The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1947
Page 9
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F1UOAY, JANUARY 3, 10-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Diily r«l« per llu« ror consecutive U*eitlODi: Mftilnam Ohar|« goc 1 l!m« fti list isc 2 tlmti j»r Ho. pct i,y ;;.._ iao 3 tltmi p«i line pe t 4,, _;; gc & timcft per llaa p« r d a y 70 12 times yer line i>« day _.IIIII_ fie Month per Hug 90C Count tlvo average wonlt to tli« Hue. Ad ordered for time or six ttiuca and Btojjp«4 before expiration will lit cliarg. ed [or tlio number of times tlie a/1 al>- jxared md acljuslineul of Mil made. All Classified Advertising copy Jiilj- milted by persons residing outside ot tlio my must be iccompmlcd ly casli. Rites may be easily computed from Ibe above table. Advertising oriler for irregular itiser- tlous takes tue one time rate. No refipoiiulbUlly will be taken far ^tiore than one iucorrect Jnscrllou of any Classified ail. For Safe Bled oil ktrrr) rtcli Blstbetllle M»chine Sbop. Call 2828. Il|l8ck-lf uitrtn built Venetian 'IjUiida—11 t*pe colon. Three wiiea"! delivery. D«»l'» F.I.I I Wtltpaper Clore. 1017-ck-tf 'i»T« buyer for your home. H. O. Campbell 1'boot 4l« — 2980- Office 120 Boulk 10]2-ek-!f 100 tons tooil grass and leepeclem hay for sale, riiunc 800. 12-1 l..|pk-ll 11 nr,YTI!KVII,LE (AUK.) COURlflU NKWS Services I'alulloK and paper li«ti k 'ln s . J. 11 l're«- _U'a". 1'liono 21'Jl. . 12!12.|>k.lll2 Wulcli nu.I Ciotk rojinlr — Qulfk ,v air, .lai'ksim's Jewelry Stor>>. IU17 cH .Main SSreH. l2;M-|pk'li* Tractor repairs Mid aerrke, Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. DelU Implement Co. Phone 864. S-l&-ck-tt r'iihlcj Machli. »trrlc<— w» repair all lypti w*»hlng i re^ardlefa ot kirjil of coudltl buy »ntl it'll, iklcVuLi aod 'dtlirc-x B!;lU.,ill* Macalno tjUup. l)|V-<:k-u m»cklnt» Alia MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no r«d tape. FHA approved rate 5*. Ask for detuila. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Kldg., IllythcTll!*. 9-23-ck-tt Hoin.i Imiinlrj-. quills, i-iisn. dr. ramiljp \i-Kliliij; ruiisli drv or rooui [or drying tlotfu' I Weather strippinuf. Save fuel by huvinK doors and windows wealhcr.slrippecl. C'. K. Wiggins, 512 N. Ifltli. 1'hone 229;i. 12-.'ll-pk-l-31 Office Safe for Sn!o. Brand new Sell will) Office Safe. Never Used. Can be seen at 109 Kast iM;;ir\ Street or call J. Mell Brooks, Jr., at telephone 811. lU-28-ck-tf Truck for sale: ton and a half extra duty 1942 Chevrolet. In jierfccl condition. Will sell cheap. Can be seen by appointment. Telephone 811 or 2M7. 12-28-ek-il DONT TAKIC A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. e-8-ck-tf Jti-rt. trailer with dollies aucl tires: J tniul.-m u-Uh str;u«kt nxlei 1 14-ft. M ttucl; lieil. flock &ud )<i\v siiloIioArds. • .S+-1- R^'» SU-od, T.c-aclivilLe Out- Irtr-;,' ^]oorc-'s clrfulnlr.r i ;;oriil 1-r.nilitinn. Also one [ir« iiii: room .snile. I'lionu 333U. One Cushman Motor Scooter with windshield and accessories, inA-1 condilion. One new 8 foot stainless steel, dry storage drink box. K. li.'Gee Sales Co. 12-27-ck-7 Blyllii'vilk. Girt Co. 12130-cli-llli 5 rooms and batii on W. Davis. Needs minor repairs. This house can l>c made into nice home, Large gr den space and «.;ood servant house. Modern home, 5 rooms' and bath, equipped \villi attic fan, hot water Ufa lor, automatic floor finnace. Immediate possession. Combination grocery, fruit stand, and meat, market, well equipped and doing ^ fine business. Priced to sell. See or call Max Logan, Realtor, Office in Lynch !?., Phono 203J. 12-£3-ck-l-4 TO Irailpr wil nrn. /.. M. M,- )»tv!inU section K\. Fninc.K Hivor bftl- loiu iHiitl. 1(55 acres in So liniiipilinlir im^^simi. Cull or «-ri(e H. M, Coo ley. Juiu-sljoro. Arkansas. ll t! 17-jik-ll-l .-»- ll.rcnim nil hcfiler tlOO. Pall 71 ti from 7 to 8 I.. T liuriili.ini Krce- Electric, Wcslinghousc desk mwlel sewing . machine. P^xcellcnt condition Priced to sell SI 25. 813 West Ash. Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk au(omobi!es. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North lliwv r,|. phone 8785. 12-2(i-pk-l-2U 12 -20-pk-l-26 Help Wanted .nJv to euro for rlJerlT Indy in 40o nortli lUoailwnv. Plione ;);)0i) .... " 12||'ti|47 Service BtMlrm men wanted ilnst lio «xpDrEen«C(). Good fcalary. Call or m»- F'ly lo IJt«i«]. B J Service. St«k Mli- Bonn. 1'liono Sleela 17E'22. H 1" l!rj. JVcc 1a travel cliunJi'mird' to t-'LoHda. Crtlifornia ' mill n t,» iV. • m.nrf! lo st:,ri. S,T"Mr. Kr^Vi. I'M)'^' L 11. trc.iiK: 2 ynlini: men. 18 tn 25 fee,. lo travel lr> Kl,,ri,!a. CnlKoriiln nn<l . Tr.u 1 « 1 ,urtmic>n |,ai,l. SIIO.OO iiioi.ll,!, t,i sli.n. {CM .Mr. Krn- Xohl,. lintel. K.,.,,,, .,-; S X,, ,.„!!*. Disnl.le,! vels UT-,-,1 lo l]l (.k-l|4 F,. ,.- , Collins. -101 I-:. Vine si" lllylli'evil!,' Local & Coiapeteut and Misc. Long Distance Mo l!el]i and equipment. [ns:ircrt Contract Ha Services. Service & Storage Co I'lionc L'SOl Aile- iliug l-2-ck-1-0 Kirar Kilmer tal.le top nil Call 040. oo); stove. lla-iik-1-7 t.'Clri.- rcfriueriitor. .1-1 condilion. Koy fiain,'«. ll.iule a. Inj|nirf Moore llrotlirrs Si, ire. 1 It-ivk-lilQ ovv ...... all lieu-. Klertrir r.Ttljrr^. ATtarl- t.ienl si/c \vnvtii-rs. Vasl, tulis — ronnil an, I >'|iiare. f'orl oil liealiTs On,(l,hi\e lnoili-1 Moniirrli l,ike. M.I I:,- me nu offer on new- Diiilye I V- Ion |ii,-l< np — uilli healer, liniucili^le iLeiivory. Vrank J. Weaver Jlaio Kl. Si e.'li-. Mo., or call 202 \V. l;^v^ ' ; 7 > Sprrinl l>«t»xi> Clievr.ilft — ' 4 i .lari. <;,HII| tires. Heater all,l i. ,.,.vs»ri,.«. Ser- T«l,,,.i,]«. Wln n:i Cnrnlyn ,S1. I'riile A.lililion FARM LOANS J Low Interest J Long Term « Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd Blythcvlllc, Avis. Aulknlitd A/ortagc toon Saliatat /»/ Tht P.ud.ati.l l n ^,» nc . Comp.n, ,1 Air.ric, Tune in Prudential Program Sunday al 4 p.m. over WllEC WASHER SERVICE Phillip Fre! T»c*«m OlMDixi, Fans, lions kit Brn AppiUucas Kff»lr«d ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W *OAMS Mjt. Ptomt 1071 JOO-oa W. H SMILING DAN THE SERVICEMAN 'SAYS: For Rent iliililii roDin for ronl. 1'liu "l°> JIIIM lor r«u< Kutlro itcoad Hooi at 138 K. Main. I'rlrale en. triure. Ti-neltivn Mind*. 1'houe 80 1, flosu III, I'llOIK' i'101. - N'uv brilrnuia — HICK oniv. dill Wnltinl. I'l ..... >' 2H>0. ll'J'iit-UO Kciul Courier News Wuut Ads. Our prices are reasonable. Our service is good. The.rc's no obligation when we raise the hood. Let us check your steering, your motor and brakes. . • If there's trouble, old timer, we've got what it takes. H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Hlytheville. Ark.—Tel. .15.'!-:i721 Lost Black male Cocker Spaniel named Hex. Recently trimmed, ovcrsi/.c colhu' with rabies (a£. Liberal reward for relui'n to Dr. M. L. Skaller, phone L?-S%. Vi 2S-ck-I-4 "PIS" Angrl Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Plioiie 2071 206-08 W. Main Loans Automobile Loans Convenient Wny to noiTovy COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES antl Insurance, Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK. Confidential Service. Universal C. I. T. Credit Company 116 N. Second St. Blyllicvllle, Ark. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2(10(i W. i\Iain St. Phone 3G.17 SUPER J AUTO SERVICE x \ . :1 mil.'s iv.-st of Illythrrilli- nn tr.ivcl Half Moon mail. Will trii,].- fur SO. I'll)- .lifflTprlcr. RIPV (i:lin,.i ItKilK- :!. Situation Wanted ^ir for rliildrrn \i-liilr T>nrpnU >vork A, IIOIIM' wurk. Oil ^'i."''). l''J-pk-i;i America's largest brewery produces a half million barrels of. nle annually in normal times. Let Us Help You— STOP DRINKING J There is no medical remedy for I drink . . . but we can help you I resist Its influence! No cosl '.o you J —only co-operation. I JUST CONTACT 1 j Alcoholics Anonymous i Box 873—Blythcvillr, Ark. KEROSENE & FUEL O!L CALL ANYTIME Day or NiRlit 2089 "The Old Reliable" ANY1 : IME Day or Night G. O. POETZ Your Source of Tlcptnriahle Service PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Office UK at Clicrry High in Service Low in Cost The urjphiilnblc skill of «ur mechanics and their pric'o in sedtifv a joh well done . . . make our shop a real "home" Tor your car. And our job goes beyond conditioning your car for safe driving . . . we want lo satisfy you so (hat your car will come back again and A well -running car makes our Shop Foreman Happy! Vcs, it makes tlic simp foreman liappy niul it'll make you liappy, because it will run rlslit after Icavinj our shop. LET US CHECK YOUR CAR! UNGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BUICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Cooler* Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator fur Imiimllute Delivery CALL Stccle 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KI.US VOOLK, Ownrr * M Highway fit N'urtli iU ilpU.AND, MO. GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders oi Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 i ~ J, O. Lentz Dub Sizemorc AUTOMOBILES BUYING .gj A CHEAP USED CAR TO SAVE MONEY IS LIKE STOPPING >;;• A CLOCK TO SAVE TIME IT CANT BE DONE LETS GET TOGETHER Ii)l2 Huick Special -1-door Scdin\. Hindi color. Hinlio und beali'j-. Loolvs ami runs HUe new. l!M2 Stiulcbuker Club Coupe Sky Connniindo. l.iu-jre radio. f> v,( |c| <l (ires, A liciirtly. Kill I'onlinc S Sediin. Larwe cus- lom built-in radio. Heal rubber. l»ll Plymouth Tudor, lloaulilid maroon color. Uadio anil healer. I!) 12 Plymonlh 2 door Sedan, R|ic- cliil Deluxe. Kmlio anil heater. See lliis ope lodiiy. 1912 l-'ori! 2'door Sedan Special Deluxe. Radio mid Heater. A real buy. UHI Ponfinc 8 Sedan, IlHdio and Heater. A-l coudilioii. 11)11 Dod^ 0 Pniiel Truck. CJreen color. Kejt! tfood tirps. Motor A-l condilion. Priced to sell quick. Many Other M«kes and Year Models to Choose From I 0 Y EI C H CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Mutiny Tuitay, .Any I>;\y STOP AND SWAP KI.llKliT IIUFFAIAN'S Give Your Feel a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. ~ RADIO, REPAIR SERVICE * Any Make or Model 1 lo 2 Days Service We Call For and Dellvorl PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service IDG South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types ETCcpt Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 514 Miiln, niriliKvllle, Ark.. Phone 2031 DON EDWARDS "The. Typewriter M:<n" UOYAT., SMITH, COKO.VA ami REMINGTON' 1'OllTAIil.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE .13B2 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) F O R S A L E Concrete Culvert Tilo Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Hwy. fil at St'He Line I'lionc lilydicvillo 714 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Most Prlera Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator ServicV Fred ADAMS APPUANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adanu, Mjr, , •,.... Phone Z«71 206-M W. Main W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Announcement — We Are Now Equipped to ... Give You Complete REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop 328 1C. MAIN .Tnnics UusscII PHONE 1 874 Dan Russell BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRII-T., BLOSSEB' I UWDERSWNO VOU WAMTED ~K> SEE MB . U.S., M. ---WI^ATS OM VOUR MIND ? ; - ^ I'VE GOT A BRIGHT IOFA , &'XY FRECKLES IS OUT AMD I THOUGHT THIS WOULD SE A GOOD CHANCE TO TR/ CUT HIS CAR i I'M jusr CURIOLIS \ WMMM! ,._ _.. TO SEE WIJAT KINO FOR. LOCKS. BUT SHB , OP A MECHANIC. /LOOK'S L^t 6USIMESS.' MY SON IS' 1 r x WE'LL TAKE HER. CXIT -, ,_X TOWARD CUV LAKE BEACH f\V\ WHERE 7MEBE ISNT M1XH •rAjiiW. t-~- .-. T(2AH=!C/ - ••'^'i'lijT TMIS IS FRECKLES M4GOOSEY—I- JUST COT HOWE AND FOLWO THAT MY . CAR WAS STOLEN.' LICENSE NUM S-GI>8.'

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