The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 5
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_THUKSDAY, JANUARY 2, l'J47 Five Persons Die In Plane Crash Converted Army C-47 Foils in Swamp Near Charleston, S. Carolina CHAIILKSTON. S. a. Jan. 2. - 'UD-Coronor JohnT. Deveaux »»d tile United Press today that live persons, three men and two women, lost ii lt .|,. Kves in the New Years Eve crash of a converted ! Army c-47 cargo plane enroutc i'foin Newark. N. J., to Miami, rla. Licvenux, one of the first on the scene l n swamps 12 miles north of Charleston airport, said that he ' louncl [i v c bodies inside the plane. The coroner said lhat he was un- ""Ifl to ascertain the identities of the victims lint that he had communicated with Walter Slonell. of Miami, president of the inter- ! Continental Airlines which operated I ho plane. Ueveaux said that stoncll unvc "in (He follow!,,,, names of those liesaid were 4n the plane when it en Newark airport at 5:H p.m. jcstcnlay: C apt. Amos Austin, ^iiPt. Jiii.ics McNcal. Co-pllot El- r Kortmiin. and oiga Badner "cvciiux said lhat stoncll was not, sure <,f the identity of the scc- I ,' C L;-;"". >an ' w "° he tentatively Cabbie Collects Strangest Tare' Deranged Vet Killed By Train Conductor MUSKOGEE. Okla., Jan. 2 UP) --Authorities today .souyht. the motives behind the actions of a joiing war veteran who «as sliot and killed by a conductor aboard n Mitsoiiri-Kansas-Tcxas (katy) tiam when he apparently went ' «,.„?„ '"",'!' aUcin P'«i to force a train. ° f '' |)ilsscn 8 er s f ™>» the Tlie dead man was identified as Uscar Gill, 24, who acquaintanci s 'chooi'"? n bEe " B " c » di »B 'higli ^j'»^^"mo^;:. sinccjlli The conductor, w. a PrunkaiV reported (he shooting to officer^ when the train stopped brief'v here early yesterday en route fro-i «• Louis, Mo., to Dallas. Tex He in uest ' '° al ' pcilr to<ia J' at lho Andy Reeves, city dctectiv* Qiiolcd passengers as sayln- that GUI went "raving m ad" and roam- e< through the darkened train, JCiking passengers from their sea's ed kT'-mn ' hCm Wh6 " ' hCy re!m ~ traln° ; J> " nP fr0 '" U ' C Spc He.- «ecaine,,jncrei}sjngiy, excited.] passengers sa M. and 'attacked i runkard when the conductor attempted to persuade him to return to his seat. "We tried to hold h[ m long enough to get a rope and tie him, out it was no use," Prunkard said. T pulled my gun an,| ordered him lo quiet down. He started at us i again and I fired." ' «i!| w as struck in the stomach by a single shot from Prunkard's ' .38 caliber pistol. Believe Fear Cause Of Slaying And Suicide BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS When a woman passenger was unable to pay the fare after ridin , i,. his taxi with her 11-monlh-old baby daughter. Edwin Nichols Cincinnati. O.. cab driver, asked for the baby as ••payment." The mwhc" readily agreed, and Nichols took the little B in home to be cared Mr Wcir™ W i2ird IKl o| tWO tCC "' a8C<l tlal '6htcr s . He has asked the Ohi',1 ID world" to keep her. (NBA Tclephoto.) Back From Argentina Probe Activities Of U. S. Officers Many Officers, Men Guilty of Black Market Operations WASHINGTON, Jan. 2 (U I') — The House Military Affairs Com- millec. today approved a rc.pon nsccryng that manv American nl- f leers anil men in the i;uropv:in hcaleV are guilty < lf black market dealings and sexual promiscuity. The Committee raised the no-,- siblMly of clu'cklnn bank balances and !iK U ;-,-.c- tax returns !o detcr- mtne the finuncial 'condition ot some officers and men who were serviiiR In Germany a year ago. Tile report was published previously as the personal conclusions of a committee 1 investigator wiiu toured the European theater, u now has been approved formally by the committee. Icgai-dinr; morals, the report said "It is t[uile evident thai boin, enlisted men and officers arc rather promiscuous In their association with Gorman women." Tills, it Mild lias given rise to a serious vcnornl disease problem. Tile report said Army boards arc Uclntt set up t (1 dismiss men from service who are habitually AWO1. or who continually contract \enenil disease. "Already more than 0030 neii i have been and are bclmi sent j lioine from the European theater I for discharge tor lhc.s e reasons" it said. The report concluded (hut. tl.o "vast majority" of u. S. Offiee'.s and enlisted men in Europe appeared to be Involved "one way or another" in black market nctlvitirc. The Committee also said thai it Is "(.-eiicrally believed" Uvu the Americans gave lh c tiussians eiiprnvlni: nlatcs with which the Soviets printed Gerinr.n murks nelcl ol "n value (o themselves, but lor which th c Uni-.ed Stales ;s paving •!! for 10 marks. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT WARDS! BY JACK IIASLAAI J>r. Oscar Ivanissevirh. left. Argentioe ambassador lo the U S srccls his opposite number. Geoige S. Alessersmilh U. s amoas- sjdur to Argentina, as the latter arrived in Washington. He was rculled fur important conferences with Secretary of Stale Byrnes tcrs yesterday and asked Dcublcr to accompany hi ln to the Lakcwood area to investigate a complaint "Sii'i^rrr?™"" 1 »"'"""•'" ~".'"•«— sS"Ss3n «;=«"'—-~'" police ch,c, kill Lieut. O N. Martin, 51, to Dcublcr. 31, will, . hunting rabb I, on the found their bodies on holidRV lo el , not ,run. then commit .suicide, j roadside northeast of the city licysiid His fear was unfounded. » They had been dead aboui Afarlin went to police headqm.r- hour Diyorces Divorce complaints filed recently in the office ot Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris follow: Joe L. I-'iui:-:- ner vs. Marlyn s. Faulkner: IV.ancc Brothers vs. John W. Brothers: Herman D. Hunt vs. Mildred J. H;mi.: Pauline Campbell vs. Army Campbell; Fannie Whitworlh vs. j.mtrr, W. Whitworlh; Mavis K. Jojiusion vs. James Johnston Jr.; Murrnv Potter vs. Cordelia Potter: Ra'-hael Denniston vs. Floyd Dcnmsto.i; Lii- lemiieraturcs near freezing are more dangerous for driving than zero tcmpernturcs because at nrrir frcpzinK th,. ice is lv el and thus I'ethices braking distance and trac- It'i «!)-/ to baJ^e v/f(fi THE MAC 1C MJLUR-SOEST FLOUR! And you c*r» use the tofored pnnr *icV. In many wayi iiound ihe houit. J. LOUIS CHERRY Reprrscntlnt New York Life Insurance Co. BIjlhcTillc, Ark. TODAY — Bring Us Your Poultry Hens — 25c 18c Gcesc Ducks 24cLeghorn Hens Al Our Kcsidciicc, J71! W. Vine W. T. DAVIS 24c j 20c! The curtain was lifted slightly on secret weapons developed by tn P Navy at its ordnance testing station at Inychcrn, Calif as c-in be seen in these speed photos showing ihe Navy., new "Tin- Tim' rocket.! 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