The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 11
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_TUUKSDAY, JANUARY 2, 19-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Minimum Ob*eet R n~ 1 tii»« p«r llao _ ..... --------- ?6o 2 tlmei pctr Un< Mr 3»y l"c 3 UHIM per Hue per Jw ---- " — 5c 0 tlrati per line per d»y ""r"" 7c li licae« lier line per day 5C Month p«r Itae ... . ' . 900 »5'""j * ivetaje words to Ills Hue. Ad ordered for lluce or six times ana stopped before expinuou win De chirk- ed Tor tlij number of lliucs the ad u)l- 1 A',, abd "^"sli'ient of bill made. All Ccissf/led Advertising copy ml)- nilllea by persons residing outside of tlie my must tie accompanied by casli. Hates iiiHy LJO easily comjmted Iroiu the above table. Advertising order for Itrciular Itiscr- JkY'JJs takes the one lime rale. VNO responsibility will bo taken tor more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Sale Hltel oil birrrl ram. BIjlteTlllo M»chine Shop. CaU 282a. 1 lllfl'Ck-tf "uilfw built Vtotll.u blludi—1) upe colon. Three week'* delivery. Uekl'l l'«l«t * Willjiiptr Klore. 1017-ck-tl •l*»« toyer for your fcom«. H. 0. Campbell I'lioce <i« — 2930. Ollice 120 SonU B«o«d lOlS-ck-if 100 u,r,s jjood nr.aRa and Ic-srodeKi tiay lor tale. I'iionc 809. 1 2-1 l-L>lfl| 11 new KJn'ii Fuai". Services l>JnliiiX ( Rt'il paper liBQiftiii,*. J. li. I'l W " )lr .' ]l . > '" 1 d'>tk roiialr -- Quick »'>•«! -Multi Slri-fi. 0 ' '* W^Y-uk- Tractor repair* «nd wrrlce, blectrlc and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phont 884. 8-16-ck-W '"bict M«cr>Ui» MITlct— We repair ill type« wiiliing mtckluei tenardlOii ol klurl o'f condition. Alio tar inJ .ell, ,iickiip ,r,d deliicr. HljllinllK Macklnt Slio;>. OlV-ok-tl MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Bldg., Blvthevilte. 9-23-ck-M yiin- lauinlry. fjuilts, ruj:s «lr uhOu.l Family \va-lii n! ; viMifl, ,| r) . uf finisl,, .L ALsi> rouiu fi)i- ill viii,. I'lnihi's I I \" »,. l.:il :i .. Willie l>;.|| Or,.,,,, Office Safe for Sii!c. Uriind new Schwab Office Safe. Never Used. Can he seen al 109'East Main Street or call J. Mell ISroi.ks. Jr., at telephone 811. ll'.-28-ck-tf Wcallior slri])|jiii!>. Save fuel by having doors and win-! (lows wealhcrsiripiied. ('. i E. Wiggins, f>12 N. 10th. 1 Phone 2293. 12-:!I-i>k-l-:,i tost PJA'TTIEVILLR (AUK.) COURIER Truck for sa!c: ton and a half extra duly liM2 Chevrolet. In perfect condition. Will sell cheap. Can he seen by appointmcnl. Telephone SI I or 2M7. lli-d. Irailer will] .lollies ami lircs- 1 lanilrrn « illi ilrni|;bt axle; t n-fi. »r iriirk br-d. stru-k jind Ion- !,iili'l;onrd^ .SVf Sim StoeJ. Lcachvillc. '1',-lin «[ hor^Ps — >v^K«il. Culllvator. • liM'. Itulijiw plniiU'i, walking ]il;i,,t- IT. Chain liir.'. 11. K. .Mvrtor, Hi. 2. lli.v .MS. Hljtlu-vill... l^iill pk-l;;i fid,, lur^p Moiw's circiil.-t('»r liffltrr — t-'OO!! , <unlilinn. Al>y ,,n ( . ],ri.-\v!ir liv INK /inn,, Miiu". I'lionc :u:;n. ___ lt>;:ll.|.k.l|T:17 One Cushman Motor Scooter with windshield and accessories, inA-1 condition. One new 8 foot stainless steel, dry storage drink hox. K. 15. Gee Sales Co. 12-27-ck-7 5 rooms and bati; on \V. Davis. Needs minor repairs. This house can be made iulo nice iiome. r.arjje garden spate and good servant house. .Modern home, 5 rooms and bath, equipped with attic fan, hot water heater, automatic floor fmnacc. Im- *fc mediiife possession. Combination grocery, fruit stand, and meal, market, well equipped and doing fine business. Priced fo sell. See or call Max Logan, Realtor, Office in l.ynch lildg., 1'Jione 203J. 12-23-ck-l--I I'lj ..... "Ill r.iacl,. Call SSI tliv ' ( >-!,., r»i.. ;,| ,]i,i. Drown •* Slor' ~ n.- pair J.T,,,,1 ra ,,l,.« lr itl, hanK^v 1 IJ Ir.n liih-rnnlioiinl Iriirk; Unrli,r v,.,- tiiin !,:,,, ,.n: .lol.n !),.!.„. tr.iili-r with i-lmli. )>,•,! [iinl Mimr c,, r ,i / M j lc . Oil,-,-, rniinir,, II:uii,.y-s Kioro. r, inilp< ^.UHFl^ll^lliuhw.-!)' (il. t\i iU'.inlf fttlin, K|. Krnncis Kivor ..... i lanil. H>'< acr.'s >„ ciillivalion. ],nm,.,li.n.. im^i-ision. Call iir wrilo II. .Vf. Cooli'j- Ji.iu.ilioro. Arknn,.... r»il lir.-iU'r $100 Call 7K, , .-< it. in. I.. T. Huniliain HIack male Cocktr Spaniol named Rex. Recently trimmed, oversize collar .,vi(h rabies lag. Liberal reward for return to Or. A I. |,. Skaller, phone 28!l(i. 12 2S-c)c-l-4 Wanted To Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. (Jet the top price for your car or truck from PHILMPS MOTOR CO. Today. __ __ 6-3-ck-tf Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll conic and get it. Wade Aulo Salvage. North Hiwy (il, phone -.'!785. 12-2(i-i)k-l-y(; STOP! Is Your Car a Menace? Don'l drive a car llm'.ili'ii.s vfiur life , ln ,i «||, 0 rs, (oo! lirinn il Iiy.|'hilli|>s today siiul trade il in on a later l!)li or 19.12 model. You'll ride heller, foe! m,;re comfortable and be safer . . . ,,l, IS (],„( vou ( .. U| (|<; . pond oc, Phillips to K ive you a fair trade! WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—fflythevllle, Ark. Tel. <5S—8721 NOTICE Notice is herebv given that At-oii Anderson. 43 0 E. Davis, Blythcville, Ark. has made aiiplication. to 0 ]>- eratc a car for hire in the City of Blythcville. i Any and all protests should be in writing and filed within ten clays in u, c office or the Citv Olerk. PRANK WHITWORTH City Clerk 1 2-1 U For Rent Coi"lort:il;le room fur ri-nt I'lion,. "(ITT. U'fll ,,)..!jll Loans Kec Amateurs Excel MINNEAPOLIS <UP)-Mi nncso . Us 4,03rj beekeepers are second In Honey pjocluciic'i ihrousjliout the iiaiioii rfeopite the fact 'that two- thu-ds of them itj-c air.atmirs the state association of apiarists claims 1 he average Minnesota bee colouv numbers about 75,000 bees. Free. Electric. West inghouse. desk model sewing machine. Excellent condition. Priced to sell SI 25. 81.'! West Ash. 1-2-ck-l-D FARM LOANS </ Low Interest J Long- Term 1/ Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service t RAY WOR7HINGTON Sen-ins This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd nijlheville, Allc. AMalai kh, lf , lc /.„ •n,. r, ud «.,i.i ,„,„„„„ C „, tldon for, r«nl. Entire itcond door nt 138 K. ll«lo. IVIr.iio en- lr»ic«. Ttnelisn Vllndi. . I'kooe 8U1. "Pis" Angel Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. rhone 1-07J 200-08 W. nra Automobile T.oans Convenient Way to UO:TOW COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE. TAXES and Insurance, Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK. Confidential Servjce Universal C. I. T. Credit Company 116 N. Second St. Blytheville, Ark. 1213-.-lr.-li3 "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SAKDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20flf> W. Main St. Plione 3617 HerpWalntMf ..1.I; • M ,..,,„ ,, lr ,,,,,,,., y | S|| , u , |( X] 4(1 ' ""'III Ili-umliriy. I'lionii ailOll *"l« >l<>l!ta. m« "w 1 nlT l ~Ml!i~ir» fM 1 "'li-jifi.J.'(loint mlsry. full' «r »n- C'C ... I1UW»,,.I Porvl,-' Kt«0, 'MI.. """i. I'l ..... c Slri-lo ni-'2'J ivin-(K-if . l" ••'-i.. I'ri'f lu Iriiv.'!, cli«t».n<ii«il. ,''.' H"iMii. Cullrni-iihi mill rvl.»ii. 11 " ;l ..... itii'ii j'^iil. IV A. tlon.niKI ";'•-';!! M -la.t S..,, .Mi-, Kr, ..... „ Hoi,.!. ^";]' ! UI..MH -HIS ,>,• I,)'J. X ............ ^.' " _ II 1^ I ' I ; yuLliiir l,M>n. H |o 'J:, /u,,. •'»'! I" rliiiM.i. Cullf ..... l.i ui,l il Ti'iiil-i ..... itliiul |..H.I f | In. »0 "' ..... Ill' l» Mull Si'K Mr Kia- "<-M,. lli.lrl It ........ .« X,, '.lllv Hi-nWi'.l U-M Hi';-'., I l.i ,t r.onif ]>|.sl:inoig Moving nl lM t , »,,,i dniijuneui. Atlc- """""> irniillnu 1 oini! .Sorvli-e * Hlorajj Co. I'llMIII. ^B U 1 Illrtlis Oulinco l>f:illis SALT l.AKK CITY (UI'V-Tf y<»l winii in live 11 loiij! llini> cuine to Ululv FiRines of the ledi'la! litl-j iciiu i>f census shmv Unit ifi.U'lO 1 bal>:c:i wei<. born i,, u,,, slll ( p | llst , .vein while lhen> wi'i'e onlv S,I-M di'iulis. !£Mr. Slnilt.U.ikcr. Chjiinpi.ln soilnii ('ill SKI iu-i«-i>i.ii s .in.i .-,. i L' pi,- i:;t 1 W.irtii Mornin.c^. Vlionc .12:iO. .Iriini I'r.vl Ttit,.rntilirtiinl Cotton ll.«- r.Mv .,,,,1 i,, A .| Token l/p Tune in Prudential Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKKC WASHER SERVICE Phillip Fiel T * eim * C!e»tt«rs, Fans, itona ••< smill Afpli»nccj Kepilred ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W AOAMR M»r. Pbo»» 1011 tm-an w. Main Al my r.-irm IV.- mill's fist nt Hlvllio- vill... ^ sv»M.-il «hr>:H». unit :i rr.l slinfllp. \V.-i^'li[ nt^nil 100 Ihv pncti. .'i iv SinnlfifriiTMi. pti-nii- 7ni4 1!'23 Dk IVl Wonted fo Rent I,, X'O afrfs tr.irtor l;in,l. Cut], or r.i], ri'M. Tan fnr.iWi inynolf. Wrili! 'iv H. II.. r >, CtinritT News. ' Situation Wanted ,,i IKIIISC ^vo^k Call 'J^.'iil. I ^ i»k-l / f- * ; : f_ I.ct Us Help You— STOP DRINKING There is no medico! remedy Jor > drink . . . but we can help you J resist its influence! No cost '.o ycni i —only co-operation. • ' .HJST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous ! Box 813—Blyllicvillc, Ark. 1 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL GALL ANYTIME /IIMU ANYTIME Day or NijrM LVO7 Day or Night "The Old Reliable" 2089 2 Old Relis G. O. POETZ Your Source of PETROLEUM le Service PRODUCTS Offiie •Kit al Cherry How's Your Car Calendar? You may have winterized your car at the start of the season, bur has it been serviced since that time? Why not bring your car in to Langston-Wroten today? ... See if the transmission grease is at the proper level, check oil, give it the proper grease job all over . . . it'll run better in appreciation! i Langston-Wrofen Co. Sale*—BUICK—Servlc. U> S " Tlr " Mobilgq, and Oil .WKECKBK BBKVIC1 ffminot ft Broaiwm Tete»h<»« M« Phone 2882 for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Miirsli, Owner GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 We Repair All Make Radios LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. J. ,O. Lentz Dub Sizcmore RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY tllnlc 514 Main, BIythr.vlllc. Ark., Phone 2921 Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Cooler* Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Delivery CALL Stcclc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE EI.US 1'OOU:, OWIMT ,t- Mc Illliliu-ny (11 Nnrtli nl HOI.I,,\NI), MO.. PAGE ELEVEN „ Don't Gamble on Smooth Tires JUST RECEIVED _ Large stock tires and tubes. All cor and truck sizes. SEIBERLING LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Texaco Gai & OH§ 301 W. Walnut Phpni 57| Klive Mom-j-. Td.lriy, ,\ny Dnj." STOP AND SWAP KI.IIKKT HUFFMAN'S •101 1!. Main I'lione 859 Vou Must Uc Happy nr Ni> Dual RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Arty Make or Model 1 to 2 r>;iys Service . He CnJI For and Deliver! PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service 106 South First DON EDWARDS "The Tvprwrltcr Man" HOYAL. SMITH. COKO.NA :unl RKMlXdTOX 1'OHTAIJI r 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE MH2 (livery Transaclion MUST HE SATISFACTORY! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES F O R S A L E Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwv. fi1 nt Stale Line IMione Itlyllicvillu 7M PRESCRIPTIONS Freah Stock Guaranteed liast Prlcea Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service Fred L»wler ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adanu, Mitr. Iioiw ;:OTI 2M-QS w. M»ln W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phont 3545 Announcement — We Are Now Equipped to • • • Give You Complete REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop 328 K. MAIN James Kiisscll rnoNE 87* Dan Russell BY EDGAR MARTIN K1D01NS ! ^HV, I HlRRClflLOUSi r\E''5TCDBIFIl' ' I OUR OftytV •=ItKKIHt. I wvmoTOOTH i FRECKLES ANB HIS FRIRNDS BY MERRIIL BLOSSEP ISM r An } PLACES AMD Sr?/u " SHouuDivrruMOR- . E5TI,\(ATe THE BOY THAT WAY • US W.'SHr SURPR66 YOU;

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