The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1947
Page 2
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>A«E TWO _BI,YTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIEU NEWS if ish Officer To Visit Russia Montgomery Departs For Moscow Following invitation by Stalin IONDON, ' Jan. 4.— IUP)--Field Marshall viicouiil Montgomery .\venl to Moscow on Premier Joseph Stalin's Invitation today to sock '•'mutual understanding lind mutual coufldrncc" between. the British and soviet armies. '•I am 1 goln^ to Russia as K soldier," Die chief of the general staff safd before lie took off. "I want to establish friendly contact with the Soviet Army. I hmip verv much i — • that out of this friendly contact l' ri> M»' ero > v <ted. but will Vnnie mu'ual. understanding and inu'ual ronddencc fov n happy relationship \\-hlch will be for the njulual benefit or us all." In a brief press conference, Montgomery praised the might O r the Soviet Army and ils role in the' allied victory. He will stay at the British embassy In Moscow elurlnR h| s one-week visit. He hnd no pi a us for touring, the Soviet Union. '"T'Ht'.ls.up to the soviet Army. I nnijn their hands," he said. Montgomery's MOST>", "•' "»r- ol!<>)s;i1l5 visit'to the united Slates last September. At that tlm- he reiiewSfjr-Amei'ican military Instnl- latloiiriSnd discussed Etnndafdlza- tion qf Irnlnlng and weapons be- t«w ,ihe British and American i pinnes. ICC Schedules Hearing on M.&A. Tangle ' '^f Ark., Jan. -i. Confusion Quickly Takes Firm Grip on U.S. Senate Chamber BY FREDERICK C. O1IIMAN (United Press Staff Correspondent)! V-,«,^m.«.o'r^M ,,„,, 4 _ 6en- j Confusion P.-Chaos was in char? of the b. s, S-iihie, It there was a Deimte, which some senators (who weren't, sure they were senators) doubted. You'll eel. the idea best. I euss. If I tell nboul the evay-haircd Indy in pink who fought her way Into the sanctum of the press, eyed the correspondents beating Iheii- typewriters, and then spied me. I v,T--'i'l dnlns nnythini;. Justsll- IIR. Not even Ihinklnc. "Sir," she cried breathlessly, "is there any possible way for me lo Ml in there " 'Well now lady," i began. "It's -i. Inn . . ." Yes. I know." she Interrupted, on the verge o uears. "But my husband's about to be sworn In as a senator and I've got to soe him. I've just got to." That's what she thought. 'Hint's what a lot of fellows thought, including Sen.-Elect John w. BricXer ol Ohio, who Imd the lables set up' Twelve with poinseUla decorations in one ol the private dining rooms for n swearing in luncheon. Haw, haw. haw. Never did Hoberl's rules of par- llamcnuuy order take such n beat- Ina. The Idea was to bring in the newly-elected senators In alphabiM- iral o:de rand sv;e«ir 'em in, so the Senate could elert some officers and [jet to work. lumber t'.vo. alphabeticntly s))eak- ing, was Dilao. Theo. C!., in a rum- To Induct Bishop pled brown suit, und a nrcktie with horizontal red and ui'tiy stripes. S^n. Homer Ferguson of Mich., tried to get 'the floor, hut Sen. Olen n. Taylor, the crooning co\v- of i>3 persons aboard 11.o TWA Constellation passenger plane Star ol Cairo were killed and tlie others Injured, sonic? perhaps la- tally, when the Imnsatlantic air- Final Rites'Held For Peace Officer Who Killed Aide HAVANA, Ark., Jan. 4.—nil') I-'itial rllos were (o be held here Ihls afternoon at 2 o'clock for o. N. Murlin, chief of deiccllveo In I.HIle Hock, who died In n suburban New Vears' nuy double shoot-' liiB near the cnpltnl city. f'ulnskl County coroner, Dr. Ho'-' ward A. niahotifjli, snld that, Martin killed one of his aides, u. P. O. (Jacki fji'iiblrr. v.-ilh n ID-gauge l>t;!lc'c riot nun aim then look his (J.MI life with a .45 caliber pistol Bodies or Hie lv,-o men were found in the secluded Lakowood diva foni- mile-i Irom Llttlo Rac\shortly iifler 9 n.m'. Wednesday by n humor making his way through Ihe snow. They w «rc near a police siiuiul car in which Martin and nrtiblcr had left police headquar- Thc only motive advanced for I tas, were niicsts of Mr. and Mr i. n. SATUHDAY, JANUARY -1, 1917 Carlisle, Denver Wilson, Univ.'isity Arkansas, M. Flek-her over Ihe holiday-,. ,,. ™» ila ., II5 , rayctlcville- D-r-'ld Mr. and Mrs. .loe Cluy Youni; cit i M""'iK Hilly Shippen J T D'-iv ••• Joiii-sboi-o spoilt 11 part of the lioll • I 1-umnr Mayo. Colnmbiii M'.lifn-y ' uuy season with )i| s pu rents. Mi.' Academy, Coluinbiu, Tonn • Jinrnie and Mrs. Joe Young. | Ciwaltney, Kentucky Military Instl- , Uilf, Louisville; Frank Williams and Krntik Harliam, Western Military Academy. Alton. m. : Ri nnm cjjx, I Pulsy Miller, I'atrltla mul P'ranm> DanehowiT, Ht. Cecilia Aca-bmv , Nashville, Tenn.; Inez Henderson, I Sluart Hall, fjtaumon, Va. I.nmnr t'cc-1. student at Oklahoma Mr.s. J. T. Evans of Laf.iyute Ind.. was guc-sl of Miss Emma Cox diirint; the past week. Mrs. r-'annle Young is | M Os^cjl-i for an extender! visit with Mrs Joe Young and l.-.mlly. Mrs. c. K. Uean Is a sr-vcre illness, she Is .U :iie home of her sister in Union fily Tensi. " •Mi. and Mrs. Hoy 15uucrk-:< :-re in Magnolia, Ark., for ih>. lioKl iv xeason. Mrs. KIlKiiuelh Grain and !>!••,<!,,-•.• Dick Ci-alK, are in Talhihili, I -i s, ,.the holiday:;. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Seurlor-k :vul unuuhtw, Vivian, spent Clii-timus In Memphis with Mr. and Mrs M r: Slllo.s. Mrs. C. 8. Stevens has ro'io t > Plymouth, N. C., lo visil her dnii^l-- tftr, Mrs. Kutieiip Still, ruid h.niilv Mis. Nina Youiit; of Washington" L>. C.. tujMHrly of Osceolu. Ims Ir-ii n n , nonblcr with liner crashed rind exploded '.hrcc fumLsli the Jur v miles from Shannon Airport In a^nlnsi hiin. Eire. The plane was approaching Surviving Martiij the nliporl for on Its 1'arls to New York Telepliolo.* approaching Surviving Martiij , m [,^ w i routine landtnu (low ,,nd one daughter MIX o u," ' u, state Ur.iv,.- Ho Fairly Ar- information kuiisas Siatu. Jontsburo; - .V.iliv:- Mendrlx iitul Cliua Carolyn D'.M; •' ' planned to , sity. H:,ton . , A. and M. College. Kllllwater, Init weekend here as guest 'of Juan Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. It. w. Gel.lrmeli have as their guesl. Mrs. Celdrci,:IVs | father, David Phllbour of Piper Oily 111. ,and sister, Miss Margaret Plul- fcour ol Chicago. ' • Mr.-:, p. J. Ssmmc-s lias as h->r line 1 :'. P. J. Semmcs Jr.. and tl-iu-jh- • li-r, lic'ity. of Whiting. Ind. ' Mrs. J. li. L/jvr-ivetl has -is Ivr, Mr. and Mrs. Thud Ftltmi i'.nd daughter. Su/aiitu-, ot Cior:-c Creek, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. L:m Williams and infant son. Lap. wit- liarns. HI. of Joncsboro. MEMPHIS ,Tcnn.. .Ian. 4. (UP) —'1 he Rt. Rev. Edmund Pcndlcton Dandildne, of Nashville, lonnally - - - h .„,.- ^rk^s cilice Sunday as the fifth boy from Idaho, caught the eye ol I ijislm.) of the Episcopal Oloccse ' Ihe chair with a (jesturo like tin throwing of n lariat. And as one of rey brighter cohorts put, II: The Senate was off to a slop. The details of Ihe fight you may read in clher columns of this pa per. Here you may learn ubout, Ma son /TTT>\ Y' f ., . -. t i~,. nt-iu you may jearn a rt • 7 P 5 " CrS fincl cnrn P»ny so: »e of the resulls. includlnj; of 'IViuiessce. Bishop Bandrldge, who served as coadjutor bishop since Sept. W. !!)33. automatically succeeded to the post upon the retirement, New Year's. Day of Bishop James M. Mills Reid," Editor York Paper ' Lechner o! Ft. Wayne ind Services for r.t. Deubler V vcre 'In In Little Koek yesterday He is .survived by Ills wife, one "iShtcr, his mother, one brother d one sister. ,,1! o! Little Hock. Osceola ~ Socicfj'—Personal n the Senate lloor. Including a couple NEW YORK. Jan. 4. (UP) — Og- I den Mills Reid, 04. editor of the , New York Herald Tribune, ami daughter. Oenevleve. president of the HeraJd Tribune '. '. Mr. and Mrs. w. G. Hnlhorn ot Memphis were guests of her molhrtv. Mrs. Emma Moore, over the Christmas holidays. finne Pemlrrifrass of Memphis IK visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Laurn rtogers. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Fletcher and of Pocahon- and temter'Vd^fh/'T^ 1 ," 5 '' *"v "w'WlV <*lte V. ^Senate t lember. and the situation wus -i^iu cbout Rule 33 wlii,-)i ' r^MaShn^H b r r ?T thC I( t, C " lblts A™°»il* floor. „„-, U.' Ma colm Putty of Harrison, who -ss tt.-y're clerks on official busl-! S«v JSJ"S n 1' 3 l l t °r f , "' c !ine ' 11CSS ' He Sflttl il shouirt bc c " f "«^- Fnwe -f; ? H ,f n" 1 M al " " N °'" " lc<1 Sfn.-Elecl William [ ™ ?il ?'» ^°" ? e "" e alt<ifl1 ' 1 - t - l " 1Bor of N ' D ' " K ° l "»- wife, too.! ing that he M. and A. lost money She campaigned with me all over consistent,}' since the end of Worln North Dakota. She helped me KCI War IT. He said the wage h'.kes elected anil she's cot a rlchl to were financially impossible. see me sworn in I wvil he- here" Idle ever since, several meetings So that was i:ut lo a vote TJic of industrialists, business ( men ana ayes had it. Sergeanl-iu-arms' Wall farmers ,alon Corporation died last iiluht nt the „,,„ HarknesK pavilion ol Ihe Columbia- pro- t Presbyterian Medical Center. • Di'ntli wus attributed to pneu- nonlti contracted while Reid wfls rcruBcrntinu Irani u Ihroat ailment, lie had entered the hospital early in December. Htld Inherited the New York from his father, the late Whitelaw Reid, ambassador to Fran:c and to tlic court of St. James, und became editor in 1913. i'. ven- after his father's death. 'Ih:' Ni'W Yoik Uoralri was.acquir- 'd from F.-ark A Munscy In 1024 and tiie name of the pnper chang- nox<-y was ordered to clear the Senate ot everybody except senators and clerks. HB wn'ked up to •--•— eacli bystander and said- "v>re yoii ' c< ^ lo tl1c Her ald Tribune Slain; Killer is Sought I BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Jon. 4. — i (UPi^POIIce- mads a widespread | search today for an unidentified I man -described as "dangerous and • •nrmcd" who shot and killed L. H. Thcmas, n member of the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Thomas and 'fellow;, officers had scught to arrest the man last night. They \stopped his automobile about two "miles north of Sa'yreton in North Birmingham. And when Thomas approached the vehicle he was shot. Eisenhower Offers I Army-Navy Suggestion I MIAMI. Fla., Jan. 4. — (UP) — , Gen. Dwisht D. Eisenhower, Army ; chief of staff, advocated pxchnme I of students a t West Point and Amiep"lis today ;o lurther co-co- opefatlon between the armed ser; vices. , Such", .co-operation, Ei'en'inwer ! raid, should begin at the beginning ! —when cadets enter the academies. i "We could e v en msree the acad- j emles, "through exchange of classes i and the like,'- he said. a' cleik of the Senate?' To n man and a woman every- Cielle Strntton Porter wrote many body he approached said yet Dox- , I ' PV l!Orl - : ^ about naliire at Limey gave up after a while, without tcrlost cabin, Sylvan Lake, near a. single person, Lunger's wife in- Remc City. Ind. dueled, walking out. Then some- - bad.v remcii-.b?red that Linger had no right to say anything because he wasn'l n senator. Somebody of his guests were eating (heir iinch. The pcinsettias were droopy the food was cold and Bricker still --. -. - wasn'l 11 Senator. The fault of was a phoney. It was Scr! - Confusion p. Chaos, obviously, removed from the records and on went the tatllc over Biibo. When las, Hciidrlx Collide, Cunwuy .,,-„„ Johnson aixl Lloyd Gudluy. C)!;i;i- homa A. mid M., Sllllwater: iiclly Owaltney, Duke University. Du.-- hani. N. C., Uelty Covinalon Al- liima. cia.r Iii>tty Jean Cule'-iifi Jean Uinlur, J. F. Smith, Cecil Wei-' born.' Malcolm Lcvenslelii \v U HoMneld. Dick Preivitt. Jlnimlv Hale , CO SALES STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We liny and Sell ' GOOD USED CAUS Rill Chaml>lin — I.rx Chambllrr Railroad & Ash S»s. Phone 21<l.i - -.. .„„,. else remembered that the vole, conc .-n,,,,,, ( i,. .,.„.. ., „, T . . I left laic in Ihe day. Sen Elmer Thomas of Oklu . was renaling his colleagues with an account of how Oklahoma became n slute. j B:low, in the private dining! rcom, Bricker and perhaps a third Phone for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Marsh, Owner CALL ON US— fox Truck Service Parts Trtotservice? You bet we can take : care of .you. That's right down" 'our alley. Parts? 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Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wm. R, Overton -- county surveyor Serving This Areo 40 Years Phone Evenings — Boat House, !Jirr i, a ke Hox 8-1, Roseland, Ark. The Old Huild-111) THAT'S FINE, COUNTE5S' - _ . ,_ . BUT 1 SUV fAY HOUSE IN PALMETTO BEftCH I \ VOU I,. BRUSHED 101R OFFeE WEEL SEE -rOLI N£ KlcSCUSSA }\ COMTRS.CSC -,'OU EfA TO , SIGN ! K BLESS YC'JR LITTLE KEART, S'OU EVES! GOT H1NKLE FOR WE! ANp TO SHOW HM SRMITUPE, I'LL AGREE TO .'SES WITH . SIGHT UNSEEN! 3RE«T ! POC-GEB IF I'M BUT MW8E VOU MOT JKft f.W HOUSE t WMBE SOUTlNREETONLf-HOSf VOU SM-ASHflCK! NOT TESSPTED TO REMLV REPW ^I'OUR WNCKiSSS! *SIDE!..FORCEDVOIJ TO SHACK! IF IT'S GOOD EMOUSH FOR IT'LL. DO FOX CHOICE- ON GOSSAMER ^TRIEDTO GUM \ I DIDN'T! N VOU, EH? 'S TOO [ HE STOPPED \ DAD YOU HAD / A aLUG TORE A TO GIVE 'IM /I COULD REACH ) TH' WORKS! f 'IM,..SOMEBOI>S' ( / IM THAT POSSE'S J I YEH , A LITTLE i BUT OH FATSO PETE'LL NEVER CAUSE ANY MOREJ V.-ILII6 U'Oi'-EAREO CAVU5E, QIT \ A DANSED ^- GOOD OHOT.'

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