The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1947
Page 4
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FQUR RLYTHKVILI.E (ARK,) .COURIER NEWS Is'«w*t'of Faftn Fiimilies of This • Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM NEWS-FEA TURES FRIDAY,. JANUARY 3, 101? Suggeslons For Better Farming Fen lured For This Section's Pro gressive Farmers. Man Soybean Wogram For '47 Committee..To Meet Here Monday Night At Hotel Noble •The outstanding program accomplished' by the Nonh Mississippi County Soybean Committee, subcommittee of tlie County Agricultural Conimiltce, is expected to Ue expanded by the cominiltee which \vjli; Have its first meeting of 1947 Monday nighl at Hotel 'Noble. {When making the new year's program, the 1946 program will be taken as a suggestion for future work. Tnts program included: gradual shift in \irict) to Rnlsoy and O^den; holding of. two combine op- erition and adjustment schools, keeping farmers poster! on price outlook, starting a variety testing program -and /attempting, to lind a b=Uer jleldmg early -maturing variety, i With the soybean crop estimated | at. more than $12,000,000 for Nils- • slssippi County in 1943, it is the! consenus that nn additional ?2l'U.-1 OCO: net iirofit, was made possible' Planning Committee. * | Farm Land Inflation Makes a Black Picture U. S. AVERAGE INCREASE 83 PERCENT PERCENT INCREASE 90 and ovei 80-39 6S570-79 123 60-69 50-59 40-49 ' Under 40 iTirm land prices, iiicrensin 8 ly inflated for several years past, liavc now reached a boom peal' from which n had bust is m sight, warns the Department of A f! i icnlluro. Map above shows the iicrcenfi-c of cliangc in aver.u'o value per acre from the 1M5-3!) average lo November. 194H. Farm land values J'j^'wcnscd 122 per ccntjujjic East_Soulh Ce'ilral a refund more tliun d'Jtibled in the 1'ncilic iiiaiw! Land Prices Hearing The Appoint Groves Farm Women's Column Planning Committee i & «v«x, j '• ~'~ $^ZF^y^AII Time High Reached In'.20 IR ire !: to i Of , before taking UT the business plan-t ** I C l"Prl 11' HRon riH ned, arc C P. Thompkins and Hceotd farm incomes in recent!,,,.,! i,,,-,,i.. ,.,„ „, „„„ , „.. ! l LJUU I U ned, arc C P. Thompkins and Hccotd farm incomes in recent ucorge Hile of Burdette, J. M. years according lo Walter H. Steveiu of Doll, Jj ;n Sniothcrmon, nroslo. president of the Federal w^H n> T Kelth J ' B1Ibr W> E. B. I-aiui Bank, of si. Louis, has re- OT,rt wni'i, C .KiiappeiiberBcr. suited in bidding up farm real es- cirl Wallice O W. Coppcdge anil •-• •' - • - W O Htvclbakcr of Dlythevillc- John Beaincn and Virgil Johnson of L»achville, Key Hunt of Midway Hildrcrt Biincli 'of Ynrbro, Russ Crowell of Cai-ini, Chester Caldwell of New Liberty. and Stresses Need Of Safe Steps Around Farm STfc steps in. every homo around every farm in North M sjppi County should be a tui'.iber one concern o! all farm [n.-njUcH !±". G °,™ ':" c° leinnn - ••™» t 'y Now, when the men of the f am - uj -ire not quite-so-busy-with outside •workj-le'-x 'good lime to i tni steps in need of repair Also dU is co th in time mitrim* \, i effort -uid often In pam nnd B"er Unsafe steps are tnc (.an-,, of i nnj iccldents •> Steps can bf m-ulo sfc if Hie proper precautions are followed Miss Coloman advises families [o 16pin or rebuild steps for salcry faiie further recommends 10 =u-- gestions for safe steps. J They should slope betuv>en HO and 38 degrees. J- Risers should be 7 or 7', inclie-s high. 3 Tread should he 1! or 12 Indies wide. 4 Headroom should \K ample to nvold stooping. "5 Doors at top and bottom ,,f staus should be paneled with glas^ j) Platform should be 30 inches wide on the stair side when stairs are closed off by doors. 7 Hand railings arc necessary on both sides of open stairs and a'sln- JJle railing for every closed stainvav is-essenlial. 8 Light, whether natural or nr- tiflclal, should be sufficient for urr- so'is ascending or descending il-c sturs to easily see each step.' 9 Steps should be free from clutter of mops, brooms, toys, nh;l ail Ijpes of rubbish. 10 Supports should be stro-v with each stair stringer made from one solid piece of wood. tale prices to higher and hluhci levels. Now on the average, lie re- pcrts, farm renl estate prices ure within JO per cent of the nil time nigh established In 1920. The United Slates index of farm real es- tnte values (1012-14—loot reached 152 Nov. I, 1046. compared with the 1020 peslk of 170. Mr. Droslc pointed out. Hint the U- S. Department of Agriculture data show farm real estutc prices have advanced at Ihe rate of about one per cent a month throughout the. World War II boom period, 'the ]--M!eral Land Bank of St. Louis .serves fanners in Illinois. Missouri and Arkansas. Compared with the 1035-39 average farm sales prices on Nov. 1. ig-ltj, inul risen 01 per cent in Illinois, 81 per cent in Missouri, and l(/.s per cent in Arkansas. These fisures on the percentage rise In farm real estate values arc averages. Prices for some 'farms have risen considerably more than the nveraite. A iarni iii northeastern Illinois that wa.'i bought foi S7.0CO in 1M7 was sold In i!)4fi for $20.400. A more extreme rise was reported recently from this same area. A farm thai wa s purchased in 10-15 for $f>,ouo was resold in the fall of 194G for 520.000. In many areas fei Ihe rcnlly go mnrkPt. Many farms belli;; purchased today, particularly by individuals w ith little or no experience in fanning, are poor farms. While the majority O f current farm sales nre for cash or -.vith n substantial payment, .some poor are being purchased with •• mal levels the average farmer on one of these poor farms will find ] Fred A. Groves of Cape Glrar- t difficult to pay off'a heavy • dean. MD-. has been rvappointeu •°*"- . ', 1 Third District Director on the St. I lie trend of farm commodity : Louis Farm Credit Hoard, by Governor I. ,\V. Diijjunn. nn announccnieiH i>y nieycr. 'chairman of 'ti prices is Important too. When com- modily prices go up It is comparatively easy to pay off debts. When farm prices go down debts are hard to pay. A report by the U. S. nopart- ment of Agriculture on developments In the farm real estate mar- !•'. W. Nie_ board iintl eencrul nnem of the Kami Credit Administration ,,f si. Louis. His ne>;,- lenii will expire Dec. 31, 1040. Hull*-r, rare on the North Mis- S!V>i|ii)i County market these du/.i, ciui (.TMly |je jnadc at liouiii by r<>l!i,\',jjiy a fe i ,v sinip]e directions accni'diiiy lo Cora ].f :l; C'jlemui" honii- dtinonstralioii aycnt. Fine tiualiiy butter cilii: he made <>niy i>:rm cream that iu fresh a-'-cl I'le^iii i:i".nn .should be used Instead i ' whole milk. Tciir;f-irttiire is an Important f:«i<J in ii-.akiny i>ood buf/>r, Afi't ci'i 1 ;-.!!! ha:i Lc-rn .sc'iiarattKl, il ,',honi<l |«. cooled at once; <-ml I !;i'|>i cool until about 12 hours >.»— i fdif L-hurnii'.n, ihr-ti allowed to ]'ipt-n bv v/armin^ slowly to a j ti'inpi-ri-'ure of 70 to 75 di.'grer-s p. ] U sltoulri stand until it becomes i nilltllv sour and Ihlckcns. | Alirr thf ci'eatn has ripened, It I should !::• cooled quickly to chura- i in;; l"mi>.'-t;tiure aiitl allowed lo i:'::!V' [';M' at \fHKl two hours. t Propr-r churning temperature is ithal :i' which buller will form in ' !;ri'.mtlf'.'; in frot.j :^0 to 40 min'ii-.ts. i'lhis tt-miir-raturi 1 varies from 54 i to 6-i dvsjroes '., depending upon i Ihe t-. tupf ratui'e of the ronm, i rru'tm of liio > - e:ir. feed of 'J:e :<-f>v/ sla^e ol her lactation 'rnt 1 , ', oHi"r factor";. I V/hrii cream is ready (o churn, i (fining it throuqh a coarse strnri- rr '.vill ieiT!o\'c any lumps or r::r(i pn's,-nt. The churn should not be filU'd mor'o tlnui one-third IMII. Do nol jjour iiot water into -lie J crr':\m lo tnnke the butler crmio Kccordlni; to i,,,,..,,!,;,, t ] lls v.-ill make the liir't and fluffy. Cliiirn the cream until tile butter inanulcs «re about the. size ol nrr'.Mis of whcal. Pour off tl:o butiermllk through a coarse strainer Then wash the butter twice. oounlc and h, experience in «i;ricullur:il • ' likely to remain high tor rome F.colt time after prices received bv inr- tensk' ,. LLJn.t[ D\ iai itusu^ ^.vi-^in.,,^1; ,u iii;iicuuu]-at i mers have fallen substantially be- nnd business -ictivilies m .iririnimi low the high- current leve.s \v,th to hi s f : ,rnim« C hi™ ' , c * Is on" "TU Nt'l^K l^u™ ^du'D- .'live adverse rffcci „,, „„, of Ihe latest auiomubile dlstril.u- ' ' St ' tors in the « prospective adverse effect on net returns. The rcccnl, decline in corn, cotton and tobacco prices has apparently introduced ; m element of caution among some potent inl buyers or farms. Increasing caution regarding land purchases mnv indicate that the peak of In,. 'current land boom Is npproachhii;. at least in K omc areas, if the peak is approaching, still Greater caution oti the part or prospective purchasers may be necessnr v . to avoid entering a -period O f declining prices with' too great ail Investment 'in land or with burdensome mortgage debts.'- 3.—(UP) — Banks Get Call In many areas few or none of [ The comptroller of currency issued he really good farms arc on Ihe a C! >U today f.or a report'on'Ihe - " ' , ccnclltlon or national banks at the i close of business. Dec. :il. I04li. | The P-82 twin Mustaiir. a iwin- ; engine, l«in-fusela g c, low - wing „...„.. i ''siller which is Ilk' most' versa- lnrms[ tilc °f its type ever built, can c'linh small ! almost 7000 feet a minute and a t.ecUon of MIK- siinn. and his civic Icadershio is evidenced by his loiv; assoriation with the Southeast Missouri fj'ate Teachers Colli'ae as a member o! the board of icgcnls. as well ,i.i many other civic enterprises. Hi> appoiuunent. ;>.•< third district director is from nominations made by national farm loan associations in triiM Board is comprised of -seven men, an:l is a polioy-mrikma body for Ihe four permanent coin.' era live credit units of ihc Farm Credit Administration. namely. The Fr-deral Land Bank of St Louis, tlie Federal Intermediate Credit Uunl: of St. wills, the Production Credit Corporation 01 St. Louis, mid the St. Louis Bank for Cuopei.tUves, down payment. When farm com- I boasts :dity prices return to more nor- ' 'nph. n top speed of nearly 500 Larger Milk Supply Senn For MidSouth Soon MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Jan. 3. (UPl —rhe rise in MidSouth production ol milk by early Sprinc probibly will bring a' decline in prices, Raymond Skinner, local dair v olficis-1 i said today. There is no prospect of an Immediate price cut, he said, because the city now is importing « P=r cent of its milk froai Wisconsin. The JttdSouth production likely »ill rise about May 1, he said be- cau=e many small dairymen forced out of business in the past now, arc reestablishing herds, and' because pastures will b c at their B"st m the early spring. Wifke'st GRUB DUST (Contains Cube Resins including Ratcnoae, f%) A icltnlific prtpirstlon rjartc atcoti!- tl*c il"j""; l f«? m | ri «»' l «>'«n«t Hit H - i ,%- t( "i°! *60<:>"Hiirc in Ihc con«»1 cf Grub] in the backt cf (ittlt. Controlled cattle s«rc mort ouicrlv i«k« faittr «nd more pralilible giioV. C»rt»« luffieitnt f 1 nn fcr 25 h«J ........ . ........... $I,UU For Sale by Woods Drug Store UUILKE Depend jfc.'e ^^ *MTI HOG CMOLERA SERUM * *' 'tRiHWf PRODUCTS • JUST take a look through ihis long-range telescope and sec yourself ,;«i spring! How's your tractor running? \V!sh youM had it overhauled a few monihs ago? Well, there's Mill time. Between now and the il-iy you want to lake your equipment into the field we'll make the repairs you nccj. Our shop f s loaded-it always is these d.iys-but we'll schedule your work and get it out on time. Jmt tell ns what needs to l>c done. You can be sure of this: Any job we do here is done right. Farm equipment is our business. We know it from (he ground up. We're implement men aad tlwc means we can take your firm tools and put them back in working order. You'll f,nd a big stock of genuine IHC parts on hand here at all times. And from now on we'll have more new McCor- mick-Uccring equipment, too. Let us know what you need. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc 312 So. 2nd St. Phone 863 BE WISE-BE AH tptly Bird-ORDER HOW ° LAST 5.-: ..'.:.lev Bite" giver, ycmr tractor up to 10% more pull at l:ic urr.v.-bav because the patented, connected tre,-.d-des!!*u adds oxtrr. traction-bar length right in the heart of the pulling zone, where it counts most. Thcro sro no broken-kar trash-catching pockets as in ordinary tires. Connected traction bars arc stronger, too, because they're triple-braced You get 40:6 longer tread life and 14% stronger cord body! \VK HAVK TIIK VO!,|.OWI\(; SIZKS !\ STOCK: 9x24 11x28 13x36 10x24 9 9x38 13x24 9x36 10x38 10x23 11x36 11x38 * t o n « 0. O. HAHIIAWAV The Best Today Phone 2102 t 1' W. H. PEASK Still Better Tomorrow 207 West Main Street ' wns firm. If Hie biiltcr Is .vii coUlcr walcr and let it fMii Hie tmter until UK- butler is d,ic! L . buUcr in, usually uboiu 10 minute. f u m . ty <. v ., l Mil salt to taste anil work liir tier only niilil the sail is ,,!.-;veil and evenly mixed. i>ro|)ouy fiinilly. irkvd butip,. i)as n w «xv ui iv ....... <t appearance, sulvises Use- I)j,,; e! cng.n.-.s an- simjcct lo how <| c nioii3tral,o tl anom, • ' Ijultcr slioitl.l lj c l-.c))t i n a |.|;ICR unlil ready lo uss 1 Komwnakcrs should plan to in the family <. v ., ly d!iy . This w ' m i, ..... o alien:. LM ijoiincls of 'j pur yi-;>r iu r t; ;rli moinl>?r of Kiss Coloiiian jiointvtt the! out tlio Why Gamble with Old Man Winter JUST CALL <J1il and have your Cin:n:uil:'t-<l to K:itisfy V'.'u also hiiy |xmJu-<f ;u all time;. Lewis Poultry , 419 t. Main 1TZ feed LAY CHOW It pays lo balance your grain with Purina Lay Chow. Quality ingredients supply v.'hal your ov,-n scratch grain; \ack. See us. For FULL EGG BASKETS Ft>f FAST Many Jeodinq hog men average 100 Ibs. ol pork with 5'/ 2 bu, o[ coin and only 50 Ibs, oj Hog Chow on the Purina plan. Grain with HOG CHOW L. K. Ashcraft Co. | 'A lilk. 13. or Frisco Depot rhone 493 Published Oy The Delta Implement Co., BlylheviHe Vol. 5 Well, here we so ayiiiti on iinoiher yesiv. l,fiokins back over 194(> we can tincl a 'fourl nuiiiy thinj;s lo coni])liiin about. On tl:u olhcr hand, thoi-y were ,iii:;( about as uiauy Sooct lhint>s. i\li?sissii)|ii Cotinly produced and liarvesled a 'unupcr crop, which brouji'lil not too small a cash rclurn. Tliis one (hinjj alone will i>ia!;e ui> for a lot of -mall (hings. We hope lha( we can have a:s irood a liar* csl and get as much for it this vear as we did in KIKi. We also hope that our products will he mori; pluuUfiil in 1iVI7. The shorliisje of these wai; o:-,o of our hijj^est roni plain Is fi^iinst !!)!(;. -- 1)T ----\Ve hope all Vouv !?O\VL selections won. on Ihis past New Year's !)ay . . . all of u 1 - ftidn't (jtiile make; it ! -- m --------We have a pretty K() O(| stock nf tires now lor tractors, ears, trucks. We snitgesf thai you let us deliver yours now. Nobody knows whether or no! production will keep u-ohir - -DI - " '" Our shop is tuniinir out paint jobs right aldtijf. Bring your Iract.or in and have ir slcain cleaned, painted and tuned up be for- Winter plowing starts in. A clean Iravior just naturally i'lins better ' Drive carefully—I!)!? started in with T bliy./anl, and from all forecasts it .seems Ihiil. it will last for ijuile a while. Hear America's favorite tenor •, ? ; ••• n I ^\j.^v^JMfej» . f If you haven'! heard Inlprna- lionnl Harvester's "K-irvesI of Stars". dine in JAMES MELTON J""'"" MslPli; Every Sunday on Ihe HARVEST OF STARS hear a (his ;i n ,| you'll r.- O nd l>voKraiu with Howard Barlow c "-'°- v J ;l and 60-pieco Orchestra ."Melton's ' J lyn Murray Chorui \ n g ;1 n ( | Distinguished Dramatic Casts- . . . • Special Musical Guests FULL NBC KETWORK • 1:30-2:00 P.M. CST INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER M THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday and Saturday "SILVER RANGE" with Johnny .Mack Ill-own (.'iirtiiun anil Jlli ClLiplcr '"/.ami's It Lick Whip" SATirilDAV <)WI, SHOW "One Thriving Night" with Joint Oral and Wanda JicK^y , 1'lus Cnrtooil CHICK THEATRE "W/jere Happiness Costs So Little" WEEKDAYS Box Office Opens G:45 p.m. Show starts 7:00 p.m. Friday mid Saturday "Outlaws of the Rio Grande" with Tim McCoy Serial "Ma.ihuiit nf Jlysterv Island' Cliaiiler i:i, Also C.irt'noii SATURDAY OU'f, SHOW Starts :il 11:00 p.m. re of Dorian Gray" with I f;c<;rs;e Sander;; ami Donna Iteed Scri.\l "PurplL- Monster Slfihi:S" Cbaplcr 11 Also Cartoon w Manila's Finest Slinws EVCJiy NIGHT iMatincf Saturday & Sunday Rnx Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Sal.-Smi. I p.m. Con I. Bbowlnr Friday and Saturday 'Stngin' in the Corn' ivilli Judy Ciinnva Also Shorts SATURDAY OWI, SHOW 'Sun, Valley Serenade" with Krmja llcnir, John I'aync Alsn Short Subjects Open li:30 p.m.; Show Starts 7 piS Friday and Saturday Sunset Carson in "Santa Fc Saddlematcs" Serial: "Son of the Guardsman" Also Shorts SATUIiDAY MIDMTE SHOW Slarls 10:45 p.m. "Voice of the Whistler" wilh Hicharil Di\. Lynn Merrirk Also Shorts

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