The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1947
Page 5
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_SATURDAY, JANUARY •), 1<M7 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale BLYT11EVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS IIIH'l. Inn.I. \\\,' ,|,.|'|, ).•«!-• I'... ll'l K. Mil MhiUaiiia Cturja _ ._.- DOc ' TK ji'i ii!i~ I'oli -<iir" 1 lime |iet lino .._ _ _ 1I)C T( , ... , *•*'•'• •i times p.r line per dayl"!!-!"! l-Jc ,•„!.(.,',,. ,ij „,', ,'u'V .,'iillVu'l'iT 1 ' 1 '.. n'",' a lime, per llu, ,,„ diy .._ u c J, r,,!,,,';,!'..'T .',,.i ir.'n ,„" l,Il,k T»'.. ti tliijp3 per Hue per day "I I 7c IS times per line vcr day " 6c Month per line ____ ._ __ ____ QQc Count live avKiaE«"wofda"o~"lTi«"liinf. Ad ordered for three or six ihuca ami stopped before expiration will lie eliarjf- ed (or the number of times Hie a-l ai»- V eared and adjustment of bill mart*. All Classified Advcitisinu copy .mb- inltted by persons n:sl<iliig outside of tti-i clly must be accompanied by cash. HaUs may be easily computed from the above table. l-.'-l, an.I t,,,t I" l.ill I" "'I! !•> :i M.'ii.i.'.'i'.l.fT;;. Lilliri Irai-lur l v. .Mil. ;,„:,,.,„ | l,,.,,,.. .i-l....I fin- ilitiri- !,.! ')'«'.. •. ,r,,i. .11...' y i. ." ~is,n.' ' lu'i-'sKL.i. K. i([Ai.i:s I'fli..- ITI !(..[.. lll.l: I'K. '.'I. : Services Advertising order for Irregular Inscr- llons takes the one lime rate. No resjiojiElblUly \v,]l be liked for more lb>n *-e Inrorrm inf.ortlou of »i> v .'atHl Kill) C1l>lk Itl.air . .la.*..,,,'., .l.»-,lry Bleel oil b»rr<l i..ek«. Ulvlheillle M»- 1 1'L.'!'"."' x "'' ' ... _ C ' J "" S ^_ c "l'_ 2e :i^ Lll!J!. c ^!.' i Tractor repairs <uul nertkt • imiii vwirti.,, oii.,d.-ii t.i»» I Klectrlc and arulvli-n* colon. Three wtH-ka il«tiv!-ry. i).3il s ... , . l'«i»l i \V«l!]..-.|iL'r rlaro. lOlfck l( I Wt'lC.lllj;. lilil'k still (ll work For Sale SBM 4 iUTe huyer far yorir koine. Ii. O. CaiDybdll I'tiune 410 — 29'JD. t>f[ki> ; 1^!C ^joutk Bvculd. 10|2-cl-tf l I)eJt» Impltnu'iii Co. Plum? lor ilk'.'rtu l,,-:iii.|(.illy uilh llic in w I'lnil r'..»i.i I l)rah I'alni i: \V:ill|.:i]..'r (',.. I |..>!21. l -k-l"J7 l n ' MftcnlDe Bcrvlte— .!3I Ol Ull.l lli"lu'ini! Mrh. jii^Uor kii SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN SAYS: PAGE Frva, For Rent MONHY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repKlr or remodel? No diiwn [jay ment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA iipj)roved rale 5%. Ask for details. Mnx \ I.oijati, ffeallor, phone 203i. Lynch lililg., Hlythevilli!. 40 itcres of extra j;ood bn; on loam soil. H;IK alioul SV: acres of extra jjood alfnllii. (>«od house and good; burn. The tract >\*s sold a .short time ago and (he . man wants lo excliaiiire it lor an SO acres we have and it will only he on the niavl'.ei for a few days. Price b(i.- 5(10.00. 82:500.00 cash and halance over a period of 15 ,,, ,, years at (he rate of f,' . S^allicr slnppmi.;. Save fuel interest ''- v liavini; doors and win- Wo have a number of eond (t( » vs weathers!vipped. (,'. .SO acres, well improved r ''- WISRIIIS. 51 •> N. 10lh.[ Kni.nly,.. -I, ,M-o runiii for .Iryii,; -S.j. !.:,!.,•. \Villio H.-ll and well located; can he purchased for ]-.'{ (Unvii and halance over a period of lf> vcars at :>'.,. Can ['hone 22!):!. 12-:'.l-pk-l-:?l W tinted nive possession u]> to ,'an. i IS, 1SM7. We have several | Sfrvl ,„„„„ „„.,; other larsve and smaller' tracts. ."> room house and lialh. This house is new. V> acre of ground and about five minule drive from UlyWic- ville. Trice S 1000.00. K1ALKS LAND COJIl'ANY Office in Hale Huildinjf Across from City Hall Phone M22 UUSSELL E. HULKS lien 1). Ilamner R. M. Heck diti.i. Ifi-rt. trnil,-r v iviih (lolli.-s ^ml, liras: 1 tan.lcrti wilh slr:ii|rlit .i\!o;"'j ll.fl. truck *tfli-k nnii low si.lel.onrds. .^oi- Rum Sired, I.i-achville _ _ 12[23-]ik-l|5 t)uo lnr Kt - N in;i room I..1HI Devil, i.i.'kup liny Ijnlrr in A- 1 .• In.iislr,- :H NinnlM-r N'iiu' Sum-. AlvLn llnvvkim. IM^.k-ll T)ne Cusliman Motor Scooter with windshield and accessories, inA-1 condilion. One new 8 foot stainless steel, dry storage drinli box. li. H. Gee Sales Co. 12-27-ck-7 Illylhevillo Oiii Co Jiill I'lvnionth coacli. (,'aU f.Sl .1: H-.' O~],orn.! al Jim Ht,>v.,r» Kin OIL.' j.Air (:«,oil iiml.-s ulth ti^ 1'.i M.n liilcrii:Ui«ii:i] [nick: Irartor sf, - 1i.,u l,.r,.,..: .1,,!,:, D.-rrr lr,,il. , v i:!i ^.••I.Hl,. l,,..l :,lnl iiiillp r,,rn. X.. Jl. Jlv Cfi-.-. Iti.)1iirt. Etnlilt-y's .Hlf.ri', G mill'* Hindi tin ilielxvny Cl. ];lll7]>k.l S Free. Klectric, WcstinRhousc, desk model sewing machine. Excellent condition. Priced to sell SI 25. 8i;i West Ash. 1-2-ck-1-i> Idi.rlr in 1,011,0. I " : ' y ' n;s "'' iVi7 ! nli'd. Musi In- Our prices cire reasonable. h Our service is good. There's no obligation when we raise the hood. Let us check your steering, your motor and brakes. If there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. fr-S LJ in Eij L^sq ITOTI ^ p] )&& MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Wiilnul :il l-'iflli — lilyllievilk*. ArU. _ Tel. .|f):t-:!721 TC,'l7.'=rai'alWftrr/VtC^naj- l rjBKSrFtn:-»K tr "VT .. nixii'lnn.! S.-rvli'.. Ku.,r.t Mis- n,.,-,, SK..I,, m-2. | 1^11 1 |ik. l| I 1 ""<•• H'-.n (or runt. Kullro ictimd '""" *1 1S« K, Mmltt. I'rl'Mo mi- li'tire. tMicilin kllndi. l'¥o«« Hill. o;c i r.-ir "•••i'.",ii d..«o In. I'ln "10!, I L'i:U'|,k-l!7UT N'ic- i,-,ltim,,, - „,, i.i.i W iil Wanted To Buy We need a manager for our ^ , Get v i.^v.. 11 jiii.i.ii^^i .v.i ..... |-\/AX T T 'I 1 A I' I" 1 4 service department. Your UUiN ' lAlvlv A chance for a penmmenl : lfie to l' 1)rlce for >' (lur C!lr joh with K m,A wcn-KliiLtj '" ^ r " ck ,*?"" ''" IIJJI>S conditions and K ood s:.l- MO I OH CO. Today. WASHER SERVICE I'lltlllp Frtl ary. We are onlv inleresl- <;d in A-l man for this jol). Can go to work loihiy. Hlythcvillc Motor Co. Phone 412, 215 South 2nd St. 1-3-ck-Mu We need a parts man. Plea.-;- anf working conditions. Steady joh \vitli l)etlcr than average pay. "A joh any hi^'h-chiss man would he proud of. Would like U. have man \vil h some experience. Unless you wan I a job thai lakes hifjh das; man lo handle, dun'! an- ply. Hlvlhevillc Motor Co. 1-R-ck-l-H) Lost nil,I Min.-m, Kiii-l oil licur.TS On.- il.-lii\.. in.>,l.-l M..r,nrcti l.iki- M:ik,- 111" mi ..rt.T .MI nnv Iw.luo I i B ion |,i, k Frank .1. ^"i-av.-r >in:n SI, M,•»,!••. Mo., or i-all 2111: W. IM j,k 117 l^iU Cnrnlyu St I'ii.1,- Ail.lit tfudeniiat FARM J Low Interest J Long Term J Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHiNGTON Serving This Srclion for '!! YC:ITS 115 So. 3nl ISlylhcvillc. Avlt. Ua PruJ.nii.l r o t^;nt« C^^"^^ Tune in rrudcntiiil rrosr.uw Suiul.iy al 4 p.m. over WlJl'C Api).,aucu? l-c\i*)rcd ADAMS A^PPLIANCE CO., inc. i. W A .JAMS Mir. •mar 1011 200-08 W. MMr IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxei Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator linini-ilLili' Deliver) CALL Stcclc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE IC1.I.IS rOOl.l), Ownvr * M li: K hn.\y Ul North III HOLLAND, MO. TOMOBILES BUYING A CHEAP USED CAR TO SAVE MONEY STOPPING A CLOCK TO : TIME LET'S GET TOGETHER Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and <jct i(. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hhvy <il, phone ;i?Sr>. I2-2(J-pk-l-2(i Coiii|ictcnt Hel[> anil ciLiil|>itieul. A nrnl Misc. Services. Hojue Service ft Storage Co. '" "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's Delicious BONHEE BUTTERED STEAK SAKDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20(1(1 W. Alain St. Phone .11) 17 GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcntz Dub Sizcmore I ill;* linirk Special -l-door Sediui. Itlark color. Kadio and hcaliT. Looks mill runs like new. lilia Slndehaker Cluh Coupe Sk\ Coinmando. Larno radio, f, j.nnd tires. A Ijeauly. Kill Pnnliac S Sedan. Lar^e cus- lii'ii liuiK-iii radio. Heal rubber. ItHl I'lyiiioulh Tudor, livaulil'iil maroon color. Kadio and henler. 11)12 I'lymoulh 2 door Sediin, KIIC- cial Deluxe. Kndln and healer. See (his one today. l!M2 h'ord 2 door Sedan Special Deluxe. Kadio and lU'iitcr, A real huy. HIM I'liniiac S Sedan. IMdio and Heater. A-l condilidii. Mill Dodge 1'anel Truck. Green color. !{eal gond I ires. i\Iotor I'ondition. Priced lo sell <|iiick. Many Other Makes and Year Models to Choose From E CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 SUPER AUTO SERVICE Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. nvr IHtnH 1 ) 1 Tinluy. Any I)uy STOP AND SWAP mi i;. ^luin riioni! SI Voll Slust 111! llupjiy or \(> I)v» Any Make or Model 1 to 2 Hays Service We Call For and DoKVerl PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Snles and Service l(l(i South First FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. fil lit Stale Unt Plione lilylhcville 7M PRESCRIPTSONS Frcali Stock Gunrnnlfi'd Prices Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service Frril Lmwlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. I. W. Artiimj. Met 1'linnn '4071 toc-w W. Mala W. J. Pollard INSURANCE GJoncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 354i I..1 pk 1:- a[ f'l I U...nrii S! riion.- :t in:?. 4] f-l,rv-r.!vr Mil .M,.I I.Mr Irurk- l.-....- l.h.d 1 ««r-. A I . ^r.iiauin. T r .n -; -^i. ^(..Miril tru.- 1 ; Mill, K-T 1110 •JO lir.-> f mi. i :,!,.! .-..-,.. ,lunl«r .". var.l .luin,. I,.,I. lfk\ rhfvralvl. 3-lnni- FlrolmiKlcr. 1!) II "n nh.l hslf Clu-vr.-l,--! Irnrk-. lull,' -1-ilnr.r M-.I«il. 19SS l],,i.-k .r,la... rmlifi nn.I ln.-Xi-r. I'l-l-" I'ly- mr.iilli noiljll. AH.'ll S,,-,- Slatifiil 11 [> K Milill I'honi- 028' I 7 Lei l?s Help You— I STOP DRINKING . i > • Tiierc is no medical remedy lor , drink . . . but \vo can Imlp von l resist its Influence! No cost lo yon J —only co-operation. l JUST CONTACT I j Alcoholics Anonymous I ISOx E7.1—Itlylhi-villc, Arl<_ \_....„.._.,_....„..._„. KEROSENSE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIMB 70iO ANYTIMK Day or Nip;hl &y?J** Day or Niglu "The Old Reliable" Your Source of Dcpenilahle Servile PETROI-EUiM PRODUCTS Office itll .H Cherry in Service Low in Ccst I he iiiilii'alahle skill of our mocliaiiies and (licir pr'i'v 1 in seeing a .job ucli done . . . make our shop a real "home" for your car. And our .job ijoes beyond cor.- <!Hio:iiiij,' your car fur safe driving . . . we want (o satisfy yon so dial your car will come hack a^i.iii •i nd atjain! A well-running car makes our RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY H [All rj|ii-s K\rr-T>l (;;mr<-rl DRS. NIES & N!ES Cliiilr SI] M iln, lilvlln- villc. Ark., I'honr M:l S hop Foreman Happy! il it'll nnkc you Itnppy, liccnus,' it i!l mil riRlil after Icxvine ntir simp. LET US CHECK YOUR CAR? ON EDWARDS "The Tyiir-'.vrUrr ^I:ii]" KOVAl,. SMITH. fOUOIS'A ;uul KKSHNriTOX 1'OUT Mil.!'. B?' i>. HO N. KKCONO ST. I'HONK '.'M2 (Kvi-ry 'I'l-ansnrtlnn MILS'!' UK SA'I'ISFACTOHYI Announcement — / We Are Now Equipped to Give You Complete REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop :r;x r. MAIN .lames Knssel! )'HONE 874 Dan Russell liOOTS A NO HKR Incredible ..i (•"-~?'*'-ci-... I ci«i?<\'.v I <iurii>R'.<iv.! } [^hytv^ ju^t oiy. • LOV)'.Ti"*."iRt r—.« 737r---,-r:r^-;> I.—., . ; ^Ur4PU\=;t MOMT^ r s OLO r.'i wo -"' i « i - ^-i^-;«^m .v .^w™' 0 i^-s^ •• ' T ~-^'~r. *,?«^. ,---i , f ^-,- - " r ^."",i j ±j BY EDGAR MARTIN l-5t» \OO~i '*\, P\.fi\N O^ ] ii . •._ --.-, U1M1 jii f " An - V -J ' VOU'Ri 1tR«lFIC! :-.0'r vtM TI\V=, Df>\>MV?> SC" r^:u "• " p'£" \^;X OftV ?? I HERRO OF SUCrt ft TrtlMS '.'. Sales—BUICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut &- Rroadway Telephone sr.:? KRECKLER AND HIS FRIRNDS Desperate Days BY MERRIM, BLOSSEP THERE ITC-OES-.- OB. MR. M .' I TAKE" HAf OFF X3 THE KIDS THESE Suce ARE s*.iA.i«r / NOT ABOur AUTOVCTrt/fc" I EAD^ -, STUFF' ,—

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