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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 36
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 36

San Francisco, California
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SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER A irilnm (l lltr San SumUy t.iiilii- I I'lmiluilr SMITH from B-5 Yes, you have. That'll happen as a result of this trial. I feel Bill Gates has already moved on through this ideal. At a personal level, he has grown up and made some significant shifts in recent years. It's probably a combination of PR genius and his heart, but he is giving a lot back now.

I don't know him, but he gets criticized a lot maybe too much. Yes, he has gotten away with less than admirable business practices, but he had lots of cooperation in doing that. We talked about Jobs and Gates. How about (Oracle CEO)' Larry Ellison? He announced that he is reforming the Network Computing Inc. (NCI) to sell $199 computers to the masses last week.

The NC failed before. Will it fail again? No. The problem before was timing. This idea was always a brilliant one, and only now is the market ready for it. Computers need to be more cost-effective and friendly, and Larry's new company will be right in there.

How will Mark Andreessen's new company do? Is he just a one-hit wonder? No, but his next hit will take a lot longer than the first one. He'd better be patient. Who will be the big holiday winner this year? Etoys. You hear about all their competition (from KB Toys, Toys Us), but this holiday season will tell the real story for Etoys, and Etoys shareholders will like that story. What about the Y2K problem? From about the middle of November on, there will be a growing panic regarding Y2K.

People will start stockpiling, and there will be more home break-ins in the month of December than any other month in history as a result. Devious minds will know that people are hiding cash in their homes. A word to the wise: Don't even think about hiding money in your car trunk. But there will be tons of panic. The general public will begin to become aware that no one really knows what will happen.

What will happen? I don't want to contribute to the panic with predictions here. The problem will be much more serious in Europe especially Eastern Europe than it will be here. I don't see any kind of major disruptions in the U.S. Gina Smith meets the Silicon psychic That figures, but how will the settlement look? There will be an incredible amount of backroom mediation, and the end-result settlement will come from behind closed doors, definitely. I have told you for the last two years that Microsoft will split into at least two companies, then into four.

Gina Smith is a serious business reporter on every day but Halloween. She co-hosts CNETNews.Com, a TV show that airs every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. on CNBC. Got a question? E-mail it B-8 Snlav, OdoUr 31.

1999 fif a I rwi If -l i fmMmwm Sf Northern rllfllS 7A HI II () HP 1 mi LEASE EXPIRES FAMOUS SAN FRANCISCO RESTAURANT 347 GEARY STREET, SAN FRANUIbUU, UA TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 11:00 AM a rib iciiinTur in UAUncAUV HI FT BAB JC BACK BAR WITH Dear Readers, No one doubts thai we live in a wonderful part of the world for art, antiques, collectibles, and museums. (If you can, try to get to the San Francisco Fall Antique Show at Fort Mason. This annual event, a benefit for Enterprise for High School Students, closes today). A quick check in this paper's "Pink section" any week outlines lectures, gallery BRISS FOOT RAIL II I) SUSS DOOR BACK, ORNATE COLUMNS, LEADED GLASS ARCHES I BEVELID MIRRORS (16) MAHOGANY BARSTOIXSWLEATHER SEATS (50) MAHW SETTEES TABLES ANTIQUE HUTCHES, BREAKFBONTS COUNTERS BRASS WA LI COT HACKS ffl iFMMHB MATTED ART WORK, MANY SIGNED NUMBERED LA PAVONI 2-GROUP ESPRESSO MACH. SQUIRREL TOUCH SCREEfl POS SYSTEM ITALIAN HISTORY OF S.F.

(7) PANEL OIL PAINTING BY FAMOUS ARTIST RAYMOND HOWELL ICE MAKERS REFRIGERATORS RANGES CONVECTION OVENS PIZZA OVENS BROILER SALAMANDER cTfiri om CTnwc CI Irene MIVFRK MUCH MflRFH San Francisco Estate Auction Preview: November 5 7 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Main Gallery Auction: Sunday, November 7 at 10 a.m. West Gallery: Sunday, November 7 and Monday, November 8 at 10 a.m. Fine Photographs Auction Auction: Wednesday, November 17 at 6 p.m.

VISIT OUR WEB SITE: Buyen Premium Afplles VlaaMmletCxtOtscom tasft Accepted Prevlem 9 AM Morai ol Sale CHARYN AUCTIONS AUCTIONEERS APPRAISERS 1-800-827-9799 Visit us on-line ot Inquiries: (415) 861-7500 INDUSTRIAL AUCTION CALENDAR licrkekT Equipment Rentals 2747 im Sat.Nov:6-lla.m. Itcrkdcy.CA Equipment Rental Yard TiwahfcllulitylruikiTi Coiistniction Lmdscaping ti)ls Aconu In 2123 BcrinB UnitA SanJosc.CA 'ITitirs. Nov. 11-11 a.m. Lien Sale Short Sale Mills.Wdib Mori Sdki Chui The lecture was about Japanned furniture made in Boston in the 1 8th century.

"Japanning" refers to a popular 18th century finish made of multiple layers of gesso, paint, metal powders, and varnish that was supposed to look like the lacquer furniture imported from the far east. (Europeans and North Americans couldn't make true lacquer because they lacked the main ingredient: sap from the lac tree, grown only in the far east.) Lacquered ornamentation is extremely fragile so not many pieces survive. The speaker, Deborah Federhen, spoke about the process and showed slides of some of the few surviving Japanned pieces. She then opened the floor to questions and comments from the audience. A Decorative Arts Forum member piped up "I have something like that at home!" A visit to the woman's home turned up one of the most significant pieces of American furniture in years.

The piece is a William and Mary style Japanned high chest. Until that lecture only live similar chests were known to exist and none were so line or had such history! This chest is the best preserved and most densely and whimsically decorated. It came into the owner's family over two centuries ago when, in the 1 780s, president John Adams gave it to his sister-in-law Mary Cranch. Although the artist who did the Japanning has not yet been identified, the chest was still the show stopper at Sotheby's recent auction of Americana. What was it worth? The William and Mary Japanned high chest sold for Treasures can be anywhere! The best way to learn if one of your pieces is a treasure is to educate yourself about art, furniture, and antiques.

Check out some museums, auction houses, or galleries listed in the pink section. For information about lectures or membership in the American Decorative Arts Forum of Northern California call their office at 415-431-6930. Happy hunting! Jane Alexiadis, Harvey Gars Estate Auction Gallery 150 South 2nd St. Richniond.CA (i SiW Machine 'Hits. Nov.

16-11 am Machine Shop Horiz.Horing 1 2) Lillieslieer Metal 2401 Baysliotv Blvd. San Francisco.CA SehlaHL- Lock Co. lliurs.Nov.18-11 a.m. Public Auction (From A Southern California Estate) Dolls Miniatures Bears Sunday, November 7th 1 1 :00 a.m. (Preview 9:00 a.m.

to 1 1 :00 a.m.) Wyndham Garden Hotel 1010 Northgate San Rafael (Dir: 101 to Freitas Pkwy. West 2 blks. to Northgate Dr.) Over 500 dolls consisting of: Barbie incl. Mackie, Madame Alexander, Franklin Heirloom, Danbury Mint, Maryse Nicole, Marie Osmond, Goebel, Hummel, Georgetown, Hamilton, Effanbee, Cameo, Mann, Knowles. Paradise and BEARS: Sleiff, Hermann, Raikes, Boyds, Vermont, Annette Funicello, North American and Many Christmas items, many with original boxes and Certificates of Authenticity.

All dolls and bears have original hand tags and are in NEW condition. Terms: Cash, cashier's check, Visa, Master Card. $100 cash (refundable) registration. 10 buyers premium. All merchandise must be removed day of (BQTTy VAVeet For More Information Call: Large Manufacturing Plant (2 1 Punch CNCScrcw Mitsubishi EDM 10) Surface Grinders, Mills, CALL 1-OK FRKK BRCK'Hl'RHS openings, special museum exhibits, and more.

Dozens of clubs meet on a regular basis to share information, collecting tips, and restoration guidelines to fellow line art, decorative art, and collectible lovers. One such group is the American Decorative Arts Forum of Northern California. This ASHMAN COMPANY AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS, INC. INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL AUCTIONHKKS 1416 Oaklund 100, Walnut Crock, CA 9596-4349 (925) 256-8111 fax (925) 256-8436 Southern California (949) 752-7207 Visit Our Website at: aahmancompany.ccm group exists to encourage the study, enjoy (415)883-8701 CA BOND 30191454 ment, and preservation ol American decorative arts and furniture and to give collectors a chance to boast among fellow collectors'. The group sponsors monthly slide lectures on a variety of topics given by scholars, collectors, and museum curators from around the country.

The question and answer segment after a lecture a few years ago led to the discovery of a treasure. Over 300 Cars to Sell Nov. 6th Alameda County Auction 's Dublin Facility Over 300 narcotic task force repo'cl vehicles will sell this Saturday in Dublin. Cars, trucks, and vans often go at wholesale prices or below SUV's, luxury cars and 4x4's, too. Alameda County Auction, this Saturday, 9am sharp.

Sec the ad on this page for the phone and preview times. For a free catalogue, plus color photos of early arrival vehicles and a map to the site visit ADVERTISEMENT 300 Cars Trucks Vans Saturday, 1 16, 9am Sharp Preview: Fri. 115 10am-4pm, Sat. 116 Credit Warranty NEW ACE STORAGE 1399 carroll san francisco, ca Inspect: Morning ot Sale Irom 9:00 am 50 VAULTS OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ANTIQUES: Parlor Grand Piano: 350 Opera Pop Vinyl Records; Large Emersion Tank; Antique Railroad Roll Top Desk; Hydroponics Plant Growing System; (2) Wood Looms; 1968 Crown Imperial; 1961 GMC Panel Truck; (2) 1973 Cadillac Coupe DeVilles: 1984 R-100; Hundreds of New-ln-Box Gift Products; Oriental Carpets.

MUCH MORE! MHIffigil'l'Tn VIDEO MOVIE LIQUIDATION SALE Thousands of Video Movies lor sale 10 the public due to closure ol VIDE0TIME VIDEO RENTAL CENTER, 175 San Marin Novato (Marin County). New Releases; Children's Movies; Classical Movies No Longer Available (Moratorium); Adult; DVD's; Nintendo 64 and Sony Play Station Games. Slat Wall Fixtures; Counters; Racks.Sale begins on Friday, Nov. 5 at 11 am, continues daily from 11 am to 7 pm until Sunday, Nov. 14.

American Express, Visa Mastercard ac-cepted as well as Cash, Business Checks wID 8 Cashier's Checks. ALL MOVIES $10. QTY DISCOUNTS OFFERED llim HJUIiTTIl VIDEO MOVIE LIQUIDATION SALE -Thousands of Video Movies lor sale to the public due to closure of PINOLE FAMILY VIDEO, 2860 Pinole Valley Rd. West Contra Costa County) New Releases; Children's Movies; Classical Movies No Longer Available (Moratorium); Adult; Sega Supemintendo Games; Portable Wire Video Tape Fixtures; Grid Wire Wall Fixtures; Counlers.Sale begins on Friday, Nov. 5 at 11 am, continues daily from 11 am to 7 pm until Sunday, Nov.

14. Visa 8 Mastercard accepted as well as Cash, Business Checks wID Cashier's Checks. ALL MOVIES $10. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS WILL BE OFFERED. COMPLETE 5-TEAB-OlO RESTAURANT- BUILDING TO BE DEM0USHE0-EVERYTHING COESI Reach over 1.5 million readers every Sunday in Best Bid.

Call Dennis Flottman at 415-536-5161 for advertising information. mm? BOSTON MARKET RESTAURANT 1855 Hillsdale San Jose Inspect morning otsalelrom 9am Partial Lisl: Hobart 80 Qt Mixer; Hoshizaki 450 Lb Icemaker; Montague Dbl Gas Conv. Oven; Dellield UC Cleveland Dbl Steam Cookers; Winston C-Vac Holding Ovens; (2) Steam Kettles; Beverage 8' Sandwich Prep Cleveland Gas Planetary Digital Chicken Rotisseries; (4)8, 10 or 12' Hoods; Alto Sham Dbl Holding Oven; Lots of Refrigeration; Tables; Chairs; Benches; NSF Sinks; Heat Hanging Lamps; Sheet Pans; SS Pans. Much More! ALL SALES CALL FOR A FREE BROCHURE 4 DETAILS OR VISIT US ONI INE FOR FULL UPDATES: www.arpagan.cpm Ali I yVTl VV Hu1er's Premium All Sales A (415) 666-6464 -Fax (415) 753-6464 P.O. Box 225309.

S.F., CA 94122 S.J. (408) 971-6464 (800) 788-0211 Cal. Bornt 7155149 IT ihgi yI jr-ar-if twi jtorin IT! by order of t. -Ts. PollshlngTexturlzlngCleaners (2) SpcedFam Double Side Polishers Surface Measurement InspectionTest Tencor P2 Profilometer, Fisher Scope X-Ray System XDVM with programmable storage Ovens and Chambers FacilityMaterial HandlingSupport Equipment Forklifts, Cleanroom Equipment and Conveyors Office Equipment and Furniture Featuring: 50 Haworth Workstations and more 'Bid on these items online at! KOMAG ts Surplus Assets To Continuing Operations ft- "Si.

Sewing: Over 1200) machines including single needle, double needie, coverstitch overlocks; cutting dept, pressing equipment, body forms, inspection measuring machines. Vehicles: 1M4 GMC TopKick 20" bobtail truck. 16) Kurbmaster stepvans. CMC 4i I'ord cargo vans. 1991 Honda Accord.

Ford Kscort wagons, 14) Plymouth Sundance coupes. Material Handling: Nissan. Toyota Clark electric forklifts. order pickers, lifts, pallet trucks, trolleys, floor jacks, hand trucks, pallet jacks: Plant shop equipment and office furniture. Auction: Tues 1 19 at 10 am, 201 First St (at Howard), San Francisco.

Inspection: Mon 118 from 9 to 4. Complete details at 1-800-421-2144 Fax (415) 522-5701 Rabin Brothers Auctioneers THE AUCTION: Tuesday, November 10 Beginning at 1 0am The Auction Location: Beverly Heritage Hotel 1820 Barber Lane Milpitas, CA 95035 THE PREVIEW: Tuesday, November 9 (9am-5pm) '4, waiiffliipB1' fclMM-(4tlimi WiCtlWIMn DOVEB1D 1241 East Hillsdale Blvd. Foster City, CA 94404 660 571 7400 www dovebid com CA Bond B2488496 m4m and iMlti.

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