The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1047 BLYTHRVTU.E (ATIK.) COURIF.K NRWS Bilbo Influence Is Election* Investigator Soys Few Negroes Kept From Polls New Laws Streamline U. S. Income Tax Form But Figuring the Total Still is Painful murky wnttiHT. I ."CHIC ico nights oim-iitlnij In and ai! ( ,| N CW orlrnife »cic cim- ci'.lcii Tuesday i\iul yivitrrdn.v mid " nil-lines expected atlriiltumil PAGE.THREB , ir HV S. JUllt'i'ON «E\TII NKA Stuff Currvsiioiiilrnl WASHINGTON, Jail. 2. (NBA) —A new income lux form, made possible in pai'l by a new law, will lie used this year by (hose lax- ]::iyei's \vho cannot—or choose not U—use the Withholding SiaU'ment as :in income tax return. > These can be filed at any lime cancellations or delays today. | thi- hnUtl.iy crowd Now Veal's Hay visitors who hud; ; . .'. *^K t r™fx™\ •"'" '«"«" "w «.»^«*»«' i-emly were imckcd lo tile Mil with'"' <l ""' Cs 3!H5 iwumls of sWi'l, 15 Too Late to Class*'!/ NEW ORLEANS. Jail. 2.—<UP> — Charges lime Sen. Theodore <•• Bilbo D Miss had "personally j after Jan. I that yon choose. So. NcBioes from «°lns u > for tiial luaU<;1 '> " a » lll ° Withhold polls" v ere not proven. Sen. Allen J, EUcmler. D., La., told the New Orleans item yesterday. Intruder, chairman oi f/^te Committee ou Election Prnc- liccs. told the item by telephone , jj, m i[ ng j,, from liis Washington offices thai his committee hiul foiind no proof of the charges made against Bilto in connection with Negro voting in lust Summer's primaries. The Louisiana senator was |ire- IKiring a final draft of his cotn- mittee'.s report, based on the hearing held in December at Jackson. Miss. "It is a matter of common knowledge," he said, -that in the Southern states the Democratic primaries have been largely con- fitxed to white voters." Ellender said such was the case when Bilbo was not n candidate, "and had he not been a candidate tills lime or been connected in anyway with the campaign, the re- -sull, in .so far as Negro voting went would have been exactly the same." Kllender .said Bilbo's candidacy had nothing to do with the size of the Negro vote. "I want lo emphasize, however." he concluded, "that my commil- tec report deals only with the election charges against him." ire said his committee had nothing to do with the "invcsiieatlon. evidence, or report or the Senate War Investigating Committee, which has had other charges against Senator Bilbo under consideration." ing Statement reti'.ms, cx:ept that most employes will not get them from their employers un^il well ?,'_ Sl>n _ along in January. 11 | The Bureau of Interim! Revenue is urging nil who have refunds o lilc as early as possible, with the promise that relmids—subject to later audit of the returns -will be mailed us soon us early personal returns are received. The new Form 10-n standard re- t'.'.rn is simpler, on the whole, than it ever has 'oeen -since the Income Tax got itself all wound Up in red tape. One feature has been added to the 1915 return: This year interest : :ul dividends must b3 reported separately, as !n?omc, Instead,of But the Uurenu wants il nnder- ltmip?d together. Isloorf Ihul theso people slill must the real headache of any file a return, so long as their income lax return, Ihe computation ' ot ihe lax itself, has been greatly simplified. Up to now, ever since Ihe surtax was inlroduced il ha.s been necessary to co!i"|:iue one tux base for normal U x and tuiolher for sur- lex. itnd fljure euch lax on its own tnse before v\ddh\fc ihtnn to set a total. 'Now Ihe personal exemption of !533 par p;rson has been extended lo both types of tax, so that it Is poss:b:e to compute a single tax Incomes were as much as S500 cash. The leason lor this Is Hint it would be virtually Impossible to slate a formula, underslandiibie to Hie ordinary persons, by which fil- hiis requtremenls for those on the borderline could \K defined accurately. I Since Itvsl yvn\v the regulations on deductions and exclusions have jcen changed in two ways thai, will lieip many U'Xpaycrs; I 1. Income Horn life Insurance,' received because of the deulh ol | r'o'.e income, and either take from the, Insured, now is completely tax the table or llgure a single tax on| cxsiv!))', whether you take it'In n' that income. Tills makes it easier) lump sum or In installments. Pn-' than last year even to use Ihe tax lable, in Ihe case of married couples where each has income-and inlimlely easier to compute year las if you do not use the table. When you eel your tax all figured, (here is a new 5'.! reduction that can be su'ostrartcd Iron) it. It is estimated lhat these changes will relieve some 12,1)03.000 persons from paying any "tax this year. viously, Installments had lo !).• irealcd ns anmilticsi and lux puid on what wus regarded us the "Interest" element. Now lhal has been given up. 2. You now can deduct as fv miscellaneous expense — if you teke your own deductions—anything lhi\l you paii! n lawyer or an accountanl lo advise or assist you in prcparlni; your income tax relurn. Strip Garland ( *County Offices Of Furniture HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Jan. 2. I UP l-Two Garland County GI candidates who ousted Hot Springs Mayor Leo McLy.aghlin's machine officials in the November general election found today that they had inherited "office's" and little else. And Prosecutor Sidney S. M-- Malh and Circuit Judge Clyde H. Brown went into a huddle today and announced an immediate Tn- vestigaUon into what became of iniuortrint office fixtures such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, files, and even telephones. Take, for instance, ;iie 'case ot Prosecutor MeMalh who ted the GI unrising. When he moved in, his office was- occupied by one lone evispidor. All othc: iurniture hari been removed by Curtis Ridgway who said il belonged (o him. Judge Brown found only a bookcase in his office vacated by Eari Witt. County Judge Q. Byrtun HTTrst said a large amount of roarf machinery maintenance equipment *«as missing. He quoted his prede- "cssor. Eiza T. Housley as saying the equipmenl belonged to the retiring maintenance superintendent who lock it aions with him. Other GI officials apparently were satisfied with their offices- nil, that is, except Sheriff I. G. Brown who descrriied sanitary conditions -at the county Jail as "unbelievable." 1. Einer imntmi ihown in iicm 6, pige I. Thi% Fi your AJiuitcJ Orou I^CORJt...... !. Enrtt DEDUCTIONS (il diJociinni >it itcmijej sbuvt. cnccr (lit :onl ol inch. 4«lucticxi; il «djoi«J jcoii io[un.c (Hot I, above) ii SVOCO or more ind deduction! ire QUI iitmittj, tnttr <hc icindirj dtductioa ol $100) 3, Subtncl IJDC 2 from lice 1. Eater fbc difference heic. Tbil ii your N<I iDCome.....! , 4, Emer your exemprlooi ($500 for eicb perioo whole oirae il lincj in iiem 1. p«jf 1) _^ 3. Subrracc lice 4 from line 3. Enter die.dirlercace ncre .- . 6. UK cbc l>z ritet ia ioifnjciioa iheec to figure jrour combined Icnlilire oojaiit in tnd lurtax oa imouac ecietcd On line 5- Eater cbc tenlicivc in Lere. (II line 3 ibove iocludci piftiilljr ui-ciempt iaiereit, IN Ttz CofiipuuiEoa 7. Enrcr here 1 rxrccot of amount cataeJ 60 line 6... , ... 6. Sutmicr tmc 7 from lice 6. Enter tbe difference here. ThJi it your comb!*ed oornj*! Ux uJ lurttK. '(If »J term lire t compumioQ ii rat&t on stpitttc Schedule D, eorcr here nz dora Hoc 12 oF Schedule D) If 1M IJtB IKE UK triMUU DCDOCTIOl |H LIMI I, OlltlfiUD IIKO I, 11 AW) 11. AND CflfT M tlH( 11 IHl UNE IIHU 101 ENTtltD OH UH{ L 9- Enter here iojr income ux pj-meott to * forcija country or U. S. poucuioa (uticb Form 1116).-. 10. Enter hire «ny income ur pjjj AC source on tit free eo«nior bead tutereir 11. AJJ ihe Sgurci on tiatt 9 inj 10 *cd eatct the tot A) hric I! - Sub:ric< l/ac 11 from line 8, Enter the dirfwco;e b:re »ad io ticm 7, pjje I. it your t*i.... A major simplification In the current standard income lax return, form 104U, i.s in the .'-ecttoti reprotluzcci above. This year the $500 personal exemption exteiuts to both normal lax and surtax, thna making it possible to compute a single taxable income. British Troops Search For Suspects in Sunday Flogging {Hundreds Of Visitors Stranded As Airlines Cancel All Fliyhts JERUSALEM, Jan. 2. (UP)—British troops searched the town ol Rchovot today for suspects hi tlic Hogging of four soldiers last Sunday u-liile the Jewish underground' threatened new violence and the Avfibs called A council to decide on "notion, tiot words," ' SEE HOW TWISTED DOUGH GIVES YOU V» NEW ORLEANS, Jan. : —ill Pi- circulated pamphlets warning laal Hundreds of visitors to yesterday's they were ready to renew, attacks Sugar Bowl classic were stranded on Palestine communications and . in New Orleans today ,,s nil-lines British military transport: | cancelled their scheduled flights At the same time the Ciandes- ,| uc to the foihiddinu cold and line Irgun radio broadcast a rejec-1 tion of i-.n appeal by Joseph Clark I head of the American 1 Bringing It Up to D:ite CLYMFIH, Wash. (UP — A revised code for the stale of Washington will be submitted to the 1041 legislature. Tlie new code will embrace all existing laws since 1854. . Curious Coyote 'louse to house search rounded up 5.COO persons who were questioned in the Sunday flogging. Four men who had whips \vhich misht. have been used »•) the flogging were held. The four Britons were lashed in retaliation for the flogging or a legally convicted Jew accompanied the searchers today. The whips were round in the tenement quuiler of the citrus center. Authorities admitted that they wefe of a type common in the area, and are used generally by native donkey drivers. The troops, assisted by police incut for what It called only empty promises of help. "Mr. Baldwin .we regret not ue- ing able to comply with your appeal," the Irgun broadcast said. "On promises—even the most respectable—we cannot rely any more. "Whet our tormented fighting people need is real help and when this is not coming, no other way is left to its sons than to help themselves and rely on God, their fight- iM» spirit and readiness of sacrifices. "You promise the help of the United States government for our nearly noon. A number of youths svere asked to explain where they acre Siyriday night when the four soldiers were flogged. The truce in the Jewish under- and intelligence officers, spent six just cause. But the American gov hours in • the search. Questioning! eminent has had too many occa- 3f those rounded up went on until | sions to he: j a people in agony p-nd compel the BrVsh—depen- dents on its goodwill—to give bacK the home which they robbed from us. "However, your government sat- •ji-ound'.s campaign of violence waspsfied itself with lip service declar- nded "officially" by an Irgun Zvai t ntions of sympathy—'recoinmenda- Lcumi statement calling for re'- j lions' which accompanied millions neived action and denouncing the' of our brethern on their wanton U. S. government for giving what'march to gas chambers and sons it called only "lip service" to the of Israel on their way to British Zionists. | concentration camps in Eritrea, At the same time Jamal Hus-'Latrun. Acre and Cyprus, seini, acting chairman of the AraOl The Irgun broad:ast then reJer- higher committee, announced thai red to a new oil agreement between an Arab congress would convene'American and British companies, in Jeiusalem. It will take up secret decisions calling for "action" of unspecified nature which were reached at a recent Arab meeting Cairo. Husscini said the proposed Congress would be preceded by a nicet- '.ng of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo in connection with the resumption O f the London conference on Palestine, expected late this month. Husscini described the Cairo decisions as of "a very serious nature, constituting a turning point in the Arab program." The extremist Irgun organization STARTS REtlEVINO ALL f COtD MISERIES —IN JUST 6 SECONDSI llrt faniuns. J'rc*rn'p//uri-ly|ip fiCr>«, for aufier-*iiFftly relief fmni i-ulil tni^pH^ Caution: Take only m ilirvctcd. COLD PREPARATIONS TABUTS OR tlQJID New Theatei Manila's Finest Shows EVCRY NIC i II ' Malince Saturday A Sunday Box Opens Week Dayu 7:t!li p.m Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Conl. Sliimliu "While il is premature to foresee , its general international repercus- sious," the broadcast said, "one j thing is sure: in every barrel of oil which your Standard and So; cony companies will get from the Analo-Iranlan company there will at least one drop of Jewish blood." j Read Courier News Want Ads. Last Time Today "fhaf Srennan Girl" with James Dunn ami Mona Sclcrlert Sliorl Subjects Friday tnd Saturday 'Singin' in the Corn" with Judy Canovn Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Chief of Police. John Oov/nrt. or San Bentto. Texas, islands over the dead coyote which invaded (Ke town of 10,000 in the mid-morning hours. The curious coyote became frightened by shouting pedestrians • and ended his visit to tow by jumping through n plate glass window of n miisij store, cowart, who was in a resUurattt next door, ran out and shot tho nniinnl ac It emerged from Ihe store. (NEA Telepholo.) Last Time Today "SWAMP FIRE" with Jolmny Weissmueller nnil Virginia Grey News anil Sliorl Friday and Saturday "SILVER RANGE" with Johnny Mack Brown Cartoon and 4th Chapter "Zorro's Black Whip" CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Costs So Little" WEEKDAYS Box Office Opens 6:45 p.m. Bbow atarU 7:M p.m. I/ast Time Today "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" with Sppnccr Tracy ami Van .fchnson Serial: "/.orro's Black Whip" Chapter n Also Short Friday and Saturday "Outlaws of the Rio Grande" with Tim McCoy Serial "Manhunt of Mystery Island' Chapter 13, Also Cartoon Opea 6:3* p.m.; Show Starts 7 p.rr Ij>st Time Today "Sunbonnet Sue" with Gile Storm, I'hil Regan News of the Day anil Shorts KROGER CLOCK BREAD DOUBLf YOUR SAVIHGS! We twist the dough IwfofC baking to give you winter, flner-texturWl bread \Ve use 100'/,. \vhiic.lloui-. Kveiy'Ioaf of Kiogci conies froin. liic'oven fr'agiatit and K-nlden-'crusteil — with finer, Stiuw \\hitc -Knjoy it lotlny! Friday and Saturday I "Santa Fe Saddlemorcs"; Sunset Carson in Serinl: "Son Of the Guardsman" j Abo Shorts \ MRS. SMITH: I resolve to spend my food inn'ncy wisely . . . shop vhcre 1 can choo.'je from .1 wide variety of lilfrh-qunlily. low- priced foods. MROGEfi: Thai's us. Mrs. Smith, ami we resolve lo serve you with 1111 even bitfffor select ion of bct- ler food Values throu|;liout '-17. 129 10 MILK TOMATOES KRAUT PEANUT BUTTER Counli'y Cluli :! Tuli Oins Hiiml I'ni'keu 1 No. 2. Hi/o A voiuliilo No. 2i<j Si/.c Ox. PURE LARD FLOUR 39 50 u,'. ; Slaiut 0. C. I'lain pi 7 SI{ '',:'2- r j U>s. . . 3 <'<uinlr.v Cluh No. '>, Si/.i> CRACKERS IflEINZ CATSUP PICKLES CORN PET MBflJ Coiinlry Club INnniil Homo (i<>nlIonian Style ir 15 fi 59 ir 23 , . Kroger's SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 3 1 1.1) HllR .. ,tf.t CHANBKRHY SAUCR Oceiin Spray .... f'AL.Al) DHKSS1NG VuiIlT COCKTAIL Country Clnh. No. 2V, AtM'1,10 HIJ'I '!2 Ouncer. . TKR 29° 25' 39 C 32 C 27 17 •'! Tall Cans lOc (i Small Can« Kroget's Grade "A" E G 6 S Large Ctn. Doz. 66;; Ex. Lgc. Crtn. Doz 65c Med, Ctn. Do*. . 62c ONE POUND ROLL PORE PORK SAUSAGE ( , K j vc you ii|>-to-tlie-iniiiii(e I' iiiul goodness. Kxper-lly seasoned and priced lo siivc. Pound 45c HOC; LARD Sliced & Rindless Lb. Lb. \ MEAT 8 LIVER HHIND BEEF dm Streak-o-Lcan Lb. Rich in Iran Lb. Fresh Daily Lb. 35? F ROAST Chuck or Shoulder Grade "A" ,Lb. Picnic Style Ready to Cook TS CT OYSTERS Plentiful Fruit — Priced to Sayc SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Fresh-picked Fruit with tart, sweet flavor! Rich in Vitamin C—full mooted and juicy! Texas or Florida GRAPE Sno-v/hitc CAULIFLOWER . Tender Crisp, Well Bleached 10 Ib. mesh bag 39c New Green C T. . 10 Ib. bag 39c head 19c CELERY, large stalks,. 2 for 25c . lb.14c . Ib. 25c Green Icebergs LETTUCE . Firm Ripe TOMATOES ABBAGE lb.5c Washed and Waxed SWEET POTATOES . . lb.10c New Red POTATOES, lOlb. mesh bag 49c Idaho Russet POTATOES, 10 Ib. mesh bag 55c

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