The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1947
Page 4
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t»AGE FOUR 1!LYTIIEVIU,EJAUK.) COUUIRR NFAVS 'THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. fl. W. HAINES, Publisher ! JAMES L. VERHOEPP, EUltor PAUL D/HDMAN. Advertising Manager j. Sole National Advertising Representatives: '. Wallace Wltmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday -'; Entered RS second clnss matter nt the pont- • office at Blythcvllle, Arkansas, under act of Con; gress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES ' By cr.rrler in the city ol ulylhevllle or nny suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 83c per month. By mail, within a radius of 40 miles. $4 00 per year $200 for six mcnths, 51.00 for three r.iontlis; by moll outside 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year payable In advance. Simply Entrancing \Vo haven't hii'l an easy monu-nl since wo rend iibmit the l,mui >n hypnotist who auditioned (or ;i B'iC tcle- . vision program. \Vhill's moiv, v.\> iiven'l R-oiiiK ito ffol tomfovtiiblo until on; 1 ' pvivrtto television IjvondcasU'-x folli'.w tho loa;l of tho ;_'<mM'niiie;iU-<:iilnillcil ~ HHC and IKIII nil Svciitfalis t'v ni -llK'ii' •infant industry. The BBC audition must have- been " n shattering experience. Six jiidK'-'s had Ibeen selected to pass upon Uio am'pl- " ability of hypnotism us televised public, entertainment. By the HISM; the - audition was over four of the juil^cs -bad been put to .sleep. Two yours women, one of thorn Hie hynncjtisl';; announcer, also succumbed, '•'orlnnatc-, the audition didn't pet an /intra-studio network. ' Tho mesmerist, one Peter CnsKon, •I;took Hie whole thing calmly. As n -matter of fact, he explained, lie ciudil •• hvptonixe people without looking at -.-them, or .simply by toui'liinir them, oi 1 ~liy Ktarinjj without speakin;;. Now, tiic ominous (Kissibilities of -this form of televised entertainment are. readily apparent. For' i: is tyni- mon knowledge that once a subject has been put into a (ranee, he can !w made to do almost anything the hypnotist tells him to. And wifh television .;ol.s as commonplace as radios in the near future, we shudder to Ihinl-. what •might happen. The> innocent housewife, happily ah- ^r^jertol i'n her favorite televiv'.'il serial, 'might find herself suddenly transfixed i by. tlie paial.vxing gaxe of a hyplonist : engaged to do Die commercial. Let's face it, friends. If a hypnotist can make a subject steep, lie ca:i also make a subject buy. Given a nationwide audience, he is in a position to make a mockery of the family budget and undermine the precarious solvency of the average American home. Unless the potential unholy a.liancc between the mesmerists and the hucksters is nipped before it buds, we may live to see the day when millions of . ordinary frugal housewives g (1 fo>-:h, entranced and bemused, lo buy Cruchy- Mtichy Cereal by Hie case, bottles of Peach Vw:t. Lolion by the dozens, and thai exciting, allnrintc, exotic new perfume, Snafu, by the <|ii;ir(. So, gentlemen of Television, UK' hour lias struck. Your jfovernment- regiilatcd brelhern in Dritnin have shown the way. If you value private enterprise and the privilege of self- regulation, you will follow (hem. Otherwise Hie government may step in and run yon, loo. Therefore, genllemen, ai.:l and ad. iliiickl.v. Koi- our future, already fraught with peril, is threatened with a fate woise (ban I IK; sinking commercial. SATURDAY, JANUARY .), 10!7 Portal-to-Portal Plus What may turn out lo he Ihe billion-dollar question for American industry is this: .just bow much of a worker's non-productive lime is sp'-nl "under company control and 'n company interest"? If organized American business has its way, that question will be iii^.weved in a series of amendments by Congress lo the Kaii- Labor Standards Act of 19,'!8. In the meantime, if we follow Ihe line of common-senso reasoning, we are forced lo the conclusion thai the unions, in their present lawsuits, are not asking enough comtv;:nsrtlion. The unions are seeking pay only for time spent on companv property, i'ut is it not in ilic company interest for a man to ^at to work on lime? And, if the worker did not s«v» to show- up at a specified lime, might he not sleep laler in (he morning? So why not pay him from the lime he <;oto out of bed? The unions are now asking thai ilie workers lie paid twice as much for their non-working time spent on coniany properly as they get when they an: engaged in productive occupation. Kol- lowing lhal line of reasoning, it would seem only just that they receive triplo or tiufulruple time for Ihe period when they are not working OFF the ?om- pany's properly. All (his might bankrupt most 01 American industry, of course, or soul prices to impossible levels. ]!tit you can't say that it wouldn't h c earryinj.- the current |j ne of reasoning to iu< ultimate conclusion in n trimn^Hu logic. SO THEY SAY JEANNETTE COVERT NOUN ' ' THB STORY: Tlie Mnjor l« hnv- IHK "" trouble >cllin K Iil« Mock .-i r- IIRc.itCH :ind he Is nut on II|M tlruui- Tner's route ulirn Mi\<ni 'fluiycr «-DIU«-M to tmvn. DTron trIN Mf.^ Amy thnt hi- Krck^ tho >l njor'jv to kicked at the. loose gravel on the path. "Hick, why can't yon come to my house? Why won't you?" OSE XXII was standing in River Park, a blistering noontide sun R shining upon her and upon Rich. ard Brcen—just standing there; and the narrow path between them was wide as the Grand Canyon. She was saying something which she had known for weeks must be said. "If can't be like this. Rick. It "You told me would have a calf." Overccntralized administration is a hn/nnl to democracy and freedom.—Unvid K Lir.'-iithal, chairman Atomic Energy Commission. * * * If we get into- another war it will not bn because a better way hns not been tried, but merely because humanity lacks the energy to do what it knows should be done.—Federal judge Robert. N. Wilkin of Cleveland. "Oh, Lord, no! Don't slort that.™ "I won't. Hcally, I'l," she said contritely. "I'll be waiting." lie went striding, swaggering a little, along the path, turning once lo wave his hnnd. Her eyes followed him to the street. She sighed and began to walk homeward. * * * CUE would probably never know why she sWung down the street which passed the St. George Hotel; it was not the shortest way home; she had never gone that way he- your mother "Oh, what a horrible thine to lore. But there she was presently. say! Don't — don't Inlk like that! "Like what? I'm only repeat- "No, you're not! I never said my mother woulcl—would have a calf. Never!" She stopped; this "ras the merest bickering, fault-finding, nagging, w h a t difference did words make now? She loved him; she must not try to reform him. i_, j. . . , - m. -n V , . ' 5 '. 11 C7I ? U S"- '''lease, Rick, if you. will come to "I'm willing to grant you it isn't enough, Rose." His lips smiled, but not his eyes. "But it's tho best I can do. So here we.arc, chewing the rag as usual." He got out his v.-alch, looked at it. "My train leaves at twelve-thirty." ' "If you'just didn't have to go to Chicago, if we could ever discuss it all, every bit, without being angry—" : "Well, I do have to go. Why don't you go with me, honey?" "You're joking, of course " "Think so?" Hc reached for her hands. ""No! . •. . It isn't enough," she tiy house, I'll think of something to explain how wo got acquainted, and then cver> ;hini; will be so ranch belter. It's the strain, the biding, that makes me so cross. I just can't be myself." He shoo* his blond head. "I'm not going to your house, honey. That's o'.l—see?" She v»as silent, mourning for the little hope, which was out. He .ookecl at his watch again, frowning. "Almost train-time. I've got :.o beat it. 1 ' The Last Offensive EN HOLLYWOOD i:v ntKKiNi: JOHNSON N!CA Staff t'uri espoiulent IK.I.LVV/OCD — INEAI— Arcll- .Michael was puffint' on a ;anl looking over the racing IOMII. The Ut'vil \i;as ri'adint; •'Fit'^kl^s :'. IK! His HiomN." "Whn'.'s nc\v?" v.c- n.-ib'd. "It's a Wonderful guardian angel comes down from i Steivai 1 '. picture, I Life." Jimmy's Mheniy T:nv<r:n heaven lu help solve Jimmy's '.knrliily p:'abl';nis. Clarence Is the fi.lUi.i's name, unrl he's an ansel I s«'oji(i cla.-s— -because he never '.von j hi:; will?--'.. i There 1 :, "Kddlf and the Arch- 'file Archangel, belief known as '. angel," which 1-Mwai'd A. Golden Hubert CummlriKs, ^:nitt he was ', is ar/m 1 . to produce for RKO. A tired. "A line poker (jame '.uth the j newspaperman, lold that lie is hc explained. j tiboui to die, lias one :ast big IliiiK Tlie Devil, knou'n to mon.,> fans | on ciii-th ;<mt £oes to heaven to as Gerald .\fohr, the hero of the 1 liilk thinp.s over with the Areh- I.tijic Wull series, said he was wor- ! impel. linl. He didn't have his wife's In "The Miracle of (lie Bells, 1 ' a Chrisnnas present yet. i priest sees the Archangel Mike re-if wonder we're confused. said, "because of the kuid of per- me? son I am. Some girls might r.o' ' rrtind meeting you doy after cKy at" Lahr's, skulking off Hie park.or any hidden spot vj: can think of. Some girls—-" '"Sprpe girls would be t«cHcd to death 'to meet me. anyvjhsro. There are plenty of gicis, honey." ' "Oh, yes! And J suppose you Wire with one of, them yesterday nnd Monday and Saturdry of last ' "e I worried'/' , , aren't youV fine \vinccd. She hadn't meant io say that, about the worrying But she wouldn't retract. She blushed. "You do still love "Oh, you crazy little kid!" Thc frown vanished, he stepped forward and caught her in his arms, holding her close. Hc kissed her until she was breathless, leaning wfeakly against him. "There! You I think I don't love you?" "Rick, darling!" She mighLpro- feat the tumultuous embrace; but she was encouraged by it, her darkest presentiments assuaged "I just feel that I can't let you go away from me—" "You've got to, honey." Ite stroked her hair. "But I'll ; je back Sunday. I'll see you then." "Sunday afternoon?" ihe form of a Helly Gi'ablr's H'Ks. Gable's ears ami Mailciic Dietrii'h's latest boy- l arc nil longer l)is news i" Hollj woods. They luivc been ., »G OD dfil!vw ™ '">'« « fc'tow I 4« R^h'l'hTre 0 " 7 " £. - woman!' lie -jxclaimed, and | "You wouldn't fail me, WASHINGTON COLUMN 1IV I'KTfvIt XKA Washlncl.m WASHINGTON — i,MEAl — A ilan to permit nil u. S. husbands •ai'miiR more than ?33:« a year to t'duce their federal income iaxes >y dividing income with their wives s new being given serious consid.- iratioii by u. s. Treasury lax ex- lerls. Two Treasury olficials. General Counsel Joseph j. O'Connell, Jr., nd Tax Legislative Counsel stan- ry S. Surrey, have been out mak- fpceclu's on this Idea,' to see io«- it miyhl be accepted. The plan i first proposed in England 30 vciir.s at". Bui younn Stanley Surrey is the first i o Introduce the idea in this country, so il hn s been tentatively clubbed "the Surrey plan." ' ( It would not benefit all laxpay j ei'.s. It would be O r no benefit (o income-lax payers In' nine states which da not permit husband and "Ti> lo (tecliirc their income divided under what are known as community property laws, entitling either lo. hulf t |, c other's income. nine states are Arizona Cni- iforuin-. Idaho, Louisiana. Ncvula Ne\v Mexico. Oklahoma, Texas Washington. .'" these states, husband and wife file .separate returns. Because the income reported by each is only half I hat of the bread-winning husband alone, lower surtax rates ni>l>.y on eacli half and ihe tot.,1 tax is smaller. i n the tc tax brackets, these tax into important money., I'LAX AIMS AT still higher brackets. So taxpayers in all but tins first bracket would benetil. Only six or seven million out of • ••••••••••••••••»••••••••••••••••.- j the 45 million 'taxpayers are in i-i*or>v, I tllir ' second and higher brackets. t.USON i is long ami no great difference ; Thc 38 or 3D ml ii inn taxpayers Corrcsiiumlcul | either ^way. though it^vould put all j w liose net income is less than $2000 '" """ ~ " 'a year don't want the taxes o) ihe upper brackets reduced unless they tjet a n-duction too. SD if a lax cut is to be given this first brackel, it <,viU have to be through fcderal taxpayers on the .same basis, which is fair. Tlie way the Surrey plan \vould j »ork out. it would be of no bene- j fit lo anyone earning less than | S3II3.33 a year. The 10 per cent tax j credit would reduce this to 53000. i other dodge. Bachelors and spinsters won't Ihe personal exemptions of S500 j like the Surrey, plan either, bec.iuse allowed to both a man and his they don't have anyone to divide wife cut this to $2000 net Income. I their income with for tax purposes. Surtaxes are 17 per cent on the | All the Surrey plan would oe u first $3.000 but BO up to 20 per cent ! such single persons is an incentive in the next bracket and more in i to BO out anj set married. :>p income- savings run 'llns nives taxi;,iycis in these nine .stales an advantage over oil-s i n the oilier 39 "states It's correct this inequity thnt the plan is beina brought for- pproaching the marquee - shel- ,cred entrance—stopping. She saw him—and the girl. Their backs were, toward her, they were sauntering in the same direc- [ion, slowly, as if the hotel was [heir destination. Thc girl had on a green linen suit and a hat with daisies; her l^and was tncked in his; their*shoulders touched; ho .-as bending down intimately, as it to whisper to her. Rose faced about, stopped again, feeling sick and faint and thnt she hadn't the strength to put one foot before tho other. Hut, ot course, she had to get home, crawl off and lick her wounds. She couldn't jtist languish here on the pavement, in the glaring sun. . . . Her eyes misty with tears, she groped forward. ... Oh, Rick! ... ' She toiled up to the porch and opened the screen door and heard voices, Mainma's and someone else'?. She glanced into the parlor. It was Dixon Thaycr. Dixon in shirt-sleeves, rubbing a dust- clc-th over the keys of the piano! She laughed hysterically, and Dixon and Mamma turned and looked at her. There! You I "Well, Rose?" Mamma said. "We have a guesf. A very nice guest." Then Mamma murmured some- tiling about dinner and went out of the room; and Rose and Dixon were staring at each other. "Rose, I came. Are you sorry?" Ite No, she wasn't sorry. How big and solid he was; you would never have to be afraid of anything with Dixoa. "I'm glnd," she said. "I'm glad!" Rick?" (To Be Continued) to Sunward. In !!M2 an effort \v,, s ma dc to correct, this situation by introducing a bill to require -all husbands and ^vive.s to file joint returns. coiii'Lessmctt from the nine com- ||ninity-properl.v-l llw sta tes fought They were joined in protest by rr.:ipre.«niien -[rom Ihe Eastern Mates which permit husbands lo asMcn storks, bonds or property of any kind to wife, children or other members of the family These Micen^'lh/" 1 ',-'' 1 ""''' 011 " 1C and ih<- real owner "l s "b'e TcTrc- ducc his own income—and his - ix- es. _ n.i combination of Western and r.asiern uii|>»i -income-bracket lax- Msevs wfcated the lf.12 nropoval to re,mro all families to r,] c joint !£""?"" '"•'fi- «>mbined income 'he defeat prove,, thai (he joint ''•.'turn is imh'tlraliv Impo^iM." »»l across in this ' England has il sense. So search was bPRim for other i-iliw the tax burden. Plan is the proposed n Inc House Way,, and Committee ,, kos ,„„ ^ .<J 'n Hie next —'* ^.-, "Dorothy wants to follow the career of a doctor, but I'm afraid she won't succeed—she's so awfully I,aril to wake up in the morning, let alone the middle of the nip-lit;" Charter N',,. H38fl ,, pscr ., c l)is|rit . ( v; ,, to country, iliontih Hid does iiv-icr . The , to rqu Surrey '"ay be Introduced Congress. Such a plan would obvious;- ... <i"oo the amount of i nv mo , lov ,',.„ sovcriimcnt ronlri colled Treas~ s tj nia t e jj^ _^ ^^ - OTHERS? • -, however [) 1P f^ic hV^^'^M-nrtlf _ ISeporl or Condition of Ihe First National Bank of Blythevilie in Ilir Stale of Arkansas, at the of business on Dcrcmljcr 31. ISii 1 lllp'isbcd in rrsponsc to call made by L'oinillrnllrr »f His fiirn-ncv, •r.ul. Scuiioii ,v:il, ('. S. Ktviscil ^lalulcs. A H S f. T S- Cash. balances with oilier banks, including reserve balance, mid cash items in process of collection S2.52j.08<; United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed I.61SW)!.? Obliiialions of Stales and political subdivisions.... Olher bonds, notes, and debentures '..'. C'o,'-)orale slocks iliicim:..];; .:,,i.70fl.uO siocK of Federal Reserve tonki lyinr.s and m'scoinu.s linclnriinii Slf)3^.8fl overdrafts) 2 557 1 if) S Fi:n-k premise.'! owned S21.77I.C5. furniture * fixtures $5-n7.25> 27,2;B.: 227«'iT' 9-t'o">0 S7.05I.32I5.'' TOTAL ASSETS I. I A 1! I I. I T ! K S IX-mancl deposits of iiioividuals. piutnerships. and corpora^ l - OUR S5.8in.33 Tune deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 627 33V.0 Deiiosits of United Slates Gi.vrrnmcnt (includins; iKistal LVji.wlts ot States and political subdivisions.. Dop.'sits of banks Olhi'i deposits icr-rtifird and cashier's checks etc > VOTAL UEPOSITS Sli.833 175 l'l' ' Other liabilities 'IOTAI. U:\BIMTIES ' CA1MTAI. ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: Omiinon slock, total par $100.000.00 Hui nlns Undivided pro..t.s Hoii'ives land votinmcin acconni for preferred stock> TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS M i: M O K A N I) t' M Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes Stale of Arkansas. County of Mississippi, ss: I. Ilermon Carlton. cashier of the above-named bank, do .solemnly swnfir I hat Ilic atx>ve .statement i.s (rue to the best of my and lieliof. Hermnn Carlton. Cashie:-. Correct—Attest: Holand Green Chas. Rose Bam H. Williams Direcrnrs. Sworn lo and subscribed before me this 3rd day of January. 1947. i Jesse Taylor. Notary Public. My commission expires l-l-19."iO. iiirncd to eaith i:i't'.s.s agent. David N'iven returns (o earth as an nii«cl n help Bishop Carey Gram nut of hi:; financial difficulties, jn "Tlie Bishop's Wife." by Ihe Archangel Mi-! Jiu'.' whrn lie .starts making ro- 'larl'.s lutrsl nitty s»yii!g, hy Clar-j mr.nti,- pusses at Teresa Wright, iff, the angel second class, liy'tiio bishop nets mad. raycnly trials, and by ghostly] In "Siairv.-ay lo Heaven." an I'liifs Milh press agents, yd. j ICnulisli pir-r.nre 'co-starring Niven, ! Raymond Massey and Kim Himt- ft's the lulest min:e cycb—Hoi- ! ''"'• h " i!vr n is in (echnicolor and a icaven. and i I'-eavenly tiilnmal descends i n a black-and-white ravlh to judge '.'.he;her an HAF flyer must die on an operatim; (able. Bin the Archangel Michael's invading a western l)loi iii a Montana irji!iin;;-io\vn i:i "Heaven Only Knows" is lhi> neatest trick ::1 1ms (ii-jcovered he: Archangel Michael is in more \ ictures than the Gables, the | o\ver.s rind the Flynns. The minor ngels already are campaigning ; T a local union, ' And to be a columnist in Holly- i •ood today you have to wear ings, i I've got m jne ordered, but; ley're like everything else these ' ays. I can't get delivery until • larch.) ' ! Let's take a look at what's hap- | eninu. H.'MLAXn GOES ANGELIC III the Frank Capra - Jimmy ineni all. nobcrt Cummings is the Arclianscl i :i this one. with the Devil irynx to v, his plans. Tl-,c first slauiie or George •.vas erected on the Inwn in Raleigh. N. Singing Star D HORIZONTAL 1,0 Pictured radio personality 12 Distant 13 Pelagic Curl';-; name )IJ T.vpe of \vool 18 Note in Cjimlfj's scale 12 Fish c£r;s in And (Lntin) 14 Eccentric 20 Talent wheel ,!2Typo measure 17 Gill (nb.) 23 Compass point 20 Belgian cily 24 Yale aGPIiiiii parts 28 Me sinss on the — - V. Chicle' 33 Book of Uie Bible 35 C?.ars i'J Silkv.-oni) Klectricai unii 38 Sun god 40 Nominnled 45 Steamship O'b.) 17 Hish (muMe) 19 Large lizard 10 Mall drink 11 Sailor ">3 Style of type »:"» He is a — id Ssicred soritj VERTICAL 1 Joke 2 Wine vessel 3 Volume 4 Storehouses 5 Dispatched 0 Measure : 7 Unbleached 8 Conductor 9 Symbol for tantalum 10 Individual 11 Kgyptian river 27 E#S (comb. form) 29 Noun suffix 30 Harvest goddess 34 Ventilating 21 Kxpircd 23 Hangman's knot 25 Perfect 2G College cheer Handles 38 Malrj sheep 3J> Exclamation 41 Curved molding 42 Cat's murmur 43 On account (ab.) 44 Shred .,,..;;• •I5 Slender 4(i Dry, as wine 48 Three time.-; ' (comb, form) 50 lr,le?i-al 52 Within : 7! 54 Rough lava ^ T; Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople B/X-CTe-Si IS POSITIVELY AT TIMES.' DELIGI4TS (Ni CATCHINiG ME AT SQW& IGMOW'.MiOUS TA<al< AND ' '- RIDICULE/' '- ^W VJOROS, BRUCE, I'LL SET EVE!J-—N>OT ONLY FOR HIS BARBED BUT FOP, - UNSPEW<A8LE CIGARS AND IF <i'JU OONS'T 6TOP 1 S M.6 VJlTH •• BALEFUL GLARE, ] BRUCE, I VVARsl YOU NOU'LL 8£ A CAMDIDA,T6 I FOR TKe . JITU OKuOMS. BSJCE = Out Our Way By J. R. Williams NOT OS) THE PROMT OF MY HOUSE .' OUR AMCESTOR.S LIVEO IM £.,<:M HCUC-ES A\VAV AMD I'M ' IT BACK. BORM THIRTY VEARS TOO ROOM

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