The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 9
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TJIL'KSIMY, JANUAUY 2, LIMY Revenue Act Changes Urged Arkansas Lawmakers Want Stabilization Plan Remodeled »v HOB mum'.* Umle,| j., r . ss S( . 1(T ctimsiiiintlrnl LITTLE HOCK. A I'll. , Jan. 2. ..... <UP>— Arkansas' revenue slnblllz:i- txm ncl, placed into effect b.v Ihc 'S15 IcglsInUii'f. apunmitly meeUi with (lie general aDprnval of most j Of tlic> inomlicrs of tin; 10!7 een- • ernl assembly — .iHliou«li ;ii!nor ciiaiiBcs undoubtedly will be sug- (jested. The incHsiiL'p, w hlnh State Coinu- tfollet' John Trucmpei 1 says is be- >nu copied by several other states. Plurcs nil stale revenue Inlo one large fund. Tills money In (urn is allotted by percentages in tlin various (ieDartinents and institutions - instead or havim; o:ich draw funds Irom a specific tax or group of taxes. While Ihe majority of the members of (lie ficnsfe and tlic House «cre undecided or imtamiliar with Uif stabilization act. eleven House members and three senators sug- (TC.sifci minor changes. Principal revisions suggested include (lie cancellation of the tax reduction fund of 51,200.000 which is sej aside yearly t o lower the property tax: The addins of n fifth category to allow schools and institutions to share In any surplus which might accumulate; and general revisions of percentages now coins 1 0 Die various .state functions. Sen. John w. doer of .Sprlngclalc suggested that the revenue now be allocated to "meet, chanced conditions." Sen. James P. Baker. Jr. of west Helena expressed doubt n-9 to the "soundness'' of the tax reduction fund, but siiid "it is desirable." And Sen. Ernest Maner of Hoi Springs would revise the act to boost the state hospital's nre of slate funds, while Dr. P. C. Crow of Hope would allow Hie general school fund to share "above the present limit." Rep. Max TIoweM of Liltlc Reck advocates the complete elimination of the tax reduction fund; Rep. Dick Wright "would remove certain pegs''; and R CP !/,.„„ wil . son of Danville said "I certainly see no need for revision." Principal opposition to the act came from Sen. O. w. Freeman of Ozark who answered the question "do you see need for revising the act?" with an emphatic "most certainly"; and from Rep. Lloyd Darnell of Hot Springs wlio said "definitely yes." Neither legislator elaborated. Final compllailon.ot. -questionnaire., sent out to the legislators by United Press found highways education and the state Hospital the Big Three" problems facing the General Assembly. Highways, of course, took spot uith nine senators and representatives placing it a t top of their list of problems' Education, always high in u.c nilneis of law makers, received nine votes for first place in- the House and four l n the Senate. Five scn- a tors an ( | eleven House members placed it second. And the hospital received two Senate and four House votes us the state's top problem nn ( | racked up f o u,- s-n- ate and five House tallies for the second most important problrln Ranking fourth was election 'law changes while higher teachers sal- _UI,YTHUV1U.I.! (ARK,) OJUKIKK NKWH Mrs. Carolyn Svvanson, of flcr- mosa Bcacli, Calif., blind a year, is led by her unique secing-eye cat, Baby. The while Persian cat comes when Mrs. Swanson taps her cane, leads her by walk\$v<. ">g ahead and mewing. top 1G the the More Federal Tax Slashes Are Forecast WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. im>) — Other tax cuts were ill prospect today besides the estimated $1,500,- C03.COO excise tax reductions ordcr- ,cd by President Truman and the 'personal income IHX slash ' promised by Republican congressional leaders. Rep. Harold Knutson. R.. Minn., who is about to take over as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said many excise taxes not affected by the President's order will be reviewed to see if they can be reduced. ' Among the items that would be affected under Kuntson's proposal arc cigarettes, cigars, playing cards, automobiles, trucks, tires, .radios! refrigerators, juke boxes,' electric] gas and oil appliances, 'photographic equipment and phonographs. GOP Frames Legislation To Deal With Labor WASHINGTON, Jan.'2. (UP1 —I Senate Republicans were framing a legislative program today to deal with labor disputes without use of government seizure powers. President Truman formally abandoned the seizure instrument yesterday in hi s proclamation terminating hostilaties. Building Material Regulations Eased By New Expediter WASHINGTON. Jan. •>. iui>> — Dealers In building materials were free todcy of controls thai forced them to save of their scarce supplies for home builders. Honshu; Expediter Frank" Crcc- don yesterday culled a hull to the sct-n.siuc system tlmt licld a key place in the housing plans o'f expediter Wilson w. Wyatl. Ciecdon previously had abolished llie (Hioritios formerly i;ranted to Ol home biiildois. Housing officials said It was no longer necessary, therefore, (o nmlntnlu set-iisldes. Suppliers Mill must give preference to orders on \s-hieh priorities have already been established, up to a maximum of 75 per cent of monthly deliveries. The iih.mdoncd set-aside system covered several sonic building Items iiu-liidliis bathtubs, radiators lind nnils. Many O f tile items are no longer In shell supply. C'rccdon also trnnlimtcil. as or Jan. 31. a Wyntl premium pnyiucnt plan designed to encournije pro- duel Ion of r.yp.sum paper liner, lie said production of pypMim board lias risen to an ulUime penk. The Trulls - Siberian railroad, which connects t,f-niii K r!»tl with Vladivostok, is more ilinn S500 miles IOIIK. Truman Welcomes 1947 From Occk of Yacht Anchored on Potomac WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. lUD — iViMdPnt Trtimnn a'tumcd lo the While |louse ymleidiiy utter .spenii- "H: '•< f|Uiot New Year's Kv« wllli C.VM- rr|ends ami ndvlsrrs iiboanl w presidential yaclit willlains- Ml '. TiuniiiM planned |., s|icnd a l'»" »f (he holiday ,u «ork on his j-tnlc-or-lhe-unloii me.wnce. which »'• >•: Pxpcclod | 0 deliver t» 11 joint M's:,iiiii of COIIKITSS on Jun. u. '''lie l>n\sl(li>nt MUV tlu< old year «>'! us Die WllllnmsUiii-K lay' "t nnchoi- ]lt u u , winihlnuKm Ni-vy PAGE NIME Read Courier News Want Ads.: arics received fifth place. Veterans' problems nnd welfare received mention from some members. LUCKY.' Mom gives us plenty of CURTiSS PEANUT BUTTER For SANDWICHES . . . For SNACKS .' CURTiSS PEANUT BUTTER has that •""..«'? Ulh null •"• /^. h •""' Plantation-Fresh _. , Flavor/ Smooth nulrilious CURTiSS PEANUT BUTTER is easy- spreading,- luscious-testing! Enjoy the fine Flavor of fresh roasted peanuts in CURTiSS PEANUT BUTTER often! Ask for it today at grocers. You 'It (ovo ill C8NPY,CO Ho Him silent tlij: nlghi nlwnrd / ))ij> mid iclumcd to (lie White HOUM' nt u'xjUl I) U. S, Army Court Martial System Facing Shakeup WASHINCITOW, J:l|). '2. (Ul>> — Tin 1 Wiir Ucpurtnicnl will rccoin- iiu-iKl it liir.rrnchlni; .shnkctip In Ilio A: my Coint Mmilul .iytU>iii lo Uic iiinv COIIRIOSS, .1 rcllubtc •|»v suiircc s:iii| locl:iy. i M«iiv tliiiu (i(j,OTO st-hool l)ii.wc.s t llClllly ||;]l[ |]|c ])||.SSCS In Ul ( > |,B! Mon—irnvc| tlnw HIUI n liitlf nill- 1IOI1 IHlIlVi II (Illy lc> hlUII •1,700.000 | uiiiil si-hool jjiiplls. i Buckley's "CANADIOL" Outsells All QihesCough Medicines- '" A ^' ro ''«- N « wf ^"«««"x'-Canad«,, if, it,. to*. S f O ,y_ Nothing like,Buckley 1 * for Coughs due to CoW*" How on Salt — Mode in C.S.fl. CANADIOl M|JNI« |". P good dtvg t >>'i CAMAOIOl Ml.I WOOD'S I»RU<! 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Fresh Green CROWDERPEAS . case $4.45 Stoff o' Life CUT GREEN BEANS. case $3.68 Banner Blue EARLY JUNE PEAS., case $3.48 Pride of Illinois Country Gentleman CORN, cream style.. case $4.50 Pride of Illinois Golden CORN, cream style. case $4.25 First Lady CORN, Extra Stand'rd case $3.75 Mayfield CORN, Cream Style., case $3.45 •<—~- B E A N S Great Northern 25 Lbs. $3.50 100 ibs. $12.95 GROUND FRESH PILGRIM COFFEE Ub.29c; 3Lbs.85c PURE PEABERRY — 3 Ibs. $1.15 COFFEE . . 1 1b. 39c \T!< I'KOTKIN W R SHORTS WAYNB ... IN I'RINT IJACJS 9KS ' ' • ••' ORANGES . . . . $1.95 LARGE CHOICE DELICIOUS APPLES . . . Bu. box $3.75 TASTE SEALED in Syrup '• ' PEACHES . . . ca$e^6.95 Adams Sweetened " ..... ORANGE JUICE . . case $2.95 Adams Sweetened Orange Juice 24 No. 2 cans $2.35 Sailor Man — No. 2 Cans PORK & BEANS . . case $4.25 EGG MASH WAYNK ... IN PRINT „ CHICK STARTER „„, WAYNB ... IN P KI NT RAGS SCRATCH FEED 1(10 I,US !()() I, $2.75 $4.65 $5.25 $4.25 WAYNK ... 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