Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 22, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1895
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER THIS WEEK ON WHITE GOODS Toweling and Lace Curtftins,beau Uful Diruity and Nansook for the coiuiog season. Best value iu ToweJs ever ottered, and Lace Curtains at 'unheard of prices. The patterns are entir-ly new, and quality cannot be P 8. A!no u handso'ne assortment ot Htr'ii ed aud 'Jotted SwisseH for eurtuliiS and sash doors. JLoijaiispnrt, liKlinnn. CAPITAL _ $200,000 J. V. JrinnsON, I'ltra. S. W. H. T. flKvri-.KWK, — [HICKCTOHS.— ,. V. John.-on S. W. Ullery. •'•1 1 - ™ M ' w. .VI. Klllolt, W. H. Snliler. . . Buy and sell Government Bonds. Loan money oa personal nouurltj anJ collH.terrt.ls. I.ssum special certificates of deposit bearing 3 uor oeui when left cue year; 2 p-;r cent p»i annum when deposited fi inouthh. Boxes la Safety Doooait Vaults o' thl>< bank for the deposit of doedh. Insurance policies', iuortiittpes anri Otllfr VH.lun.bH-s, rented at from *• to $15 p^r year L'lUECTrOSS for iisliis Cream Balm. Apply « rwrtldrof th« Balm well up lino tlw- DUMHU -Hi-' 1 ' " " ° «,<.,nt ilriiw strimu t •>rnutli tlirouali '"'• f Bdw I'si- [Livi'Mmr* % adiiy. iift^r iii.-iils (>:«• term!, iiii'l l>«rore ru- SL?''S CHKAM BALM and lake Erie & Western, Turn Union Station, litlcta-tssola to points In tli« United 3tf«f>M«\i> CillliMlil, SOUTH. Arrive. Depart.™ jJo.2lln<tl'iiinpoll!»Ex..D No.HMiilut K.XITIWS S. ...... So. ffi 1'olfio Kv ureas. S. ..... No HO KTOnlui: tor-** S ..... 8:W p n So 1L>1 Locnl Cri'mlntr ......... ' Ul> P I0 XOKTH.1 Arrive. Dppart. p Dully, £". null? " , •No 22 -I -p» not run north or Po- i. fR°iw M.m.lio-fl, Wetlnesil(iy» KiKUVJ'S and Sun- 'lKy. Tueailny, Tlmrsdiii' iind iSatur- 3K HSi^^iS^^- 1 --" Sl'toUm.' c.,. »AI^™ S ^ D . e Ideal Wlieel. \s >.M «.iih> iitor-K ilie path ot life, Tito ple-xita (ind Joy us you puss along; tiiw mppiness to children and "'It* A blcycto malc&i lit* one glad song. Cull ami see The Eagle, Spalding, Royal ni'd Wiuton bicycle, The lightest in] weight aud running, 's nothing beats " BURGMAN CYCLE nrwrs o' Ui6 Blcjcle> Messenger Service. niojiEso. WANTED. .gSW*. A R^n^'*«o-^^ itami'Ml envrtope. ?eci«t»rj, Lock Drama P. W DAILY JOURNAL Pnblltbed eren day to the wee* (except Monday) by tne Loajuisrosr JOUBNAL Co. riMCOKTOlUTE). PRESIDENT, W. S WRIGHT A. HARDY C. W. GRAVES s. B BO ran VICI SECJUfTART Price pep Annum Price pep Month se.oo . BO THE OmciAL PAPKB OF THE CITY. rumored M second-clans matter at toe Logansport font Office, February 8. ltotf.1 THURSDAY~MOKSING MARCH 22 TDK poor man finds but HHle time for amusement and hae to indulge in thoce thai are inexpensive. There in scarce one, however, but has a fondness tor some amusement lhat be ihloka he" would satiety to his heart's content It by some means wealth would become his. Very rich men can arauso ihcmselves pretty much as they will. The New York Press tells In a very entertaining way how many prominent people amuse themselves. ••W. H. Vanuerbllt's happiness was a tast horse. The same may be said of Room Bonner and Frank Work. Aodrew Carnegih finds pleasure in coaching through Scotland. Judge Longworlh WHS fond of painting and ocroll sawing. Erlccaon liked to play at carpentering. A. J. CasaaU imap- Ines he Is having fun breeding back- ueys. Senator Matt Quay fi-aeu for the tarpon at St. Lucle. Hamilton Disston reclaims millions of acres of «watap land as a pastime. Willie K. VADderbiH likes to spend his time at poker, yachting end trente et quarante, Georpe Gould's amusement is striving to jjot Into society. President Cleveland shoots ducks and fl=hes for bass. Chaunc&y M. Uopew tells jokes. Fo-xhftll Keeoe plays racquets and riles 'cross country. Henry Clewe Bnds juy In reckoning tbo time when Georgia will redeem her bonds. Stephen V. White studies the stars. C. P. Huntlngton loves to tallc over the good old days in '49. Elbridge T. G 3 rry makes time fly by getting a laugh on the S. P. C. C. Recorder Goff rides a wheel. John D. Rockefeller plays with a lifting machine. Colonel William P. Thompson rides eighty miles a day lor the pleasure of breeding horses. Htnry B. Hyde spends much of his leisure chuckling over $100,000 salary. John Jacob Astor projouts airships and trips to the planeta. William Waldorf Astor amuses himself planning how to hulld a bigger hotel than John Jacob Edi=oatoj-9 with the light, ning. Olllo Tdall mi.fees a fool ot him- aelf to get the best of the fool public. Richard Croker racoa horses Thomas C. P att Sods amusement In "layln 1 low," like Brer Rabbit. Mayor Strosg drinks tea alone for diversion. Su< perlntendent Byrnoe yachts In summer and watches the qexcw Committee In winter. Inspector Williams passes the time watching the thermometer. There aro a lew other great men, but -we shall bear from themjater. Tiro TrEiI~Tmj*n warriors have passed away this week. General Badeau who was military secretary under General Crant and accom. panledhim through the Wilderness ttud at Appomatox. died at his New Jersey home Tuesday of apoplexy. General Badeau held several important positions In the diplomatic service and was the author of several novels and a -Military History of Ulysses S. Grant." General Philip Cooke who died Wednesday was one of ihe oldest army officers in the country. ..He.saw service in several Itd'an wars and although a native ot Virginia abihav- ing many relatives and friends on ; the Confederate side cast his sword for the Union In the war of the rebellion. He was breveted major general'for hie splendid services in the war -while In command of the division of the lakes at Detroit. In 1874 he was retired after forty-six years of continuous service. He was eighty- five years old at the time of his death. THE President nas provided for two prominent Democrats of the .country who found themselves without a job at ihe close of the last congress. -The judgeships of ihe two federal courts of Indian territory is the marina with which these hungry Democratic politicians are to he fed. Hon. "BUI" Springer of Illinois and Hon. --Buclc" KAl gore of Texas are the ex .congressmen whom the Preeldent favored. There yet renains, however, a goodly number of' Democratic bwknumberi Highest of all in Leavening Fowet— Latest U. S. Go^t Report Baking Powder PURE APPRECIATES THE JUDGE. Thr. Delphi Journal Man TY1I» Why He THiukM Jndiee J>. P. Baldwin Should 1,1 ve |Iapp*"y. Delphi Journal: Ju.:ye D. P. Baldwin of Lo(?anBpor.L Is now engaged in delivering-a Beri,:<j of free lectures In that, city on hie t-ravt-lo in oreign lands. He has talked on ••Athens," "Constantinople," "One Thousand MUos Up the Nile," "Norway." ••Romo " and other euhjec;*, to the delight of hundreds-. ••Too plain truth Is. there aro few more captivating conversationalists or public speakers than D.iniel P Baldwin: He has a whole lot of stuff stowed away in his bh? head that he got out of books, and to this he b&9- added by several years of travel and study abroad. Hals a bard student, a close observer,-an original thinker, has a fine sense of bumor and a keen appreciation of the ridiculous. In- dlana has not a more interesting and enlertulniDK eltlztn. One of the admirable things about Judge Baldwin Is that he seeme to derive the gieatest pleasure In telling his Mends of the strange land beyond the sea. I have often thought that Judge Baldwin orght to be happy, He is a rich man and has one ot iho most charming of wives. He is as stout as an ox and consequently has good health. His homo Is one the most beautiful and picturesvue in Indiana. He has intellect and taste- He can travel at home or abroad whenever he pleases and observe understanding. And at home among his friends acd neighbors he csn talk in parlor or hall entertain. Icgly. What more could any man desir-?" SOME COURT NEWS. Jmlcment Allowed In a Damaire Suit —Other Judgments Rendered. Judgment hae been rendered in favor of'the plaintiff for $488,06 in the case of Max Jennings va. A. C. Barnett. Judgment In the amount of the verdict, $1.000, was yesterday allowed J. C. Beatty Ic his suit against Charles Maurice and Will Ward. The damages being for the expenses Incurred by iho plaintiff In caring for his wife, who was run down by a boras driven by Maurice and Ward, and who re • colved alleged lasting i.juries. The case of Mary C. Smoker TB Hon. Joseph Grny for damages, suit on bond, waa yesterday finally closed by the rendering of judgment in the defendant's favor. In a suit on note brought by Henry Tucker aealnstj. H. Rhodes and hie surety,G.W.Pt»lmer, judgment has been made in the plaintiff's favor, in the sum of $92.93. The $10 000 damage tult of Mrs. J, C. Beatty vs. Chas, Maurice'and Will Ward, has been dismissed. ALLEGED CONVICT CAUGHT. Who Claimed That He Was W«n«»d Here for a Crime. A man arrested Wednesday at Frankfort, who was wanted at Columbus, 0., under the name of Livingston Coegrove, as an alleged escaped convict, made an effort to escape e return to Columbus by 8 tat log that he was wanted in Loginsport for an alleged theft he claimed to have committed here in 1898. He also etaied that a reward of $200 had been offered by the Logansport authorities for Ms return here. It is stated that Cosgrove escaped from the Coiumbus. O., penitentiary April lOtb, 1893. Up to date no robbery committed by Cosgrove has been heard of here. SALOONKEEPERS FINED. BUI-UN Brothers and P. B. Titus Compelled to Contribute to the Stair. The matter of Burns Bros., charged with the unlawful sale of liquor, and found guilty in 'three case*, was settled by the circuit judge yesterday by imposing a fine of $20 and coelsln each caie P. B. Titus baa been adjudged not guilty on three counts, for the alleged sale of liquor on Sunday, the occasion being the vialt of Harry Wot dan, RUey Ellis and others to his saloon on the Sunday night that Warren KoowleB wa« shoi. Oc. a fourth count Mr. Titus plead guilty and WM fined. Broken down women ren«wflid?;bj I OCR NAME IS PBLNT. UemH or« Persons! Character eernln«:;A'OB"»* i porier»aiiil Their Friend*, In the city yesterday: A. E. Brooell of G^sben. William Farr of Wabaeb. J. W. Coleman of Warsaw. William Harding of Butler. Mrs. H: A. Strobm of Kentlacd. Lewis Manthall of Eoyal Center. Frank Land's and L, Newman of Marion, Bert Van Voorst and W- C. Galloway of Moniicello. J. E. Pierson is at Indianapolis. B. Z. Lewis Is in Monticello on business. George Berotb, ol Kokomo, is here On business Bert Winter is at Chicago for a week's visit. M. B. Lairy is at Toledo, Ohio, on legal business. Homer Kessler was at Muncie yesterday on business. George Warner went to Chicago' last night on business. FredKliDHick is transacting business at Hariford City. J, D. FerguRon and Dr Thomas are shooting ducke at Ecgllsb Lake. Profs Steinhart and "McMillen were at Kokomo yesterday on business. C. F. Raucb and son John attended the fox hunt at Lucerne yesterday. W. E. Haney who has been at Monticello on business baa returned. Dr. Hallacan and wife went to Cin clnnatl yesterday for a few day»' stay. a Miss Rose Greisi, of Marion is the guest of frlerds in Logansport this week. Mrs. E J. Twomey and children are spending a few days with relatives at Peru. D. A. Hauk was called to Peru yesterday by the serious ilness of hie mother. Mrs. 0 T. Means has returned Irom Onward where she visited friends several days. George Hodge, the Murdock hotel cook was at Marion yesterday attending court. Mrs. Thomas Naughton. of Cham palgn, 111 , Is visiting thia week with Mrs. C. H. Stevens. Dr. S. Clay Todd of Sou 1 h Bend, was here Tuesday and Wednesday and last evening returned to that place. Miss Grace of Graham, Mo.,- Is being entertained in Logansport by her sister, Mrs. W. H. Eipers. g Nicholas Klein has returned from Huntlngton, where he was called by the Illness of a sister, Mrs. Becker. <f.James Hanson, of this city entertained hie friend, Arthur Larkin of the ••Charley 'a- Aunt" company Wednesday. Wm. E Hogln, one of Marion's councllmen, who Is in the wholesale grocery business, was in Loganeporf. Wednesday. Miss Stella Davidson, of Gooaland, who has been a guest of Mlts Emma Cornwell for the last few days, returned to her home yesterday. George H. Allen, who has been "roughing it" for six months in the Michigan woods, has returned home He says the hunting was good during his stay. TheRer. A. H.McKee, of Hamilton. Ind., a brother of Mayor McKee. is at present visiting with his parents north of the city. The reverend gentleman will remain for the N. 1. M. E. conference. On the oick. List. Mrs. Charles ; Fohrer is reported Rick. The Rev. D. I. Hobbs is able to be on the street again after an extended Ulneea. Mrs. H. J. Norris wae yesterday reported improved after an attack of the mumps and lagrippe. Ef James Martin, an old and respected citizen of Washington township, has been utrlclten with paralysis. Spring SuitiDgs, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserings. Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. Hon. JOB. Gray of Galveaton ha» purchased the shares of B. W. Ijsms of Portland Ore. Dr T F. Ijama of North Gro»e and Mls« Lanra V. Web* rter of Walton, in the Ijams fawn In PIERCE, THE TAILOR. 310 BUOAOWAV. A \VeddlnsAuulverMarj. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Michael of North Pearl street, West Side, attended teachers' meeting at their Wbeatland street M. E. church Wednesday night, and were met at the doors by a jolly crowd ot relatives and friends, who had assumed for the eni.ng the possession of the Michael residence. Tbo occasion was the IHh anniversary of tbtir happy wedding day. Numerous handsome presents were received by ibe couple, and at a late hour, after partaking of an ele- jant supper, and joining ID various social games, the gathering broke up. alt wishing he hosts many joyful returns. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has S1 D e Ja't?or^et. V that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lunp Troubles jrets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures when everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, Atlilie Medical and surglcalllnstitute. 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind. Curtail! 1UKCM Bt Be there on time. The curtain will positively go up at 8 o'clock Friday night for "Shore Acres." Doors open at 7:15 o'clock. S. B. PATTERSON, Manager. COSTUMES' FOR DOGS. . A Frenchman Who Vmm .IK a Worth for tlio l'«t Puppies of Paris. It is interesting to learn through the channel of a Paris correspondent of the London Daily Graphic that the French capital can boast of a. tailor for pet dogs. The writer recently said: "No matter what the dress may be, the indispensable companion of the woman who walks is her little d.0£. Short-haired terrier or long-haired_toy, it is of no moment, provided that it be very tiny. At the moment it is per', haps the former which is the more popular, as he furnishes a further excuse for the exhibition of fur, in that his smooth coat docs not appear to his kindheartcd mistress a sufficient protection from the cold of this season of the year. And so the little do;,' has his tailor even as his owner, and Lebouble of the Palais Royal may bo called the Worth of the kennel. \Vith garments of velvet, trimmed with fur, or of cloth strap, stitched and embroidered, the clothing of the little creature harmonizes with that of his possessor. Some ladies' provide mackintoshes for their pets for rainy days, and have them made with a full hood, which covers the cars. Others there are who choose tartan, having points turned back at the shoulders, and fastened with a strap round the body. For those believed to he particularly chilly, the coats arc provided with collars of quite Medici style, and arc lined throughout with astrakan, or even beaver, as these short furs are not too cumbrous for the petted animals. There arc some which actually have umbrellas ol dark-blue silk, which they have been taught to carry quite straight and steadily between their teeth in the event of a sudden shower! They are also provided with handkerchiefs in case of accident, a tiny pocket in which to carry these being placed on one side of the coat. These handkerchiefs, I should add, are found useful when madaiae stops a few, minutes at the confectioner's and can. •wipe her wsfs nose and paws after his share in the delicacies she buys.'' A lad? in Boston wrote' some letters and sealed them, as is her custom, with a Moorish coin having a tiny hook in its back. Her correspondents, says the Boston Herald, all. knew this peculiar soal and how highly it is prized, from its antiquity and the stylish form it takes in the wax. Called suddenly from the room, these letters were soon after posted by a servant in the nearest box. and not till then did the owner of the rare coin miss it from the tablc. The room was searched, and finally the maid dispatched to await the letter collector on his co.vt round- But he declared nothing had been seen of any such seal, and then the search began indoors again, bat with no better luck. A few days after .this lady received a letter froia Canada sealed with the familiar Moorish hieroglyphics. The mystery was soon explained, for on opening the envelope it was learned that this heavy seal Iftd stuck to the letter sent from Boston, arid, though. passing.through so maay-hands, had arrived intact,;to the gr pn> "-•" it " ti; » Jl ' HAVE YOU CATARRH? Then JKcatl This. JL'art of the Testimony qt One J>ay. January 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— :*>EA.R Sin—1 must have some more Petroleum Balm; I can't get along without it. It is ihe best for catarrh of anything 1 I have over tried. I had a thumping In my head over a year. That was the first thing that stopped it. Since I began using the B*)m I have not felt It at all, 6O I am recommending It highly. Address MRS. NORA DAVIS, Box 20, Adams Maes. GAKUETT, lod., Jan. 15, 1895- Mr. Colman:— The sample of Petroleum Balm Emollient you sent mo hae done n; great good. My throat is better b.) for six mouths before. I enclose » lor another box of etch. § M«s. UHAS. SIMMONS. CAKTHAGE led , Jan. 15. 1895. • Mr. Colman:— lease send me two dozen boitles ol your Petroleum Balm. I think I shall nave no trouble In selling- it as it bae done my husband more good In one week than all the medicine he hae used in years. Mus. CHARLES WH.KIXSON. HANDSOMS, Va., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— DEAR Siit—I received the Petroleum Balm all right. Enclosed pleaee find 80 cents for a box. It's the only/ thine that does my leg-any good. Five V; months ago my leg broke out with a burning ulcer, and our family doctor has tended it all the time, but it daily prow woree, with no ease of life. Your medicine is all that I can get that eaaes it. I think it will be sufficient to cure It. I shall try to be of all the use to you I cao In selling your medicine. Respectfully yours, L. JOYSEB. HARPER, Mo., Jan. 15, 1895. Colman Bros. & Co.:— DEAR SIRS—My husband has been troubled witn catarrh in the head for . twelve years and hae Vried eeveral remedies, but received co benefit from them. He bought a box ol your Pe- troloum Balm some time ago and hat not ueed more than half of It and thinks he is welL I would very much like to take the agency and think I can help myeelt and you too, by doing so. Please let me bear from you at once. Respectfully, MRS. W. D. McCtAnr. We could fill this whole column with such ie=timonlals all written In one day. During next week you can get a. free sample of the remedies at the drug stores of B. F. Reesllnj: or John Coulson. _ VandsJla ui»« l*w Hal* 1 J-'i«-oT»le«», April 2d. nud 3Oth, 1*O3. Oa April 2d and 30ih, ,.1835, the Vandalia line will sell excursion tick-/ ets to points in the South and South- eaet at ON* FARE BOUSD TRIP. In addition to the above, round trip tickets will be sold to points in Arkan. «;w and Texas on April 2d, at rate of oae fare plu* $2 Liberal limit* and stop over privilege! allowed- For full particulars call on or address' Vandalia line ticket agent, orj ^11

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