The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 8
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WU Headed For Bankruptcy Durr Favors Merger With AT&TOr Postal Department *Y CHARLOTTE CJ. MOULTON (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. (UP) — Federal Communications Commissioner Clifford j. D:irr said today that Western Union must be cither lUbsidized or merger! with another communications agency . if the country is to retain a telegraph service. Expressing fear that Western Un' kin is headed for bankruptcy. Durr s«fd the FCC should face Congress vith the problem now and "not let It drift any longer.' 1 ' It': a case oi early legislation or doln? without the service," he said in aft Interview. As a possible solution he SUR- gesteri merging Western with cither the postol'ftee department or the telephone system. Either move would require new legislation. Durr has been the lone dissenter in'recent FCC prorei •lings granting ' rate increases to Western Onion. He has taken the position that the company's "accumulated inefficiencies have caught up with It."' Durr attributed Western Union's plight to Its failure to modcrnltx Its operations to keep pace with telephone and air mail. A streamlining program was begun recently, 1 but be believed 1 the company acted too late to save itself Irom bankruptcy. The program calls for $75.020.000 worth of mechanized improvements estimated 'to save $20,000,000 a year in operating expenses. The FCC last week granted Western Union a flat 20 per cent rate increase to take the place of a 10 per cent temporary boost allowed last June. The new hike was calculated to bring in 53.500.000 in additional revenue this year. Durr held the rate increase "unlawful" because he said the company had not proved the new charges to be "just ami reasonable" as required in the FCC net. Absorption of Western Union by the telephone companies would be logical, lie said, since Western Union already leases 5.000 miles of inter-city telephone channels. ... ..Durr said that if the noslofficc department took over, already established offices would he available to ' handle the business. -Western union is steadily cutting down its urea of service by closing its most unprofitable of' Jiccs. ' he said, and many cities bl 50,005 '• population do nol liavc 2i-hour telegraph service. 10 Killed, 20 Injured In Riot At Inauguration MEXICO CITY. Jnn. 2. iTJP)- . Ten - people were killed and 2C others injured when police poured machine-gun fire into a crowd attending the inauguration of the mayor of Tapachula, Chiapas Stale, the. Ministry of National Defense disclosed today. The ministry's announccmen. was fc.ised on a report from the connmimler of the lliird military zone which includes Chiapas. It said thai municipal police opened fire during a riot that broke out while Ernest Cordoba was being inaugurated as mayor. . v Additional details "\vcrc not expected until the zone commander submitted a full report, the ministry said. Officials here first learned i the hicidenl when 51 eiti?.cns < Tapachula petitioned President M gucl Alcman for federal intervention. They said the affair occurred Tuesday . The petition said that the police were led by the stale nllomcy general acting on orders of Chiapas governor /fi'uan Maria Esponcla who sought to set aside the result of the elections that brought victory to Cordoba. ' Benito 'Ccquent, nn otficial of the ministry of the Interior, flew to Tapachula to start ;\ formal Investigation. A Tragic Ending lilATHKVlLUfi_(AllK.)jjOUUlHK NKWfi Five Killed In Carolina Plane Crash 'We were going to have such n lovely ChrMjim, I don't know why )c did it," Mrs. Gladys Ccnnlson sairt of the tragic whirl »j Chnsinws Eve when her husband. Benjamin V. nemiison, killed his two daughters, Loimne Marie-, 8. left ami i.onltn May. e. right. After nn argument Involving the couple and her in.nlicr concerning Dcnniv,.,''; stay- ins at a tavern while they waited his return for Christian, he killed the two little Rlrl.s nml then tcok his own life. The two cl'iltlu,. vere by a previous marriage. (NUA Tclephoto.) ' ' CHARLESTON, S. C., Jan. . (UP)—Investigators seeking td e rausc of the New Year's eve crash of an Inter-Conllncntal Airline plunc killing three men and two wo/ncn, checked tlte report of a control tower operator today that the converted Army C-47 transport plane burst into flames while clr-, cling the field for a landing, The victims were Identified as. C.ipt. Amos Austin (13305 Beaver SU Fernando, Calif. Cnpl. James McNcal (1831 S W 13th St.) Danla, Pla. C-^-pilot Elmer Kortman (24^0 Seneca Jioad. Westficld, N, J. OlKa Hadmnn (9-23 Tlmycr St) New York City, stewardess. Mrs. Doris Wynn of California (street address unknown) stewardess. Li. Julian Williams of the Char- lesion County police said thnt the I unidentified control tower operator had given the nilol permission to land .shortly before the piano plunged into a cornfield north of (lie field:' Previously the control tower refused to give any Information on Ihe crash. •Williams' report came only after it wa s found that all killed. The plane was en route from Newark, N. J., !o Miami to pick up cargo, and was carrying an extra pilot und two stewardesses as "deadheads." Coroner John T. Dcvcaux who waited almost two miles through marshlands to reach the scene Sfilrl that all of the bodies inside the plane were burned beyond recognition. The deck of a .steamer in a tropical ocean receives enough heat energy from (lie sun to drive the ship at a spied of 10 knots. Treasury Officials Seek to Unify 'Split' Privileges in Tax Law 1SV S. IUJKTON IIKATH NKA Staff CorrcsiKindenl WASHINGTON (NBA) — Treasury officials are working on' a plan that would permit husbands and wives in all states to split their income equally for income tax purposes. At present this can be done only in nine slates and Hawaii, which have what are known as Comtmm'.ty Prope. 1 ! .• laws. General Counsel Joseph J. O'Connell. Jr., mentioned this idea lit { a recent address before the California state liar. Stanley S. Bur- rev .lax legislative counsel of the Treasury, discussed it a few days later before the American Institute of Accountants, meeting In Atlantic City. Nothing will be done immediately. The new Republican control over Congress places initiative in tax matters in GOP hands, and there is every indication that the new Congress. will devote its first attention to an across-the- board personal income tax cut which would only lie delayed 'Sy tinkering with the details. But there is a feeling that, be to anything belonginc |o her hiis- bnd, and be has a half right to anything of his wile's. As a result, the wife can claim, and report for taxation, half of her husband's income. This is not important in the lower income brackets. But once the taxuble income cx.-eeds S2C03 after deductions and personal exemptions, it can result in substantial .saving.-;. fn most slates a man with an income of S20.0CO after reductions but before personal exemptions, having H w ife but no dependents would pa v a tax of SB3D3.50. In any or the Community Property slates mentioned, tin's man and his wife can split his income and pay a tax oi $23^650 each— or only 51(593 for both, a savin" of $15,19.50. For several years, the unfairness of letting some taxpayers do what others can not bus been r c co"niz- ed. Several attempts have been made to eliminate the difference. One would have required husbands and wives to file joint returns. This was beaten bv charges that fore too long, something will be j such n law would rcthiVe"\voVncn"lo done to give residents of the other I slavery, would break up homes and stales the privilege now confined would encourage'divorce to those of Arizona, California,! So Hie thought now is to ap- Idaho. Louisinna. Nevada, Now preach the problem from the other Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wash- direction. Instead of Inkhi" the inglon anil Hawaii. . privilege away from residents of There the wife hns a half right community properly states it. would be extended to taxpayers in the other states. As O'Connell and Surrey have outlined the Idea, n husband and wife living together would total their Income, divide It in half, and compute the tax ou the basis of one exemption. That tax then would be doubled. Presumably, though tills was not mentioned, provision would be made for handling the exemptions for dependents. H is estimated that If such a provision were Introduced without an y offset through inc'rcasec tax rates, it would cost the federal treasury around $1,000,000,- 00(j a year. There is potential criticism on two other scores. One is that such a change would constitute a tax reduction for those above .the lower Incomes, but not for families with less than $2000 of taxable income after deductions and conniptions. The other is that single persons would not benefit. But these flaws, it is pointed out. could be balanced by compensating provisions for the lower incomes and for single persons. And thus far. no way other than this has been found to deal at the .same time with two existing discriminations: . -. ; . (1) that between married couples in the ten community property areas and in tiie rest of the slates; and (21 In non-Community Property states, the discrimination between families who depend principally upon the husband's wages—and cannot split those—and families with investments who by .gifts. Joint tenancies, family trusts, and similar devices, do succeed in splitting their joint incomes and lowering their taxes. Iodine, commonly used as nn nn- liseptlc. is now being used as the active material In n storage battery. If You Write It Down, You're a Gambler SACRAMENTO. Cal. (Up) — If anyone in California jots down the terms of a bet he is guilty of a crime, according to the state supreme court, 'Ht doesn't have to have anything at stake himself. He doesn't have to have any connection with a bookie. He doesn't even have to know the people involved. I The supreme court, ruling result-' cd — hen a man,charged with making book on horse races contend! I' he was merely selling a system of handicapping—not making bets— and that he simply kept track of bets and results made by his "clients" so he could see how his system was working. Used Army c-4Ts are bfinjj converted into "flying refrigerators" •which can carry 5500 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables by one airline. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creotnulslon. relieves promptly bc- «au*e It goes right to the seat of the toooWe to heft loosen and expel •erm laden phlegm; and aid nature teioothe and heal raw, tender, In••med bronchial mucous mem- •noes. Tell your druggist to sell you • bottle oi Creomulslon with the un- 25*J«5<llng you ttiust like the way it JjOcUr «lla>» the cough or you are ^ to bare your money back. SREOMULSION , HrO«tfc»,awstCoW3, Bronchitis " -. * •**!> ' • REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. for perfect Fit plus mild athletic support Nn fcci'cl wliy men gi> for Hcis Scandals! They'll: scientifically slinjird \o mule anatomy. 1'it and comfort are tailored in. I'm- ruled ihrl-slilchccl pouch jirovidcs mild Hipimrl...helps prevent fatigue. All-around clastic vvaistliaiui. Concealed no-gap ily, Vine ijiwlily rollon, closely kuil for lon£, shape-reluming wear. . , M.iti'liiii" K.-i- f1ii tiijiic.! lo Ijc worn \ $1.00 $1.00 THEY'RE CUT TO FIT...TO UGHT FATIGUE 1 - l!<i< iMinucvl r,,|l ,-in fr ,, f nr rt|r( Hi ll <«infqrl. liclli-r lorA-. N.> I'i'ly M-.inis in sit on. ui-wii-r 'l>ort dc.-icn for cMri nomfoit, better lit. rl>r,l a|'<- | .. l'lo\ i.t.-s niiM ..aiiuica trim lit. E ISAACS, Inc. Serving BJythevHfe More Than 40 Years I>h »nc333l 223 Weal Main St. 'I'lIUKSDAV, JANUAJIY 2, 1!)I7 Rose Tournament , Sec ' t To stamp Out Award Goes to ' Qon * cn>tat Glendale, Cal. LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, Jan 2 — i UP)—The 1647 legislature will he iiskc<| to |>a.s.s B "pre-natal !«»'," designed to combat congenital ryphlllis, the State Board of Health's monthly bulletin said today. The publication declared such a Jaw would "protect babies from .syphillls" by requiring doctors to lake a snmple O r venous blood Irom Ilie mother in each case and subject each sample to 11M approved test for .syphillis in :l n approved laboratory. The disease can be transmitted l« luiborn children Ijy infoete<l j A Th.-mlis to l)ls(licr) new wr, Blizuiril, Memphis, Tenn.. zoo's penguin is Wiirm ug:iin. Antarctic bird was sbivcriny with cold because .seasons in hisOier) native SoulhLvn Hemisphere are oppusile of 'nil's and tins is time oS year lief.slie) jjpimally t'lietls , ..... „ Icutlicrs in anticipation ol | V' s ^d to make warmer wcuther. ' 'tatcs winning PASADENA. Cul., Jan. 2. clJPj Glandule's entry depicting George Washington kneeling bareheaded In prayer at Valley Forge won tiie sweepstakes priz? in the colorful toimmment of roses parade viewed Ijy 1^00,000 yesterday. For live miles, spectators jammed Colorado street to .see 02 floats, with nn average value oi $6.500, and 19 bands moved slowly in the two-hour parade. Chief of Police Clarence Morris drifted over the parade route In a blimp, directing Uie work of ,., (llh o,tram:: officers by two-way radio. | " lolhci "Comedian Do;, J!tl , e w!is Br:lm |i marshal of the parade. With his I wif" he rode In on open auto cov- j cri-d with flowers. | Scaled on a floral throne. Queen Norina Christopher. }», B JH| lierj I six princesses rode the official [ tournament of roses float—a large j i floral rose made of sweet peas. i 1'ifty thousand blossoms were Glendale's sweep-1 „ float. Washington's! " A ' hc " | fisiirc WHS eight feet tall. In Ihc! . r ° l i Imkground of the float, Mount! '"J'iries V.TR reijortcrt. , Vernon v:ns' reproduced in white- and datk clirysanthctnums. i The 5811) annual rose parade was; -.-o) one of the most lavish in th« I o f wind was "likit a tornado." and reported that one house was "eom- plftrly tivistod around." The hiiili winds were accompanied by rain of near-etouciburst proportions. $120.000 for Crash Victim* SPOKANE, Wash. (UI'J — The Spokane benefit baseball fund, be- in;; raised by donors throughout the nation to aid l|, ( . \\jvc s and families of the nine Spokane biisc- biMI pluyers killed in a bu. s crash Inst June, has reached Uic mark, NGT1CK Notice is hereby given that Odis Talicy. RCl'D W. Ash. Blyihcviilc ' lfc .. The proposal has the endorse- I oT'l!' mont O f the Arkansas Medical So- j Any . . ,, ;ls ]1 ..,, l!c application to op» ""' '"" '" '" C Cily and C-rcak Storm Hits Town in Louisiana METAI-UK, L-L, Jan 2. (UI>)- Scvcr.-u g.-sraKc.s were finttcncri and l"c iii:ncd off roots hero today freak wind .storm njlpr-ft a re.sidontial district. No won. re])ortcr[. •Mrs. Lawrence Cure said the history of the tournament ill protests should b™ m writing and filed within ten d:i;.'s in the office of the City Clerk. PRANK wHi'rwormr. City Clerk 12-1 0 Child's Colds W VAPORMP Relieve Misery -Sab on Tims-Tested Oor Pharmacists are boaol by honor to compound your valuable prascripoion tb« utBBot of I'rofeseional ACCURACT RALPH NiCHO L S IOO H INKLE PILLS 19c (JMJ7ED T/M£ y 35° SLOAN'S Eifacttvo Liniment . 1.35 FORCE'S Favorilo P.X. 13-ot . . . \fJIGHT C/ZfA/SI Noxema Cream PETROG&LAR Mild Laxative. 1.25 siz». 12 SEiDLiTZ Effervescent powcUrs IN6RAMS SO r INNERCLEAN Hsrbal Laxative. 50c siz« Large Assort-menf Automatic Electric ^£&- HEATING PADS $4.95 to $10 ^JOHNSON'S GAQY OIL. CARTOSE BA&Y FOOD -

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