple story is adapted from the Grimm fairy tale about the princeit who it fairer than her ttepmother, the queen. The princess escapes the wrath of the envious queen and is befriended by seven dwarfs, at strange a collection of character at ever were created. - " CINEMA TIME TABLE CBNTM "Xacsataeri In Exile"; "Motor Madnest.-CArtTOl -Sacond Honeymoa ISO. IIS. tM. T4S. tte. LAST COMPLCTB taOW, tS. - aSGCNT -The Bride Worn aad." II 0. a M. IX,9tf: "Madam X." fM. t u. 1J0. LAtT COMFLXTg taow-tjt. KLIM-"Wat of Shanghai". I . IH. tW. It St; "Tha Girl Said No', las. 4M. Tit. tit. LAtT coaruti saow-sju. . , IMPBaiAL Uvaa of a Bengal Lanror." l it. tjt, t it; "She Art-ad For It - l.aoTtoa. I U. LAtT COMM.BTf IBOW -4.11. CABTIEB "High. Wide and Hand-ww." 11 JO. J 41. IM; "Borrowing Trouble." IU l. I .at. BIALTO "Give Ma Your Haart." 110. lt. M, Id; "Hollywood Boulevard." 1 . 1.31, a a. M ATF ADS "The Affair, of rape? Rick." i ll. t 0; "Thre smart Glrla." 1 14. 1.10. 1 44. B1DEAU "Rlfolboche - it it, in. t4S. IM; "Mott al Saloman Far-fumrurt." 1.04, I 15. I . LAtT COMM.KTB SBOW -. VICTOBIA "When Lovo 1 Young 111. ISO. ; "That Man Hare Again." I U. IX. AVALON -wira. Doctor and Kuraa." I U. 4 10. 1W.IM, "Wild and Woolly." Its. IM, IU. BJt XT 'Tha Soldier and tha I adr " T OO, I a, "One A Doctor." 141. COLUMBIA "Sin of the Children." t oo. 141, "Broaalng Hoot." t-17. LACaitR "PubUe Wadding. 4 11. TOS.; "Make Wa: Tomorrow,''' 1 41, - 1 41. let. ay For Siaaa Show 4 00 : Tht tbovt billint md timt ttktiultt mrt lupptitd by Utml tktmtrt meaam. Axvtvaim. I . I f - i-v v ' e , ADDED ATTBACTI0N "ALL AL'ERICAH CnAVDACX" - 35c The seven dwarfs steel the ihow. Doc. ' Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sneexy, B a I h f U 1 and Sleepy will be among the movie celebrities of 1MB, but thlg may be their sole appearance because Disney once said they have served their purpose. The photography it estraor-' dinary in its depth and the illusion of third dimension. Its color in certain scenes is breath-taking. t CHRISTMAS WEEK SPECIAL 40c ruu. coiass 3 TURKEY DINNER Inelaatng celery ntart aad alwa pndelag ' IN QUZIN STREET AHVtnasn. ew Today. Than Irt. a J KAY FRANCIS "Oire Me Your Heart" ADDED rKATCKI 1-"HoUywood Boulevard" . wtta JOHN BALLIB AT MABBBA B0WT TODAY 2nd Feature JANE WITHERS ' "WILD AND WOOLLY" TODAY Til FM. THK MOST OLOBIOt'S MUtlCU. BOMAMCB ivmn:. u,i Added Faa tar o The J ease raaaity 2? IT ww rn fr I I nil Kld Galahad' In a Panama saloon brawl I -And what a fight It It! j Frank McHugh demonstrates new styles in neckwear , . . and girl friends! STARTS " i pnEviav u i TONIGHT, AT 1145 Kith 1 t but there' a day

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