The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 7
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JANUARY- 2, 1947 Byrd Expedition Hits Icy Waters Ships' Speed Slowed As Vessels Near 'Little America" \ ABOARD U. s. s. MT OLYMPUS WITH BVHD EXPEDITION. •Jan. .i.-.iui'i— |((. lu . A( |,|, Ri( , n . •mi H. Cruzen. operalions commander of tm s tnsk . n toward the sotitj, pole, took oil in nni I ,° PU ' r >' cste »'«y and I'ecdiM noilcicd over the ice pack ahead AT er the Ilight Cm/en ordered tiff five ship.,- or "Operation Hi»h- jump" i,, uie central group to form into u column and move through he ice pack together. Originally s-h- , l jla ""ed to send the vid'nil 1 ."' OU8h " !e ice |l:lcks '"<"- •Tii' 1 ) 1 ' C0 howevcr »'as reported '""y open." cimen transferred MI 8 '° lhc> lceb '*alter Noiih- v n ,,,L :1 "' bcea " 'easing the wav .o Ihward through ihe ice pack lo •irm * mmrtl ' '-TOO miles distant •UMiis Hie Hoss Sea. •Strur, K o u t behind the North- c- • o We f° lh ° Mt Olympus,' the "'EO shins Yancy and Merrick. •J " the Submarine Sennet The unei Ganisteo, which hud refueled Ihe cargo ships voslerdav Iwi m Join the ir-xto.,, •",- ,• ,-, ]j.| ,1 r.-iMein I ask Group based liii*> mi " 1C Roosev(1 " and Bcll- The Norihwind's speeil"^^ '/'ive t™u.,;' S * e ! CU the ^ 8'nwrlv **u uiiifM r vo'i/>v« ,>»-.,,.. . ^ MO hck ,;, ^ 0| ! lhp 1CO layer spreading'to h: horizon W ere tho,, s ,md s of mall whlte c , usu or . cc wh . ch ,nw l ° CBa " " le a PP«a'-»'«:e of c sprlnkled »'"' ^""^ v-as passed lo """hands 1 to'tet ccndltion baker." meaning to close lr.^"^:.L° ! . " le vraler-Ught Ordinary People of Spain Show Over Food and Black Markets Than Politics ' *'•• - :) COURIER KKWS the movement in- bcga "' Cl » (l '- J Ulc Senne <- re Po'-i : hn,*i , >l ortly befor i .'"' Pa n^ ?'; ° nl f rn " ng „ sl ,ii water a 1)cn(i r,uih a , C " °'' iCC and '"*!; l " c walei ' lo the ", lt)! '" (1 " i " saddled t., «„ y MtlsriMl l(tle t | off again. tlas "" 1 subma- aboard, »mt. ap- was v.- ? ll. BY KOSETTE HARGROVE XEA Staff Correspondent LISBON, Portugal. Jan. 2 <NEA> -For Ihe little pco[.-.e of Spain. tlle every-day economics of food inflation and black market are much weightier problems today Hum the international political issues tossed back and forth between Spain's Franco, nnd the United Ni tions. , Outward signs of revolt uro. scarce. Bui so arc llic outward signs of either gnycly or freedom. And after talking with Ihe Spaniards in the cilies and the fields with bank cleilts and farmers, you ?anno[ miss the undercurrent." or unrest and feur of the future that runs deep beneath the surface of trnnqnility and order. I If you have been in,Spain before, you will miss the swarms of beggars who used to beset pe-! rieslrinns at every turn. Franco has forbidden beeeing in (he streets I and Die beggars obey. lie has made pronouncements against Ihe black market and inflation, too. bin the result hns been ffr dlffernt. m Spain's thriving black market, according to the have-nots, who arc legion, the bl|j- "esl operator* are members of "pain's Civil Service. And everv i ?:anu>!d viu talk to is convinced that the ICO per cent boost in the cost of livlnj; in tlie past nine months i.s a direct result of the coveinment's commodity p:iee-fix- iiiit at so rjcr cent, or more below aciual cosl of production Cnmins to Spain from a rationed, lean contine. t beyon-.t the Pyrenees, your eves widen nv HIP ir,- ;vedib'.e numfcey of fi.'.l m w p -\-'m- (iu'.vs af'-rin-.! /MOPS, •• ,v< :--iithi"- fjoods. woolens, shirts.'sllk lie'.C P"rl lumer;.-, cosmetitcs, caiulv and pastries smolhered in fresh «'hinpe-l- eam. All these are unvAtionrd. iu unlimited in nuantily. But to cnj",y them. y,,u no ed money, and plenty of it, far more than Ihe working-class'd can accumulate at wa»es Sl.2.1 to 51.50 a day. A three-course meal class hotel or of from S8 to $10. era service char •estaurant including Se of 12 a eosls gtn- | cent Big Dam Dwarfs Mere Manpower Grand Coulee Project Has Annual Capacity Of 20 Billion KWH Spain's Franco and admirers: Tic outlawed be black market, inflation and hinder lie There 'ery pub- u.sninent. are deeper signs in the to a solution end much of the political situation. that problem Communists In China Rap U. S. Policies HONG KONG (UPi—The cur- lent Chinese Communist propaganda line is aimed at convincing newspaper readers that America is about to take over China ccoi«-*,i- cally. Judging by stories Published L,ix«ry hotel, , < rcslaur,,,., »-e crowded, but hkc the luxuri- Otis American and French far- that abound on Madrid 1 '; streel- 'and sell for $22000 to' $55000. most of the people in the ui^him are lUgh officials In the Franco ad ministration or -black market on" craters. ""Franco's active supporters ii ' Jboj-IThUx.,. represent' on! y"-^: lion of the population, have nosi- lion and means They ™- th» privileged who are waxing fat on the regime— Falangists and mili- In "« 1 ! b "; ' tlle Incf of bureau- „ , nowiu -' r <-'- amoiiK the little P ecl>le - r ' an >° l ..... 'i enthusiasm' , !uiy movemp »t that would !'• "^ S?a -" inl ° »"°t"c r rci-olti- ,!?"' T1 ' clr '"cmorios oi Hie Civil War a.-e to vivid f or them to c ''"'^ P'-cpasals from the outside ™^<» °veHhro,v of llle gov- ',., ' - K l )t>rsonnl Problem i.s eco"""""• r '"" lht >' sc "" 1 to fcel "' ;it CCHJLKK, Wnsll. (Ul>> — tin- firth uniiK'ersnry of opi'vjittom ty. I),,, u .,,r]d's j|,r g «!t ;•! (hi- (il'llll'l COUlff Hum. tlic Hureiiii of Keelnmiilloii ummunml Hint annum pow- oulpm (ins reiirhed 'JO billion t;i!o\V!il( -hours, I' or iiii. Infounution of the |;iy- niiui.. Hun i'iiui\ls Hie work performed !H< 1.0S3..000 men Inhmlnii (lulu hours dully, every dny of the for 79 years. c yi.ur :i m-,,. i lu , ,„,;( <ir lh( , niiiK>ivc iBn.oaO-klimviilt |>i>ncrn- lor.s in the wesl powerhouse ul llio diim went Into oiii'i'alloii. This unit »'ii.s Joined durlUK tlie war by live Kmiun i;eneralor s mid Iwo f5,noo-kllownlt "Shnsia" units. deigned uritjtmilly for (he bureau's Shust:i uain. 'I'otlny, with I'm'HIc homes ^d industries eullliiB for more power, the unreiin Is completing iriuisfer or Hit- sha.sln gciiern- lors (,, shiistii On tn mid i s |n,>- pniliiK lo rush the Instullullnn of three NiD.OOn-kllowiiu Renmilors I" till' svcsl, Upon eomnlellnn of the Three , l>l'W Units. (lie. WCSl pOSViM-llOUKK 1 will have. nil installed ruled Ciipnc- "v 01 992,000 kllowuits. compared «»h 818.000 I,, the wnr y;,,,,.,; wh( . n llio powei house. In «H L , month .set :i worlds record or «•> 1, 110.000 kll- ' •Spokesmen for (he Honnevllle Power Administration, which mur- kcls power from the. Grand Coulee and Uumicvllle Dams, hnve siri-ss- '-d Hie need for additloniil i-cnern- tors to meet conslanlly Incrensins! .demands for IJOIVIT. "iHirllculnrly would "« c n"«e of ihe rapid conversion of i aluminum plmiLs to pence-lime j production. ,,nd the greater use of electricity by oilier Industrie., ,, 11( |. Pineapple Queen Soys Nature Produced first Atomic Oven nUUKKLKY, •.CM. (UP)-^nifi first altmilc oven was amtgnga by Millior him, millions of years ago nm not, -3;, atomic Iranro scientists ul Ihmfoid .i.nsh., nnd ook nidne U'im., wecordliiB to Dr. Ojpiin T.' li'eTrh''''' 1 ' V ' C ''"' C! ' '' l l ' to "" c Sonboi'K Mild s|)Diitnucoiis fission i in Hip i. lin]l W0|h .. incessantly to | product- philonhnn. one of the cs-i M'lilial elements in the making ! "t atomic Ixmilw. 1 _MsMoiijiciriirrhiK i n uranium In 1 the he card) releases neut«M, be aid, but tt&te eh;iE«nt3 r iMr4r ate' profluccil bj- nature'iri '' quantlty for »ny prietlcil („,. i 00 ,noo ,, OT9 . arc ie,- eonstruetlon In Km, Fran- j m n '•'"''' '• VlU '" " Olve «" "V " - tilc motor.! li n m n • "S iLO-l,ov«pow,.r s n. m , c |>»t "f one 10H.OCO-kllow, U RC'I - I ' lor will be H,.C,|,. ( | for mc h of i .e " m """'- S '""''" li lh '' l»»''l>'»« . The Poor. Coni*i With Tax On His Food ; NA-SlIVlLLB,.Tenn,, Jan. 2 (UP)-The Nashville Tennewean, which is taking a aim vtew 'of C«ov McCoid's proposed two p« coin relnll sale.s tax, came up with' a piO|josal or 1U own today to nicietiH* state "revenues. ft K lo place a 20 per cent tax on conned or packaged dog food l" a ncwf, story the Tennessean lodav esllmatpd a dog food tax would produce about $1,000,00(1—or about the same amount tile slat* w ill lose if the legislature "fffes" !!.',? ,.fy h \ '•«nnl"!»B state-owned Queen (if Haw;iii's ttnnuiil Pine-' uppli- Fesllval is comely Cissy .Icnsc'n.'plcjnrc.d nbonrcl her <uil'- ri|!l!or cjinne dfr Wniltlki Hrach.' i>he re-inns ihnlug Ihvcc-day fric lirecwlin;: 1'inciipplo Bowl f"^- b;il\ (janie on Now Year's IV», • l)i' hoine.s- and farms. Hecliimnllon offlclal.s have em- p":inslwd thai, addilloimi tscncrnt- Inj', cnpaclty will |,e needed al the <!r<iiif! Coulee Onin lo servo the world':, largest pumps, which are being built tor the inllllon-ueii' Columbia Basin Project., six pumps, -ach capable of providing sul'tl- •"•"••^^^••••^••i DEMOCRAT PRINTING & LITHOGRAPHING CO. Proudly Announce A New Complete VISUAL EDUCATION SERVICE! R*C Ot n men dcd ! ' or Winter Drivers were plniming; 10 take over the Canlou-Hankow railway, ni ove in oil South china shipping" with a IW!t of 2UO river steamers nnd flood China with tremendous countless uniforms—soldiers armed police, civil guard, and municipal police—and the portrait of Franco Steers Stassen _ I ciuanlities of American-made goods thus, stifling domestic industry The recently - signed Chinese- •WILLOW RUN. Mich. (UP)-The car owner who merely puts anti- Irccze in his radiator and lets it go ft that is doing only one-tenth of the job of ureparin K for winter driving, according to Frank A. Det'•viler. service manager of Kaiscr- i-raz.-ir nnd Graham-Paige. Motors. The nine other steps rccom-i mentii'd by Detwiler to avoid cold weather driving headaches in- 1 chide: ..flush on! cooling .system. I radiator and heater hoses; check! .j . a"s The paper pointed out ', 5 ; i. lar S e share of Chi- >Inpr is being car '"'eel in American botto Relief Air Transport line of cinfrc U Chennault, which was set „„ to'-"" unnl-' 11 ' 101 ''^ UNRRA ;ln < 1 CNRRA <*** -'ipphes K, China, was said to be an "" Invasion of China's ah- generaor charging rate, generator br.islies nr.d .. j drain engine oil and finsl.. j refill v.-ith proper sradc of oil including i controls"; for ss-t righ Chemiault's planes would Nationalist Government Westward by Bicycle .it. above, o[ Cleveland, Uhiu, -.vill manage Harold E. St;issen's campaign for ihe GOP presidential nomination. - ash - 'tJP)-Socia! . . tlie Rev .and Mrs Thonns Acheson , Uertained their daugh- '";[• ^. rs - p aul Llbby, her husband l0 " c< " ln "» fc "-- Th Drain and flush transmission I f one! refill with winter litaricnnt; ! che-k ooe.ration nf »i-i,iri,-v,i.Ti,i 1 > operation of windshield wipe- and all lights and switches; check tires for cuts and bruises install those with best tread on rear wheels for traction on ice and snow; and nqualiz? brakes. Life :iii ; | Drain CINCINNATI O. lUPl—Dr. Fred Pickerel died in 'the great tradition—he brought in a new life sis his own ebbrd. Shortly nllcr Dr Pickcrel assisted in l': e liirlh of baby girl ,v. Christ Hospital here he died of a heart attack. j H is said thru sunlight i: ; falnl <:«VK rs mis DAY ODK DAILV ItKKAI) For breed the merchant labors long ami late; •For bread the be EB ar goes from yale to sate. For bread the sailor loses lu-nrlli and Home, A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam. For bread are weddings made and sermons said- Of all good things, t| le flrst , best Is bread. Arthur aiilterinnn Yes, it i.s UIIIL- to vlsuall/e—fj, tlio NATCO .sound projector used hi coiinectlun wllli appropilatc minion pictures Is prnvlni; to be the nm/t powerful medium, wheiher vell- Bimis, .scholastic or commercial. ISuy Natco and you buy MIC hi'sl. PROFESSIONAL.TYPE PROJECTOR for 16mm. Sound Motion Pictures Read Courier News Want Ads. ;• ir llennicrat 1'rlntiilt * lhi). .Stfjrc «III rcmalrl (Mini on Saturdays until -I:C(J p.m. Tlie NATCO Model 3015 is a precision projector, specifically designed to implement ns well as lo supplement all iypis of training programs educational, industrial, and sales. Because of its profcs- _si:>nal-Jikc performance and attractive ap- Varance. it also ranks highly as .in iii- .struinenl for the homes of disciimintiiin'; projectionists. The NATCO Projector achieves the u'.- timale in simplicity ... of threading . of mninicnance. In this .simplicity aii.-l ease of opera!ion Ibcie is appeal not only for experienced projectionists hut I hose timid souls who Imve an fear of anyihln;; mechanical. Much of Its simplicity Is due to innovu- tions which represent a distinct depirtiive from traditional forms of motion phlure c(|Uipment deslnnin«. SlgnlHcantly. l!ies.,> Innovations make thi; Hatco eminently ;-, i- perior lo its contcmporaru-s In the ffioim juojcctor field. Analysis of these Innovations provides ,1110 key lo the significance of the Nat,-,, Projector. In announcii.K our complelo Visual Kducalion Hcpnrtmcnt lo the K v,.,,,,, ])«>>lic. wo lake pride in prcsonlinK thc following Horns al our modern Hloro, where you will always | )c welcome. 1. The SVK Library of KniLirlintinc Slides. 2. S\'IC Tri-1'nrposc Friijerliirs. 3. Ar^'ii.s Alt-INirjinse Slide and SIMi? I-'ihn rrojectors. !. U.uiiiuit ||y nert Screens. (i. I'orlt'h-c Souml on Sliilc Tilin I'rn- k'clors. 7. Dvchisive nivtrikutinn of Vniui- .Imerira Ifimm. S'olinil and Shdo Films. K. liadijtit Vrojrctlun Lamps.!l. ArrcsMirics of All Kinds for Vonr Remember Our Services are at Your Service! Our trained pmonnel will he available for visual education program planning r>,, talks to groups, for sales an<l service, as well as for demonstrations of new we will end<av<.r u mahitair, Ihe service in I he visual educalion field that has Inade tl.e Democrat the Ivword for buyers of quality priming and stationery r, r over 73 yei,- s Write us for any inforinaticm desired for appointments, for demonstrations itid Vir :nw othe- problems you may have In your proRnim. x For further Information, Wire or Write DEMOCRAT .Printing & Litho. Co. 2nd & Scott Sts. Little Rock I'hone.s LD-17 I'M0271 Armour's Star, Evergood, Krcy's BACON Sliced . . Armour's A Grade, Blade Cut Roast BEEF |b.39c GROUND BEEF, all meat Ib. 29c HOME KILLED, FULL DRESSED HENS ..... lb.49c COUNTRY SAUSAGE.. Ib. 59c .CHEESE SPREAD . glass.1* iNECK BONES . . . Ib. 15c LAMB FRIES . . . Ib. 65c ADAMS SWEETENED Orange Juice.. No. 2 can 12c JACK SPRAT (Grapefruit Juice, 46 oz can 25c 'JACK SPRAT Tomato Juice,. 46 oz. can 25c WELCH'S GRAPE JUICE . . . pint29c BENGEE CHOW ME1N DINNER . . 59c MORTON'S SAIL Round Box.. 2 for 15c NABISCO OLD FASHIONED Ginger Snaps... lib. box 27c SUPER SUDS,. Large Pkg. 33c SALMON, Chum. 11b. can 31c ARMOUR'S PORK & BEANS, No. 2 can 17c HERSHEY'S COCOA . . . *lb.box10c RED DELICIOUS APPLES .... pound tic ORANGES, Florida.... Ib. 7c TOMATOES, Slicing... lb.19c Grocery & Market North 6th Street Phon* 2003 Try Our Delicious Frozen Foods

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