The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 27, 1931
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• ' Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTI1KAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL XXVLH—NO. CO TRIAL OF EX- Blytheville Courier, B!7thevlll« Daily New*, ,„,„.„,.',„.",'," ," ., ~~"~" . ,_. _B|ytiievlile Herald, Mlsalsslppljfalley Leader. HMTUKVIU.U, ARKANSAS, WKDN'KSDAY. MAY 27, Ifllil IS UNDERWAY Thinning Ranks of Confederate Vets Fall In For Last Reunion TO TELL SIH TO fill) JUR1 Pulaski County Grand Jury Will Hear Testimony of Men Already Indicted. LITTLE ROCK, May 27 .(UP) — The Pulaski county gland jury will convene in a social session here loday to hear the testimony tof four former executives of the defunct American Exchange Trust ccnipariy under indiqtment for allegedly receiving deposits with the knowledge (lie institution was m- Folvent. Decision to give the fanner bankers a hearing was readied at a meeting of the jury yesterday and it war, made over the vigorous protest of Carl E. nailcy, prosecuting attorney. Bailey told the United Press today the grand jury's action came as a complete surprise to him aud said "I do not believe it hits the legal right, to call such n mooting and put the county t_> the expense it will cause. I feel the action \vill result in nothing clher than possible embarrassment and hindrance to me and the prosecution of these cases." The four men indicted and who will be called before the investigating bcdy are A. B. Banks, former president, R. H. Thompson, former vice president, Joe H. Stanley, former executive vice president, and John M. Davis, chairman of the board. The four were indicted last April 21. Mr. Bailey said ithal he will require all the former bankers to waive immunity ii they choose to testify and will cross examine them, with a view- to making use of their statements when they arc tried. . ,B. J. Reaves, a, number of the 'Grand "Jiiryr was delegated"by" the other members to extend the invitation to the four indicted ex- bankers. He said last, night that all of them had indicated their intention to appear. The foreman did not intimate, in addressing the court, whether recommendations that, the indictments be dismissed were contemplated. Prosecuting Attorney Bailey said that the Grand Jury has no authority to withdraw tile charges, and that he will not acquiesce In any recommendation for their dismissal. CAPITOL, WHERE OA\'\ OATH Now American Proxy GOVERNOR B.M.MIUER ,NKA Sen-Ice MONTGOMERY, Ala.—The Grim Reaper has thinned Ihe ranks and the march of time has enfeebled the remaining Confederate veterans who battled for secession three- quarters of a century ago. Tim is the mriin reason why it has been, decided the 41st annual re-union. Confederate' lo be held here June 2-5, will be the last. In the nineties, when the mm- n marches. Today their ranks have thinned down to about 2503 and reunions are marked by easy chair' sessions. GENERAL.U.W. STEPHENS will be Governor B. M. Miller, who i gress met to decide policies of the wilt deliver the address of welcome.' south. i"'"-'" "» «u the Sons of Confederate- Veterans, Ladles' Memorial Association. lind "ami- j other patriotic organizations will make the "boys" nt home Here at the site of the old Confederate capital, veterans will visll scenes rich in southern political lore. They will see the old capital of the reunion in Biloxi, j Confederacy where Jefferson Davis General L. w. Stephens, one of Ihe few living generals of the army, elected com- ef of the veterans Entertainment will be furnished by the U. S. Army military band, and' a hugh ball will be held at which old-lime tunes are expected lo unlhnbcr slilfoned Joints of many veterans and set their feet to tapping In some of the dances l»pular In their day. Unlike former years, veterans will not be housed In army tents but will sleep in the Sidney Lanier FICHTJ TRUST Puts New Life Into Trust Breaking Effort Against Powerful. Radio Combine WASHINGTON, May 27 (UP) — Thn decision of the U. S. .supreme court holding: invalid the Lang- iiiiiir high vitciinm lube patent, one of the moat basic of some 4,000 patents In the General Electric and Radio Corporation IKKI! has put new life Into a unique one man "trust busting" - effort" being carried on hern In behalf bf so- Culkd Independent rudlo .manufacturers, i . Numerous court aHackE have b:cn stinted In the last few ycnrs Against the system by which roy- nltles from almost every radio manufacturer go' to the group In control of most of 111; radio patents: This group Includes the Radio Corporation of America, General Electric, Wesllngliouse Electric, American Tclcphono ruid Telegraph l General Motors. The federal government filed suit about a year ««o for dlssoiiillon of this patent pool as a violation uf the Sherman anti-trust act. The cldef agitating force behind mud of this activity operates from a small, much littered ollice here Is Oswald'E. Schuetlc, executive 'secretary of the Radio Protective as- '.odatlon. He undertook this Job four years ago under suspicion of belnt? somewhat quixotic, for the group ho opposed was firmly established as a. most Important and able organization, In thu radio In- WIU.IAM HARKIDGl: CLEVELAND, May 1!7 (UP) — William llarrldue, since 1021 Its secretary, was cleclcrt president of the American League today to succeed the late Ernul Sargent Bar- iiird. SEEK-BflDTI Con-1 hlyh school. •|Parne]| j Governors' Conference i LI1TLE ROCK. Muy 27 (UP) — ||Govci:ior Harvey Pr.rnell will leave Saturday ,l<jr p^nch Lick. Ind., to |iHirud ihe annual three day con- Prominent New Orleans 1 '-"™* °' tlle goverilora ° r " ie 4 8 s , ? ,e., which Man Missing From Yacht!?" 1,"^' . V, i M ail \V| 10 " ' ° un ui ., x«- i". , r, - lmj JIrs - Charles F. Garrett. Alter Midnight rarty. : TI >L-Arkansas chief executive has u:t '" accorded a prominent place NEW ORLEANS. May 27. (UP) — Police launches and privale boa miles oil the O)d Spanish Fort on I the shores of Lake Ponelnrlvain • •in the conference program and has 11 " "" 1 BRINKLEY. Ark.. Nfay 27. (UP) —Southeast \fissouri and northeast Arkansas highway boosters met here at the second annual convention of the DeSolo Trail Association today. ' The opening session was attended by approximately 400 delegates representing many towns through which the trail passes. C. J. Chap- In of. Jonesboro. president of the association, presided at today's meeting. The association (Ic With Police and His Companion Recognized. „.,„.,, bccn -wlectcd to iVad a discourse! LITTLE ROCK, May 27. (UP) — searched the water 'todaT I'm?" ! on 5tat2 8 OVL ' r »m c mal administra- ! Chief of Detectives James A Pit-• ' •""•' H '»licy. ;cock told the United Prc*; toriay the governor's abycncc that Virgil Gregory. 31. who was Governor Lawrence E.: slain in o gun battle with Little uden will take charge Rock police Tuesday, and Cecil Van the governor's olfice. j Antwerp, 29, have been "positively | identified" as the two men who ikidpaycd R. K. Necl, North Little i Rock groccryman, and .his family | two months ago. - !i I Those idenlifying the slain in:I and his companion who is held In I'Jail here in connection with the abduction are Neel, his wife, and . Elizabeth Heard. Memphis. wJ-.o was | visiting the Neels at the tinui Highway Boosters In Session At Rrinklpv for t!lc boj - v of nichllrcl M - KHIS, • ™ l!en ""' uov ; Cession At oririKiey coUon mcrchnnt A , u \. iuon of camu • inent here. of airalrs al l " Ellis pitched from the upper deck of the yacht Ottclia shortly after midnight today. He was one of 17 guesta aboard the boat o'.vn^d by W. S. Penick. Penick and lib crew of eight and the guests searched for the missing man and dories xvere lowered and [lie yacht circled the spol for several hours. Laler Penick ordered Ihe ynchl back to its anchorage and police boats were scnl to tV.e scene to take years ago to sponsor Ihe highway which cuts across northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri. Several members of the Arkansas slate highway commission will address delegates during the day. up the search, formed two One of the guests said they Hearing On Leachville Privilege Tax Saturday Hearing on the action by two ,T6nesboro_firms contesting the validity of the privilege license ordinance of thn town of Leachville vill b3 before Chancellor J. . M. Futrcll at Paragould. Saturday. The Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling company ai:d the Auto Ports company of tint, city arc the plaintiffs In the action attacking the valid- cruised for a short time after the man went overboard on (he belief lie was swimming near Ihe boat. His wife was one of the guests aboard. GETS 1TO Ml . . . _ loiiih Lonvicled tor Death 1 Eunice Mobcl Mason, is. also of f P' 1 U'ni n r~r -i i M«"iphU. who was with Greeory Ot bin Will Be hllglble at the time he was killed, commit) Paralp in 9 Mnnrr.<: ' U<x1 lo b(> Ilcld ttxiay nllllo »3 h '"> 10 1 tllOie in / IVlOnms. , charges had been lo'Jged against n . , D . Lmver > s DOimrt Fnr ror VALPARAISO. Illd., May 27. (UP —Virgil Kirkland. 20, Gary athlete. wns sentenced today to from one j to ten years In Ihe reformatory for Ihe death of Arlcnc Draves. 18. dur- ; ing a drinking parly to which he es- Icorted her last November. • ' Ill<igo Oranl Criimpacker pro- nounccd the sentence under the - i verdict of the jury which convict- EL DORADO. Ark.. May 27 (UiV.ed Kirkland last nlijlu of assault — J. T. Pick'er. employe of a local and battery with intuit to commit oil company who is charged with. rape. manslaughter in connection with! Kirkland probably will be taken the death of Nina Boyce, 6, result- to the reformatory at Pendlelon lo- Ing from injuries, suffered when morrow. He will become eligible for she was run over by "a truck drlv- | parole at Hie end of nine months. en by Picklcr. was bound over to ! Proscculor Robert G. Eslil. Gary. Ihe September term of Union ; announced the slate would oppsse ! her. Chief Pitcock said she would be held for further Questioning re- Eardlng the activities of Gregory nnd Van Antwerp. Following her arrest Miss Mason told officers the two men had executed numerous holdups here and in North Litlle Rock. Commander. Byrd Comes lo Gob's Aid in Scufflo BOSTON, May 27 (UP)- Sailor Georee Haley of the U. S. s Wnlnwrigltt was escorting n g i r from Boston Common in the earl) morning hours when a civilian bystander passed a "wisecrack." Sailor Haley stopped suddenly, glued at the loiterer and asked for confirmation of what he thought he had heard. The remark was repealed and immediately a (1st right ensued No novice at the art of fist fighting the sailor held his own temporarily, but when his adversary restored to biting and kicking tactics duslry. He Is not a radio expert, but ci corresjiondent. la«-ycr or a foimcr war FEflR FJIfl LIVES OF ' the gob found himself In Plight. a sorry It was at this slate lhat an expensive coupe stopped at a nearby curb. Out hopped a middle sized fellow wearing a blu,; uniform and cup resplendent with gold lace. He addressed Sailor Haley. "What's up. can I help you. boy?" The sailor sloprvd fighting, stared and said nothing, but took his girl by the arm and hurried away. His opponent likewise vanished. Patrolman James V. Stanton, a late arrival, recognized the s old friend R,?ar Admiral Richard E. Byrd. "I just stepped In to see that the navy didn't take a licking", Ihe admiral smilingly explained. PJTTSBUTtGH.— Joe Davenport, of West Newton, knows his Dible. The 60-year-old man has read Ihe book through 37 times In his life. Davenport is true type of the o!d school. He rides a bicycle everywhere he goes, and refuses to be modernized. Bounty grand jury by Municipal Judge G. W. Jones ttxiay. Prckler ily of the privilege license code of! «as freed under a $1000 bond the town passed by the Lcachvllle I council In 1928. Under the terms of the ordinance the plaintiffs, among other types of businesses, must pay privilege license for the privilege of selling their products (n Leachville. Nclll Reed, local attorney, has been retained as counsel by the town of Leachville while Lamb and Adorns will rcprcsrnl tlie Jonesboro firms. Kirkland's release before Ihe max-1 imum of his term expires. Canton Government Is Object o' Expedition NANKING, China. May 27. (UP) —The government controlling canton, Ihe seat of the revolutionary movement against the nationalist reilnie. was declared illegal today by the central political council anil a punitive expedition was ordered to suppress it. Rich Radium Deposit ADMONTON. Alberta. (UP) — | What Is said to be the richest: TAMS Win PRORPFR radium deposit in the world 11«| OTTAWA. fUP)'-No longer will nt Great Bear Lake. 12M miles Ihe 18 members of the nSrv o . ,1. *t FrjmndlnH IH tU*. VT«~lt. n . _- . "Million* ul north of Edmonton, In the Norlh- vwsl Territories. Tests taken by Premier Dennett ride around In expensive automobiles. The gov- Dr. J. A. Allan, head of the De- eminent has decided lo sell all au- parlment of Geology at the, Unl- tomobiles allcltcd for use by mem- verslty of Alberla. rivcal that the bers of the cabinet. Each mln- valuc of the ore found Is near Icier instead will receive $2000 a W.iOO a inn; | year for laxl furfs. Booneville Fanner Is Killed by Lightning BOONEVILLE, Ark., May 27. (UP —Lightning struck and instantly killed Charles Phillips. 30. while he was working In a field near here lale yesterday. He was working with his wife and two neighbors all of whom e,=ca]>cd Injury. FLASHES NEW DIKING STYLE BERLIN, .May 21. (L'PI-Cap- taln Frank Hawks, who slartfd from Paris this morninj lo have breakfast In London, lunch In Berlin and dinner back In I'arls, landed here at 1:40 p. in. on schedule. After having lunch Hanks l«ft for I.cBourget al 3:12 p. m. LIKE MB.VT—YET ISN'T BOSTON. (UPI—A Boston scientist has developed a new condiment, which when spread over olhcr meatless dishes In the form of pawder, Imparts the flavor of red meat. The condiment Is prepared by boiling gluten from wheat flour, with strong hydrochloric acid, then neutralizing with soda and allowing [he resulting salt to erystallze. This is thru pulverized. MARTIAL I..1W DECLARED SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain. May 27. (UP)—A slate of marllsl law was declared here today lo prevent dlsordtr on the par! of striking fUhcrmtn. TO FORM NEW CABINET WARSAW, Poland, May 27. (UP)—Colonel Alexander Prystor wa« d«l/rna(«l today by President Ijnacy Mo^clckl lo form a nrw cahlnrt to replace licarl- nl by Vakriin SU«k. End Near (or Million , Dollar Liquor Ring KANSAS CITY. May 27 (UP) — Federal prohibition afcnls expected lo complete th.?lr task today of smashing n so called million dollar liquor syndicate operating in the south and southwest. Eighteen months of investigation was climaxed by raids resulted In the ar- rcst of 20 men. Arson Suspect Fires Cell in Lepanto Jail LEPANTO. Ark.. Mav 27-Maggle Barger, held In jail here charged with arson In connection with the burning of a garage owned by Joe Severs, set fire to h?r cell late last "Ight. The eight prisoners were Believe .Scientist and Com- nanion on Flight Are Dead in Altitude Altempl PARTENKIRCHEN. BiU'arln Way 27 (UP)— Professor Augustc Plccard's balloon wn.s sighted at 5 n. m. today at an altitude of 4 MO meters. 13.120 feet, and remaining in a stationary position. Aeronautic authorities were astonished thai Professor Plccard had not nulled lite' rip cord which would rc!oa.w the gns In the bag rind cause descent. They expressed fear that he and his companion Charles Kipfer were dead. Onlv enough oxygen vital lo sustain lite at lhat altitude wns carried in the cage for ten hours and late todav that time limit wa« long passed. Tlic balloon was going east by northeast toward mountainous district with thunderstorms threatening. Officials of the lilcdllnger Balloon works al Augsburg which built the balloon were perturbed. They realized the scientists flew for a part of the time before reaching the upper altitude without drawing on the oxygen supply, but estl- nilted the supply was exhausted by now'. Most of the afternoon Ihe balloon drifted back and forth over southern Germany, making no ap- paent effort to descend, so It was supposed Ihe occupants either were dead or unable to do so. rescued and the fire extinguished, Some suffered from the smoke. PHUT IN LOU a n d Ihomas, Shipman Crowder Claim ScoU';-| Wns Guilty Man in Theftii Trial of (liiec former employes-SI of the First National bank of .'lhl!j ; jl city on charges of conspiracy; 1 In,-ji.I connection with o. shortage of ap- 'Kl ircshnalcly $50.000 In the ''s-^l funds, was underway i In . federal y\ court nt Jonesboro this att°riiooh; J t-|l E. li. Thomas;'former, assistant SI cashier, J. E. shtpnian, bookkeeper, 'and Ardcn C ,..„, al one time an employe of 'tho-'.-Jij bookkeeping drparlmcn,', are 'the defendants. - '•','•',-"• Ira Mack at-Newport, Ark.; as-v?. slstant U. S. attorney, charged 1 !^ '-• I lite opening statement to the' Juryf¥-5| tliRt tesliinony would show'.that" "^ all lluec of the UefcndanU'drcw ^.•. cliccks In March and April at--\92S~ lhal were never charged against their iicccimls. it would develop, the prosecutor said, that, .when the checks were llslcd each day they were iclurned by Ihu pivot bpo'k- : keeper, first. Crowder ,'and' theii- ShliHiinn, to the defendants.''Scbtt;. former cashier who has 'entered; guilty pleas to three charges, piac- cd checks for over-drafts which had amounlcd to S1G.OOO In a: safe- . - ty deposit vaylt'Ui tlje'fall of W*8'-\i •-' "-- embrezlcmenl v .coiitlnucct--' ! EnS LINE HERE IS Contract Let for Extension •-"">-"<»"" ^ uvlJuiuv VUHIB JJ, UJ( . JJ,,^ yj rrom Memphis Did Not n ! !l1 Ulc ^mbEKicmcni,:c6nUn T tin- r> • afterwards, the prosecutor said,'imA-'^ Include KlVer LrOSSlhg. til Shlpman nnd.thomas destroyed.-3 ' the phrr-kt: nn th« finv Mia imiiv.' t MEMPHIS, Tcnn.—Although a contract wrurlct yesterday for.the IfonslriiclLon of a natural gas line into 'western Tennessee, from the Memphis terminal of the pipe line from Monroe, La., thn proposal to "cross the Mississippi and serve Blytheville and extern Airkansa^ Is not Included in . the 'project,' It was satd'todav.-- / ' ' v The project which calls for an outlay of 14,000,000 does not include Ihe proiioscd river crossing or the extension from Brownsville lo Hiimbolt, Tenn. The gas line will run from Memphis to Rlpley and thence cast to Jackson, Cov- Ington and •Uiownsvllle. lion will start soon. Construc- t hns been generally believed that once gns was piped to Rlpley, Tenn., It wolikl Ire routed across the Mississippi nt a point near Ashporl Ferry, inorlll of I-uxora and lines run north and soutli to serve Blytheville and towns In this section. • No information was available as to the probability of the extension to Arkansas here today. Dispatches from Memphis yesterday staled that the Arkansas line was included In the contract let at Memphis but the denial was made this morning. Find Third Deposit Box Of Slain Political Boss third safety deposit box was round today by Investigators of the murder of Charles Crawford, political boss, and Herbert Spencer, lewspaperman. of which David H.I?" 1 ' 1 ' Cr C"«icr was Informed;'hfs --'¥ 31ark. candidate for municipal ludgc, Is accused. Discovery of the third box was made by HaroM L. "Buddy" Davis, attorney for Crowford's widow. The box was said to be In the Providence Loan Association. Court Dismisses Suit To Prevent Big Fight CLEVELAND. May 21 (UP)—A taxpayer's suit to halt the Max Schmeling-Yo;ing Striblmg heavyweight title fight July 3 on claim It would attract a "violent assembly" was denied and the petit! >i: dismissed by Common Pleas Judge Thomas M. Canady (oday. Davis Indlcalcd Ihe box would not le available for Inspection until tomorrow as Ihe necessary officials could nol be galhered before then ' i permit its being opened. After Crawford died It was ru- nored "Charley had plenty of political dynamite stored "away safety deposit boxes." WHAT COULD HE DO HOUSTON. (UP)— Trie city police station lells the story of a Houston gambler who brought a slrange problem In to be solved. He was playing stud poker and held ] four sevens, He thought he had ( the pot won. but when he wont to rake It In, ho found he had an.-. other stayer. Having no more mon- LARGEST TORPEDOES LONDON.—Two ships, the NeMn nnd Rodney, have ley to bet, he Journeyed across the been fitted with what are said to [town to borrow. $300 from a friend, « Ihe largest torpedoes in the promising to pay $50 interest the world. These deadly projectiles! next day. Returning, he bet the 4500 '' to find Ms opponent held four measure two feet In diameter and 'ibout 30 feel In length. They will travel at a sprrrt »' about M hour. miles eights. He asked police what he could . do about It and Ihey told him to "urin and btar It: admitted that small overdrafts I exj-^s islcd against the accounts of the' ' defendants but claimJd.(hat.(t was": their intention to repay th"ls money ..-». and. :that this was partially fill- ; S filled. . ' . -. •':•' •, - - ^ Blame Former Cashier V >'•!' Scott, who has entered pleas of•:*• gullly to charges of false entry, eon? ; ' splracy and embezzlement, was. pic- ^• lured as n trusted anci respected --* omcer of (he banh in the eyes of ": : the defendants, by W. Leon Smith; counseJ for Thomas and Shlpman. -U. H» declared lhat- the. olher- men "=• followed Scott's directions. Allhcnivh '"" Thomas followed Slilpman to tlie basement of the bank building -. when the checks, which Scott Tfid ",'•earlier secreted were dcstroyed^.he "'" did Hot aid In the destruction,- his counsel contended. . T-, • Crowder's connection with-thc case was traced by Z..B. Harrison', his attorney. He said that Crowder had left the employ of the bank on Jan. 30, 1030 with an .overdraft in his account of $264. He had made" no effort to conceal tills overdraft and after leaving the bank placed two notes, one for $200 and one for • $100 with Scott, which he assumed would be used to pay off hts ovcr : draft and was not aware that it had not been taken up until ,tho shortage developed, attorney lawyer contended, that the checks vere handled like those of any oth- :r customer or director of the bank In lhal overdrafts were carried as cash items. ' • -.-••; Shlpman had a number of checks against his account but in August, In Officers Will Leave To Reiurn Perry Suspect EAGLE RIVER, W:s.. May 27 i UP)—Sheriff William McGregor, Sr., of Villas county, and Houston W. Parker, Lac Du Flambeau resort operator, were enroutc for San Francisco today wllh extradition warrants for the return of a man held there as George \V. E. Perry, bigamist and accused* slayer of Mrs. Cora Bell Hackett-Perrv. Even Gambling Drops MONTE CARLO — The recent world-wide ;buslness depression has also influenced the.income of the famous casino here, figures of the last fiscal ytar reveal. The annual report of the council shows that after medlnj all expenses and carrying over a substantial sum for gambling during Ihe current year, about $200.000 was dtstrlbuUxi flmon? stockholders. This is a small amount compared to past disburse ment* to „ -. — ..» vuv ,J, f\U3Ufck, 1030. he had started out to clean up his overdraft and had reduced his overdraft from lhat time on. •' A. E. Scolt. former cashier, who entered his third plon of guilty this niorninj. was expected •• to prove, the principal state's 'witness In the case ngairat the other thrie " men ..... Scott entered a, plea of guilty this morning lo (he major count of embezzlement In the indictment asalnst him. H2 had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to illegally take money from, the bank and lo false enlry. Although the charge to which the formcV cashier enlerod lite plea, alleged embezzlement of approximately $43,COO, Scott's attorney stated that the ex-cashier actually admitted inly a small part of the embezzlement. The. caw was called, by Judge Martlncau at 11 o'clock this inom- (Conlinued on Page Two) WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. According to th° official weather Observer. Charles Phillips. Jr., Use maximum temperature here ycj- terday *8s 81 degrees and the minimum. 71 desr«s, clear, Today .a year ago th= maximum temperature was 84.degrees and the mlnl- iiiurii, r

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