The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 21, 1931 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 4
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i ' THE OTTAWA JOlUiNAL - MONDAVr DECEMBER jtlSOtT: RAZED BY FIRE 'ririlFR RFRTI (Nearlr Finished Liner ldi(f rmi by Mreat Wire. NEWPORT HEWS. V. Dee; 20.- Fin today gutted , the liner Segovia levin( (K ocWr 'eonpktod United Mia StaantsbV Oxnpeny vessel bsif submerged at her berth.- During the five-hour foe the chip which wee to nan beea cornmlssloQ- ed January a listed twice end finally turned ' over oo her aid with her mutt and funnel rating on her pier at the Upbuilding yard.' The fire i of nadefarmhed , origin. The hip waa being built at a aoet of JJ,: 525,000. ---' ' -."""' :: Police Officer Continued treat Pace One. Constable Albert Nautt by Dr. O. It Janet, who performed the mortem. The constables own gun waa loaded with J2 calibre long lead bullets, thue tt Ie certain that be wea net killed with bia own. Complete! reporf-of-the post mortem hai-not ycl been-yrseeuleg to the ponce Crxxuahle flault u survived by Ola wife, oo daughter Eugenie, aged & three etna, Noel. 4; Paul 1 1-1; Roger. 1 montha. Eight brothers, Andre. God-froy, ' Samuel, RaeuL Napoleon. Char lea, -Alexander end FreaY end on- aitter Jam. Felix Sefaden, ell lira la Winnipeg. Hia mother, lira. Andre Nault else Uvea in Winnipeg. A reward of IUM for information leading to tbe arrest end conviction of the peraon or peraone responsible for the murder of vonetaMo NauK, Shea been posted Ar the Sudbury F Police Mromlaalon. ' Gifts Presented To 250 Children Members of JQ.G.J.G. Ar-j , range unnauna xros atDriUHaD, v , About "i children of uembers of the Oovernor-Geherel'a Foot Guards' enjoyed Ihemaeivee to the utmost yea- rosy afternoon on trie occasion e tertsinmtnt. held at the Drill Carrier Square, when officers, non- comnueeioned offieera 'and membera gathered for the presentations of gifu to the children, ourcheaed h. Mrs. I. C. Foy. wife of tha-Commandine Offieer of the regiment. a ,.- . 'Prior to the presentation of eifta. which constated' of randy, fruit and 0 gift, the, Urea. Band, un- .aer in eirecuou ol - Laeut. J.: T. Brown, director of music, ohured sov. erel popular selections, until the ar-rival of Sergeant E. J. Theobalds, who drove Jrlumohanfly Into the hall mounted on the hood of an automobile dreaerd la the full regalia of oenia iaua-., L - 'i. ,. To the tune :of "Jlruue Bells." the Crularen danced around St. Nicholas. until called to attention by Sergeant saacAonxia. wno eaiisfi ant uiir Matchless Skill Was Displayed by to be presented with their gift. . . ........... ... . .. Following the presentations, an en tertainment program waa enjoyed by all present The committee in charge of the program consisted of Captain A. O. McDougeU. Lieut J. tt Hogso. MJ Lieut. A. P. Williams, end Lieut. K. R. MacGreior. Besides Lieut-Col. end Mrs. J. C. Foy.1 there were also present Ms lor and Mrs. W. O. Wortelr. M.C.' Cast Australia Is Winner - Second Cricket Test SYDNEY. Austrahe. Dee. 2L-Aus- Iraua took ana grip of the Inter-aatieosl cricket eeriee with South Africa today whan they won the asc end test match by the big margin of sn inning and US waa. Their Oral victory waa alao by an innings. Australia cored t run and South Afaacg lit -and Kl an tbr Indian Leader Given ' -Term of Imprisonment ALLAHABAD, India, Dee. H. -Sentences of six months end one year 1 prison were inflicted today est tV Indian NsuonsUst rhsrgag of viouuing the rdiaane a-winst the no renn csmpeign. He n-aa accused of metigating aan-pay nent 'of rent end defying the notice under the ordinance. The sentences will run eoneurnntryt .. . . ELMS ALE S. S. FESTIVAL. FJmdate United Sunday School held its first Christmas festival at the Elm. daaxSduwt Friday evening; end the function waa very well attended. JUv. J. F. Meefarlaod. paetor 4a chare. made his first public addreoe to the people, there being many of the elder membera of the families affiliated, with the Sunday School present. . The superintendent. S. J. Novd!:' wu ably assisted by ala ataf la the presentation ef the program of the evening. Mrs. J. M. rUchmonds training of the beginners' rises in choruses t appreciated by Iheeudlenee. Mis re I aasil and her Olive i Kathleen Richmond, were mnsTetu, leiea en in worn ot tneu class, wtuoh provided the etcompanlment Mim Chdyl Creea acted es anstnaa of ceremonies. . A playlet by J. a. Ferd i rganisd girls' class we acted m a distinctly alliailhe nil Ml nilnuMir'a tl H-- I j "ere featured la individual aelee-I Uons,erhileth achool nuartett won much favor. ' t Owing to th aarly set SenUClaua ; had to make a special trip to th f ee-I liveL it was explained, but he wea ! ahur assisted be W. M. Esrla. d erhem snecial thanks war tendered, ae well as U the ladies who carried out the program. Including Mrs. E. T. Arrue, Mrs. J.W. Green. Mrs. J, IC Jtkh- aad Mrs. W. A. Sled, Chrftmos -Cleaning 4 ISher. ?800-2801 I r; Queen 788 I An especially fast nd fHciant aervica . awalu , yptiy yhnnsj PATTON'S Cleaners AsDyert " 123 Bei? 1200.WelllngtonSt W. McKay. M O. Lieut. (Meiorl S. Grant. LleuL Oeoree Patrick. Lieut. A. & Coulter, Capt. E. A. AngUn. Capt P. T. Form. Capt VY. F. Arthur, and Lieut -Col C. Beres- ford Tom, DS.O" M.C. former Of ficer Commending th 0.010, be- woes a large number af non-com- miisionea oirieen and visitors. Christian Bosetter Dies ; ' . - Was Linguist of Note ' Christian Rostetter. for 41 years an employ or In arm of Bryson- branam, Ltd. and a linguist of note, died at ? local hoepital yeeterday following a short illneea. He waa taken 111 about tw weeks ago with an at-tock -of posumoma and hie condition became serious on Wednesday. . Born in Switaerland 73 years ago. he cam urCanada In UH and had mad hia home In Ottawa and district ever si nee. He took a position with the 1rm ot Bryson -Graham. Ltd. and for 4 vesrsr served with them as an upholeterer emtU hia re tirement four year ago.. For. SI years he Ued In Eastview. later taking up reaidence fa Ottawa.' When Mr. Kostetter com to Can-la a bed a fluent knwwledea M even amguegea end jit th time of hia death still spoks end read French, uerman, .opanun, Italian and Eng. LONDON. Dec tt, SouaaW Leader Hufkter plain story of hia marvellous flight from New York to London by way of th South Atlantic Ocean, goldt a few hours after his triumphal landing m his "Pus Moth aienoplan ,t Heawartb aerodrome. only neightens the impreeaion of matchless, skill and daring which earlier information had made. The Australian spoke, in terse, unemotion al sentences, of flying "blind' for is hour aver th Atlantic with only the. luminous dials of his compass and turn indicator to help him, of hours apent Ave feet above th ocean, of tremendous thunderstorms fthe lightning flashes' looked as thick at tree trunks" and terrific aaualls. Weadarflil Nsrlnnen, Car Route Shown By Letter on Top Aiistraliaii Fly er kx; intpniSect '; utm Bystem for Benefit Tnrwing story or Bquaa- ? Ton leeader Hlnkler's ''New York to London Trip iaMoth 'Plane. of Elder. . ' Commencing thk) aurnfaig, the i Uluminaled. Initial, block tettera the root of Ottawa Electric Hallway dent wn , His extraordinary powers of navigation, helped by a aort of such.,lense developed in vast experience of long distance flying, brought- him to th coast of the. African continent only. 10 miles from th frr'ng he aed selected. - before leavinc rort NstaL in BmsiL He flew antirely by compass and dead reckoning, the. varying aha pee and movements of the clouds enabling htm in some uncanny T:;.ii ajii.( ri tr- A-wsy to estimate the-aten-of-1riftH ureen, uapx. n. w. ntsnop. . Major p" -wj wwsw - "wwi. being kiteaded to indicate at a die. tanc .tfag roula thgtaach. tag wlC Th sign will be Illuminated at night, and tt is Intmded little later to PUt a aim on the left hand mirt ot each car, about th middle, "bo (hat people an Vie- oppoalt aid e the street may determine what rout the acionga to. The regular route signs in the front veetibule and the right hand aide of the car, giving the detail of the rout, will continue at before. , The sign are a follows: B for Bank and Kldeeu, S for Holland (Somerset) and Rideau, A for Britannia and Leurier, M for McKellrr and Nicholas, E for Bronaon and Elgin, R for Preeton. and BorkrlitTe, end X for eu can durbagTruah hour aervice. Peace Students Bennett's Guests Lunch With Prime Minis- ter After " Presenting ' mg Peuuon. -. Canada's support of the principle of disarmament was voiced by the Prim Minister, today in'oonvenation A eclated Presa by Dlract t ' NEW YORK. Dec 2sV-Jack Diamond, even la death, proved aaain to- ?iJ,aj!iversjty.tuaB.W resented a petition of 10,- Pal TiardTuck guy. His funeral wake Last-Minute Motions For the City Council Aid. & Belanger has filed a mstioo for City Council tonight that any citl-sea who has been absent from Ottawa for a period not exceeding aix month! should be classed aa eligible Hia map wea a sheet torn from an atlas, and th only Instruments he used apart from the compass and the turn indicator, which kept him flying level when all wes blackneaa around him, were- dock, air speed cator, and altimeter. S-Hovr Fhrlaa Sense. Kinkier stated that his maximum range, with the tanks full was 23 hour at cruising, speed. When he landed at Betburst in the Gambia, about two hours fuel remained In the tanks. Though he depended so utterly aa tn peri eel running of hia l2U-n.n "Gipsy" motor, Hinkler'a flight escapes the charge of foolhardinesa. because or the minute forward prep arations. Involving the moat exact knowledge ot fuel and oil consumption and th perfect canditieoing af every detail of machine and engine. and saw because of hia exceptional qualities. Aircraft designer and builder, In ventor, brtllient teat pilot and navi gator, Hinkler has th rare, perhsps instinctive, anility oeecrtbea in tne phrase "he hat a oompaas In his head." It laexpncaaie. When every poaatbl allowance b mad for knowledge and the precision of th elementary Instruments he employed for the fcOOO-mile dash across the open as, there remains aa Inexplicable eomcthing irhkh raises !?"l'C,Ki..f ' .V". hom o'clock by Rev. w. H. Moor, of estvkrw Bapti) Church, aaalsted by Rev. P, n JXl U ,ourU Aremit Bapnat Charch, j,:,. CARD PARTY AND DANCt- n runeau Lodge, Local SS1. w wwuM ot Kail way Carmen of Americe end th. Loyal Star Thom-JS.-i?d. ww hosts at a delightful evening and card party and dane at the- Hollywood Gardens. Euchre and bridge were olaved . mane roue prises wer awarded. The Agnes woo a. Simpson. Halen Fern, aad Nora Pratt denced a nemo , reel, accompanied by Piper """" . "11 Undaay laters, Mavia aad Brando, danced the Highland Fling and., other SoottWi dances, accompanied by Miss Hsatl Moflatt. A detightfttl solo dene we hy Helen Utta. Mrs. F. H. McDonald waa convener, aaalated by Mm OPallett. Mrs. W. Stlcox, Mrs. M. Wttkwar. Mrs. M. Kimbar. Mrs. A. Stevenson, and the Means flma v DAVID MbNROaV Jg. ' David Muaraa. Jr, formerly af Ot-lawa but employed with the CNR. at Montreal for th Best elx mh. died suddenly last evening ""m a vena m muss Mr. Munra waa M year of age.' P Masliaig, quejnig: Ing his home fa Ottawa tor X veara. durtag m of which he tmd bJaTi. toched t. the CN R, as a carpenter. Sot months ago he waa transferred la Montreal. Bapular with kai fellow mpmyee ana ornciaii of hi company, th news eg hia uU a .u wUl be recervad whh deep regret by vs ums m uraiwa and da- Left to mourn his names' arc n on. Maurk W. Munroa. Ottawa: two- sisters, Mrsr Roaln rVaillant, ensgmua ana Mrs. Uello Jnanl Ottawa, and hia father. David Mun- n, I . . .. . . T imt m vwimdsa nis ssi pr- iceeaad him by three yean, The funeral win take Blaoe Wed. nseday ewaTung. the cortege leaving mbjim mreeu vieraalown, tor th Basilica at ML InUmnt wilt be at Notr Dam cemetery. liah with area! sea. On mmka. o occasions during his ufJataliHmklw and a few other pilots right r fujswtiar sumea aown oners to Join th Government aerrie aa a transistor, preferring to continue at hia trade. . , .. Hia wife, formerly EUm Jane Cams, of Undoa. England, predeceased him by as. yer-- 4ft to 'mourn hia death are on sou. John W. loawtter, I .yuw, in uauaruera, .ora. Anna uwn, ana Mrs. at- nnf. Terentottw deters. Mr a. V. Hail Ottawa, "and Mia Ursula Rostettar. Switzerland; and on brother. .John Rostetter, Switzerland. Kiev grandchildren also survive. The funeral will be held from the hane of hia eon, as Belmont avenue, Wedneeday afternoon at l to Beech- has been that a peraon mu have uved in th city for, a year continuously. A motion filed by Aid. T. Brethour urges that bonuses of I2M each voted by Board of Control to W. ft. Graham and William Woodley, members of th Housing Commiaaion. be paid out at general contingency account- This motion is made because the Commissioner of Finance has stated that no bonutoa can be paid from moneys -of the Houing Commlasian even though a surplue of more than -1,000 waa ahown for th past year. Holiday in Schools OM names favoring disarmament. Ig hia friendly end informal - talk with the representatives of the student bodies, Mr. Bennett' drew attention to the fact that so fsr a Canada was concerned sh bad, comparatively peaking, little In th; way of armaments. The Prime Minister en asked In conversation with the university stu- urnu sor earns huh, Aa gueeoi or atr. Bennett they wer entertained after-I wards st luncheon. Representatives from" Toronto, Mc-Glll, Queen's, Alberta and British Columbia Universities ware In the detention, appnntimatelv of U stu- denta. The petition which they presented waa signed by students from abovtneir?cltows7 To call it genloa aivaa n a nana. but dote net diapel th mystery. now rlert la lacM with a long eeriea " of dinners, . , congratulatory meetings, decoration and aa forth-Non has ever dan read them- more little Queensianderl wko, in eaaklag tha flrst tiaht air- glaaat rrasaing af th .Atlantic, the first west to coat airplane flight aver tne axmta Atlantic, ana tn nmt solo trana-Auantie , flight since Lind-bargh'a Journey in a much blgaw and mora powerful machine, has credited the British aircraft and aero engine Industry and British pilotage with on of tn gieoMet achieve ments In the hletory at aviation. Will Start Tomorrpw happy reeptie from achool studies for th young people of Ottawa starts tomorrow and extends until Jan. i, and students wer eagerly looking forward to their holldavs this momin. TH public echoola, separate schools, two CoUeglatea. th Jechnical School and th Normal and Model . Schools sl doe tomoiiow and will remain closed until Jan. 4, with the exception of the Normal School, which will re open on Jan. . Commencement cxercisea an taaina place la th Liaaar Collegiat at nine o'clock tomorrow morning, at which Dr. H. M. Tory, chairmen at the Council of National Rcaoarch. will be the principal speaker. Similar ex-r-.i-h .in be held on Jan. 4. Win Seek Assistance On Community Chest Tha Europe Swept ' Ceatlaued tram Page On. tercsta. Telephone and telegraph -wifN wro dowti wtd Iminfl tnow oound. 'while fhe ' towns snd villages" were almost ourted under huge drifts. A aespatcn to tn Daily Mail from Stockholm said 1000 unemployed peraon were gtven work clearing the city streets. Many towns were without lights for two nights and motion picture houses were closed. Hundreds or. automobiles wer stalled in the snow and aeveral persons wer in- jurea in trsmc accidents. Freesbtg Weather. Parts of Germany, Including Ber lin, were covered with snow and reeling weatner prevailed throughout most of the country. Many ate-tioni of Franca were white-blanketed and tempereturee ranged from 7 degrees bslow freeing In Parte to H www m counuy aistncta. Is'HardLuckGu Even in Death Jack Diamond's Wake' is a Plop and Doubt Over runeral voiced. was what .Broadway calU "a flop.1 Tn men who spent much of his me oooging nosuie buUetg will be burled tomorrow, fhoueh thre w om doubt aa to where the last rites would raae place. .' Hi widow announced that the wanted the service to be held from St Agnes'. Church, and for him to pe ouriea next to his brother in hal lowed iTOUnd. But at the ehureh rectory- It waa announced that "no vrvic., si sny. uescrlpuon" will be held for him then end that they knew nothing about th man or his - There weee manw mIm-u- , eottage In Maapeth. Queena, when wraow wui keep vtgu until to- veric-urUveTsiUee threuahout the morrow! many r"ll'rri and a fsw former Commander of tha Canadian Corps, heeding the list from McGilL CoL C. P. Meredith, of the Canadian Society of th League of Nations, at- curious children, who peered with "ertled ayea as if momentarily ex- r""t some aesperste happening. But nothina out of the nliiuni curred. Then were a nil...' v.... mm uarwn ro ine nolle as a gang- - uywoarv near. Death of James Smith Mourned in Wide Circle The Balkans were visited with hanl. freezing weather and tobocaanln ana oinw wmiw aports were at fui wing at Austrian and Swim raeorta. Italy did not eocene the bb Parts of it saw th coldest weather fa yean, especially la th Romagna district when then has been a sue- eg carUMuake that have driven th people fata tenia for fear their cracked houses might tlfpft Northern Sealn was fmst-hmnvt Aa Enjliah -SpanUh tennis match ws-played at Barcelona in eevere cold. The pis yen wen forced to wear rope aandaJa to avoid falling on th froean court 7 Police Buildins Shakes As City Hall Wall Palls f. Demolition of th eld City Hall epeeded up this morning. Th atone walla to th rear of th bufie)n wan attacked by miens of a Jack which oricd aolld masses of big several Ions free from their beds ot mortar, and plunged them to th ground la front at th police station Th first section of th eld wall te be wrecked en a large acale. - fell ahortly befon 11 o'clock, when man then 90 cubic feet from the northeast uaalisd in an immenee cloud of dust . A fragment of atone split eft mded up again to smash through the window of the police station guard' room, and th polio deeartment building waa shaken to Ita feundatlona aa the heavy well Thiukted on the frozen earth. Two man eectlons at the roar wall wen brouatit down fa the aama way, and It la axaected that - the -hlaher front walls of th wracked Building will be demolish; thai afternoon and Th first anniversary of the dedication-ol the new St Matthew' Church waa fittingly obeerved yesterday at pedal aervtcae when Rt Rev. J. C Roper, Lord Bishop of Ottawa, eon-Armed a class ef a candidatse and aha dedicated a beautiful oaken lectern. The leoeem, carved in the form of an cngt with outspraed wlnga, was1 lb gift of th children of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Dawaen ai a thank-offering on the occasion of their par-enta' golden : wedding anniversary. Savon eons and two daughters, there having been no break in the family circle, made corporate communion at 1 tha aarlv eelelaiaiiael and Ul .t ?i0nCCr Of CalUmfit i tended the dedication. Bishop Roper . . - . i apoke In eloquent terms of the work Tv.-pH. le . l If of Mr, and Mrs, Dawson i In the Inter- Heel leslilwils jealmlai In tin of th pariah and the Chureh of arillsnd m generaL Hercule Asselin Dies; tmmmmnmnmmmivmm ixeVkWM OPEN j TONIGHT I JWIaaj - - - - . ; 10 P,M. Shop Hera and ( : T '. ,SAVEt. ' '. - . . " : '- I mcemsfsxsmmn A1aTa"f!T.jl VfH.-mn-vrvt.?. T XI - ' , win ga in llialsan S' 'Py " ; .Kkfdlot, they U eaty i death of Hercule Aaerlln. who waa born M yean ago at Calumet Island and bad made hia home then ever atnni Hi father was on ot th first to go Into thai district and made a home for htmeelt and hia family en Cahrmet Island, when the family been honored lor man than a century. - r .. , . . t . Mr. Aaaelia was la good hear un til Baliirrtaj. when he wea taken. Ill, death ensuing on Saturday tn the preaence of a large number of members of his family. Left to moum his peaaing are tour aons, Joseph. Cmmanuet end preapw, of Calumet: J. Ferdinand, of Ottawa- employed at A, J. Fraunan, Ltd4 two brothsrs. John, of Calumet and Louie, of Pine Wood, Onts two sisters. Mrs. David Leplne, Campbell's Bey, aad Mrs. Hilain Latour, of Renfrew, Ont Then en alee aa arend- chlidren and 11 greet yandchUdren aurvtvtng. t t Tha funeral will be bald Wedneeday at Calumet Island. . . . i j It MRS. RETLLT BERCAVUX ' .. The many friends at Mrs. J. Clark ReUhr will learn with regret at tha death ot bar mothw which occurred Sunday at her home fa Maneonvilbe. (fua. Formerly Jena-Minnie Oliver, she waa the wife of William Henry Boright well known reeident ef Manaonvfllei,. Jh , funeral is being held m buratocwillg err ffaiirkhvy at' U pjn, . .- ' .'- r IJSfg AIS RETAIN UirNG. Caaaaiaa Pnaa ky Dfreet win. . GOLDEN, .C, Dm. SL Britiah Cohamma Libera le retained Coleanbia riding in yeeterday's pnvrlnelal by-elertlon. when Thomas King 'defeated T.'W, Omea, Conservative, by e majority ef IM VMee, with relume received from. 10 out of 13 poll. The vote waa: King, SSI; Jonea, Ml. Th thro remaimitg poll i report Baa oc tisJSJl 1. ,t tCMilstaBBBaxeMaaa. at their regular meeting held Friday evening received the report of the pedel committee appointed tor the purpoa ot considering the most ad-viaable course te follow in order that progress might be made on e financial federation of charltioe fa Ottawa. This committee sfter carefully going Into the aituatlon recommended that the Canadien Council on Child experience in community chest work In other Canadian cities, should be invited te assist end advise tha council fa this work. The report of the committee waa unanimously eppreved and adopted by tha executive, who directed that prompt action should be taken ae that the interact which he been arouasd In thut auhjoct ahould not be lost. . St, Matthew's Church r In Pint Anniversary SAND POINT. Ont, Dee. (Special), i- The funeral of Mrs. John Moaley took place yeeterday attw- wia mwn hey lite rrTTre fa Tile ids. to Emmanuel Anglican Church, wnpner, wner aervice waa conducted by Rev, H. A. E. Clarke, end Interment took place fa the Arnprior cemetery. Mrs. Moaley died en Friday following en accident fa which abowae seriously burned in her own home aa she waa preparing to retire for the night about three weeks ego. . She had been a resident ef Brae- Ids for many yeera and was a na ttve of Englsnd, when she waa born rs yean ago. " Mrs. Moaley had many friend In Braeslde. aa waa evident by the many peraone who attended the funeral. - .- -. - y THOUSAND MEN "'"IP - OSHAWA, Ont, Dae. XU-The Ideal plant ot General Motors of Cma Ltd, baa recalled LOW of Ita employe to- work during the jaat f H waa revealed today. Improved bust-neea conditions baa helped in ranter. fag the payroll to a nearly normal l -Smith, wtth hlreonTJW'.wtl. ni.: treet tailor, died suddenly st the home of his son, 227 Powell avenue. Saturday. Mr. Smith was taken ill ahortly befon dinner but racovered only to have a second aeizure a short tlme latCT, his death occurring soon cJmdleI 1tanc had been He was In his (7th year and had been born in Eaat Klrkby, Linoote-ahire. England. Coming to Canada fa IMS be mad hia home fa Ottawa vw sinn and enjoyed the friendship of a large circle of acquafataocea fa the Capital by whom hia sudden mama win no sincerely mourned. ear. smith-was a member ot th Masonic Order while In England. He waa an Anclican in tiefe u. tne last of a family of four and his I , U,S. Congress CoaUaaed freea Fag. One; throughout the country, Influenced by the auiiud of tneir constituents. The vera citisen think. In' this wayi "I and my neighbors an poor, yet our Government wishes te reliev lu M.rtu l ,L. 1 - - mono the InUarhatUnal underatandina of the man in tK- till nets upon th words of George Washington, taught fa ovary achool fa uot wunvr, jburopc nae a an of prl mary miereeia wnicn to us luvr none, or-a) very cesome me lion, saaaaaMiaMk4PgagfcaWiejajagaiBaHai Congress lmmedietery, reflected thk) leeung upon resuming its constltu- uonsi prerogsuves. Meet significant Is the attitude ot uevia a. need, an administration senator, inend ot the frealdent and political ally of Andrew Melleo, eecre-tary of the treasury. Senator Reed eeid: -"Then Is no reason why we should noi nave nope oc collecting tl debts and we will collect them. It la silly for a European power owning far-flung colonies, holding lands all around the circuit of the globe, with museums stuffed with art traaa-uras worth million' and millions In money, to say to us, 'the exchenge hi againn ua, our currency la deprsclst ed, we cannot pay America." " . 4 LONDON, Dee. a.-Th Tim and Dally Mail both predicted editorially today that damaging reactions upon the United Statea itself wiU result from Congreeeiooel diaappreval of war debt cancellation, although tha Tims said tha approval ot tha noaratinna mw. atorium by the House last week mutt be accounted a areat em i for the President's supporters." - ii aaaeo, nowever, that "It Is clear the greet maiorlty-et tha mem here tending of the condition to which the world lies been reduced by the war debts and by the hamstringing of international trade through prohibitive tariffs. Broslg Machine Works, lanes Berlin mill, suspends payment owing to tail- w, w ,. scswn ana suoevaauai I tnrough depreciabon of f oraixn currencies. Over 00 percent, of its I 131 orders wan from abroad. Can.-U. S. 5tan&ig NEW YORK. N.V, sXLCraa. diaa-Amrricaa Hockey Lsaaue ataad. fre Meant ;;..,., J ' New York 4 J 4 Phiiaemhla g t a . a SeetarflaU 4 ,, 4- i New Haven IHs. -to; 12 n to L 1, 1 First rmrm wnK,. n,M nM' ' West Vlrgirda. Dick Prioe, Outcry, Princess Peroxide. TrycoboL r ?ond race-Halliard, Play Bird. . tnirtl race Seth i Ballot Tie tt,r. CoL Camptai, Lord Con- Fourth race Beauty 6ecrct Eend Wrack, Uwful Gamble. bi wiT rmiT- v:""? Cloudy and muddy. . .. . ' , ! ' ;' ?' FVNEltAi DIRXCTOK5 ut (usin rrutr LtnotttvaxKm They Like TOTS and at STOREY'S you will find just oodlee ot thcmln a I the moat likable klnda.. m,-chanloal toys, si used tore, trains dolls, gamea. useful. In-teroeting ton and tha srloaa wui really intereatyotu D. ST0E1Y, Limited ; BANK T, at Waveriey. "Take Her Out to the Venetian" MoVirTttWdT'TOeral Academyat thTanntirtiT Of Accident Victim wife predecaased him by U veara. Lett to mourn hia death on. Fred Smith, his ctaughter-tn-law. ' omnn; two trand daughters, Mrs. Aubrey Pick. CleveUnrf m,i- nd Mies Florence Smith. Ottawa; noL one great grandson Rollitt Pick, of Cleveland. - -. The funeral ervlcc to be held at O clock Tueedav- tftdraMn -, eel Powell avenue, will he nrhml. interment will be at Beechwood cemetery. " r DAffTE CHRISTMAS TREE. Membera of "St Vincent im P.,,1 eu. ciety at SC. Anthenv'a rhorek day entertained some 380 pupils ot 1 tree nartv held in the li...,.,i i at the Church. Csndiee. ennea apples wen distributed. Count Regarl di Villsnova, Consul General for Italy, waa among the gueeta Tuesday and Thursday Special 40c ROAST TURKEY er CHICKEN DINNER er SUPPER Screed rem 1JJ0 gun. to f jmh. BREAKFAST EXTRA SPECIAL . . Darhag the Holiday Seeaei. ......... ..."....,......., Sewed roe M t 11 , 20c Orange Juke Teeat Marmalade and Coffee Sbx SUeeg et Fried Racen-Teeat aad Coffe ChrMmas Candle and Neveltiaa al Gnaatlv ataalenag Pit-. FREE! FREKI-Te every isriliiili ef CbrleHaee Cendy a the amouat em turn m erar a aenastaw tanoy Basket will be arraa rrea AFTER-SHOPPING LUNCHES . ... JFatek r Journal for Our Specials - ' : :netian sweets 200 Sparks Stnet LDDTED Ottawa, Cm. VICl I v - ASSISTANT POSTMASTER. : The eppofahnent ot Usdorle Ger main to the poet of assistant neat. et Montreal waa annminaail today. Ha euccaeds H. Chandler in the position. Mr. Germain wae for. frmwty inspector o the Montreal dl. rjjgj ELECTIONS POSSIBLE. MONTREAL. Oue- Dee.rl.Tw: spite the DiUon Bill, then U a pos- aiuiy urn a rwrnoar ' er tne cen-teetauone of electione reanlting from the eventa of August M fast mar still continue," the Montreal Star iays The class of 31 candidates present ed tor coonrmation waa the third ftrmanon eiaaa this year and waa pr- arnara oy nev. t. w. . Me Blehop Roper fa addressing thr ition cenaratulated the c bars ef the pariah on their fallliand b tha r.iu t . mm,h of a report front Governor Joseph Mouaeette, of the Hull Jail, te the effect that Eramoard haa aaueed anei. At the rvenlTMt service Venerable ?"' trouble during hie stay in mu penning nia ajmearance in court. Archdeacon Lyons ot Pnacott was the apecial praethar. .The choir under the cliractioa of Edmund Shsrpe, A CT CO, presented special music at both aervicaa. " MRS. CHARLES HEBERT. ' One of Hull's eldest residents, whs lived to a her fourth generation, died last evening at the reaidence ot her daughter, Mrs. Ed mood Mullen. 24 Carillon stnet in the person of Mrs. Charles Hebart She waa as yeara ef age. - ' Daspita her advanced age Mrs. Hebart bed enjoyed the best at health and It waa only two weeks ago that he contracted a cold from which aha tailed to recover. at St Cvnrien. NaraarvUk County. Que, she wea formerly 1 oo veai ags that ahe went te live In Hull an hag beea an esteemed end highly ra-spoetod real dent ef that city since. She was a devout member of Notre Dame Roman Catholic partih, end a member et the Ladles ot Sta. Anne. yeen a so. Surviving tier ra tw ens, Chartea bort Hulll three deufhtera. Mra, J. & Bessette, end Mrs. Edmond Mnllwi, Hull: Mr. Patrick Btanlelnn. Kirk. land Lake, Ont Twenty -nv grand-ehlloVen and four aTast-grandchiidna also aurvlve. ....... The funeral will be held Wednes. day morning frnm lh resinVneo tt er oaughter, . n Carillon street, te Notre Dame Church. Interment will made fa tha family not at the ' . . TWft yum artw raw THf-af Fred I. Sheppard. Ottawa, was given iww ran in ex. vineent oe raul rn-Itentlary by Judge Roland Millar fa Hull Police Court this mornfag, when en a eharaa of MaaJb - uionwuf, ine noavy When th ana stove ever which he waa working exploded et th Canadian Legion shelter, 337 WeUfagton tract that morning. George Karpow. aged 32, escaped asrtous Injury due to the fast work ot three, fellow-workers, John Roy, Arthur Godln and James Pettlgrew, who beat out th ' flames which enveloped hat arms. Dr. Chariea X. Shapiro wea called and ordered the man' removal to Civic Hospital, where ha at under the can af Xar. Clifford M. Scott. He suffered burns to hia hand and ton .aim, . . ".;i, , ,, FUNERAL OF MRS. CURRIE. Attended by many friends the tun- long reaident of the Capital, waa held from her late home, lit Nekmn street, this morning to Daediwuod caiaateiji. Rev. C G. Hepburn, assisted by Rev. Cecil Roach, both at All Saints' Chureh. Mndivead th a iilia IK ajeew anraena.'sai tyi i sag!xmt lwswsiwsiwroet..i ;iwnrJ; Chief mournen and urvtvma reia- ttvea were one daughter. Mrs. Irene Henri H.bert. Montreel: Gustavo He-j Boland. a grand .daughter. Muriel Bo- two brothera. William Robert Craahaw, Ottawa, and George Cre-haw, living la Saakatchewen, and one sister, Mrs. George Legget of Ottawa. Floral tributes end seer en on ef sympathy received by membera ef the beieg.ed fatally bespoke th eoerow at e large circle of friends. Mra Currle waa born at Cleveland, Ohio, but cam te Ottawa aa a yrung girl and lived here ever ateoe. Bat death sHI awjesl afV mVOtUmwMi) a j -. m . Evening In Pert treat-, ing rtjeOai - and nam Crretale. (A n Hooklrsnt's PerfngM fg fa ad Compact Bet,.,... MedU - rgajU-TONE fmi'l TOtLrt SET ru.a, Cemk and Mirror In natural shade only. Made by the asakera of -Aace- ft fi ne. gTJg.. gU7 v - t.nfira , Prtnt-TONg TOILETWAKC. . Blue, natarai ana eina. Mirror, Bruah. Cerab and g awnlrera & .......:rf55 An Anuuing ; ' - . - Gift Value J v;- the ; -Treascre Chest Aa Meal rift fsr mother, wife Ii at 1 and a bottle t FOR of atrtog mt aearia 98c GIFTS V for Men Melhs Men's Seti-lLatMn. Maavtmr kVash. Tale on A( . . Meirer and Cream .. nveader - havlne ttimm. Tah-am. Hair oil. Shavlnc Bowl awg 4 cakes aeap tn a; (knd. Reg. 0444 far 0elO having - 89c C.tNDLg STICK HOLDERS Bhact. ae natty aagtara. aU- QQ amea. ran .j. , wv. SI Cad Lfvee OU..2 far S.W 24c Crntgh Syrap.. ...... 24e 2Sc WhHe I laanrat Jc U Beet Iran and .-..; Wm ........... Iter $10 25a Penaide ... .... I4e 2te Tfaetara ledfaa, t far Be le fa box)'... (12 fa beoxl.. ae Cn lie Beeaeie Add.. Jic Caxraxii 2Se CeM Cnaaa 2Se FbrMe Was.... f5t arnlBMMtjbw Waeerkany CeU Liver t am ..................... i LieeerkM Teeth Sal Hewatic Cbaat Nerv Feaii.i 24 Atamlesra .........Halt Price 3-Ptere IVery Set .......fljg 14 ee. aha Milk ef 2Se baa Bayer's ' Aaptrtar I tar W Bet Water Settle, rag. SU. tt tde Eae's Fruit ffahs rte French Ivory, Clocks Tanee to g.Jg. I ej-e arj to clear ..y -. t ., g. ... . s-Tench Ivoty ' awarder Perfaaea ettlea, atev:; Ear . .- ll..,-Ciaxt)lta .Boxwii L. Tree.ere Cheat Patten. QOje .... ew eta eeaae aalah It I Iell I r j in i '.:... I I . M jONLY-IIIHary BraskM. ..MyJ I I stone.- A era! buy. Cewta I I I I MttN-a Mn.iTtny - tmsa. Comb JU4 Kail rlla in handy ....... Sld kieirs BRgaarMO' art Hading military araahee. rrathee brah aad eeaeib In reei eaaay fnatanli. AU la attractive leather ease. C Qt Vslwa gu.a.. OJi 4-pten Tea ,OT,f.-fl7ftT'.V?4?''!"'W-' A Real Boy! Watevlrary Alana CTer. -55TL- $2.49- Hand-painted Mayonnsisa Set Plate, bawl and ladle In aaiaty lalm.- in. Criv. BtattotMry 1 ' tlly beard, eelerad papers ka-NT. via aws atatlea 4 w sta I Inn-. err. watte IQ- cry. eeaerted eeeen " ' Wis f: Ikenaar l.eWeat iltWeraawa . Limited . ST. CArrroL theatre ruildino phone q. I a. . . - V

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