The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on August 31, 1993 · 25
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 25

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1993
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Tuesday, August 31, 1993 B-9 Home (JE)ntertainment SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER KIDS from B-l Kids TV gets a 'toon-up Sept 18, 3 p.m.) The acclaimed science show for 6- to 12-year-olds started out on cable's Learning Channel (which will still air em- sodes). Paul Zaloom stars as the wise-cracking Beakman, who ex-nlains scientific ohenomena in memorably unorthodox ways. ABC (Channel 7) "CRO" (premieres Saturday, Sept. 18, 7 a.m.) The first commercial broadcasting project from the Children's Television Workshop ("Sesame Street"), CRO is an animated series about an 11 -year-old Cro-Magnon boy, designed to introduce scientific and technological concepts to kids 6 to 11 years old. "Sonic the Hedgehog" (Saturday, Sept. 18, 8 a.m.) Jaleel White, Urkel on "Family Matters," provides the voice of the title character in this animated series based on the popular video game. "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" (Saturday, Sept. 18, 9 a.m.) An animated (and supposedly less violent) version of "Tales from the Crypt," HBO's humorous horror anthology. "CityKids" (Saturday, Sept. 18, 10:30 a.m.) A live-action series for young teens about the "concerns and challenges of urban teen-age life." A co-production of Jim Henson Productions, "City-Kids" also features a new generation of Muppet characters. PBS (Channel 9) PBS finally unveils new episodes of "Barney & Friends," which should come as a relief for parents who can't bear the thought of sitting through "Four Seasons Day" one more time. KQED (Channel 9) premieres the new episodes starting Monday, Sept 27 (9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., weekdays, and 9 a.m. on Sundays). KTEH (Channel 54) also starts the new episodes on Sept. 27 (8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., weekdays; 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Saturdays; 8 a.m. Sundays). Syndicated "Bonkers" (premieres Monday, Sept 6; airs weekdays at 4:30 p.m., Ch. 44) Disney's animated series about a Hollywood 'toon cop. "Disney Presents Bill Nye the Science Guy" (premieres Sunday, Sept. 12, 11 a.m., Ch. 44) Science teachercomedian Nye tries to make science fun using music video parodies, cool graphics V stuff. "Xuxa" (premieres Monday, Sept. 13; airs weekdays, 8:30 a.m., Ch. 20) This children's variety show, starring Brazilian ex-model Xuxa (pronounced "Shoo-sha"), is already a big deal in Europe and Latin America. "The New Adventures of Speed Racer" (premieres Saturday, Sept 18, 9:30 a.m., Ch. 20) A weekly animated update of the '60s series - J. '! . S 81. fvV-y I A iiiiffliiii :1 I .i:Y l If . & -. Show" (Disney Channel, beginning; Monday, Oct. 4; airs Monday-Wednesday, 6 p.m.) Actually, it's an old series, but some of the episodes haven't been seen in 20 years. "Madeline" (Family Channel, premiering Sunday, Sept 12, 6 p.m.) The spunky heroine of Ludwig Bemelmans classic children's books gets her own animated weekly series. "Rocko's Modern Life" (Nickelodeon, premiering Sunday, Sept 26, 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.) "Loo-ney Tunes" meets "Ren and Stim-py" in this cartoon series about an Australian wallaby transplanted to surreal O-Town, USA. "Disney Presents Bill Nye the Science Guy" premiering Sept 10. about a boy and his Mach-5 racer. "Biker Mice From Mars" (premieres Sunday, Sept 19, 9 a.m., Ch. 44) An animated series that hopes to launch the rodent answer to the Ninja Turtles. "EX0SQUAD" (premieres Sun day, Sept. 19, 9:30 a.m., Ch. 44) Robby Benson ("Beauty and the Beast") is one of the voices in this animated action series about young crime fighters, circa 2119. Cable "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy June Allyson sues in commission dispute ASSOCIATED PRESS LOS ANGELES Actress June Allyson is suing comedian Marty Ingels, saying he is harassing her over a commission for arranging her appearance in adult diaper commercials. "This is unbelievable!" Ingels said Monday after learning of the lawsuit filed Friday in Ventura County superior court. "I did my work and I made her a millionaire. She should be sending me a Candygram every day." The lawsuit alleges Ingels harassed and threatened Allyson and her husband, David Aahrow, over the commission. The couple deny owing Ingels any money. Radio Tuesday evening 3:55 p.m. KNBR (680 AM) Baseball: San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Graves 5.-00 p.m. KFAX (1 100 AM) Ufe Line: Walnut Creek attorney Pat Clancy defends parents falsely accused of child abuse and molestation 7:30 p.m. KALW (91.7 FM) Dialogue: New York University professor Denis Donoghue on "Revisiting the Wasteland" 8.-00 p.m. KQED (88.5 FM) Cleveland City Club: Architect Dan Kiley speaks on: "The Spirit of Man in the Landscape" 8:00 p.m. KKHt (95.7 FM, 1550 AM) Francaix: "The Rower Clock" Ravel: Valses Nobles et Sentimentales; La Valse Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, op. 78 ("Organ") Eduardo Mata, San Francisco Symphony, William Bennett (oboe), David Hggs (organ) 8:00 p.m. KDFC (102.1 FM, 1220 AM) Balakirev: Piano Concerto No. 1 in F-sharp Minor. David, English Northern Philharmonia, Malcolm Binns (piano) Sibelius: Symphony No. 2 in D. Zubin Mehta, New York Philharmonic Wednesday daytime 10:00 a.m. KGO (8 10 AM) Ronn Owens Show: John Newlin, executive director of the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic 1 1:30 a.m. KPFA (94. 1 FM) In the Galleries: Marilyn Hagberg and curator Kathy Berrin discuss interpretations of the Art of Teohuacatan exhibit now at the de Young Museum Noon KALX (90.7 FM) Think Tank: Prof. Bernard Williams of Oxford University talks about his new book, "Shame and Necessity" Night owl selections Early Wednesday 12:30 a.m. e Inside Edition Manhattan grifters. 30 mins. (CC) 72642 O Charlie Rose Danny Glover. 1 hr. (Repeat) (Stereo) 77994 mm Movie "The Learning Tree" 1969. 139130 1:00 a.m. O Entertainment Tonight Juliette Lewis. 30 mins. (Stereo) (CC) 10933 (D Movie "Brainstorm" BW 1965. 9353826 US) Movie "Meet Danny Wilson" BW 1952. 730178 IWE1 Movie "The Dark Angel" BW 1935. 105468 EBl Movie "The Gift" 1982. 649028 O (1:05) World News Now 48164284 (BED (1:10) Movie "Sleepwalkers" 1992. 96003994 1:30 a.m. O Later With Bob Cos- tas Filmmaker Jim Sheridan: host Chris Connelly. 30 mins. 13130 IM CNN 4 Co. 365888 final) Movie "The Poseidon Adventure" 1972. 537623 MBl Movie "Lovers" 1992. 3909997 0(1:35) Movie "Dancing in the Forest" 1988. 69929046 2:00 a.m. (HI The 700 Club 118807 mm (2:20) Movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" 1992. 32228975 2:30 a.m. O Nlghtslde 412642 SHD Movie "Kickboxer 3: The Art of War" 1992. 589371 CD (2:45) Movie "Go for Gold" 1984. 31654081 3:00 a.m. Q Movie "The Iron Triangle" 1989. 796915 rati Movie "Millionaire Playboy" BW 1940. 1104284 CED Talk Soup 974265 (MB (3: 15) Movie "Desert Kickboxer" 1992. 7301555 BS)(3:15) Movie "The Other Woman" 1992. 58314343 3:30 a.m. OA Current Affair Long-suffering husband wants her back. 30 mins. (CC) 42197 O World News Now 76178 itrcm Movie "Danny, the Champion of the World" 1989. 8359456 4:00 a.m. CD Movie "Tarzan's Hidden Jungle" BW 1955. 677468 fJD Inside Word 597265 BSD Movie "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama" 1987. 3403492 (HDHits, News Weather 718826 BE) (4:05) Movie "We Who Are About to Die" BW 1937. 26833772 69(4:25) Evening News From Moscow 69308265 4:30 a.m. O Up to the Minute 576130 Extreme Close-Up 975994 (HE) (4:35) Movie "Doctor Zhivago" 1965. 92150826 (M) (4:45) Movie "Cover-Up" 1991. 5308401 5:00 a.m. DAIan King 8232994 SO Call-In 24332449 (M) Movie "Intimate Power" 1989. 101994 (ED (5:20) Movie "The Guyver" 1992. 63020951 5:30 a.m. This Morning's Business Cable regulation. 30 mins. 780807 (HB Movie "Gateway" BW 1938. 305623 69(5:45) Call-in 38788062 6:00 a.m. Good Morning San Jose 10826 (HE Movie "All My Sons" BW 1948. 624178 SM) Women Aloud 9995807 LTD Talk Soup 815888 (EH) (6: 15) Movie "Thieves of Fortune" 1989. 86440197 WEDNESDAY DAYTIME IELEVISIO 0 utvii Momings on 2 73284 I Family Feud IWhoopI 1 Joan Riven (R) 52791 I Divorce I People's iNews (cc) (People's IJerry Springer: Louie iBeetlejulce I Inspector iMerrle ITom & Jerry Tlny Toon I Batman: Saved by IWavelength Goldberg Court Court 49178 Court Anderson. (R) 88555 7343 Gadget Melodies Klds Adv. ISeries the Bell 10 ikdam Toda:AuttaJaneMeara.(cc)68352 Regis & Kathie Lee: Alan John & Leeza: Garth Coneentra- News 5361 Jermy Jones (R) 64975 Another World (cc) 73623 Days of Our lives (cc) Gerakto: Transsexuals. (R) Maury Povich (cc) 3642 News 9081 NBC News 4KK0nl Thicke. 64197 Brooks. 54159 tlon 32449 1807 (cc) 78 UD1W This Morning: Mel Gibson, Nick Stahl ("Man Without Vkkll Playboy magazine. The Price Is Right 87401 The Young and the Rest- News Bo4d& As the Wortd Turns (cc) Guiding Light (cc) 81739 Jane Whitney (R) 19975 Golden Girts I Inside Edi- News 1081" CBS News SKPI a Face"), (cc) 44474 (R) 97449 less (cc) 94915 74888 Beautiful 13265 1333 tlon 1197 , Good Morning America: Shelley Fabares; changing Sally Jessy Raphael (R) Home: Shopping by mail. Loving (cc) Newe(cc) All My Children (cc) One Ufe to Live (cc) General Hospital 76807 Donahue (R) (cc) 37371 Oprah Winfrey (cc) 23178 News(cc) ABC News 7KG0 demographics of AIDS, (cc) 93062 82517 12197 32826 33555 22913 25343 71 3449 X ' 6265 aunrn Sesame Street (cc) I Mister I Sesame Street: James I Barney & Reading I Square One Sandtego? Club Con- Charlie Rose: Danny WlldAmer- I Frugal Served? IWIklAmer- MacNellLehrer News- Barney & I Sesame Street (cc) Sandlego? alwtu 66284 I Rogers Galway. (cc) 86642 Friends Rainbow TV nert Glover. (R) 61401 lea Gourmet Agalnl lca Hour (cc) 68265 Friends 87371 n 1mtw Good Morning America: Shelley Fabares; changing iMontel Williams (R) Home: Shopping by mail. Loving (cc) News All My Children (cc) One Life to Uve (cc) General Hospital 18807 Cheers (cc) I Hard Copy Star Trek: The Next Gen- I News 5449 ABC News "KW1V demographics of AIDS, (cc) 37420 26975 56555 58888 59517 96197 72517 3604 6623 eratton (cc) 72468 5994 1 a urvn. Tesoro iTelealDIa iNosotros B Chavo Chespirtto 55401 Papa iDr.Candido Rosangeltea 97401 Macarena 34371 Uevatelo 10791 De Frente al Sol 71975 Teniae Que Ser Tu 70387 Cristlna 10642 Notlclas v Mas 9420 14 HDTV Sabef 11081 Gomez 26064 Soltero Perez ' onncv Woodpecker The Jetsons Fllntstones Leave It to New Beaver I Mr. Little House on the Cagney & Lacey 23807 Peny Mason 69623 Streets of San Francisco Cannon: Valley of the In the Heat of the Night Magnum, p.l. (Part 1 of 2) Charlie's Angels- Antiaue lwhT 45555 I Beaver Belvedere Prairie 36371 78371 Damned. 98623 (cc) 33159 45994 Angels. 42246 Mister Barney & Sesame Street (cc) Amer. Gift of Paint- This Old I Collector Healthquest I European Disc. Psy- iDtec. Psy- Facets: Set- IWellfver Distant Lives 77739 Barney & I Mister Sesame Street (cc) Reading I Mac Nell ZZ HHCB Roger8 Friends 575081 Woodshop Ing House Cars Journal chotogy chotogy once 36951 Friends Rogers 1 76888 Rainbow Lehrer -eKTCI- News Sima-Y- Shepherd's Chapel God's Word Pastor D. James Robl- Peter Popoff Robert Tllton 44913 Chinese News 49807 Movie: "The Joe Louis Story" iPaid Pro- Academic California Music: Chuy llspettore Derrick 252888 L'ltalla Klah 16130 jAshena 193401 jEptey son (1953, Biography) 740333 gram Champ. Gomez. 351739 D' America ..... The 700 Club 59994 Paid Programming 12343 Movie: "Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of Family Feud I Paid Pro- Movie: "How to Break Up a Happy Divorce" Highway to Heaven (Part I Matlock: The Blues I Andy Griffith Paradise dB ftlcu theU-2Spy Incident" 84352 I gram (1976, Comedy) Barbara Eden. 29913 2 of 2) 51975 jsinger. (cc) 63710 Beach , u-uc Fare TV INATV Taiwan I Today's iPald Programming 25197 I Chinese Opera: (Man- Chinese Mlnlseries: (Man- Today's IPaid Programming 73517 IChlnese Showcase: (Mandarin) Learning Taiwan J KCNS 46178 Newswatch News Japan darin) 34333 darin) 94739 Japan 3801062 Chinese News , - Scenic Bible Morris DWache Beverly Marilyn I James Root-1 Coast to Coast 67831 Arthetene I Benny Hlnn Bountiful IJohnHagee Homel'd Life Lessons I Coast to Coast 68401 I Joy Junction Superbook I Celebrate I Accent on Hal Lindsay American 4Z KPCB Cerulk) 76569 Exercise HIckey son Rlppy Hamiony 1994 life Health 4739 Times aa iduu DuckTales Stunt NlnJa Turtles James Bond Widget Brady Richard Bey 89053 Montel Williams (R) Movie: "The Betty Ford Story" (1987, Docud- Perfect 1 Dennis Men- Chip 'N Dale Tale Spin Darkwing Goof Troop Growing Growing '"KBnH 27642 Dawgs Jr 88604 Bunch 22197 rama) Gena Rowlands. 85178 Strangers ace "9536 Duck 7555 Pains Pains ... Bugs Bunny y Daffy Duck 104642 Inch High Abigail 11623 Movie: "Us Interesadas" (1950, Spanish) Amalia Club Tetemundo 74555 iFellcldad 50975 Movie: "Los Amblciosos" (1959, Spanish) Waria Maria Laria 50826 Ocurrio Asl: Enriaue 48KSTS !L lAgullar, Ulia Prado. 71468 Felix. Victor Junco. 80555 " Gratas. 57178 , Capt. Planet I Yogi & iMomlng CNN News Paid Programming 264265 ICNNNews I Paid Programming Who's the Mr. Movie: "Phantom of the Mail: Eric's Revenge" iGerakto: Transsexuals. (R) Joan Rivers (R) 688401 MASH I Cheers iulvt'TT Friends Business 114536 Boss? BeKedere (1989, Horror) 'R' 485536 609994 221130 987284 ,.uu Mister Sesame Street (cc) Barney Shining I Reading I Long Ago Sandlego? Yan Can I De'Medlcl Sewing Con- Strip Quilt- Crawshaw I Magic of Oil ICallfomla's I Sesame Street (R) (cc) I Barney & Lamb" I Reading MacNellLehrer News- 54KTEM Rogers 723772 Friends Station Ralnbow Cook Kitchen nect'n Ing Oils Gold 1 139178 Friends Chop's Play Rainbow Hour (cc) 44604 n SmallBusI- Hawaiian I Imagination French In Art of the Western Work) Legal Cur- Sit and Be Aerobics Cookki' Business French in Earth Faces of Nova: Top Gun and iThls Old French In Organic Gar- Jerusalem Americas (Part 2 of 10) 60KC5IYI ness Quilting Action 46333 rents FH Cheap Law Action Revealed Culture Beyond, (cc) 79197 House Action den (cc) 84046 (6) Movie: "All My The Fugitive: Walls of O Hara, U.S. Treasury Rockford Rtes (cc) Movie: "Johnny Dark" (1954, Action) Tony Cur- The Fugitive 664802 Mrs. Cohimbo 227888 Rockford Files (cc) In Search Of 442975 The Face of Tutankhamun A&E Sons" 624178 Night. 221739 851994 972826 tis, Piper Laurie. 573604 463468 556517 Mmun Movie: "The Royal Famtty of I Movie: "rf You Knew Susie" Movie: "A Star Is Bom" (1937, Drama) Janet I Movie: "Sister Kenny" (1946, Biography) Ros- Movie: "Berlin Correspondent" iThlslsYour Movie: "Flight to Tangier" (1953. The Silver AWC Broadway" (1930) 441772 (1948, Musical comedy) 930975 Gaynor, Fradric March. 449913 allnd Russell. 606371 (1942, Suspense) 195081 Ufe Drama) 343387 Screen BET Triple Generat'n Our Voice Heart and Soul 440623 Video Soul 940913 Video Vibrations 540062 Rap City 478623 UyidoolP Screen Triple Desmond Sanford Comic CNBC (5) Money Wheel 811482 Market Wrap 93791 Business Business Portfolio Money Steals Eq'ITtme Morning I Living In the iDaywatch ICNN&Co. iNewsHour 473130 ISonya Uve: Harassment. iNewsday (cc) 518642 I International Hour (cc) EariyPrime I Inside Pc lEartyPrime I Showbiz The Wortd Today 513884 Moneyllne Crossfire Prlmenews (cc) 628333 cm News I '90s 973420 (cc) 505178 620826 tktt Today 341772 COM Short Attention Span lianKing Rhoda Women Python Alm.Uve SCTV Saturday Night StamHJp LaffOff Short Attention Span McHale SCTV Comics Une StanoAlp London Saturday Night CSPN (6:30) Public Policy 3786536 Policy Moscow CalHn CalHn 55687604 Event of the Day DISC (6) Off the Air Assignment On Top 1 Chefs Low Choi. G.Kerr Does It Homewk. Pasquale Chefs iLowChol. G. Ken Does It Homewk. Coast to Coast Beyond 2000 561449 El The Rich & Famous StantHJp Bloopers Talk Soup News Star Search 460352 Scenes Features Talk Soup Nowa The Rich & Famous Scenes CloseUp Talk Soup Bloopers Star Search 956449 Smothers Brothers SportsCen- ISportsCen- Fitness Pros Getting FH Bodies In BodyShap- Soccer Lazio vs. Inter. Show Jumping (R) America's Horse (R) Max Out I Dream NFL Year- Max Out Inside PGA Up Close SportsCen- I Baseball: Ch cafio White Sox at N Y eSPti ter ter 781401 Motion mg (Tape) 305130 325994 422246 329710 League book 653994 Tour 665739 teV Yankees. (Live)143265 FAM Augle Fllntstone Gadget Popeye The Wartons 266064 The 700 Club 132246 Flashback PaklProg. Trivial Trivial Tune Make Peat Second Make Deal TheUttles Mario Popeye Gadget K9Cop New Zorro LIFE Paid Prog. It Figures workout Gourmet Your Baby Baby Movie: 'SpaceCamp'' '(1986) 'PQ' 243791 oourmet Lucky Sweep Shop Anything T.UIIman Moonlighting 175826 Movie: "EvH In Clear River" 271449 MTV The Grind Rude Awakening 490265 Music Videos 833739 Spotllght MTV Jams 810888 Beach MTV 405604 Totally Dtffer't Pauly The Grind UpSorv. j Wanted MTV Jams NICK Yogi Bear Looney Thinking Big 227913 Eureeka's Castle 232710 Elephant Gnome Capped Wren Moppets UttJ'Brt8 I Dennis Ripper Yogi Bear Looney Underdog Muppets Hey Dude GUTS enci Voyage to the Bottom of Dark Shad- I Dark Shad- Movie: "Missile to the Moon" I One Step Doctor Who (Part 4 of 4) Land of the Giants Lost fn Space (R) Voyage to the Bottom of Incredible Hulk: No Nt Alfred Hitch- Buck Rogers: The Crys- SCIF1 the Sea 6096420 ows lows (1959, Science fiction) 9616913 I Beyond 9433975 5659197 1 5635517 the Sea 3500178 Escape. 4546275 Gallery cock tals. 6347994 . cc (2) Today's Weather This Afternoon's Weather 813265 All News Today 180505 All News P.M. 871994 I All News VIA SF 4932078 I , . , Evening Movie: "Night Cries" (1978, Suspense) Susan CHIPs: Wheeling. 400284 Movie: "Return of the Seven" (1966, Western) Tom & Jerry Fllntstones The Jetsons I Brady Saved by I Saved by iTheJeffer I Andy Griffith I Beverly Hill-1 Sanford & I Movie: 'The Devil's TBS Saint James, Michael Parks. 513197 Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller. 614265 Bunch the Bell the Bell sons billies Son Brigade" 95459062 TLC Zoobilee Professor MagicBx. Kitty Cats Cooking Madeleine Cooking Cooking Yan Cook Cuisine Madeleine Cooking Renovate Hometlme Yan Cook Cooking Cuisine Cooking Great Inns Hometlme The Operation 237791 TNN (6) VldeoMomlng 967130 Kitchen ICookln' Crook and Chase Be a Star Seconds cookln On Stage Club Dance 213246 Be a Star VldeoPM: Gary Beaty and Cathy Martindale. 446284 Crook and Chase Charlie's Angels 983888 ICharlie's Angels 984517 Movie: "Captain Slndbad" (1963, Fantasy) Guy Movie: "Maya" (1966, Adventure) Clint Walker, Movie: "RhJnol" (1964, Adventure) Harry ' iFred & Bar-lYogl Bear I Bugs Bunny's AlkStars Movie- "The Violent TNT IWilllams, Heidi Bmhl. 'Q' 476888 jay North. 269710 - Guarding, Robert Culp. 470604 ney Bunch 613197 Men" 571772 USA Cartoon Express Tennis: U.S. Open, Early-Round Matches. (Uve) (cc) 989333 Talkabout Century Joker T1cTbc Your Luck Scrabble Unc. Buck Termls (Live) (cc) 615456 VH1 Jackson Family Vld. By Request 799401 Jackson Family Reunion Music Videos 181623 By Request 567604 Jackson Family Reunion Music Videos Music Talks 940888 Rumor Fllx Fashion Music Qumml IWonderland Fraggle I Pooh Comer Umbrella I Dumbo's iMouse I Jump, Rat- iGumml I Lunch Box Waft Disney Presents MovkK "14 Going on 30" (1988, iMyUttle Fraggle IWonderiand Care Bears Donald's Kkts, Inc. Mlckiv DISNEY Bears 5! Tree Clrcus Tracks tle, RoH Bears 853888 Fantasy) (cc) 621401 pony Rock Quack ... 889178 Mouse uan (6:15) "Thieves of Adventures Plnocchlo World Entertainment Movie: "The CarmonbaU Run" (1981, Comedy) (11:45) Movie: "Hot Stuff' (1979,Movle: "Dream MaoWne" (1991, Movie: 'The Outsiders" (1983. Movie: 'The Outlaw Josev Wstes" Fortune" 86440197 iThrtln 790159 News Report 776604 biM Reynolds. 'PG' 3340828 Comedy) 'PG' 62009401 Action) 'PG' (cc) 313886 Drama) PQ' (cc) 190536 (1976) VG' 870456 . Movie: "Night People" (1954, Movie: "Beartmastor 2: Through the Portal of iMovttx 'The Adventures of (12J.6) Movie: "Summer Holiday" (1948, MusMMovIe: "Bmgo" (1991, Comedy) I Movie: "Ski Patrol" (1990 Comedv) I "Stmt Look! and WAX Suspense) 713536 Time" (1991) 'PG-13' (cc) 732401 Robin Hood" (cc) 2155517 cat) Mickey Rooney. 31271062 'F-gTcc) 441807 RerRose.W 821994 2&"Seam (4:30) Ten- 1 Prime Bod- Talklrjgi Sports iBkiereOnly(R) jGolf (Tape) 303468 ports Wortd Sportnshlng 1PBA Wind- Triathlon I Home Work- Running (Tape) 641130 leig Ten Preseason Foot- leal FootbaK I Baseball: San Francisco Giants at "? Beseball Forum 299826 I383604 surflng 38742Q out ball Special Prey. Atlanta Braves. (Live) 898888 cuft OWLTV Orchestral Movie: "The Adventures of Robin Hood" Movla 'Baby on Board" (1991, Movie: "Dead Poets Society" (1989, Drama) Robin Movie: "Robbery" (1967, Suspense) Stanley Movie: 'He's My Girt" (1987 ComerM T K SH0 599517 501352 (1938, Action) Errol Flyrm. (cc) 858772 jcomedy) 'PG 631333 williams, Robert Sean Leonard. 'PG' (cc) 905807 Baker, Joanna Petiet712246 "Spen3e) CDaHallyo PQ-iSWm' ' r (4:35) "Doctor (7:50) Movie: "Sweet Talker" (9:20) Movie: "Back to the (11:10) Movie: "Desire and Hen at 1(12:40) Movie: "Promise at Dwn" (1970, Biog-(2:26) Movkn: "Black Magic" Movie: "Where ts Heart Is" MQQO Comcdvl TWC zhfvago"92127a98 (1991) 'PG' 8651197 ruture, Part II" 'PG' (cc) 69345826 sunset Motel" 4174523 raphy) 'PG' 1587T933 1(1992) 13' 37702028 ly Colen' (oc)90178 1990'CCTTidy)

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