The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1947
Page 7
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TUKS1MY, JANUAUY 7, 19-17 OPARenlControl Principle Upheld U. S. Supreme Court Decision Involves New York Test Cose WASHINGTON. Jan. 1. (UP) — The Supreme Court ycstcnluy »1>- lirld Die Jena! foundations of present OPA rent ceilings. The couit also: !• 1. Upheld authority of the Fvileral Reserve Board io remove national hank directors who arc also engaged in the underwriting kmi.smess. 2. Decided that the Interstate Commerce Commission, in the absence of fraud, may not alter the certificate of H common carrier once it has been issued. 3. Ruled that patent royalties need not bo pnirl for use of patents if the patent licensing agreements violate anti-trust laws. 4. Held that a state may tax a company's business, even though the company's products nvc sent directly outside the state for sale. This case arose in litigation between the State of Ohio and the International Harvester Co. The court upheld the legal basis of rent ceilings by declining to review a case in which a group of New York apartment, building owners sought ati interpretation of the price control act that would guarantee them "a fair return on investment." U.K (AUK.) COUR1KR NBW8 1500 Years Old on Oeorge SternbciR. pnlucontolosist of Ft. Hays SfUe College I I/us Kansas 15CO-year-ol(l Portheus Molaxsus found near park. Kansas. It was found In .solid rock Hays workshop in three sections. Imbedded in the- TossM is n skeleton of a 1-ft. fish position < ill-rows) which Porlheus Molit.ssus swallow, d just before disaster overlook IS-IOOl fdSNII <J\ .ud moved to [Ju: nn uposide do'.vn >nn. Th<> )uilf-i.)i; ( fossil, species of cretaceous period, was originally » staled ocean fbli. and ibis is II,,, on, ,„• n, c „,,,,< unearthed by Slernbcrg in Western Kansas. (NKA '! elephotu.) Dapper Little Democrat Wins Applause From the Republicans Two Former Newsmen Ordered Held in Custody BBOSTON, Jan. 7. (UP) — Two former American newsmen were ordered, held without bail yesterday pending trial on treason charges growing out, of their Nazi propaganda broadcasts during World War H. The appearance of Robert H. Best. 51. and Douglas Chandler, 54, before Federal Judge Francis J. W. Ford did not constitute an arraign- t mcnl and no picas were entered. It was indicated the defendants would be arraigned in about a week with the trial expected to come in April. WASHINGTON. Jan. 7. (Ul'l — The dapper little man in the lioublc-'ljrcasted dark blue coat and striped trousers was a Democrat, but most of the men and women who stood up and practically gave liijn an ovation yesterday were Republicans. You'd never have thought from the applause, frequently punctuated with cheers, that President Truman and a majority of the 80th Congress belonged to two different parties. Or that, in the natural course of events, they tire bound to spend a considerable part of the next two years at each other's political throats. But both President and opposition were on their best behavior as Mr. Truman mounted the rostrum in the house chamber at 1:01 p.m. Monday to deliver his state of the union message to the first wholly GOP-ccntrolled Congress since 1930. Jr.. Mass.. put his o.plleainics on notice that the eyes of the public v/crc on them. "Fifteen miimtofi before the President snca*s and continuing until 15 minutes after." Martin said, -the proceedings will be broadcast by television. •Therefore. I nsfc the members of the House to act accordingly." Read Courier News Wunt f* i u- if-it f if (,Odf Miner Kills Self Listless Feeling Brought To Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Pibre, Cell Do you cot up In Uir morhlnns fltMl tlrril, red (lown-ntuL-cnit nil tir\y1 llnvn you rhrckrd-up on ymir bloo'l strpriKlh fntely? Overwork, iimhia worry, cold tin , or other llltipds oltcu wear.-, down'tho rcd-blood-cells. i—Fllll- Kvcry clay—pvrry Hour—mmionn ot hcrc' tlny rcel-MocKl-roMs j:)U-a pour forth " j from the nmrrov.' of your honrn to r«r- ycilV- I pincn those Dint me v, p nrn-cnit. A low who blood count mny nlleot yrm in nnvcrtiL PARIS .Aik.. Jim. 7. lUP) oral services wric planned Lotiny for Donald Brown, 31 OltL I Jiris. Ark., CQft) Illilicr, \vnu *'j""jn vunjn, umy mietL ymt in Bni died from .self-inflicted uunshot 1 w " s ' s: "° "Prctitr., .. wnl'ru'- qiinHii, I energy, a run-itown roncUtloii. IncK ot MOI.IH.O blindaj. | :c»lslnnco lo Inrprllon nticl illsmsc. nrown's wife told Sheriff Pctci.,^,.^!;..™?!.:. 1 ;!.'?.'.V.'!;.. I r l ." s . t ..^ <1 P.."P Carter that Brown got out of bed, went into another room for his Sim and shot himself. She said he had threatened suicide several Truman Labor Stand Termed A 'Right Step' WAfclMNOTON, Jan. ';. iUI') InnlHTs t,f the lU'puhlicim-iiilnl 11'« roNKmis generally I I'll loilny I'lesidcnl Tiimmn's proposed legislation Is H step tu ll\e direction, but thut H ilor, 1 ; enough. hibiv'cd Mr. inn's Inho]- proposals us "grossly huule()uale." Hep. 1-Ynnds (,'nse. H., K. 1).. uii- Uior or the Case mitt-strike 1,111 veloi'd by Mi. Trillium lust your, s:nd "we offered him some of those objectives last sprliiK In the Case "HI and he turned Iliem down but ' »m ttl:id I,, see thnt he Is mov- »IB hi Iliat illnvtlim. timcs. and rviving arc his wife, two son.s one daughter. 73,700 in Arkansas Get Old-Age Benefits LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 6. <UP>—A total of $199,600 monthly is being paid 13.700 persons in Arkansas through the federal old- age and .survivors insurance pro- Kram. according- to James Guy Tucker, manager of the Little Rock office. Hardly had the first applause (lied down when the President set off an ever more vigorous round cans'oiHy-wiu'i'^theTcmarkT' 011 Memphis Traffic Police "It looks like a good many of you moved over on this (the Republican) side since I was here." The Republicans not only applauded, they roared. The Democrats just smiled. Before the Senate, members of the cabinet and diplomats arrived in the House chamber to hear the speech, Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Bring In Much Revenue MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Jan. 7. (UP) Traffic violators paid $469.111 in city court finc.s durinj; JSH6, Police Commissioner Joe Boyle reported today. The total was $23.907 above 1045 collections. live proot shown thai £ : 3H Tonlr, In i\mnzln[Uy cllrollvo In Imiltllni: ujy low blooU strenKlh hi min-orsiuilc nmrl- tlonnl FUlpinla. Till:; t.-, tlm- lo th« 88S Tonic formula whlrh comnlns special iiul noletu activating liiKi-oillrntfi. Also. SSS Tonic helps you enjoy Itio food you cut l)y InrroashiK llic RnsUrlc digestive )ulco \vlu-ii It Is iion-or«ant- cally too little m- scutity—thus tllo stom- fldi will him? mile cjinr-c to pirt ImlHy with pin hloat iinct i;)vc olf that suur (oort tnste. Don't wait! EiieiRliw your limly with rich, reel-blond. Ktdi t on SKS Tonic now. As vigorous hluml r.iiri-i'T throughout your whole licily. i;r>Mlcr freshness nnd strength should mal:c you eat liettcr. llcep lirltcr, feel licllcr, v. 01K lieltrr, piny better, linvo n ]»0rtlthy tolru- t-low In your skin— firm lliv.h nil out hollow places. Millions of hottle.% sold. Get a bottle from your druu ritnrc. ESS ToutC hcln3 Bulkl Sturtly Tletiltb. lU'nd Courier News Want Ads. INDUSTRIAL LIFE & HEALTH IK!M HOKUM Illydicvlllr, Arkansas Ofrlrr I'lionr MiQT Kcslrlrnce I'IIDIK- -fjut J. D. FUTCH Itcpresenltilivc Invcsliguic Hie [itdustrinl phin ft»r future scvurilv! 'NOTICK Niilicc i.s hereby given that. Lane N(>well. .11(1 K, )<>',. !,a s made HPPli- eatlon, lo operate -1 Cars lor Hire ihc Oily of Illvtheville, Any and all protest should tie. v-illLiiK and filed within ten day.-, in the older of the City Clerk, 1'IJANIC WIUTWORTM City Clerk NQTICf; Notice !'i hereby given that Eddl» McCiii'Kor, 828 C!»fk 8I>, has rrmde uppikatlon to optr»tc TW9 cars for hire in Hie City of Blj'thevllle. Any nnd nil protests shpuld b( In wflllng and filed vlthln'ten days In the office of Die City Clerk. I'RANK WH1TWORTH City Olerk 13.31-1,1 PAGE. 8EVKK NOTICE Notice U hereby itven tbM 9. t. Bryean, 516 Bro*dw»y 8t, bM m^tt application lo operate (hr»» o*rf (qr hire In the City ol BlytbeyUji. "> Any and all protwt shotlld b* lo writing and filed within ten day* In the Office of the city clerk/' ., FRANK WH1TWPBT«" dty'Olent. Keep warm these cold days • • • Feel fit in Hanesknit Now. inoro than over, il'ji jiiBt good sen** to chooHo Iho winter undoiwoar lhat you know is a good voluo. Into Ha nan garments go 45 Y°ars oi experience in buying the right cotton. upinnlncj it into our own Hanospun yams, knitting and tailoring those into comiorl- ablo, long-wearing underwear at modeiato price.'!. You just can't buy bettor underwear ior tho money. P. H. Hanos Knitting Co,, Winston-Salem 1, North Carolina. WINTER SHIRTS ind DRAWERS lor outdoor men Tor outdoor woek-ends or lor on outdoor fob, many mon Ilk* IhiM popular, honvy-w«lghl garmvnU. Valuo-wcar in »vtry «Ulch. IOTH MEN AND BOYS like (be comfort •! • Han«» Union-Suili . Warm'. Do«cy cotton. Accurate trunk-Ungth md chMl-wldth «iie« for comlortabli Ut without bind- in^. All ntvdlework cacural -the National ttnderutear *MA*ummwmce£lSsAw YOU MONfY/ HOUSEWARES WEAREVER SAUC E PANS One Quart 7J/2 WASHABLE FELT RUGS 34 x 70 $8.88 WASHABLE FELT RUGS 28 x 58 $5.44 CHENILLE RUGS, 22 x 36 (slightly soiled} $1.88 Washable FELT RUGS * 22x44 BED STANDS supports 100 IBs $4.77 PORCH GATES, 6 foot extension $1.90 IRONING BOARDS, strong, sturdy . , $3.49 COCOA MATS, 18 x 30 . $2.79 Farm Supplies Wheelbarrows, nil purpose .. S10.9S Haw Iliffs, swinging table . . S5M.5U Cross Cut Saws 5-f(. $5.35 Gfl SG.GO Saw Mandrel (self aligning . S17.SO Saw Mandrel babbited bearings Sl.H. r > Htick Saws $1.1.-) Cream Separator, 300 lb cap. $7l.r>0 Dilution Separator, M gal size fi .3i) Tractor Seats for all Iractors $29.9.-) 3 Quart WARDROBES, large and roomy . . . . $5.35 TABLE LAMPS, metal and vitrified bases . . $8.88 DRESSER LAMPS glass base $2.98 BED LAMPS, beautiful ivory colors . $2.44 BOUDOIR CHAIRS, well constructed . . $14.88 BIRD PLAQUES, set of 3 99c WHISTLING TEA KETTLES 98c BANNISTER CETS, 4-piccc 63c COOKIE SHEETS, aluminum 99c MUFFIN TINS 99c CARVING SETS $9.98 CUTLERY SETS, 24 pieces $9.98 FRUIT JUICER, plastic . 97c FLOOR MATS, rubber, 15 x 32 .... <63c RUBBISH BURNERS . . : $1.19 Plumbing Equipment I'unip .Jack complete with fk'clric motor S5!.il:> Laundry Trays, five-foot .... S17.GO Water Softeners, Dayton . . $99.50 Jet l'umi>s, only three .... $131.50 Itangc 15i oilers, 30 gallon .... S!).;i"i Hath Mixing Sets $3.8S '•ilop Waste Cosks 77c ST( ms PINEWOOD HEATERS .' s WATERS COAL IIEATERRS ; STOVE P3PE Heavy Duly ajfjuinc. H< ire ;{(> Mrs. Six Only Onc-1,1). !' Six-Intli ScVL'M-IlK'll 53.75 $4250 $7.98 25 30 C Beginners Safe Soccd ROLLER SKATES . . . 98c CSISPUBSES ,„„„„, ..... „, TOBACCO POUCHES „„„ G ,,, ss 39 MErSSKflVESETS s , vleK ,,, e 99 BOY'S WORK BENCH ^ ?3 8! ELECTRICAL GOODS OLD COPPER PORCH LIGHTS...... $2.77 H.ASH UCHTS Two-Cell OUTNOOK l.Kill'ls V;ird Type. ICiicli I-'LUOKSCKNT I.KillTH T\vi>-l,i(;hl . . I!A 15V HOTTLK WAKMKKS llndvrwrilvr.s nppnivctl KI.KC.THIC IJOIMI.KKS 5 Riival M;tslc'i' »l*» ?y.hs '?-|.!i7 16 b KITCHKN RADIO Only One (» Tube .. . KI,KCTR1C TOASTKKS Two-Slice $Q.6f> VACUUM CI.KANKRH .lini Krotvn HKATIN(; PADS (icnerul Klcclric . ELECTRIC IRONS . Regular Price $5.49 Hardware MAILBOX, aluminum $1.77 RURAL MAIL BOX $1.77 PLASTIC CLOTHES LINE $1.44 GAS LANTERNS, one mantle $10.95 OIL LANTERNS, No. 2 Size $1.69 ICE SCRAPERS SINGLE BIT AXES, 3«/2 lb. $2.98 DOUBLE BIT AXES, true temper $3.49 BLOW TORCHES, quart size $6.95 UTILITY HOISTS 1-ton capacity, 2 only $39.50 Work Clothing [ Sweat Shirts, boys good quality. 87c Halh Robes, boys, all sizes .. $1.56 Hunting rants, heavy duck .. .?2.ft:s Bos Pants, herringbone tan Sanforized $1.97 Men's Leather Gauntlet .. % ... $t.4!» Wool and Cotton '.... ?5.S.S Wen's White Shorts, all szcs .. i7c Hoys Knit Shorts ,'J3e Boys'White Shirts,, all sizes .. 97c Men's -AH Woo! Jackets I'laids,' all sizes $8.i 1 Men's Overall Jackets, all sizes $2.3.1 Men's Leather Gauntlet ; &&C Men's Flannel Shirls ........ i$I.S!) Jlue & Gray, all sizes .. $1.39 -liuckle Overshoes, waterproof $1.77

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