The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 28, 1931 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 16

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 16
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a. 18 THE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL .MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, J93L A Journal Want Ad Will Do "That Little Job" for You Before 19.1 w 4 ANNOUNCEMENTS - 1 BlrUv. Bus, Dwtmbtr 21, 1831. to Mr. end Mm, ir u. 'i.wilwu ins aterioo vromMm, Both mil. Oil sol At Pembroke Cotte Hce- ltai, Oecember ST, 18.1, to far. and En. .A. O- Qllroy (CM Jean. Bur- CEMETERY MEMORIALS 1 I. BROWN AND WM-ffl Spark. Ml. wiall.llwll IB I I. AMUSEMENTS AVALON Buster Beaton. "Sidewalk ot new xont. ina Bismuna Hon- oerss vr Beauiuui, ver popular, "VIuom Mlhu." ARTICLES FOB SALE H "-.y.'i. "JANo tadii price, . . t w, inauaint IS rait, ma COMBINATION RADIO end hono. li-ili tl VTT' " regular HUMPHREYS At Ottawa Civic Ho. flul, oa Saturday. December 14, nil, to Dr. end ir. J. O. Hum phreys, a dtugnier . UdSRlrtH At Ronl Alexander ' Ho pltaL Edmonton, on December 88. " issi, to or. ana Mrs. waiter Moc-rtih, a baby boy, both well. on. Nort Wot TerMtorlee. to lir enoTMri j. 0. rcareon. a son. Both well. Harriet RIMIERS-FII.ON On December , J Ml. at Coalman United Church. '" ij Rev. W. K. Alp. Olady Maria I1 lion, to Harold H. Rotera. " COLUMBIA Jo B. Brown, cutting up again in "Broad minded". Comedy. "Hello Napoleon." Oswald cartoon - ina rarmer", FBANCAI Double bill, William Powell in "Man of the World." and Jack Holt in "Subway Bxpreaa." LAl'BIEM. HILL 1 abowa for the price of I.. Jack Bolt In "to Path- aio, tut BEX V Walter Huston, Chi?Tl -ina star Wltneaa." Charles Chaa "Haiti MarrlMaa." Harry Lauder mwtmtr. news. now ai la. au nntaa. jabn JUper Limited, in ley. real term ImliiS, PHONOGRAPHS Victor, Columbia. smnawtec and other popular 1 SVI2cSAM-' " --. - NEW AND SECOND HANI) LUMBEft uiuruvu MATERIAL. LOST AND FOUND BELOIAN FOLIC lmi Lost Friday - miuk in aaawei to suns. ward. B. 170. . . -totmtxr 87. 1031. Aobtrt Dtvidson, on of trie TU Mr. ana Mrr. Robert DevlcUon, aid 78 yw. Funeral from the abort addrcM on Tudy, DecM&ber 39, at 8 pm. Intrnant at tlOBUwtoa Comra' cemeterx UAWI.IK.f At the midenc ol her parent, 578 Lurter avenue we,., on But. day. DeMOiiMr 87, 1M1, 9oen Mary, tarty beloved dtugbur of CharlM sod Lol Uiwkln. Is hr find year. JunerJ from tbt parlors of Oort H Roffsra,U4.. 173 Elfin -ret. on Tuesday, Deottnber 80. at 10 in intaraua n sevenwooa DVIDwWTe LOHT. BANK HT , MALE HELP WANTED 3 MM Died t tMr, 48 et. Patrick St.. on ounoav. ueoein bcr 87. 1931. Marie fUJotu. beloved wife of rrancle Meunler. ae M yeira. Funeral Tueaday. December -win. at i a m, irom roe above lealdeno for aerrloe at St. Ann Churcb. at I o'clock, tbeoe to . noire pame .wxtrfn:- aiAWEXL Suddenly, at hfa dtrkoe. Mine Road. Bouth Hull, on Saturday. December 86, 1981. Robert wajcvreu, oeiorea aueoaoo or LOtuaa Wrlfht, In bla 7tb year. Puaeral aervice at tbo above adareat 01 MotMUr. the 26 tb inetant, at p m inwnntni w vooior eeaaeiery, aij- f 5 BK'HAN At a local IwapKal on Bun day. Deeetnber ri, 1031 Oeonre Porreater Blchan. beloved huiband -BaraBi. nopaina, ana Mcbaod . : atreet. Funeral trom HulatTBrotheri Funeral Home, Ltd. Jl MeLaod treat, on Tuaeday, the Wtk Inetant, at Lit p.m. to si. oeone'a AniU- Church, Meteslte atreet. Tor . eerrlc at 1 o'clock, latennant at Mrrtntton. N. at. WATKON At a local boapltal on Saturdar. December M, l31, John Archibald Wataon. Funeral aerrloe nnratek at hla realdence lkl Fourth aeonuo, on-Tyaaday. Panama ner ae, at u.uo a n. interment at Beecnnioa oemetery. ADAM en loelnf memory of my dear rand mother, Mra. Klnnalrd Adam. woo paaaed away December . 1030. - Bar taint hat wbh, I thould Ilk to " ltava beard, 7 ' And breaUMd m bar war on laat parting word. - - - - Only thoee wuo nave loat are able to tell. 4 the acne of tbe Vaart, la not aaylhf farewell. But ner weary boun and dara of - 'pain. -Her troubled ntrbta ar paaaed, - -r- And In my aohljia bear, I know. - AO baa found eweet net at lut - OrandaauahUr. Beaal. -BAVAKiadH In 'rood n' Jortn , nmnwy m aaaraaree A, naei Who died December 2d, 1034. C -- . . fat nc IMJ.NT BE A JOB HI NTKB Start your own city buein 00 our wve. uv am time, no iy-0I., your own boot: hundred e.ww iuhui iun year aiir year: w ur ewjvaa, wauunneni oc credit; torn aso bom nceaaltta; ewiiine . eapeneno TinfMwaa wonotmu opportunity to own IMwmeent, aBIOM prontaoi Dual' naaa backed bv an ono Don wtih , wide Induttryi for complete Infer-ni.tlOTwnte Bawlelyb Co. Dept. I MEN WANTED at one to qualify a. Barber, Motor Maenanla, Elec trician. Bneuayvr. auocaea aaaured Information Dominion Trad wcuwia, eaa aaunouai. vttowa. 1TOU- CAN- BABN toad money in par Um at bom, maktn d la-play earda. Mo oanraaalnc or aolle- you wtb Jjork. Writ today for free ww"aie. n Henneniia vompany, Ltcu as Dominion Bids. Toronto. TEACHERS WANTED WANTED, TEACHES. MALE To teach iunior nun. Apply 10 Dean of Itudia. St. Patrick. OoHete, Ottawa. .ubroJUlnr qualification and AGENTS WANTED - J A SALES AO ENT tor each snraproaant- o w)un. uooa pay. ft quip-menv W trow hardy nrlu for "Ontario' recommnded hv Oovernment Experimental Parma. ww aeenci ar Tajuani. wrlu now 1 or raeerean aarrttorr. Bati lbd forty real. Peiham Kuraery LSITUATIONS. WANTED- SAI.BNMAN Tan yeara- eipertenoe, wumwnMm, jju. aMl OWtrtOt, ffOOd oonnMtlone and reference., n-att'ron pceltlon In that dlarrtct. Wrlw U laabeHa, Pembroke. Ont. PERSONALS PBOPtKHOB WOOD I leerln aoon. wu known tilted palnuat. clatr. Want. pnrneloilt. loe, bualneaa. SSaS!1- Wlfl L0 10,1 WB SEPAIB Fountain pane. Inetru- waeoia lamiioa, aw BParka street. CAMKBAS FOB OIPTA. PltUwal JJ.J?ri?- Bidu,B) ALTON,. MBS. Palmwt. IT Laurter nre, vuu. Appointcoenla, b. 7ta. 1 WHEN Macol'SAOED cenault Ma- oame tons, tiua c ranuata, 1ST oaam. . .. . BAKEB BBflS. Booth t a stn. AUTOS FOB SALE 13 B-2!-J!?B . ! DEMON GABJAOt TO LET Frank atreet. d SECOND HAND AlrPn um WR.!M)?.,in of can tor wreck- -. wstja. oa oaiWe uaed oarta. Wr-Jj.-.. ttekn BrcVsSotS 6 8S OWWB-' BITfrfwCnDTVO tanaral BUILDING MATEBIAL. LVMBES- rntien an k. . f,'?J- Poau. anile Iron, relnforolnf J 'MUIfment. sid and bora BCTCHERMAN IKON 4 METAL 'OWINU. HlMIVlfski iai ' -iff- LEGAL BUSINESS CARDS 3 AUTOMOBILE PAINTINa ALTO BODY and fender itralehtenlna a uiMwuii, r. n. j-jepa, wh, Murray atreet. R. 47J. BalleiT and lutUlw Work, DAVID'S 41 AS AGE Battery aervice. repair, atorate. M Slaur. a. 13.1. WHITE MTAB UABAGE. Wot. Bellfoy. vivy., ,vu otaier. . irra. BEVEbAGES. MAPMt LEAP Der Mm,ai..44a701...s.-i.i.. Promot delle.rv. R fmi T-iji ELECTBICAL dealebs. 21 MlrTIUHKV BParks. Q. -,300. . Mil' RAI)1 bauiqh. EljFCTRIcBoaer. tat.00. BJtun'spJK'0'"'' ZJiMTH, Sperton, Phonola. Special. modeL 05. Jon Bra. Kew Phlleo electric radio tenna cart, as monthly. 0. w. Unoaay Je Co.. ltd, ira' aparka. V?S? JM!!""? ET.S. wltl r 'u--t ."".r.-.'r'i ,t"f . " w. " cuacer. af Sco.. WILLIAM J. OBEEN BarHater. etc - now located 411-419 Ottawa Elc Uric Bids. Q. S6S-S47. cwtc ,,1'IJINO AND ELECTRICAL DEALEBS, oon tractor tiSmi c""!,u 00f- all coonar. ELECTB1CAX WORK. AI.KHM) BALES - Radloa apeclalty. General renalra 84S BomanMt. B. H2rf"4 P?S"V LTD' Commercial auijee jaee. ai. rai EVANS ASSERT, LTD. Commercial. viuiitui. ,ea auen. M. NW. MILLER PBEMS, Thoa- 0. Miller. 134 l-M at, e. . NATIONAL PBINTKK iritIrw nwrctal prlnMra. 3-4AS O'Connor. PBOOBESNIVE PRINTPJIS. nowlooat. . av aeu ujaoeton vnu. o DADNON-MKKKII I. Mu "U.i,... of ftno prtnuns Q, PaOAJuaUtPrf-l. , -w luwiaww, aao oparaa. rpBLIC 8 TEN OO RAPUR& PUBLIC STENOOBAPHEB, mlmearaph " " -- "tutuw auHi, uea na ROOFERS. Main. nuu. B. 107. "ii'SELL M .Barrister. Vie. oria Bids, 10 Wellington. Q. 63S. ""Vt "'Hi ""; "D MscLARKN w-w--. - naewut uitawa. s!ScN,5ei.0"i"-.jrrt. . ears---. SBf. FaPI, " TJ5T'laMa?.TT "EiLV N - DIiNLEt lK. f. SBarrlatar. SSn.,a. ca. 27 . St. REPAIRS SEBVIrc, certified radio- L-T' f' ""io AMors- WANTED TO BUY Is BSWii!riiJFErE.I'!. utomatl WANTED Second hand plumblM and carpenter tool. 8. ttid. BEST FRICES. elothea. fur. aal OUU1U. K. 6760. APARTMENTS TO LET-H ILMOUB S36. nrleht Imm a . , .-ggstrtoallj-iuppial, l STRATHCONA- urnuneo. all convenience. R. M43. runuend or un- mnt, every iKKNibHEtl. bedroom, llvlnamom !"ric nreplace. dlnlntroom, klt- Kln,i."'ri:..clr.'.,'1'- P'tno. "- .n, eee. n. ov. copM' COl'BT. S0 Daly, t larwr brttht .-ooma. B. oja KENII.WOBTH. 100 Btln St, 4 and T worn newl, dcorit4 TirUoiu.! --- lunienH inn un. AecMUBdataoa- 19a K?i!rt.,0.TF-.n- ouiet. wa OP . BX .UBTW. Q. 44JIJSJ. ( ROOMS TO LET 21 M.C.A. Alrmrnn w.1 , forvableroome; allccarWrte WO Pl'S.VIKHKn f aw. looklnt RockdUf Para. no. journal OfBoe. . ,,," r L'trl MALIOV In food and loelny mem. oryjoi Michael Malloy, who died UL . . . " Family. ; FSSMANENT WAVE. SI Jack. weeuty rarwc uVfe Bnanw B4. PATTERaoN In loetnt memory of Janua patuiaos, who died becem- per an, itrje. ' Abaaot. but r remembered. who ana lamuy. FI'NKRAf. NOTICE Tb memhaia of . a. nuwe oraa. rvnerai rariom, 31 1 McLod atreet, on Tueaday. Wtb . December, at 1.00 p jn . to attend the funeral at our lata Brother, Oeora F. Blchan. Reanlla to be worn. Brethren of alater tods are uvimv w aiwna. By command of th W. f . HrFTOT Bcm, Tuueial thieett4 eeuv. lanuw car. Btyirsa. ciiso. h. ltd. m Bicia , pt. r-uorai aarTic. rn vat enapai. Invalid car. H. lots. BBABV HABBIS Funeral eervloa, 7 LlMrar. Ambulanc. . M7. HAMON SON Funeral Rom, IS Cobours St. a. sm. - BI'RNEt. 1RA B. -SON Funeral Director. SJS SomeraM St, between Bank audi O'Connor St. Privet ChapwOntralld xar. Tel. Q SI.' VEITCM, A. E. 41 , Director Pum t. oral ervlce. Invalid coachFuDrai sot, its Partdale. S. aoa. HI'I SE BROS, Funeral Bom. SIS MeLoscT. C. SOS. Parlor, omhailahrs, : - RADMORE STEWART. Funeral Rom. ; - 1301 WeUlntton. 8. SOO. AmhiUance f sarrtot. . WHEI.AN Pt NEAL HOME. All Cooper. "Call with crmftdenoa." Q. .JIM JIN'S Bank at- MarLaren Freeh flower. Puner.1 deeltn. -4). HQ. Ol.r.BE florist Cut flowers, Ooral deeltn. 7U Bank. 0. 703. - : CEMETERY MEMORIALS I JONES Si STEVRNS ',7 BldeaU St. JL ISM. lowest price. ULMMTEOS factum tM pau-mt nan ciamona au watch aa. M.ineti.. tit nony, OtMwa EUctrt Bids. Q . MrKEOWN, Bl'TCHER, amt. i atorea. MI Bank. M Byward Market, B- sum. quality 4. 101, INItlAN ADEPT SCIENCE reader. Prof. RuomU, SO Uurter. Bull. S, Sot. ACCOUNTS, ALL BINDM, Ineludlnt juunnrow, iwnia, wave, tc. Audit Co. Q. 1st, "tlZZJUlr IP"' J " for s-ssssM, nuu, O. 1904.. eperka. .,- -osmoera. 74 ATENrAtT01tNESm - 7" i MAABWfaa,. e ntDinw 'iaJSSJf MZPJLHuo, SON r r,wMw. a opera rJt",i!t8.T?NHl'0H AND CO. Pat. - ----,H;iria Bins, ot- DE HAITRB SUrtcrr. woman "San, blood, 161 Stewart: r7 it. DSL aiiaiaava .u.. ii7SSLomn sad Um. DENTAL 28 D T.10 0"-.M,,,"toW!- la - EYESIGHT SPECIALISTS 29 pJ saa examined without "m. i. aaea FOOT SPECIALISTS 29a ti:l (VIce-Bee.l Patranace). :S;irl.kS.nlt?,' 'nn- nalla: . - iwi, iniamon. to. -..e . eiee. I- M. MaeMAHON All loot trouble. HWh, A 1 . A rfe OSTEOPATHIC 3 raanuj.n er LINNEN (aueceeaora to fiPMUtplo.iiJJJMpan. . CHIROPRACTORS 31 ; I STEW ST ford. 17 Wilton Crwacost. nuva arcoea eoiueled. 1 , 1 -. w - 1S4S. I "TrATttnBwuX-lUt-Mttrt- - . Hamaea tor gaia. l AOluatroanu. Q. 1711. I ., - .- : " war -aMiwr wet I Q .,'- Htarituv --" i Ti.?ARt.S HOTEL MO Quean V c1 room. Bbower .B? "E: !c for we. a. month or winter. Tel Q. aaot BOOMS AND BOARD 22 COMFORTABLE, warm a mahsacie Tor an- psiauaaii, very central, ecu Slit. ... 8: ARTICLE!! FOR SALE 11 TO x.Ve Ortboptonla, perfect ww"w. ee eeao, eiec weeaiy. c, W. Llndeey Ai Co.. Ltd, 1st Spark. i.. Byr Piano.- all twcondltloned. C.w eaaa. i.uo weeaiy. c W. . ndaay Op, Ltd, lg opTki V"auiAN Bsw, nithtat cniallty. . u,,rT ' " aeu , ejuvoart. . - nwuawa PCR -COATS remodelled. Ai uworttne, ass Ridesu. Pfloa. SEAL CO A T Koilnaky collar, i BHODRS COAL BMIWMRS wrtS Wort. aown, eo. wuo auto-tnatle control. 4 to Ou.ranteed tor 1 veer. Blower, on dlaplay at B. B. frwina, St Poutth Avwa M LINDIAV PIANO Mabotant. Ilk new, sit.. Convenient terme. WUiia Jaekaoa Bulldint. OFFICER'S Tl'NfC and Brltlab aoa vner carnai urnoa. reouuv. M up aeaj, t34 JLIBER ANU BIIILDINO MA.' TERIAI. r - -BELTINO AND MILL StIPPlJFA BLANKETS, bed, tarpaulin., plpaa, earnas oeama, nele. relnrorclnt Iron, poaU. rail and vnilpmeut. -M. IAGEKMAN A CO 4 Wllinttoo St. . : b. tio. Bayeiew Tarn. a. S7. THE LVMBPS NXJMBEk ,t TELEPHONE, B. I1L WANT AD: RATES SHt SSSWW.'" ' ' Tea yev avawt Ua. ;,.- per oent nee. tie per want hoe. " ? Sr eeant Ilea, -taa .per awaal kaa. C RMttlMU a laMtrueoa k 4 Suertloae t SiMrrtlena . I katertleae , ... CRABAEB BATES, V aw WMffer.ta aa eanf wltk ae fer elaaSSM adver. U'ln. w will tiaaly estMvd tel. . aervlea to ye a wuak eerat Ik i JellAwtat ratae abply:. taa per eeant line fr lawrtlea , wits aa artawaaat of ( aiancivi . If petd wiiwa .aae weak ettn tb TriaviVwi wlreafr7v-rE eoarava, et M iveuee win a tl par uw-Twm e le a veua. nn addiuenal eeant Una aa well eau baa w wne aa llae. Ha M aumaat If mi with,. 1 week alter Sral tnarrUea. iTnte .nail at I aaaal ai .. aU ... "7. . Spaelal Deaanaja. t Bee ale act pet Wrtion. I naaa ISa net per auer- BOW 4 CODST TOOB AB. . In aalealaaat tbe ajt at- aa ad mint a war, per llae far eaib at - the Sret twe Snea and t ware per Ha fee ae aaSIUeaal Baa. Pie. arm ta (Twice f I er Vmb aieh. ; InlUet. ebfcreraUe rlta II a il aetweea tTeiaa ef Snraj, ta,-t eeant aa I wet. Sec aaaweva ; nrr"f" 'II I l 1-vra i ' aurtawa eharte, t eeent Thwa. ' yurth. SneaaMaevtt, U.vttaae and '', rvth viAti-e onrHatnf Pinvral v...,,. ..Mat,, ef Tlunva. , --,i-r..,-r M-ai. tt rer lint trwriw. .n tie far . oaeky aana- . i..nt InWH-ttna, in M-nen.a Metlee feieleava at e-r,), tl per Inerruen wp I I eeant 1 u . kf.lter ervr I emmt Seat a J tA a as vet waiter. ult 1 tentlemen. board. Q. asst. AUTOS FOB SALE 23 '"'ML Barwalnc uaed oare. Caxn. ocu Motor sal. Ltd, act Leuffar. IMC Dt SANT-Sii Sedan, clawanan. Prlv.uS S3 Pint "mS! S?mm","n- SIW lawT auppirn. ia Cfcambcr- INSURANCE 37 IS VOU B Pl'RMTUBE INSL'BED? Be prepared. Tom Foley, a. 770. T. E. CUNDINNRN, LIMITED. IS Btln. a. SSM-aSOT. ritTrTtsr)rc; sm iei i syTr. vwrierw anq oon. . Til. FUEL FOB SALE 47 HARDWOOD SLABS. 11 0 PW load, cood quality. 8. 4M7? . -P, CHESTNUT SI4.7S-Ooal, fIS.wwT Coal Co. C 73 1. eM. mLnwEt pea. $13&K LaaalTo coke, WeUh buckviMtU. . Oonatll COIHt Ul WIXE. McFbtraT-r proojaa. wmi AXeinciai loe uo. l-tMA. 'IMttMMy that bv Lnaulatina I " 1 . ' -'"- 'mY-W wuatsra tun your coat 0.117 Prlcea D. F. Rtl'RIueitATlOM KCRVICE assess -Bj. si low. jtw trooper. CLECTRlCAt. MOTOR .lnaUlUtloo. EYESIGHT SPECIALISTS, R. J. BAHTIEN, OPT. D-Houn, 9-fl. w.suiuw wiwiuuwn, FURRIERS. H. D. STONE, ramodelllnc. rellnln. WPClf' Formerly with B. J. Dev. tin. Ltd, lot BuaU, R. nil. SIMON WHOLESALE ri'RBIRB uuaranieea remodelling, repair, laa fueen atreet. o, pel. . . HANDWRRINa and apeciacauona at McAullffa. a rime. Roofint Dlrialon. it Main atreet, Ottawa iaet. C. Sooa. SERVICE STATIONS. BEAMIHH SERVICE STATION Brakea. financially, mechanically. 136 Albert, Q. 130, LPTOWN SERVIL'K. Automobile, tore., treaaint. waahlof. Expert repairint. It Albert. T SHARPENING WORKS. KKVN MADE and locka rasalred. Baker's Sbarpenlnt Work. 363 CLASSPTED DISPLAY ' " CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Sals, . , I YOU'LL BE AMAZBD--. Wbss Vsa Bos Oat Now . ROCKNE Tk Grcsteat Mter Car Valu Erwr Of... a ra-1. I Motsr Car Valu Err OMcros- BEACH MOTORS, UMTTED Ccsauu DODGE 4-CYL, SEDAN. 12 a .- .: nBU mwg, lZe , - - rf T-tacUs VslBC T : -V DODGE D.A. SEDAN, M29 . , , Sid MoonUnga. ' OTTAWA MOTOR SALES LTD. IE and Asjyh Arc. . On. .M,.jT - - C. Slot SHOE REPAIRING. CAPITAL SHOE REPAIRING CO. For Ctoloahaa and Rtpatra.- Il0t4 JinraxERs. COMPLETE tock Jewellery. Expert "-'"" ogniw arc, avt luoeau. MACHINISTS. THORNTON i. TRCMAN, LIMITED auw aera eui oy ooae. aooi. BILACH. XIMIIEDJLJ.- Machine METAL '.TORK. FOI'NDRY . WORK Caatlnge. Braaa. srons. Aluminum. Prltcherd-Andrew. 4. 5di. OIL BURNERS. ! Ol'ARANTEB Imoroved Orb Automatic OU Burner. clesneat. most economical oft market. 344 OXY-ACETYLINE. ERNEHT . W. PERKINS Cylinder ...i-u . witaout removins Srfa"r' -w""'t,n at- J1 LUMBERS. D. OCIMET. PLIMBINO. Haatlne. Prompt aervice all houra. R. 14M. EJWKINB - SMITH CO. Plumber.. seating, trnemlth. R. 4771. R. Sisa. PRINTING.' MALMItKSIl pssaeOeneral print- Arthur. SIGN PAINTING. WARPORD. FRANK. R. SIAC. Quality w tl WIP pi.sJRJBj, TAXI SERVICE. OIBSON's TAXI Day, nltht aervloa: 7-paaaentcr aedan. Q iia. BANK STBKET TAXI. LTD. Pour CHECKESVTAXL ale Bsnac Q. us. TRUCKING STORAGE. CAPITAL 8TORAUK CO. Local end Ions dlatanc moving. Q. 870. TYPEWRITERS. J. M. HILL Tvnewrttere .nrf ulrfiU. machine, eolo. rented, xchnted and repaired. - 48 Queen St, Q. pta. OTTAWA TYPEWRITER - CO. TL Q. 422S or 4838. Ml BE.MINUTONN. renula. repelra, re- ouua. rederal Typewnur Co. 180 Queen atreet. Q. c.87, Q. east. TUITION. - LANfJTAUE TEACIIINO. (European) conversational method. Beat roaulu. 8 yeera' teaching experlDce. Aa? Ply evening. 143 Hint Edward. 1929 PEERLESS SEDAN Don t mid thLp if you are in-tereated In the Bistort Uaed Car Bargain In Ottawa todey. MAJESTIC M0T0E3 Umtlctl 7I Bank SL . . CliSt aaBEaataIWSMBA8i MEXICO CITY, Doe. riA Cuern. ' vscs dumttdi la. L Prena aayi U jut. Wgialature of Moreloc Sd in! acted a law impoalng a tax of 308 pccos (about tmt yearly on mwj, clergyroan, regardloaa of his religion. ApertmeaU Tc LeL Fnniished Afsultnenli Bhtfford, too Cooper Bt, In suite of four, fir and Mven room. Choice of awcoratlona. curator, and Janitor earrloe. Select ten-ante only need apply. ICS Bank St. 4. t4. Realtors sod iBasreace Brekera. APARTMENTS TO LET debesswsrtsrXsR I looms, electric refrigeration. Icjunsdiats poesenuoo. A. H. FITZSLMMONS Ul Spark St. Q. UM FUNERAL OF MRS. SERVISS. IROQUOIS, Dec. (SpeclaD Tb (iineral of Mrs. Maris B. Servb. who died on Thuraday, was held Sun. tor from her ml re-ioene. Mor. rtaburf. Sh vu born daughter of end Mrs. John Amudrong. -of the townahlp of MaUlda, but UU Snly of MorrUburg. one of s family ' of flv girl end f bus- boy. Her hue-onnd, Oordon Servia was for many . year a drusciat on Kin t 1 .. aou preoecwaaea . Bcr years. arm II . . mj. .1. v . , ""- woman. Learning i buainea. In Iroquola aha Carried on foe nauy year, .fur th daatS of her husband, later mmrfn t nn.m. nd Cananoqu. Retiring, ah located moniaourwnere the had aino n. Survivin are tkvw. 1.. a... John Amies, of Morrisburg; Mra. MatUd, Moore, IVtroit MlS, S M Jw" SulUvn, of Rccheeter. H. Notice to Creditor! End ' ; Others IN WINDOW CLEANERS. RINDOW CIKAMNfl Pull I bully, satisfaction, s. 22, Diamond vieaninc. " WHERE TO EAT. MADAM DINARUO'S RoashetU Houe. uacoeay meat. Alcert. t. 4003.' CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Different In Ntyw Centre-Door Home. Overlooking Drlvwy. H.W. heating. brtaVfaat nook. 4 bedrooma. heated sunroom and saras. ad joining houe. cituated on large corner lot (Mo FRANK MOORE ! a Ull SUSBMII .. 114 Bank St. FUEL FOB SALE . 47 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Aateaseblle Lara. COKE BODY hardwood cord or cut. emu. o vnamnerun Ave. c. 77, MONEY LOANED WTD. 51 ill LTfyy! .n-mw -wrrire. tuapitai .CASH:LoANsJu, We Reflaance Your , Present Notes ' vr Campbell Auto Finance COlrtd Lsres( Rate Larrewt Ceaapany SM JACKSON BLDG. Q.JI74 Ere, 0,TM CHILDREN'S AID AOCMTr. ContrlbuMon to th Children's AM society campaign follow: city Hall stslT. 137.10: Success Chepter. ho. 30. OlA. M; Mlaa A Caron. ; Harry Brouac Batate, tao; Employe. Bryaoo- unMm, bt. yifru: liepartoienl National Defence. 113.18: H. Theodore Meteall St. I Winter. a-APTl.iwi', 13.. THE ESTATE OP MARY ELLEN -- - UHirti-. All neraona havlne elalme aealvut the estate of Mary Ellen Griffin, lata of the City of Ottawa, In the County of Ctrl ton. Widow, deoeeeed, who oiea on or snout in 1st asy or ue oember, A.D. 1S31, are hereby notified to aend In to the undersltnes-Per-acnal aUpresentetlve of the said deceased on or before the let day of February, A.D. 193a, full particulars of their clslms Immediately after th aald date th eaid Personal Rep-raven tetlve will dlatrlbut th umu of : the aald deoaaaed. haying retard only to clalma of which It shall then bv notice to the exclusion of all other. nd it will not be llsble to any penon of who claim It ahall not then have notice for the use la eo nistnoutea or ny pen inereof. .iUlVDIC. WedrHngfoo. N.Y.: Jamea.. of Sw.. cup, and t niece. Mist Maulina ' ot -iinasor. ) 1 1 FTJffERAL OP E. C. NOACX. A Urge number of friends united In Pylngnn.l tribute to the memory o Edwsrd C. Noerk. for mane . tTT,t' ssoem-eoMHrni-t1hreH - ww on v J jest OC- eesioned deep regret among hi many frijnda. At th midencs of hi father, John Noack, 11 Melrca avcriua. Rev! : A. rahnr. of St. Psul s Luthrui Church, ofneiatod at the funeral service, and from there the wka n I -ded to the OtUwa Wm UUoTn oua w Auce, vat, when a scrrice wa conducted at the horn of his grandmother, Mrs. . Noack. by Rev r Mr. Hwdst. of Alice, and thence to Alice church for a public service. Interment was in Alice oemetery. The chief- mourner .) Pnicd the body to Alice were hit" parents, Mr. and Mr. J. N,.. - auntMist Anns Noack, and Mia M. r7OT, m the family.- Th. high mumm to whtc4 Mn Noack was bald by all with vebeee h.rI WSt COUamled ava. MemnlifW !. ' large number of beautiful floral . offering received by the bereaved rtnu stn a, mciuueo m uieea were piece Of December. A.D. 1M1. f o' Cteb, the- rmuit x. r, a. manepers of the Ottawa Motor Saba o.u .n - King StRaat. Toroot, Oataricv ) employe of th QtUw Motor Sale t-ornpany, Lodge Ho. I7X Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Knttrjeert, and a memorial wreath from thi Locksky Sewing Circle. Rxecutcr. BT YORK at ATLBM, Ottawa, Ontario. Their Solictor hetln. A" NOTICE ita rateablv amone the ahuw. holders snd psld 1U debts nd llsblll-ties, hereby glv notice that It will make atroileation under th nrovt. Kna of th Ontario Companies Act to Hla Honour The Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Ontario for leave to surrender lu charter on end after a date to be Axed by the Lieutenant Ooyernor. dated at Ottawa the Mr) day ot December. 1P31. Rnnn ajlivin uita ahllldln. Ottawa. Ontartct ' Solicitors for R. D. Portar, Limited. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION IN THE MATTER OF THE TAKR NOTICE that th Partnership formerly evlailn wj,i. Devideon and Samuel Crook, carry ln( , on huslneae aa Oeoeral Poundera at ;.Urt'r' ,vtw. aa -iMviueoN at CROOKS" hna been dkavolTod a of the dete hereof. The aald Walter JvldeoD will collect all accounU due th said Partnership and seeume all llabintiee against aim . - DATED at Ottawa tbU 12th day ef December. AD. isai. . A BUPBRT BROADPOOT. ' Solicitor for th Partnership. 8 Spark Street, Ottawa, Ontario. 5 Journal ! Here Are a Few : Washinc Machliie Sold ELECTRIC WASHINO MACHINE; a-Bit awi Beap tor ceah. t. SSUW. -.'.',.. Houssrnald Secured . GENERAL HOl'SEMAID with reference. B, St8. k1 large House Sold CENTRAL, 4 BEDROOMS, living room, dlnlne me. in. lrlt.K.n - ST sfeiFt!? Alw. Lewis St. Evented LEWIS ST. near MetcaJfa. warm. - newly decorated. 4 bedrooms. 19. Q. StSI Room Rented LABOR, WELL PCKNTSHED, . room. prrrUss, prlyate famtty. Ski P(U Found SKI AND follt eltevra Otuvi and Haaeldeen end Lake rkwi. i ctjnc. . P. -palmstewr, 4l Lu- Modern Apt. Rented BELORAVE TERRACE, attractive. modern apt, reasonable, taa twtXW. Wrist Watch Found ' LOST OnSsturday - laat, rent's -1 ii uot isnes: mrtnu on back. Oold wrist band st-Jaclwd with Initial on clasp. Reward on return to City Clerk's office or 100 Belmont Avenue. Cook Secured COOK general, -rfercaoai required. -atraBrls. Burn. M Bans yV - X Bey's Watch Found fVSIWBdnA V noon. or s gold wrist watch. Asua. tnitUla ', 4 R. Lavtar CoHlU, vis taurler to Chaptl. Tel. R. t8J., Reward.' - - r0u Want Results You. Want Journal Want Ads Just Gall Queen 6900 IvlrrLi' ' ... . . . it .1-1 1 "' 1 ' .. " ' : 1 ' 11 . " ' J "j SJffiUSSlJ- PeprrTv SSSSL. ; lf ..r w ' .'ViSSx'SSSo, CH. Mac. leo?r-JT' 11 oeelraet ntai .a reveas. ,, TBjitnmay. a -a- I Ya-vLVUMWJI AAJCV 7 cririLS. eM PxrpV ' : " I rtat'Es CJW ? ', J st7scTOTio BATss. j iJn' F hI r' -RAM,S r 0 lltJMci-3Uf3rwJ ,ot 1 f ; par . a aaalh la utra paiaai-. . , II I M dl ( A A I W 1 Ife'.Jr v i .:,Lr.fc'",-. I I rN- ! II .'MReel f 1 li A . A ' ' 2' ' " " - - ' a V"; v -. . . . ... ... : , ..'.. "... . " -' ; y : ""'," "'-' '.''''. ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' '''''' ' ' '

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