The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1947
Page 7
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_VVKDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ESlwir* "". "" '<" c««cuU« ii. F&fiSSF «« a u»i^Jr iK. »;riji — £ a tlMM p«r u«>er d» " u° 6 Umei pu Ua. £ r JJ' ?° >S tl»«» p., lln« p <c JJ» £° Moniker line .._» 9 JJ S5 u 2L2.*t ""«!• »ord«T«"lh«"ll». ti^n.?**. ' or Ulr " <" >ljt tlnl « iul1 !V*£. .£"*" ex » lr «tlo» will *• chu»- , i. .J *J «'ra»« or tlmu tin id aj- * Vn ^f d "l««""«t or kill m»de. r i»^ ?'" ! "k<l Ad.trtlMag copy mh- l! b ? ?"*"" "'Wat outsWeof Ihe rf«» muBt tw accompiultd by KiKJ j^kl, "'")' computed from ttie above Ad»ertl6lng order for Irregular Imer- tl«iB tikes tlie on< time rile No re.ponilUllty win bc'uker, ror W> tiuo on* incorrect insertion of »»y ' For Sale (He<l ell k*rr<l lien. B l-tlno Bkop. 0>ll 'it-it. ktvllle M» 11118 «k-t< *»tCB biUt T« colon. Tbr*« clUn trilud* — 1! t»E>« ceki delivery. O«4l'ft rior«. 1017-rk-lf Services I'ulritliii; «nd |>«|.IT ' s. J. B free- 111! Walrh jjinl Cinrk rf\t;\tr — Quick rc- li»lr, • Jticl-Miri'i Jnv.'lrj- Slur,.. 10 IT . U.'M Jlair, SUM. l^ Tractor rcp«l» and Mnice. Electric and icvtyienr w»Win«. Biufcnnllh work. Dell* Implement Co. Phon* 864. We r«ji«li »11 Ijpi. vrnblxiv mackmoi rejttrcJleti of kind of coudlllou AUo buy tnd »»ll. pickup «u<l deliyt bl;'ln,.i]U Uaclloe tittup U)7-nb.ti MONEY TO 1.0AM l)o you need a Itvan to repair or remodel? No down juiy- mcnt, no mortgage, no rp«J lap*. KHA approved rate 5*. Ask for details. Ma» Ix>gan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Bldjc-, Blvlheviile. 9-23-ck-tJ • <•*» >>r<r (or 701,1 >n>«, H. O. I Oloptxji .JHmr «>«— amo. Office I UP Ho.tfc gtc^'-J lOll-ek-tf '- KOq'dl, ateo I'lriiiLurj. ti05 Oilok. , r.iiiin tar iltfing l.:,l,<-. Willie )1,.|| U for '«»!*. J'boi,o'809. l5-ll-|.k-l!ll H room bonfta! ChD t>« matle lino -tw '«p«ttriienU. DouM* Ktrage. 005 I'Mr autwtit • ' ' . 'iS;2-vk-H 1,,-anllfiilJy witl, ,li>, rn'vv Fin Drat* I'llnl-t Wslliinpor Cu. • ' BLYTHE.VTLLB (AUK.) COUniBH NKWS Weatlit'r slrippinjr. Save 1'nel hy having' doors and windows weulhcrslri|>|ic{l. ('. K WitfRins, r>12 N. 101!i.| Phmif 229.'). I2..".l-iik-l-:l! ton Office Safe for Sale. Brand new Schwab OS f U-e Safe. Never. Used. : Can be seen at- 100 East Muin Street or call J. Meil Itrooks, Jr., at telephone 8li. Trutk for sale: Ion and a half extra duty 1<)42 (;heyrolet. In perfect condition. Will sell cheap. Can be seen by appointment. t Telephone XI I or 2147. U-fl. tr«ll,T itilli il,,lli M an,l tires: 1 tandem with Etr.iight nxle; I M ft. IrimK 1,1,1. »lo,rk KIUL low- *idel>oarils. .^'fo- Sniu fitted.- i.e/tchville 1 ^ _ 12|!3-i>k-H5 'JVam.. of ),orsen -- wagon, «lisc. -liitlitiK plantp,. vial rr. . Clinin. tiirr. R. K. 'Mt Ho« IMS. Dlyil.pvihp. 'n. % \lrzv Moolp's riri-tilator hfali-r — food Von.IilHin. Ahu un.- ],n-\i:,r liv- i/i« room suit*-. I'linti.- :i:i;iQ. Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll romej and get it. Wade Aulol Salvage. North Hiwy lit,' phone ,1785. 12-2(i-|)k-l-2G' 1226-pk-l-2(J Wanted to Rent One • Cushman Motor Scooter with windshield and accessories, inA-1 condition. One new 8 fool stainless steel, dry storage drink box. E. Hi G«e Saks Co. 12-27 : ck- N 7 19111 -l-ilour Poili.-,. sdihii — riiilio autl Ualrr. If'jl Vortl roij|,e 1941* iy:i7 Ford, 4 itoor lli^s I'lymoullj' . L' ,lor>r • l«j:i.s litilfli,. 4 dr>or AI.I.KX SKKVICK STATION 119 K. -Main—Call <128 ' ~ iirnl,*] -Irchn - Pfrre-trxo(«ir, strrx. ilisr. i',l;,n(f-r. rulttvM ivf.r. .1. T. Hnm^, I.uxfjra. ' COAL Jl Hlj'llipvilltf 01,, Co. 12j:in-c-k-11", r> rooms and batli on \V. Davis. Needs minor repairs. .This house can foe made in(6 nice home. Large garden ' space and sow! servant house. Modern home, 5 rooms and balh, .equipped '.with attic fan,: hot water lieater. automatic floor, fuiriace. Immediate' possessiof.. ' Combination : groceTy,; f riiit stand, and ; m ea). market, well equipped and doing fine ' b.usiiress. Priced 'to sell' See. or call Max Logan, tttealtar, Office in Lynch Hldg., i?hone 2034. •l'2-28-ck-l-4 I'Jll I'liinoiith con,:!,. fr»U r.Sl .lay ,ir st-c flaliorn'h wl Jim Hntwn's Storv ____ ljl-j,k.l| <ine pair gooil mule.i Hill, l,nrt,#As- 1 M- lr,» TnlrrDAliona} trurX'.- liflrl,//* sir- linr, lurrnw; .folm ]>,'Cr<> Irailr-r vvjlh •J-hsle Ijt'il nnil some rorn. V.. M. Mr(Id,', 1 . Inquire Hamvy's .^lore, ij mile-i M-ulli on llij;liw«y r.l. I) I ! l7-],li- lis Oni-'half section Kt. Franrix Kiver Ijnt- Ion, IllTnl. l(i,S ar-rcs in rnltt\ jljon. f,':,l| or M-riu- Ulack male Corker Spaniel named Uex. Uect-ndy trim- 1 mwl, oversize collar -.villij rabies (UK. Lilicm) rewaril for return to Or. M. SkalJer, phone .?S9fJ. I,. ., ). lr .i \,iiiun s ,| Hank. Id-ivr, s n.-.,ucy 551, „,. ;,;„,._, Wanted To Buy OONT TAKE A LOSS, fid the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-tI STOP! Is Your Cor a Menace? Don'l drive a car Dial Ihrciilons your life mid others, loo! |{riii K it |, v I'liillips i, K |ay and trade it in on n laU'r 1'Ml (i t ntl^' modol. You'll ride boiler, feel comfortable and be safer . . . |,)us tbiil yon can depend on I'luliijis In K iv(. yiiii M fiiir (rude! WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—HlythevlUe, Ark. Tel. 45S—3721 For Rent '•« 1 '' 1 ....... .l.lln,, ,W,, '"'' •' " J ..„,,,! M,,., , '"')•. Prill ,lr •!,• ri'k,. Slrcl*. Hlv ' ||vm . ; t ,,,,| i|n . PAGE COUI|)C1 Hoi 1 — A. LOUR ]>lsl;lllei' Morltlli ")1 Help »,ij egiilpnioiil. Ailo- 30, tf«l Vjeel. >t Swiff A storage Co. riiuna 2'J[)I 1" "^--.f 'i" I'l.Mlili' fiilllnluln nml •- 11 ". N»lil • II I llin.'ii',' 1 IS ' X,, I' 1 ' '"llv Ili-i,Mcil vi-l- .,.« MAN \V VNTIMI - F, lr || u ~l',.|[,"|, 1,i,. M ,,,^ l""l.u rniuuli'^. X,i'"\|u, '','.„,',. ',.,> S.,1.- ,:,-. 1,, III,k. 1,1 iri r.lti We Repair All Make Radios LOY EICH Chevrolet- Co. Cmiitorlnljlc room (o Exposure KE7FCHIKAN, Alaska (UP A Ketchjkaii housewife ran a mile along., a hpaoh .plollieti 4only in a nightgown and slippers,' seeking Iteljj when her house caught tire. She recovered from the experience, but her 20 dogs perished in the [lames which destroyed her home. Read Courier News Ads. Hidrntial FARM LOANS J Low Interest ' J Long Term / Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTON Servins TIlis Scclion for 21 Years IIS So. 3rd Bl.vllirville, Ark. , i .-), 1. T Tune in Prudential 1'roKr.i m Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKKC WASHER SERVICE Phillip Frcl tlflo* U0r.e« Jor real KtilJre ifccoo floor al 1SB E. Main. Pr Irate eii trBDe«, *»DutiaD kllcd*. 1'koua 801. 9|C t-t.-l Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 3. W. Adams, MIT. Phone Z071 20D-08 \V. Mj loans Automobile Convenient Wny to Bovrow COMPARE OUH RATES Personal Loans '. For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES uncl Insurance, Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK, Conflclentlnl Service Universal 0. 1. T. Credit Company 110 N. Second St. Blythevjllc, Ark. Phone 2882 for a Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Marsh, Oi, ncr "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200.; w. stein St. Phone M GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcntz Dub Sizcmore IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator fur Iinmi'illatr Delivery CALL Stcelo 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE ELLIS I'OOI.K, Owner A M Highway Cl North al HOLLAND, MO. cp»re ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J, W AUAMa Mgr. fboK* »071 208-OH W. M»l" UlsrV |.i>,,y fur roal for sale, l.ikp nev- ];.'a-,.ri:,l'l'' C-,H -001". aflvr 0 p ,i>. 2 Wftrm Moriunys. I'liunp :I2;".I1. rirk^r>. rrjflirfllly Ti,"-w yrul i', A' r,n,«!lli-'n. C«nla. t Mrs. Lnuix ( .InrV-ni, llm S.'.ll. Sh-ll,y. Mis..i» ' Taken Up Al mj f«ia, -IVi ir"l" v,]l«. 'J K|,ottf:<l fh thuRtA. Wflntit ihnu JitmiiT Sinolherraon. Hlyll,<- :i r^<l >S. «Arh. Us Help You— STOP DRINKING J There is no medical remedy for ' , drink . . . but we can help you { • resist Its Influence! No cost '.<> you i J -only co-nporntlon. ' J JUST CONTACT ! Alcoholics Anonymous Bos 873—Rlyllicvilte. Ark. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 J Old Reli G. O. POETZ ANYTIME /HXU ANYTIMK Day or Night £>UO7 Hay or "The Old Reliable" Tow s.or« •» PETROLEUM s«nrt« PRODUCTS OfRoe RR at rii How's Your Car Calendar? You may have winterized your car at the start of the season, but has it been serviced since that time? Why not bring your car in to Langston-Wroten today? ... See if the transmission grease is at the proper level, check oil, give it the proper grease job alt ovsr . . . it'll run better in appreciation! Langston-Wrofen Co. Sale»— BUICK Give i Your Feet a Break I with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. Don't Gamble on Smooth Tires JUST RECEIVED _ Large stock t*es and tube,: All car and truck sixes. SEIBERLING TIRES LO Y E ICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Taxaco Got & Oil* . ' 301 W. Walnut ^ Phon. 578 S:iv« Money Toilay, Any ]) lly STOP AND SWAP KUIKKT HUFFMAN'S TTiTI] •!01 K. Main riiniic *!,'• You Must He Happy or No Dr-ul RADIO: REPAIR Any Make or Model 1 In 2 Days Service >>e Call For nnel Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan .MOTOROLA Sales and Service lOfi South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typts Kicepl Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Cllnlo. 514 Main, RlylhVvlllc. Ark., l'|, one = DON EDWARDS "The Typrurilpr M:in" KOYAI,, SMITH, COltO.VA ami KHMI.VGTO.V POHTA1II V HO N. SECOND ST. p , ION ,, ...^ (Every Transaction MUST DE SATISFACTORY) Mm* Refrigerator S*rvk« FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tila Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb Hwy. fil al State Llnr 1'honc Hlylhevllle 714 Frtd Law ADAMS APPLIANCE ;• CO., Inc. ' I. W. AaitH. ttfr. ' :' *•'•_ [ hor,« ZB71 ZM^W W. M>to PRESCRIPTIONS Frenh Stock Guaranteed Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores W. J. Pollard 'DURANCE Gfenco* Hot at Bldg. Phone 354S • if Announcement - - - We Are Now Equipped to Give You Complete REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop .12H E. MAIN James Russell PHONE »74 Dan. Russell FRECKLES AND HIS FRIRND3 U. S. Tires (HELLO. BUCt ! WHAT A LOOKS . t A OKS , Do YOU THiN'i OF | IMTERESTIWC' J- •la/Mil lip ,1'unk . couer IF OME or TME TniN6 THOSE / win- EvE^^ HOT RODS: J HUM — PWCTICALLY EVCRY fA-JI CAME FROM A TELL \tMr MY SON! ' ME HE'S !M BY MERRIIL BLOSSI5F WAITLL Me SEES TMF FINISHED PKootxr. JpNE ... HE'LL HAVE TO Tip HIS HAT EVERY IIME HE PASSES A JCNK »VRD ' *> ~JR n ^WLl-.. si v.)

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