The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1947
Page 5
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FUIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1047 JII^yTgEVl^LEJAUK.) COURIER NEWS Suggestions For Better Farming Featured For This Section's 1-ro- gressivc Farmers. M.NEW, 1'ublished Every Friday ia - tfct j Interest of Farm Familta «f TUB*] Agricultural Section. Proves Soil In Core in Soap Making Produces A Product For All Around Use Need Of Nitrogen W. W. Pepper Makes Exhaustive Tests Of Soil On His Farm wki tv.'o separate tests W. W. Pepper of Huffman, Mississippi County, Arkansas, has found nnd proven to his own satisfaction that nitrogen is Ihe deficient plant food element i u nearly all of his soil. Mr. Pepper's hind is in what is kninvn us Walker's Lake bottom. When (Ira in I'd un f | put into cultivation cotton stalks and vejjcla- Live j^ov.'lh was sometimes excessive— even greater than desired. After many years of cotton or corn the size 01 stalk has become much smaller. j n s(> nie cases not producing satisfactorily. Different larm- ers have been asking, "What lias h:i]:pened in Walker Lake land? It doesn't produce like it did." •Many farmers had made guesses "s to what was wrong. -Mr. Pepper t;ilked to County Ail-nl Hilbrey a , u i others who <»<!«• scmptliing about soils. Then He ordered three different soil testing kits and tried them all The '«>ts and a<j< ponded ia c fc Tin. 1 acute shortage of commercial-; soaps is beint; felt Ihrouqhoul No. in Mississippi County, according lo Miss Cora Lee Coleman, hume ilr-m- onstration agent. She [loiuts u \\:v number of in([tiirii's slv h;r; d-from homemakers asklnu direc had-irom liumemaki.'r.'i asking dime- •-, ' lions for making homemade map ~> / • as an indication that the siltu' A,/« r , D . r ,^ r „„•,,,.-.„ Is ['^llcintr /.nnvirlrx .ililn ,.,.i.*.*i. *t ]. f Id O V t\ i vfN WlliIjIAMS is eanfing considerable concern. Good soap, she explains, contain no free alkali, is not ,-ir:-.isy and is suitable for general IIOUS-L'- hold Tiie materials, as v.^li ••<; tin? method used, help lo tnak- good product. Miss the following sueaes! in making i;o<jd soap 1'all IK ISuilcling. Time Tf7Al,f, anil winter, in (lie nalure A of farm opcialions, is tradition•- silly ri period in which Ui<> wi<o Coleman lists operator tcls thinfr.s in onlcr for PAT—Use waste fats from cook- int; and fats rendered from tallow. meat trimmings and rinds, as wvll as vegetable oils. A comhin.iU >.i | of tallow and lard makes the b.v.t soap. Clarify waste fat. BORAX—The addition of borax is M;J! neee.ssarv, but it seems -.o improve the appearance and uui's.i::.; action of soap. LYE--I.VC i;, a satisfactory alkali for suap making. Be 1 careful in dK- solvinu it, in water. t!ionc;i. because the fumes are iiritalimt a-;<l heat is generated. Dissolve ly • i : i _ enamel, iron or earlhenware con- advice corres- tainers. of nitrogen but!. VVA'J'ER—Soft water irain \v:il-T Ihe next lunnuier's f^ si'a- ftoo. (./ear is mended anil maeliin- ery repaired. Huildiriys ar« put into servicealjlec^ndilidh and plans ' for Ihe summer's rosli of Buil.lmp sm:i\! or porlablc farm flruel'-uyi, is a year-eml chore llial yii-iii.s rich dividends' in lime, lahor un«l money savings, liy utilizing Hit' conilmalivi' leisure 'of this fall and v.-inter months, the farmer can irfR "•Ins did not correspond with all the suet-yes r,s lo what was wrong. Last year in two separate tests -Mr. Pepper increased corn yields 20 and 30 bushels per acre by applications of commercial nitrogen. t I his year Mr. Pepper conducted ^o niirosen tests on cotton and uttmned a 31 per cent increase on a six-acre lest and 15.1 per cent increase on a n-acre test. In ench -jtael 200 pounds of cyanami'i per «-•''<> was used; 28 ro\v s fertilized a >i:l a check rows alternating through the fields. The six-acre test, with mast of n ieiti:i z ed, produced eight bales Ihe u-acre test, with most or it fertilized, produced te.5 bales The recommendation of" the comity agent and Soil': \i ment Committee to all ' ••"/a'ifcel Lake farmers is ([) build the nitro- ihe [ Bailie matter back inlo he sod by use of legumes in rotation: soybeans, alfalfa and in seme eases, vetch. This plan ' is much belter than appjyin, '"Wo- gfn out of Ihe sack, they sav. is ot '- st '"'' making soap. If hard water is available. l?t it two days with a small amount, of lye (from 1 to 2 tablespoons i;> a gallon, depending on the hai\liv-:-si until the "hardness" 1 settles out Further information on equip- mcr.t and propartions of Snijrsili- enls to use. and curing and care 01 soap after it is made, may i,? obtained from the county C.XI.M;: -'in oll'ice. ' Misco Growers Show Interest In Cross Planting It Is estimated that '25.000 to 30,- UOu Meres of cotton were cross r.ul- livaled in Mississippi County this year. This is a new practice and .'roAors are becominj: Interested because . il reduces llie amount of hand labor rnpiired for hoeing, make.s It easier lo keep the crop c!eiin, and apparently does not reduce the production. A number of growers have grown test plots this year lo compare rc- Is and all have been favorably Impressed, 'ihe limy brothers of Clear Lake are a good example. They cross cultivated MO acres this year. They had Ui hoe Ihe cotton only one time as compared to two and three times normally and time ii:cuiircd for the hoein sUlerably less. The cotton had less vegetation, al picking lime than usual, ulso. The Clray brothers checked production on 11 six-acre pl^', .is the mum I question had been whether or not ! cross cultivation \vouUi reduce yields, and they picked Pi bull's per acre which was IjHtcr than average lor thai piece of land. Apparently the production was not reduced. The Gray brothers were so well satisfied thai they plan Jo cross 1 cultivate all their cotton ncxl year. They K ny ii reduced their cost pel- acre considerably without reducing the yields. Half Moon News Mi^ Madie Canard is vlslllni; her .K:,.|-. MIK. ,Uu-k Greenwood. New Aloiu-.y. Mi::>;. M: :::ui Mrs. Marshall l.esher and i! Corpus Christ I, Tex., me \i\iiin;'. MLS. U'shnr's parent.'!, Kr -"Hi M.-!>. II. O. Ilnck. Mr. l.'isli. i has Just bi'en discharged Irom the. itrniPd-lorres. M •• l."rov Mitchell und dininh- ter o:ivi\ i,i|n nnd Uenuie Wiilklns, Siniix t'iiy. I-i., have returned to I'H'ii liome alter a week spent Mrs. Mitchell's son, Orvllle Milchell :md Mrs. MiC'hell. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. LluhtfOOl Jr. wh;> hiivc b:en vlsllins friends and M'liulves here lor the past Ihriv ninths Icli Rtindny Kir 1*1.II- nde)i-:i:a ;<i make tlii'lr fnlure liyiii". Mr. Llnhtfool was recently diseh:'.ri:e<l from thc II. K. Navy ufti-i MX yi'a:s seivice. M: - Clari'nt'e llcllns nnd children';. Marianun, Ark., me vlslllue I'er ini.-nt.s. Mr. and Mrs, W, W.I Can;i!il. F o.\ \vnicn N HAS Il Notiee followin Administratrix, ol u-iichvlllr. Arkansas on December 4. 19.10. Mo. 17d7. Ksialr i,f Oscar Hiile:;, deceased. I.etlers of . Admlnlstr.'.- tlon Issued to I'earl Custon, Admin- istratrix, lllyilievllle, Arkiinsa-i. on Uui'embcr !), IDIii. Witness my hand as such Clerk nnd (in- snil of said Court this Un> 2nd day of January, 101'J. I'll.I/.AHF.TII IH.YTllli (.'ininiy ,\- I'rulnite Clcr!(! NOTKIK <>!•• ACCOUNTS OF UX- ICCIiTOUS AMI A|»AIIMSTIIA- TOHS l'll,K)>. Notice Is hereby ulven that durni'i Ihe month of Deceiuhcr. 1!)10. the follinvlni; accut.tUii of Kxvculors and Adminlslrntors have been Illcil, for .scUleiueni nnd rcnillniiiiilon i>, n.y I'robate Court lor llie Chlck.iviwha Dlslrlcl of Mississippi County, Ark- ansns, and limi such accounts will. I Ihelr re.s|H>cllve illing dales a-,. a:>' follows, to-wil: ., j No. lljril. KMui,. U f Vh'nll Ma-well, deceased. Klnnl rupmt ,,f ],;, M. Itoll, Administrator. Illcd D •- cembcr 10, 1940, Mo. MOO, Estate of J. I,, ilenson, dfcensed. Final report of D. n. Garner, Adm'.nlslnitor Hied Decvmber 30, 111 Hi. All pcr!,.i:>,i Interested In the sel- Ili-nients o£ any o[ Ihe Hbuvc estates lire hciiib.v warned lo file except-oiis tlirri-lo. If uny have IMey on of lie- fore the sixtieth day followhid tin- Illlni', of the respective atrnmtn fiilllnii which they will be li Itirefnr from i'xi:rpt!i)K lo the oc- comils. Witness my imnd IIP; clerk aiij Ihe seal ol salil Court this Ihe 2nd day of January, 10-17. HUV.ABKTH I1LYTHR Comity A: Probute CIc.-X. q»lckly opens u*S uatB.1 pawnees to Kltevc stuffy Iran* blent coimeBtlon. MakM bretthln CBBlcr. Invites restful sleep. Worl nncl . . . Grand for relievi J. LOUIS CHERRY HrprrKpr.tlnf New York Life Insurance Co. lllyllievllle, Ark. Milk Supply Important To Health, Economy North families will he able to living costs and at the same limi safeguard liieir health in 1947 by carefully planning the home milk supply, according to Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration f :ent. Milk is llie most nearly perfect food available. H makes up group four, milk and milk products, of the "Basic 7" food groups. Butter supplies thc needs for group seven. For proper growth an ; | development nnd best health, all cilndren under 16 years of aBe should cl-.'nk a! least one quart of milk daily and nil adults one pint daily. Two good dairy c ows. properly fed and cared for should furnish enough milk cheese and butter for llie average family. Families which cio not provide tins supply of milk at home wilt not be well fed or they will be forced to spend money for loot! At the present ->rice oi dairy products, this will in, 0 ,v the food budget out of line. A little extra time spent in taking care of the family milk cow chirme the cold winter month, will m.! dividends in th e nourishing rood provided fo r the family table. Soap HL-CIJIC about nine poim;ls f i To make soap: 6 Ibs. clean fat < a tout 13 C'.IIH !i cup borax (optional* 1 can lye 113 ounces i ^'-L- pints soft water. To make one bar of 1 CUD clean fat • 1 I. borax (optional) 5 teaspoons lye '•; cup soft water. Weit*h or measure thc clanfu'ci fat, heat slowly until comnli'tKy melted and cool lo approxim.UHy 110 degrees F. <Slightly liiehei- than Wood heat.) If borax is desired, it •ihonld be ridded to tlic fat at ihis point, stir the fat occasionally during coolim; to prevent crystals from forming. Meanwhile dissolve th- l>v in the water and cool to about Sis degrees F. i lukewarm, i Pour the lye solution into llie fat in p ihin Mississippi county farm r !™'c™tinup ^n'rii^TitT'n'-J lower their ! honey-like texture is obtained Ti'ii should take from 10 to 20 "minutes. Important: Always add the lye solution slowly to the fat. Too . :i vaviely of small farm slruclurul unils. Made with l;ood material:; llicse hiiildinas will, be nsoful for many years. | Asbestos cement board is an .ideal material for this IL IM easily worked u-iih ordinary i hand louln. 11:; mineral composition hi(;!ily resistant lo weather nnd impen ious trt insect anil rodent i ilamago. In tulihtion, it is lire- Ilifoor. Its virtidily adds to the iiirj.-liiral strenirth of the unit. ' Range :-Vieltor:;. milk houses, |liro(jder houses anil farrowing j houses are a few of Ihe unils to ! which asbestos hoard lends itself. It also is cxcelli-nt for building hop; and poultry ^elf-feeder;;. is hereby idven that ihe is a list ul estates ,>t de- |icisi>n» npiin n-hieli luUers usury 01 ul ration •ranted dm Inn ihe month ul the Kianlhv: of such letters i:nd the iiuinc and address ol tlxei'xi'cu- lur or adminis'. rulor: No. 11115. Eslale of A. .1. .lack- son. deceased, tellers of Adminis- tinlion issued to Illl/nbeth Jaclunn. soap appears thick. Pour into -nj-tb !i.s above. Miss Coleman recommends Extension Circular No. 305, "Home Made Snap." Anyone who wants n copy may have it upon request from the. County Extension Agent's Office. Uninvited Guests Make Call On Liquor Store TFXAHKANA. Ark.. Jail. [I — (UP) New Year's "parties' with uninvited guests—are beginning to - — v .,, v . n.^, prove quite expensive to W. V. rapid addition of the lye ir ;oo Whitmore. night manager of a II- viEorous slirring may cause SCIMIT,- cuor store here. tion of Ihe ingredients. ' Police today are seeking two men in connection with the second New Yeur'.s day robbery of the liquor ?tore alter Whitmore said that two Bitumen forced him to lie lace down on the floor, took $350 in c:i c h mid t\vo pints of whiskey. On Jan. i. 1946—exactly a year ago—[lie store was held up and If the soap mixture does not !u k come thick within half an horn- and there is a greasy layer on lop. i»:r- hnps il is too warm. In this rart, ?-:et the container in cool water mid keep stirring from me sides ami bottom. On the other hand, if the mixture is lumpy, it may be too cold. Then set it in a pan of warm \vai"r and stir until the lumps disappear. Pour the thickened soap mixture into the prepared molds. Cov: and keep warm for nt least 2-1 hour", j Remove thc soap and cm it int'j! bars. Before the soap is rcariv for use. the bars should be allowed in! ase for about two weeks in n'dis- place. If the soap is crumbly ir has streaks of grease, it may be i-r- claimed as follows: Cut the soap inlo fine pieces, add water <seven pints for Ihe large recipe and one cup for the small> and dissolve over low heat. Stir occasionally. When the lumps have disappeared, increase the heat and boil nnlil the lolbcd ot S480. And, said Whitmore. total loss from two previous robberies in 1945 amounted to SUOO and a ipiautity or whiskey. Fire Routs Guests NEW YORK. Jan. '3. (UP) — Thirty-five guests were driven from the New Hoi:and Hotel on the lower west side early today oy f smoke from a fire in a storeroom, j Police said there were ho casualties. A prehistoric palace, said to he more than 4030 years old, was Icund at Tepe Hlssar. in Persia DOUGLAS LAWSON says: ALL OTHERS BECAUSE • They're More Economica! * Easier To Handle 9 Last Longer Come In and Talk to Douglas Law son at thc — WHtEl-ltSS IMt'L.tMtKTS J-'ord Motor Co* RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY BIythevilie, Arkansas We have it in slock now this rat killer I \ v '• -r^ 1 * Here's a new ral killer that does • \ ' \ a bang-up job. It'sAiitutal, a Dr. Mess product. It's taslcleHS—rats can't delecl it in baits. Tlicy ehl it without being suspicious. A^iUif at is more poisonous to rats than olher animals. It's more effective than squill against the Norway or common brown rat. It's been thoroughly tested-idenl for farm use. AnHrrat is least poisonous to chickens-it is not dangerous to livestock or pets if used properly. Anturat is an entirely new rat killer. We feel certain it is tlie'best ty'pe of rat killer for . cvery-day farn> use. Get Anturat now. WOODS DRUGSTORE 22\ Thai's what it anuninis to when you -•gei your cquipnirni luck from ui tutr > ch«ck.up and ovcrliiid job . the knowledge thai tvcry job you start will be liiiislicj with no unruceiiiry delay No, th* premium you pty lin'i bi|{ • tid it givei >ou the hot pottihlc protuction on your irictor invciimcm,' for i Ity-olf of your equipment ail Ji up to important losj {n your food pro- tluciion |>ii)h;c.on You will sa«- all the way around by nilopitni! our regular service check-up. You will prevent trouble, you will «»Ve the cost of a breakdown ai against t limely adjustment and your tractor will Kive you th*t dcpcndibl* performtac* tint means sati'afaciion «n<l profit. Out Servlc* Shop tiM the men, mcttiodi, and material to keep your oinTpnient in perfect w^orking order. They huve the "know how" too bt- cau\c (hey me fictory tr.iined. Missco Implement Co, FOR EXTRA TRACTION EXTRA SAVINGS rni youd TRACTO* Ti*es WITH GOOD/YEAR Regardless of tire brand, you go! moro work done—faster—v/hen we fill your traclor tire lubes 100 a '« v/ilh Goodyear Solulion 100. This modern weighting meltiod gives you ';p lo 25% mora drawbar pull . . . results in maximum traction wilh less slip, more pull with less fuol. Increase your Iractor cfli- ciency now by having us fill the tires wilh Solu.ioa 100. Use Our Convenient, Easy-Pay Plan IOW COST* 110 West Main St, THE FARMER H \K ill Ihi.s lime of the yi'iir Iliiil every flintier bei>-ins In pl;m for ihe coming season. He nmkes sure Hint ;il] equip!:.enl on Imncl is in KOO<I tiuulilinn and aiUls new 0(|iiii>meu( I hat is needed. He has fourul thai if is always a good fannt'r lhaf plans well in n»l- vancu dl' lho season, knowing .insl what is needed and Ihe unfit ptirciinse hefoi'e (lie rush. Atnie and more it is becoming evident (hat llie Willys .[ct'p is an in(lis]icnsabl« item on every farm . . it does. so much with so lillle effort on the part of the fanner. \Vhy mil conic up lo Dixieland Service todiiy and in- vesli.uale llie uses of (his mosl versatile of all au!<i- mntive achievements. Yon'lh find that it's (he very thing lo serve yonr immediate needs and (hose in (he future, loo! You'll lind, loo, that you may have im- mediale delivery on your Jeep, no wailing! PERFECT COMBINATION! GET YOUR WILLYS JEEP NOW —AT— DIXIELAND SERVEGE ELLIS POOLE, OWNER & MANAGER Highway 61° North at Holland. Missouri. • . •

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